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Copjrliht, toe Frank Qaet'a PnblUhlng Company (Limited) 

Founded by vV 
FRANK QUEEN, 1868. J- 

NEW YORK, ^PRIL 7, 1906. 

Price, 10 CnnU. 



April .7, 

Mi55 (Tipper's 

Anecdotes, Personalities and Comments, 


ST1SE FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


""Harry Ward, manager of the Ward Min- 
strels, recatli a Clippie story concerning toe 
late John Queen, the "good old minstrel boy." 
who wag aach a prime favorite In his home 
city, New Orleans. 

While a member of Billy Cleveland's Min- 
strel Co., he was billed to appear there, 
and his thousand and one friends, wishing to 
honor their favorite on his home appear- 
ance, organized a banquet In his honor, be- 
aides putting up a huge transparency over 
St Charles Street, with "Welcome Home, 
Our John," on It The whole celebration 
went off with, as Queen said, "with great 
eclair," with one exception, and that was, 
be was obliged to appear at the banquet. In 
a silk skull cap. And thereby hangs this 
tale, which Harry Ward recounts an being 
told by Queen as a joke on himself, the In- 
nocent cause of which wss a copy of Tin 

At Mobile, the evening before the show 
was to open In New Orleans, Queen was ap- 
prised of the fact that a big reception had 
been planned for him by bis many admirers 
on his appearance In his old home. 

As he had Just emerged from a three 
weeks' professional Journey through the 
Carolina!, Georgia and Alabama, he decided 
that the removal of a portion of his dusky 
locks and a two days' growth of beard would 
greatly Improve his appearance for the fes- 

Now, In Queen's boyhood days he bad the 
misfortune to fall Into a "Kittle of lye," as 
he expressed It, and ever after was com* 
pelted to wear his hair rather long, In order 
to cover the score of bald spots caused by 
the accident. 

On this occasion of his visit to the barber 
(bo jolly minstrel seated himself In the chair 
of tonsorlal execution, and, drawing his copy 
of Tiir Old nui.iAHLE from his pocket, asked 
the colored official to proceed with a shave, 
intending to ask for a hair trimming later. 

The barber performed bis operation, during 
which the minstrel fell Into a dose, while 
his paper fell from his hand. The barber, 
who had finished the shaving process, and 
was ready to go on with Queen's head, picked 
up the paper, and, banding It to the half 
n wake customer, put the question : 

"Clipper, Buh?" 

"Yes," replied Queen, sleepily, and before 
the drowsy minstrel awoke to a realisation 
of the fact that the darkey's reference to the 
aitppcr, and his own to Tun Clippeb, were 
not Identical, half of bis hair had been cut 
so abort as to disclose, like beacon lights, the 
round, shiny bold spots that he bad always 
been careful to keep under cover. 

However, the damage bad been done, and 
the other half of his bead had to be trimmed 
to match, and that Is why Queen appeared 
In a skull cap at his testimonial banquet. 

The barber was heard to remark after- 
wards that "that wuz the swearln'est white 
man he evah Bhaved." 

Dressing room "poetry" Is frequently In 
evidence on the walls of the little rooms 
where Thespians "make up" for their per- 
formances. The quality of the verse can 
usually be questioned. 

W. N. Hammett, of the De Vosa Co,, sends 
a couple ot doggerel stanzas which he found 
penciled on the wall of a dressing room he 
recently occupied. The poet ( .) baa coined 
a new word, but it rhymes, bo what cares he, 
Here's one of them: 
"On dressing room walla, there often enfalls, 

The names of 'llama' who are fresh. 
I'd like it full welt, If some one would tell. 

How they ever got In the 'perfesh,' " 
Here's another: 
"Small country showB will sometimes disclose, 
People of talent and ability ; 
If credit were given for what each knows, 
Some 'one-pa rt-lroms' would do 'utility. 1 " 


One ot those mat de trier stories so apropot 
of a sea trip, comes to me from over the At- 
lantic, as told by a passenger en route to the 
Mediterranean. According »o the teller of It, 
the story Is new, though I couldn't swear to 
that It Is a good one, with an unexpected 

A mnn who wbb crossing the ocean for the 
first time, was giving the steward of hla 
division overtime work, and in his misery 
was more of a nuisance than the usual run 
of passengers. He kept the poor man on a 
continual Jog trot waiting on him unneces- 
sarily, and asking all sorts of unimportant 
questions, until that essential member ot a 
ship's crew bad lost all patience. 

The second day out, after ringing for the 
twentieth time for service, be rang the 
twenty-first, and on the appearance of the 
useful person, he said In a week voice : 

"Steward, I hear strauge noises up on 
deck. What do they mean?'' 

"Nothing, Sir," said the weary steward, 
"except that they're throwing overboard the 
most troublesome of the Ben-sick passengers." 

Languidly reaching under tits pillow end 
'drawing out some money, which bo handed 
to the steward, the annoying passenger said : 
"Here's two shillings for you steward; rtoro 
sre that I don't tufas my turn." 


Frank Curl tun, whose newspaper notices 
ore "nil to the good," and whoso popularity 
Is expressed by the applause of tbo public, 
has good reason himself to think well of his 
professional work. He says, however, that 
a dream he bad a short time ago had the 
effect, when he awoke from It, of lessening 
his floe opinion of himself for a short time. 

He dreamed that he was. walking out one 
evening, when a Hebrew rushed op to him 
and exclaimed : 

"Mister! Mister, come quick and help me 
break down my door — my house Is on fire 
and my vlfe and sblldrea are Inside 1" 

Carlton farther dreamed that he assisted 
the Jew, and, moreover, rushed Into the 
burning building and personally saved the 
man's family, at the risk ot his own Ufa. 
As he placed the last ot the six children In 
the father's arms, Just previous to the ar- 
rival ot the firemen, the man thanked the 
actor profusely, then scanned hla features 
closely In a questioning manner. 

"Mister/' ssid he, "ain't yon one ot the 
Irwin's Big Show Company'?" to which ques*- 
tlon be received an affirmative reply. 

"Ain't you the one ot the Carltons who 
sings and talks and acts like a foot?" a 
question that Carlton thought a trifle harsh, 
considering that only a moment before he 
bad performed a most heroic act for the ques- 
tioner. But accepting the Implied criticism, 
he again answered that he was the same. 

"Well," said the man, "I was over last 
night to the show and saw yon act Please, 
Mister, go back Into the boose — the roof Is 
Jnst going to fall In." 

And that Is the dream that caused Carlton 
to think he waa not perhaps so good as ha 
might be. 


Lew Dockstader, In one of bis monologues, 
tells of meeting a former professional as- 
sociate on Broadway the other day. 

"Well, I'm working again," said the actor 
to the minstrel ; "that Is, I'm beginning on 
tho road to-morrow, after a year's long rest 
and hard luck." 

"That's good," sympathetically said Dock- 
stader. (He had been known to say, "that's 
good," In a different tone of voice when, on 
holding three aces, the other man bad held 
four "twos.") "How did you get the Jjobr 

"Well," was the reply, "I consider that I 
accomplished a remarkably diplomatic bit of 
business. Yon see, I went over to Jersey 
City and .hired a small office and opened a 
dramatic agency. The first job that came In 
I secured for myself and closed up the office, 
mailing the key to the landlord. And now, 
dear old friend, can I prevail, on you for a 
loan of ten dollars to start me on my way? 
I will return it as soon as I become finan- 
cially unembarrassed. 

"I'll help you," said the popular minstrel 
star, "but not for ten. Here's a fiver to 
assUt you on. your way," ■ 

"Thanks awfully," protested the grateful 
Thespian, "you can owe me the other five." 

« i » 


the Irving, corner of Irving Place and Seven- 
teenth street, New York City, where the 

UHUVI lV% WVIII*?* taught physical culture since the closing of 

■ — her enow in Canada, last Fall. „ _ ' 

Nona noat the Haqenbick Creates 
8HOW8.— The following Is a complete roster 
of the advance for the season of 1000 : W. 
H. Gardner, general advance manager; W. 

E. Fuller, traffic manager; Frank Burns, 
contracting agent: Cy. Seman, local contract* 
Ing agent ; Herbert 8. Maddy, press contract- 
or: E. Sherman DaDdy, Bpeclal press repre- 
sentative; J. De Wolf, press representative 
with show : Sam Feldler, manager car No. 
1; W. S. Dunnington, manager car No. 2; 
Harry Overton, manager car No. S; James 
Dunworth, manager car No. 4; B. Eosen- 
quest country agent, and Burt Wiison-route 
rider. List of men : Oar 2io. v— Sam Feldler, 
manager: J. W. Ncdrow, boss: Walter Kid- 
der, Dtho. ; Thos. Barman, J. F. Miller. Joe 
Horton, O. O. Fuller, H. A. Straub, W. B. 
Graves, Ed. Leles. C. T. Crippen, J. M. Har- 
mon, J. W. Slaughter, Wm. Wormwold, J. J. 
McNamara, Harry Coley, Henry Batter, D. 

F. Keefe. Oar No, f. — W. B. Dunnlngion, 
manager ; Wm. Sbca, boss ; Jas. A. Lyons, 
J. E. Simpson. Henry Mercler, B. P. Malloy, 
Jack Scott M. J. Burke, W. 8. Wheelock, 
Victor Stout Todd Cooper, Hurley White, 
Edw. Boyce. Geo. Davis, Harry McClure, 
Ernest La Fever, F. M. Wilson, McFarland, 
McLaughlin. Wtth Car Xo. J.— Harry Over- 
ton, manager; Jas. Boeler, Joseph Smith, L. 
H. Marshall. H. Cloyburn, B. Berkley, J. 
Blnkley. With Car No. J. — James Dunworth, 
manager: J. F. Homon, D. D. Hester, M. L, 
Bell, A. M. Ruiand, Wm. Perraalt, F. Church, 

G. Lavensaller. 

Notes fbom Hoftkan 4 Stevens Deeam- 
uno Cabniyal and Faib Amusement Co. 

>r show In Canada, last ran. „ „ 

Notes vbom Bigg's Bodoh B-M" wiu) 
Webt and Historical Frontier Exhibition. 
conducted by Bigg* Amuaement Co. (incor- 
porated), C. W. Biggs, presldsnt — Everything 
is on the move at oar Winter quarters at 
Augusta, Ga. Fourteen cars arrived Satur- 
day, March 24, from Camden, N. J., all being 
sixty feet long and all new. Our No. 1 ad- 
vertlalng car. which Is also new, will «*"« 
from the railroad shops in Augusta on April 
2. The paper Is all special. The No. 1 
car will carry fifteen Dill posters, litho- 
graphers, programmers and banner men. No 

No. 45. 

On this week's cartoon page are 1 
artist's Impressions of Barnnm at 
Circus, at the Madison Square Gar" 
Illustrations Include the Canneu 
Princess Caroline, Prince Ernest' 
and Major Louis, In the Gulliver 1 
LIUputlans; the Varlops (the 
Troupe), Fred Ledgett the Lncife. 
Mlaco, Ryan and Zorella, Black 
pastoral scene, the Great Floreoz- 
Mr. Ercole and "The Limit," Mfc 
eon, driving "Evergreen," Dick Ho- 
der Johnson, Steve Mlaco, Clown Jc 
Herr Herzog. 


:oope ( 


ft Job*: 
sat, gpi. 
snt* aa4 

I'ortinnd. — At the Jefferson (Cshn ft 
Grant, managers) "The College Widow" drew 
two large audiences March 28. The Mitchell 
Stock Co., the reat of the week, had good 
Blzed houBes. "The County Fair" April 2, 
"The Rollicking Girl" 3, 4. r 'Tbe Marriage of 
Kitty" 6, "The Black Crook" 6, T. 

Portland (J. B, Moore, manager).— 
Booked week or 2 : Jas. A, Klernan and com- 
pany. Linden Beckwlth, J. Roger West and 
Ida Van Slcklen, Ferguson and Watson, Le 
Roy and Le Vanlon, and Stanton and Mo- 


Manchester. — At the Opera House (E. 
W. Harrington, manager) Nell Burgeas, In 
"The County Fair," March 29, came to good 
business. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" 81, 'The 
Eternal City" April 6, "The Tenderfoot" 10, 
"Busy Iwy's vacation" 11, "The Black 
Crook" 12. 

1'auk (John Stiles, manager). — Black 
Crook Jr., March 26-28, did good business. 
L. De Cordova, in "A Bagged Hero," 29-81 ; 
Fred Irwin's Big City Show April 2-4, 
'Wedded, But No Wife," 5-7, Gay Morning 
Glories U-ll, 

1..AI UA.Vi, 

The Han of Many Mysteries. 

Messrs. Bernstein and Onken announce 
that they will shortly present this performer 
In vaudeville. Laurent, "the man of many 
mysteries," Introduces a startling variety of 
original creations In magic and Illusions. He 
will carry bis own special stage Betting and 
almost a ton of baggage and paraphernalia. 
The act 1b perfectly equipped In every man- 
ner, and should prove a great drawing card. 

— We are getting everything In good shape 
for our opening In Philadelphia, with the 
hospital benefit May 12-28. Then we Jump 

to Osslolng, N. Y., opening 26, for eight days 
for the benefit of Cataract Hose Co,, No. 2. 
In addition to the carnival In OsslnJng, we 
will give dally balljon ascensions. The only 
things open are two concessions, and we are 
making arrangements for an animal show and 
Ferris wheel. 

Ma. and Mas. Fbank H. Lee write: "We 
mourn the loss of our eon. Joseph, aged six 
months, who died March 16, at our home In 
Pawtucket, R. I. The Interment occurred 
18, and was largely attended, by relatives and 

Flossie La Blanche, strong woman, hav- 
ing booked with the Sells-Floto Consolidated 
Circus, has given up ber spacious studio at 


Whose picture appears above. Is the youngest music ball manager in London, and is at 

S resent the manager of the Palace Theatre, In that city, where his genial manners have won 
or him hosts of friends. He Is now visiting America for the first time. 


Two bright anil talented little misses, are shown nbovo In ono of their very many specialties. 
Phcy are considered to be two of the most versatile young ladles In the profession. They 
play and dress all parts well ; both are clever soubrettes, boys and ingenues, and they also 
play leads, while their specialties are numerous. They are this season playing leading 
feminine roles, and changing specialties at every performance, with the Charlotte Mitchell 
All Star PInyers, now In Eastern territory In a repertory of plays. Their talents are natural, 
their father and mother being well known entertainers before them. 

cooking will be done on the car, as all 
live at the best hotels. Going Into our Win- 
ter quarters you will find painters, decorators 
and wood workers putting on the finishing 
touches on everything In their line. Our 
opening day will find this show as bright as 
a new milled dollar. Our tent canopy Is 
25x300, dressing tent a fifty feet round top, 
house tent. \Se have fifty bead of horses 
and ponies, and thirty wagons. Characters 
of all nations of today, and historical and 
mythological characters, beautiful and elabor- 
ate trappings and wardrobe will greatly add 
to the free street show. All new waterproof 
tents will be used. Our Bide show will be one 
of the biggest ever put up with a Wild West, 
mid will be under the management of W. C. 
Homer. Our frontier exhibition will consist 
of n genuine band of Navajo Indians, fifty lu 
alt ; cowboys, frontiersmen, cowgirls, scouts, 
trappers, hunters and guides, forming groups 
which should prove of great Interest to all. 
The exhibition will take place In the big Wild 
West arena. The engagements for this fron- 
tier exhibition are now almost complete, and 
include some of the best and most skilled la 
the Wild West line. Our fancy rifle shot 
experts, ropers and broncho busters are all 
high class, and It 1b safe to predict that April 
27 and 28 will Bee the blgWlld West ready, 
opening at Augusta, Ga. Then for the road, 
into South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, West 
Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, 
Illinois, Kentucky, then South Into Florida 
for the Winter. 

The Eden a Studio Co.. of Philadelphia, 
Is filling large orders for circus photos, which 
they are manufacturing according to their 
latest process. 

Messrs, Blake and Wii.labd, of the White 
C!ty, Chicago, syndicate of shows, were Clip- 
i'EH callers this week. The syndicate shows 
have just arrived from Central America, and 
will go Into Winter quarters at Jersey City. 
Messrs. Blake ft Wlllard report a big season 
In Cuba, the West Indies, Panama and Costa 

Sydney. Wise writes from Toledo : "All is 
arranged for Brighton Beach, and Wm. A. 
Brady was here and visited the Ferarl Win- 
ter quarters. He spent a week at the French 
Lick, and Bays that be was so run down be- 
fore ho went that he could not even hold a 
Cen. He' fans evidently been working very 
ar<], and has bis whole heart in the 
Brighton Beach proposition. He Informed 
us that be had made all arrangements with 
Pawnee Bill, and that show will also be a 
feature at the Beach this season. The Beach 
will be up to date, and should be a winner, 
as there Is no gate there, as at similar parka. 
Jos. G. Ferarl will- have a dog and pony 
show at the Beach, and the Frnncis Ferarl 
Shows will furnish almost all the Midway 

Notes fsou Thos. L. Finn & Co/s New 
United Showh. — Thos. L. Finn, manager: 
Geo. B. Pickering is general agent : Leslie E 
Smith, In charge of second advance, with two 
assistants ; A. C. Orcutt, general superin- 
tendent ; Will Brennan, boss canvasman, 
with eight assistants; Frank Fitzgerald, in 
charge of cook tent. Those already signed 
Include : Louis Beauvlas, one armed acrobat * 
I'anfleld and Van Horn, aerlolists and acro- 
bats; Gordon and Hayes, aerlallstB and Jug- 
piers ; Sylvester Newman, clown and concert : 
Nat Lewis, wire act ; TJ. G. Allmon, J. John- 
son, Al. Case, R. A. Barker, AI. Kaleta, L. W. 
Tozler, Fred Barnard and John Hodges. Mr 

■? n *a troupe of performing dogs and ponies 
will he a pleasing feature. The side show, 
under management ot Root Gordon, -will be 
a decided novelty, Introducing FlaBh, In feats 
of magic and ventriloquism ; Mrs. Bobt. Gor- 
don, mind reader and fire act; Miss La Bue. 
Bword swallower; a vaudeville performance 
bJ singers, dancers and comedians; Gongo 
and his band of ZuIub, and four miniature 
cages. The street parade will be a feature 
this season, and the band wagons, tableaux 
and floats are as clean and bright as paint 
and gilt can- moke them. We will carry 
about thirty horses and ponies, and about 
forty people, and look forward to a long and 
prosperous season. • 

Joseph Mack has signed with Washburn 
ft D Alma s Trained Animal Shows, to take 
charge of the concert and play the steam 
calliope In the parade. D. G. Markell will act 

n,„ rl !!GJ B1 ?, t . er . *? d * eneral *«■-*« ; J. W. 
Brownies will be treasurer, and Jack Curlev 
boss cauvae man, with forty men. WM " C *- 

Peach Buds ihoh Cole Bbothebs' Shows. 
— Early last week the Btock was brought la 
from the farm, and four, six, eight and tea 
horse teams have since been given dally 
exercise on the roads, that they may be In 
the best possible condition when the band 
begins to play. Our call In The Clippe* 
hae brought acknowledgements from all per- 
formers and musicians under contract, wits 
few exceptions, and these will probably be 
heard from during the next few days. Sev- 
eral of the people have already appeared la 
Birmingham, and with rehearsals la ring 
bant and gymnasiums, together with toe 
operating of the different shops on full time, 
there is life and buBtle around the quarters. 
Two car loada of paper were received a tew 
days ago from the printers, and were trans- 
ferred to the No. 1 and excursion cars. Ere 
the next Issue of this paper reaches us the 
first advance car will have begun its tour, 
and the others will follow at proper Inter- 
vals. Harry Cratg. last year's efficient stew- 
ard, with his men, la on hand, equipping 
his department with the necessary linen, 
silverware, and the most Improved ranges 
the market affords. During the past Win- 
ter Proprietor M, J. Downs made hosts of 
friends here, and all Indications are that 
Birmingham citizens will see to It that bis 
season 1b Inaugurated under the most favor- 
able auspices. Masons and Elks have ex- 
pressed their Intention of turntog out tn 
v.tiise with their families at the opening 
performances, and it is understood other so- 
cieties will do likewise. The three local 
dailies are treating the show most liberally, 
and on all sides Is exhibited a desire to give 
Mr. Downs the best possible. 

Notes pboh the Cummins Wild west 
Exhibition Co. — Howard W. Damon will 
have the management of the dining camp toe 
coming tenting season. He Is now complH- 
lng a model cook house wagon, which la be- 
ing constructed at the Winter quarters, Ge- 
neva, and every detail In this department, ft 
1b needless to Bay, will be perfect, when it ti 
known that Mr, Damon 1b being carefully in- 
structed in his plans and arrangements W 
that veteran caterer, A. D. Moreland. a 
model bakery Is being added to the dining de- 
partment, which will be a new departure ■ 
the tented world. 

The Onbi Familt, six In number, oneo 
at the Coliseum, Chicago, with the Hlugllng 
Bros.' Circus, for this coming Summer Ma- 
son. They Introduce, in conjunction witn 
their Juggling specialty a novelty in tne 
globe line, that of Ave people on globes » 
new acrobatic tricks. Archie L. On ••* 
well known comedian of the family, has jw 
recovered from a severe attack of malaria. 
and has spent the paBt four weeke at -*•* 
ClemenB, Mich, . . »i- 

Jesse Bbandon has Just closed at w 
Grand Opera House, at Beardstown, III., aoo 
expects to Join out with the white tops ror 
the coming season. . „,,,. 

The Tt-Bbll Sistebs go with the Ha* 
Floto Shows. M 


Oklahoma City*— At the Overholser Ed. 
Overholser, manager) "A Jolly America" 
Tramp," March 25, drew good bualness. uw 
advance sale for the Bernhardt perforinflncei. 
April 4, went on March 26. and entire lower 
house was sold before 9 a.m. —.. k 

Bijou (H. A. Carletoo, manager)., — *3 

of March 25 opened with the rawlfe *Wg 

Benson. Norton and Perkins, Grace Iowa, 

and BIJougraph. Good opening busintss- 

■ 1 » ' 

Cabbollton *nd Hodges opened Mapfb J 
at the Fmplre Theatre. Des Moines, an n » 
with great success. While playing «*•& 
received contracts from Chris Brown, »bm 
them solid until June 3, when they ■"■SS 
New York City. They have %*"£& \l 
and dancing act, which they will produce »» 
a few weeks. ^^^^^^~^^B 

notice . 

HALFTONE PIOTUBH" •» « he "*£ 
Us »*«« ot TUB CUPPBB •*■ " 
Ini.rtedattheM price. I 

•latUOoluui Jgg 

DeakU 0.1 •»• •»••"" 

fi"%WOR£$ 0F ™ WEEKLY SHOW «naim by fkwuw. 


firBailey presents his 

World of Wondtrs to the 
enftustiilic Hen/Yorkers 

Annual 6xhiI>iT&t tie Madison 3}. Garden. 

II ,1 mm -3v 

Ik. A ••- \ •;>/ 

Ghostof the late PT.Birnum i 
'By Gosh. 'wfyo would have ever 

thturht thai }.' ' 

Hpi Grunatbo 
as prompter. 

A dumb performer, whose 
tricks win loud pralae . 

__ ' HemyJ.Moonty's elephant 
enjoying himself and the crowd. 

in true old 

/red LedjeTt- 
old Rom in atyU 

The fir/ops C/ater in the evening the ffraoi,}l>oTroupe) in f heir latest importation cf 
German Costume* & French Grace . 

Toe proud winner of the Joy" race . 


fty*na\Zorelta in their Aughprovohing geese- race 

Jferrtferug.fhedrecetut. Airy move ^ , 
Dtcttttornetr** Sp*f*rJohnson OJeveMiaea Clown Jerome ' * picture. 

ontotn>t'ffneer.' .mnplalaeraeUctiont. *» tunny an ever, in fo*t* of strength. 


Aprii, 7. 





CD EC Professional Copies and Orchestrations 

B> H jSS ■■ (Any Kay) Sent to Recognized Performin, or thou Sending 
I 1 1 fafa Recent Programs. NO CARDS, PLEASE 

This is the Bong Ton Need to Strengthen Your Act. 


509-511-513 S. Broadway, 


Wtint j'o' goln' to do when 70' clothes wenr out? 

lie on yo* way now you roustabout, 

Don't come 'round starting trouble to brew, 

Cause I'm liable to forget I'm related to you. 

Who dressed you up when you looked like a bum. 

(lave you the money dat you spent fo' rum? 

You better get busy a-tblnklng about 

What you gola' to do when yo' clothes wear out. 





THE WEDDINU, 47J lent 180 

FIRE AND FUMES, 300 feet 120 

THE DESERTER, 465 (cot Ill 



IMPOH9IIILE JOURNEY, 060 feel 1*0 






OXX-HYD. JET (Ae New) J0O.O0 

CON, with ELECTRIC LaiiinandHlieostat) »** 

TICON, OXY. HYD. JET and TUBINO. . .. | *"•"' 

AS NEW 0.00 


CINEOORAI'H (Tjalrereal), 1906, ELEC- 



.... $4.25 






Rex* Star Stereopticon, $21 


Model B Gas Outfits. 


•10 ADJUSTABLE M. P. TABLE, $7.00. 
Moil * I Ilv 
4Xtn. J I . Mall 



•J) | 'each 

SONG SLIDES, $5 Per Set. 

S. H. SONG SLIDES $2 ?" Up 




New & Second Hand 




Here's what a few of our customers think 
of us: 

You are all right; 
man than you tell hi: 

you do better with a 

jm you are going to do. 

B. F. CHAIN, Canastota, N. Y. 

United HtutcM Tent nml Awning Co. 
Randolph and Union Streets, CHICAGO, III. 


BLACK TENTS Oar SpcolnKr. 


At moderate prices. Largo stock. Immense 
variety. Muni rated Oltrtlogiie Free. New Muni- 
moth Cntatugtio Just Issued, yoe. New llBt of 400 
liHrgfilnn In tine npiuiri.tuH for 2c, stamp. 

A. ItOTKHUtiKU, no Ontario St., Chicago. 


The Tiffin Scenic Company, 


Your square dealing and promptness have 
always deeply Impressed me with a confidence 
that my orders will be strictly carried out— 
CAFT. CHAS. H. STANLEY, Baltimore, aid. 

Although I have dealt with Mr. Swaab for 
over one year, and received the best treat- 
ment and prompt consideration, we have 
never been within 1,000 miles of each other 
at any time.— T. C. SHEA, Mgr. Elec, The- 
atre, Woodward, Oklo. 

I have dealt for some time with. Hr. Swaab, 

and always found him honest and square and 
prompt In every respect. He baa my entire 
confidence and patronage. 

B. B. LUSE, Wlmboro, S. C. 

The dim arrived 86 hours after wiring, at 
a distance of over 1,200 miles. Thanks for 
fair deal and quick service. 


I can safely say that your concern does 

business ON THE square. Use my name as 
reference. — JAY P. BEVILL, Mgr. Dude 
Faust Co., Hot Springs, Ark. 

In all my dealings with film houses I have 
never found one bo fair, square and upright 
ss L. M. Swaab'a "Different Kind" of a dim 
shop. 1 recommend his bouse to any one. 
W. HOPE TILLY, Texarcana, Texas. 

You will thank me for recommending L. M. 
Swaab, the leading Motion Picture Man of 
Philadelphia, once you deal with him. 

N. D. CLOWARD, Wilmington, Del. 

A word to the picture men : 

Deal exclusively with Lewis M. Swaab, 33S 
Hpruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. His goods 
are the best, bis prices are right, and he Is 
on the square. — J. L. LUCAS, Abilene, Kan. 

I found Mr. Swaab to be the most prompt 
and reliable man to deal with. Be never mis 

PBED R, WALCOTT, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Mr. Lewis M. Swaab. of Philadelphia, the 
leading Dealer In Moving Picture Machines 
and Films. Is, In my opinion, the only re- 
liable.— REV. J. ELBERT HAMPTON, Bond 
Town, Va. 

N. B. — We sire merely a partial list of the 
hundreds of Testimonials we have received. 
In order to show In what esteem we are held 
by all who deal with us. Unlike some dealers, 
we can show the originals of the aforegoing. 
We do not Issue a catalogue of so-called un- 
solicited testimonials, many of which were 
written for the occasion, and none are dated. 
Many Bo-callcd testimonials were written ten 
years ago, when a motion picture was a 
novelty. The majority of our testimonials 
are less than six months old. 

The house to deal with Is the one who 
quarantees absolute satisfaction, That's us. 
Edison Universal Machine, - $55 

Lnbln's Exposition Machine, - 55 

Enterprise Opt lgraph Machine, - 45 

Each with Calcium Lamp, Electric Lamp, 
Itbeostat, 10 Inch Reels and Takeap. 

In competition with others, we sold four 
Cnmcragraphs last week. Ask us the reason, 

FINE reels, each containing a head- 
liner, 1,000 feet, for $00. 

We have no Imitation fight Alms for sale, 
and the real oneB cannot be bought 


another sensation. 







338 Spruce Bt., PhlliilolpliU. 



3T Klngaton Bt., 
BOSTON, MASS., V. g. A. 

Manufacturers of 

Silkolene Tights, $2.00 

Worsted Tights, {2.00 

Cotton Tights, 11.00 

RqucBtrlan Shirts same price as 
tights. A special discount of 10 
per cent, allowed on all goods. 
(ilv© us a trial, that Is all we ask, 
Write for prices on anything In 
Knit Goods line. Deposit re- 
quired on all orders. 


Commencing April 15. 

l Car, Uncle Tom Outfit complete, Teuts, Seats, 
Stage, Scenery and car to accommodate so peo- 

Elo; entire outfit carried on 1 ear. Property will 
e at Springfield. O.. April 7, complete and ready 
for business. This show has been the last a years. 
Big business. It you have not got the money, 
don't write. Come and look It over. Address 
GU8 BUN, Springfield, O. 





F. F. PROCTOR, Sole Proprietor end Manager. 


Devoted to Refined Entertainment. 
Proctor's Bth Ave, Theatre, Proctor's 
23d St. Theatre. Proctor's 68th St. 
Theatre, Proctor's 125th St. Theatre, 
Proctor's Newark Theatre, Proctor's 
Albany Theatre, Prootor's Troy The- 


Best Plays and Best Vaudeville. 

Riot of acta: complete "prop" Hat; correct 
got plot ; If you open or close In one ; 
EXACT time of acts, and of "close In ;" bill- 
ing for newspapers and programmes: and 
Playwrights, Authors, Play Agents, 

F.F.PKOCTOR, Proprietor and Manager. 

Get the Habit. Go to 


14th Street, near Broadway, 

279 Broadway, near Chtmhrt. 

47 Cortlindt St., near QrwsnwlclL 

125th St., corner Third Ave., 





one slie smaller alter using Allen's Foot- 
Ease, a powder to he shaken Into the shoes. 
It makes tight or new shoes feel easy ; gives 
Instant relief to corns and bunions. It's the 
greatest comfort discovery of the age. Cures 
and prevents swollen feet, blisters, callous 
and sore spots. Allen's Foot-Ease Is a certain 
cure for sweating, tired, aching feet. At all 
druggists and shoe stores, 25c. Don't accept 
any substitute. Trial package FREE by null. 
Address Allen S. Olmstead, Le Boy, N. Y. 


10 DOT 

goods 1 

or cent, reduction on our 
~ ieea atlTen for the 
»eks to Istdaee new 
customers to try our superior 
production. This has been suc- 
cessful. Our old customers bare had 
prlvlledge of this advantage. In future 
not prices will prevail until further 
notice We can make tights and shirts 
in six qualities while you wait. If neces- 
sary. Only people In the business who 
can do this. SPICER BROS., 
86 Woodbine Street, Brooklyn, N.T. 


Essy to get at everything with- 
t out dlBt&rblng anything. No 
fatigue in packing and unpack- 
ing. Light, strong, roomy 
drawers. Holds ss much and 
costs no more than a good 
box trunk. Uand rlvlted; 
strongest trunk made. In 
small roomservesas chiffonier. 
C. O. D. with privilege ot ex- 
amination. 2c. pump for cata- 
log. F.A. STALLMAN, 

86 w. Bprlng 8U, Columbus, o. 



Change for 2 weeks, Best line of singing, 
dancing and novelty acts, silent specialties. 
Lady good piano player. Hard workers in 
actB, sober and reliable. Must have tickets. 
Add. The Gilberts, Box 171, Sunbnry, Pa. 




Mr. Jose, the well known contra tenor, Is 
one of the most successful ballad singers In 
the world. Twenty-nine years ago. In Corn- 
wall, Eng., young Jose's voice was first heard. 
Even la his early childhood he was set down 
as one who. In the figurative language of that 
day, was "bom with a bird In bis throat" 
The wonderful quality of his vocal resources 
was an Inheritance from his father, Benor 
Blcardo Jose, a Spanish tenor, who was fa- 
mous all over Europe. At the age of six 
Ulchard was considered the most remarkable 
chorister In the boy choir in the village 
church, and his powers grew with his years, 
until by tbe time he reached the age of ten 
he became the wonder of the village In which 
be lived. When be was twelve years old bis 
father died, leaving a family of seven chil- 
dren, of which Richard was the oldest. The 
problem of existence was a hard one for the 
widow, and so, when Richard's uncle, a stock 
broker of Virginia City, Nev., suggested that 
If she would send tbe lad to America he 
might be able to give him a start In tbe 
world, she sorrowlngly agreed, and the boy 
started alone on bis long journey. Tbe voy- 
age was made In a raging Winter sea, and 
culminated In a wreck off the Newfoundland 
coast, from which he, with others on board, 

escaped in boats. Upon reaching Virginia 
City, traveling part of the way by stage, his 
uncle met him, only to leave him three days 

later. Thus cast upon his own resources, 
he finally secured a position In a church 
choir, which brought him a couple of dollars 
n week. At tbe age of fourteen he was in- 
duced to go to Carson City, Nev., to slog, but 
after a snort time this position failed him. 
He then concluded be would like to be a 
blacksmith, and went to Reno, Nev., and se- 
cured a place as apprentice to a blacksmith 
of that place. In three years be learned the 
trade, and from that time be was able to 
make three dollars a day at the forge. He 
was six years at Reno, engaged In this heavy 
but healthful work, during which time he 
managed to go to night school the greater 
part jf tbe time. All this while, too, he was 
cultivating his voice. Finally a San Fran- 
cisco man heard him sing, and Induced him 
to go to San Francisco, where he had suc- 
cess from the start He was given an. en- 
gagement with Reed's Minstrels at $12 a 
week, and took so well at the opening that 
his salary was raised to $26 on the follow- 
ing week, and within a month he was en- 
gaged by Burch & Cotton to tour California 
with their minstrel company, at $50 per 
week. Four months later he waa sent for by 
Lew Dockstader, and engaged at a salary of 
$75 per week. Since that time the success of 
Mr. Jose 1b well known, and few, If any, of 
the ballad singers command a salary equal 
to bis. 



Norfolk.— At the Academy of Music 
(Otto Wells, local manager) Henrietta Cros- 
man came March 24, to splendid business. 
"The Yankee Consul" April 2, "Ben of 
Broken Bow Ranch" 4. 

Oranbt (Otto Wells, local manager). — 
Business last week was very good. "Fight- 
ing Fate" week of 2. 

Ache (Wilkinson A Monzle, managers). — 
People week of 2 : Oscar Brewer, RTna Du- 
Bhan, Frankfort, Lnurl and Frankfort, White 
and Johnson, and tbe Carew Sisters. Busi- 
ness Is good. 

Bijod (Ab. Smith, mansger). — New people 
week of 2 : Calton and Johnson, May Leslie. 
BeBBle Clayton, Rose Martlne, and Carroll 
and Shearer. Business Is good. 

Manhattan (C. O. CrlonTan, manager). — 
People week of 2 : May Roach, Bill Campbell, 
Llllle Lewis, May Lemuels, the Madderns, 
and Jack Stockton. Business Is good. 

Aoditohium (J. M. Barton, manager).— 
People for week of 2 : Johnson and Grant, 
Cleodorns, Hoffman Slaters, Three Rents, 
Watson and Mack, and Patterson and Sul- 
livan and the burlesque, "The Mystic Pair," 
by Guy Johnson. Business la good. 
■ ■ • - 

Richmond At the Academy of Music 

(Chas. I. McKee. manager) "Peggy from 
PariB" came March 26, 27. Franklin Wood- 
ruff, In "Ben of Broken Bow Ranch," April 
2 ; "Tbe Yankee Consul" 4, "The Old Home- 
stead" 7, Grace George 11. 

Bijod (Chas, I. McKee, manager).— Last 
week Wilton Whltecar, In "The Mummy and 
tbe Humming Bird," played to well filled 
houses. Daniel Ryan Co. 2-7, "Fighting 
Fate" 8-14. 

Pcteribnrs;.— At the Academy of Music 
.Jake Wells, manr — 
Ranch" comes Ap; 

r^*^.^ 1 !* mant K w 2 ,Bea cf B f° ken Bow 

Denver.— At the Broadway (B. F. Mc- 
Court, manager) "A Message from Mars" 

April 2-7, "Plff 1 Paff ! I PouflU" week of 9. 

Obphbuu (Martin Beck, general mana- 
ger). — BUI for week of 2: The Seldom s, 
Sydney Denoe and company, Dan Sherman, 
Mabel De Forest and company, Armstrong 
and Holly, Rosalre and Doretto, Murray K» 
Hilt, Edward Lavlne and Lillian Waltone, 
and klnodrome. 

TABpi Grand (B. F. McConrt manager). 
— Pauline Hall, In "Dorcas," pleased good 
houBes last week. Week of 2. the AIT G 
Field Greater Minstrels. 

b™ <J- B. Clifford, manager).— Elfe's 
High School Girls, with the Six Banvards, 
played to good business last week. The Bal- 
timore Beauties 2-7. 

Ccbtis (A. R. Pelton, manager). — "A De- 
serted Bride" proved a popular attraction 
Inst week. Week ot 2, "The King of Detec- 
tives," "Her Double Life" follows. 

Novu.Tr (Henry Lnbelskl, manager).— Big 
houses last week, the following proving a 
well balanced bill: Tbe Four Roberts, Ethel 
Vane, Eddie and Lottie Dwyer, Illustrated 

songs and pictures. 

Cbtstal <G. I. _. 
__nowin«r bill played to ._ 
week I Vlrden and Donlan, the Buses Family, 

Usui Tn TiMn *».» IlMJ.l J- aE _ •' 

-jtstal (G. I. Adams, manager). — The 
followina; bill played to fair Jkaasaass last 

Paul La Drew, the Hlldebranda, the Eeltners! 
pictures snd sonas. 

Nora— Tbe Selle-Floto Shows are doe to 
leave Winter quarters hers for the South, 
April 6. Three trains will carry tbe show on 
to Texas, where the first performance Is 



The razor for the busy man. QKes fast, per- 
fect shaves at the rate of foor for one cent. 
No Stropping. No Honing. 

No fussing, unscrewing, nor taking apsrt. \'o 
inaccessible corners to gather dirt. Opens like 
a book; washes and wipes like a dinner plaie. 

Impossible to cut yonrself. 

Gives smooth, pleasant shave to people who 
are ready to give up trying to get a razor that 
wM salt them. 

With 24 Sheffield special tempered steel 
blades and neat leather case, sA.oo, 

Liberal exchange offer on blades. 
Soldi Only on Approval Teat Plan, 

If tbe razor don't give yon perfect shaves, 
we do'nt want you to pay for it. 

Our blades come direct to you from the hands 
of experienced workmen who grind, temper 
and finish them by hand. 

No matter what kind of a beard jou have, nor 
what kind of luck you have had with razors, 
try this one. We will make 
the razor sell Itself to yon, 
or take It back without fuss 
or quibble. Write for free 



Department 2fi, 

Adrian, Mich., V. 8. A. 




Men swear b^ them, 
not at them. 


Key GwiM, . . 25c 
ScaHHoUen, . . 10c 
CuffHoUen. ■ ■ 20c 
BachtU ButtoM . 10e 
Sold everywhere 
or sent postpaid. 
Catologue free. 


Deal. Tiwaterturr.CssJ. 


' the way of Tsmbot. So 061 ' 



in our catalog No. 2. llluotraud. .. 
apoM! Wflla lor It to-<lay. POSTPAID ] 


.24 B Wla^ril Msjfe N.w Y..K 

Galolum Gas and 

loving Picture Outfit 

with ilmple and explicit lnntrucUoDS. 
The field Is Large, ccmpnsir.g tM 
regolu- theatre and lecture circuit. "•" 
local fieMa In Cruircbca, Public SCSSS»j 
Lodges and General Public Osl|lllM> 
Nothing affords better opportunltlei f« 

■Sa.*'.V Our Outfit Comprises 

Dm O. p. OO.'S model, PUM 

and most economical RBB-mn* ns 
outfit M Invented. SsWl— ■ 

Sttnoptlcoar, stain drtiri Hicsm. 

niM ma. and eterr aiaraialll 

F1IW, SIJ8U act i,t lit emaaWJ 
entertainments. Ab.o!ntelr tbe !«eo 
film, and view, on the market, I- '"}" 

8- — all subject, tor the pobllc'e eoJ< r^eai. 
■.II enttrtnlnmont auppl, catalog-' "' 
PICIAL orFIK lullr explain, eierttblne. 
'■""rUJ!tII«Cll.,12J0l,n*sll..D.>l»I ■!-■» 


(or card or recent pro- 
|tw. Free catalog of 

8Urf f mlnatrelJ>ik«flv.««e. 
'ILL ROSSI TtR, 225 
*n h lirft an St., Cbkasa 








Is a boon to the seed, the Infant, and the in- 
valid. A delicious, invigorating food-drink, 
nutritious and easily digested, that agrees 
with the weakest stomach. More wholesome 
thin tea, coffee or cocoa. It not only stimu- 
lates, bat also strengthens and invigorates. 

Pure, rich milk, combined with the nutri- 
tive elements of carefully selected malted 
grains. f 

In powder form, it makes a delicious table 
drink in a moment by simply stirring in water. 
The Lunch Tablets are a convenient, quick 
lunch for bury people, and a pleasant, whole- 
some confection for children. 

At all CTjRgists. Sample, vest pocket lunch 
case, also booklet, giving valuable recipes, 
sent free, If mentioned 

Ask for HORLICK'S; others 
«re imitations. 

Horlick's Malted Milk Co. , 

Racine, Wis., U.S. A. 

London. Montreal, 

England, Canada. 







QTheNamt is 
stamped on every 

me la 




Um Flit (a tha !•(— 

Never Slips, Tun nor 

Bunple pair, Bilk fiOc., Cbrton ISO. 
lulled on receipt ol price. 

CEO. FROST CO., Mikara 
Bolton, Hill,, U.S.*. 


|lp.00O00p^fe -^ 


*«• traded la f or "BOLTON" luBtrnmenta, which «• 
wtot other* If j A TawMt.bol>wt,t)ay.»*'nOLTOI«*' 
"?* TOwwin have Mother make, wo have It for yon 
Oar catalog and bar- 

eaeaa. Everything for t 
«*Ui Urt tree on rtaaetrt. 



OPorld of Players. 


lately added a number of new plays with full 
llnca of printing. The Bureau continues to 
expend and the territory of Its usefulness 
now extends from coast to coast and from the 
Gulf of Mexico to Canada. 

"Jerst mom Kirbt" Nona. — While play- 
fcyjat La Marr, Col., March 17, we were alien 
a big Barprlse. As most of the men In our 
company are Eagles, the local Eagles turned 
out to our show. After the performance, 
1 red Lee, manager of the Opera House, ten- 
dered his banquet hall free, and between the 
hoglcB and Manager Lee, the banquet they 
save us was Dt for a king. We will never 
forget the La Marr Eagles. 

James A. and Cblia, Welch will produce 
their muBtcal farce comedy next season, en- 
titled "Flanlgan's Flirtation/' In three acts. 
T. K. Roberts has the show booked solid. 

Notes fbom the "Borus Rastus" Co. — 
Our business has been record breaking every- 
where we have played, and the management 
Is more than satisfied with ther new star, 
Lrnest Hogao, who la making more than 
good. No matter where we play the cry is, 
"give us a return date." The members are 
enjoying the best of health. 

Vivian Najtzgeb has rejoined the La 
versa Moore Stock Co., being compelled to 
do so on account of Jennlog'g Seminary, at 
Aurora, 111. (which she was attending), being 
destroyed by Are on Sunday, March 18. She 
escaped without Injury, losing only a small 
amount of personal property. The seminary 
will be rebuilt and ready for school In August. 

The Wilbur-Shcbbrt Theatre Co., of 
New York City, was Incorporated recently, 
with a capital of $100,000. The directors 
are L. Shubert, Max C. Anderson and Albert 
L. Wilbur, of New York City. 

Harry Maxwell writes : "After a rue- 
cessful season of forty-five weeks, Peters' 
Peerless Playera closed March 24, In UVryu- 
vllle, Kan., the home of the snow. Prepara- 
tions have already begun for the Summer 
show, which will open under canvas In Mirys- 
vilic, Saturday, May 12. The Summer com- 
pany will consist of twenty-five people and 
a fifteen piece band, which Is to be one of the 
features. In addition to a strong acting 
company, for a three nights' reper'ary, 
special vaudeville people will be carried and 
featured. The roster of company Just closed, 
most of whom will be re-engaged, wne as 
follows : Dave Standsbury, Clyde Hyer, Ed- 
ward L. Patterson, Will Jay Peters, Harry 
Sob nn, Geo. Wilson, AL Wards, Geo. Hamil- 
ton, Claude Haynes, Harry Maxwell. Jack 
Gllnes, and the Rumleys, Bertie, Luln and 
Ruby. Despite the rainy weather that was 
experienced laat Summer, but three nights 
were lost In the forty-five weeks — two nights 
while under canvas and one night in an opera 

J. A. Lbiqhton Joined the Tronsdalo The- 
atre Co. at Lynn, Ind., March 26. 

The "How Hearts abb Broken" Co. will 
close the season at Boston week of April 2. 

Following Is a list of the Cnaa, E. Bla- 
ney Amusement Co. attractions for next sea- 
son : Howard Hall. In "The Millionaire De- 
tective;" Lottie Williams, In "My Tom Boy 
Girl ;" Harry First, In "Old Isaacs from the 
Bowery ;" Flake O'Hara, In "Mr. Blarney 
from the Bowery ;" P. Aug. Anderson. In 
"The Curse of Drink ;" Caroline May, In "The 
Factory Girl ;" Young Buffalo, In "King of 
the Wild West" and "Across the Pacific." 

Roster of "The Beggar Prince" Opera 
Co. : F. A. Ward, manager : Lawrence Powers, 
musical director; F. O. Burgess, J. C. Taylor, 
F. A. Wade, F. W. Cleveland, A. E. Robin 
son, Cbas. Pryor, W. L. Lyons, Henry Mos- 
tey, Letla Burgess, Stella Tooley, Marie My- 
rick, Leila Thome, Beatrice Fischer and Ger- 
trude Hutcneson. 

Mks. Joseph Carroll, wife of the come- 
dian, now with "It Happened In Nordland," 
died at Boothwyn, Pa., March 22. 

Mas. Jennie M, Douglas, mother of 
Byron Douglas, died at Roosevelt Hospital 
March 2S, from tuberculosis. Interment was 
in the Family lot at Portland, Me., whence 
the remains were taken. 

The ca*t for "The Optimist" will in- 
clude : J. H. Gllmour, Thomas A. Wise, Char- 
lotte Walker { Wallace Eddinger, John Ince, 
Lizzie Hudson Collier. M. L. Alsop, Kathryne 
Browne, Gerald Griffin, Consuelo Bailey, 
Grace Gay] or Clarke, Genevieve Thomas, 
Anna Stannard, Winifred Voorheea and 
Christine Hill. 

Frederick Sullivan went to Boston 
March 24, to take the position of stage di- 
rector with the Empire Theatre Stock Co. 

"Cousin Louisa"w111 be produced at the 
Park Theatre, Boston, April 23, The cast 
will Include: Mary Van Buren, Dorothy Re- 
vel), Kate Dentn Wilson, Suzanne Perry, 
Charles Cherry, Charles Swlckard, Samuel 
Reed, Wallace Edlnger and George Robert 

James K, Hackbtt has secured twenty- 
five weeks' time at the Tremont Theatre, 
Boston, for next season, and will share some 
of It with Henry W. Savage. 

George H. Kjetchan has secured an op- 
tion on property In Toledo, O., on which to 
erect a theatre, to be booked by Klaw & Br- 

The SnrBEBis have acquired the theatre 
now building on Vine Street, Cincinnati, 
from the Heuck Amusement Company. 

Jaues K. Hackett has secured the Ameri- 
can rights of "The White Chrysanthemum," 
a musical comedy, by Arthur Anderson and 
Howard Talbot 

H. Ii. Irving will commence his American 
engagement of twenty weeks at the New 
AmBterdnm Theatre Oct 8 next. 

Mhb Sarah Bibnhardt will appear In a 
tent In the cities of Waco, Austin and Ft. 

Mat Emory writes : "I was granted a di- 
vorce from George Bee Jackson, at Chicago, 
III., on March 22." 

Robert B. Mantbll will go to Australia 
to play an engagement of thirty weeks la a 
classic repertory. 

George C. Haztston has sold the German 
rights to "Mistress Nell" to a Berlin mana- 

Geo. and Libct Dtjfree will star next 
reason In farce comedy. They will be sup- 
ported by Chos. Blake, the Hebrew character 
comedian, and a strong cast, and will carry 
special scenery and a new line of lithographic 

Tan Injunction applied for by J. W. Dam 
against the production of "The Heir to the 
Hoorah," hBB been denied. 

Henrietta Crohmam will soon be seen In 
Thompson Buchanan's four act drama, 
"Don's-Care Nancy." 

TnoitAs Q Sbabboorb has signed with 
James K. Hackett, to star, and he will be 
seen In "The Alcayde," by George Stephens 
and Frederick Barry. 

"Banqa," an opera, by Isadore de Lara, 
wns given It premier In Nice, Fr., March 10. 

Cleveland, O, Is to have a playhouse In 
which now productions will be "tried out." 

Johnstone Bennett Is seriously 111 at 
the home of Frank Pettlt, Bloomfleld, N. J., 
and her death is said to be only a matter of 
a few days. She returned East a short time 
ago from Southern California, where she was 
In a sanitarium, the physicians having given 
up all hope of her recovery. 

Charles Biqelow will appear In his old 

£art In "Papa's Wife," with Anna Held, In 
ondon, Eng., next month. 
fins Rogers Is til at his home, and will 
not be able to rejoin his company for some 

The Charles B. Blanxt Amcbhment Co. 
has bought the Empire Theatre, PIttaburg, 
the sum stated being 1126,000. 

Officials of the city of Chicago are en- 
deavoring to levy a clreoi tax on r 'A Yankee j 
Circus on 11*™.'* 

James E. Ooatta and hi* wife are now In 
their thirty-fo.trth week with the Graham* 
Stock Co. 

<3 ATCH ELt M AN N I Nq 




«0ll> MEDAL 



Hauling Capacity, 35 Ton,. 
Earning $1,500 In SU Daya. 



B E ::.r? LITHOGRAPH "■ 



send fqo cat'aiogve" "■':;_- 

Morrison Show '-Print '\L< 


of Theatrical 
JaOotH h Shoes. 
All work viu'le 
on short notice. 
No dlriapnoliit- 
incnt; wo make 
from l pair to 
I,ooo pot rx. Clog 
a specialty. 
302 W. 23d St., New York. Tel. loo Chelsea. 


buy or night. Solid gold 

mourning. You can own a 

diamond equal In brilliancy 

to any genuine stone at one 

thirtieth the cost. BAHOIU 

DIAMONDS stand acid tent 

and expert examination. We 

See them first and then pay. 

Patent ring measure Included 

for 5 two cent Htaninx. 

Pep.. 4, 3-71 Walim ! . Avw., Chicago , 111. 

Catalogue free 


every time, but you will 
never know It II you never 
try it. Catalog telle all. 

108 E. Pearl ST., Cincinnati 


we bare made the cure of Wood FoIkoii a 
specialty. Blood 1'olKon Permanently Cured. 
You can lie treated at homo under name 
guaranty. Capital Wo solicit the 
most obnttaato canes. If you bavo ex- 
haunted the old methods of treatment and 
still have aches and palnn, Mucus in 
Mouth.Soro Throat, Pimple", Copper-Colored 
Spots, Ulcers on any part of the body. Hair 
or Eyebrowa falling out, write for proofs of 
cores. lOD-page Book Free. 


1 1 1 1 Hawnlii Templa,Chlc«g», III. , U.S.*. 


Just Opened 100 New Shades of 

in, w.ii b». "DANIELL SATIN" 


BROADWAY, 8th and 9th STS., N. Y. 

One Minute from Aator Place Subway Station. 





You will find tltla waltz pong 1- gulng to bu the red hot lilt of the Buimncr fleuxou. 
if you use It ouce you wilt alwiiyn tiso It. 


A baa* goto Is Just the thing to n»o In your art. The words and .mixta are of the best. Send for a copy 
PIANISTS, Just Bat Your Liunpe on this Number, 


India n li.tttrm«t*o. 
Two lt<i|i. 

If you want a good lively overture, send for this one. it will snrprtae yon. It Is catehy, lively 
easy, and will ni>e.i.k f»r itHdf when you try tt. 

Orcltcsi ration for the anklng. Hond late 

Send ten cents floe.) to cover portage for prof, copies, 
program. No cards. 


1,1 v„rinnr«< Peril., Mnlnv, 
PKOr>. "HPT. A. 

ft — Everyone — 



Already being used with sitccetts on the Htagc. Mr. Kllnworth \h the laowcll, Mann., CMl'l'EIl Corre- 
spondent. Therefore, you know It Is good. 



Another of Dm Which in Coming to ttto Kront. 

"ROUGH RIDER" (March and Two Step), 

Here It Is If you want Homcthlug good un<l lively. For late program ami 2c. xiatup will mall profci- 
blonal conies. No cards, 




Address, staling LOWKiT salary. I pay all. JNO. W. VOOKL, Owner uml Mgr. Route; lluntliigron, 
WcstVa-.AprlU; Parkcmburg, West Va., April 6; Slstorsvtiis, West Va., April D; U'lioolllig, West 
Vs., April 7; Htcubctivllle, Oliln, April it. 



Now Booking Vaudovllle for season HXW. Adilrows K. bTANI.KY, Li-hhcc antl Manager. 


First Class Vaudeville Acts of All Kinds. 

Also Piano Player, Violin Leader, Cornet Player and Trap Drummer. 


Booking opens May 21, closes Sept 17. All dates open. FRANK BCIIAIEITSIt, Frop. 


VAUD. Orchestra Leader VIOLIN 

Experienced, Reliable, large Rep. Music. Can furnish several good sen. 

Reliable Mgrs. plcaso state salary, etc., in flrst loiter. 




Twonty-llve Minute* of the and Mail Artistic 8leloht-ol-Hltid war 
presenled on any stage. All Agent.. Kollh'a, N. Y., March 19. 

EGAN'S BAND, of Delaware 


Superior Concert Rand for All or Part of (he Summer 

Arc lr> corrnpond with JOUR 8. KIWI, Wllmlnajtoa, Oaln. 

All eommanlcatlona r«anrdln« Sept. 10 or Inter abonld D, .rlrl re... cl to 

J. K. BI'ItKH, care of Kcltlr'e Hooting OOlcM, Br, Janice Bid. ., N. Y. City 


"Th» Amorl 


■ KVE1IY HEAR T." t 


rloan Chevalier" I 

SflllltKKT NrSR: FIB, CO., 
78 Auditorium BIdg., 

CHICAGO, 111. 


FltOM OniGIHAI, DKHIUXN, iriU.Oll «n,l »'.'J.^O. 

8cnrt fur hand colrrrcrl plnloH and incaHiircmcnt card, KtAUri. color prufurrcd. 

WOLFF, * CO., en Bllot »l., Boaton, Mnea, 


nOHKMANrlilll' UTAIIAKTKKII. Short Vamp nnrl «ta(. L..I. 

ttlwujH on liaarl. Mall onlrira flltcrl. Fit iruarnnti't'd. 

Tel. to* Mailliron Htiniiro. mkj Hixtli Avo., near 8lnt St., N. V. 



Walters, Bo 

lllrrb claee Oomcdy Acrotratlo Act. Addresa 

»rt», Molntyre. 


J. HENET EOWLET, *f£^2£&*& 



April 7. 



If you want to accumulate wealth quickly, start a penny arcade and 
amusement parlor. Edison Coin-Slot Machines fascinate and draw the 
crowd and the pennies. Run automatically by electricity. Write to us 
to-day for full information. 

64 Lakeside Avenue, Orange, N. J. 




All progressive cored makers use it — know all 
about it— can get it AT ONCE. 





The treatment of superfluous hair Is something that requircc the greatest 
nicety and care. X. BAZIN'S DEPILATORY POWDER Is the result of 
much study of the cause of and problem of destroying these growths with- 
out Injury to the surrounding skin or leaving a scar or the slightest deform- 
ation. X. BAZIN'S DEPILATORY POWDER Is absolutely safe and de- 
stroys the hair without pain, a simple, dainty way of effecting a cure. 
Sena to Department "C for our little pamphlet on the subject, "FOB 

hall *ft ni'CKEL. Proprietors and Manufacturers of SOZODONT, 
216 Washington Street, New York. 
For mle at all flrat class drug; store* or seat by mall In sealed 
pncknpres tor GOc. 

^Wijgts oriel Alolce T Jpss, 


Good Crppo Hair 
Wig, B logger 
Wnlsicera, Gauze 
Wax Nose, Grease 
Paint, H.OO. 

Tramp Wig 
Whiskers, Wax 
Hoie, Greaae 
Paint, Black 
Liner. Joining 
Paste, $1.00. 

Our medium price and cheap 
wigs are the neat ever offered 
for the price. Bend 4c. .tamp 
for Catalogue of Wlga and 
make Up Material, "The Art 
of Making Up*' free with 



Toledo, Ohio. 


Jew Wig Whla- 

kera.Cap, Large 
Diamond Stud, 
Grease Paint, 

Ganxe Waa 
None, $1*39. 

Old Darkey 

WI S» 
Burnt Cork and i 
Carmine, $1,00. 



31 W. 42d St., N. Y. City. 



Representing Hudson P. Rose Co. 

For particulars apply to 






Our Scent packages of Circus Pop Corn, liricks, neapolltans, cocoanut com crisps, long bars, pop 
corn kisses, crlspettc and candy packages arc quick sellers. You take no chances with our goods. 
They are tlio best on the market. Send for price llRt. 

WM. J. MADDEN & CO., 14-10 Dcibroases St., New York. 





Per Pound 

The E. Boecker Organ & Orchestrion Co. 

eBasafflBStsr"- new york city. 


Bonders of Organs and Orchestrions to order on plans and designs furnished to na. Also New 
Cylinder* sad Cardboard Musiomade to order for any instrument; latest and up-to-daw tunes. We 
import new and best makes of slightly used organs and orchestrions. 

A full line of Organs and Orchestrions of all sisas for Merry- Go-Rounds, 
Amusement Parks, Skating Rinks, Carnival Companies and Shows. 




401 Strand, Tjondon, W. C. 


PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISEMENTS. - - la. Od., Single Column Inch 


BLDQ., Whan advertisements will t>» recelvol Copies on. Me. 


Electric Bella from SI per doi. up. Large, variety to select Prom. Electric Jan 
75c. do..; Electric Insoles, B7Wc doe. pairs. Soap, 12.10 gross; Fine Medl 
cat Batteries. Send 7Gc for Sample No. la F. ll.,exp. prepaid. Latest oat One 

third cash required. Trial order will convince. Largest Manufacturers of Elec- 
tric Belts and Appliance. In B. B. A. Establlehid 1878. Lecture and price list 

"**• THE EUBCTB10 &PPUJJI0E Oft. Borllinton. Iin. 


hot, 1 


A positive Hit. 


See If you think lh. same. PROF. COPY. BEND STAMP. 

ONETIIREE MUSIC CO,, Tro.ller'. BuIkUhk, Cleveland, O. 

Uauacwlie and minstrel. 

Waltkb Post, of OradelL N. J., and Mrs. 
Lillian Serviss Forbes, of Etna, N. J., for 
many years a member of Jacobs A Lowery's 
Merry Maidens Co., were married by Rev. J. 
S. Vought, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, 
Weatwood, N. J., at the parsonage, on Bun- 
day afternoon, March 4, 

Litctjb Blossom, of Curtln and Blossom, 
writes that she Is the "Little Blossom" of 
the West She does not wish to be con- 
founded with Anamar Blossom, whose death 
wee announced In our columns last week. 

Cms. L. Hammond, of Gorton's Minstrels, 
was a Clippes caller March 26, and reports 
meeting with success. 

A copt of Raymond's Authentic Vaode- 
vti.i.E Dibjcctobt, for 1908, has Just readied 
this office. It presents many features of 
great Interest to the vaudeville performer, 
chief among which Is a list of vaudeville 
houses In America, with the names of mana- 
gers, description of the house, etc It also 
presents a list of Summer parks, vaudeville 
agents, and other valuable Information. The 
directory Is published In Chicago, and can 
be secured at $1 per copy. 

Chablss O. Cowixb and Dobothy Alden 
presented their rural sketch, "Jonathan's 
Courtship," with every evidence of complete 
success, at the Biiou Family Theatre, Wheel- 
ing, W. Vs.,, week of March 19. The press 
of that city spoke In the highest terms of 
the act, referring to It as "a rare treat," and 
speaking of the work of Mr. Cowles and Miss 
Alden as being "most artistic" 

Feed Hewitt, of the Two Hewitts, was 
severely Injured by an electric car In Denver, 
Colo., March 16, and Is at St. Luke's Hos- 
pital, that city. He was struck by a Seven* 
teenth Street car, and was knocked down 
and rendered unconscious, suffering several 
scalp wounds. Mr. Hewitt writes that he 
expects to be able to work In a few weeks. 
- Papinta, the mirror dancer, who has been 
touring South Africa, arrived In New York 
on March 25. She will start on a vaudeville 

The Phelps' have Just reached their home, 
to spend the Summer, after a successful trip 
— financially and a rustically— over the Em- 
pire circuit of California, and the Sullivan A 
Consldlne circuit of the Northwest 

The Knight Beos. write: "We wish to 
deny the rumor that Knight Bros, and Miss 
Sawtelle have separated. For several weeks 
Miss Sawtelle was laid up with a very sore 
ankle, while the brothers worked steadily, 
and the report, possibly, for this reason, 
gained circulation. We nave just concluded 
about seventy-five weeks In the vaudeville 
bouses of the Western Vaudeville Associa- 
tion, and are this week at the Temple, De- 
troit, with Keith's, Cleveland, to follow. 
These are return dates within five months, 
which prove the popularity of our twentieth 
century dancing act 

Madge Dattbll closed a very successful 
engagement over the Hodsles circuit, and has 
the J. E. Jackson circuit to follow. She re- 
ports meeting with success through the mid- 
dle West, and expects to return East Boon. 

Fred Bowman, banjolst, is playing clubs 
In Philadelphia, and Is not the one that was 
billed at the Grand Opera House, Peoria, III., 
week of March 19-24. 

The Hl-scal Bbinnans write: "We played 
Pastor's Theatre week of March 12, and our 
act met with favorable success, and Mr. Pas- 
tor has booked us for a return engagement In 
September. We played the Bon Ton, Phila- 
delphia, week of Msrch 19, and our act was 
one of the substantial hits of the bill at every 
performance, and we received some very 
nice notices from the Philadelphia papers. 
We will play the middle West this coming 
Summer, and return East in August, as we 
have been offered some good time for the 
Fall and Winter season In Eastern territory." 

Tbevelle, aerlallst, was Initiated Into 
Golden Gate Aerie, No. 61, F, 0. St., at San 
Francisco, Cat., March 12. 

Major O'Lacohlin played four weeks on 
the Sun circuit, and Is now In his third 
week on the Bijou circuit. 

The De lean os, handcuff experts, after 
playing a successful season in the West, open 
In Chicago the latter part of this month, and 
will then work East. 

Gbo. W. Leslie Is In his seventh week on 
the Sun 4 Murray circuit, and has been en- 

faged to play their new bouses at Lima and 
Iqua, O. 

the Olympic T heaths Co., of Buffalo, 
N. Y., was Incorporated March 16, with a 
capital of $250,000. The directors are: 
Timothy D. Sullivan, of New Tork City ; John 
J. Kennedy. Frank 8. Bapst, Henry P. Bur- 
gard and William ti. Klncn, of Buffalo : John 
W. Consldlne, of Seattle, Wash., and John J. 
Ryan, of Cincinnati. 

Grs Lxohabo returned from England 
March 24. 

D. H. AMD Masie Lamo write from Ha- 
vana, Cuba, as follows: "We have Just fin- 
ished one of the most pleasant engagements 
we ever made, at the Cafe Verledades, Ha- 
vana. We came for four weeks, and were 
given eight weeks before rehearsal. We are 
now playing a fonr weeks' engagement at 
the new Palatino Parana Vrvoll Teatro, the 
beautiful new Spanish theatre at the Havana 
Coney Island, a Summer and Winter pleasure 
park. Unfortunately the park is playing no 
free attractions, but our Influence with sev- 
eral prominent Cuban and Spanish politicians 
put us In the theatre. We are the only white 
American act over there, playing the vaude- 
ville bouses, and it has been one continual 
round of plensure for us. So far, salaries 
are not high, but the long engagements more 
than counteract that part we Boon bid fare- 
well to Cuba, as we open with the good old 
Wallace Shows at Peru, Ind., making ths 
second season for us." 

Al. G. Field Notes. — A Winter noted for 
Its mildness has passed. Spring, with all 
of her pleasing accessories was due, when, 
without warlnng. we were greeted with bliz- 
zards and anow drifts. For two aolld weeks 
It has snowed daily. Yesterday, Sunday, 18, 
Kansas City welcomed us at our opening with 
a bllcsard, while the storm tended to effect 
the opening business. Receipts under the 
circumstances, however, were satisfactory. 
Our season will be curtained Just one month, 
owing to the fact that our advertising matter 
baa run short. In other words, our agents 
have been too prodigal in the use of the bill- 
boards. The season will close the last of 
April Instead of the last of May. This Is 
an early date for the Field Minstrels to 
cIobc, but the early opening makes It a long 

Naqei. and Adams closed their sbow at 
Valley, Neb., March 17. Mr. Nagel will rest 
at Hot Springs, Ark., and Miss Adams will 
return to Baltimore, Md., where Mr. Adams 
will again join her and go Into vaudeville 
again. "We have," they write, "a new act 
which Is a hit Have played the Pacific 
coast with It for two years. Expect to reach 
New York about May 1." 

At Tire Gtmnahb Theatre, Montreal, 
Can., the show booked for week of March 19, 
after the first performance, was re-engaged 
for week of March 20. The programme In- 
cluded : Corrlgnn and Hayes, the Gordon 
Sisters, AL Burke, Miss Geolys, May Roslnla, 
Kitty Arthurs, and others. 

William A. Mack writes that be Is still 
meeting with success with the Metropolitan 

Mitchell and Cain report meeting with 
big success on the Orpheum circuit 

Tna MABNHLL8, song Illustrators and 
dancers, are still at the Phoenix Theatre, Co- 
lumbus, O., making tbelr sixth week. After 
a few more weeks In the West they go East 
for the Summer. They report meeting with 
great success wherever they play. 

Ms. and Mrs. Dailet, In Mr. Dalley't orig- 
inal act, entitled "A Night In Shanty town"' 
report big success through New York State, 
nnd are booked solid until September. 

sweet \ 

The Turkish word meaning 
strong " is applied only to the blend used 
in the Murad, and best describes its dis- 
tinctive quality- It* aroma is "sweet;" 
its flavor is "jull." Other Turkish cigar- 
ettes may offer one quality or the other, 
but no other cigarette so ideally combines 
smoothness with fragrance. The blend 
used in 


is preferred by the blending experts 
of Turkey — for its original and 
distinctive flavor and fragrance — 
for its soothing effect on a taste 
overtrained by continuous smoking of other 
blends. The Murad never tires; the 
Murad never irritates. 

10 for 15 cents 

Harby Bcbton, magician, writes : "I close 
my vaudeville season at the Bijou, Canton, 
0., March 31, and will return home to pre- 
pare for the opening of the Great Wallace 
Shows for the coming season. In 1907 I will 
produce something new In the way of magic 
and illusions." 

Geo. l. Gbboohy writes: "My Twentieth 
Century Vaudeville Stars and Moving Picture 
Show Is playing to big business down Bast. 
Managers pronounce It the most pleasing 
show they ever played, and are asking for 
return dates all along the line. The show 1b 
compoBed of the following well known per- 
formers : The Gregory Pantomime Troupe, In 
their laughing hit, 'A Clown's Confusion;' 
the Three Emeralds (Hess, Rich and Jor- 
dan), in their funny skit, 'Casey's Court- 
ship ■' Alice Arllne, coon shouter and illus- 
trated songs; Billy Hess, Irish and Dutch 
comedian ; Jules Mart Jnetti, acrobat, and 
the btograpn moving pictures. Next season I 
am going to put three moving picture shows 
on the road in the Eastern States, central 
New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio." 

Mud. Yve-tte Guilbebt will appear In 
some of the Proctor houses during an engage- 
ment of four weeks, opening at the Twenty- 
third Street theatre April 16. 

Abe Leavitt had a narrow escape from 
death by asphyxiation March 20. The gas 
stove In his room was left burning when he 
went to sleep, and during the night the 
light went out, and then ■ the gas escaped. 
He was unconscious when discovered early 
in the morning, snd it was some time before 
he was revived. 

Lionel Lawbbncb, while rehearsing a 
vaudeTill company, was stricken almost blind, 
but 1b now regaining his sight He 1b ex- 
pected to be all right In a short time 

Frank Wilson, buck and wing dancer. Is 
filling a two weeks' engagement at the Palace 
Theatre, Syracuse, N. Y. He has signed as 
stage manager with the Southern Octoroons 
B g Colored Company for next season, and 
will open with them Anrll 2. The company 
Is booked solid for the Summer Beason, In the 
best houses, we are Informed. 
.A?-. C Hays will close a successful season 
of thirty-two weeks April 7, with the Gus 
Sun Minstrels. He will take a two weeks' 
rest, and then go into vaudeville, being 
booked Boild for all next Summer. 

Gub Leonard writes: "After a very suc- 
ceaaful engagement on the Thomas Barras- 
ford tonr, have Blgned for thirty-three weeks' 
to tour England, Ireland, Scotland, France 
E £?.. Ge 2? any ' commencing Monday, Jan. 28, 
190.7. We sail for America March 14. Caron 
A«..5 ,rt * rt wlu eD J°y.. a trip across the 
Atlantic, as we are sailing on the same 

a 643 *£?_ "**«■ Martim write from 
? al * IfiS Sflfi SSr> BtBtin * th8 -t "ley naye 
Just finished playing the State of California, 
nnd are playing a return engagement on the 
Young ■circuit, Tn Utah Thev report Buccess 
with their new act, "The Limber Lady and 
the Lobster." * 

.#ir£SL^ H i^teTM«'«« the Ben 

bey Inform 
Joined tbe 

Pjisk iJmont, song illustrator, has Joined 
hand, wltn Minnie rftller, to do a society 
«^«ttu and will be known ss the MlllersT 

B. P. Pohbes aho win (the team ot 
Forbes and Forbes), black face elnge™" ha?e 

Frcdonla, N. Y ifr. Forbes has been en- 
paged se general manager for the Dsrlc snrt 
theatre at Point Oatrloit, Dnnklrf N V 
for the cotqlng Summer. 

nniSiii'VS; , H 5, BB8 „*'" > Miknis Hoiu, ••The 
Golden West Duo," report meeting with bl« 

;cfe c ^ a !. 1 ° k , ;^ h, s°*:' r ,,h ,nelr •"»» <*>*■ 

ff'SUf 1 ? 1 "' " n ? "'"SlwJ act. Marie Hobbs 
a receding ptalee for ier clerer child Imi- 
tation,. an3 the team Is booked solid throarh 
California until September. '"™uju 

n «"- M »«»»'i Co., and their act, Key Inform 
ua, met with Inatant favor. They Joined the 
company at Rutland, VL, March 12. 


T5ARTENDER cocktail 

cocktail — what's the difference? 

All the difference between haste and 
care — between guess and measure. 
"CLUB COCKTAILS are made to 
measure from the finest liquors and ageJ 
to connoisseurs' taste. 

Inaist on CLUB. 

Just strain through cracked ice and serve. 
Sevan varieties: Manhattan, Mar- 
tini, Vermouth, Whiskey, Holland 
Oln, Tom Gin and York— each one 
delicious— of all good dealer.. 

G. F. BEDBLEIM BROS., Sale Props. 
Hartford New York London 



"The Dainty Little Cike' 

A bdllJAnt, e.tremely r*pfri, Mif. iMtlnJI pal* 
for the f.nji tulli, wfib of without a buffer. "" 
dust, pemke, or neve. GiUannteed alunl- i"-v 
hiftnless. tipecli!:y fttiapteil for tni.rts' - 
Price iS ceat> pet bos. 

The booklet Well Kept NlJls Tree on req»r«- 
We wDl BEg lend sample* of four of BBrBB** 
curing ipedattles without charge. 

Sold hy all Ant-clan dealer) or 

Bki 1 - 

I Gl?e3lnsUnlHelltlan(IAbB0lutcl>Cures 
I Catarrh, Cold to the Bead, la Grippe, j 
i Dealness and ringing In the ears, r 

|! Soli byaHdrngKittsorbjmaitprtpild. 1 
1 F, C KEITH. Ptoo. Oevettod, Ohio. 9 

Ji-J lOyiafii! WciwAcbl i<i/i» 



the new. york: clipper. 


I9 6 


CftSATLY IMPROVED AND SIMPLIFIED. It Has Stood the Test for Years and has come to stay. Silence and Steadiness are Its Strongest Features 


THE CAY DECEIVERS, length 776ft S93.00 I THE HOLDUP OF THE LEADVILLE STAGE, length 700ft. • 884.00 

THE SERENADE, length 600ft. 60.00 I TRACKED BY BLOODHOUNDS, length 450ft. '• - 54.0O 

Theo» Film* Arm All Pmrfmo* In Detail and Steady. Ssnd for Oomplat* Oatalogua. 



M. BUOKWALTER, W.etorn Agont. Dorwor, Ool. 

■ OaYepport, — At the Burtis Opera Hou»e, 

"At tie Ccv)3 ^Eoads 1 ' appeared March 26, 

.^gtiT* ^Kwctlou Cnas. BarkeU).— Buti- 
M^coaunuea'a'ood. Kor April l and week: 
Th>' Torre Hylands, Lltlle Tudor. J. W. 
Ur8»?.- Coot and Oakes, Lena Kline and 
moving pictures. 

^iSir' (Direction H. F. Jarchow).— This 
layiile bouse Is located at 215 West 
d Street,- and In operated under a com* 
■lany. of which H. T. Proestjer Is president, 
li.-F. Jarchpw rice president and manager, 
W.-'J. Noth- secretary nod treasurer. This 
bulidlnB has. been remodeled, and renovated. 
It hi) a depth of ISO feet and a' width of 
,13' Jeer. Toe stage Is 22x33. The seatlnt* 
cipfccjty Is .800. Floor space, 100 feet tn 
•SjE Three perfonnancea dsily are slven, 
excfct Monday, on which day there 1b no 
jHBfc On- Sundays toere are four per- 
formances, 2.30 and 3.45 in the afternoon, 
«fd7T4o and 9.16 In the ■evening. Other 
Mysr tnatinee: at 3 o'clock. The prices are 
"Sh 20 cents. The * balcony will Beat 
%{ 300. The management baa fitted up 
j house with all modern conveniences, 
■rfldjog-the latest opera chain. The the- 
•9 .opened March If*, qnd the attendance 
i;«s that the seating; capacity Is too small. 
y thcftre Is nn the International circuit 
■vaudtTl-e theatres, and the prospects for 
i future are;verv brlghjt Indeed. " 

hold, Baader, Larells Trio, and the kino- 

Bijou- (Beaj. M. Stalnback, manager).— 
"Bunning for Office," last week, did o thriv- 
ing business, the theatre being crowded every 
performance. The Flaming Arrow" April 

GinfBT Bkothsss* Shows will exhibit 
here April 5, 3. 

KnoxVllle.— At Start's Theatre "(Frita 
SUub, manager) the Peyton Sisters opened 
a Ave nights' engagement March 28, to a 
capacity house. Business remained good. 
"The Isle of Spice" pleased a rood house 2". 
Alice Nellsou April 2, "The Old Homestead" 
S, local Elks' vaudeville 5, Lulu ataser 7. 

Note. — Barkout Carnival Co. April 2-7. 

«■ a 


Ida Qyren, Illustrated songs and rnovlnf pic- 

pffef- ", ; " • 

■C*B«r1«ldi. — At Greene's Opera House 

{Wilt; S. .Coiner, business manager) Abigail 
Price,* -Match 26, flplrltnallstlc Illusions. 
eraai'and his Band. 2tt. pleased. "Checkers," 
STr" played, to' capacity. "Hooligan's Troubles" 
AJuBCl, '^The. Clansman" 2, "The lrukeof Do* 
lutn'' 3, .West's Minstrels -4, "Man's Enemy" 
i5,'7»I.'.x>'.-10, "The Mayor of Toklo" 12, 
tufa?! moving pictures 14, 16. 
■ ■ - PIOftE's. i t'VIc Hugo, manager) vOood 
btlgrneaa -continues. BUI week of 2: Fltz- 
b4gh ! and B*i9i; Lee, Knox Bros., Tulsa, Geo. 
SStra,'Raj^V'."Fay and the blogrnpb. 

.NbvaS — 'X'b°. Russian drama, "Paul Ma- 
ioria.t'- was given Its first presentation March 
I'(r,wn. Bohemian language, by the C. S. P. 9. 
Dramatrc Society, In their hall, with Plrkel'j 
Oiefcutra. ......A new amusement park will 

be opened this, season by a local company. 
-• ->.■:-■**. • '• 1 : * — . 

Dbbnqne.— At the Grand Opera House 
■(Wltu-I. Bdebl, matured) Al. H. WUsoa 
TjIeiletV a 'top heavy bouse March 27. 
■"Bgypta," 20-31, b; locals, In aid of the 

flKpiB '.(Jake Rosenthal, manager), —Week 
ofCjjJ. fall hoUses, with : Conley and Klein, 
the, Okarai, Charley Banks, Klppy, Kathrya 
Ccftm'the Marco Twins and the klnodrome. 

'ifoTE 3 .—William T. Roefal, manager of the 
OtsTftd- Opera ' House, has tendered bis reslz- 
aatlnn.i'to take effect Jaly l. He has made 
so- mass 'for the future, and will spend the 
Suqrm'er reiiinjr on his farm near town. 

t.ari Dodge At the Midland (C F. Pt> 

fleritaiv ■ manfaer) "Cousin. - Kate" pleased 

SO. "The Little Outcast" 81. 

Ifrttty- f Louis A. Haavey, manager). — Bill 

Htti of April 1 : The Parrotts, Prince 

-efcMrs. 1 t* Brant, Alblons, llluatrated 

id the;' 

; jLyriCflcope. 

mfnivst; '(Albert C Smith, manager). 

•Fifty- sixta Regiment Band drew a big 

Mttfch 2.1 

'A-tMaxch 25 the Lyric Theatre In- 
d Sunday concerts, which should 
public favor, Judging from the first 

Sejqkuk — At the La Salle (Reeves ft 

...dR, managers) good business last week. 
»U! for week of April 2 : The Weavers, Mae 
, Klppy, and Alton Robertson. 
„.^E. — The Casino Theatre will be under 
the,ma,nagement of Beeves ft Dodge for the 
comlpjr Summer season, and will open about 
tas -middle of May, playing vaudeville and 


i i ♦ 

. ..oolivllle,— At Macauley's (J. T. Ma- 
catyey, manager) Thomas Jetferson was 
MfeNb March 26-28, in "Rip Van Winkle." 
■Onatsounc of severe throat trouble, Mr. Jef- 
ferson' nfas unable to give a performance 26, 
27 rf He recovered sufficiently to give two per- 
fgemiincea 28, at which the house was crowd- 
Mf- Mme. ManteLU followed 20-31. to ex- 
cellenX" patrouage. Henrietta Croaman April 
6.-T/. - ■ ■ 

iUso-Nic (C. A. Shaw, manager). — "Me, 
Him -and 1," last- week, proved a popular at- 
triliron, ' This closes the regular season. 
iPorweek Of 2, the Holden Stock Co., In "The 
Charley. Ball.' 1 This will be the initial per- 
formance, of the Summer stock company, of 
*o,MrtMhare-are fourteen people, headed by 

Ja^rtonoe .0 rat tan and Eva Taylor, under the 
Irecllon of Lawrence Barber, stage manager. 
. Av?X(jfl- (C. A. Shaw, manager).— Senna 
Hertpap. In "The Queen of the Convlcis," 
last .week, attracted good attendance. "Uay 
Nt^Jiirk" 2-7. 

HCo^iKGHAM (Whallen Bros., manager*). 
— .Watsop'p Orientals, last week, drew big 
bouses, Miner'* Americans 2-7. 

*fo?iib;s' (Win. Belcbmnn, mannger).— 
For" week of l: Meilvllle and Stetson, Billy 
Van,' .llorsky Uergere aDd company, Lucy 
scdf*ucf?r. the Musical Simpsons. Mme, Ko- 
Qtoo, Stella Lee, and the klnodrome. 

Nrxts. — James M. Hathaway, formerly 
with, \Tfc:te city, Chicago, has opened a 
Erefunlapd theatre here, giving continudu'* 
Ptnomooces dally, and Is meeting; withigood 

Padncah— At the Kentucky (Thoa. W. 

' eru, manager) the Rodney Stock Co., 
*o 26-21, bad fair business. Adelaide 
""ton April 3, Jas. O'Neill 0, Henrietta 


;■■ ■ i f . e 1 1 . 

roi- r. 


Vpbl«^-At the New Lyceum (Frank 

'• lfca«e} "Miss Dolly Dollars" packed 
lAuae March 28. 24. Lulu GLaser pro- 
, .. T F«cesslve merriment and the perform- 
S3» ttroughout pleased. Mme. Uantelll and 

Bras (J. Q. Appletoa, manager). — Bill for 
week of 2 : Creo, Bud Parnum Trio, Bailey 

and Pickett, Meyer and Mason, Corrlgaa and 
Hayes, Leonhardt, Gordon SLUers, and the 

■ — ■■a ■■■■■ ■!■ 

Wlnnip**.— at the Winnipeg (C. P. 

Walker, manager) 'The Isle of Solce," March 
'-ie-28. drew b'k business. "Vod'Ti 
31 L Blanche Walsh April 2-4. 

Habile.— At the Mobile (J. Tannrabatrm, 
manager) "The Old Homestead," March 27, 
wis very well patronized. Mme. Modieska, 
In "Macbeth," came 28, to fair audience. 
"Boater Brown" 20, 30, Grace George 31, 
Lulu Qlaaer April 2. 

Notes.— Jake Weils and lila syndicate have 
paid the purchase price for the Rapier home- 
stead, and Mr. Wells is expected daily with 
plana and specifications for bis new Bijou - 

Theatre Manager Neuhrik, of. the Lyric 

Theatre, now building, has announced the 
appointment of M. A. (Mike) McDermott, of 
this city, as treasurer of bis bouse. Mr. Mc- 
Dermott was for many years connected with 
the Mobile Theatre, and enjoys a wide ac- 
quaintance among the theatrical profession. 
This position will In no way Interfere with 
Mr. McDermott's duties as manager of the 
Monroe Park Summer Theatre. The Monroe 
Summer Theatre opens with repertory, prob- 
ably the last of April. The opera season will 

begin about the first week In June. 

Selble Brothers* Dog and Pony Shows came 
March 23, 24, three performances, to capacity 
business each performance. On their closing 
night they were forced to turn away hun- 
dreds. It Is probable that they will return 
here for another engagement In the near 

- ■— " •' ■' ■■ 

Montgomery,— -At the Montgomery The- 
atre (Hlrscher Bros., managers) Dockstader's 
Minstrels, March 24, pleased two packed 
houses. Marie Cahlll, la "Molly Moonshine." 
bad good returns 26. Mme. Uodjeska, In 
"Macbeth," 27, drew fair returns. "Buster 
Brown," 28, had two good houses. "The Old 
homestead 29, Grace George April 3, "The 
Maid and the Mummy" 6. This practically 
closes the season In this city. 

Nora — Jake Wells is building an up-to- 
date Summer theatre, that will be under the 
management of O. A. Seal. 
— — »•♦ 


Hot Sprang;*. — At the Auditorium (Blag- 
bam ft Head, managers) the Frank Dudley 
Stock Co. opened the second and closing week 
of their engagement March 26, to big busi- 
ness. James O'Neill April 4, lew Dock- 
itader's Minstrels 9, Henrietta Crosman 13. 

Majestic (Cbas. Clear, manager).— The 
bill last week opened to fine business. 
Bill week of 2: Ashley Miller and company, 
Chester, Barton and Rsnktn, Clara lless, 
Miller, the Les Roses, new illustrated songa 
and Majestoscope pictures. 

Little Rock. — At the Capital Theatre 
(Cbas. T. Taylor, manager) Tolson Stock 
Co. did good business March 20-31. Bls- 

8 mm musical April 4, Marie Cahlll 3, James 
I'Nelll 6, Dockstader's Minstrels 10. 
Nora — The Majestic opens on April 2. 

— «»«. 


Montreal. — At His Majesty's (B. Q. 

Brooks, manager) Ellis Jeffreys, la "The 
Fascinating Mr. Vanderveldt," played a suc- 
cessful week March 26-31. Ivette GnJttert 
April 2-7, "Woodland" fl-14. 

Academy of Music (Walter Greaves, man- s 
ager). — The Four Mortons, In "Breaking, Into 
Society," ptaved to big houses last week. 
Lottie Williams. In "Mt Tom-Boy Girl," 2-7; 
"Mr. Blarney from Ireiaud" 9-14. , 

Tqeatub fraxcais (V. W. Le Clair, man- 
ager). — "The Curse of Drink" was played 
to fair houses last week. "Why Girls Leave 
Home" 2-7, "Her Only Sin" 9-14. 

Theatre Royal (h. C. Egerton, mana- 
ger). — Williams' Ideal* bad a succession of 
crowded houses last week. Sam Devere'a 
Own Co. 2-7. May Howard's Co. 9-14. 

Thkatbr National Fbancais (G. Gan- 
vreau, manager). — The permanent French, 
Block company, la "The Silver King'' (In 
French), drew big business 26-31. ,T Marle- 
Jeanne" 2-7. 


mauagpr). — The permanent French stock 
compauv. In "I/Abbe Constantln," drew good 
bouses last week. "The Iron Master" (In 
French) 2-7. 

Gtmkasu (J. Bedard, manaxer). — Fair 
bouses were attracted In&l week, with the 
following bill: Roslnlu, May Josle Fox, Cor- 
rigitfl and Hayes, Al Burke, the Gordon Slav- 
ters. Miss Geolys, and Glanna Ganalla, 

Thkatre nit L'Odbon (Eden MnSee). — 
Prut. Staike- Hermann, Beene Louise and 
company continued to good business last 
wti'K, ml, and will continue, 

Notkh. — Mme. Albani and rompaoy were 

Seeted with a big- house March 26, at the 
onument National, and a return engage- 
ment has been arranged nt the Arena on 

April 4 The new Dominion Park will 

hare Its opening on May 19. 

Dominion (D, Douglas, manager) .—Bill 
for week of 2: Mylei McCarthy and com- 

eiay, Ferguson and Passmore, Dick Lynch, 
Hon antT Fields, sheck Bros., Howley and 
Leslie, and the klnodrome. 

Buou (Nash ft Borrows, proprietors). — 
Following for week of 2 : The Great Rapoll, 
Jeanette Lourelle, Lemont's dog, cat ana 
monkey show, Jennings and Jewell. Sautell, 
Qlanroy and Russell, and moving pictures. 

Uniqur (Nash ft Burrows, proprietors),— 
Oood attendance. Following for week of 2 : 
Root. Wlnchem, Bingham and Thornton, 
Waldo Whipple, and moving pictures. 

St. John.— At the Opera House (A O. 

Skinner, manager) the Myrkle-Uerder Stock 
Co. opened the second week of Its enxage- 
ment March 26, presenting a repertory, to 
big business. The company closes its engage- 
ment here April 7. Vltagraph Co. 9-1*. 

York. (B. J. Armstrong, manager). — "The 
Marriage of Kitty," March 28, 29, pleased. 
2he New York Opera Co. April 9-21. 

London. — At the Grand (J. E. Turtoo, 
manager) Eleanor Bobson, In "Snsan Id 
Search of a Husband," Marcli 26, had a 
very large house. Dustln Farnum, In '"ITje 
Virginian," 28, was well received. Albani 
30. Louis James April 2, "The Office Boy" A, 
"Fsblo Romanl" 6, Eills Jeffreys 7, 

Benithtt's (C. W. Bennett, manager). — 
Business continues satisfactory. Bill week 
of 2 : Patrice and company, Petchiug Bros,, 
Werden and Gladdlsb, Gordon Eldrld, and 
Elisabeth MUler. 



Milwmakee,— Cyril Scott, In 'Tire Prince 

Chap," at the Shubert, drew big. Manager 
Edwin Thauhouser announces "Fantana" for 
week of April S. 

Davidson (Sherman Brown, manager). — 
Herbert Kelcey ana Effle Shannon, In "The 
Lightning Conductor," March 26-28, and 
"The Little Gray Lady," 20-31, both drew 
clow to capacity. Sotbern and Marlowe April 
6-7. a S. Wlllard week of 9. 

AxHAUBBA. — Nat M. Wills made things 
lively last week, la "The Duke of Duiutb." 
Manager James A. HIgter offern Grapcwln 
and Ghance week of 1, with "Rufus Rastus" 
week of 8. 

Buoo OrxRA Hotisa (John R. Pleree, resi- 
dent manager).— Blctel, Watson and Wrotbe, 
In "Tom, Dick and Harry," week of 1, and 
"David Harum" 8-14. Last week "Queen of 
the Hlghblodera" attracted numbers. 

Pabst (Leon Wacbsner, manager). — The 
Wacbsner Co. will put on "Der Fall Clemeu- 
cecu" Sunday, 1. Mme. Johanna Gadnkl will 
give a song recital Q. 

Stab (F. R. Trottman, manager). — The 
California GirJn pleased last week. Tne 
Dainty Pan?e Burlesquers week of 1, Kay 
Foster Co. week of 8. 

Cbtstal (F. B. Winter, manager). — Mile. 
Martha Florrlae and her educated wild beasts 
are top 1 liners week of 2. Others: Blossom 
Robinson, llaywnrd, Conroy and 'Haywtrd, 
Jack King, Gil Brown, and Gaines and Dailv. 

Grand. — Manager Walter W. Gregg offera 
for week of 2 : Alice Alva, Qoeen and Koas, 
Lyster and Cooke, Ned West, Auer and De- 
onzo, and Tbelma De Vera. 

Notes.— The Shubert is catching on, and 
each engagement appears to swell the list of 

patrons Cyril Scott last week planted 

the Lawrence banner morn strongly at the 

top Hedwlg Berlnger, of the Waclisner 

Co., will celebrate her silver jubilee uh a 
member of the German players of Milwaukee. 
at the Pabst -Theatre, April 15. At the end 
of tbe season Miss Berlnger will lake a 

European trip with Mr*. Fred Pabst 

Edwin Thnnhouser will open his season of 
Btock productions, at the Sbubert, about 
April 16. 

p ■ ■ m i..! — ■ 

La Crease, — At the La Crosse Theatre 
<W. F. Gage, manager) "The Two Orpbans" 
drew a small houae March 26, owing to 
rainy weather. Al. H. Wllaon 20, HuroM 
Nelson Co. week of April 2, "The Madcap 
Princess" A L "The :sle of Spice" IT 

Traces*- *, ™rue .me or spice" io. 

Bijou.— Bill week of April 2: The Fonr 
Bragdons, Cbas. Morrell, Coyne and Tin! en, 
Chas. Heclow, and Harry WIImoL 

rjdpera company, 26. 27, came to fair bual- 

" '"The Maid and the Mummy." 28. at- 

I a good house. Marie Cahlll April 2, 

Toronto.— At the Princess <0. B. Snep- 
pard, manager) "11. M. S. Pinafore," under 
the ausplcea of the Argonaut Rowing Club, 
proved a great success March 26-28, and will 
be repeated. Eleanor ltobson 29-31, "Wood- 
land" April 2-7. _ _."„'• 

Gea»d Opeiia Hocss (A J. Small, mana- 

!er). — "The Office Boy" drew well lost week. 
nomas B. Shea 2-7. 
Majestic (A. J. Small, manager). — "Why 
GlrU Leave Home" bad good business last 
week. "Big Hearted Jim" 2-7. 

Shea's (J. Shea, manager) . — Card for 
week of 2 : The Broomstick Witches, Salerno, 
Three Madcaps, O'Brien and Buckley, Eva 
Weatcott, Tom Brown, Qulgley Bros., and 

Stab (F.'W. Stair, manager),— Tbe Merry 
Makers did good business last week. Wil- 
liams' Ideals 2-7. 


Ft. Wertti, — At Greenwall's Opera nous* 
(Phil W. Greenwnll, manager) "What Women 
Will Do" March 28, James O'Neill 29, Jewell 
Kelly Stock Co. April 2-7. 

Majestic (Chas, It. Fischer, manager). — 
A pleasing bill was offered week opening 
March 2«. which Included : Arthur Rleby, 
Lizzie Wilson. Count De Burs and Brother, 
Melville and Conway, Mack anil Elliott, Sing- 
er's Monkeys, and the Majestograph. Busi- 
ness continues heavy, 

Standard (Frank De Beqae, mannter).— 
Bob Hewlette offered "A Phlllplno rrTncesn" 
as a forerunner for a good bill week of 20. 
The olio: Phil and Ttarlma Klntuley, the De 
LoyR, Elliott Slaters, Vera Miller. Hill nod 
IMmonds. Baby Florence, F 8 y Delmar, Little 
Dot, Lulu Lawton, Debby Rlckllng. Ethel 
Russell, Pearl Gllmore. Lettle Colton, and 
Li/cie Baser. Business Is booming, 

Hotxand's (Geo. B. Holland, manager),— 
People week of 20: Hoey and Holland/Evelyn 
Blanche rd, Tessle Kmmons, Ed. Milter, Del 
Ray Sinters. Barlow, Clara Huntoon. Thos. 
Fay Jr., Nellie BIyr. Jake Rwartz and Lloyd 
Lamond. Business Is heavy. 

Sen Antonio. — At tbe Grand Opera 
Houae (Sid IT. Wels, manager) Jamea O'Neill. 
In "Monte Crlsto," Blarcb 23, 24, played to 
verv good buulness. "What Women Will Do" 
had a good huuae 25, 

Majbktic — Bill week _ 
Ameta. Lillian Chick, Pete Bai... 
and Backus, Warren and Broadway, Warner 
and Lakewood, and kluetograph. 

beglnnlug 25 
Baker, Mclntyre 

lalsoa S, Lew' Dackstader's Minstrels 

.„ (A, B. Mondaon, manager).— 

tiMorrir-n's offering Isst week was of 

standard and excellent attendance re- 

v jfis efforts. Fanny Rice beaded the 

Others were : Jas- F. Macdonald, Dlonne 

(-3. Frances Dooley and bis dsnelng 

' and Burke, BJiae and Gott- 

iiamllton. — At the Grand Opera Hoose 

(A. R. Loudon, manager) "Shadow* of a 
Great City," March W, with return 29, 
played to good sized houses. Eleanor Bobson, 
27, 28, had large and appreciative audience*. 
"The Virginian* 80, 31, T, VlrginIua" April a. 
Mme. Albani 4, Ellis Jeffreys 0. 6, "The 
Grafter" 7, "The Offlce Boy" 9, "A Bunch of 
Keys" 10, "Feblo Romanl" 12, "Checkers" 
(return) U, Black Parti* Troaoadows 1*. 

BAtoTga aho LsviNA writ* : "We opened on 
the Sullivan ft Consldlne circuit for ten 
weeks, at Helena, Moo., March 26. Our act 
went well from start to finish, and tbe 

Kpers Books of the act aa being one of tbe 
at magic acts ever seen la Helena. All the 
work we do In the act is original, and was 
put together by ourselves. We also do parody 
singing and burlesque magic, with tbe accent 
on burlesque. We will be in the East, after 

E laying our ten weeks, to go Into tbe best 
aeatres, belna booked there already by tta 


Experienced Repertoire People, All Lines, 

First class Director, with playt. Musicians for band and orchestra; Leader for twin. Man with pic- 
ture Mochlse; preference given to people doubling l>ra<* and doing specialties. State age, height, 
weight, lowest talary tor summer and next «oa*un in lint letter. Adurcn* 

JOHN H. ANDREW*, .Mgi., Oeiieral Delivery, Chicago, 111. 

ROY E. REtLLY, Musical Director, Piano. 

Sight Reader, transpose and arrange. Sober and reliable. 

■*Mako good" iinvwhero. Addre« 
t*AK\KKVlLLK, N, V. 

Wanted, Clever Artists, 

For Spring and Summer tour, opening in Philadelphia April 10. TALL ACTOR, capable* playing strong 
French Ui»lec[ Heavy Part. TALLJUVKSILR WOMAN, UUMKDIAN with Bpcpinlilc* (or tier man Dia- 
DR8 ACT. Salarlei coasliieot entire Summer neaRon. Address 

MiiR. Wll. l.HMLK, 1M4 Euclid Ave., Philadelphia, Pa, 

Dan RUSSELL, Blanche O'NEILL and Will GROSS, 


In stock at HOWARD toeat r.i:, OUlCAGO. Wilt accept offers for burlesque naxt, acason. , 



Two Exhibition* Dally at 9 and s I*. M. Doom 
Opea at l and : P. M. Kxtravaanntly pndorned by 
tbe pres.-i. Fntliuntaatically applauded by Hi» 

ficople. Crowded lo the very doors at every pt-r- 
ormance. lllppodi-oiuc, Mcnaiffrles, mu-^-mi;:-, 
jreaks, Trodigiett. TlUI'IiK (MKuL'M Willi :l clrmn 
conTpaidnM In S rlnt(M. All the .Alliaciioiin uu-! 
AfniaUouit un l.nnii north fXhlLlllnK- 'UN, 
LIMIT, autocar with l-'renoh ladv chafffur turn- 
ing a somei-Kantl In (.tin air. Tim fT.imou wpt-k 
pensatlon of (he world. THR IMP op oka ill, 
racing automoullo with American lady nc'Mipaut 
revolving and looping I'u' gnw. Tho *S,«w per 
week Mentation of tin* in PKACK, America'* 
Immortal Triumph. *r-0,uui) Alleirory with 40» 
Elegatitlv Cosiumr.'d People. :uio tlrcua l'prfonit- 
ersiindAreotc Aesabala, ltrgimcnta or Clowns, 
Sqimdroii- of Rider*, Troupes of Aerlulitu.Siic- 
oislt.-'t 1 ', Acrunaus AlhleiM, etc. Two uieiiugcrli-H 
of wild and tnUnud bessin. A veritable children'" 
Wondorland. The greatest *h»w on earth for Uu? 
smallest admission. Price SV'. to $l.W». Dux 
aests t^ to %2.t*>. Children half prlcA to oeai* 
from $1 upward. Buy at Uoi oalee only. Now 




EOET snd LEE. smirl and Keener, 

luuesn and Ityan, J. K. UiitcbinNon aud Co. 

BILLY LINK and GO., Special Feature. 

pongoand I.eo, Mr. and Mm. Nick Hiighen, Mr. 

snd Mr*. Jm'k, Texarkana and W'alby, Wlnan* 
sod Caller, Marry Le Vurdo, The Illttxlrator, Tlie 
Vllagraph. And an uri added attraction, 

Fred Hay and Company, 








Matlnu Saturday 2. 

(ath i 

Evening 8. IB. 

Dirla BeU, co preien u for tlie 'id jear IB N. T. 

WAnrltLU wwc master. 

THKATRE. I,.,. UU. Bat. at X 

luvni BKLAHOUprnaaia 

laa_,laiot'<l 17 


"TOK SIR!, Of 



V CcaSU 


Ot Hick CI«M V..apTill« T» i, 
U. UISTERKKI.D Jit., 1'ItUS. : 
All Affliction, fur Tine Mu«t be Addreuad 
t. C. B. IlItAY, DoaklQl Manager, 

Vajeatlc Tneatr. Bulldln, Eplcim, III. 

Wuber's "ff Museum 
lbjTUD, at all times LIV1NQ PKODIOIKo, 
TTalaad and rare anlmala, noveltiei of every de> 
acrtptteB for Ourto QaUs snd Theatre. Addreai 
J, Q. ANPERSOS, Xaaagsr, aa above. 



Ba routa with Hyde's Blue Ribtion Ulrla. 





SSth Bt., nc.r rhlrd ATI. 


Ka route win. iiiss nhw viihk Jit. uo. 


it IV 'llfh MT WWW \l\UV * 

47 W.'JSth ST., NEW YOKK. 

Cill Brown 

A Ml. Ilil. week. I1IKA THKATKK, nulikinh, Mh. 

Xlvl C H> ALVA 

"Till-: I.AI1V WITH Tilt; (.LAUIUNIX" 

NOVKI/I'V Ml -ill Al. AHTIBT. 

April '.', (iriuiil, Mllwitnlice, Wit. 


gelll WKBK WITH UIHKIl'B Am;itIOANfl._ 




J.- ivurkliiK tin-i wi'ck Willi Dim lialutv-l'aree llur- 

Ir-'uni- Co., at Hie Slur I iii-iii r", Mllwiiuktti* Win., 

Aud koIhMIL and mhs. mn 11,1,1:, 

ADGIE % Lions. 

Pr rniaiicnt mltlrefiri, L'lQ K, 47lli ST., N. r. 

..amkh-THE BRADYS- k "' 1 ' 

After u Hiicci.'t'sfiii vaaR M Pwior^, wo return 
la AIL W'tio'lH' Cfmi imny. 




black I'iiii' Talking anil Sinirinc 

Tfrm. iiildrrw ll i k KH3C1 11,1.1, AVK« Peoria, 111- 


If Fun oaed a ww aionuluciik, sosu mt 
HKKTCil, utnlhaviiTitiKl) IN VAIN, pHrlmim, u> 
Ml-;. I nilcfJiHiilr . wiu. ALiinvralo It will OUST 
mO NUTIHS'ri TOTIIV. If ynn Would llkn 
MiriploA of my work and full p:trtlcularH, writo 
tint, liiclo.Kliis fitninp. Vim lire iluallnu with a 
IlKIJAIlLK MANfMjdfil'KKlr-OHMiUL of Bflf Mi 
years' tx iieriirncf. iiAHItV liRAV, 706 Vine Hi., 
."Li ti.. ft. 


(>Wlll-r 1)11- (llli.T !>N-4lllt -It ilild rutlRt Mfll, ThlSlH 
ii rliuni'fi or >(Hir llfcrlmo ht nef:uro film nt I tin 
lioxt HiiuifDi'r i niiTiiflHi n iii N. K. Iiivi-Hliiruti: ink 
tn-forr- It h too lute. AddriiHH 
A. I,. 1IDMAKI), .Vatnrloivn.Ma-tn. 

Harry Thomson, 


Ut tl.llEUT HT- Brook l>n, X. T. 

TIm IrWoerallo Tram? Jnggltr. 
III! WMI opea. Addiaaa roHTLAno, ra. 


Wutitw Qvulolc, 

fur raanrtsira, L'laiiliifr Wnntuii, nRwailBi Man, 
M:m fnr (ii'ii. Hi i -.. I'htiMr I'lMyi-r, for Hprlnff and 
Siiiiiiiht eiiftiaKcnieriL. Hlato nil tlrnMctier. Mind. 
Join on wire rrefsrenco (tlvi-n tinwit rtuiiiif 

-ipl-rlJilUfJ. AtMTfM 

MUlt. HA11SAH1) HTOC'K CO.. Karniliifftnn, N, II 

II ll'Tl/ii A Ta*I>V *PAHT\KH fo7«ii 

ff ill ll.ll«>ewi*i)irlu cnuirdy nfccuili; iimii. 
nii.v auv U( . a u , Hlii m(k ,. r IUJ)( lUf Mttut , 

urrnhiiti.: work: Kirliilv bn-lrn's-, AddrrH* W. ,\.. 

wre of TANNKIt.V *'()„ an W. Kdli Hi. N. V.J.'llv. 


i "a« mini a i, c ,„u rill |,„i nl i,,i niomni.., 
corjo. rireat atlraclloii for hIkiw-h; h./ 
loputupjiaw. o. SAUK, » E. ntu su, New rori. 

..;-y ;: 






NOTBS MMM llA/lJCNKHrt £ ' F«X*H " ST'S- 

Mnn.s, — Wo opi-iiert the VnwMiih art. 
1ft. Ill ronnxrlvimln. nnd linvo toured yblo, 
West Virgil In. Kentucky, Tenuciwee, 311**- 
stppl. Arhtttr-'iiH nlnl Jllwoitrt, tt»(] linvo only 
played fo two losing <di*mln- mn» ut Kenton, 
Tfeufi:. nnd Uv ..flier at llrliikb-y. Ark. We 
iiave mnnd big lilii* everywhere, and 11 re 
lio'ikcd over Hw» wmie riiitfe Wtt'MtwiK 
Onlv.iwo .-bungeM wn made amontr tin) per- 
Mim and HlHtmiKt. At Newport. Ark., 

on. Kelt. I. Arflnir Jemme 11 ml \enifl I-al- 
words. Ibc (cum orncrobnlw (Jernim- mill I'd- 
wards). Eiti/1 Hi.' leader of .Mir -Kf.-.'ii piece 
ituiHl, 1'ilwlu Slow. iron lufliU 1 "-'uglc*. At 
prewmt iwexv iiifinlii-r «f llu- i-oinpitny Ih h.i 
Knitle. »> will duna mr irtraMi Winter 
/citton ut Wl.kiilffe. Ky.. April U. The tym- 
pany win th"ii icuvu fwr winter mutton nt 
Grout. Vo.. where we will open, udder wmriw, 
May.?,. Our Mfl. private sleeping und dining 
ear la, now- being JaUered nml ilewjrnleA nud 
grained In linni <>nk ohlnr Inside. Tbo fn> 
tifHlilnj? will be nil new, uinl we will bnvc a 
palace oil wheels (fib season, ami accommo- 
dations will be nbove the average Oar toil Is 
n 70ft. round lop, with two :iOft. middle 
jIcccs. Our stage In :t4x2n, mid weencry 
Brand now, now tiuder construction by Hoh- 
mau A Landfs. We nre Nti-ulnlug every uervo 
lu- make UjIh organization tbc must uiuni' 
uioih and newt minstrel *bow uuder ranvun. 
Our bind will coualut of twenty, and dttt or- 
cltestnt of twelve pieces. Our electrician Is 
busy .trepurlug the electrical appliance* for 
tile HUmlnatlon of the mammoth canvas. 
We wit: play our usual route through the 
inlnlug towns of Pennsylvania. IHOVfb the 
Western part. If the mlnerw strike we will 
plat MUmlgan. Hosier (which will bo Tn- 
■•fcased before May H) : Hey U. Fox. proprie- 
tor and manager; Mrs. Hoy B. Fox. Baby 
irebe Vox, Frank Hnrknewt. Jerotue nud Ed- 
wards, equilibrists. In advanced leswus oil 
phvuleal culture: tlie Conkllog faulty of ac- 
robats, (.even In number: Bret Blinnhlln. con- 
tortionist: Francis Ooble. wire and juggling; 
Jerry Crnwthcr. Chtft Hudson. Jacobus Ley- 
ten}. Frank Marvin. C. H. Burnett, Howard 
lletr. Jiimex Hunter. Lincoln McCorkell, and 
Itdwln It. Moore, with Ms band and orcbes- 
tra."flie advance will be under the uuper- 
tIaIoh of Willis Monroe, with three asslut* 
tuitc, Tub cumi! 1b always a wulcomo 

J. A. Noucaoss writes: "Tlie Red Uayen 
Cadet tilrls liave made u Sunday nlgbl con- 
cert record In Boston, Mnt^.. Hy ulnylng hIx 
tlicatreH on three consecutlvo Sundays. Tlila 
is the first time n tllg act ltus been repeated 
lu consecutive 1 order, and speaks well for the 
Hcd Huven Cadet net. Sunday, March D, for 
W. J. Tucker, tpo cadets pUy.-d tin- tlloho 
and Maicstlc thenlies: Sunday. Mhrcli XV, Boston apd Colnmhlu tltentriw: Suudnv, 
nrni 18, repeated nt Boston and Coiumblu 
tboalreF. Tlie nrt Is new hi line shape uud Is 
Looked up solid." 

Notuh most At.. KWVGI^ Bin Bb.*c;ty Snow. 
—We nre on our return to the Ki'.Ht, after 
tUe-most succtwful Western fugageinent tills 
fobpanv nns ever tnude. Drofie all records 
ibta B«usop ; nt ererj- theatre w.- played, und 
rwufwl mort press notices lhan any bur- 
lesmio slldW ever But. Mr. Beeves OT» <■'"■ 
pH a stroug nllo for next season* and will 
present a mtvelly In Ijiirlesout' tbut wit) b»- it 
M'Ufca-tlou In tlilH class of suowk: It will bo 
anaounced shortly . Hiiuic of flit* ucIm eiwAgod 
for' next seuflon are : The Mix Kwhpmti Stars, 
■Uily, acrobats; Hilton nnd Zvpb, sULcr net; 
Miss Almedu Fowler. U10 Soutjiern beauly; 
porn Itonco. tally violinist : Marlon \bse, 
j-hilbreUo : Carroll Tetrcy, bnllndlst. nnd. J. 
Twjf. Miirphr. p-'lnuipnl eomrtlluu. 'J lie ttrst 
Pfirt and burfonw are all reody to produre, 
ftnU.wlll be AtHged by Al. Iteevus and J. Then, 
Murphy. Wi> will close tbls seusou .lune 'J, 
ntid open early In August, t.u Hie Lust ern 
Uurlcuntic AVheel clirnlf. 

Xo'JKfi fHNSr UK ItVK B«0«.' lOKAL MtN- 

STHKI.S.— Wo are now In onr Uilrty -seventh 
week of eontbniiiUK prosiierlty. and In « 
-.-ouutry where. Wlnler Is In full blast. But 
neither Ihe weather nor T.ent seem to linrt 
ua at alt. as w« hi 111 keep up our record 
breaking business. Wi> pluycd Butlnnd, Vt., 
reiebtly. In i-dpiu-lly business, with u ter- 
rible blizzard, ayulnst us. but Monuj 9 'cr Boyle 
had o^surcil bis pnlrous u Hue eutertain- 
ineut. and Ihcy turned nut as they did In 
all of tho lowuri 011 Mr. Boyle's clreiilt. The 
gboet walks regtiliirly every week, and. of 
<*oiirse. Is n welcome visitor, ns Is also Tun 
, Oil' Bkliau-k, w'hleh conies every Friday. 
' Mn. .\ni> Miw. J. Sm'ou, while on their way 
KaNr, ^topped over In KonVer. Colo., to visit 
iluHr friends, Mr. and Mrs. I>ou MeOrecvy, 
who ure ou Hwlr chicken farm, eight miles 
west of lK'nvvr. Mr. Swor nnd wife will 
slop over In Chicago, to visit there." 

Ani.iKGTps ani> IIei.stos write : "We have 
Inst closed a very successful eiiL'upMUL'Ut ou 
the interstate circuit, nt Ft; Worth, Tex., 
uud were last week the guests of our sister 
and brother-in-law, Sir. und Mrs. John. B. 
Wills, who wow ptuylng that city. It proved 
'liillu a reunion fur the Sisters llelston, It 
iH-lng their titttt meetliig In four years. We 
are coming Ktist n> 1111 some very line offers. 
tiussle Hclstou 1ms the distinction of being 
the llrst ludy who ever received a bouguct 
over the fisftllghts at tho Majestic Theatre, 
San Antonio. 1VV 

Pop Fniin. of the Ford Family. Is now 
umpnylng the new Hotel Davis, In I'bllu- 

ClHtUM ami Fona, contortionists and 
cunlllbristt, played Wheeling, W. Vn., and 
tllehtuund. Va„ recently, on the Sun circuit, 
and the* -report great success wllli their act. 
Thi'v buve other good work booked to follow. 

Tin: Cvci.ixu, Mii,i.Aun Biiotiikiis, who 
buve been featured with the Fenberg Stock 
Co.. close their engagement April T. and re- 
nder vaudeville, opening at KetiuoyV, Brook- 
lyn. N. V.. April !». 

it.mioNi), duticlng pianist Jolucd tlie Ken- 
nedy Comedy Co., nt tJlons Fulls, N. Y., and 
repurts iiutklug a blgldt. 

AkviR ixm KvSKcy report meeting with 
big success with the Wm. H. West Minstrels. 

Tun Downy both 1 
wood. Fox. Faulkner and 
ttilrly-secoud week with Clark's Uiinu way 


filrla Co., und report making their usual big 
bit. They will play the Orpheuui circuit of 
parks Ihe conilng* Summer, after whtuh they 
rejoin Mr. Clark, for Ihe wjunon of 10tkJ-t>7. 

Ciiah. K. Rnouti. of Itcded und Huriley. 
was rcoeuHy mudc u nivmlx'r uf the Fraternal 
Urder of Eagles. Oniuhu Aerle. No. 38. Tliu 
team report lilg succcbs with Its act, entitled 
"Lit Forle," the ineclmnlcal soldier. ami iittAci: KimiY are tnkluc n short 
vucuilou nt Ivlnoni. Ind. Alvlu Itar. just 
rlusi'd ■ successful twelve weeks' enguiremeni 
with the Wood Fnmlly of Entertiilncrs, und 
tlntcc hits Just completed a thorough course 
la vocal and pluuo tnnslc. They nre getting 
rtudv for their Summer engagement, begin- 
ning nbout ilie middle 'if April. 

HuLHt.iN and Hotm joined Hie Cfillforula 
tilrls Kxlruvogttnzn Co.. <«eo. Turuer, niuuu- 
*rf, lu Boston. Mass.. Feb. .*.. for tho rest of 
tbc >cuhoi). They arc but It pluylng inv>)nluent 
parts and I'loHing Ihe olio with tbclr sue- 
daily, wlib'li Is report ed to bo going big. 

.Ikmsiii I.aku wrlt.'ri: "I am not deuil. nv 
n-|sjrUHi. but am filling an cu;nitccui-nil ihln 
st'iiijon us mnslcul director nl the Vuudcltv 
1 hcutre. CMeugo, III." 

Al. BmtKt:. roller Nkntcr. writes: "My new 
M-t is meeting wlib itw best of suueess In 
Conudii. After the first iierfunaaute I wus 
signed to pluy trkibuu-r I'tirk. Montreu), Snu- 
■luy 'jf'ri-li'joii nml lllcbt. and lield u» there 
for nuotber weak. umUlug three weeks In nil." 

MankviW'U anp llAiMcv write: "We are 
In our third week 011 , tlie Consolidated Mnu- 
igora' circuit, und our Irlt-b ucr Is going 
r.rcut. Wr an* bowed colld uutll June 1, 
rrb*u we expect lo play ysrks." 

Bern u& itKii-iirA llriiir. of the Dainty 
Faree Co.. write: "Wo COratntUd WW first 
wddlut< untiiv.jt'sai-y nt rinind itapfdd, MMi.. 
Miu-clt H2i and jfnve it- ban.piet to tbc fiiein- 
Men of the pMBly Fnj'fe'cb. CovnM^mM 
Ittlil for ihlrty-OVttr, arid a grntiij tlwc ft'fla 
had. Mirl-Hf«M Vj.t ■ Hirer -fdotnt^rH frotil 
iMnldflopar it. -tin* Amir. Iwh 9tt0u& 
RwV#.' ir. Ritmcli, out worthy 'watingnti 
nitd his dniijjRter, MaM BnmosT ■■Frank 
Mltcheir, ftnr Tiratfc tsa&keri Alice Wltlntd 
(Mti?. Frank MltctnMlh WvlUe nuil Frank. 
Mr*. Clins. OrVlfli% Billy c»"Mk, Fowlcv nlui 
Dunn, Mlb) lliigg 1 ' and wife, Wesf and 
Mughes, t».H>r(t»- Mai-Ui-v. l.awreiicit Knrle, 
Tnmfr liynn, Illiriy Y.uuVw, SIrtrlrtW HUlitrn, 
[tall Hlslefs. ih>n!i;H Hlsierx, Kmllv. ODlMni, 
Itosit MiO. Mnyiiie Moor". Atlco H.m:ird, 
Minnie Wlt?«n, Kmi l^lwanU. and otcli^ittra 
of SmlHiV Ofsu'ii n.ncc. The il.vr>rntl.>iis 
wl'' 1 b' ii'ii't'iil, and we had musk, songs ;nd 
tiostH by Fnuk Mltehull. • Frank Fowley, 
llllly -Cook and Frank Orvllle. Mauag.T 
llotucH pr.;po?t*d n toast to rts standing, 
which was responded to brlelly by Bob Hyde. 
All vote*) It a grand success, and departed 
wltli well WNbta 'to Mr. and Sirs.- Hyde, 
Many benutlfiil preronls were given by mem* 
bern of the company," 

f I'lt.'.n.An anp JXiuuLAs. comedy ocrobats, 
recently llnlslied fourteen weeks for the 
Western Vaudeville Managers' Association, 
nnd their act has been u great success, and 
was featured r.n nil bills where tnev worked. 
Kliner K. Uutiglas Joined iv-orJa Xodgc bf 
T. M. A., while playing the Mala street 
Theatre In that city. They have some good 
work booked lu the Summer parks for the 
Amuvement Hooking Association, of Chicago, 
under tin* inauoguinent of ,T. F. McQt'all. 

cui-'j-'jiiij .1M1 Km>Y announce that their 
new let, entitled "An Old Maid's Wish," Is 
meeting wltli sttrcL'SK, nnd thev arc'booked 
solid until June, when they expect to ar- 
rive lit New York, This in their second sen- 
sou ont w.-st, nnd hare lost only nine weeks 
In f hat time. 

Max Witt's Six Sophomores axd a 
FiifcijliUAX, with Eddie Hume und six cirls, 
oneiusl at Bockstader's, WHuluglda. Del;, 
March 'M. and are booked ut the Boric The- 
ntre, Yonkers. April 2, with Atlantic City to 
follow. Their booking agent in David II. 
KulLti. The inuBlchas ma written by Mar 
H. Witt, wlio Is also traveling with the net. 
nnd Is conducting the otchestra personally. 
This net la hblng featured wherever It in 
booked. It la said to contolu bright and 

catchy Hues, coiiK-dy, pretty music, uud the 
ytuclny bus bech done by Jui " " 
book tn by Chus. Hbrwlts. 

Hilln MAhioN XmitJi, "YeOlde Fashioned 
fflrl," after u three months' trip thrmiffb. 
Ohio, has Korii; to Chicago. III. Iter unique 
musical act hns been well received. 

aiit'ivu Mann, known ns the upside down 
plnuo player, rnporfs great sarcesn with 
;Juf Miller & Mav Conicily Co. Business Is 
good and nil Is well. Mr. Miinn has it contract 
tor DrcQfnlnnd, Couey -Island, X, Y.,for*tbo 
cotnluj; Hutiitucr, to piny at "Midget City. 1 ' 

TIM ItoilKltTR l-'OL'R, who ruefully JluUued 
one hundred and nine weeks of cousecntlve 
work In the VHUdeviilc houses of the middle 
and Far West, are booked up solid 'till July 
1. After a rucatlon on Long Island, during 
Ihe Summer, they open on the Keith circuit 
next season. nYIille making tbo Jutopfrotn 
Untie, Mbut.. to Denver, Colo., they narrowly 
escaped the terrible wreck on the lilo Urande 
It. It., In. which a OrarQ «f persons were ktlleil, 
their train being the one tliut should have 
met ilie in fati.-d one. but wasdelaycd. vc- 
.lAiipfj K. Hkniiv has resigned as huslaess 
rnuiingi'r of the Fatnllv Tlietttro. at Mllltlllc, 
X.J. Dorothy D. Yiftiug and Jumea.Contln 
nlso left, and tliey, with Mr. lieu ry, will re- 
turn 10 vaudeville with n new truvftty, 
comedy .nnd singing net.' and wilt bo known 
us lleury, Young and Coullu. . 

Hi:m!V ilKitntn, comedian, will close with 
"Tracked Around the World'* Co., week of 
April J, and wljl re-enter ■vaudeville Sunday, 
8, ut the American Theatre; New York Oily. 
Mr. Frey Iihs been re-cucaged for next Sen- 
son, lo IV reatilr.<U bv AT. TI. Woods, in one 
of hh new uttniet toils. .• > ' 

-, Tun Piamonu com my Foun played tno 
Internutlonal Thonfre, Milwaukee, week of 
March -<i. They recently relurned from the 
coast, where tlicy had a very* good time, uud 
only luld off throe weeks fn- a year. The 
qnurletlo eonslHts of T. J. Finn, first tenor; 
B. C. I^oos. second tenor; Chris Hunustm, 
burltone: II. V. Hllglrt, buss. 

Hanev anu IIa.ncy, who receutly closed 
eight wvekts with tlie "Troubles of tilght 
Twins" Co., huve signed with fc>. U. Jolliirc's 
"Bright Lights" Co., for the coming Summer 
seasuu. . ,i - 

Dan Vesta, since his arrival In this coun- 
try, Jan. -L\ from Mexico and Cuba, where 
he spent thirteen mouths with the Garcluctfl 
fdmlly of acrobats. "lias joined hands with 
Jack AVentwortb. Vesta brought from Mexico 
a small UTck dog. which they aro how using 
la their act. This act will soon bo seen lu 
New York City. 

MAtmnt lictiLNK Adams, of the Alpha Trio, 
who has been 111. had an ouerutlou performed 
on his neck for uu ubscess, but Is Improving, 
and will soon be ready for work again. The 
team wus compelled to euueel two weeks' 
work ou account of his Uluess, aud Is laying 
off hi Iiowell. 

Thank ax» HowAitu, the Ocrmuu baron aud 
the cowboy, uud Lauru Crelghtou, have slgund 
with Chns. to. 'J'nylor. nittnagvi* of T, W. 
IHuklus' Alcnzur Beauties, Tor the rest of the 
M'dMUi. This gives the Alcuzuvs eight acts 
lu the olio. 

Clabk anu Franklin, after pluylng tho 
Gus tian circuit, will Join hands with Joseph 
Hearu, making u three high class com*-dy 
musical act, and will he known as the Three 
Accidentals (Hcaru, Clark and Franklin). 
They will play a number of parks next Hum- 
mer, uud contemplate going to Kurope. 

i,i//ij: B. n.wMDND, who has returned 
from a foreign tour, has leased Cameron cot- 
titgc. at Ml. Clemeus, Mich., mid will cater 
10 the wauiu of actor folk. Miss llayiuond 
Is linvlug tlie cottage, which hus long Men 
the lioutu of theatrical people, thoroughly 

Dick Fukguhun and Ouacu F.hjsmoiik 
hare been relcai&d from eight weeks of 
I In;! r On>licum time, which Included Sou 
Francisco und Lus Augelcs. as limy huvo 
signed to «o with u combliuitron next season. 

Aua^is akd Mack recently mude their 
New York City opening ut the New York 
Tltrnlre »n'd Amevlcau Theutrc, ou .Sunday 
night, aud were very successful, having 
booked several weeks on the Keith circuit, 
and ulso seven aolld months on tbc 8ulltvau- 
Coiihldlno circuit. They aro now booked up 
till next November. 

Tin; Font Shannons, America's juvenile 
hurmouy singers uud dancers, appeared at 
Dock sin tier's Gurrtck llieairc, Wilmington, 
Del., March 1'.'. to big Buccestt. They write 
that tier opened ou the Monurt circuit 
March .10, muklug tbe biggest success of 
uuy act. On the opculug week, at Mabuuoy 
City, 1'j.. Mr. Moxart extended their time 
of three weeks to six weeks, 

llARitit: It. rtiincf. manager or MJsa New 
York .Ir, Biirlesuue Co.. Informs Ut* that lie Is 
lu bis twcnty-unith week of otic of tbe most 
Kucces.sfal Hcasoux (hut lie hus ever had.' ■ ■ 

BtwiB liouuwiN, the Tcunos^ee coou shout< 
er, Is iin".'iliiif wlib sutress with Clark's Unit- 
awny ulrls obow, Her net Is one of the olio 

M11. (Iiioitui*. the old .lime minstrel, who Js 
reftirulug lo sliuiv business again, after muuy 
years' abseucc t la now la purtueYsmp wltu 
vlug pictures and lllus- 

C, IT. i« fcu-merly Frank . C. Smltb, 
of Wcnpan attuV Prank, writes: "I have just 
MUM from nr/ .VI wet, .« Boer fame, the 
blah school nnd fiicdaac act Jiorse, Lpluttbus. 
T liavo seemed MUo. HomrnerTtlie, ftrCatl- 
(ofiflfti to rltle lillfl. aml-ffJU Isiok them- In 
Vfliii|eville and circus, Tts welt Aw wit rlftn-and 
other acts that 1 have under iiiy.lcgnrnfltne, 
C. 'F. RiwyV**- ' V- -*•', * 

Itr..\i:rt .\su Bfivvnns wrlle: "Our busmesR 
is :i[ the top notclr/urs ushai. All well and. 

Jnfc* Wti.suN, advance neeot ..f 11. J. My- 
ers' 1 M'ovlug ;f'|ptrtrc und \ amlovlllo OK« 
writes i "Our eoiJf.auy Is doing tide, had \\ II- 
Iliird.H. Wfcber, ihe drtubte Voice vo.uilt»t ( U 
snrnrislng them nil In his new net nnd illus- 
trated songs. \fe are switching our rmite 
Into MnrylHUd. ns tile mtiuaKers fn.tlihl Rm 
hnve Iweu writing for our company, which 
la til' to the strtddnfd. All arc hitpuv when 
tXfmn dhy cotncF. We are making or- 
rnngenients for our tenting season. The coin- 
pahy (i wlll ho gifeUUy ontarged for the Sum- 

Thii ClCUJn Kanobas, knockabout comedy 
•cyclists, have dene away with tbc trntnp 
character, and hnvo substituted a dog far 
the comedy part of the act. which they claim 
In much funnier. The act Is at present In Ha 
thirty- fourth week as special vaudeville feat- 
ure with tbo Dot Karroll Co. 

Hooney and FonuKSTKit are In their fourth 
week on the HuUlvan-ConsIdlne circuit, apd 
report niaklug good. They are ou their way 
tt> tho coast. , . 

Mas'itu Nkwton Sue. male soprano, with 
John W. Vogel's Minstrels, has been In New 
York, ou the sick Hat, for the past week, 

FoiTHn and Harms were compelled to 
cancel two weeks of the Bijou circuit to 
Jump to Chicago, In order to secure a re- 
lease from their contracts with the Western 
Vaudeville Malingers' Association, for the 
Kohl * Castle circuit. They did this 00 ac- 
count of the early opening of tlie Curt ITn- 
goaheck Circus, with which organization tho 
tentn go for tbe Summer soason. 

Wavni: La Mab wrltca: "I have Just re- 
turned from the West, where I had a run of 
fourteen months, and In that time lost only 
three weeks' time, thanks to Mr. Cousldlne. 
My net was a tremendous hit on every bill: 
I will stay East for the Summer." 

TilK Dk Vbau Twins have Joined "The 
Old Clothes Man" Co. for the rent of the 
season. They report making n tremendous 
hit and respond to many encores nightly. 

Tub Bijou Comhdy Foen, after playing 
thirty weeks with the Sam Devere Co., closed 
la'Bronklyn. March 24. as they have an offer 
to go In vaudeville. They will lay off for. 
one week to takea rest, and will then Blurt 
In to pluy dates, They ore booked up to 
Mav 27. aud ttieu open the Summer season 
with their minstrel show, opening' at 
Bnvonne. N. J.. May -t*. for two- weeks, with 
elKht weeks of park work tp follow. They 
:wlll carry ten people, and will have one of 
Hie. beet minstrel, companies In the parks this 
season. .. . 

Ciias. anu J.vr Aiicaun, cotnedy unlcycllsts 
ami bicyclists, have formed n-\ partnership 
with B«i .Beyer, bicyclist, w'jo has been In 
Hie Wlist for the lust- llvo years; Tbe act 
will ho known n« the Aheam-Beycr Trio. 

Jim GiuijQX and vfiru (Hlbson and NasJii 
have secured a penhauent. engagement nt 
the BIJ011 Theatre, imvenport, lu., to do 
their vaudeville acts and -put ou, comedies. 
Mr. Gibson will also hare the management 
of the tliRatre.. ', ; ■■ ■-. ,<P- 

.TMK'Hhi)p»r Trto write: "We nre to our 
eighth week for the Western Vaudeville As- 
t>-(iclut)on, -being, booked, solid .In- the: middle 
West lo Mav. 3V. We open ou' the I'llmmer 
park circuit, In the East enrly In.June.; Svw 
nave In preparation an ^original comedy 
sketch, written' by well knowii' playwright, 
which we will produce In the leattlng-vunUe- 
vil'e hopses iiest season. , Youny Stanley wJl 
be featured In this act". .;, , t '-. ■ 

Joiix am" Alkt McDowull are back lu 
vajlttovlllc. They opened at the Bijou, Wheel- 
ing W. Va.. March 11), and met with success. 
Tlicy ,plfiy the- v Phillips Theatro,' Richmond, 
Intl., week of Murch m. 

TiikWit-mams Duo. asplsted by It. C. Day, 
presented their electric noA-clty musical net, 
lutroduclug their electric .fountain; twice 
ilnll.v at Keith's Theatre, Philadelphia, week 
of March 10. ' ' . • 

Tim T.\ VAir.s write from England that 
Hn'v buve bf-cn topping Ihe hills for the past 
five months lu that country with their aerial 
act. ... 

MAirrYNR and Hardy have just finished 
five 'suoctMHful weeks on tho lVovelly circuit 
lu Colorado, nnd arc- now uu the Middle West 
circuit of Iowa and Kansas. They have added 
a few feature to .their act, a rapid chtwgc 
from 'black' face to straight: 

XOT'B8 "kllOM 'Ttt'lJ '• LYJIIC TlIEATBE, Fort 

Dodge, la.— This Is the Bcvehth week this 
house has been open, with business cotfd, uad 
the ■ shows -■ -giving satisfaction^ LoUls A, 
Hanveyls resident manager, and Benora 
Donne, muslcar dlrectr'css.- 

Thi; MuntCAi, Cojikoy Co. writes: "We 
open a special eight weelfs* Bprlhg season '»t 
Hartford City. lnd.. ou raster Monday, .play- 
ing return -dates, after u-hlch we upueur nt 
Fort Wuync for fotir weeks, beginning our 
Sumiiier season under, our beautiful cauvns 
theatre '* • ■ 

T,ih)na anp ISuna Wavnk have signed 
with Bob Manchester's Cracker Jacks Co. 
for next season, milking tbclr second tea- 
son wllh this company. 

W, O. (^nxytNQHAM. of New York Clty : 
Is to uninage Dream City, the new pleasure 
park uud amusement resort being built in 
ibc most picturesque residence portion. of 
Greater Pittsburg, und also the clednest part 
of that city, so noted for smoke and grime. 
The location and the quality of the attrac- 
tions prcsugc tbut the purk wilt tnko first 
pluce nmung tho anutsement resorts from the 
start, which will be Derorutlon Day, Mr. 
cunulughum hurriedly closed his tour of tbo 
West wlib "Yorke State Folks" three weeks 
ago. In order to prepare for tbe opening of 
Dream City. 

Tiik Mku;oy Trio Inform us that they aro 
meeltug with tbc greatest success ureseullug 
their prlgluul comedy duuclng oet all through 
tln< middle West, uud urc tbe feature of ull 
bills, Tiu-y aro booked solid Into the Sum* 
mcr mouths. 

Db Vm'o anp m VoTO write tbat they arc 
lu their eleventh week with the Coy & Hull 
Novelty Co., und are meeting with success. 

their double buck dancing being a decided 

W. 3£ Coy, ueglna Coy. Frank 

find Grace HalK D>' Voto ana De Voto. Baby 

lilt Roster: 

Air. Bobbins, lu wovL_ 
1 nil nl riioigs. by well Known people. .They 
hurt; leu weeks boohed ut Humtner *i>nikv, 
und* three weeke for one, two uud three night 
Hluuds lu binul! towns on tbe Hudson, 

Jouk C. Caiul-h ftaa for tbo. punt three 
weeks been coutlued lu the Wluoua Hospllul, 
Wluonu, Minn., with pleiiro-pueuuioulH, out 
Id cb Ills way tu reuuTery, 

Marguerite Da Voto, uud elms. Plgg. musical 
director. Kverybqdy Is well uud happy. We 
have bud the H. K. 0. sign out lu every town 
we liuvc placed eIucc Cbrlrjtmas. 

Haul Fi.yns writes that his new act Is 
fjohig ww, with good^ttme booked. He wl|l 
be In New York City In July, und sail for 
Euitland lu August to ploy over tbeStotl tour. 

On account of tbc Illness of Mrs. Stuart 
Harrow, the Darrows wero compelled to eun* 
eel the cutlre Orpbemb circuit. Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Durrow- wilt remain lu Florida uutll Summer. 

May GoonwiN. of the. team of Gooriwlu and 
fioodwlii. wan compelled to go to tbe Balti- 
more Hospital, ou account of Illness. Ted C 
Goodwin 1* tilling lu tho rest of the season 
with tbe :"Mup!e Leuf" Co. They have put 
some of their dates forward. 

llARutSANh lI-Min.M it write: "We.njude a hit In MUford, Mass., wllh our now act 
'bit MUford piiuers staled It wus uuc ut tbu 
very. best acta ever given -there. Wo buve,rc- 
celveu Coutmets since our engagenicut 
ut Mllford. April v tbo Huston Tuc- 
ntre. Full lllver, with all kinds of good work 
to fulluw. Tim 0u> Ubliaulu Is alwoys ou 

. A. hbvn JUtUIKUf. .Qcjrman. couicJUe. 
closed bis regular ecu tun tcb.'Ji. at Urecu 
i'.n\. Wis., uud b playlog vaudeville dates 
until tbo uext tegular *oawn. 

Tlhc CtCtifta Miuikh^Itooa. close.a auc.' 
ceasful thirty, weeks' cbgkgemcut ftyjuwfcll.' 
Mam,.. Aprlfr, ui KpeclaT future- trJUrtte 
Fenberg fliock Co.. dnd return; to vatnScVll 
April fCnnfinlng at Kocftey's, Bfooklyu. 'tltflf 
net wlille with Flmuorg' proved.rt bjg | draw!iiS 
iiotoHy through the gftw KngUw Hlalf';. 
While blavlug nt Mniieliestcr. XH., J Manocer 
(lob Miunrhestei- witnessed their act, and they 
nre ehoaged for one of IiIb shows next Heason, 

lt\Wl,;i AN'b Von Kaufman* write 1 "Wehavo 
](Ut< finished five weeks over the Inlctslilto 
elteuit. t|ur net, 'M^ukIi,' was ah Immense 
fill. Mr. llnwls received llntterlngi pxm 
hi.tlcs fhr'lHV clever Impnrrtdtmtlotl nnd tlla* 
leet of the Hnutberh darkoy. We hre iKioked 
l»y the -Wvslern Vaudeville Association, nnd 
nre kept busy." 

Ti'tu, Mii.i.Ki:nJitr ' HiKtnKK Jiavc played' 
twenty-seven sijca'ssful weeks attbc ilo^im, 
Hostou, and are booked for the keltli circuit, 
coulDleiiclitir April »0. .- '■• . ' . . 1' ... 

Has Hiih writes: "Am In .my thirty- fifth 
week wllh the Myrklc-Harder Stock Co. 
(Western!. A new uct has. been written for 
me. Special Hccnery uud on assistant 
carried for tbls act. I open toy Vaudeville' 
bonklugs at Pustof's, May 7. , 

■THB rSTRllNATIONAL Ful'R, Consisting Of 

Wilkinson, Wenrlcb, Itenhlogci' and Ullck, 
report meeting with great success lu their 
new uct, r entitled "Blgn That Hook." They 
have signed for season of .10DO-U7, with tbe 
original I.:i Varrc Bros.' Minstrels, Ouenlng 
April lu, In Boston. ..-'■ * '■-.;' 


We arc In out- twelfth week, and are doing a 
big buslucss. Tbo H. H. o. sign Is out nightly, 
and we hud Southern Ohio n good, country to 
work In. Roster: John Itudolph, proprietor 
mid innuager ; Mrs Irene Itudolph, treasurer; 
Charles Foye, buslncsa manager.; Oeo. Barker, 
black face conledlau; the WlllBon. Trio, aud 
moving pictures. Tun or.n Krciaiilh iinds 
us every week, und It makes up happy. 

T'hi: following. people are the 
New Uljou .Theutrc. Virginia, MTun.. week of 
April 2: Clnru aud Jim Dnltom Felice ami 
-lA-ott Alexander, Ida and Joe Ukerbeck, Grace 
ami Frnuk Tbuinp^ou. Pearl Skcrueck mid 
Mrs, Perse. Business, our informant states, 
Is good all over (be Iron rabge this year. 
Tills town. has 7,000 inhabitants, and every- 
body has got the money. Tliu Ctiri-gn Is a 
weieomc visitor. 

llAitnY 8. Wfjun reports meeting, with suc- 
cess 111 vaudeville doing bis singing and 
monologue specialty. 

' Xa Ci.-edc and Hay. mono are with Miner's 
Dreamland Co., Introducing their flet, VA 
Society CirtfiiH," during the action' of tbo 
burlesuue. They have six people lu tho net, 
Clara Itaymbnd Is the leading soubrcttc with 
tbc company, 

illow.YRh anp Ca n have closed with 
the Black Crook Burlcsquers, They Open ou 
the Pennsylvania circuit April it. " 

-UrnTy Fiticlt, Hebrew Impersonator and 
parodist, writes: "I nm now working back 
Hast, ou the sulllvan-Consiainw circuit. I 
Lnve vrorked Of tecu weeks for these people 
without a layoff." . ' ..i ■ .■ 

Hally. asl) Hartv write that they* opened 
at. tbe Odcoh Theatre, Dayton, O., Afocch'30, 
und their new act, "wjilie and Tlllle." went 
wltli a. screani. Thee - are booked solid 
through the middle West until June 10-, 
when they play Eastern parka. 
■ :Joe Whitehead,' formerly of Frank Mc- 
Nlab and Joe Whitehead,- has Joined hands 
with the Grlcrsob listers. They are lu 
their ilfth week. aud-,tm?lr act, entljled 
"Joshing tbe Joshcr;" Is ■ meeting wltu. sue* 
cess. They buve good limp .''ahead. >;■■ r'*' 

IJnw.Miu S 11 a ynb.. long Jdcu tilled as one of 
tbc leading.- vaudeville ugeuts of tbc West, 
hus ussOcluted himself with (William Morris, 
as general rcprctieututlvc, und wilt lu future 
further. the Interests uf the Willluni Morris 
Agency, which laotv has onlceis iu both'^ew 
Tofk and Chicago. . .. . „.; . .;■ ■,- / • .-\. 

Feaiii, H. Da TtTJB, male .Impersonator," 
writer that although she bus several .offers 
foi 1 the anmhiei*,,both lu opera- and burlesijne, 
ns she Is making good In vaudeville, she will 
play .da teg. .< „-..• ." ■ ; . w-.-: 

Davk Dgkuiin*. musical comedlBD. cldsed 
IwCuty weekk wllh Cohen lb .UQUtberluud'B 
"King of Trumps," doing .the title role and 
a musical specialty, and opened on the Bijou 
circuit, lu vaudeville, at Oshkosk, Wis., with 
Aupleton to follow. < 

Tim llAnctt.MiCH (Louis and Bessie), acro- 
bats and upside down dancers, \yeek of March 
*JU were- at the Umpire Theatre, Ifrankford, 
Fa., with Kaston. Fu. : Gloversvllle.N. "Y., 
and Family Theatre, ,\en* York City, to fol- 

..Owing to the illness of I'mma Bell, of the 
Acme 1Mb (Bell. Lhidlcy and Belt), Chas. 
Undley ttml Ida Bell will work as a team, 
doing 11 high class singing, talklttg uud clown- 
Impact. - ; •:- ■ ■■■ - 

THiipt'ou a typographical error ')n our 
-Issue of March Jf-W, John Ivors waB credit- 
ed- nrlth a reception, at Poll's, Bridgeport, 
CoHp., duriug that week. Credit should have 
been -.given to Jolm Net of J*eff and Miller. 

Mna, Wha-ia-mj. McQUinn aud children 
KSM-E^SSW , Ca »* 3I>*. McQulun writes 
that bis Fathilpdera Co. Is doing a bice 
DitRlncs's in Ontario. 

Tun GjtKAf 'Akso/., sensational one legged 
nerinlfst. was n feature .of the bill at the 
Ia ilc, Cleveland, o.. week of March 10. He 
will pirn- imrka in the ISuat next Summer with 
bis coutbluntlou aerial and slack wire act. 

HfUW and Ev.\>*s write from E'ugland, un- 
der date uf Murch 15, ua followa: "Hvery- 
tbiug.ib golug lovely with us. Last Saturday 
morning* there wus quite an American 1 demon- 
stration at .Waterloo Station, where ubout all 
of tlit' Amman acts Jn London were down to 
sec ; Douglub and Ford off .for South Africa. 
Amid stuping, cheering and tbe waving of 
the American llug, it certaluly was a scene, 
BL-ldom jKM in a foreign country. We OulsU 
at tbc Oxford next week, und move down a 
block, to another tbentve. under the same 
Management, whore wc pluy another exclu- 
sive engagement. Musou and Keeler leave 
for ; AuBtrnllu to-day. Ferguson and Mack, 
Belle JtKlnnint, Hooker nud Davis, uad Miir- 
tlu, of Martin aud tfulgg. wero umotig tboso 
from -America who wished Dotiglutj unci ford, 
uud Meier aud Mora God speed nud don con- 
ova to bout h Africa. Wc get Tub Curat* 
every Friday, consequently wc keep well 
posted on tilings at home." 

John .W. Wiuion sailed for Englnad on 
March '•.'•1. 

Bear- & Kunnuuy, black ("ace com*d1un, 
now laid up lu Philadelphta-wUb couaumo- 
UpD, will be tendered a beneOt by the Central 
Club, of that ijlty, ut the Grand Opera House, 
week of April ao. ... •, ' 

F.U'i.mta, the spectacular dancer, arrived 
iBVJunr .iork March S4, on tbe way to her 
ranch in California, aud sbe Bends Tim 
CliUVfnr u few nutcs of her recent tour of 
feoulh Africa..- "Wo arrived In London from 
boutli Africa March 10, after a most delight- 
ful engagement. I cannot flad words* in 
praise of my treatment bv the tnanuifera It 
JobauneBbitrg and Capo Town. Alt of the 
theatres. were, bnely equipped to present my 
act, regurdug the llgbta. etc. 1 Intended 
to. remain In London a month, then go to 
ttula,- but It becume Imperative that T re- 
turn to California. 1 will not be able to 
necept eogugenieiito around New York until 

Bttfcfcfe Btll> .Wild )\>*t. 

my, at veiji. 

the Italian ,Cuj»lomn' ami' other offlclalR 'J' 
l^hed their worft.of cxqnilflittlufi.aad certlflai. 
tlou..nhd iirRothcr.wUlr tlKi Mnvoj-.Anil S\ 
oflk-lals.plveHo the-Wild weut-a- beany S3 
come Eu Ttaly. Ih isyu- Bhffnlo. Hifi" -vvii 1 
West vlsltetlrltfkly. nnd being the only K 
Arnetlean epf.etnriHn over In. tbc cyua(rr, % 
m $m fffHhfilly kept In memofy.i/'nS 
IflKulmivntK. Tbc- nnnotiuceliiclltn ;tilouc tint" 
Col.Cttdv and bin troupe wotihl make another 
SkH^ffiK wwary.hnH Htlrml lhe ; pre^.a n( l» 
piibllc alike, ahd .the. uewspopetH Tor n-biaati 
pant have. in all ptttU of- the country ntlnlM 
cotutuub of mutter eoncoi'nlnl- tbe 1lfo uhil t-i. 
reef -of Buffalo' Bill, oUT&rVSFnt tlie t& 

the U lid West. und Ha rough ridorfi of nrani 
litlqnalltlew. All tide had worked ui ?K 

pwnlo ton blah pitch of etlrlosllt. and tfi* 
tAp Erom.Veutlmllle to' ■ Genoa '. r about ido 
miles albuc the beautiful Italian ItlvereruT 
was a .veritable triumphal oareb. At etenJ 
stntlonxrowdB ciithered, and amid the war. 
lag df flags (American uadliallain.and tbs 
cheering of the. populace, the four tfaluq 
traiiBjwrtlug.tbc troupe paused bu Its .wav 
At Savonua, u beautiful citv ; about 'twc&tr- 
Ilve mliefl from , Genoa, tbe Mayor and oit<- 
offlelaia boarded- Colonel Cody's \prlvutb cat- 
dad gBVo him a most Uiiurty welcome to Iiatv 
Thc.cfttlro trlnwlll I6dg be ■rflmembored Br 
the toetnbctH ortbe Wild Vest:.' All SsSaYtia 
route Btretched tbe buutlfq] blbe Medlterra" 
neuu, while on the left toko -.the 'etiow-catjtiea 
Alps.' The plain along which the. rall^av 
runs was oue coutlnubus garden 'of DbivUrn 
and^ fruits,, only brokehiby nhmeliiue well 
built, clean : and (n-oisberous l&oklng comlntN 
clol , and manufacturing tbftua find eeternl 
elegant looking seaaide fcaort-tdwiw. afiSKk 
wriavrcttched nt Uoonbythn llrst train,, the 
other three following at lntertula.dfchalr\'aa 

hoar. Tbo yards of tbo railtfay, station were 
1 MranmHuunr ijfd 

filled with hewutiaper meu 

clrll dfflcfals, all ub eagrri 1 to wclcduleusiaslo 
gratify curiosity. 'From the jlnUoif to the 
military lleid, on whk'h thcWIIU West was, 
to be encamped Isohly three blocks; uml v c t 
In- that, space it Hncmed thut half of Geiiua 
had assembled, and the expressions of won- 
der, and admiration for the great draught 
horses, tbe large American built wagons, the 
skill of tbedrivers, etc., etc., were general. 
Around the twenty acre field tbe public were 
preSBtd In compact musses, four and fire 
rows deep, and the police kept them. at pro- 
per distance so ns not to Ibtcrfero with tho 
r'^M Of .' crce,lD «. tb0 tcnts and makJOg tlie 
Installation of - tlie camp complete. Ettm. 
tlona were, naturally made, and a number of 
military officers and .clrll officials were nU* 
milled within the likes. Ail were greatl? 
Impressed wllh the wonderful rapidity. Ibfl 
rate skill, thealmoat absolute lack -of noise 
and .'tbo fact that no loud shouting- eommana« 
were made, and yet every msti worked faith* 
fully and almost- without etottlon tbe great 
place was put In Bhapc. The pepple«eom to 
tblub almost any thing pofiBible to -.Ainef leans 
and^thlbb tbe wild vVest I? the blgifeat thing 
01 the kind they. ever saw. and lis sUeoe;! In 
etcty • detour ttoeut; . frobi the HnJCarihoUm-'e- 
incut to;tbe-llaie of-lhc flnal.performalice, i-j 
most Interesting, to tbci«, people, and tbey; mi 
thatvlt la oiily wbat,-ivns to^hc"' expecfea o'f 
Auicrlcauri, The. .Ilrat .pct-forthauce Iorll'ajy 
was. glveii lu Oenoa. a gK-ut fdwh for au-ta- 
dldh ■dhow; :nud rather, likely to, cause'. aeutl- 
uicntul cottimeut. • Tbe, ticket wagons' rtferc 
Opened ■• ttifo' hours" before ,tbc ■ pefWraJanoe. 
aud altliougb extra tacu we're 'pat M to,aldJn 
seiltbg; jbo.'cro)vd. muV wlinply InRatlaliie,. Jn 
n'Veryj.BbortjHule'.moruTban WlttS ttckets 
bod...- been ■■suljl bnd.tbe wugous-^tere ctoiea, 
WW to' the. -dlsapub'IntinShf of enoomAlls 
crowds, .who, however, ^waHetl- about -until 'tbe'. 
whgutiH opened, for- the sulo.of. tfokets for.the 
i'l*nt perToirmaneb, und. ugaiff. the '..kbpnly. 
fa led to. meet .the demand. , In fact, atbotlt 
ptrforbinncas, .tho receipts would have- beton 
doubled had the. seating «ap4<ftv..'perinlUeu; 
The tents. vcill ouly htfS I'J.OW, and at- both 
perforibnuctis ilt was capacity, aud^tlie eotliu- 
slasm of the ero**ds was the greatest ever 
known anywhere by the oldest mrniberof the 
nlld -wctjt compiiuy, Just imaglue ;m open 
air eutertaiument playlug all ihrougb. tbe 
Month of March, while ta America I be Winter 
quartern have pot beeu opened 10 udailt the 
Spring auoshjnc. Ah .tlrhi la being .written 
fat 10 , o'clock, morulug of.. March .ID) - tbc 
ticket wagoob' arc. surrounded by crowds |i|0: 
ug for their .opeulpg at J .pVIock. . Wold 
baa been received from 1 our down town ticket 
office tbat all; the reserved or high priced 
seats for tbe day have beau wold, and fhe .dis- 
appointed ones are buying for the perform- 
ances of tomorrow, our lust day lb Genoa. 
mmm sir .Cbarlea Bereerord, aud ofllccia of 
IIln MaJEBty;a Medltifrrauean lleet, will he 
present at the' afternoon performance to-day, 
while to-morrbw morning Colouei Cody will 
tuke breakfast on bourd the Uagsalp; Hiid- to- 
morrow night, after the performance, be will 
nttcud a bull of tbe British colony In honor 
of the lleet, The tour of Italy of tbe Wild 
Wast will ■ occupy nlue weeks, after which 
Austria.. Hungary. Germauy. Hollaed and Bel- 
g 11m .will ba vlaited, aud In Xorember next 
nil. will sail for. New York for a farewell tour 
that will cover two- years, and nit reports 
other thuu this are certainly not accurate. 
! ' ' ' «■■ > ' ." '■ 

our At/s-riuiiAtv lkttmk, 

fbom oun own coitngspoKMShT. 

hex] Kali, ns I expect to remain on tuy ruticb 
nun T begin my Summer season fn parks. 

raj 1 

. • Sydnet. Feb. 20. 

At the Theatre Royal, Wm. Anderson 13 
attracting crowds of neopte with "La Kllle 
dn Tambour aiojor." Maud Thornton, MIsh 
Campbell, Sfguor Rebotaro and liklwurd 
J a r ley are among tho principals who dis- 
tinguished themselves. K ■■ 

At the Tlvoll Theatre, Harry Rlckardd 
again presented a splendid programme to. bis 
putrotiB, several ne.ft* players muklng tbclr 
appearance. The most succcBSful of these 
were the Ret-ndrds, wltu Ibelr marvelous 
mariouettes, which turn, by the way,' Is oae 
of the tlnest of Its bind ever-seen in Sydney. 
Mademoiselle Ada Cerltb Introduced . sewa! 
new songs, and the ScoltUb Mclsters (vera 
accorded a hearty- receptlou. The marvelous 
Kick bicycle -riding -by Lotto, Lllo anil Otto 
cputlnuea to amaze tho audiences; while that 
ever popular fuvorlte. Fred Bluett, iride bis 
reappearunee with three new songs- '.Another 
new arrival was Ktbel Preston, who made a 
good Impression with a clever dunce. 
„ In Melbourne, Bland Holt Is Oolng flan 
busluesa wtth tbo dramatization of Hall 
Colne'a "Tho Prodigal t3on," while nt Hag 
ards" Opera House the principal feature of 
the bill la. the Two Bells and El?ht Eugllsb 
Primroses^ with their specialty, "Danse W 
.Tarobes en l'A|r." Harry RIckards lo al» 
sending a company to his Adela^e Theatre, 
which he has lust refurnished and redeco- 
rated, ulso a' natch of performers to tut 
Cremorne Gardens, rertb, untlo - ; 31r. D»vw 
management'.. ' -■."-. 

1 , '■ "'. , »' » — — * 
Mcrlaten TliOsttre Dcstroyrcl. 

The Merideu Tbeatrc; Mcrldcn, "Ct.; iu 

*lo say that- 1 nm glad to get borne Is express 
i»K H uiljdly, ua (burs la uo place like home, 
uftor ull. ■ , 

1 I'ltiMi' Jkwbtt, character comedian, known 
to the profession as Phil Conboy, fornierlv 
of the two. Conboy a, will return to VuudevlHc 
aeusuu of 10O7-O*. ufter j retirement of two 
$3£h S& 0D .,? u y r eir new act. \Ue his 
joined hunda with Louis l>n Forrest, "AVon- 
Uer '.Worker." who bos recently returned from 
lildla. The actJoclndea musk and ■ mystery, 
luleriiperscd with comedy, and coosists of 
three people. They will assume the toam 
njime of Conboy nnd Da Potratt 

parks. Chilrcb Btreel, the largeat playhouse , la tbo 
city, nud ou« of the tlnest ft' tbe State, ff«a 
destroyed fn a lire on Murch 'J, which cauiC'l 
niore tnau Si:00,00t> loss. Two .nromeu tc- 
celved what are fettred to be fatal, injuries 
when tbo walls fell. TUe Wlioox Balldlog. 
nest the theatre:,: was ulso damaged sou»»j- 

Tbu flro started In a prlntery In tbo the- 
atre building, from what (MUM is.' not : Known, 
und soon broke through Into tlie uui|ltorIutt>- 
.i-.BJbo cbiofiloaers uStfMtfnftU Jloal^y Of ' 
which owas tbc buljdtnge coaatuped, NWJ. '!' 
large lu«s is Ibe theatre management, worn 
am Inst uu of Me eijulpmeut. » ■ 




, Sweetheart, 1' Girl Now 

An old fashioned love song, by DAVE MARION. This song will sweep the ooufhtry. Read the words of the chorus; 



Professional Copies Free to Performers Sending Up-to-date Programs. Orchestrations 10c. 


YVVNTKD, For Glmilvan'ii lYrainatlv 

Co. Itep. People In all Hues; Uiosc/loublUig brats 
or spcciaUlos preferred. Also piano Pin jcr f doub- 
ling cornet. Salary sure. Hank reference. Cutler 
canvas. Air. Bruce, write. 

J- gg« OISSIVAN. Sow C urllsle, Ohio. 
' " MiOV t UB MB OCTOHOOKS" wants colored 
lady performers. Tiiorie competent to double 
i>iimle Drum Corps given preference. Wire at 
once. JACK nOONB.PatncoTlienlre.SjTiieusc.S. 
Y. P. S.— Also othe r performern lo double brass. 

"ELGIN 8TERKOPT1COW," for song Mas- 
imtora. lecturers: foil size, S12.50; scud for cut. 

ELGIN 8TEU. MFO.CO. f a28Klmhangt.,Elgln,IH. 
""WA*TBD"Mu«icni Comedy Sketch Team; 
ehunsc for week; man do II. F.; both work nets. 
We never close. Other people, write. All Ural 
letter. Cure of IMlloiTs Musical Comedy Co., Jos. 
Dillon, Mgr., lie Urcckcnrldgu St.. Ft. Wayne, lud . 

FOR SAM5— Klglit Band Coats, Punts and 
Caps. (Jass and snare Drums, York Alio Mcto- 
nhone, with good leather case; oue Gas I'lpe, 
IpricUt Rlg^lug Tor Double Traps or uoy •Mode 
work; two good Snake Suits, No. i hizc; one 
Pedestal, nickel plated, with stair steps: one ML 
Middle Piece for OOfl. Round Tup. in excellent 
romltllon. fluve aijont *200 worth of But Lj tine 
Paper lltat I-wlil sell cheap. Address W. F. Lewis, 

P- 1 

-WANTED, MUSICIANS— First Class Ornties- 
tra Hanlet, Cornet. Trombone uud Drums for White 
OS, Fort Worih, Tex.; 7 nights. 1 matinee; * 
dot week; Winter engagement to follow; no bnuz- 
era. Chas. Gardner. Ooa W. 1st 31., Fort Wortli,Te.\. 

CHILE COST CARSE.sniHll 16, largo iV. De 
Itclous Spoggetti, Pigs' Knuckles and Sourkrout. 
peimlueinip. Llinburger Ohceno, Gefuellte r'inh, r> 
grades beer; reasonable; niusle, singing. Bring 
wife and daughter. Always crowded. 

JOF.'S, am West list St., near Broadway. 

Headquarters New York Cheese Club. 


picuscd<to note tliuta proinilieut publishing house 
nu ' eecii lit to getoutan linituliou ufourseiio- 
Couilc Song, "TIIK TRAVELING MAN.' 1 
copying, us near us llic law will permit, oiir 
TITLE, WORDS uud Ml'SIC. we wish to Inform 
Hit protessiou thatourels the OWGINAL "Drum- 
mer' song, "with the numc blown In the bottle.*' 
"All others are Imlta lions," uud SOT "Just us 
gih>d.'' Professional copy, with extra verses, 
nMoroheatratlou sent to ''troupers, 1 ' absolutely 
free. Cordially yours, TUN MKTHOPOLlTAS 
3IP8IC Co., Council Blum,; to. 

FOR hALE—Compleic Med. Show OUtiit. 
flood ad now. Two Tents, l'-*xl4, 1 Coil's Picture 

Mm:t|iueVl Stage uud Scenery, till complete, and 
" lirnta.'SCOTI. of u-fi. Side Wall, roped top uml 

St., Monroe. Mich 


Answer quick, 

John Rudolph, 150 (Hi 


Htpuotlal, Mlud Ki-uder, Magician, Mooolog'sf, 
featuring the greRt Street Tcstulid Zartoln Dux 
MyHtfc. Change for week. Snmrt drasoT oir 
apdon. -Work in acts. Sober uml reliable. Must 
have ticket. It's up to you. Address New Albany, 
Bradford Co., Pa. . 


? ws siwiei; 

PROPERTY MAN who can .play a small part, must 
bet a large man and uulon man; also TWO YOUNG 
LADIES FOR IXGEM'KS. Other useful people 
^ rib:. , All Summer engagement. C'au use a good 
hustling. AGENT. Season opens April 12, Address, 
with photos. 1'tiOYl) I.'. UK1GGS, Mgr., 
ItoaE. Jersey St., Elizabeth, N.J. 



Waut good ullructton for manager's Henetlt. Oue 
night of' week May 7. Weeks of April 10 and 30 
open. iHtiug bis business. AvcrageWoUa iilghl. 

HAiiuv J. bird. Maflmwr. 

Pusilioii willi (food Traveling Show 

Circus or theatrical. Would like silent 
part, ttrki'i Inker, ossi., advance agent, 
or ui|y good position you may liuve to 
offer. Age about lil. don't uw booze, 
wIlHiig lo luurti. Address* LOUIS K. 
KINO*, Sprlnirlicld, Mm^acbusetlw, euro 
Klbbc.Itroa. Co. 


Trap Drummer 

With fujl Hue of Trapa, ineludlug BttU and Tym- 
pauiL'B, for Summer season, or will locale. . Sober 
a ml. reliable. Member of A. F. of M. Address 
GKp.W. W H ITE ,IUDlkemuuS l., Walcrb iiry.CoiiM l 



Sttatlug eupucltv, 350. Popululloo, 'J,OW. Good 
surrounding couutry. Small towns to draw from. 
Open time lor good shows In ItHio and i«07. Would 
li&O'to hear from some goud coinpuuy for Decora 
Hop .pay. GEO. N. SM11II. Wjft 


'IV:do ground tunibllug. lu a comedy uct. Au 
upportunUy for «ood inimtour. Ad booked. 
AdiircBM -Hl'ln'.- licit. 1*1.. Columbus. Ohio. 


ft. 8II1N1>IIKLM. 11S W 
2Glli SI. ■ X. V. The up-to- 
MAKKH. Send t'tump for 
new Price List, Ju*t our. 


"III! I 1J17 Hijt^m Join u BOOd nliow Willi- 

"ii ustiug nam*, uuuiiiik-ii I'uguei'iui'iiu 

^ WOODS A- FI1YK, I'lincv F ra lrlf, III 


AT lIBinri volt i.kuis, irnio-1. 
. , .', TASNIilt 4 CO., m w. m St., Oil)'. 

EflB'CMI C !*> leugllia UDIV 

; Hfl •HLC«ai.iil", so \xr leoifili: in 


Ml, &a\ 

Mt. miner and side potu nod stuke.. Bur. 
PEARL TAK, yortlirllle. N. Y. 

i S1FTHHP<; Plr toorilor. »lam|>Iorrrlcni. 

,' f^V*V nt «i Cltoisauiplu Parudy •- verses. 'J 

eljonilei) uod i, Quks.iOc.i 4 Hurodles end -jo Ou/r. 

W. HUM K..T. THATEKun Hue »!.. Pro... It. I. 

UlfiNMiVQ' ntxiks fur wile, 81.;:. a thou*in<iJ. 
nimiuulSO somlKtu,ni]»auilile. ANUK1CWS, 
M»«l>t)iilj', 2il|4 K. llaiHTon KI-. rilllwlvll'lllw. P'«- 

■ KMIIl' VOVI.I. st ni.i.i 



For Summer Htock or It. -liable 





Juveniles, leads and Ingenues. 

Pltuburg. I 1 *., Empire Theatre, April «-H. After 
that per route. 





Clarionet. Cornet, fttxuptmuc, Ti'ombone and Tmp 
Drum. Must be *f;rlil readers. Light work us at' 
leuduuts. iioublliigstrlu? preferred. 

JULIUS WINTER, Mtiskitl Director.- 


have on hund n lurge n.^ertment or sllirlitlv worn 
Kvt:iilni,'Co\viih,lllni]er. Itucepllouuiidfi'iifioivns. 
Tlii-se rvtiv* ure uiTfeel In every resueel, uml ure 
MpniUlry MlMMerorneu'lii iliun class dha- 

MATIC I'KODUCTIONS. We liuve a full line or 
Seal Hkln C'uuLsuiid Kursuf all kinds. - 

MKS. II. ST.VIMt, ::ai SeuMi Stole SI.,CH1C'ACU. 




Under CoavaH TUrrti Don uud Week Wtunds. 
People tli ell lines. Leading; Man with scripts, 
ti« direct staye: Leading Lady. Mull for 
lii'uvtcs, nlMO Mau mid Womuii with child, 
woinuu lor soubretie« and man for i-linriie- 
lers. Prefer people dolus Hm-elult )<:?<. AH 
people miiHL bi noLvr itud rcliuble and have 
good wardrobe. Bourd and nleep ut holds, 
I pay all. Tickers JC 1 know you. Also wain 
Good Piano Player. Address 

• \\\ R I.liWIS. tfrnftoii. Nebr. 


Dotug Routines of Fllp-Flups, Twlstlmr Fllp-Klups 
and Full Twister Bucks. Cun Ilo Uuder»(and for 
Hand to Hand, untl cuu Throw MM. Address 


So. SW Moody Slreel. Luwell, >lus». 


Sinking and Dancing 


Ami AH MU'iind Vaudeville People. Ctmngo for 
week: uork In uets. I'leasniil engaj*eiiicnt. 
Mouei sure. Stale nil in llrsl. 

WILL KIBUISKII. IVtllllllirfonl, Iowa. 
WILL BUY TKNT ' »'■ •'• MACIIlSS mid Sfimlenl 



I'lauo to double Cornet, or Trombone, Alio to 
double Second Violin, Cornet and Tioiubitue. Join 
at once. AddjTMH JACK HOFFMAN, 

Care of "Sew Sunny South.*' SieiibenvHle, O- 





W. C. HcKAT, Park Tlieline.tliniCTi» , lf r, X. II. 

\ l I.IHKUI1 , 

Jes.-le THE SOURS Uenlrlee 

Por Street and Coiiuly fair:'. Kellalile oln-ns 

M«i>.. -vrlle. lll^'li ilii--. seii-uHomi DiniMi- 
Trape/,1- Arll^ils and Novelty CoutorllolilM^. 
Plasliy HkitIiib, good wnrdro!.e and uppeamuee, 
with V years' esnerlenee. Addrecs 



& WEIL. 


77-81 W80STER ST. 

(Bit. Spring ind B room .), W.w Tork. 

Theatrical Supplies, 

Tights, Wigs, & firnse Paints, 

la C ATAI UUPU Xo, t, - 

Bold fc Silver Trimmings, Spaogles, 
Stagi Jawilry of Enry Disoription, 

I n C.vt'AI.OHUB Xo. c 
W. i.nd good. C. 0. D„ mb|.cl to Inipictlon 
tut nq ulr. i M ill onion , 

When lu BOSTON and Yon Wiih 
to Replonisli Your Stock of 




<OppodIio Hotel Toniulne). 


Guaranteed Nol lo Iteeoiiie' 'Ytanefd and Con- 

lalna Nelllier Lard or . AnA'tlne. 
1 -21b. Jar 35 Cents. lib. lor 60 Cents. 

S t lll'l.l-.s I'llKK. 
Mention CI.II'PKK When Wrllliu. 
UiKSl RIITiU-SS-l M'tl 1 1 1 TV 


Adapted lo Sutooiu, Gales, Theatre Lobbies, 
Summer Parks, etc. To close out our stock and 
make room for now goods, wc will #ull our latest 
novelty. Km Automatic Oil or Plate Mttuhiue, AT 
LF8H THAN COST, la a big earner every where. 
Free Illustrated booklet. 
martin A canllr cu.. Times Bldj[., Mew York. 

Mrs. L. Scheuer, 

Sl'WlUK fiowns a wpwlully, Kle(innt Hiliiiiir, 
tiartleuiiud lierepilou tidwtiriiil nioderute prices. 
In i be ("eiitlemeirs liepartuieilt wc curry Full 
UMMMpfl Tuxedo HilltMf Iiiveniess(.'upesi!l*lhiee 
Albertit.lii t.'oatM and Yen is, Sprlni; dults and 
Ovcrcoab*, llnlii Oiatis etc. 

Iletuember our Stores, fJ-lKO South St., Phila- 
delphia. I'a. Our Hraiieh Store for Udlci* (Jooils 
onl> at am W. JlulJbcrrv Si.. Hultlnipre, Md. 

Wo have an excellent location for a 
BOLLSB KINK (ground only) 



Trans i<orUt Ion fHcillllcs wuuir passed. *o,0ou per- 
1 niaiiuut popululloi), fio.two Summer season viei- 
| tors and blp crowds of dally visitors from New 

York to draw from. No opposition. It Inter- 

estod, write ns for maps and full particulars. 


url Broudwai\JJcw York. 


Fun sHCVBIsa 


— OS— 


lumieticc -iuuis biivr been spent this Wlntor 
In Improving uml beautifying this Krcut ocean 
aiuuacuirnt resort. Snuic splendid frontager* 
still open. No percent age to pay— only 
grv..ud real. It you have something g/iou, 
write us, niitl gel lu oti the ".'cnuud lluor. Mils 
coining HeitM.iiL will bent all mortis on m> 
count or the new steiiinboul and trolley lines. 
Write to us uml get all pnrtlnilurs. uud men- 
tion wlisl pilvlli'cc yon want. Till'! L. A. 
llrundwuy. New York. 


100 Lilison Sl»l riiniiiiiini|ilis, 

Oak Cabinet, sllghtlv ined. In ilrnt claws comUlluu. 



(Iluud wind], .-llghtlv uacU, In tlr.»l rluni eomli- 
(Ion. No ijatierii-i remilred with tht-fc nme.hluer>. 
The above are Jti-l the f tilntr fur park* uud 811111- 
'Jfjcr resorts. Saiiiplc-* at my fiilesrooin. 



Dancing Taught 
For the Stage. 

p MO TO O R A f» WiB, 

F.DKM (. \«1I0\ I KIMMI tttkk&nifwv- 

cc(*j. Oiiblneb-. Sl.'t.w per l.oou; Pest Vnvm, ffltM 
per 1,000, made from your own uegs. or -good 
plioio. Samples Tor dime. i 

_yIa05.iiii"A-l!?i:i' t, . , . n ' l . J . N ] ;f1 ' 50 /.'- 

A Violin Plnjer who can IftnTMc Cornet 'intl 
Lead Small Hund. Cun use Cood It luck- Ka<f 
i:omedlan, and ffltefeh team. 
Prcfercuec elven to Ibowc who double In bnu-<. 
Lang snwon. AtMixws K. II. JOLUiVK, 
Munugcr .lolllfYITeV Itrlubtllghl^. liltw' Op"ia, 
Honfc. Itlneth'ld. W, V11. 



TWO PIANO PLAYtRB. nn'ik- 1 P U J ""■ 
E.A.MASOS, Barlow Uotel, KEWAMJE, 11,1.. 

wiikv mc.inv. si;>» i ott 


STfiT UIPUIIICC for Future I'liiiHmliifCTii 
LU I HlflvnlnCO I'.O.ASolivrull l-oft rards 
F.DKXA HTUPIOi 11.17 IV. wmard St„J1illn., I'a. 


Slumps for big Kargalu list. C. II. NIKMKYKU. 
4'Jj Ja i-t.Min lihU.. f lilru o. 111. 


FOR h ai.t,. 
I have twenty Wood CaMnei Miiloiteoprr. Jii«i the 
xUiu-4~f\iL .(iinilv.U-Mwu, fi)r-.ii.'.Hi st-Umeii. Guar- 
anteed Iti llrr-t rta>s I'oudllloii. (lei your pictures 
and e|iui)j.'e> direel fnnii I he Mntosrupj* luinpuiiv, 
inilck uettori h iieci">»ur,\' tf von wbui iho lumclu 
AodrnM "MrTosc'OMKH," 
iihvi kin* iimk.. K * Ml fc W^RewTer fc« 

At Liberty f or Itsxt "Season, J. H. VVHALEY, 

Colored Mouologue mtd Comedian. Would like to 
hear truin any itrst elivsfl colored company. Jfy 
work b hullL of witty rcparlee, funny biifduo's 
and laughable sIluutloiiH. endliig wllh a noveltv 
tlnlfli. Any lompatiy forming, button me: I'll 
make good. AddrvsH 


iimvivuvutui i Agents, write for whole- 
fate catalog of the latest Pnxzleti. Novelties and 
Pockot nicks. UNIVERSAL HOrTtT CO,, itt La 
Sails St.. Chlwiro. 111. touabtlstisd isao. 


Would like to hear from MauaKcr.i thai eati puv, 
Wc can fnnil>h the if4od»; double lu Hand. Cuu 
furut.ih the b«:"t of mcfcnoos. 

__Ad'lrew_ P. ih_ BOX, |U7 , Oluey, 111. 

Great uiiicoverj, tsperta 
can not detect It from goo- 
_. uluu diamond, t'otoi hut 
one-tentb. lubrtllisncyaiid eat it has no«uual. 
Betting solid gold. Write for Illustrated catalogue. 
ROUT A CO., Dept. P., m Dearborn BL 



Wild WM ennpy CIrflD. ...II, pile., Miff, flV 

VMHm. rMBI. TAIi, rtirtb.111., iTt, 

'i Tin* 


tslugcr Itros.' New Hook of Speciuliles em> 
talus the latest Huropeuii uitd Auierleiin 
.Novelties. Jewelry, Cutlery, Kimey lioodn, 
WnlclKS uud Active SpcehtltleM, siieelally 
adapted for umti-ordcr houses mid can vim*. -rn. 
Yoa cuuuot ft IT*' id to be wlllioul It. A'lilled 
free ou application to Dept. A. Wrllo for 
it to-duy. 




I.BTi'l'.n HKAIta, ENVIII.OI'riS. TIC'KBl'r), 
I'^NitKS, CAIIDS. Klc. Writ, /or daraplei. 
wnib rt|. i;.... rtr.s UMrboraSI., Chlciio, In. 

UAIV3 OB BIOBiOE, . . , 

K?p»!r« «nd AUor.tloni Mid., 


AT i.iunnii. 


Al Cliaractcrs, den. this. Hum Hier stock. Olio 
piece or rep. KdlaMe maitagers or Hist class at- 
liwtlonB'tniir.&rhTO'juiir limit. AihircnN 

oTKKt'o. men. 

tine Holo Cornel, Two Slide Trombones mid 
iiwt.1 apply. 

(tfit* HtM-Iii'ie i'luver 

hanii. (lav 

No Li.o/.:rs iM'fd upuly, 
Mlf.iTAItV A.Vi 




Large Ltsl of New profi^Hlonut ami 
Atnuteiir Plays. Yamh-ville Hkclch* 


■ ■■•» ■ **" os, Mlnitrel Hooks, UpoTettfls, !i|ii- 
stcal rieess, Hpeclul Knturlalnmeiils. llccttulloiK 
HlatogiKe. iHHMkorii, ItrltiM, etc. catalogue l*lw. 
T. H. DKM80.V. PubJIfihers, Hept. 17. iTMeuini. lit. 


CAMtlCM I.IIIHI'. MODKt. II OAH 01. rflT, !«.»!. 
Ncai'lv new, Mill li vi 

IlKATI'V BIIIIH- urali OiTliunl. Neli. 

uinn ic GafEae** 

Wiiut Rbh Hlngers, Sister Team and Al Plaiio 
Player for ■;i:i.ll \ audet Itlc en, Would HVe In li'ar 
from mau that can join tilth good to|ioutilt tor 
Mummer. WM. J. Mrtfb'INN.Ardaadaie.Ouiario.. 

AT LIBERTY •••tottist and 

Poulile Vuim violin. For renerlolre or nerinnio'iit. 
Mdna_ BH K I, "TjrOA K Oil, Keiiuet. III. 

Wanted. Musical Comedy tiara, Man B. E, 

Also work hi acts. Organ rinyer sf Miinht. si d 
Kmtd. tioi Ueinrur. Oiieu April 9. Hath. Jis. 
!.'H4/>v, JI".Hr'"k^!rt<ijr.<; PL, n. rtsya*. Ind. 

UT t.usnlle St., rtffCAOQ, 1LF,. 





Knilorxeil l<> h f tw l anil I'nhlle. 

II. nrferetieeri from nil rmrl.ur lite worm. 

Tlio Onl)* Hrkttnl Kioto, .,.,1 In f'hleiinn. 

STAGE 116, Elli. 

Ituck, Jig, Hkln. 

TV .h'l.tll.. 

Sovi'l cake 

Walk, Khn-iithm, Hliigtnv ami 

ting Tlmi! Hong.'*, VaudRVltli- 

Arts, Sketches, llmmallc An. 



emir. r. J. itinukv. 

Miss Fmuues l^e ami others. 

Circulars Fro*.-. 

I endorse I'ltUF. IIIlHii: us- tliemily Ai'lor sud 
l*rofet?*lo!iai Dancing Tcschur hi tmlcuipi. 

PKKUJ. wii.dman, Theatrlcsl Agnn. 

Hiiiallaiid Leading Paris Coached. 
-. .1*1 J* IWhi Hi., near Madl«on, lldcagn, Jll. 


llenery Wni-d, Ummm and MnnngiT of lied- 
niont 0|mtii lli.iiHi', Is n*sdy to book jrood mm 
ulght sinmlH or iti>. shows. Can hook Th-d- 

ruoni, ft*, Ya • Midland. Md. Hluiwa Mm 

ure booUeil "ulenu-" renrw mnl rariM.*' Open 
lime In April or Mnv. ItllHt. , l*«r terms, 
write WALTKH (J. IHHH'IITHON. ItiMlne^ 
Milliai*er, riodmom. W. Ya. : or, 

JMINHHY WAKl^Mtdlnnd. Md. 



Whleli ban bi-en ulven a Ihrec montlis' try 
• ut, n hill line 01 neper, nml dye Keener y for 
eneli se.'tie mid ael. I'oiiMlvel.i a new phi*., 
si-eneey and \m\w\; AsMfWHi 

«'. l\ HAUK I'ltihMil, III. 


Avon Theatre Co., 

KUL'RUKTTr: n till .-.pre laity, and for goml llnu 
pans. Htate sahtrv. We pa* all. 

J. tl. iVMlKHStiV. 
Wiudiaere, V. It., April 7: Miliar in. Oak* 1*1. 


one :*o\i» Piinh Pole Teal, complcie. lop good, a nil 
fulr, |d»i oiiu gmid Htoreupileoti. s 1 *: brand tn.w 
lla-c and Sua re Dili tui and Tni pn for H.amlo.,xir>; 
hnind new KdfMiti Hurner, $7: one llllrken-ili-rft r 
TVpi'wrltcr. timirl* new, .-PL NO WIND: MoN'KY 
TAI.KH. JNO. HKXDLr'Y, Mohiillvltle, Ind. 

TIIKATItIG .11 V\ ,\<>l<:ilN, RUrTSfiT' 
I will clonus **n weeks' oiigHgcuieiil at New Yt-rl, 

April l*i. wlili my 
Hart- Apt] to. it. in, in, a), an ami May liiud:>oi"'U. 
u i>u;i[ like lo hour rroui any imimiger betw een 
Louclt. Raf-tk, ami Fall llivi-r, i> uaniing any of 
ll|i;-e thileri. Iblliltli'e nf Mllie i:i»iiph'|e|v bnukn'l 
up to Jamuirv, l«iT, THANK Vol 1 . Addre r > 

lifi C.UII/IUN AVi:.. llmoVlyii. N. V. 



Jll-. I (l|f l||e lll'tr-W. 

imihI vaudeville mat 
wvi'itiriv, Mo 

IM-lillK". Kllll I. ,!„'-. 

I'lin i:, Mr. ideus Sou. i 

br(ghier<t ano 
iver put upai 


Klre Osgglllg, sir. 

it, T, s. 1 1.3*. Any n 


l7ovbleiiee,J(. I. 


OI'KltA HOI!Si:H, Ih-Ml iiniilllv, |..we-t prb-fr. 
(U-'MTAV M llir-l,, see,,),- Arllsl. 

Iviaplre Thiatre, ColilinbiiM, Ohlw 

^^ A j>j T E o r 

llefividziil l.ady I'erfomier, In Join piutiiei. 
In mii'i! eiiurl.'vtllr novelly. iln-tl !»■ .vmiug 
and jililr. h, 4m, Adilre*H «', i;.CHHIHTY. 
i::|n l»r.--i .U-mn-. K ihikii. 4 Clly. M o. 

lllui-; I rnriii-li riitlnie (lluif. Ai<-o auui .-•kri.-ii 
Team: iini-l do »p<<iihiltit> and ■lug HI. .nng-. 
Cau place I'himi Fwyar. Addn<H« 

HAV KJMiHMiY. (..a. HeL, Olileag«._HI. 


Paul H. Von Moltke 

Ml'Ml ,11. DIIIKLTOK iVIolhi - 
locale »r travel. AtMrcsss i an- of n MIT BR. 


Hecoiid Hand FUtaa. Hong HIDIoh and Macliluci 
nought, Hold rtnd J'xchaugcd. :>m n'antilnKtou 

HI ., I ton m |-J, H d.Idii, Mioin., opp. Ailniua H onm. 


Or would trade for Moving Picture. 'udlM. Can 
pliiee (Jta-H Hlowera. Adrlrpur W. 11. liVA.NH, 
oil 140, Pa. 

Calidouiieof I'lsv-anil 
Make Up. for I'nifep 

-i.'jiiiN and nijittleiire, rieiit on 

Jlj'Kil I'tl^i KHALI), 'JO Altliht., Neir York 


iu:iii,i:ff/t i: m.mjii'. hv.u a '-on. cut. 

I-AMII-V. N. V. i'.. WKKK Al'll II, i. 



TKNT, llufl., Willi MO, MliMln Piece. Com- 
lite m: elii.|i|i. «'. A . WAIII-;. Wla. 


Ohuraclcm and Oou. Hu*. (tellable, uxperfeflMtJ. 

id KUPKItlOll HT„ pi-ovhleuce, It. I. 


AI'l'i|(Vi:V, v.lll HroMlwoe, Nnir York Cl'r. 


TELK -jk&W Ycfelt CLlAraii. 



.' ■ i ■ ■ i H> » i - i I ' 


•' MmHlttOii. > ■ ■ 

*I.Bte'»T J.BQiOT, 
r.mrnriMi. ANf> IlrHINnfls Manias,. 

8AT0nPAY. Al'BIL 7. 1W8,~ 


AdMrtlsemraH— 12.80 |>cr loch, slnal, col- 

Advertisements Mt with border, 10 p« 
cent, extra, 


One year la advance, 94 ; sl'i months, 12 ; 
three monini, |l. Poreliai-HJataje eitm. 
Slnilo copies will bo lent, plltpou, on re- 
celpLof 10 cents. 

Our Terms ar« Cash, 

TITR CMPPRR Is Issued mrj Wednesday 
morning. The Inst four (adrertUlna) papa 
ao TO rnrss on Staturdaj at 11 a. «., and 
the other nnges on MONDAY and TUESDAY. 
Tli* Forms Closlns Promptly, Toe|- 
J a j . at 10 o'clock A. at. 
Please remit by eipress, money order, check, 
P. 0. order or registered letter. All cash en- 
closed with letter Is at the rlaar of sender. 
Addreas All Conimonleaiioaa to 

47 West 28tli Street, New York. 
Rentstereif Calte Adtrcn, "AOTHoam." 


of Tub Cmpi'ek la located at Boom 004, 
Ashland Block, Chlcngo, William F. Bryan, 
manager and correspondent, where advertise- 
ments and subscriptions ore received at out 

regular rates. ;■ ''■ 


Located at 48 Cranhourne St., London, W. C, 
John H. Carney, manager and correspondent, 
whero advertisements and subscriptions are 
received at our regular rates. 

Tns CLiPran cam no obtaihbb, whoix- 
BAl.n and retail, nt our agents, Brentano's 
news depot, 87 Avenue de 1'Opera, Paris, 
Krancn ; SL I.I I leu thai, Frederick Straus 
101 (TcrmlnoB Hotel), Berlin, N. W., Uer- 
many! Dlnmond News Co., 97 Prado, Ha- 
vana: Manila Hook nnd Stationery Co., 128 
Ksicoltn, lUanllrt, P. I.; Albert & Son, 137- 
M9 King 8t., Sydney, Australia. 

lilF. NEW YORK CMPPRR linbllabea 
nnlr one edition, and tkat la dated 
from Xryv York. 


No Replies b> Hall or Telefi-rapb. 


am. is man of ioob should waits to 


clipper rain rones, am. unraat* wir* 


mttoiiT, nFi-'na to m;u list ob* Rooms 



P. L, Krle. — Wo have no knowleilgc of the 
whereabouts «f the party. Address n tetter 
In eare of this office, and we will advertise It 
In Tun Ci.U'rBR letter tlKi, 

,1. it.. Philadelphia, 

Miss U Y., Columbus, 

W. T., Lafayette, 

(.. \V. D., liawrpnw. 

A. W. A.. Woodwind. 

-Mus. .1, I. O'H., MloiiX CUT. 

II. A. ti., 1! i'il< lint;, tllul _ , 

H, a. I.., si. 1*3+ — Hee smwet to r. I., 


Constant RffAMRt, Kni.Hns City,— A per- 
manent snick company Is a house stock, 
crgnnlvtil by the house muuagentenL to pre- 
sent plnys tram frmft to irh lii one house, 
uml Is hi nn hiiv- n .vail company. 

C, W. H„ Jackson. — 1. Katie Kramelt can 
answer your nuerv. '2. Yes, she appenred In 
various y rod net Ion a, Jl. Wo linvc no knowl- 
t'dgo of n piny hy that title. 

8. B. AI., AinHtoi-dnm.— Any ihoairlcnl cos- 
miner cait Hiipptv your waius- 

(t. M. S. 0„ Buirnlo,— \Yilllnm Farnuui la 
with "Tin* Frlni'o of India" Co. 

A. Iu, WorresitM'. — We in iiunble to 
PMWCf you;* *nier,v. 

('. R. SI., Alohorlv.— CInu'U'H K. Illauoy, 
llrondway Tlioatro ilullillus i Hmlr & lliwlln, 
r-arno add km, 

C. R., Cl'.Unso.— Hc«» the ndvortlsenionts of 
N'ovt'Itli'8 In tin* columns cf Tub Oui'j'Kit. 

It. It., «>l U4o. — Afldri*NH i ho mnnaRor of 
inn rhfiitro y»\ mention. 

.1. S. M., Hondoui.— Adtlross W. J. It. 
Shaw. Victoria, Mo. 

Mum. U K„ I'hllnct.'Iphlii. -Wati'li nur route 
Mm eiich wii:k. 

ti. 0. 11., Dnu'iit.— We can <mly ntlvlse y»n 
in irlvo it trial jiertoriuanve at tm «i the 
Ipnmiu: vaiidpvllli' liiuines. 

I« (1, Cm OiiitoU. — Addross Ueorge 51. 
I'nhan, n\r*' of tho Herald Square. Theatre, 
Xcw York t!lij\ 

W. il., VlaitHhm-gli.— Ad aoon an sneli a 
list Is nbiiilmthle. It will he printed lu Tm; 

*'l,llTllll eolinnns. 

W. It. H.— Mnylaad. Adams Street, Brook- 
lyn. X. V. 

Mi*l. & II— The subsorlptton htJUM per 
year. Advertisement rats card will H sent 
you If you will forward us your address. 

•'AiwjiaK,'' Omaha. — Artvprtlso your wants 
ia Tut: Oiiii'l'Kii. 

A llKAimti. Itnlthnure. — Wo hhve no knowl- 
edKi* of n piny by thai title. The <'< 
Copyrlplit <.'e.. WaHhliijiton, 1>. C, can tloiiht- 
lee- Himwer your niiery. 

II. F M.j St. hiiiiH,— We do not purehase 
nsnrillHL Adilirss any of our sonj: pnhllHlv 
lit(r iidverllriefs. 

O. .... chlenifo. — "My Mai Sal" Is puh- 
IInIimI liv the 1'aiil nrpjwr Co., ."VI West 
Twimtyi-lylitli Sn-eet. New York City. 

W. A.. I'ii.vlilPliee.-- 1. A sketeh »f l-.d- 
win Ihioili u|r|iriiriil lu Tin. Ci.ii-nm dated 
,lmie 17, tMt;i. i'. Y.. II. Hat hern vm born 
In New OrleaiiH. Irfi. X We have mi knowU 
pdgp of It. 4, We never Inilultfi* lu romps rl- 
yiiiiH. r>. U li a nuittiT of personal opinion. 
tl Maude Ilaslem died Fob. 1M. IMini. Tier 
lost ennagpinpul: was with "Tlu* M^iimuIh «f 
Mlehlpaii' 7 Co., with which she played a lc»u- 
InR roJe. 

Constant Brapkr.— Hen Weleh appeiircd 
In "Pnrts by Night," nt the Madison Square 
Itoof Onrdim. 

3, \\. K.. Ooliaos. — To the b«t of otir 
knowlotiee John A. Iliuimeleln nnd nls hrstb- 
or mannjro the two companies you mantlon. 

F, o. i\. BrldHPtmi.— Anyoue can lDgall.t 
inke I lie jtlay from Ihe book. There are n 
nuinhrr oi voralons hi *>xlstr>nce. 

fi. R. NOW York.— Wis have lint lienrrt 
from Hip show for notiio I'me. 

It. P., St. Joseph.— Watch oar route list 
each week. 

C.'.'H. V. -, Philadelphia.— There Is no Ed- 
. ird t> 

1 1 ttt of 

ward Donnelly connected with ttte business 
- tVs^- 

str of any theatre Id Chicago. - 

W. J W. P.. J?ho»Blj;Tllle.-i-Pfl pints, has 
just returned from- dsuth Africa, and hag 
gone to he;' home st- Concord, CeX 

A. D. V- Washington.— pinochle is al- 
ways played with a given number of points, 
constituting the game (usually 1,000), This 
holds (rood whether too count Is kept by peg- 
ging on a board or by figures nn a paper or 
slni<!, and when a player makes the required 
number of points. he Is "out," whether the 
peg la still on the boord or off of It. 

41. S, R. Philadelphia, — The game of poker 
Msrsf be played wlih fifty-two cards, there- 
fore It Is hnnl lo classify the game In qiies- 
ilon. However, under any circumstances, nn 
nee. four, five, six and seven, do not make a 
straight, and the holder of the two palm 

"Kixtox," Quincy.— C, in his turn, has a 
perfect right to order up. The tact of hi* 
holding no trumps does not deprive Dim of 
this privilege. 


J., It. K., Itoston.— We do not know where 
you can get the recitation. If you could give 
the Nunc la which It appeared we would be 
able to supply you with a copy of It if not 
out of print. 

Ci.tri-KriETTE, Sidney.— She Is only known 
to us by her nowi Ar. p(»sic. 

B. II. Ta, Wllllamsport. — An encyclopedia 
will probably glrp you what vou desire. 

"ItKTToii.** fllrmlnghara. — The Attorney 
denernl of the State Is the proper one to 
answer your query. 

1'. W. II., Chicago. — Address the Secretary 
of State. Washington, 1>. C. 



Clipper Bnrenu, 

ts ( rnnhoiirnp Street, 

I. eli-ester Square, 

London. W. C 

M.\:it'i! L'4. 

Aside from "The Beauty of Bath's" pre- 
miere, nt the Aldwyeh, on Monday, this week 
has been one of revival*. Many complain of 
the old timers being put on view again, but 
If they tiro an popular as 4he new plnyH, 
whnr difference does It make. Id not u few 
caRCH the revivals are better bor office at- 
tractions than tho brand new productions. 
The weather Is cold and disagreeable. 

Seymour Hicks and Cosmo Hamilton know 
what the Kngllsh playgoers want, ns their 
■"Che Ilentity of Troth," done for the first 
time nt the Aldwyeh on Monday, was voted 
by all n siicccbh. It Is not a wonderful piny, 
or one that will stand n thorough going 
over, but It suits th'e public, and will draw 
ihe money. What more Is necesBnry? The 
story Is .a sort of version of "David Onr- 
rlck." A brief Idea of it: Betty silver. 
throne comes up from Hath, goes to the the- 
atre, and falU lu love with an actor, one 
Mr. Beverley, who Is playing the part of a 
naval ' officer. Mr. Beverley la ihe exact 
tmauc of n real sailor, Dick Arlington, who 
arrives In Rugland utter ton years* absence, 
on tho night of the t be ntro -going, nnd being 
In n hurry to see tila mother, follows her to 
a playhouse, dressed In duck trousers and a 
reefer Jacket. Hetty sees Dick, thinks he in 
Beverley, nnd lovea him more than ever. Kven 
when sue knows what ho really Is, she stiil 
lovcri him. But Dick believes that her heart 
Is the actor's, and to win the girl for him- 
self he masquerades as the actor, niRkes be- 
lieve that he Is Intoxicated, hoping tbut be 
will disgust Betty. lint the latter seen 
through the disguise, nnd as tho actor loves 
another, the usual finale oerurs. Mr. Iltcks 
is the Dick of the piece, nnd Kllaltne Terries 
the Betty. There Is lots of go to the Mhow. 
catchy music, pretty scenery nnd costumes, 
and more than the customary number of 
pretty girls. Whether It !» another "Catch 
of thp Season" remains to l« seen. 

"Measure for .Measure" Is among the most 
uufanilllar of the Shakespearean plays to the 
KiiRllsh theatregoers. Its ouly recent repru- 
sentsrlon was a perforumuce some years ago 
by Bltsabetb Stage Society, The version of 
the piny as produced nt the Adelphl has been 
arranged verv skilfully bv Oscar Asehe. Much 
or the dialogue which wouldn't be In keep- 
ing wlih the times has been cut out by Mr. 
.-who. and, nit told, he has made nn Interest- 
ing play, it was well received by a full 
house. _ 

(Jcorge Bernard Shaw's "Captain Brass- 
bound's Conversion" revived at the Court 
Tuesday afternoon, was played originally by 
tho Stag.! Society some time ago. Kllon 
Terry was excellent la the principal part. 
The motive of the play r Brassbonnd k the 
nephew or Sir Howard Bntlam, nn Kngllsh 
Judge. The captain lives lu Morocco, and ho 
and his band of Kngllsh rapscallions make a 
living In various ways, one of which 1h the 
escort lug of parlies of tourlHfs tbrotigh the 
regions that form n happy hunting ground 
for the native cutthroats, BraHsuound's pet 
iiverslon Is his uncle, who not only seized 
an estate, that l>cl<mgi>d to the capi-nln, but 
also treated Brassbound's mother with un- 
necessary severity. So that when Sir How- 
ard nnd his Mister-lu-lnw, Lady Cecily, visit 
Morocco mid nsk the captain (whose Identity 
they discover Inter) to take them ns fHr aa 
tho A tins mountains. Itrasshound, who Is In 
a position to make bargains with (he native 
chiefs, sees his chance of revenge, How he Is 
turned from his uurpswe, persnndod to trim 
Ids beard and dress up In a frock coat by the 
simple, fearless, motherly Ludy Cecily, Is the 
remainder of Iks story. The piny will be pot 
into i be bill at the Court for a season, com- 
mencing Master Monday, but lu compliance 
willi n request from Kllon Terry «:«! Mr. 
Tree. Vedrcnnc and Barker, malingers of the 
Court, lmre agreed to close their tlionirc 
April *J7 fur one night In order to enable 
Mil's Terrv to appear In a performance of 
"The Merry Wives of Windsor," at Ills Mn- 
lestr's on that night. As Miss Terry made 
lev first appearance on the singe April 99;, the performance, of "Captain Ilrnas- 
Ironiid's Con version," at the Court, April °.M, 
liMiu, will be treated by the managers In n 
jqu'i-lii] sense ns a cuiiuueuiuratioii production. 

.1. I*. 'IYioIo, the vfitoi'iin actor, who cele- 
hrAted his sevpiiiy-st.vth birthday Monday 
week, was the recipient of many ineshngeh 
of rnngmtu.iUtou. Among thorn* who remem- 
bered the occasion were Sir Squire and l.ndy 
Mmicroft. T, Craven, Sir. and Mrs. Kendal, 
Mr. nud Mrs. Kdwnrd Terry, nnd the Dickens 
|''ellows!)lp Dramntlc Cliih, of which the 
veteran uctnr Is the president. 

The London County Council tleolded Titos- 
dav to let ihe Strand descent site, which 
I.-, surrounded hy the Lyceum, (hilety, Aid- 
wveh, nnd Wnltlorf Theatres, lo the syndi- 
cate pmmotliiir tin- "l*nrls In Loudon'* 
scheme. The lense Is for n term of ultieiy- 
liim* ve:irs. mid llie mil lo be pnld, ¥2*r».in«t 
a veur, nftpr the first three years, during 
which '.he rent Is to he one hulf of this sum. 
There will be a theatre, concert halt, etc. 

Itclicirsals lire being piudicd forward na 
r.ipldlv as possible of the now comic opera, 
libretto bv Cosmo Hamilton, which Is to he 
t.iiNinu Mover's next production nt the Buy- 
ntlv. It will serve for the reappearance, 
nfter tholr Drury Lone engagement, of Harry 
Frngsou nnd May 1>A Souan. The title at 
present clioseii tor tho novelty Is "Castles 
In Spain." 

"Tho tfetr nt Law," written by George 
Colenntn. the younger, one hundred and nine 
yenrs igo, was revived bv Cyril Mnude nt 
ibp Waldorf Tuesday nftornnon. It nttrncled 
n aood slrPd iiotiRO. 

M. Da Chirac, n Pnrtslttn actor at An- 
tolnle'K Cheat i-e. after playing n drunken man 
rrollng over die spuihlemp of a corpse lying 
upon a slab in a ghastly representation of 
the interior o* the morgue, tottered off tho 

eceae, became unconscious, end died within 
a few hours. *■ . > 

Aipohg the pciBBsngera' who arrlvod st 
SouttaatBpton lsst Saturday from .Soqth 
Africa was Mrs. Langtrj-, who has concluded 
a spccsiurtur tour in that coutry. ,.; J 

Leoa Ashwell.haf oow aitaoit completed 
the vast. for'"The Bopd of ?*Inon," which 13 
In rehearsal for production at thfr SnToy 
early lo April. The hero, a young soldier of 
foTtmu* will he played by Hepry Alnley, 
while IL V. Ksmbnd Is to appear as Louis 
XIV. other members of the company are: 
Frank Tvars, KdwSrd flnss, nugene Msyour, 
II. Wolehman, Helen Ferrers nad Bervl 
Mercer. Tho part of Ninon de l^nclos will 
be played by Miss Asbwell. 

"ITie Kenrlet Pimpernel'' has entered upon 
Its final stages at the New, the last perform- 
nn"e of the popular play having been filed 
for April 7. To succeed It Jiiila Nellson and 
Fred Terry have Rtroadv In rehearsal a now 
play, "Dorothy o' the Hall," hy Paul Kestor 
and Charles Major, the production of which 
mav be looked for In the near fata/e, 

George B. Hlms* new play, "For Tarn and 
After," dramatized from his novel of the 
same nnme, which first appeared In the 
columns of n local paper, wfll be produced 
at Ksster. 

Charles Wyndham revlred "The Candi- 
date" at Wvndham's Wednesday night. Its 
llrrft production was made twenty years ago. 
Compared with the farces of to-day It struck 
the audience as being rather dull. 

To-nlcht we have the revival of "The Man 
from' Rlankley's" at the Hnymarket. Charles 
Hawirey heading a very strong company. 

The present snow at the Hippodrome Is ex- 
cellent. I went Monday night, as It was the 
opening of the new water spectacle. The house 
was filled, aud the members of the large au- 
dience enthused over every act on the bill, 
rfcffM InhM no ekceptlons. The touch and go 
travesty, "Among the Stars," remains a 
feature of the hill, during which the rnriotis 
vfttidevllllans Introduce their spoof nltlea. It 
has boon touched up In souie of tho weaker 
parts, nud now that Bert Gilbert Is buck, a 
new Ien<io of life has Icon given the travesty. 
Frobel and Huge did their acrobatic aerial 
act. and scored n most pronounced and well 
deserved hit. Lavater Lee pleased with his 
donkey acr. (Inllnndo made striking like- 
nesses In play of prominent Kngllsh person- 
ages, finishing with a whole clay figure of 
Nelson, which gained for him a big hand. 
Lydln and Albino. In their electrical gym- 
nastic act, found their usual good favor. The 
Sntclilfe Family, who are excellent Scottish 
pipers, besides being good tumblers, were 
fi'vorltes. They entered with bagpipes and 
drums, played by themselves, ana made 
their exli In tho same manner. Cleverly exe- 
cuted wns tho pymanstic exhibition of Alex- 
endra and Bertie on a ladder suspended mid- 
air. Alexandre and Hnghes, two comedians, 
did a lot of tulklng, and played accordions 
well, ncrbert "Lloyd has the right to bill 
himself,' or rather .net, ns Herbert Lloyd nnd 
eomptiny. ns ho ha h now the assistance of 
two people, besides Miss I.llynn, Mr. Lloyd 
Is deserving of much credit, ns be has added 
a -lot of business to the net even' since ho 
opened his Hippodrome engagement a few 
weeks ago. Mr. Lloyd and hla three assist- 
nnti were one of ihe big laughing hit* of tho 
evcnlug. Vnsco. Die musician, played nearly 
every Instrument I can think of. and In a 
manner that showed he knows n groat dent 
about (horn. Vlllnnd Brothers and the f.nti;i- 
kans, both droll acts, provided much fun. -The 
singing and dancing of the Imperial 
Busslnn Troupe of Iloncora wns very fine, 
especially the dancing. . The closing num- 
ber on the bill was "The Flood," a dra- 
matic nnd realistic spcctnculnr episode. It 
was written by Arthur Shirley, music by 
Clarence C. Corrl. and produced by Frank 
Parker. The latter has put on some wonder- 
ful shows at the Hippodrome since he has 
been connected with ihe establishment, but 
the current one lonres the others all in the 
shade. The cllouix Is one of the most realistic 
and striking sensations I have ever wit- 
nessed. The net Ion of the little drama takes 
place in the lake village of Itlpplemcre, 
which Is situated In a picturesque Kngllsh 
county. A "villain" In the person of a 
strong man, Italian, by nationality, makes 
love. to tho newly wedded wife of a young 
and strong farmer. During the wedding cele- 
bration remarks are made of an approach- 
ing storm nnd also of a great flood that took 
plnce years ago, sweeping all before It, but 
all Is forgotten In the moment of merriment. 
Wrestling matches are Indulged In by differ- 
ent town "celebrities." nnd finally the strong 
man challenges the raau who baa won lite 
woman ha covets. Just as tho farmer 
ihi'owtf his man, the storm breaks. There is 
a roll of thunder, sad rain cornea down In 
torrent*, There is a real fall of water. It 
coming from pipes nt the t<m of Ihe house. 
A girl rushes across the stag.; nnd ring on 
horseback, yelling madly ihur the dam has 
given way. Kvcryonc nidier, fur shelter, nud 
In a minute wuii>r 1-011104 from all parts of 
the stage and arena, and the Hood Is on. 
Bridges, trees, houses, cows, hornns, bulls, 
ere,,- nil disappear In the rising waters. The 
spectacle has been hailed by all as one of the 
Klgbts of Loudon. 

Oeorgo Courtney, who has boon In legiti- 
mate drumn and carnal v for some time, will 
shortly make his nppcarance in vaudeville 
in n sketch hn has written, euiltlcd "Mcxl- 
cnu Joe." He will have the assistance of 
three othcra. Mr. Courtney's sister, Maude, 
Is In America, but returns in April to take 
up her Imoklngs ou this side. 

Hart, of Hurt nnd Collins, who was In- 
hireii eight or nine weeks ago in a smaabup, 
Ik stilt at the Charing Ccons Hospital. lie 
doesn't seem to Improve as rupliily as ex- 
pected, and may 1101 ho n bio to rejoin his 
partner, now In Aineroca. for some wckes. 

James Cunningham. Frank Leonard, :iml 
Joe Jenny, of the Ktnplre Comedy Four, wen* 
inada Master Ma*oiH, and got their third 
degree in Scoihind a fortnight ago. 1 be* 
Dove ■•(lie name of the lodge Is tilasgow lira- 
•untie, fiTl, The boys will soon dost* on 
ilrr. AI0H1 & Sioll tour, after which tbev nre 
thinking of going to Monte Carlo, to get rid 
iu som« of their "Bigot ton" wealth. They 
have been very successful In lids country, 
nnd .wll! undoubtedly go over the tour again 
after a fa>nsou In America. They have bad 
n very good offer from Mr. Stoll. 

W, Scott; Adftckcr. who, iducc the death 
of his father, and the retirement from the 
tlriu of John ITuymnii, has carried on husl- 
ItCHM us an agent on Lelceifior Street, has 
now transferred his Interest nnd services to 
Ashlnu's lloyal Agency. Mr. Adoeker will 
net: as manager for the variety branch, lo- 
cated on llenrlettn Street, under the direc- 
tion of Ben Nntliuu. 

lletiero and Theol loft for No-ton Tuestlnv, 
011 the Sitxnnia. On their arrival In Itos- 
ton they will Immediately leave for San Fran- 
cisco for a few weeks' rest before Joining 
the Wallace Show lu Chicago, 

The lhincdln Troupe, under. the direction 
of James K. IHmegln, has sailed for America. 
The troupe bus been engaged for the ltlngllug 
Brothers* Circus. 

A nuitluce In aid of the fund for llie re- 
lief of (he distress occasioned by Courrleros 
Colliery disaster will be given at the Albam- 
bra March lifi. The programme will Include j 
Hiutniiiic Adams, Marie Brema, Vivien Char- 
tn:B. Mnv de Sanaa, Isabel Jav. Violet Ltovil, 
Anule Mars. Jultn Nellson, Kllnllne Terrlns, 
Irene Vanbrough, Arthur no-urchler, Harrv 
Frngson, Seymour Hicks and Fred 'forty. The 
successful Albamhrn ballet, "Parisians." nnd 
the Urbnnora pictures will also be n pntt of 
the hill, 

Hayinan nnd Franklin write me from Ame- 
rica that thev anil for these shores April 
lVi. Their very long period of Imoklng will 
(*onimoncn In Clnsgow. 

Kelly nnd Bono, who nre 1.1 the ICmptro for 
eight weeks, arc one of the laughing hits of 
lite show nt that house. Tho eoaiedy man 
with his chairs and the good tumbling of the 

straight man form an excellent combination. 
SHncs tbsy opened at the Leicester Square 
house they hate booked eighteen weeBVcf 
coDtlnen'tal'tlnie. * . ... 

At Bow aiteet, recently, a man described 
as a" corn- merchant, of Dublin; 1 wsa atrwed 
under syigdlat circumstances. John Dowil, 
tESknFot the Ootl?eum. fiid that MoMay 
night he received a complaint that a man 
sitting at the back of the sttUfa had thro*p 
a pair of. opera glawei on to* the stnge.- i*he 
ncciised admitted havlrur done tht^. addlnc 
ihnt a friend had hot. him that he wouldn't 
do so. The accused wns about forty yards 
away from Ihe stage, and the glasses passed 
over the head* of the people sltrtng In the 
stalls, nnd strnck the flash board of the 
footlights. They rebounded and hit one of 
the members of the orchestra on the temple. 
The corn merebanr was lined $25. ' "■ * 

The learn of Trice and Bevost. which has 
been at the Oxford and Tivoll for many 
week?, has been dissolved for the time being, 
tho straight man of the duo having left his 
partner very hurriedly early In the week. 
Imitators don't always have the host of Inpfc 
in this world. At the Circus Varletr. Co- 
nenhngen, a team doing the same act Is said 
to be making a hit. They bill themselves 
Here 'and I'riroHt, in "Humpstl-Bumstl." 

While the Donaldaon Brothers nnd Ardol!, 
with their company, were crosHlng to Belfost 
enrlv Monday morning, on board the Conne- 
mara, Harrv Allen, one of the members of 
the company, by some means fell overboard, 
and. though the vessel cruised about for over 
an hour, no trace of the unfortannto man 
could be fobnd. Allen was twenty-four years 
of age, and hud been with l>onnldson Broth- 
ers and Ardell eighteen mouths. Ho wits a 
brother to Moray Cash. 

Thft Limited Company, Roth & Co., as pro- 
prietors of the Coliseum. Vienna, give notice 
that the director, Arthur Brill, by mutual nr- 
rnngement, will resign at the end of thl«;snn- 
sou. April UO. but that all contracts mode hy 
hlni for the company will stand: At tho same 
time the company MOM to make known that 
ihev have noinlnnted for the post left vacant 
bv Mr. Brill's retirement, Louis Mlttler, who 
has been connected with the Coliseum for 
many venrs. Mr. Brill will manage Bonach- 
cr's, which will Bhortly undergo very con- 
siderable alterations and additions. 

The cornerstone of the Putney Hippodrome 
will lie laid March 1, by Sir Henry Kltnber, 
M. P. The building will cost ?115,000 or 
more. ' , • 

At tin* annual meeting of the nnckney and 
Shepherd's Hush Kmpires. Limited, a recom- 
mendation 10 pay n dividend for the half 
year, at the rnto of twenty per cout. per 
annum, was passed, and It was decided 10 
place KlS.OOfl to thp reserve fund. 

Waller Cobbon* will open nt Raster a new 
music hall, at Croydon. It was formerly 
known ns the Palace, 

Leipzig, 'he clever mnglcinn, who lately 
provided a real novelty at the Palace. Is laid 
up with n very bad attack of' rheumatism. 
; BUI Heeley. of lleeley nnd Meclj*. returned 
from Hastings diirlne The week", looking ns 
Jit or 11 fiddle.- TiWteam- will rest till April, 
when they onon in Paris -for a month. 




From. Ureadfol p*i«, j-foi*. Mound o» 
Foot -System All Run l^wn-«. 
, wc^ittmrCB^e »,y Cottcar*. '.. 

» Worto cunt sp^aJ- highly eno aRh fo . 
theCuiicojft.E^medies. I am bow S I T 
entytffoy^ofW My system hid 
beoo a 1 ran down. My blood was r.n bad 
that Wool poisoning had sot in 1 ffJJ 
several dootors. attending me, so fitallv I 
went to the hospital, whero I w u falsi 
up for two months. My foot and ankle 
were almost beyond recognition, D^k 
blood flowed ont of wounds ia m-my p)ao ea 
and I was bo disheartened that I ihoocht 
snrely my last obsnee was slowly leiniv, 
ra*. As the foot did not imprcve you can 
readily Imagine how I felt. I was 6 imnl T 
disgusted and tired of life. I stood §B 
pam, whioh was dreadfnl, for sii monthn 
sod dnrind tbis time I was not able to' 
wew n shoe and not able to work. got.. 
one spoke to me about Cnticnr*. The f0!I 
sequences were I bought a set of the Cn 
tieura Eemedies of .one of my frienda, Wno 
was a druggist, and the praise tbat I mn 
after ihe second application is beyond de- 
scription; il seemed a mimole, for ibo Cn- 
tioura Bemedies took effect immedisttlv 
I washed tho foot witb the Cuticnrs Soap 
before applying the Ointment, and I took 
the Besolvent at the asme lime. AfUr 
two weeks' treatment my foot was heaJed 
completely. People who had seen my foot 
during my illness and who have seen it 
since the fare, o<m hardly believe their 
own ejes. Robert rJohoonhouer, Ksstsnt 
g. Y ; , Aqg.21, 1005 " ^ ' 

raoji oi;a own coRUFsroNDr.NT. 

\V enter.! Bureau 
nf the Jiew Vork Clipper. 
Room "01 \«Iilnml Block. Chlcnpro. 
While the week of grnnd opera at the 
Auditorium will have the call In tho amuse- 
ment world; th? theatres next - week oiter 
come attractions of moment, iiichiriinc the 
orlRlnn! production nt the Chicago Oporu 
House of "The Throe Onices." a new musi- 
cal piece, Iik-liv itell comon lo the Cobminl 
with "The Kducatlon of Mr. Plpp." "The 
County Chairman" will open at McVlcitor's 
Kniulny n4g].t, April 1. These clinngoa. with 
the coming nf llnulon Brothers to the Brent 
Northern, In "Fnntann." make up the new 
bills of the week at the down lown play- 
houses, uud complete changes nre offered at 
the vaudeville houses Monday afternoon.- 
SIxty-flvo thoiirtand dollars Is the announced 
figure that .the receipts for Chicago's week 
of grand opera have ulready reached, and 
the nop* still continues. Lost year's record 
week brought in *8fl,(h>P. nnd il was thmtght 
that these figures would never be equalled, 
ns-they. Included two nerformduces of ''Pars!* 
fnl," which, at seven dollara a stut, brought 
in |31,(M)0. King] In*,' nros.' Circus will open 
at the ''ollseum April "j, and ramnln until 
April Uft. 

Illinois TiiEATnn (Will J. Davis, mann- 
K*i>.— Th« well ku.iwu Cii K lL-th aclreris, Olgd 
Nothcrsole, In the attraction' for two weeks, 
commencing Monday, ir. Bho will be sup- 
ported by her own capable English company. 
The lirst week of the engagement will be de- 
voted to '-Sopbo," (he second week slie-a-lli 
prof-out a- repertory of her most popular 
pliiys. .No SuMdii.v i^rfiirntanecs wilt t»» given 
during .Mlvs Noibcrrinie's engagi*u)eiii. Viotn 
Allen, in "The Tonst of the Town." was 
greeted by large audiences during her two 
weeks' stay nt this playhouse, which ended 
with tho Saturday evening performance, 
March U. Itoslnnlng Monday, April 10. and 
for two weeks, H. II. Sot hern and Julia Mar- 
lowe, in Sluikettpoarenii repertory. 

Powkbs' 'I'lii; Aim: (Harry ,L Powers, man* 
agerj. — Kleanur Hobson will bo seen here for 
two weeks commencing Monday, 2. Her first 
week will he devoted tn Clvde Fitch's emu* 
edy. "Tlie Girl Who lias Bvervthlng." iMIsa 
Kobson will present. "Susan lu Search «f a 
Husband** for the last week of her engage- 
ment. MIbb Bobmm'M snpportiug company 
Includes: Ada Iiycr, Laura Clement, Isabel le 
ItlchardH. Viols Savoy. Margaret l'*nBor, Jo- 
seithlno Mack. II. B. Warner, Knrhi Browne, 
Master I»nnld Oullagher and Ruben Fax. 
BHtH Itarrymore. la "Alice Slt-bv-the-Klre." 
closed a fortnight's engogeuienl March ;it. 
During her stay here Sues Barry more was 
favored with big hindncsM, 

AcniTomrji (Mliwnrd Adams, manager), 
— Ilelurlcli Conrlwt's Mciropolltnn (jhind 
npern Co., of New York, is the attract km 
lor one week, commencing Moudav, April 2. 
.TuchrliiK from the liumensu sale, it seeum too 
Imd the eumigeuicnt Is not fur more -than ouo 
week. . The company will present the fol- 
lowing ojverns during the week: Muddnv 
night, "The <Jneen of Shelia ;" Tuesilny night, 
"h mist :" Wednesday matinee, "I>on Pns- 
qiiKle ;" Wedtiemlny night, Wagner's "Lohou- 
grlu :" Thiimliiy eveiilng, "Carmen:" Krhlay 
evening. "T.wca:" Satnrda,v umtlnee, "Mar- 
thn:" Haiurrtay night, "Hneiiscl uud Hretel." 
*"A ximkee Cli-cns on Mars." during Bh mn 
«f a month here, enjoyed Immense huslncHs, 
Another Impor^int entrAgement nt this house 
Is Unit of Mine. Bernhardt, who will open 
here for a week's eugnceincni, eoinmcnclug 
April IU. 

Cnt.nxiAt, TitRATnK (neorge W. Irfderer, 
ninuager). -For two wsn, lieglnulng Hiindnv 
ereiilnii. April 1. Dtghy Itell. supported bv 
Kllon Tracey nnd an excel lent eonipauv, will 
bold the hoards of this theatre, pres'cmlug 
"Tho Kducntlon of Mr. Plpp. 1 ' After n run 
of eight weekH. "The Prince of India" takes 
to ihe road for the rest of nil* hoahou. ft 
proved one of the greatest, productions ever 
?eeo here for acting, stage settings, etc 
Monday, April !.*, and for two weeks, K. S, 
Wlllard. hi repertory. 

flRAKtt Oi-Bni HnrsK (Harrv Askln. man- 
nger).— .Mrs. fiosllp Cnrtor will continue to 
play "Artren" the current week. She la 
seen to fine advantage in ibis sumptuous 
Pelftrco production, and dernbnrUrntoB the 
Irmnoss of hoi' hold upon the nubile. "Ztiiti" 
will he played during the third week ef her 
ongftgehJiht, Which begins Monday, ft. Fol- 
lowing Mm. Carter's engagement. "Before 
ami After," will! Leo Dttrlchateln na the 
star, will he presented. - 
■ RrttimsAitrir TitXATim fB. K. tlnrmpver. 
manaror). — "Ihe College Widow" continues 
on lis prosperous way at this house, There 

Is to be one change lu the cost, Thoom 
Meighsni r»pliiclng Frederick Tniepdeli as 
Billy Bolton. 'ITie bouse Is sold out At Rlainst 
every performance, nod Manager Hiirmcver 
may deride to keep this comedy here for 
the rest of the season. 

Oabdick Theatbb fSnm P. Orson, Btta- 
ogor).— The success won hy Margaret An- 
giln In "£\n" Justifies the prediction that 
the remaining two weeks of the engagement 
will firmly entr?neh her In the favor of 
Chicago playgoers. She Is supported by a 
splendid cast, which Include*! Charles Hal- 
ton. Jameson Leo Finney, Arthur Idwrenro 
.1. R; Crawford. Harrington Reynolds, Jack 
Standing, Harry Hyde, i.ilheri ilemu How 
mil Levis, Arthur Moore, Jjoon Brown \ 
B, Fninklln, William De'ane. Charles Brure, 
aud CAeJffiSj Watson: "Fanrana 1 * follows IS. 

McVirKllR's Tiibatrii (George C. Wnrren 
mnniiKorl,— "The. County Chairman," which 
Is the attraction at this playhouse, commenc- 
ing with the Sunday night performance, 1, 
will remain for two weeks. Theoilore .jab- 
cock Is this season's Hackler, and RIchsrd 
J. Dillon Is Righy. Chnnncev Olcotr, In "TA- 
mund Burke", played to capacity houses ever 
since his opening here, three weeks age. 
Commenclog Sunday night, 13, "Mrs. Wigjn 
of the Ciihbflge Pnfrh.". 

Cimcaoo OrKiiA Housr. (Lyman B, Olortr. 
manager. for JCohl & Caatlc).^At .this IiOhm 
will occur, on- April l\ the original prodac- 
tlon of "Tho-Three GraeeR," nmhxlcai play, 
hy Harry B. Smith nnd Stafford Adams. Tt.e 
cast will include : Trljsio FrlganTO, Mabel 
Harrison, Iji Petite Adelaide, Amy Rlcird, 
John Slavin nnd Frank Farrington. "Coming 
Thrti' the Bye" will continue Its road tour 
after closing here Sunday night. 1. 

La Bai.ui Thf-vtrr (M. H. Singer, mana- 
ger).— "The" Umpire" begins Us eighteenth 
week Sunday. April 1, Next Friday might 
souvenirs will be dhttribated. NORTllKRN Tiiratrk (Fred. C. 
Rborta, raannceri. — The ltanlon llroibers' 
"Kantasma"' J« the bill fnr week of I. Lsnt 
week, "Bankers and Brokers," with Serbs 
nnd Adnrus as the stars, plared tn good 
houscsj. Week of f>, John oud Km ma Bay, 

.Bl-sh'TFjipuj. (Kiizohctli Sehohcr, niunn- 
Ber).-f-' , Quo' Vadis" Is the offering of the 
PJn vers Stock Company for' week of 2. George 
Allison will he the Marcus' Vlulclns, Ad<- 
laido Keim will piny I.ygln. I-ast a'eck. "Tlie 
Ih'itcoa's Daughter * was- presented and well 
played by the Players Hfork Co. ft and 
weeji, 'Tholnvi.'* • . ; . 

AMiAirn.UA Theatre (James n. Browne, 
manager). — "The Way of the Trsnsuressnr 
was the nUt week of '1. Last week "Dangers 
of Working Girls" was the bill. 8 and week, 
"Mru's Enemy." 

Academy (William Roche, manager).— 
Ram*ey Morris* good play. "The Ninety and 
Nine." in the ottering for week of 1. "Ilurm 
ltasius" wits tho attraction last week, and 
enjoyed big houses. "The Cliolr Singer" S. 

Bi.rou Tiris.\TRR (Wllllaii) Roche, mana- 
ger).— "A Millionaire Trunin" w|lt he ihe 
bill here for week of 1. "When ihe World 
Sleeps" snsa last week's bill, nnd scoreil hlg. 
"Hooligan 4u New York" comes for a way 
of one week 8. 

CnuMBfs Tnr.AThK (Welter Bros., ainna* 
ge'rs).— "The Choir Singer" is the attrsciten 
for week of 1. Bussell Brothers clofcd n 
week of excellent business here March SL 
Ward and Vokes, lu "A Pair of Pinks," April 
8 nnd week. 

i'BOPiaB's Thuvtbr (Joseph Pilgrim, man- 
ager). — ■•Thekun" will lie played by the Pen- 
iilc's Stock Co. Tor week of S. tasr weft 
"Sweet Clover" proved u good vehicle for the 
stuck company. For It nud week, 'The I*o- 
mnny live." 

Majestic Theathm (C. K. Prnper, mntni- 
ger for Kua! & Castle). — Business 11 1 this 
pretty theatre Is Immense. Jntues T. hiwers 
and company were the features lu^t week, 
imtitho entire show was eteeiitlnunlly gw»i. 
Bill week of 2: Emmett Corrlgau and esj> 
May, Watson, Hatchings aud Kdwarrts. 
Grand Qparn Trio, tire Alllsoiis, Long n» rt 
Cotton, fllisjiir and .lolabn, J. Francis Dooley 
and Girls. John Birch, Charley Banks, Ihiff- 
ney and Wlllard, Fredo and Pare, and Avery 
KtrakoHoh, the fatuous prlmu tlonun. 
- OLYjii'ic Tubatbk (AI»o Jacobs, mAQiiarr 
for Kohl ft Castle).— Last week's bill drew 
crowded bouses. Bill week of 2: Gua nil* 
J;nais, Lewis M'.Cord and company. 1 "> e 
PlrlwofllH Trourte. Ixnilsc Brobnny, Art -\nair, 
Adair nud Ihinn, Baron's dogs, .Inmi* 1. 
McDonald, Bhuon Ganluor nud •**!*■£ 
Currte Scot*, Ralmuadnnd Good, nnd Joun 

Hatmarkkt Thvitrb ."(«■; W. P»"«£ 
lrnnngcr for Koh! & Castle).— Tlie Ori»«S 
Show broke all records for huslncss st 
vhcatre Inst week. For w-wk of 2 : 4mun 
1. INnruta onrteoinimny, llarovsky »J*JJ 
Hnydor and Burhtey. 1-ilcanor Fnlk. Itn-w". 
Harris and Brown, Jame* Lunts, Oirnnl tua 
(Jnrilncr, Forest Cltv Hnbrte-i-tP. I*"" ""! 
Mae Gordon. Eleanor Burton, ami Anderson 
end Heyiinldii. J „.^. 

IVrKilSAtlOKAt, TltBATBK (W. ». ™^ 

land, manager).— Uud Snyder will liwy 1 ' 
list hero for week of 1, aud SIiohr and ««/ 
rt*n will open their burlesque. "Quo MIR" 
rpsldn Down." Others on the bill tgSlSSm 
Ihy Jardln, De Hnvon nhfl Parker, and BeW" 
and Lenbarr.- Last week's bill wns a *w 
atteactlvp one. ^ rtn ., 

HOffARh TltRATItE (A. F« Vftf^SfilE 

gerL—nillv., TrtrtiP. Dim nuwll. Jjgg ! 
O'Soii. w Inm Orass. in 9>J3ETlfa 
will head next week's bill, the tiBg*. JJ 
Lavlrtes, Bill Whorilpf. nnd Jack and an* 
Gonlou will' also lake .part. _. --n. 

Prtixr TnpvTht: (John A. Foiino-sey. mso 
tiger).— The Fay Foster Co. will be the ri 
traction for week of 1. T4»t w. j» 
Dainty Pares Girls closed a week of P* 01 * 

. 3grs 





St Cp m!3 Mm> 

To YVItllktta ..forHa- Om<r, atop In »n« tf»«r the* *«W 0«i», 

9 9 

H ¥1 


keep on the Gunny aiclo, and lot dull care pat* you by; -.--.: , 

Don't give up hope 'till you've tried. 

Don't Join the crowds that walk under dark clouds, 

But keep on the sunny side. 

- ..figure out you're a long time dead, 
,-• DSh't start to worry or sigh; 
/ Weep, and you weep alone. 

lyi'visle fay THEObORE MORSE. Words toy JAOK ORI 

/ lr > on c«n'l tent In, a, ltd for H. Only three Mocke lieloa, Morrle' oltrt. IJnn'c for fi .i it. I.n.l Ml* pro|r«oinir, iinltaa are know ,ou, e ml Mump nir portage.' Porlllrclr no enrale rrtngnlirit. 

F. B. HAVILAIMD PUB. CO., 126 West 37th St., cor. Broadway, N.Y.0lty. 




OHiwi Aoywhen. 

■ mtmm 

bitrithosA 31: t'ov H ntttJ week, the BvlyndWrB. 

■ THocAtd:ko TilBATnr: (I. M, Weill fatten, 
luunakcrt. — Bob Manchester's Cracker Jrt. s 
closed a week of record breaking bushiois 
**Uturdav, SI. The feature!! i-f Mills show 
ate thc'Dlorkenv who do sonic very clever 
baton juggling. They wertr uitructlve eos- 
lunies, mid easllv M-ored tho hit of.thc show. 
Hob VilU Osten. Lillian Hold. Sllepnrd Camp, 
fleiillliS. Lends and Heiiuly* were nl*><> strong 
futurltes. Week of April 1 the Casino Gills 

will bo the nflVrlng. The show Includes six 

defer comedians. Week, of April S, the Pa- 
risian Widows; ,-..-.. - • 
■■'KI.'so.Vh TtreATiiK (Sid. J. Euson. manu- 
sci). — Buslm*** here 1* grvut. Burlesque, 
\«utlnvillr sat] innate. I comedy make up the 
hill, at lhii< house for week of J. .The Ho* 
he&llah Bel!"r! will give- the performance and 
a Japoawe carnival. "The Idle- or Dlhkj 
Don;"- The vaudeville feature of this weeks 
sbbw will be the Cherry. Sisters. ' 

OUflK.STHEi/r Mbsfcust (Louis M. Hedges, 
immttger).— New attractions will bo found 
la the curb hnll far wees of April ,2. The 
Hon cubs linve drawn, nniuy to 'see them, .in 
the. theatre a dlverellled vaudeville bill will 

■ Lokimx Dime Mmcm (Wllllum J. Sine* 
iwr, tdauuger'.— The follow-big ore In (be 
curio hill wecjt of 2: Prof. Burn's trained 
dogs, Page, elnv modeler; May Temple, tiowcf 
worker, untl Vcno, the magician, lu the the- 
atre* Altec Morgan. Myrtle Breeze, George 
ShertimUi ; .md Hull's niovln? pictures. 

• AMfcnHATtia— *T!ib Utteolu Quartette write 
tint l ttley..iire uiuetluit with pheiiombhal sue- 
rei* through North Ibkotu, and ure bouked 

r-uild'thitll'Keb; 1. HH)T M. F. Cnr- 

rutherM, Joke Hlertiud mid Kdwai-d C. tlny- 
man were tendered tt banquet flt, the Sara- 
toga Hotel Saiiirdiiy RMtt March 24. by 

Mewra. Dixon ti Fields Mlaa WcXnUy 

was a caller, March 31. She will resume her 
road tour after Kn-Jter Wllllum A, Thomp- 
son, who bus uicti . manager for I he Kvemcr 
Music Co. for Heveral months, leaves for N'ew 
York April. 2. to aturt a musical publishing 
boitse hi that elty Tiffany Dugau. ad- 
vance agent for Bob Mauchester'ri L'racker- 
JuckH. huH been lu town two weeks...... 

Stei.ii Muvlinr,' Is ffi-orlug a big hit with 
"You'h; an Indian," hi "Comlug Thro' the 

Ilrp." Mrs jLoiiIs Salllnger, a sister of 

Abo Jueobs, -intinuger of the Olympic Theutre, 
this ylty, dli-d at Sprlrtafletd. III.. Tuesday. 
Muu'lt -T. She w:is tlilrty-nlnii years. Death 

wan .tluo.lo catarrh, of the stomach 

George Castle, who liut> beuu lu Cnllfornlu 
bltiee last Decethber, will return to this city 

about AprH t; George Mtdilleton haa 

bteu fipendJbg th>> Winter In Cnllt'ortila, ami 
Is cxbect«d Imicx here Ih a few weeks.;..... 
"•tffoiH. Mnyptfsl't. Beck utul Murdoch left 
for N'ew York '-City Match 28. Mnx Ander- 

:" » « .-«"ti> , »i" , » -lt»-a| h^m. Allle Ne«e|L 

former leading lady of the liuyiuun anil 
t.ioeket- AHluand Dramatic Co., has been 111 
fcluce I)ee. ]fi, with rheuniatlsm. She wbh 
taken HI at Lima, O.. on the date mentioned 
abovi.-, and arrlvej in this city about six 
wueka ngo, being compelled to come here for 
treatment. Kbe is now making fueornble 
I ivgress, und would in* very hunpy to Mlf 
irom her.iuunv profit;! onal frlemlH. Miss 
Newell was. it member of "The Vauderbllt 
Oip'* company the enrly part of thh uuuaB. 

Slugcv," 2-T, followlhif a week; of- good bosl- 
iieur* done hy "fiutei- s l^at Fight." "Tito 
1 nniiy MtvDoutev" p-M. 

TiATtoHii. iJ. SI. Kelly, malinger).— "Tin? 
Smart Set" plnys n return engauentetit 27. 
"Ben of Hniktin llow Hanrh." hnit kimhI pn- 
trnnage. ''The Night Before Christum*" 'i- 

I'KuPUj'a ((•*. «J.--NlsHi|.xlrdliugi*r. itiann- 
prwn) rtf the Ophmi u»oi 

slued houses \vltilc*swl "llow llt-nfla Are 
lln.keli" last week. "Lured From Ilobic" 

lli.AMiVs Ancil -STUlsitT (M. H. Sdiles-j- 
Inter, maaageri.- -"A Jiacc tor Idfe,':, 2-7. 
"The Kye Wltbesa'" played to bTsj buslnws the 
previous Matt Jflttes KyMe .MeCUhly, in 
"l'liu Uld Clothes Muii," U-M. 

iiAsfa Kbv VMUam tJohn w. Hurt, 

manager). — Ucurgle Mack, In "Trucked 
Around the World"* 2-7. "I'nelc Tom's 
Caolh" renewed old tiemtnlntaiiees to hltr 
bodses last week. "FuBt Life la New York" 

Fo]ti;!'Ai.-(;u's (Miller & Kaufman, uniiia- 
gera), — '*Otit of thi? Fold" will receive tie 
aiilentldiis or the Mtock 2-7, in addition to 
which special lies will be.lntrodured hy Kdnln 
Mlddleioo, Klennur Cullies, Denaette SlsttL-is, 
and Baby Catrlek. "Ml-ii and*M*ouieu," cab- 
luiJSv acted, won mflliy pluudlts from big 
*lzed houses lust w-eek. "Fnnehon, tho 
Crl.'-ki-t," ti-14. 

Stamiaiiu (Durcy 4 Speck, managers). — 
l.e Hoy Sulnmer. siiptH>rtod by the, mock, In 
' 'The Hoy from the W«L" 2-7. ''The Vil- 
lage Varum" did nicely lust week. ''The 
Bowery Newsglrl"* P-ll. 

Mlhybntu HrmtBt UMU Hovnt il-'rohk 
Dtttnunt, nmuunivr).— Duinout's Mltwtrcls will 
put on for the llrst time, 2, two new bur- 
leftjues-— "The Yankee lllppudroine" and 
"Thu Mtlllomilre Baby." Ilugliey Dottgherly 
oml Vie Itlchurds will be the thlel fuu 
niuketa In both hurlesques, "Alice's Wed- 
ding," In which Wllllum Henry Bice appears, 
Is still euntlauenl. 

CAulMo (LlituH, Koenlg A Ledcrcr. ronmi- 
gers).— The City Sports 2-7. In the olio 
are: The nittott-Ituyee Troupe, Wlnchev- 
miiu's aiilmulB, tbe .Casino Comedy Four, und 
the J.tck.Tlieo Trio. Last week Bob .Mun- 
chestrt'a Yunity Fair Co. furnished mi enter- 
taining show, to good lluttuclal results. Tho 
Lid Lifters b-14. 

Kllmn (II. T. Jordan, mnuoger). — Tho 
FudetU' Oreliestra is continued us the bead- 
Ihicr for week of 2, la uddltlou io Louisa 
Montrose and her Aiito Girls, Hurry Atklu- 

"Hdbes lit Tojland" 11, "Not Like oilier 
Olrls" 12. 

Ptntaok (Win. B. I'yle. mnttngor).— "Tho 
Three MMMket«pr*<." Fugene , Kiuniutt, Kdw. 
Cn^sitfly. - tin* Xiiles, the klnetngrnph and' Mfty Alihutt. the GeorglA iimgnet, n>m- 
pi-iiicil the bill that drew to capacity/ nil Inst 
week. ■ 

nieur t:. It. natter Mkathig rink. 
lUHnayftnent W. II. Bartholin : earou»el 
and iljriire eight, owned by Anlhtmy & 
AlbMitiit. of Phlladetplila, I'.t. : Tnbeugmt 
t.'ij ; - management ., Wn, K.Lounh: the old 

11 H Oil 

The EIIim ui-e inahlog prepanuhiUs to 

31 vo Mntlllger 'V, W. DltikliiH und Jos Mml- 
i*t), tif tlii< rt'ipl.'tn*. a rare good night at 
Die Ihut TuiL week <■{ P. 

mill, dancing pavilion, oitt door mew ifree 
management .1. W. Johnxoti. .Mr. .tidiimo 

Wllki-s.|lHrpc,--At tin* Nesbltt (II, A, 
Brown, utii linger I ''Tlie nnht>ulnn*' pleased. 

will hIwo 'iirsuni" the duih'H of general sulier- 

eleel rlelty. Thr 

lllehr-lleU Tlinitre (new), ftir viiuilevllle tully, 

intendent of- gMiunds and 


The Holier* Hrothcr* lu Irelnnd" had H. 
t. (' 

"The Little Duchess" April tt, W- II. Crone 

B. 0. ■'Ilnp' 
tood hotine, 

H to I he 

Ward. In "The flrufter_. 
"York State fwhr March 81. 


1. Hunt's Baud U, "How Hussla Lost" 11), 
"The Ylrgliiluii" ill. 

Ghano, OeKUA Ihtisi: (H. A. Brown, man- 
agorj.— Florence Bindley hnd good houses, 
and "Cosifesslons of u Wife" drew 8. It. I). 
Ferdinand Omhiim week of April . 2. "A 
Bagged Hero" »-n. "The Hbow U irt*,' 12-14. 

Altoonft.— At the New Mlklilcr (J, C. 
MUliler, tpnnager) "The Wlxattl of On," ffll: 
■The Little l>iictiess," 27, fthd the "lMul 
Jones" Opera Co., 2t', ull fnred welt. Jack 
O'Brien and company :.u. Iludley'.s mining 
pictures Jit, "Miirchlng Through Oeorgln 1 * 
April !l, "Hoblh Ilootl" 4, linrrv Bonvftnl, 
in a new production. Bl "Girls Will Ho 
Qtw* H, Eva Tanguay T. 

Kr.KVRNtit Avksvh (I. ('- MlHhler, mnna- 
ger). — Tlic Ihtcmdtlotml stock Co. came 
March 2d, ,tvt ttfo weeks. Hustncss vta$ 
very good Iftst Aveek. 

> - — ■ 

Wllllnmoiiort. — At Lycoming Opera 
House' (L. J.. Flfk, .lutthager) the, Elltvoods 
had fair busluess Murch 2U. Hadley's ple< 
tures drew well 28. . "The Little Duchess" 
played to good returns 80. "Under Southern 
Skies" :il. ttqsabcl Leslie Co. week.. of April 
2. De Wolf Hopper *J, »oirls Will Be Girls" 
12,,"The Fatal W'eddlng" 14. 

Enstoii.— At the Able Operii House (W. 
IC. DetvVlllei', lUitungerl Burr Mclntosli. 2(1, 
delivered his lecture on the Orient, to a 
pleased audience "York Slate Folks," 27, 
pleniVHl greotlj. Llltlaii, Bluuvelt April 0, 
Bennett A Moulton Stock Co. 0.14. 



ami various ntln-r smnllci- attractions, ninttse- 
iiients and. games will be under the manage- 
ment of the Athletic 1'nrk Amuscinebt ('p.. 
Lid. I'flptalu Lewis »uUch the entire de- 
velopment wilt be run on the most modern 
llni-.-. Tin 1 In ndsca plug Is under tlm dlree* 
Hon of A. J. t hither, scenery by .1. Constan- 
tine, while Ettille Stter, one of the numt 
prouihunt local newspaper scribes, has been 
acteeied as pre**, representative. 

Notk*. — Chits. K, (l*nrNoiii Davles Is visit* 
Ingttot Spring, in search of health, but Is 
ex petted back for the grand opening or Alb- 

letle Park Manager Dowllug. on. 1 , of 

the mi.wt popular attflrhc* at'ouiul dny of 
the incal theatres, has bo'ii made inuniger of 
the Grand for the Spring season. .. .Chuiles 
Jlussetr, a trnpexe iwrformcr, nt tempted sui- 
cide »n two different occasions hern : March 
2(1, Mrsr by Irving to cut ills throut, untl 
nfierwnrd bv Jumping Inlo the CKv Park 
Lake. His nttempt was frustrated each 
time, and he was committed to thy llou^e of 
Detention, where he will be exumliml ill 
to his sanity. ... ^. The concert which was 
io have been given ut the French Ojiern Home 
27 by llotirl Martehu. violinist, and .lettu 
tiarardv, Yelllsi. had to !>«• called off. ijm the 
two stars arrived several hours late, and left 

liiimedlntely for St. Lotils Ilnltllbg Nel- 

sod, neconihnnied by his manager. Tom No- 
Inn, were rb'ftcent CUy urrlvuls 2(1, Hi I'oiUe 
to. 'Frisco. Tim tighter called on uiniiv of 
111 profi'itsdonnl friends during IiIh stuy here. 
......The local lodge of Llkt attended the 

grlLinl opera performanee 28, und presented 
Mortinier Kunw with a haudaonie pair of sil- 
ver Elk cuff buttons, while Lester Lohergun 
was the recipient or it targe gout, from the 
same donors. Muj. E. S. Cobb made the pre- 
sentation speeches. . 

I'.llsuhelhi- U Hii» Lyteuiil. "A Wlfn'a 
MifhO" come to ralr ri'tnriis Mnrvh 2d. A flee 
Thonilou, the lead In (IiIh coui|wnv. Is III- 
1 1**1* place was illled hv nil iintlerNtttdy. "As 
Told in. the Hills" tuiue 2H-I11, to fair htlal- 
uiits. "New York by Nlglil" April 2-4, "Tim 
Irish Pawnbrokers" B", Black ('took Jr. P. 

JACoiiN.-r"A Craiy titty" Mrtreh 27, "Tits 

i'll" ;it, "Trllhy** the Nun ufterrtooti. "The 
'ower Behind the Throne*' April 2, "Whut 
Inppetieil u Joon 4. I 

Notk. — Lew Harris, assisted hy W. Haw- 
Hy; will start Anrll H fur Cincinnati, with 
■Aral tli" Cfititlneiit" ,»tid the Illusion. 
"Iwpr.V'.wltli Jot*ephlno Hedltio, They will 
join liieMledt OoArtll .Oh In Clncliinall, 
nrn\ open IS for week, und thence «h iOuU 
over a full srasotVior bookings. All of the 
piirupherti'ilhi. arehlt! piilntlhg, etc., has been 
dune here, under tho management of the 
Lyceum Amusement Co. 

Pnterson. — At the Empire (A. M. BrUR- 
eemnn, innnnger) bill for week of April i: 
ItoRP Stahl ntid eonnmhy, Wllltrun-. un l 
Ttieker, Nicholson and Norton, (leu. II. U'uou, 
Wills and Hassan. Young and Brooks, ,Iuk- 
uling Matthews. Iterney and Steele, and the 
Vlnntogrnpli. Large house* Inst week. 

l,vci:i'M (G. M. .Me.Mnnus, mnnuget-i. — "A 
Cunvlcl's Dutnthtor" drew ■ml huu-te* Murrh 
'ill-UN. "Texas" was well received IHWH. 
"Hnbliiil the Musk" April 2-1, "Human 
Hearts" 3-7. 

BtJou (J. H, ttnwley, mannger).~Tlgnr 
Iillles drew good houses last week. . Titoplaiii 
week of 2. Parisian lleltea to tollow. 

Family (John J. HuberUiH. mutisgerl.-- 
HmlopM blat week was big. BUI week of 'J: 
Versatile DuO, the Great Hplllt. Piiullne Blcis- 
sont Joseph Sohmers, Girl la Orbnu and tlio 
eliicniatogripn, .' 
4 .» 


♦ '» 


son. Crane Bros., Ulocksom and Burns, Macy 
' Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Esuiohde, In the play- 
let', "lit' Alaska :" Cherry and Bates, Kleco- 

ni|d 1 


PUIUdolybla. — Several productions, new 
to tlijs glt^j will occupy the utteutlon of the- 
atpgoers April 2-7, ..They are : Kayoioud 
Hitchcock, dn ''The.Galloper,'* at the Gftfr 
rick; "A Yapkeo -Clrcua^on Mars." ut the 
Gnnd Opera. .House: Bertha. Kalleh. In 
"Theme naciuln," at the Lyric; Sousa a 
operu, , *Ttio Free Lance," at the Chestunt 
Street 0]H.'ra House, und "The Pink Hus- 
.sars.*' at the Chestnut Street Theatre. 

CiiESTKiT mimm OrmtQ House (Nixon & 
Zlmuierinnu. iunnagfrs>. — IiOcul audlenees 
will have their Ilr-st view. April 2, of Sousa a 
"Tho Free Lanco." lu the CMt are: Joseph 
Cnwihorue, Nelln Bergen, Albert Hart, 
J emetic I-owrle. Felix Honey, Luuls Hulues 
and George Tullman. The eugugement Is Tor 
two weeks. "Korty-llve Mluutes from Broad- 
way** oiideil its successful two week;-* stay, 
enpucllv busiiu-ds ruling during the entire 
furinhjlir. . The M«t>k and Wig Cm of the 
Ualverslly of Pcnusylvauia, In "Shyluck & 
Co., Hankers." 30-81. - 

Lvnic (Messrs, Schubert, managers).—- 
Bertha Kiillcb. In "Monnn Yunnn." revealed 
herself 10 local audiences as a tragedienne of 
tlio Urst stump, and was the recipient or much 
favorable comment by the press and public 
The same play will be continued until (">, 
when '■Thereao llaquln" will be put on for the 
rest of the week. . Arnold Daly, lu "Anus 
mid the Mini." 1M4.- 

Hiioad (Nixon * Zimmerman, managers). 
--James K. Hackctt nud Mury Munuerlng. lu 
"The Wails of Jericho.** ore -In their third 
and last week. Andlcnecs have bceb of good 
alze. "The Girl Pnlsy" arrlvcn.Q. 

CmiBTmrr mBbl (Nixon & /.Immerman. 
inauugerH). — "The Pink Hussars, or Ilia 
Honor, tho .Mayor," after Us Chicago run. has 
Its llret local preacnlntton 2. It will leimila 
for three weeks. May Jrwlu. Ih "Mrs. Blnck 
Is Buck," bud a fortnight of flue business. 
Wlitard S]»euccr'.i "HosuTlc" 2U. 

G%uainK (Frank Howe Jr.. manugen.-— 
Raymond Illtehcoek, In "Tho Galloper, will 
w seen for the Hrst time locally 2. "J»e 
Little Gray Lady" ended a two weeks stuy. 
to guod uverage business. 

walslt (l*rank Howe Jr.. manager).— 
'■1'he itedskin." T-hlch , eelled fortli many 
fcvornblr comments and evoked much up- 
pluuiw from koisI slaed honsrs. Is In Its 
hccouU niul last week. The acting of Tyrone 
I'owcrs. Kcilierlnc Grey and Claude Brooke 
Ik n boteworlliy feature of the producllon. 
"'right I-orlmer. In "The Shephdrd Mug." 

PAhK (F. C; Msmt-Nlrdtlhger. nmnncorl. 
— "In Now York Town" 27. "Busy lwys 
Ynrntloii." wit Ir'.leorun- Sidney, drew big mat 
wii-k. WHIIuirs end Wiilkcr, In "Abyssinia, 

Giiakd Ol-niiA H018K CO. A. Wegefuctb. 
uinuugi-r).— The house will Ik- dark on 2. 
upenlns; the follo.VIng day u-lth the big 
Tbomusoo A Duudv speeincle. "A \uukcc 
Circus on Mars." The eogugcuieut win cuu- 
iintic durlug the entire mouth, with mutlncs 
dully. The oerforuiH-* wlil- liitrluih: : Colonel 
Bordcverry. Cottreil-l'owellf. Mile.. Maniuls 
Ironies, o'Meers Hli-tvru Barlows etculmu *. 
t'ltlre Hellot. Woodward's seals, Caleedo. Jtn 
GrAitlsi'hiuldls. und Ailalph. Last Week "tteii- 
tlerinuil" i\ttiif fali'li well. • • 

Giiunn Aven.-k ■(MlUcr k Kntifman, tnnn- 
n-ei-n).-- -PlniMnre Bindley. In "The Str-er 

bono's horses, und the kfnetogrnph. 

BlJuti (George W. Blfe, manager.. — Wash- 
lugton Society GlrlH 2-7. Frank B. Carr's 
Thoroughbreds did splendidly last week. The 
Jolly Glrla: 11-14. ' • 

- Lrcauat (JohnO. Jermou. limnnger). — Tho 
Itos» Hill English Folly Co. 2-7. Ilarry 
Bryant's Extravaganza Cu. did fairly good 
the pruvlous week. The Ttansutlantlcs 0-14. 

TnocADBiio (Fred Wilson, mahagert.— The. 
Broadway Gaiety Girls week of 2. The Jolly 
Grass Widows played io citpnelty, 

Bon Ton (Lniiim Tyson, mu linger L— The 
hill for week of 2 includes; The Burkes, 
Mattlue and Tyler, the Khisners, Meuella, 
Van and Burdvtte. Joatc Alien. May Bell, 
Dale and Rossi, und moving pictures. 


klns, manugert.— The , female boxing bouta 
are continued In the curio hull for week of 
3, In addltiou to a reproduction of the Nel- 
sou-MeGovem light, Wyoming . Jock and 
Pr.tlrle Nell, lu a Wild Wett exTilblllon; Bot- 
tlnere's marionettes, Ernest, magician-; Hairy 
Ln Mrti-r, equilibrist: Mile. Nava, lire quoflii, 
and Lew Wvgttiid, uiiislelan. lu the theatre 
are: Al. Mllsoii, Byron and Blanch, Fred 
Bowinau. tho lilllotls. Stevens und Keeley, 
Lewis- aud Wallace, and Lubln's clneoRtuph. 

A'pTKS,— The fee* theatre for. Nixon & 
Xltiiinerman, to l« erected on the site of the 
Llpplucott mumdoii, will bo known us tho 
"Forrest, "' in honor of Edwin I-orrest, the 
tragedian. The title |.s u parileutnrly ilt- 
tlng on 1 , pfl the trugeilluu was it resident of 
lids elty. and It lu here that the object of 
lils benlneeuee, the Forrest llou)-}, is located. 
All the necessary rontracts for the ertetMM 
of the ulavliutise were slgueil last week, and 
It Is expected that I he work of erection 
will be begun by May 1. It Ik hoped 
Io have the theulre ready for occupancy 
In the Fall, with IL H. Irving us the open- 
ing attraction, A churlcr has been graiit- 

ctrto the Central Theatre Co.. which wilt 
rnt-l a Yiddish thenlre uti u iwrtlou of the 
Free (junker Cemetery, ut Firlh and Ucust 
Streets. The corporal Ion has a nipltal Htock 

of st2r>.00<>. '.Lillian Tyson, mauuger of 

the" lion Ton. Is slowly rccoverliiir from n 

severe itttuek or pneumonia. New lork 

and Boston capitalists. It Is rumored, am 
looking for a site hero to arcct a big skating 
rink. ■ 

Sei-nattt"-— At the Lycemii (A. J. Titiffy. 
manager) Wm. IL Crane Ajrfll 3. "The Little 
Dtirhrss," innllnts* and evening. 1 : Nana s 
Band, mnltm-e and evening. 7- ""l*"'^* 
BrolherH hi Ireland." Mnrdi 30. had H. II. O. 
■Hup'" Ward, 31, was well received. 

AtAOBJtv (A. J. Duffy, manager .-The 
T> Vomit- Cu. week of April 2. Moreucc 
Ulndlev, Maw* 20411, haoTemi houses. 

Stan i.ilf. G. lleirlugton. muiiagcr .— 
riaHc'n Ttlliuiway Girls week of April 2. r ho 
Dalutv Duchess, lust week, was received by 

1Ur KHiL , Y ,lt ( , Dan I*. McCov. manager).— Week 
or J : Thrve Vulcntlnes. Drake's bears, Den- 
Iln «nd i;i»ootl, und Williams Duo. Business 

ra, fclTtf-ne«o.Iat.ons for the nun-base 
of ilie l^eenni and Arudemy ore still open, 
wJtli ehauccs for settlement ul un early date. 

' S '■■ ' • 

UimWitttBii ' ftt the Fulton Opera House 
(<"m« A. Yi-ckcr. manager) the Myotei-lons 
MppuiwHk Hnd viuidcvllle company had very 
mod business Mnreh 20-1)1 . Tim Hostonliliis. 
fn -Itoblt! Tlt-od;" April ft J Lillian Blunvrlt, 
i„ "The Rim of IN Alhaiabra. 0. 

PAtttt.T (Kd. Mozart, muuageri.- Current 
altracllons liiehule: The Faust l--iirriHy ( Tore- 
ador Duo. Four Sliauutiii% (.oldcw anu 
Hitghet. Wll's aud Barron. Hurry. Green, and 
aiiKlug pictures. 

— i * — f 

York.— At the York Obcra House (B. C. 
Pentx. numnger) Maty Marble, In "Nniier 
Brown," Match 27. pleused. "Uncle Josh 
iilinnUnH" 28. WHIInms anil Walker bad n 
vef* large luift* 2». "A Poky Trnmp." !*.», 
hniJ fair huslnesfl. Shepfljrd'ft moving pie- 
lafti* 31 "The Kinir »f l?nfnie« ApvIL 7, 

Sew Orleans.-— At the Tnliiue (W. IL 
Howies, manager) Lulu Glaser, In "Miss 
Dolly Dollurs, opeued a week's engagement 
Murch 20, to u large uudlence. and big busi- 
ness followed throughout: the week. Tho 
popular little uctress wna given many curtain 
chlls. Grace George, lu "Tito Marring.; of 
Wlllloiii Ashe," April 1-7. 

L'i;];.sc.,N'c (w. IL Howies, mauuger).— Lew 
DockHtOder aud his big orgunlxatlon of min- 
strels, opened u weeks engagement March 
2ft, to capuclfy, and a big week's business 
followed. The aggregation of burnt cork 
talent mit-roundlng popular Lew Docksindi}.' 
furnished a most pleasant evening's enter- 
tutumetit, und won much appreciation. "Bus- 
ter Brown" April 1-7. 

0>if>fc.\WALO (Henry Gn-euwahl, muuuger>, 
— Wuldron's Troeadero Burlesipiers last week 
had good business, The olio was exception- 
ally strong. The Jersey Lilies April 1-7. 

Giunu Oj'eua tlui:^i, (Lonergau & Htiow, 
uiuiiugcrs). — Letter Ijoiicrguu itnd Mortimer 
Snow, the two well known uetors, unsnmcit 
the management of ibis playhouse March 
2ft. for a brief Spring engagement, Mr. Lon< 
ergeu assuming thu luaiiiigcuient of tho stag.; 
department, while Mr. Know looks nfter the 
front of the, house. The attraction 2.V.H 
was "Sapno,'' with Lester Lonergan as Jean, 
uud his wife ( Alii?': Treat Hunt) as Fanny 
Le Grand. The opening performances Hint- 
lne<! and night were greeted by S. IL O. 
iiiulloiuvs, and n big week's business fol- 
lowed, showing the high esteem In which 
this dui of acior-mnmigers ure held by tho 
Crescent City theatregoers. The supporting 
* ■mn pun v was up to Oil the requirements, 
while the play was handsomely staged and 
costumed. "Fnblo Houmnl" April 1-7. ■ 

Lyme (CnSenwald A HnldiVlu, munngers). 
—The bill for last week, "Wedded But No 
Wife/' wus ably prescuied by the Baldwin- 
Melville Stock Co. The ois'iilng iwrfonnnnen 
wus greeted by capacity business, and large 
audiences applauded the comedy drama 
throughout tho week. Under the personal 
stage direction of II. Percy Mcldmi. the 
play wut handsomely staged, wlillo (he scenic 
effects, from the hand of Louis if. Felt, were 
deserving of special mention. "Whut Women 
Will Do" April 1-7. 

Oai-ttKt-M (Martin Beck, general manager). 
— The bill last week rtas a strong one, nnd 
scored heavily. Good business ruled all week, 
Keyirleat MiiuiiRfr Tom Winston wus well 
plnnscd. Bill for week of 2 : Fanny Hhc, 
Julie Ulug mid H. Itolund Sergeant, Wynne 
Wiuslow, Clifford n.nd Burke, Hnpiiy Jack 
Gardner, Dlonue Twin Sisters, und McCue 
and Cahilt. 

Atiii.utic P.\ak (A." W. Lewis, "manager., 
— The I'resrenl City Is to hove this season 
what It, ha.1 olrt'tiys needed, but never had, 
liud tiuii Is it ih'it class Summer purk. wllh 
many up-to-date altractlous, novelties and 
Hrst class vaudeville. Cirptuln A. W. Lewis, 
of Boer War Spectacle fame, wus tho orig- 
inator of this glvantlc uUdertnklng. and Tt 
was he who came here uud organized the 
Athletic Park Amusement Co.; I/td„ to build 
Urn park Chus. F. (Parson) Dnvlra Is also 
lutorcsted, and Is u director of the cm. 
piny. Ground was broken some weeks uro 
to bnlld a handsome casino, fronting tlio 
nrilthdnl lake. M-here nothing hut high ehn>s 
vuutb'vlllo will ls> presented. The bandstand 
hits been built out 10 the centre rtf the hike, 
where Prof, Annand Veu ale's Concert Haiui 
will give nightly concerts. The entire park 
will be under the personal direction mid in. m- 
ngeuient of Capibln A. : W. Lewis, who ut 
pri'tieiit has a force or about one hundred 
carpenter s, eicctrh-lnns. iaechnnlcs. lal>oii-i-s, 
gardouers. etc., rusb,lntf the: many buildings 
and lawns lu coniplcllnn for the ommhtg, 
which will In- April 'J,",, the closing ix-lng tiu- 
nouiiced for Oct. 31. Captain Lewis Is Islng 
cungratiilulcd on* all sld^-s. Among -Hie ul- 
(rjLlloim so fa'r on tho grounds are: "Fight- 
ing Ids FlnhicK," apoefaele. "Hruptlun of 
Mont IVIee." "tlrcwork display, mrtiiugenjent 
Wm. 8. l/»j*toa : Trsier'a circle swing, wot* 
ugement Aulouto Patortio Jr.; "KutZ';nJam- 
mcr Kid Castle." management Gun rvbiuonu 
Jr. i loop the loop, management of 1'dwnrd 
It. lv>iK'tK tours of the.tvprlj), Wm, T^-lglitou's 
picture an-ude. "Old Heidelberg." German 
tiling*. chrVillitg yrtllery. nil under MUMaie- 
incut i>f,J, K. Loviifuiii-): American box ball 
entne. Imtnpr B. It. gnme, management of I J, 
K. D*»*.n:- postal -photo (mllcrv, manifje- 

"ieiTiirk. — At the Nmvnrk ILat Ottolengnl. 
manager) Frank Daniels, lu "Sergeant Brue,' 1 
April 2-7. Lillian llluuvelt gave fall- audi- 
ences n line musical treat, lu "The Rose of 
Uie Alhambrn," last week. The tbentru will 
be closed week of P. , 

■"d-'MHUi; (IL H. Hynms, mannger). — Louisa 
(Allen) Collier, Dowar's cats sud dogs, sit- 
verton, Oliver Troupe, the Howai'tlis, Swift 
and Buckley, nud the Boldens. Lotila Mann 
and dura Lfpuiuh drew fairly good audi- 
eni-cs, In "Julio Bbn Hon," lust week. This 
theatre will ulsu Ije closed' week of 9. :■ 

I'liucmit's (F. F. Pioclor, manager),— 
Hill ww.-k of 2: Fred Wultuii, the (llltiseret- 
tls, Geo.. AY. Day, Kdwlu Kcuiigli uud com- 
psny. Melville Kills, Clarice Vutice, Alfred 
Arneseii, add Brown and Nevnrro. 

Culi'miiia (M. J. Jacobs, manager),— 
"Hnjipy Hooligan's Trip Around tho world" 
2-7. The Fays succeeded lu nivsllfyltig 
crowds every night lust week. "Ilttmiiu 
lleaytk" U-M. 

Bi.ANBy'n (J. IL HiKkrui, nwiingsr).— 
"Texas" 2-7. "The King or the. Opium Ring'* 
drclv fairly well lost week. "SburldanKeene, 
Detective,' 1 0-14. i 

'W.1LDMAN.N'B (W. S, Chirk, HBUH), — 

The Dainty Duchess Co. 2-7, ThH.;Golden 
Crook played n reiuru dale last week, nnd 
almost doubled their former business. Clark's 
Buna ways 0-14. 

■■ i »■ » '— -■ ' 

Trenton. — At I he" Taylor Opera House 
'Montgomuiy Moses, mannger) "The Clans- 
man" March III. Win. 11. Crane April- 2, Lil- 
lian Bhiuveit" 3, "The Old Homestead" 11, 
"Babes lu Tuylnud" HI. 

Stati; Stiikj.t (Frank Hlmltcrs, mnnnger). 
— "Tha Irish Pawnbrokers." March 20. 27, 
bud fair business. "Ilnp" Ward, In "Tho 
Urrtfter," 2M, pleased blif houses. "MeFnd- 
deii's Flats,'* 2P-:tl, did wall. "Human 
Hearts" April 2, S, "Busy lzzy's Vacation" 
4, "A Crown o| 'llionis" ",-7. 

. Tiikkt O'hlv-ard Henlon, manager). — Bill 
for U und week : Kitty Trailer. Louis* Dresser, 
Jack Norworlh, Village Choir, Yah und 
Aldeu. Hh-o and F.luier. i-'ellx, Harry aud com- 
pany, aud blograph. 

iiMitniiiipnlls. — At Kuellsh's Opera Houso 
(Ad. K. Miller, imilmgcr) CH'gn Nuthersote, 
March 20-2S, iippenred Io very big lmslnc**. 
Kyrfa Hellew. lu "Bullies," 20. .10: John 
Drew .'II. Thomas JeflVrHou April 2, II, Howe's 
"Llfcominu" 0. 7. 

I'aiik (Dickson It Tn I inil i, managers). — 
"Tim Durulur's Dangliler." 2U-28, wits well 
pnlroiilgeuT "In Gay Now York" 20-I11, Billy 
11. Vun 4 In "Tim Hrrnml Boy," April 2-7. ' ■; 

OtiAsn .Ot'BiiA Hoi'si; (Sharer Zlegler, niuii- 
dgpri, - ■Walter Jones and Mahle llfii-'s sing- 
ing und dancing specialty caught on big Isst 
week. 'Iltn Le Brim Grand Oiwrit Trio was 
another big feature. Miles and Morris, Her- 
bert's dogs. Hut Merrill-, Steely, Duty and 
Cue, MIrzl Volt WeilKl, tho 1 lacker- Lester 
Trio, iiml tlio bioscope- lllled out a bill that 
drew full houses, The Drphcutn Show, with 
ftdward Davis nud company us un uxtru at- 
traction, Wfi-k of 2. 

Rui'uii: (Clins, /Iniitiermun, muiiHKer). — 
Miner's Amm'h'nns. with Ihu (Heat Cuinilng, 
drew big business last week. The lloht-hil|lbs 
week of 2. • 

NoTK.—IltibchHtcIn gave a plnno n-cltiil at 
Cubic Mills Hall, 28, to a 1'ii'ge uud uptlre- 
clutlve audlenci'. 

1 1 » • '■■'■ « —■ i 

l-:rniiavHlf.— Al tlio Grand (IVdley & 
Hurcb, iriunngers) "Before and After," Murch 
24, gave satisfaction. .Adiduhle 'Iliui-stou 
plc.islid DO. Jeff Da Angel Is, lu "Funtauli," 
.11 : Mine. Mniilelll April 2. 

Pi;oi'U:'h (Peilley & Uurch, managers). — 
I'nnrnioiis crowds let see "Me, Mini aud I," 
March 20. The Lyman Twins April 1. 

llijuti (Geo, Sell In gcr, niniiugerl. — H. It O, 
business. Bill week of .Murch 2ft Included 
Mile, riorrlnn nnd her trained uuluialx. 
Freilo and ihtre, Limy and Lueler, Clnik 
Goiidy, Gonzulus, Kit Corson, and the kino- 

livANS Ham, (Hnrry W, Wright, manager). 
—This -kilting rink In packed. Week of 25 
hnd Buby Thelmii. In sluglng, buck and wing 
dancing, as the main attraction. 

N'lTt:.-— Tli" Wells Hljmi Is rapidly gaining 
headway, mid the ground Is almost ready to 
begin building operations. 

iioboken. — u the Lyric (II. 1'. Soulier, 
nianugeri "Texas," March 2r>-2N, had good 
results, "The Irish I'nwniiroxcrs" was duly 
uppreclated 20-»l. Violet Hllsoti. Din Duals 
Klstcrs nud the Baroness Von Sileber deservo 
special mention for tlielr clever work, "Me- 
Fadden's Flats" April 1-4. "lleldndTlfl Mask" 
r»r7, "Young Buffalo" H-ll, Irving Place Co. 
12, "Clislcr> Last I-'lKlit" in- IS. I • 

PiMPiHK (A. M. Biuggeiuuuti. proprietor), 
—Hill week of 2 : Coin's dog pantomime, 
Hossow Mlilgcl*. Fight Vnssiif Girls. Godfrey 
nnd lleiiflrr'win. Flehls and Wunlcyj Dora 
Pelleiler, nnd the klitetnoruph. "Tht: Ludy 
nntl the White Horse." canceled last week. 

NofBK.— 'the Military Octette iniiile a bit 

at the Kiuplro Inst week Manager H, P. 

Soulier has purchased Hie property ndjolnliu, 

the Lyric Theatre Properly Man Charles 

Dlus. of the Lvrlc, has ls'en offered a large 
sum of money by the town of tluverstraw. 
N. Y., for the death of his brvlhrr by the 
recent loud slide. He wtis u iiieiuls-r of thn 

lire ilbpurlmcnt A. M. Brtiggenittnii bus 

his plans mid. nil f|ie necessary ground pur- 
chased for bw new Ibciilre on Jorsey CHy 

Heights Will Morrison, of Iln* New York 

Hippodrome forces, Is Inking n Utile Oyer III 
I.'nioti Hill, SuUduy nlgbls, with soiUe good 
variety tuleul. 

,. m — ■ B — ' — ■ 

Jrraey r K>. — ICdwart) IJnrrlgon's many 
loyal friends and well wishers packed Hie 
Academy io repletion during hist week. "Old 
Lavender" svas us hUerndluf us In years 

fine hv. Harry Clav Blam-y nud "'nm Hoy 
: r- ] 1 1 1 1 ■ I the Gnu," brottghl an llumeilse en»- 
eoiirse of iifiju)n, I -j Hie BIJou. At I lie Hon 
Ton Ilie WaNrilugtou Society Girls reuped u 
bcnlncent barvcaf. 

Acaokxt (if. K. Henderson, mnuawr).-— 
April 2-7. '!The Curso of Drink." with \\ 
Aug. Anderson; "A Crown of Thorns" b-14. 

Q»oM Ubhn WAlloiniea prt-prlctor).-i- 
" 'Wnv Dowh Kast" S-7, "Kluj* of the Opium 

Ibis Ti-:.- (T, W. Tonkin*. maniiger).--Thc 
■TWat LIH«» 2-T. the l.'iopluhs M« 

.Sarin. -T)u- Ki.if'nv* und the Sl\ I'uliys 
nre the principal lirailllncra for -tlio pollco 
nnnofil iK-iiffH ftiiid. 1 tit the fjljoii. week of 1(J.' 

n*or« Wiiync,— At I he Temple Theatre 
(Frank H. Blonder, luiinuger) good business 
biHt week, with Mel lee und Collins, Nllhi 
Barbour. Jiiuich T, Dervln, Die Miislenl For* 
rests, tho DkIIih, and Hie Myslcrinu* l)ld». 
BUI week or April 2: The 'I'liree Westoiis, 
Dell und l-'endii, Iteiiimtt SJsieis, MiirtnielH 
und KyH'eMter, and Cook nud Stevens. 

NnTKS,~-Thn Fort Wayne Wabash Valley 
Trnrihm ffompanv Iiiin engaged Frank I.. 
Sfpiidn*. of t |ie Temple Theatre, to pilot tho 
Bifbliison P.ti-k Theatre Ihroiigb the com In g 
Hummer season. Mr. Si under will be «s* 
idsM-d Oy Ueoi-ge II, l-'lsber, ns slage laonn- 

gi-r Nllia Ibii'lmnr, descrlptlv voriillst 

itt the Temple Theutn' (he past season, 1ms 

lenlgnud, ffnd will be stipfi deil by Marnnret 

Maun Cll/n nml Clmrlle Nestel. >■; this 

tliy, have signed tn unpen r In tho White 
City, Chicago, the couilng season. 

»>» . 


Newport. — At the Newport Opera House 
f rutin * Cro*s, managers) "The Ktrrnal 
City." March 20, drew fair business. "The 
Bluck Crook," 27. gnve fair FiiilHfnrtlon. 
"I'tu-le Tom's cabin*' did not fall, to draw 
well 20- "Peco o' Ibiv" (amateur) pneked 
ilie house 20. "The Tenderfool" April 2. 
"The Cntay Guy" 4, "Mrs. Leluugwcll'n 
Bouts" ft, KeJhn- 0. 

Vrrrr.-I'hirlf c. Simmons of Mitchell'* 
All Hfnr Co., Is at his home In Newport, re- 
covering from Un openilloii for apiiendleltls 

Woonn.H'ki-t.- -At Hie WoonNickel Opuhl 
House fjn»h I-., Ogib-ti. iimiingcri "Gl'lntes* 
Cetlur Door" Mnrcli "(•). June Kcuimrk, In 
"Tile Klertinl Cllv." K1. Kellar April ,L "A 
Crasy Guy'' 0. "LHtl« Johnny .Mie«" pliired 
tu a well Oiled hoii*c Muieh 21, as did "Tim 
Devil's Auction" 27. 

Hrn (.las. W. Conklln, nmmiwr). — Dili for 
week of April 2 : Dllks and Milks, Kellv and 
Kflsey. Hnhy Hurl. Mons. Delano. Beslte 
Dllkt, and motlug rdctures. 

T - " " » " » 

'- L H. a ,vii Mhs. tAtiiv. Hoi.unomk. the 
Musical' Holbrooks, owing Io Isdll being 111. 
will not be nhls In open with the Call lln- 
irorfbeciT Shows en April !». 



April t 


i.iittii: OILSON. 

AllKl.t'. RITCHIE. 




"The Biggest Ballad Hit I Ever Had."— R. J. JOSE. 




I never sang e bigger hit -LOTTIE GILSON. SHOES READY, 





ADELE RITCHIE slides beady 



"I cai truthfully say H's a big MI."-iRS. MARK MURPHY, i 





Of Ollroy, M»yne» «""»"* IVIoritgorviory. 

"Beat It while Your Shoes Are Good" 

MAHON BY ami WII.I.HM8' Big Coon gong Hit. 

"Sing Me a Song of Ireland" 

A Great Ilulliul Hit. 

"Bye and Bye" 

1VI1.L11.1I HKMIVKl'S 11. it.illful Ballad. 

"Down At Coney Isle" 

A Slimmer Wnlti Bong * Juit Out. . 

"I'm Going to "Be a Sailor" 

"The Sunny Side of the Street" 

"Madge and I" 

A Great Ru.lle llnllncl, by CliO. O. GRANT. 

"The Touch of Time" 

A Beantlfnl Song by PABI, DHKhHICH. 

"On a Paper and a Comb" 

, CalcHy Novell) gong by rn KD llVblsm. 

"I Heard My Mother Singing" 

A Brand Nctv BalUd by TIHIR I.AND CIIATTAWAV. ■ 

"Baby, Close Dem Coal Black, Shiny Eyes" 

An Ki<,ul«lli- COOII Lullaby, 

"Wove Been Chums for Fifty Years' 
"Farewell! So Long! Good Bye !' 


A Lad and a Lassie" 

Jtiftt Ofr«hi> Frest. 






1433 Broadway, Cor. 40th St., Hew York. 



," ■■■::! ;.::.:!:<■ "K^r- 


'/B6CB; \Tsat9T' IXOTOT :&Z j^ML 




m Goin V But I'm On My Way 

'BS'W JOE 13 2-6 123 3ST 
Your audience is with you the minute you say "I Don't Know Where I'm Coin*." Then sing It and you'll bring down the 
house, It .makes every act a hit. The Catch Phrase of the year. 8ousa and his band's great novelty hit. Professional 
copies wm be .sent free upon receipt of programme. Orchestrations In any key to suit the voice. Send stamps for postage- 
Band and orchestra arrangements to leaders, each I Oc. 


' SONS MUSIC CO.. KA ^n^ a ^V t mo 

M' .'• t**Bt, E OP CONTENTS. 
Mf«f Cllfow'a' Aitrtbtw. Etc. . ; 


. ISO 
. 180 
. ISO 

BnH-iSKrfcb. ue 

Failure)' qr inc'-WwWT Show — Illustrations.. 187 

'.'.'.'.'. 189° 200A 

ISA. liidll 













IDS, 100, 107 


. US 

RKIurrt »*!— SiMcb. 
WotH of PUltM.......... 

Vaadffllle InJ Minstrel 

Oar Aii3ttallttti : t*tt«. 

Mtrlden Xlic^trtf DoatrojM . 

Queries Ans#*iM 

our Con'don ratter \ 

CKir Chicago. Letter 

Bollards On** More a Popular Amosemmt. 

With thf Bill Paste" 

D«li«t> P««Mlof,Movln|r PlttutM 

Ibomirffn A- nandy'a New Ventura 

jS SP«Q Circuit,... 


OllpMt.Wli VS"... ; .. 


Mlnoewta Mfrylnnil. 


.... ISO 





..'..... IMA 






..'. IDS, 2O0A 














........ 108' 


198, 201 



Hnn««r Kttrht'i Opea.ln.-a In all in* 
TH ■• .. HI* Show Towns. 
• i ' T- ' . 

"The- jilon anil thr Monie" Oprn> on 
(St Cpn»t— Onrral Biff Business la 

■ 'Fwr>|rtra. ■ 

tipcetulnltyatrhft fo Th» New York Clipper. 

SiM F«ancisco, April .1. — At the Cnluin* 
bin ••Tie Mon and the House" began a two 
wickn 1 * ejuHigement yesterday. 
' W,/ftl.^IC.+-*•8hehandooh•* this week. 

C>£tfO»J»iA.— Tbla week, Miss New York 

Gliijiti 0pbra Hotibh. — Creston Clarke 
ope tied/ Sunday, 1. for one week. In "Mon- 
aftat iBcsif'CAlre." m _ . 

Nr"7. Crntral. — "The Minister's Son" Is 
thacurrtttt ilay. 

Ai,6Ajiwi.^"t'hnrley's. Aunt" Is current. 

Ai.rWiMBn«;— "My Partner" this week. 

T-VOLt ,Oprha BOtm — This week, "Miss 
Timidity - ; Is presented. 

WOTUM.— Bill for the i 
dasj'irTony Wileon, Mil 

jt the New National "The LJttl* Grnr 

Lady, at the Colnmblft, opened to a good 
bouse. ......The; Earl and the Girl," with 

Eddie Foy,. had. a. crowded house nt the Be- 
luco. . . . . Barld Jfiigglps, In ."His Last Dol- 
lar, ", packed the Afademy "The Sultan 

of Sulu" had standing- . room only at the 

Majestic ..The Innocent Maids had two 

big houses' at' the Lyceum Augtiste 

\an Biene. headed the usual good bin at 
Chases. with" crowded houses afternoon and 
night. -,■/•,-■- 
„„ c !2 fci - m . ruTI ' A P fiI 3.— Kyrle Bellew. ' In 
Baffles, '. was greeted by an enthusiastic au- 
dience at the Grand . . Ben Greet and his 

players presented "Macbeth," at, the Audi- 
torium, to n represehtfltlTp nodlenco --of 

Shakespearean devotees ..Thf* Brother* 

Byrne, in "Right Bells," drew well .at 

Heiick'B ..The return of "Me. Him and 

I" to the Walnut Street was marked by the 
reappearance of Marlon Stanley, Into of 
"The. Wizard of Oz," In her old role. 
Jejwnline Rodgcrs appeared as Car- 
men, In the Forepaugh' StocKCo.'s presenta- 
tion at Robinson's, with business good. ...... 

"Too Proud to Beg" drew well at tho Ly- 
ceum.. The Columbia's bill was fair. 

and filled the. house Rose Sydell'a Lon- 
don Belles packed the Standard, and Wat- 
son's Orlentnl -Burlesquers were warmly re- 
ceived at the People's. 

KAKaia CITY, April 3.— Richard CnHp.'ta 
"The, Mayor of .Toklo." opened n four nights' 
enenjienipnt, and scored a hit before a large 

audience at tlie:.wnih Wood Chnuncey 

Olcott, In "KiimjiiKl Burke," owned In ifrb 
rapacity bouses' at the Grand Sunday....... 

Edwin SteveoR Is the hendllnor at th* Or- 

Rheum, and the usual business turned out 
iindny. "The Factory Girl" drew, well ht 
the Gillls, and "Sinvcs of rho Mine" thrl'.M 

nt the Auditorium The Bice ft Rnrton 

Fxtrnvnusnaa Co., at the Majestic, nnd th" 
Bnltlmore Beauties, at the Century, dre.w 

Inrge crowds Th** Fulton Stock To. 

gnve "Mlchnel Strogoff" at the People's, Knn- 

snn City, Knn Viola Allen, In "The 

Josst of the Town," owns at the WlHIs 
Wood 6. ;. 

Louisvillr, April it. — The Holdeo Stock 
Co. opened rhe season at the Masonic, p're- 
nentlnn; "Tho Charily Bull," to a largo Au- 
dience "Gay New York." at' the Avenue, 

drew capacity houses Sunday Mlner'n 

•irU-miit »tirscted big crowdRjat both per* 

formances Sunday, at the Buckingham..'^. 

Vaudeville, at Hopkins', opened 

crowded' bouses. ' ' ■"■ ■ 

: >i> 

. RHODF. ISLAND. ■'■■. 

... week opening Sun- 
Mile. Amoros, Bruno 

B|iitSfll,TBert Coote and company, the 

r Fnrolry, " 

Kerry Corwey, Mitohell and 


Cain, tiiej'iinrVelons" Howards* snd the kino- 

droae. ,.•'.■ 

CQl'TRsj.-r-BllI for the week opening 2: 
Tbe^Enchnmcd Grotto, "Dlda," Bothwcll, 
Jl-^wni'.s' Gaiety Girls. Nellie Montgomery, 
tho- KMlto- V*our, Caprice, Chns. Oracle, nnd 
tbo fiulmatiscope. ' _ 

' ■NOTB.-^.Tbc Arthur Becker LualpJel En- 
fitrmwe.'f.German company) will give "Die 
°r | JWrH-'!L' ('i-too. Oriental Express),, nt the 
Columbia Theatre, on Sunday evening, April R. 
.*■ ' ■; ■'! ' ■ '■ ' -• ' 


<innrV Upp or <- From All Alon« «ke 

*Hlt*h)lu , uu, April 3.— Raymond Hitch- 
cock: .In.. 7 ™ Gnlloper," «t the Oarrlck; 
Sou)* V* 'onert; 'The Kree Lance," nt the 
Che*Tmit Street Opera House, and "The pink 
HmJuWRal tho Chestnut, all had, ;thelr 
locarpl'fjt.ifr'M, nnd were greeted by capacity 
houH8fi,;'; w .Tn« hold oyer attractions, In 
tadr.flDfll week, doing well, were: Herthn 
Kallt-h, In "Monna Vannn." at the Lvrlc; 
Jaii^.ifiV.Hsckett and Mary Mannerlng, in 
"Tbe walls of Jericho" ht.thc Broad, and 

"The lUNRikfii," nt the Wnliwit ITie bill 

at R.e|fb's 'atrracled big immfb nfterpoon and 
"Wvi- -- • iTho Htock productions at. Itore- 
patfiffl'sand.the'SthndniHL' met with fnvor, 
.•iriil^ltifl 'other combination and rmrlpsnue 
iiouses bad 1 goi)d..patronage. , . 

Bioatd(ii,'V,iiirll 3.— The plnyhonses wore 
well flllcrt last nlflht. Ethel Itarrymore. In 
■'.Mtcef"*l^bv-tba-Flre,"' received a warm weir 

cotue'ftj; trje Hollls Street Williams nnd 

walltfr opehed In "Abysslnln," at. the Globe, 
tWrttinr HdartS Are Broken" was the 

Hrand OneM House bill The continued 

'•tfractroBB ^'ore: "Man and Superman, at 
Thn'CpIoniali "Tho Social 'Whirl.' 1 at the Ma : 
JOfUc^/ATWjIearfor' Maryland." nt the Tre- 1 
mont; Hfi Ub QuIct/'^-sf tho Park, nnd 
"Jlrw; Wires,- of t^e Cabbage I'atcli l "nt the 
Rontoti..",,stockiprodiictlons at tho Empire. 
C'astlcf 7 B-^uare add Bowdoln Square fared 
weJJ ; ..;v, , :v.!nut* vaudeville, hurlewiuo and 
"tter.'ljQUticn mi the lint drew oxccllcntly. 

OBic^db,:' Anrif 8.— "The Connty Obalr- 
nianV^ at^McVicker'a, ; and Dlgby Bell, iu 
* "ITJo Education -of Mr. I'lpp,' at tho Co- 
■<»W»1. *««. the only, Important Sunday opeu- 

Providence. — At the Providence Optra 
House (Felix R. Wendelachnefer, manager) 
"The Pearl and the Pumpkin," which nnd 
been widely advertised, played a good week 
in-Kinmiig .March zu. Ned Wayburn, who 
trained the chorus, wa« hcre__part of .lbe 
week... Wilton Lacknye, In "The Tit,"' <" 
vldes week of April 2, with "The Rolllckli „ 
Girl," In which Snm Bernard nnd Hat tie 
Williams will he seen. Beginning 0, Robert 
Mantel! will give a week of repertory in 
Shakespeare. •* 

Siujbert (E. F. Bostwlck, manage r).r- 
"The Earl and the Girl" drew crowded houses 
last week. Eddie Foy received an ovation on 
his Qrst appearance, being called upon foi 
a speech. The demo ast rat ion war n personal 
tribute. "The Runaways" 2-7. « .; 

Ehpibe (Spitz & Nathanson, managers).T- 
God bualneBS welcomed "Tracked Around the 
World," last week, on the play's first pro- 
duction here. "Across the Pacific" ahould 
likewise make good at tho box office, 2>7, 
niiuoiiich It hod i>een seen in this city before. 
Howard. Hall, In "Tho Millionaire Detective," 

Krith's (Charles Lovcnbcrg, manager).— 
Lent makes no difference In the patronage 
of this popular house. The Znnclgs. mind 
renders, Vad Iho bill 2 nnd week. Otheva: 
Leslie, Bnlloy and company, the Ileraog- 
Csmnrns Slaters. Melanl Trio, Byron, and 
Lnncdon, Woodford's educated nnimnln, J. 
C. Nugent nnd company, Johnny JoIhik, iho 
ITirce MltchellH, Carver and rm)ard. McCree 
and Toole, Harry llolrann, nnd the Hawadaa. 

WRSTiriNSTRn- (Geo. II. Bntcheller, mnn- 
ncT).— The" Blue Illhbon Burlesnuers. ft 
largo cotnnnny, week of 2. Fred Irwin's Mft- 

N(>rr«.'— JInrrv HIIHard has been #■" 

gaged for the Albce Stock Co Be* 

Fiearenls of SplU ft Nathnnson's Ave ,cojn- 
iinnlcs will begin here about April lfi, when 
It is said about oni hundred nctors will -be 

IB the cttv. The Powers Brothers, trick 

■katerB, were seen at the Infantry' Hall 
Rink £. ' ' ,:, 
«' » 

»*'» Moines. — At Foster's' Opern Ilouso 
(Wm. Foster, manager) K. S. willa^^p"^ 
eented "The Middleman." March 2« i "The 
Plnfe^sor'n Tvove Story." ' 27, MWJL &JF* 1 ?. 
of Spertncles" and "The Man Who was, 
2R, pleading well lllled hoiises at. all.per- 
formam^. "The' County Chairman 20, 
John; Grlintli. In "Richard III." 31, Viola 
Allen April 2. Nat Wills -I, lou Bays 5. ■ . . ■. 

Ai;niTOBir>M (Wm. Foster, . manager).-— 
"Dangers of Working Girls" fared : well 
March 22-24. Sotisn'n Bond attracted n-gwdJ 
house 25. "Hooligan In New Vnrk" showed 
to good business 2ft-2S. "Dora Tbnrne" ait"- 
31, "When Ihe World Sloops" April 1-1, Me- 
tmnolllHu Slock Co. 8-14. ■ 

ISiiriBM (M. J. Karger, manager).— Big 
crowds contlnlie lo.enjoy the excellent bills. 
Bill- week of 2 : 'Cycling Bells. Casey. Chase 
and Adams,. Diamond .Comedy Four- Onr* 
nellns, Algio Grazlc, West nnd Beaton, -and 

° nuoc (Frod Buchanan, manager).— Bill 
week of 2 : Harry Baker, the HnldswortbR, 
Ms^-o Japs. MrKlnnon and Reed, aud others. 
Notes. — Manager Buchauau has booKpd 
Sarah Bernhardt to appear la "Camllle, 

, April 27. at IngersoII Park The stqte- 

„.*; .^.Monday begltrs the .grand opera m ^ nt recently made In theso notes to lue «- 
u- «t .the Auditorium..;... The otter (cct , t ftn t Danny Mann JUffl , Lola Haln« 
a-&s. — „. rti_ svm.,.^^ 4 n "Wrfniin." _-« marl | r ,i i„ an error. Lpun luvesllgattag 

It was -found that Danny Manu took out-a 
marriage license for himself, under his right 
name. J- P. Burgess. New .York City, .add 
Ella Gnniey. Waverly, Mass. The coup h 
were marrl/cf by Rev. hr. Walt, nt the Klrk- 
wood Hotel parlors, Feb. fi, and ns our lo- 
cal papers Anted that Danny Mann and 

. ula Ha roes were married, this statement was 

Olytoptfc, ;n«ym«tket nnd International nilfl. copied in these columns at the time, .alias 
v?4BiUKaTi>M. ADtll 8.— "The Rogers Haines writes denying her marriage to Mr. 
mKS!*B2m*P%A* iSS opening Mono. It lUonld W« l»fo Blto .OinUj. , 

UaudCviiie Rome Cist. 

TUb list Is made op ob nearly n- 
corate a* It 1b x>o«*lble to make a list 
of vaudeville Imokliitfs. To Insure lo- 
■ertlon In this department the nam* 
ol the Ihentre or park, as well as tbe 
cll>- or town, Ml'MT nrenmpany each 
booking Bent n*. 

AMnllah Urn."., Lyric, St. Joseph, Mo., 2-7. 

Acner & UUHns, Toledo. 0.. 2-7. 

Ailalr, Art, Olympic. Chlcego, 2-7. 

Adnlr & Dnhn. Olympic, Chicago, 2-7 ; Power's, 

Ik-cntur, III., ft-l-l. 
AiJolfn, Lo. Temple, Buffalo, 2-7. 
Allium* & Edwards. Lt Salle, Keokuk, la., 2-7. 
Aoaiiw & Mack. Family, N. i\ (S 2-7. 
AddltOQ A LlTingiton, IU>ou, Flint. Mich.. 2-7. 
Aliae, Grade, Empire, Dct Moines; It., 2-7. 
Altilona, The, Lyric, Ft. Dodge, la., ±1. 
Allium, Mr. A Mrs., Mohawk. Scheoeetady, N. Y., 

2-7 ; Orpheura, Refi'Ilng, l'a., 0-14. 
Allisons (8),. Majestic, Chicago, 2-7. 
Allue. Mile.. City IM., Huron, Mich.. 2-7. 
Alibama Come<lr Four, Gem, Lynn, Hail., 2-7. 
Allen, Josle, Uon Ton, Pblla., 2-7. 
Alva, Alice. Urndil, Milwaukee, Wis., 2-7. 
Allen, Leon A Bertie, Bijou, nocfcfortl. III., 2-7. 
\.i-rr lifiM., t-nsmr'ti, ti. X, O.i »-l*. 
Alburtus & Mlllor, Casino, ParH, Fr., 2-,t0. 
Allen, Scsri &. Violet, Kollh's, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Allmon, Joe S., Rljnu, Osbkosh, Wis., 2-7; Mljou. 

Appleioa, P-14. 
Allen & Dnlton. O'Uarn, Shen&ndonh, Pa.. 2-7 ; 

Kclth'n, I'liiln., p-n. 
Athene & La Brant, Lyric, Ft. Dodge. In., 2*7 ; 

Family, Nloux City, »-H. 
American. NewaboyB.Qasrtetle. Norelty, Denrer, 

Ualat --7 ; Umpire, Colorado Hprliujs, »-H. 
Arunim & Hartley. Unnl^lov, Ku«., K| Sheaeld, 

fl-14: Bull, KI-21; I^edn, 2H'Sa. 
Amnrrw, Mile.. Orphfuai, Hnn Fruu., Osl., 2-T.* 
Ar.lfr.Min A fteynolfls, flnymnrket. ChirnKO, 2-7. 
Arllnutnii inimiij Four, Maryland, flnlto., AM., 

Anteson. Alfred, Proctor's, Newark, N. .1., 2-7. 
Armstront, fc Holly. Orphciim, Denver, Col., .2-7 ; 

orphemu. Son I'rnu,, CnL, nil. 
Archer ft Crocker, Howard, Boston, 2-7. 
Armnnd,- Orsce, Olympic, So. IJwiri,- . 1ml., H^ 

-Crrstnl.- Detroit. Mich:, ft-H. :■ 

AKliton. Mnttlc, SlsjJ. HnffprMf-wn, Md., 2-Msy ...- 

Asm, IlatliawayX Lowell, Mns3., 2-7 - ■••- 

AiUiley, Lillian. Park. Worcester, Mass., 2-7; 

Ciirtn, Fall River, 0-14, . .. 

Alklns-.n, Uarry. Kcllh'a, Phlln.. 2-T. 
Altera: Dp' fluio. InternatloDAl. Chlcngo, 2-7. 
Auhefts, J.*-'. Orphnim, Kansss City, Mn,, 1*7; 

orplieum. Now Orleans, IM4. 
Aufltlaq, 'i'nnnlng, Family, Sioux City, la., 2-7'[ 

Orpheum, New Orleans, La., 9-tO. 
AtoIim, Musical (4). CI. 0- It., Plttsbnrg, 2-7. 
Ilards, Four,, Bkln., 2-7. 
tinker A Lynn, ICmpl.e 'lour, FCtiC-. 2-MnT >"• t 
llnrry. Katie, kVSm Shea's, IHUtnlo, 2-7j OooJ.*i, 

Roclirnter, n-14. 
Bailey A FlcLPir, Kinr, Ilnrallton, Can., 2-7. 
[lalier, Harry II,, Bijou. Des' Moines. lo„ 2-7; 

(inrrkk. Iturlfnston, 0-14. 

„. Banks, CIiom.. Mnjestlc, Cttlcano, 2-7. . . . 

ih« Ifarry, Mr. & Mm. Jimmy, 0. 0. II., Plttphurg, 

it . M 1 Keith's, ■Cleveland, u-lp, ' "• ''... 

,*! Barry, HenneRsy & Ilownnt, Dnwey, Vtlcn, N. X, 

BftTley A Fletcher, Novelty, Bkln,, 2-7. 

llsriieyn (,1h Olark St. Museum, Chicago, 2-7; 

Olympic, SprtnfiOchl, III., n-14. 
Barrett, Mnrjorie, Bllou, Wlieelln(t, W. Vs., 2-7. 
Barnes & Levins, Washington, Bpokane, wash., 

Bates, Louie W., Family, Butte, Moot., 2-7. 
Bnotn Bros, ft Von Dell, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 

Basdcr-La Veile Trio, Auditorium, So. Bend, Ind., 

2-7 : Olympic, CblcaRO, U-14. 
Bnrnell*. The. Grand, Hnmtlion, O., 2-7. M i 
Baker 4 Muck. Orpheum, H? Paul, Minn., ,2-7. „ 
names fr Edwins, O. H., Duront, Ind. Ter., 2>7; 

0. II . Sliertnan, 0-14. 
Baron's Doun, Olympic. Chlrnco. 2-7. 
Baker. Harry, Dljou, Don Moines, la., 2-7. 
Baker A Marl;, Orplienm, St. Paul, Minn., 2-7. 
Barnwsky Troupe Hnymnrket, Chlcap>, 2-7. 
Bennett, Lnitra. Oothom, Dkln., V\£, a - ^ >• 
Beckwlih. LLndey. Monre'w, Portland, "ite., 2-7. 
Hell ft ItlrlmrdR, Family. l'a«t»lc, N. J., 3-7. ■ , , 
Bell, May, Bon Ton. Phils.. 2-7. . j. 

Be-.\no,», The. Onrrfck, Wllminjilon, Del., 2-7;, 

0. O. H.i I'lttHhnw. 0-11, '■■'' 

Relfort. May, Colnnlnl, N. Y. 0., 2-7. __ , j m 
Hell. Crynlnl. Cmitr d'Alene. Snoknno, Wash., 2-7. 
Berlins A Hroetway, Atlantic Garden. % V. C. 

DeTlmnn k Monie, Poll's, Wntprhtiij;, Conn., 2-Y; 
■ Molinwk. Hrhencclftdy, N. V, 0-14. 
Bella, Four. 'Cycling, Kmpirc, l>ea Mnlnss, In., 2-7 
Bedouin Arnhn (Rt, Cook'n, IlocheMer, , N. \.. 2- 

7; Shen's, Huffitlo. 0-14. „ ' • 

Bernice. Wehh'a, ma, itul., 2-7; Bljon, knlatnn- 

fsoo, Mhih.. Oil. . . . 

Bell, SenntorFrnnk, Kelth'a, IViston, 2-7. 
nircli. John. Mnjestlc, Chicago, 2-7; Ilaymnrkot, 

Chicago, 014. . . ' . , '± 

Dlnney & Clianman, Cryntal, Andernon, Ind., 2-7. 
Bill, hlrycle. Kewnnee, III.. 2-7. • 

Blfllr ft McNulty, ft. 0. II., Council • Bluffs. Is., 

Blake's Animals. Novelty, Bkln., 2-7, 

SJocksom fi Duma, Keith's, Phlln., 2-7. 
Inmpliln A llehr, Ornnd. MM. Wafh., 2-7. . 
Black & Joneo, Victoria, N. V. OL, 2-7; Utlen. N. 

' v.; AF ' " ' """*'.. ^" 

r-L Archie, £ Co., Hnthawny's, Lbv/ell, Most,, 

Tliirke, Jobn A Mny, Bon Ton, i'liiln., 2-7. 
Burdock Sisters, ttur, Muncle, Ind-, 2-7 ; Orand, 

Flntnitton. o . IM4. 
Buckncr. Great: Apollo, Vienna, Aus., 2-30; Buda- 
pest, Hun., Mfly 1 • 1 r. . 
Burtlnos (21, Ben's, F-scsanba, Mich., 2-7. 
Buckley's Do«s. Kennilia, Wis.. 2-7. • 
Byron A Blanch, Brndenburgh's, Phils-, 2*7. 
Byron A Lnngdan, K*>ltir?. ProTldence, 2-7; 

Keith's, Boston, 0-10. 
Dyers, Ben. Atlantic Qnrden, N. Y. C .2-7. 
-Hywrs & Herman, rark. Worcester, Mass., '2-7; 

' J|oore''«, .poftlnnd. Me., 0-14. 
Carter. Mr. A- Mr*. Catl, BIJou. Bay City, Mich., 

"2-7: BIJou, Alpenn. 0-14. 
CatUnA Otto, H. A 8., N. Y. 0„ 2-7; Amphlna. 

'Bkln.. 0*14. 
Carbon pre*.. Awllmrlum, Lynn,' Mass., 2*7. 
Cire-Ui A'Bchna. Boston, Lnwell, .Mnsn., 2-7; Fnll 

Blver. 0-14. 
Cnron A Pnrnuwi, , Orpheum. Bkln., 2-7. 
Cnsnd & De Verno, Fnmlly. R, St. Louis. 111., 2-7. 
Clare* Sisters, Acme, Norfolk, Yn.. 2-7. 
Csmllle Trio, Temple, Detroit, 2-7. 

CsWwell A Weritwnnh, Oem. Lynn, Mass., 2-7. 
Callahnnv The. Vandettc, Chicago, 2-14. 
Carroll A Clarke. Lyric, St. Joscli, Mo., 2-7. 
CalUban A Mack, -Temple, Detroit, Mich.. 3>7. 
Catc Family, (lately, Springfield, 111., 2-7; 

Weasl's, .Feorls, 0-14. 
Campbell & 3ykw>, Oem, Lynn, Mass.. 2-7. 
Oamaroo, Oraee. H. & S.. N. Y. C-, 2-7, II. A B., 

Bkln.. 10. 
Cania. Emms. Imperial. Bkln., 2-7. 
Cameron .V Flnnncrin. Oennett, Rlchmnnd, (lid., 
• .2*7;. BIJou, F.Tfttnvlllo, 0-14. 
Carver A' Pollard. Krjth's, Providence, 2-7 ! 
. Keith's, BnMnn, 0-14. 

Cnmpnolt. BUI. Mnnhnltan. Norfolk. Vs., 2*7; 
nmr, Ohm A Ad.ilr. Empire, Des Mnlnea, la., 

Chmpi>eH &' nrndy, BIJou, Bnltle Creek, Mlrh., 

Cnprlire. T'ynn * Fay. K.-lili'u, Cleveland, 2-7. 
Cnprlce ; . ••rirlglnnl." C:liuten. Snn Frnn., On I.. 2-7. 
-Virrnll tt Hhrnu, HIJoii. NorfolL, Vs., 2*. 
Cnmllle. Mil... nnind, Marlon. Ind., 2-7; Wal- 
lace's. Pern, 0-11. 
Carter A waters Co.. Ilalliiiwny'". New nnlford. 

Moss... 2-7. Iladinwny'n, Lowell. 0*14, 
Cwfln fi.CkwItw, Lyric, Thw Haute, Ind., 2 7; 
" Olympic, "ffmtUfi, "0-14. 
Cnrni- & dnye K , Msrylnnd. Bnlta., 'Md., Ml 

■' q..a 11.. pmshurff, o-iL 

Carter A Blufoo). ,0. n. H., Pl!tstHira,-8-?i -- 

('nrilowoU* BlsmSi Kmplrr, Pnleraon, N. J., 2-7 ; 

Fjnpire. Ilohoken. O-ll. 
Citrsoii k Wlllnrd, Onibpiim, Omnhs, Nrh„. 2-7: 

Orplientn, . Kanunn Cllv, Aln.,' fl-14. 
CorlaS. Chna,, Orrln Broa.. Mexico, 2-14, 
Carroll A Olole MlH, Alfngor, Denver, Col., 2-IJ. 
r.nrmlltmi A.IItHlffeo, Ittjnii, Ketrnnee. III., 2-7; 

Iniliistrlnl. ' Mollne, 0-14. . 

?0r|cr A Vincent. Utlca, N. V., 2-7, ■ 
orfmeIN (8|. lloirnrd, Boston, 2-7. •. 

f;«rloion, Al.. Orittifiim, Kansas City, Mn.. 2-7: 
..'Orph'cum, .New Orlenns. Mb, Oil,. .. 

Clirlxlaplirr. Clirln.. BIJou. Superior, Wis., S-7; 
' tlnlQUi-, Mlfiiicntiolln. Minn., UU. 
r Mjr\ i- Bates, Keltli'n, Phlln., 2-7; llnthnirny's, 

i,ow'oii. Mnss,, o-io. 
Obantllcr. Anna, Krith's, N. Y, 0., 2-7. 
i;Mck,.nrej»U Krtili's, N. Y. 0.. 2-7. 
Chns?. Billy, H)wnnli Bnitoa, 2-7. 
Chosslno. Ptil'n. nrldgenort, Conn.. 2-7. 
C'leriunntopi, The, Pnlni, Cripple Creek, 0ol„ 2-7 1 
■ Kmtilre, Colo, Sprint:*, 0-14. ... .. . 

Clarl; or Duiu-mi, BIJou. Rvaasvllle, Ind., 2*7; 
- Lyric, l'crre Haute, 0-14. 
Olnrence Klstcra. Dominion, Winnipeg, Con., 2-7. 
Clifford, Csre, People's, rarsona, Kan., 2-7; reo- 

plo'B. Lcnvf-nworili, 0-14. 
Clwdores, The, Auditorium, Norfolk, Vs.. 2-7. 
Clark, Oeorire A.. BIJou, Dulnth. Minn.. S-7. , 
Chirk, Harry Corson, Q. O. II., ltultauopolli, 2-7; 
CIlfTonl 4 Burke. Orpheum. New Orleans,. Lu., a-7 
Olark A Prsnklln. Oraml, Homlltou. o., 2<7 ; 
Orplilnm, Mprlngflcld, 014, ■■:*.r 

Clarke A Temple. People's, Cedar TfnpliLv Mich., 

Clark, Chss., A. A; H.. Boston, 2-7. 
Clarke. Wilfred. & Co., II. A H., N. Y. 0.. 2-7. 
Clark A Duncan, Bljon. Fvnni.Tlllr, Indw 3-7. 
Oochlnu, Itosn, k Co., 0. O. II.. Pittsburg, 2-7. 
OouVy, Clever, 0. O. 11., Ornnd Bapkls. Mich., 

Onwiey; Jas. II., BIJou, Canton, O., 2-7. 

Corrlpin A -Hnyes, Hlnr, Hnmlltaa, Can., 2-7. 

Onrbett, .I/ih. .1., A Co., Kecney'*, Bkln., 2-7. 

Oojtw k Timlin, Itijou. La Cwsne, Wis,, 2 7,, a. 0, H.. Pltlshurg, 2-7; Tem- 
ple, Detroit, 0-14. 

Cotton & -Tohnwn. BIJou. Norfolk, Va„ 2-7, . 

Collins, Hum. 0. O. 11., PlttHtuirg, 2-7. 

Coliiy Fnmlly, Orplieum, Hi\n Frnu., Cni., .2-7 : Or- 

. liticyin, L<m Anttelca, 0-14. 

Coote, Ben', 4 Co., Orpheum, Rao Fran., Cal., 
2-7.- ' - 

mnelly, Emma,. BIJott, Wheeling, W. Vs.i 2-7, 
lox- Family Quartette, Unl,pio, Wlunliwii, Can.. 

„ SS 

Pell' A Fonda, Temple, Ft. Wayne, ltd.. 2-7; 
•Oennett, Richmond 0-14. 

Deveau. Hubert, Howard, Boston. 2-7, 

Devoy, Rmmett, A Co.. Oothnm, Bkln., 2-7. 

D*r*uda A Oreen, Moss A sioii Tour. Bng., 2-Maj 

Derhy, Al, Imperial, Newark. N. Y., 2-7. 

De VrlM, Uenrl, Proctor's Rflth St.. N. Y. C, 2*7. 

De Monde & Dlnsmore, People's, Leavenworth, 
Kan., 2-7. 

Delmore A Darrell, Family, Davenport, U. ( 2*7. 

Delmore Htster*. Siicn's, Buffalo, 2-7 ; Sbea's. To- 
ronto, Can., 0-14. 

Delmore A Dexier, Orpheum, Davenport, la., 2-14. 

gf Lano, Wm., Hub, Woonwcket, It. I., 2*7 . 
e filnlirr'!* Don, WllkjerHarrc. !'«., 2-7; Harrii- 

hum, Ml. 
Dervln, Jns. T., Ornnd, Maflon, Ind., 2-7 ; Oea- 

rieti. rtlclimond. 0-14. 
Denette Sisters, Forepaugh'a, Phils. . 2-7. 
[)e £terrt«, lletirlertn. Mnjeitle, Utile Tlwk, Ark., 

2-7 ; Mnl«-«tlc. Blrmlpnhiim. Aln. Hid. 
De Mar A Ptrtuuo, Relih'n, N, \. 0., 2-7; 

'Keith's, rmTldMice, U-14. ■ ■ 

Denny, Will F.. lmi<er|al, Bkln,, 2-7. ■' 
Del 'Ore. Lulitl. Proctor's 23d at., N. Y, 0., 2-7. ' 
Do Mont, Bohert. Trio. Otsnd. Jollet, 111., 2-7. 
Divrleky Bros. (3), Orpbeiim. Omaha, Neb., 2-7;' 

Orpheum, Kmbm Clly, Mo., 014. 
Dillon Urm.. Keith's. Boatnn, 2-7. 
"Dixie 3creuailers," Fuji's. HrUUprnort, Conn., 2-7 
Dtonue Twin .sisters, Ornlieum, Now Orleans, La., - 

"D'ld'n." Chutes, San Fran., -Pal., S-7. 

Diamond A Smith, Kcltb'H, Bunion, 2-7; Nnveltjr, 

likln.. 0-14. ■ ■ ■ 
DIsmoud Comedy rour. Rniplrc, Des Milne*, la., 

Domino Rouse. I,-, II. k B,. Hklu., 2-7. 
Downey A Wlllnnl, Mnj'-Hllc, Clihugo, U-7; pro- 

lib>'«, r,4ii,r Itaplds. In,, 0-14. 
Downey, i.i'i-ih- T., Novelty, Stockton, CnL, 2-14. 
Dockrny, Will. Otpheum, ill. Verniw. N. \., 2-7. 
Dttherty, 1 Poll's, flnrtford, Conn., 2-7. 
Dnrsclt A lluwll. Oijdieuin. Utlca, N. Y . 2-7; 
. Colonial. Liinn>itct Mn-"-, tt-14. 
Doylp, Fill tli. An-nile, Toledo, 2-7. 
Doi-iirvnl, Theretie. Ti-mph', 1*1 nil l, 2-7; Kellh'a, 

■yrtuse, N, v., dm, 

Doiiglieriy. Clarenco,- Dewey, t?llen. N. Y.. 2-7. • 
Ilnolev, J. I'rniicH. MnJwtK'. LUPOID, 2-?. 
Poliprty'a Pnoillort. (.rplu'inn. Ctlcn, N, Y., 2-7. 
Donnvun A .irn.ild, Doric, Youkcr*. N. Y.. 2-7 ; 

Yniiiip'H, Allitnllc Clly, N. J„ 0-14. 
Dollnr 'I'rouiH*. Pi Dior's ftNrli f*t., N. Y. C, 
' 2-7 ; Rnpfre, I'nteryui. N, J., 0-14. 
•DreNsiT Lonlw, Trent, Trenton, N. .1.. 2-7. 
Dana. Arttntr A Co., Cil'imldn, Clnclnnnll, 2-7 ; 

Mnjestlr. ChlPBgo, 0-14. ■ 
Duiiree, lleo. A LlWile. Family, Pntersnn, N. J.. 

Du Ilulsson, uvmnn-f. Mnntrenl, Can.. 2-7. 
Ditnhnr'H Cuprhte Pnrndox, Empire, Ruckfont, 111.,' 

2-7; PLIIllpn, Rh-iiiimiHi, Ind., 0-14. 
l'^kel & Winner. Third Am., N. Y. C, 2-7; Bon 

Ton, t'hil.i.. tl-lt. 


TJ: ' 

Wl f\ ^ , IT| , J , ^.1 |rj,.-|,ui, null- J' .Jill i , 

ColllOH, Don, Oem. Lynn, Mnss., 2-7, 

Cole A CleineoH, Cryntnl, Bock Island, III.,. 2-7 J 

itiioii, jj,h-i Moinea, Iu., 0-14. 
Cprrfffnii. Fnimett. k Co., MnJeuMe, Chicago, 2-7. 
Othao, icaephlrip. it Co., Orpheum, Dtlcs, N. Y., 

Cougar k Odin, Rlnlro, F.lmlra. N. V.. 2-7. - 
Cuokc A Alius Itothrrt, L'mplr'- Tour, Kor., 2- 

Mny Ml. 
Collins. Lit Belle, Bljon, Marionette. Win., 2-7 J 
- -Bcn'-o, -I-Ifciwonbii,. .MU-li., li-ll. 
• Cola -A Blondell, Aran fluff- Verldndes, . tunmnt. 
— CUPft, 2-14. 

-Onutitre A (lllette, Oiplieum, UtluA, N. X., 2.7- 

OdortlBl Hentetlc, Ve, 0. O. H., lndlnnopollH, 2-7 I 

i>]unit>ln, Olncltid/itl; 0-M. • 

Concha*.- Paul, Colonial. LnwreiTCP, mMu 3-7. 
Citinrllyi -lltiah, Bon Ton, Hyrnruw,-?!*.- y.. «.7; J 

Ly^ltlii, NlntTitra Falls, 0-14. 
Crfvsr k Dntne, Keith'*, N. Y. C, 2-7. . -.- ■'/; 
Crnjvfnnl, Clifton, Proctor's r.Sth St., N. x. 0„ 
■2'7.- " ■•> ■ - • 

%Zm£v^~fctttm&fcy^7if.~ 7 ZZ ' fr*-).' hit, Ilnmlltoj.. Can., 2-1 ' j' : 

BonhalrOregory Troupe, llippodrome, $. Y; C, !»*>. A Mrs. lanlncr, Proc or's. Troy, %> 
o.7 - . •• i.,.2-7', Linttii'c, rntcrnon, >, j., u ■ 1*1. 

«•__■ .. * ^. *._._ ».. . Crane- Ms., K.dlh'*. Phils.. ST--7. *, 

i.'rHlui-. l.i-ni.' Hi Cralne, WaHblnglon, Mayuvllls, 
. -Ky. k 2-7. . 'i 

NTiiBen, Jm». IL, M*M k Ktoll Tour. Bntf„ l 2- 

.May «7 ;. 

-Daly A O'Drli-n. Onrrlek. Burlington, la., 2-7; 

, Cryntnl, Milwaukee. Wis., Ii-H. 
.DarioQ..Wlaw.rM,..J'nnlaceH, Seattle, Wash.. W| 

CrysfaL'Tacoma, 0-14, . . . 

Davis A Mscnuley, Amphloo, Bkln.. 2-7- .' 
llavtit AM'alkpr. Auisterdnm, N. V., 2-7, _ 
; Edmund. A Co., Proctor's 21ld HI,, N. ■t . <)., 

Bos, Tod E.. Lyceum, flan Fran., OaL; 2-f-r 

.Chutes, Sin Fran., 0-14. - 

Boley, May A Olrts, Troctor's 23d Ht„ N\. Y. C, 

Borslnls, The, Hippodrome, ' N. Y. 0., 2-7, 
Bfthe, Cellnn, Imperial, Bkln., 2-7. - 

noothlnck QiinrtPitc. Orlglnnl, Columbia, NewsraJ) 
N. J.. 2-7; Thalia. N. Y. 0„ 9-14. * 

Bottlaere* Mnrioneues, Bradenburgb's, Pblla., 

op«|airi--wero: Olsa Netbersofc, 1n "BiQho, 
'ii.thMIJllnplfl; Kletinor Kobson, In .''The JJun 
WrXft'rt«B T I9 : i'erytblnfr,"- at'PoworsVand "The 
^lteec.fJ^.ee8. , ■ At u»o Chicago Opera House. 

Holdover aWrnctiona nre: Mrp,'Lef>H0 

'*arwr,,.in- "Adrea," at the Grand J) pern 
JjPWW.j; "The OolloTte TA'lrtow." at/ thefttude- 
MWiSiajW'TBo ■4fu>plre."..a* the. Ln. -MI c 
•-..-.'.lllirh eln*R vnndevllle nt t.he Majestic, 

Bruno A Buasell. Orpheum. San Frnh., CnU 2»M. 
Bryant k Bavllte, Arcade, Toledo, O., 2-7.-' • 
Kronmstlck Wltcbcs, flbea's, Toronto, Can., 2-7. 
lirmvn A Novarro, Proctor's. Newark, N; 'J.-, 2*7. 
Brewer, oprac, ACrae. Norfolk, Vn.,'2-7. 
HrlttoiiB, The. Ilnnsn. Ilnnihnrff, Orr.,-2.-TWi Wln- 
- icrgsrten, Berlin, May l ; :;i. 
Brown. Harrbt A Brown. IlaymarUel.-Cldcsgo 2-7.- 
Brobst Trio,' t'nlrpio, Bboboygai,, Wis.. 2-J4. ha> 
Brcusoy. Lonlse, Olympic, ChlCBfro, 2-7. 
Bryan, Frank D., k Peace Coogrrss, Poll's, New 

Hatcd, Conu., 2-7. _, .* 

llrockninn; Muck A Uehoout, CbsBt/s, Washington.. 

-D.-C., 2-7. ' ■ •*' 

Bristdl's Pooles, 1 Atidttorlom, Lynn,. Mass., 0-1,4. 
Browne, Tom, WbUtllag, Shea's, Toronto, Can,, 
■ 2-7. ' ■ 

Brooks BroK.. Keith's, N, Y, C, 2-T, ■ - 
Br-guDBB (4). BUou. La Ccoasc, Wis., 2-T^r. 
Br-.wu, Jack, A Lillian Wrtgbt. 1 Family, Carbon- 

dale, Pa., 2-7; 1'amlly, Pottalown. 7*8. . " 
BuscU.. Fsmlly. Jiarl. Pueblo, CnL. ,2-7; Crystal, 

Trinidsd. 0-14. ■■.'-,-■.■.=—: 

Burton, F.lesnor. Ilaymarkot. Chtcsgo, 2-T. - ■ ' 
Bums, Fferry, Mnslc Hall, Oloticester, Man*., 2-7. 
Budworth A Wells, Lyric, Ft. Dodge. la.j 8-14-, 
Burtpn A Brooks, H. AH,, N. Y. C, 2-7; H. A U-. 
'■ Btlu-;,- 9-H. ■.,#. ■ .■ . ',. , 

Borion A Bonkln, Majestic. Hot flrlngs, Ark. r 2r7;. 

Mjjetiic. Dallas, Tea., lt-14. ■ ' ' * v -..~ 
BsttTUofi, 0. 0, B„ Plttiborf, M4., -.,'■• ;■ _:' 

pay, oco. Wm Procter'*, Nwrark, X. J., 2-7. 
liallVy, **ter F.. k Co., CoUmtal, N. Y. 0., 2-7. - 
It'Sf A> IiV. O'llara. Kbcuandosb, fa., 2-7, 
DarftrlM Mn<|ge. Novcliy. Oionba, Neb., 2-7. 
Darras Br-w., Vlciorh, S. Y. C. 2-7.. . . 

Itul4 A ■Ko(Hl,.Boii Tou, I'liiln., 2-7. , I 

irAtflllc fllstem, Denver, Col., 2-7. 
Dahoras. l/i, entitle. Blooming! oo, HI., 0-14. ' 
Dale.n'lolct.'Alhambra, N. V. O., 2-7; Pwclort. ■' 
--' Albany. 3, Y., 0-14. . . , ... « 

bs i.^m'A Whltfleld, Wanhlnglon, Spftksne, Wash,, 

Dal'r/Nella.O, O. fl., Orand Baplds, Mich., 2-7. 
i;uii_A ift-vert', Hstlinway's, New Bedford, Mais,, 

2-*V . 
D> Wilt. Bums A Torrance Rmplre. JohaDDM- 
- hofg, fl. A., 2'i-June 2; Tlvoll, Cat* Town, 4- 

,N. y. a, n-ii. 

FdwardS A Olenwood, Temple, Burtolo. 2-7, 
EUlnaJI, Demi A Co,, PoII'h, New Haven, Conn., 

FdworuK, Snm, Imperial, Bkln., 2-7. 
F.dfiiuiid', ,loe, Bkln., 2-7. 
Eltlnge, .rnllnii, Conk'n, HociiPHlrr. N. Y„ 2-7. 
Fllnnrn st*tpf>.. Vlctorln, N. Y. fl., 2-7; Proctor's 

AKlli St., N. Y. 0., (I'M. 
Klniore A Cottrell. Ofystt|l, Detroit, 2-7; BIJou, 

Jiicbaon, Mich., 0-14. 
KMrhlKP, Pn-as. Tpinplo, pctrolt, Mich., 2-7; 

Nlien'N, Ituffolo. llll. 
fCllon, Hum, Allinmhrn, London, Hng., '.'■21. 
KllNWortliH, Pour. BIJou, Jackwn, Mich., 2-7. 
rilNwnrtit A Burt, BIJou, Dulinh, Mlnu., 2>7; 

lilji-ti, Wlnnli>eg, Can., 0-M, 

SHIh. Melville. Proctor's, Nownrk. N. J.. 2-T. 
Uls-Nowlau 'frlu, Procior'a 2(bl HI.. N. Y. O., 2-7. 
Umpire City Quurirtle, Hlies's, Toronto. Can., 2-7; Toledo, 0., Oil. ' 
Fmplre Comedy Four, KnitdreTour, Cng., 2-14. 
Rmrllih lln*elMicli,, J Vlclorln, Can., .2-7; 

Ornnd, Tstouia. Wuslu, ii-m. 
F.iilginarelle. Druni.'ll .«.' 'l#r., April "■.'!<». 
i:iiirit. 1'n.r., BrnilcnrHtrgli's, Phlln,, 2-7. 
Frnle ft-llnncgcr, BIJou. Pfvnn ivlllc. Ind., 3-7 r 

Ornnd, IVru, 0-14. 
Knmotide. Mr. A Mr«: Fd„ KpUIi's, Pblla., 2-7; 

O, O. II., Pittsburg, 0-M. 
ftlte, Will, iM.'ln.iPinii. hui., 2.7: Kvsnsvllle, 0-11. 
I'Nterlirookn, Tin*, ItiMktniul, ■ Mr- 2-7; Butignr, 

Oil. v •• 

Rvatu k RimWi r'ntnlly,, Wulle, Mont.. 2-7, 
F.verx, (Jm. W,. poople'*, Ceilnr llnphla, la.. 2-7. 
Fiilk. Flcnnor, lliLvmnrlfl, Chlcngn, 2-7, 
Finlouo Orchealm, Kclili'*, I'liil.i., 2«Tj Trent. 

Tivnton, N. j,, 0-14. 
Fay, Coley A Fny, Cohinthls, W. l/iuls, 2-T; 

O. 0. IL, Indliinnpoll*, 0-14. 
fnrrnn, I'jiiH'le. 0. O. II., PJH*dmrg, 2". 
I-nriium. Hud. Trio. Hlnr. 'Ilaaillion, Oait., 7-7; 

Tfiiipli', BulTitlo, 11-n. 
Knrrell, Chn*., A. rt-H,,. Bnstou. 2-7. 
Felix A Harry Co., Tmnl, Trenton, N. J., 2-7. 
Fcrguniui A WntniDi, Mdsrc'*, Pitrtlnm), Me.. 2-7. 
Ferreros. K.-nir-. Bo«fon, 2-V; -Moanra, I'nrihuid, 
. Mr.. '.-14. 
I'crrls-Wiley Trl»., Ornhlum, Mnnnuebl, O., 2-7 ; 

llljmi, U'lrolli-i:, \V. Vll.. 0-1 I. 
Pcrsnivil, A' J'.i'srurnr, llnilicinn. Omiilin, *M4. 
Ferry, illpm. H.-i'ntur, III., 2-7; Lyitp, Terr*- 

llmilp. Ind,, OIL 
FMier, Mr. a- Mrs. Perkin*, OrjiliPinn, Henilliif!, 
, I'ii., 2 7; llnllinwiiy's, New rt.'.ir.-ni. Ms*s., Ii-i-l 

0-11. ' , - 

PliistminonM, Mr. k Mr«. Ilol*rt. Arcade, Toledo, 

2-7. , Word. Novelty, Bkln., 2-7. 
Fink, Henri, stnr. A*li.rlu, Or<'., -2-7 1 Htiir. Heat- 

tie, Wash.. 0-11. 
Kin ti- 
ll 11. 
Flymi, Karl, BIJou, Oklahorrte, Okln., S-7 ; Bljon, 

HbMbv, 0-14. ' 
Flyno, Jnc. n A B., Rblti,. 2-7- 
Flt-tchCr, CIihm. N-onnnl, Ncivlly, Bkln., 2-7. ■ 
Flenten A Miller, Nov#||y„ Denver. Col.. 2-7. 
Fox, Mnyp Jonle, (Hinnsw. MOiitrrnl, Can., 2-7. 
Foi, Mnilge. IL k H.. Bkln., 2-7, 

Snt, DMB, Colonial, N. Y, 0- 2-7. 
ny A fin i'ii. Cohiml.lii. Cluclnuatl, 2-7. 
Foulltielli'S, My*(erlo»iH, Fomlly. PntlNvlllo, I!/l„ 

•it; Fnmlly. IliuMou, fill. 
Forbes ft I'nrlws. Klnilm, X, Y.. 2-7; MHca, 014. 
Filler, fcUL, A IXur. Onrrli-k, Wllmlmrton, Del., 2- 

7: 0. O, II. , Hyra.-u*,-, N. >'.. I'-U. 
Korreitn, MiiHh'ul. I'umily. Lsfnyelte. Ind., 2-7. 
J"o.i -! City 'Quartet, HsytnarliL't, ClilCMjtn, 2-7. 
Ym A Wn:.l. Dili Mi. O, fl, Phlln., 2-7. 
Freilo A Dure, MuJunUc, ClilcSgo, 2-7. 
FrulK-1 A It'itiuc. IlliifiMlr.iiiin. Uaibui, Bug., 240. 
Freest' Bros., 7-ousliig, Mlcli., 1-7; Jucknuu, 0-14. 
FrclfrkkM, Tin-, I'nliiui'. Wlutilpek. Mnn., 2-7; 

lilfiiii, Hnr,t>rlur, Wis., iMf. 
Frouhm^A Franks, Orpht-iiqi,,iJt, Paul. 2-7. . 
Frank, Msrveloim A Bob, Ilopklns', Momplil*. 
• Tcnn., 2-7; Ori»heuni New Orleans, La., fl-l-L 
"FrankfoM. Laurl ft Frsnkrori, Acnt*. Nnrfolt, ■ 

"Francis," Kmmn, KeHli's, N. Y. 0„ 2-T. . 
Frnslnl. F. fl., BIJou. fjulnry, 111.. 2-7; Peoplp's, 

llunnliinl. Mo., fl-14. 
Fninkllti, Ircop, Orpheum, llllen. N. ^.,2-7. '■ . 
-Prank, Frntiklln, Orphnim. H'- P'ttil. -'7." . _. 
Franco A PnrNifiM, Kmnlrc, Pnterson, N. J., 2-7; 

L'mpJre. Ilohoken, U-ll. 
Fr»7.ii-r. Pearl, Dewey, Cllco. N. Y„ 2-7. 
(JurdniT. fleorgla, A Co.. Majentlc. Little Rock, 

Ark., 2-7 ; Olympic, Chicago, 0*14. 

^lic'r A .lol'inwm, O. 0. II,, I'tepjtor*. III,. 2-7. 
nlow A Dunn, llasletoo, Pa., 2 7; CsrlvHrilnle, 



GPME ' :: kjsm. ^"ORK GLIPPEB. 

T. .X. Dixoii, 

..••;■.. IMaODtKMNO FUNNY tumbling, funny banging, funny PANT0M1SJE, A COMEDY ACT 6F ACMpN. ... 

P.8.— Tfc» III ion Broth, ri lu 1 )' <■ mSove Mt arc Hi f original., mill lin « IfDOll mil H»f trd with the .-.Me ftr unit twelve jrrBM. Aiiilteml nil .Igontt. or !St 'iVelt lrtkh 9*.. !f«iV 1'Ork City. Plionci, 10, J, J-Clul... 

* „-u...,l -■ I ._.....'■■' . ; • ; . : ■ ■ . ■ ■ . * — ^k. l~~ — 



Orfrfo« A flloddarjl, Proctor'* 2fl«l fit.. N. Y. ft. 

Gardner A UiM>rp, Miijmtic, Hut Springs, Atk., 

Gardner. Happy Jack, Orpbeuiu, Nutv Orleans, 

Gardner ftViucciil, Colonial, X. Y. C, 2-7; Or- 

OiMKIinilflti, The, Ilrbpodrome, K. If. C. 2*7. 

u«udy. car* a., crystal, liockfuni. in., a-7. 

Gitftita, Oltuiia. Gymjiuae, Montreal, Call., 2-7. 
Oirttett, Mllle. Empire, at. Haul. a-T. 
Garcia, Cbas., Chutes, Sun Fran., Cll.,.,2-7. 
Giratih. Markm, Kelth'H. Providence. 9-14. 
Qtd«r * I'Tuer. Cl-yitul, Kokomo, Ind*, 3*7. 
Oirrwllaa, The. F.mpire, Hes MoItiM, In., 2-7. 
Gallagher A Barrutt, Imperlul. Bklu„ 2-7. 
Gales, Bft Howard. Chicago, 2-7. 
Gitlerd, Bonnie, Orpbmiui. Minneapolis, Mian., 

Galbreth. ft Furrull. Majestic. Bull Antonio, Tex., 

2-T ; L't. Worth. 0-1 4. ■ „„ , „ 

flavin ft Pliitt, Uutiinway'«* Sea* Bedford, Mass.. 

3-7: Doric, Yordtent. N. \.. 0-10. 
Gejgerft 'tValtfcrii, Poll's. New Haven, Couu., 2-7; 

.Poll's, Wrtterbiiry. o-r*. 
GeOrge. ft] win. Gem, Lynn. Muss., a--. 
Onwro ft Bailey, Keith's, N. t, fti 3-T.- 
Gilbert, Allte, Proctor'a, Albany. N. X., 2-7. 
Cillden Blstere, Leadvlllo, Owl.. 9-14. 
Otinl, Maris, Kuijilra. Hun Fran., C*I., 2-T. 
Ollday. ft For, Proclor'H Gbtb BU K. Y. 0., 2-T. 
'Jranl.ft Uanlner, Hartaurket, Chk-atfo, 2-7. 
(HllMle yixtera. WiulilnKluu, Hnukauc, Wash., 

2-7; fltur, Beuttle. tf-14. 
UfHjhait ft Perry. Majrmtk, Uallas, Tex., 2*7; 

MajNtlc, IlwMtcm, B-14. ^ B- 

Glllmor-j ft Siwfl. lUJoil. ltuckftml. III., OTj 

Bijou, JackKtn. H-U. 
Gllfoll. narry. Kflth'«, K. V. 0.. 2-7. 
OlIAFfinttla, Tho, Pnwtuc'M, Newaill. N. J.. 2-7. 
(Jlctiruy, JatiWH Ilk-hunii/i]. Colonial, Lawrence, 

UflM., 2-t: Kocai'y'8, Hkln.. i* 14. 
Qoblru Uatc Qalntettc, Poll'a, New Ilaren, Goon., 

Oettloti. Mr. ft Mta., Empire. Oaklat»l, Cttl., 2-7; 

.Ulfou. Hatl Finn,, if-U. 
Gottlii A Herat, U. O. H.. PlUbberfi, 2-7. 
rjoldli), Hvrace, Colonial. X. Y. 0., 2-7.: 
GonToD, Dou ft Muu, Baymaxket, Cbicuttu, 2-7. 
Qoruou SiBirrs. Star. Hainlltuu, Can., 2-7. 
OOfdon ft Obacou, Yoautf'H, AUantlv City, N. I.. 

Go<lrrey ft Jituderaou, Rmulre, Uobokeu, N. J., 

tj'^nvm. Eldrid. Beuuett'a, Lotiiloa, Can., 2-7. 
Ooluori ft Ilutfiu-a, i'umlly. Laocaiiter, Pa.. 2-7. 
Ueforth 4 ■Doyle. Voiolly. Poughkeepalc, N. Y., 

2-7; Part. N. Y. C. B-H. 
Goolmuup. Musical, ' V. U. 11-, GruuJ HaplJ.s, 

MlcL., 2-7. 
G6ruoD. Juck ft Abe, IlovarJ, CUlcutfo, 2-,. 

Ji-r. >i.. Pollv. eiirJcgfleM. Mann., 2-7. 
JfWell'a Mntt^klnH, Pull's N'-w llHvm, IMtfk, 2-T.' 
Jennings ft Jewell, llijuii. NV,r Haven. Conn., 2-7; 

BIJoU. Huimrlor, Wk, HI J. 
JeuniiiBri ft Ilcitfreir. Fatuity, fleruntoii. Pn., 2-7. 
Joiintou, Carroll, PoII'h. Worceuter, Muu., 2-7; 

Poll'*, Hnrluiruett:. y-H. 
Job intern, Il^uey, UouOliiif, Pn., 2-7; Lniitoo, 11-14. 
JoUbieu ft Well.. OWtM . lloeheiteffi. S. Y . 2-7. 
JoUn*lo(w, .'Miuical, BarraHfortl 'lour, Eng., 2- 

May 31. • 

Jolifivtoit, Halob, HloooUroote, N. Y. C, 2-7. 
JuUtis, J'jI:ilhj,. Kt.'l til's, ProTJdence, 2-7. ■ 
JUltun. Thro., Iluthaway's, Lbfetl, Alaai., 2-7. 
KaOtnun- Troupe, Arcto> t Toledo, 2-7* . 
Karno'a fun to inline Co.. Alhatnbra. N. Y. 0., 2.7. 
Kartell!, Albert, Prlplrlclubau, Stuttgart, Gcr, 

2-IB. - • 
Hit In; Ci-o.. Atluutlff Gunlen, N. Y. C. 2-7. . 
Keloy. Mr. ft Hn. Alfred, MajeaUc, Dallas, Tex., 

2*7; Uousloii, iMJ, 



Urtua Trio, MaJeatL', Chicago, 2-T. 
Greene ft Werwr. Colonial. V. Y./J., 2-7. 

Grot; Frauk. Lytic, »\. Joaepb, jlo., 2-7. . 
Gf'Ofv, niifiaell J., Crjatal, ML Joeepfa, Mo„ 2«- 
Ghien Broa., Olympic. Hu, EcnJ, In-i.. 2-7. . 
~ *e, Gyinnace, Mut-trcal, Can.. 2-7. 

Grai!llla, Boee, Gyinnaw.-. _ 

Gross, win., lloiviinl. Chicago, '2-t. 

Gray.Slarlc, A. ft 8.. Host**. 2-7. 

Hfirll ft Uorbucb Walker'a, BtMtot), 2-7; Boston, 

Hall Birer, Mats., 0-14, , ,. 
H«l?y ft Uarty, Ulu-i-slilv. MldJletown, 0.. 2-7; 

Bijou. Hainlltuu. U-U, 
Haiumoiiil ft Forreater, Povcr't O. H., Decatur, 

III.. 11-14. 
Halt e Doin. Waabingtou, Pa., 2-7, 
llniiauii. Hurrr J,., Truyuov, Bulto., Mil., 2-7. 
Hayes ft UcbIj. U. ft ft. K. Y. O.. 2-7. 
Hayt-x ft Hayes, A. ft ft. Boston. 2»7. ■ 

HMaj j Ktr. Hupiiy Joe, Xovelty, Denver, Col., 9- 
i U. 

Hawklnb, Ijivr, Keith's, Clevelaud, 2-7. 
Hart, .Willie ft Edith, park, luulauauetls. 2-7. 
Honrey ft Doane, Lyric, Ft. Dodn. to.. 2-7. 
Hurt ft Dillon, Lyric. Wichita, Kali., 2-7. 

3aakeC-Lefiter Trfo, Columbia, Cincinnati. 2*7. 
aivley ft Oleotr, Lyric, Cloroland, 2-7. 
Haymsn ft Frmiklln, Howard. Uoatou. 2-7. 
uSmlltou ft Wiley. Ititmmtlonal, Chicago, 2-7; 
.Crystal. Detroit, 8-14. 
Hall. Artie. Orplicimi. Han Fran.. Cal.. 6-14. 
Harmony tour, Cbuiu fl. Wuulilugtou, V. 0,. 2-7. 
llfrrlam, Jlt«iiic, Orpheuui, Bklu., 2-7; Colonial, 

JlK y, o.. hL 

nerrnmni), Adelukle. Novelty. DMd„ 2-7; Uorrlck, 

WIlnjliibTteu. Del., 9-14. 
Henry. Euuenf. UIJoii, Calumet, Mlcb., 2-7; Bijou, 

Marquette, H-l-4, 
Ileelow, Chus., BIJuu, La Crosde, Wis., 2-7. 
llvouey ft Slcelti, Etiilre, Patersun, N. J., 2-7. 
Herald Square Quartette, Pull'*, Worcester, Mais., 

Ucrilnuiin, Grctit, Oruhuoin, Omaba. Neb.. 2-7; 

Orubouui, KatibuH City, Mo., 1-14. 
Hoarn. Toai, Chaue'H, washlnaton, D. a, 2-7. 
HMtSa; Bon Ton. Phlla., 2-7.. 

Heudersou ft lions. Majestic, Sun Autoulo, Tex,, 
1-T; Ft. Worth/ 0-14. 

Herbert's Dogs, Coluniblu. Olncluuatl, 2-7; Majes- 
tic. Chlckgo. D-14. 

Uerbert'i- Dogtj, Coluuiblu, Ciuoluuatl, 2-7; Ma- 
Jostle. aUlCdge, vt-H. 

Helms. Great, U. II.. Iluutley. 111., 2-7; O. IL, 
Duudee, u-14, 

Hufroii, m (Jlyuinlc. l>o. Beud, lud., 2-7; Crys- 
tal. Milwaukee. Wis,, 0-11. 

Heyn-ood. Ureal, Dura!. JuckMonvlUc, I'ia., 2-7. 

Hi'ruiuny'f Oats ft Dog«, Poll's, Ktsw Haven, 
Conu.. 2-7. 

Hcnw-Cuuiiivud Hlstcrs. Kcltb'N, ProTldence, 2-T*. 
Keith'u, liOHtui), l'-l i. 

Bill ft Mylvluny. Victoria. N. Y. C. 2-7; lutoma- 
tloual, Clltcago. 9-14. 

lllumiiii. Cuiit. tilduey. Umpire, Freenort, HI., 2-7. 

HlllviTB (Ui. Urphium, MprliigUcId, 0., 2-7; 
PiillliPK'. Ulclmioml, lud., 0-14. 

Hilltnau. Oeo., Uraml. Peru, Iitd., 2-7. 

Illlk-brund ft Vivian, Crystal, Pueblo, Col.. 2-7. 

Hibbert ft Wurnii. Gruod, Vlueeuues, lud., 2-7; 
IVj|)k'>. Huimlbal, Mo., 0-14. 

Hlnes ft ttemliigtoii, Proctor's, Albany, N, V., 2-7. 

Huk-omb. Ciiitls ft Webb, Hununl, Boston, 2-7; 
Lynu, Mass.. 0-14. 

riolin.'.- ft Wnl.l.ju, PhllHns', nicbmoud. Ind., 0-14. 

Hocli-lSlttm ft Co., Kellb's, OleTclaud, 2-7 ; Mary- 
land, Balto., 0-14. 

Holman Ti'cuiK'. Apullo, Nuruberg, Ger., 2-1Q; Or- 

. pueuii). Fi-uukfi'Tt, ltl-30, 

Ifollinort. Havry, Keith's, ProTldcnce. 2-7. 

Hou'llul. Huri-y, Kellh's. HohIoii, 2-7. 

HoldwortbP, The, Bijou, lies Moines, Ts„ 2-7. 

Heey ft Ism Pastor's. K, Y. C, 2-7. 

flaloieii Bros., Clreo Payret. Havana. Cuba, 1-14. 
Indues ft rrftiuichiuere. Keith's, Bostou, 2-7 ; Park, 

Wureester. Mane,, 0-14. 
Hon-irds, Marvelous. Orpbeum, Sau Fran., Osl., 

— ■I , UUIDIIVUj I'-iJ. 

Keltb, Frank C, AlusiTorth,. Kcb. 

Ken LB. Miller, ft Co., Proctor's, Albany, N. Y„ 

Kennedy ftiJauUw, Ifovurd, Bostoo, 2-7. 

Kethr, Walsh ft Melrose, Orphean), Kansas City, 

Kentnu,. Dorothy, Novelty, Dkln., 2-7. 
Kettoua (U), i|. U, H., Byracuse, N. Y. 

rlieedy's. Kail niver. Mass., 0-14. 
Kelly ft Hart, Dotfiiy, DUea, N. Y., 2-7. 
KeTy ft Vlolottc. AJburubra, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Kel y, Walter C, Victoria, N. Y. C, 2-7. 
Ktl y ft Ik-no, Empire, London, Eug„ 2-28. 
Kel y ft Kelay. Hub, WoMisoekot. It. I., 2*7. 
Kol y, Bam ft Idu, CuHtlo, Blourulugtou, III., 2-7; 

Crystal, Marlon, lud., 0-14. 
Kehoc ft Doron, Bon Ton. Bkln,, 2-7. 
Kclnian, Jack, ft Co., Mooru'a, Portlaud, Me., 2-7. 
Keough, Edwlu, ft Co., Proctor's, Newark, N. j., 

2-T; Orpheutu, Ptlea, N. V., 0-14. 
Kclltr, Jules, II. ft ft, N. Y. C, 2-7. 
Klnjf, ■ Mr. ft Mrs; Bam. CharteroJ, Fa., 2-7. 
Klns'lVtm, The, Bon Ton, Plilla,, 2-7; Family, 

Hcrsatou, l'u.. O-Jl. 
Kiltliw UuuO, Victoria, N. Y. C, 3-7. 
KitA-Banial Jap», Arcudr, Toledo, 2-7. 
Klein. Ott Bros, ft Nicholson, Newbary, N. X., 

Z-7; Wuhli-ti, 0-14. 
Klclu ft Klein. Grand, Piltflburg, 2-7. 
Kleist, Musical. Orpheum, Bait Lake, U., 2-7; 

Orphetim. Deneer, Col.. 0-14. 
Kuk'kerUicker Four, Mollnc, III., 2-7. 
KoMIub, King, Majestic, Honstun, Tex., 2-7; Sun 

Antonio, 0-14. 
Kohl, Uub 4 Murion, Lyceum, Ogden, U., 2-7; 

Poeatcllo, Ida., 0-14. .. . ■ . 

Kcmro ft Chaplain, UIJciu, Kcwanee, HI., 2-7; 

Castle. Bloomlngton, 9-14. 

Krona, Arthur ft Besulc, Bijou, Wbt-ellug, WVVa., 

Kuehle's Ullvutiaoe, Mad. fe'q. Garden, N. Y. C, 

Kui-tVs ft Dusse, Keltli'd, N. Y. 0., 2-7; Or- 
7. pheum, Kvading, Pu.. 0-14. ■■'.,.. 

1.3 Hue, Pearl,, Gyuiuase, Moutreal, Can., 2-7. 
Ls Olalr ft West, Temple, Buffalo, - 2*7 ; Paitor'i, 
" Ki Y. tl. 0-14. 

La Mur, Wuyuc. Columbia, Cincinnati, 2-7, - 
La Drew. Paul, Pueblo. Col., 2-7. 
La Gette, Majestic, Houston, Tex., t-7. 
La ,MpnL Ullle. Tlvoll, Missoula. .V-nt.. 3-14; 
Lonvtiater, Tom, BIJou, Juckuon, Mlc.-.., 2-7 ; BIJou, 

Bay Clty,P-14. 
r.amlvrt ft Pierce, Keeney's, Bkln.. 1 2-7. 
U lk-llo. Wm., Keeney's, Bkln., 2-T. 

La Vines, The, Howard, Chicago, 2-7. '' 

Lu Centre ft La Rue, Park. N. Y. L\, 2-7. 
Laivson ft Nutnon, Chase's, Washington, D. C-, 2-7. 
Luton a, Frank ft Jeu, Poll's, Srlugueld, Mass., 2-7. 
Lamar, Harry, Brad en burgh's, PbHa., 2-7. 
Lane, Arthur, Crystal, St. Joseph. Mo., 27. 
La Vardo Horry. Pastor's. N. Y. C, 3-7. 
La Vine ft Waitouc, Orpbeum. Denver, Col., 2-14. 
Lumount ft Paulette. American, Utlca, N. Y„ 2-7; 

Rlalto. Glulru, 0-14. 
Lungdous, The. Novelty. Topeka, Kan., 3-7; 

Lyric. Joiiilu, Mo., 0-14. - 
LawreiK-c ft Hurrliigiou, . HulbawuyV, Lowell, 

.-Miss., .2*7.. ■ -;-. .• . 

La Rose, Harry, ft Co., Poll's, Springfield, Mass., 

.2-7. . ;.,. .•■-,. .:.,-■ 

La Tell Bros., BUou, Decatur, 111., 2-7; Bijou. 

Qulm-y.. 9-14. ;. •-.; .. 

r.Iuyd. IkTucrt,. Hippodrome, London. Eug., .2-7. 
Lv Clair, Harry, Columbia. St.' Louis. 2-7. 
I-ewls ft Luke. Leavenworth, Knu., 2-7; Bt. Jo- 
seph. Mo., U-14. 
Levy, Mrs. Jules ft Co., Lyric, 9t. Joseph, Mo., 

Lerls. Mile., Hippodrome, K. Y, C. 2-7. 
Leoounl, Eddie, ft Slmrp Bros., Temple, Detroit, 

Leslie, Bailey ft Co., Kultu's. Providence, 2-7. 
Let\ Fitabugti ft Bcnale, People's, Cedar Buplds, 

lu„ 2-7; -Industrial. Mollne, III... 0*14. 
Le Bran's Grand Opera Trio. Chiuugo, 2-7. 
Lee, Irvuf, Poll's, Huttford, Conu.. 2-7. 
Le Dcut, OrOut, Graud, Jollet, 111., 2-7; CssUo, 

Btooiaiiivton, 9-14. 
LecuiwuDa-HH, Hlpi-odromc. K. Y*. C 2-7. 
r^ Clair, Johu, OrpUeum, Utlca, N. J- 2-7. 
LCoufci-rdt'. .11. . Star, Hamilton. Cuu., 2-7. 
I«Tltt A rails, Lyceum, Niagara Fulls, N. Y., 2-7. 
Le Itoy & Woodford. iHoivurd. Botalon, 2-7. 
U'ssiL, liudji. BIJou. DuluUi, Minn.. 3-7. 
Leslie, tiw. \\\. ._ HIJou. Wliwllag, W. Va., 2-7; 


Uoey & Holland. Ornnd. Victor. Col., 2*7. 
Hotf-nnl & North, proetor'a 2Ud St., N. Y. C. 2-7. 
Horrniati SlMten<, Audllurlum. Norfolk. Va., 2-7. 
Holbrooke MuslCHl. GyiuiiBHe, Montreal. Can.. 2-7. 
Hoik- ft Tbel-. Jacksonville, 111.. 2-7; Docstur, 

Hur.i Liv-lkTgero Co.. Hopkins'. LoulsTlIle, K.v., 2-T. 
Hunlrc.--. Dijou, .DuluUi. Mtuu., 2-7; L'uluur, 

Wlunl|>eg. Cub., bit. 
fission. Dallas, ft C<>.. Imperii)]. Bkln.. 2*7. 
Huegel lire- . City PL. Huron. Mich., 2-7; Bijou, 

Lsimlna. D-14. 
Huehu. Miislcsl, (1. 0. II., IMtlobWi. 2-7. 
Uuebuer. OHM., 0. O. U.. Frmiklln. Pa., 2-7. 
Huieblwn. J. K.. ft Co.. Pastor's. N. Y. C. 3-7. 
Hufher. Mr. ft Mr?. Nick. I'iRtor's, N. Y. C, 2-7: 

Bradenburgb'B, Phils., 0-14. 
HyDtndB (8). Elite. Pavenrort. la., 2-7. 
Hyanin ft Melntyre. Victoria, N. Y. C, 2-7. 
Hyde ft Heath. Hi Ion, Lansing. Mich., 2-7; BIJou. 

Kalamazoo. 0-14. 
Imperial Japanese Troupe, CasluO. Paris. Ft., 

"In the Swim." Vlclurla, N. Y. C.. l 2-7. 
Iiinecs ft Itjnu, PawtorV. X. Y. ft, 2-7. 
"In Hie Sunny Suiilli." Prorior's B8lb Vi.. N. Y. 

C, 2-7. 
Irwiu, Jaek, Olympic. Ciiimgo, 2-7, 
Jncobe' Dog'. Gotham. Bkln., 2-7. 
Jacobs ft Bprdal, t'rnwford, Topeka. Kan.. 3-7. 
luukrou, lliirry ft KhLc Aiu]iblou. Bkln., 2-7; 

uukrou, Hurry ft KhIc. Aiui'bl 

ilbtruLra. N. Y. C. 14 
ack. 5E ft Mti.. Nttot't. N. 

Jick. M*. ft Mfi.. PiiWt'e. N. Y. ft, 2-7. 
Ts'.kiM ft Wept»ortB. Cryatsl. 4o1ertr>n. Inl . 
.- r , CrTMal Kole-B", ».1». 

Orpbeuui. Cblllloothe, 0.. 9-14, 
Lciihou, ft -Ifdwards, Keith's. N. Y. ft, _ . 
Leone ft Dale. o. 0. H., Hyracuse, N. Y.. 2-7; 

Sbcu'a, iiiioraio, 0-14, 
Lee Tuiur Poo, BIJou, Wheeling. W. Va., 2-7. 
Lester, May. Dewey. Utlca, N. Y-, 2-7. 
Lewis ft Deluiore, A. ft ft, Boston, 2*7. 
Lewis ft Uarr. Elwood, Ind., 2-7 ; Wabasb. 9-14. 
Lee. liimry. Cbase'H. Washington. D. C. 2-7. 
Leslie ft Duiloy. Monumeutul, Balto.. Md., 2-7; 

BIJou, Phlla.. 0-14. 
Le Boy ft Le Vauloo. Moore's. Portland, Me., 2-7. 
Leuert. It., BIJou, Murqueltr. Mich.. 2-7. 
Lewis ft WuHul-c, UradQii burgh's. Phlla., 2-7. 
l*t-. Btolla. Hopkins', Louisville, Ky., 2-7. 
Llbbey ft Trayer, G. 0. 11.. Indianapolis, 2-7. 
Llusluy ft Grltlln, Monuuieutal, Baltlmero, 2*7. 
Liuletleld, C. W.. Suvoy, full Bitot, Mass., 2-7; 
. I^>mJon, Cuu,. 9-14. 
Lluk. Billy, Pustor's, N. Y. ft, 2-7. 
Llpplncollt. The, Btar, Hamilton, Can., 2-7. 
Loug & Cotton. Mujojtlc. Chicago, 2-7, 
Corrulue Bisters, Orpheum, St. Paul, 2-7. 
Lerene, AtlnuLle (Janlen, N. Y. C, 2-7. 
Lr-iidous, Four, Keith's, N. Y. ft, 2-7. 
Lorclley, May, Gyumase. Montreal, Can., 2*7. 
Liikens (4>, Proctor'n 2Ud St., N. Y. ft, 2-7; 
■ Proctor's. Newark. N. J„ u- 11. . 
Lucy ft Lneler, Hopkins', Louisville, Ky., 2-7; 

Hoptln-'. Memphis, Teiiii., 9-14. 
Luce ft Luce, Wuxblngtou, SiK>ksne, Wash.. 2-7; 

Star, Seattle, 0-14. 
Duby. Edna, Proctor's. Albany. N, Y., 2-7. 
Ltic-e. Jauhm, llayinurket, Olilcngo. U-7. 
Lysier ft Cooke. Grand. Milwaukee, Wis., 2-7 ; 

BLjou, La Croese. nit. 
Lynotio sisters. BIJou, Phlla-, 2-7; Loudon, N. 

Y. C' 0,14. 
tynne. Fnuk, Proctor's With St., N. Y. ft, 3-T; 

Proctor's 12ulb W., N. Y. C. 0-11. 
Munu. Dauny, ft Co., BIJou. Dulutb, .Minn., 2-7. 
Miirtlna. Aorlal. Malu St.. Peorlu, 111., 2-7; 

Temple. Ft. Wuice. Ind., 0-11. 
Martlue Brothers. Alhainbra. Parte. Fr., 2-II0. 
Mngce. Clem ft. Dijon. Danville. 111.. 2-7. 
Mnrlo ft AMo, Ilansu. Hamourjr. i Ger., 2-30. 
MaftdcnK, The, Manhattan. Norfolk, Va„ 2*7, 
May ft Miles. Empire, Roekford, III., 8-7. 
Mack John ft Carrie, Crystal, Marlon, Ind., 2-T; 

Crystal, Anderson. 0-14. 
MNck ft DumI, Grand. Jollet, III.. 2-7; Family, 

E., Malu St., St. Louis, 044. 
Mallory Bros., Brookn ft Halltday. Arophiou, 

Bkln., 2-7; Uraud, UyraCute, X, V.. 0-14. 
Mayo Japs,, BIJou, DeH Moines. la... 2-7.- - 
Macnrte Sisters (3). Proctor's C9tb St., N. Y. 0., 
. 2-7. 
Mac ft Mac. Bridgeport, Coiim, '2-7 f Bowart], 

Boston, 9-14, 
Mantell'H Murli>uettr!>. BIJou, Kalamagou, Mlcb., 

2-7! BIJou. Flint. 9-W. 

Hsrtih, Da-v* ftPetcie, Bljoii, Marquette, Mich., 

2-7: Family. Lafa;e|te. lud.. 9-14. 4-« 

Majestic Trio. Hathsway's, Nett Bedford Mai"i , - 

2-7; HsMja-'v'*, L^»M, **14. 

Morr ft.ETaus, n.'ifV, t*o. Nerwulk, Conu., 2-7. 
Momells, 'Hie. Mlflir's, Limn, O., 2-7. 
Mu 1K>U ft Coi'Mry, luternutlonul, Chicago, 2-7. 
Madeline, prlucess. Music Hall, Gloucester, Mass., 

Murtlnettl.ft Sylvester, Temple, Ft. Wayne, Ind., 

2-7;'Grund, Marlon, 0-14. 
Murco Twins, Uomlfllon. WlnnliieK. Con., 2-7. 
Mareeua, Nevnro ft Mareeua. KelUi's, N. Y. ft, 

Mansfield ft Wilbur, II. ft B.. Bkln., 2-7. 
Martin ft- Doyle, Music Hall, Gloucester, Mass., 

Maiiello-Maunlls Troupe, Hippodrome, K. Y. C. 

Mar true ft Hardy, Pooplc'H, LeaTenworth, Kan., 

2-7; Lyric. St. Jowpb, Mo., 0-14. 
Manning Trio, Crawford, Topeka, Kan., 2-7; 

raiully, Sioux City, la.. 9-14. 
Murtlmi ft Tyler, Bod Ton, Phlla., 2-T, 
Miuuuvld £ Hurrcj, Crystal, Lotfaniport, lud., 

2-7; Crystal, Frankfort, 0-14, 
Marriott Twin*, Gaiety, Albany. N. Y., 2-7; 

Koyat, Troy, 0-14. 
Muck ft tWuguJ, Ulpe, KokmiAi, tnd., 2-7. 
Madc'jpH (31, Sheu'a, Toronto, Can., 2-7; Temple, 

Detroit. 9-14. . 
Mirrelle Lb Dan Trio, Mad. Sq. Garden, N. Y. ft, 

Morilo Trio, Calumet, So. Chicago. 2-7; BIJou, 

Deaatur, 111.. 9-14. 
Maglhleys, The, Teuiple, Detroit, Mich., 2-7. 
Martlere, Laura, Palace. Scbeuectsdy, N. Y., 2-7. 
Marcel's Bas.ItelleCs, Maryland. Balto,, 2-T. 
Maeney ft Kramer, Family, Amsterdum, N. Y., 

•3-7; Family, Scran ton. Pa., 0-14. 
Maty ft Hull. Keith's, Phlla.. 2-T. 
Maeirt's Hogx ft Monkeys, Albauibra, N. Y. ft, 

3-7; Gotham, Bkln., 0-14. 
Marlon * Deane, Areude, Toledo, 3-7. 
Martin Shittr*. Glob,:, St. Louis, 9-14. 
MuUileue. Juggling, Putersou, N. J., 2-7; Empire, 

Hoixiken. 0-14. 
MnclXmougb, Ethel,. Keith's, N. Y. ft, 2-7. 
McGratti Bros.. Proctor's. Albany, N. Y„ 2-7. 
Mclvoy, Dan, Victoria, N, Y, ft, 3-7. 
MOtfork-y ft Eleauore, Topic, Bllllugs, SIoiiL, 2-7; 

Mlawiula. 0-14. 
McCauloy ft Donovan. Crystal, Detroit. 2-7. 
McCue ft Cablll. Orpheum. Xcw Orleaiit. La., 2-7. 
McWaten ft Tyson Co.. Auditorium. Lyun, Mass., 

. 2<7 ; -Hutltawuy'a. New Bedford. 9-14. 
McNumoe. Suvoy, Fall Hirer, Mass., 2-7. 
McDouuld, Jas. V-. Olympic. Chicago. 2-7. 
Mclnemey, Jus. A., Family, Curbouilalo, Pa., 2-7. 
MeCleUun. Jas., HIJou. Dnlurh, Mlnu., 2-7. 
Hfjoafili LeWN ft Co., Olympic, Chicago, 2-7. 
AlcKinuon ft Itecd, Bijou, Des Molueu, la., 2-7 ; 

fllimi, Mollne, 111., U-14. 
McOJotn* RmlUi, Pull's, Spriupfteld. Mass., 2-7. 
McMalrvMt'ii Minstrel Maids, Keonuy'rt. Bkln., 2-7. 
McMuUon ft Chuppellc. Keeney's, Bkln., 2-7, 
McCreu ft Poole, Kclth'a, Providence, 2-7. 
McUee £ Coll lax. Grand, Mnrlon, Hid., 2-7 ; BIJou, 

• mnomSm 9-14. 

McDowell, John ft Alice, Lyceum, 'Springfield, 0., 
- 2:7. 

McCone ft Grant, Bljon, Jackson, Mlcb., 2-7 ; Bi- 
jou. Lunslug, 9-11. 
Merrlnn Sisters. Dewey, Dtlco. N. Y.. 2-7. 
Merrltt, Hal, Columbia, Cincinnati, 2-7. 
Merxltt, Raymond. American, Utlca, N. Y.. 2-14. 
Molrillo ft Couwiiy, Little Rock, Ark,, 2-7. 
MeWIHc ft Stet>jou. Hepklnw*. I*ul«»llle 1 Kv.. 2-7, 
MelTllle ft ABelle, Bijou, DuluUi, Minn., 3-7, 
Mercler, Edwlnu, Lynn, if ass., 2-7. 
Mclrcy Trio, BIJou, Kewuiioc, 111., 2-7; Castle, 

Bloom In it ton, 0-14. 
Meyer ft Mason, Star, Humlltou, Cau., 2-7. 
Msers (3), Gothabi, Bkln., 2-7; Poll's, New 

Havou, Couu., 0-14. 
aieteorn, Flying, Hlpjwdronic, N. Y. ft, 2-7. 
Mflllbuu Trio. Poll's, Sprliigtleld, Mo«s„ 2-7; 

■Poll's, Hartford, Conu,, 9-14. . 
Itlloul Trio, Keith's. Proyldeuce, 2-7. 
Mitchell ft Culn, Orpheum, Snu Fran., Cal., 2-7. 
MIUit, Etljubelh, Bennett's, Loudon, Cau., 2-1. 
.Miller, Carrie, Bell. Gaiety, Sprlugnetd, III., 2-7. 
Mlller.Uiowulnf Co,, Hot Springs, Ark., 2-7; 

HolIas.Tex.-,.0-l4. . . 

Mitchell ft Brownlug. .Crystal, Frankfort, lud.. 3- 
. 7u. Crystal, Klkuart, 0-14. 
atlicUcltrf-.(3), ICeltb'H, Pror.ldencc, 3-7. 
UJllard Brcri. (Bill ft. BobL 0. II., Lowelt, Mass.. 

2-7.; Kecuey-'s; Bkln., 0-14. 
Military- Octette. Gotlfam, Bkln,, 2-7; Poll's, 
' Walerbury, Oouu,, 0-14. 
MiUons (U>, Lyric, Cleveland, 2-7. 
Ulskel, Cora, ft Picks, Webb's, Peru, lud., 2-7; 

BIJou, Kulaiauiou, Mich., 9-14- 
Mills ft Morris. Columbia, Olncluuatl, 2-7; Keith's, 

Cleveland. 9-14* 
MorirlS, r>on. Temple, Detroit, 2-7. 
Montague's Cockatoo Circus, Orrlu Bros., Mexico, 

Motcgfri. La, Cdcn, Dresden, Ger., 2-UO; Hausa, 

Hamburg,. May 1-00. 
Montrose,' Louise, ft; Co,, Keith's, Phlla., 3-7. 
Morris ft Morris, Creek Tree, Olyoipla, Wash., 

Morrlii, Joe, Auditorium, Lynu, Muss., 2-7. 
MOktfoiucry, Nellie. Chutes, Sau FrsB., Cal., 2-7. 
'■Motoring." Keith's, Boatoh. 3-7. 
Morrell, Chas,, BIJou. La Ctosso, Wis., 2-7. 
Monroe, Geo. W., Shsu's, Buffalo. 2-7. 
Muuiw. Muck ft Lawrence, H. ft.B.. Bkliu, 2-7. 
Murphy. Mr. ft Mm. Murk, Proctor's DSUi St., 
■:, ; N.<t. ft, 3-7. .. . -,.... 

Mutikeleers (II).. Empire, FrunkfoM, Pa., 2-7; 

Hovvunt, Boston, 9-14. 
Murphy ft Wlllurd. Keeney's, BklD., 3-7. 
Mulvey ft Ward, BIJou, DuluUi, Minn.. 2-7, 
Murphy, ft.- Andrews, Keith's, Cleveland, 2-7; 

Cook's, Rochester, N. Y.. 0-14. 
Murray ft Cane. Dewey, Utlca, N. Y„ 2-7. 
Murray ft Laue, Orpheum. Bklu., 2-7. 
almlge. Hicks ft Montgomery, 0. 0. H-, Grand 

Raplda, Mich., 2-7. 
Naludu ft Co., Crystal. Detroit. Mich., 3-7. 
Kesvcn. Hunter ft Nesseu, Keith's, Bostou, 2-7. 
Nevurros C,t). Colonial, N. Y. ft. 2-7. 
Kelt ft Miller. Orpheum. Roodlug, Pa.. 2-7; 

Young's, Atlantic City, N. J.. 0-14. 
Newman, Jos,, Colonial, N. Y, 0., 2-7; Orpheum, 
. Bkln., 0-14, 

Ncwmuu. Hurry, Lyric, St. Joseph, Mo., 2-7. 
Newell ft Nlblo, U. ft ft. N. Y, ft. 2-7, 
Nlblo. Fred. Orpheum. Uticu, N. Y., 2-T. 
Nlckelsous (J*. Metropolitan, Chlcugo, 2-T. 
Nlcur. Allee Mae, Dewey. Ctleu. N. Y.. 2-7. 
Norton ft Nicholson, Bmplro, Patorsoo', N. J., 2-7; 

Orplieuiii, Rendlug, Pu.. 0-14. 
Nortou ft Pcrkine. BIJou, Shuwooe, Okie., 3-7. 
Nerlli. Bobby, Alhurubre. N. Y. ft, 2-T; Chase's, 

Wuibiugtou, D. C., 0-14. 
Norman, Mary, Empire, l'utorsoti. N. J.. 9-14, 
Norman, Lyric, Clcvelund, 2-7 ; Temple. Detroit, 

Nobles. Milton ft Dolly. Shea's, Buffalo, 2-7; 

Shea's, Toronto. Ctin,. 0*14. 
NoTWorth. Jack, Trent, Trenton, N. J.. 2-7. 
Nugent, J. ft, ft Co., Keith's, Providence, 2-T. 
Nye, Ned, Novelty. Bkln.. 2-7. 
O'Drku ft Buckley. Shea's, Torouto, Can,. 2>7. 
O'Day, Ida, Chaeo'a, Wasblngtoi), D. ft, 3-7. 
Oniuw Trio. Hopklks', Memphis, Toon., 2-7. 
O'Nelt, Bluoebe. Howard. Chicago. 2-7. 
Orpheus Comedy . Four, Alhambrti. N, Y. ft. 2-7. 
Otura Japs. BIJou, Des Molucs, la., 2-7 ; UlJou, 

Dumniiu), 0-14. 
Owen, lranels, ft Co., Auditorium. Lynn, Mass., 

Patternou. Bounding. Cor»o. Jurleb. Switr.. 3-15. 
i ft Co.. Benuctt's. London, Can., 2-T. 

l'lteolj MbUrets. Orpheum, Omaha,, Neb., .0-14. . 
VlQtH ft Malzee, fOuplte, JuhannbsLurir, b. A., 2- 

Pletijs A gmi. MybaTfk, Scb'eriKtadir. N. t„ 2-T. 
PlrhcoOis. The. Olympic. Chicago, 2-7. 
Piculuui Family, Inu-«rial, Bklu., I** 
' * , ft H.,, Boston, " 


Ht. : 

WtdESSiSisS^PSl!*! Pue¥o."lJoi., 2.7 • 

uMff'V**" c '^ ,a --c', 
L Cryitai, DebtPf. 9-14, ,-.-.. 
Stitfvii, Laity, FbWi, - Portland, Ore., 3-T 

Plttnkett, Dick, A. ft H... Boston. 3-7. Kplelty, -Skin., 0-14. ' ■*» * 'i 

Powers, Jus. T., ft Co., Huymnrke, Chicago, 2-T. BHu .*', I'aliiuellUa, '. OrpliCtthi, Los Aubsm 

Potigoft I*o, Pustor'a. N. \. C, 2-7. V-'-ua aSWu^Hrt '!■ • \ " U B««, 
Polk; Collins ft Carmen Sisters, Orpkeiun, Bkln. 

Powell, Q. 0. IL, Grand Rapids. Mlcb., 2-7. 
Powell, .Harry, A. ft ft-, Boston. 2-T. ■ * ' 
PoWarg ft- Theobald, Star, Muucle, lud. . 0-14. 
Prelle's I>ogs, H. ft B., Bklu., 2-7. - , ; 

Pryors. The, . Family, - Skutuokln. Pa., ■ 3'T. 
IMlleu, Ruby Lueliii, Washington, Pa., 2-7; Mc- 
Kees))orL 0-14 

^fiffi r'lWr^ BulIaI< '' 2 ' T: '■""•*t*a ? Loutlon, 
Sowdkia./rirf, ProetoifB 58th Ett, N. Y. ft, 3.7 

' l„.l 1111:1,1 I !,, •.., I tit I. I. " 

Mich.. 2-Tj 

TWjl -ft L'lEell. riOtlV,- Kril:lilliLb;(, 

fii/oti, CBibHiot,- 0-14. '. . . ' . 
TjihtuU ftCftrll-tou.'Grphoura. ttkln,', 2-7, 
RHHH, GcoTgla, BhruRng's; Balto., Mil., 2.7« 

tikuiJss ftPayne.H. ft:B.t flklu : , 2*7. • ■ 
TUdll. -Lulu, tlrpblutn, Mdustleld.-O.. 2-7; Bijou 
VVueellrig, W. fSu fl-14. * ,M ' 

■ThotapBtiu's' ElepbanlB, Lyric, Clorelarld. 2-T 
TbKtfwr,. Leoiiii, Proctor's 2Ud St., N. Y. ft. 2.7 
Till v Mur iofitiUes, A. ft H„ Bostou, 2-7. ■ ■ 
To>s;;MUaleal, Bradford r Pa., 2-7; Family*, Lin- 
caster, 9-14, , , 

Radford ft Valentine, Ilarrasroitl Tour, Enj., 2- Topsyturvy Trio (Baldwin, San Fran., Cal., 2-T 

Mo* 31. ■'-•''la ' ' Tw-sy. Kitty, Treiif, Trchton. K. Jm 2-T. * .. 

Randall. Durothy, Hoirard, Boston, 2-T. ., ' Tfhtij-AUuutlc Four, Auditorium, Lynn, Mais., 

Etawls ft Von Kiufuidu, Hopkins', Louisville, Ky., 2-t, 

3-7 J Hupkliis', Memphis, Tcnn., 0*11. 
RcdCd-ft Hntlley, Lyric, 9 1. Joseph, Mo., 2-7, 

Juca, J-oii'i tin Lae, 9*14. 

Uuwson ft June, Orpkcuui, Mlimeupolbt, Minn., 
2-7; Orplu'um, Ouuihu, Neb,. 0-14, 

RuSttts ft Banks, Pur., Newcastle,;., 2-7 ; 
Pal., GlasKow. Scot.. 0-14; Hipp, BtrWluglUu- 
Kt|g., 10-21 ; Pu!.. Southampton, 23-28. 

Riiynos. At., Bull Dogs, Amsterdam, N. Y., 2-7. 

Uay, Fred, -ft Co.. Fuslor's; N. Y: ft, 2-T; How- 
ard, Hostou, 9:14- ' i' '_. 

lUvencroft, Charlotte, Family. Mahcnoy City, Ph., 
2-7; -Finally, Shutnokln, 0-14. 

Upekfit ft TJouglaB. No. Bend, lud., 2-7; Terrs 
Haute. 0,i4 

Frederick-Tekta Farm, Poll's, SpriagUeld, Uasj,, 
lieucu &. iiuuiey, joftt'pii, an, *-i. ■•'*?*''* ■ 

"ICol ItuTcu CndetV' Boston, 2-7; Providence, 9- Trolley Cur Trio, Keith's, Phlla., 2-7, ; 

14. ' TfarCfii, Bolond, ft. Co.. , New . BIJou, Oalum»t. 

Belli -Bros., PoII'a, Brliifeiwrt, Couu- 2-7. ™. MJf"i' -* 7 J 1 B * n l?* K^c-inaba, Wis., fi-ljl. fc 

- ■*- "'rodlaflour Four, Bantable, ^yracnito. N- X., 2*T. 

ulfea. People's, -Cedar Itapfds, lu,, 2-7 ; InJiatfli], 
rMolrne, 111.. 0-14.. -..',.. h 

Joatou, 2-T. 

Bedford ft Winchester, 0. O. IL, Syracuse, K. Y., 
2-7; Cook's, Rochester, 0-14. 

Reno ft Blchutds, Imperial, Bklu., 2-7. 

Iteld Slaters, Novelty. Bkln., 2-7. 

llvllty, .Johnnie, Poll's, Water bury. Coun^ 2-7. 

Rentftow ft Juuscn, Grapd, Vaucourer. Can., 2-7. 

Remington, Maytne, Gotham, Bkln.. 2-7. - 

Reynard, Bd. F., Uatha-vay's, Now Bedford* 
.Mass., 2-T; Huthaway's, Lowell, 9-14. 

Staff (»). Audltorluw, Norfolk, Vu., 3-7. 

Hew, Theresu, Colonial, S. Y. ft. 3-7.' 

lUjkUcn'n Dogs. Poll'ii. aptlucfleld. Mass.',. 2-T. 

Rhone, Criwwell A.,- Fumlly, Pouglikeepblc, N. Y.» 
-2-7: Passaic, Pkssuic, N. J„ 0-14. 

Rico ft Walteru, Temple. Buffalo,- 2-7. ■ 

Rice ft Elmer, Trent, Trenton, N. J.,, 2-7, 

Rice ft Ed war da, UlJou, Decatur, ill.. 2-7, 

Rico ft Prevost, Proctor's, Albany, IN.- V., 3-T. 

Rice. Funny, Otpbeum, New , Orleans. Lu.,' 3-7. 

lllcc ft Caily. H. ft R„ Bkln., J-7 ; G. U, U., 
Plttuburg, 0-14. 

Rice Bros., Atlantic Garden, N. Y. C. 2*7. 

Rio Bros., Mohawk, Schenectady, N. V., 2-7. 

UpM (4), ulpiu'drotue, Can,, 2-7. 

Ulalto Four. Chutes, Suu Fran.. Cal.. 3-T. 

Uuig; Julie, & Co., Orpheum, New OrteoJis, La., 

Blchnrds, Great, Bijou, Lansing, Mich., 3-7; KaU- 
iiiuto-j, 9-14. 

Rlckio-jnuu, The. EuilJIre, Lorntn, 0., 2-7. 

Itlcobono'u Honiea, Kel tit's, Phlla.,- 2-7. 

Boof. Jack ft Clara; Grand, Peru lud., 3-7; 

j Grand, Huntington, 9-14:. 

Bosbm irhTpfl Eniplre- Hoboken. K J., 3-7. 

Botuii'tj Mastcu! Horse. Sheu/s, Buffalo, 2-T. 

Roaulres, The, BIJou, pubOime, la., 2-7. 

Ross ft Lew)*, atoll Tour, Ehg., ■ 2*30. - 

Bow ft Kills'. Orpheum, Minneapolis, Minn., 2-7; 
Orpheum, Kantms Clty-i Mo., 0-14. 

Roses («). Sbeedy's, Full River, Mass., 2-7; Um- 
pire, Paienon, N. J., 0-14. " 

Rogers, .Will H,.. vTIntergarten,.BerJUi, Ger., 3-30. 

Trbdiiaflour Four, Run table. 

jmSIW, .. , 
"Tbrner'e Song Sheet/ ,., 
T»ee,ft Jermou, Tehinle, Detroit, SHcb., 2-7. 
Vknte, Clarice, Proctor's,- Newark. N. J., 2-7. 
ValiaflreB.Tue. H. ft 8.', N.„ Y. fti ;!S-T, 
Van,' Billy, Majestic, Chlc'ugc-,.2;7. ; 
Van ft Rurdette. Boii.Ton, Phlla., 3'7 V . •■ ' 

Vou.Bleue, Auguste, Chute's, .Wsablhgton, D. ft, 

Vaii' Studdlfonl, Grace, Orpbedm, ', Bklu., . 3-7. 
Vau-THlby, aienaFallB, h.-Y., 9-14. 
Vnn:& Alden, .Trent; Trenton. ,N.. J,, 2-7.' 
Vordumon, Family. Butte, Mont, 3-7,... ,\.-i .... 
VirrUbr), Perry ft Wllber, Parlor, EteretL Hash., 
2-7.s v ;., . . "• 1 ■ ■• 

Veroon Troupe, Galetr. Pittsburg,. 3-.T. .•'.'.• 
Yeiaoa, Arcade, Toledo, 2-7; G.;0.,U., Pltlaburf, 

•;»*l», ■■■■ ... - . ■•'.-...( ■'■■■• • . 

Vermetto ft Diomic, ColUeo Araenllno, Biietic- 
: Ayrt's, Arg.i llep., S. Amer.i 2-BOj -.'-, ■ 'k I : 

Victoria. Vesta, Proctor's 23d St., N. Y..ft,3iT. 

Village Choir, Trent, TteAtoa., N- J*. 2-T. . 

Voii.Wenzl. Mini. Columbln, Cluclnhatl, 2-71 Col- 
umbia, St, Loult. if. 14. . 

ffiM ft Cafraii;-. sMk'a, Byfuaio, 2r7.;, , ■ 

Wnterbury Bros 1 ., ft Ttnuy, ■ CooKIb. IWcriesler, K, 
Y.. 2-i ; Bennett's, Loudou,. Can., 0*14. 

Watsui, llulclilnifa ft Edwards, Majestic Chi- 
cago, 2-T. ,'■''■■ '■ . » ■, 1 '" . " ' ■ 

Wurieuberg Bros.', Colonial. N. Y. C.,-2-7..'- 

Wall. Jimmy, Qrplieum". FuU Prnu., Cal.y 8-21. 

Warren fc BbockWay-. -MajeaUc, l't. VYOttb, Tex., 
2-T; Majestic, Little Hook, -Ark., O-H. 

Watson ft -..nock, Auditorium,- Norfolk, .Va.,a-T. 

Washer Bros., Olympic, So, Bend, Ind., 2;T. 

Walton, Fred, ft Co., Proctor's, Newark, ft J>, 

Waltti'ra ft Prottly, Orpbeuin.iUoaillug. 1 Pa., 2-7; 

OrpheiiBft,, HthJa, N:<Y,. 9-14,v F : ,.>.. • 
WuUe,- EUle,. Empire, San.Fran., Ca!., 3-7V.-;. 

Rogers, .Will B-.. Wlntergarten.BexlUi, Ger., 3-30. Walsh. 1 Frauk, M3b«tfSB§Et Mich., 3*7. . . ■; 
Ilogenj. Ida Marie, Hatbajyuy'd, W^Ju, 2-7 WS& ChaB.' ft Jennie, 1 Crysfiil, PrtUtfort, BUL, 
Bopuej ft Beut, Bhes's, Buffalo,^;-* ;, bbeali, TJp- * 2-14.; ■.-.-."•,'.-; - "*i\-; i«. L - ^t^\.- , 
•«iito, Omi.. .«:W, .-. ;--„V.:„ .AV' Weet&FerVy, EmMrp, KHblfei 

auo, .Mrnc, XI. .0,. IL.: ludleuapolls, 2-7. . . wilcb, US& ft. ,C«*ia> Orpheum, 1 Wabb City, Mo., 

rts. Four, EmptM, , JJ^:Mului*'to.,'fcl4..- 5-7.; J '- »• '.; ;.:•.::':",.-,.. ■ 

;.:Dun.. Bijou. Uocktord,.ItL, 2-T; BJJw, Al- treweott. Ev'n, Shea'sV'-.XoVootoVCaD.; 2-7,' 

West. 'ft Bentpiii -liiiipirc, 1 Des Moines, It., 2-7; 
Oran.l'.- Milwaukee, 0-14/-- -.-' ■■: '" ' ' . 

roil to, Can 
Boby,. ... _ 

pens. Mich., 914. 
noiibcll, Marvelous, Htiluue, De^ Moines; lu., 3-7, 
Roger* ft Lurlnc. Star) Atlanta, Ua,", 2-14. 
Roulusou, Funiilc. Uymuuse. Moulreul, Cau., 2-7, 
Roouey, Katie, ft Co., AmphlOn, Bkln., 2-7. 
ltogers. W. J.. Crystal, dt. Joseph. Mo.. 2-7. 
Rnssell, Dun, Howard. Chicago, - 2-7. 

trolt, Mich.. 0-14. 

Uatuge. CLeui, Empire, St. Paul, MIuu., 3-7. 

Saiuueie, At.. Howard. Chicago. 9-14. 

Sa wadua, The, Keilh's, Pro vldcuce, 2-7. 

8audor. Paul. Qtpheum, Los Angeles, Cal., 3-14. 

Wunford ft Durllugtun, orphium, PorUuiotlUi, 0., 

: 2-7; Orpbliim, Portsmouth, 9-14. '■ 

Bailor ft Barbaretto, Keith's. Phlla., 3-7. 

8ubel, Josephtue, Empire Tour, Eng., 2-30; Colis- 
eum. Loudon, Eng,, May* 1-81. 

ijuikk-rsou ft Bowman, flryslul, Bt, Joseph, Mo., 

Huuiidei's, Chulk. Orpheum. Bklu., 2-7. 

tkott, Carrie, Olyruplc, Chicago. 2-7. 

N*JM»*bj Dogs. BtaeJ Kokomo, lud., 2-7; Crystal, 

Jlllwaukce. Win.; 0-14- 
Wcvmour ft Donree, Bijou, Evausville, lud.. 3-7; 

Temple, Ft. Wayne, 9-14. 
Seyujourw, The, Star. Aurora, III., 3-7, 
Sclbcrt ft Lludley, Helena, Moot, 2-14. 
tjeveruuee. Margurel, BUou, Jucksoa, Mlcb., 2-7. 
Hours, Dotnlulou, Wlnnlpeir, Cuu., 2-7. 
Beldams, The, Orpheum, fjeuver. Col., 2-7. 
Seinou, Cbus. R, Proctor's. Troy, ft V„ 2-7. 
Hberry. UlJou. Kcuosba, Wis., 0-T. 
Hecwn & De Foretit, Orpheum, Denver, Col., 2«T 
Stauuuoua (4), fumlly, Lancaster, Pa., 2-7, 
Short ft Shorty, Park, Erie, Pa., 2-7 ; Buffalo, N. 

Bheppiird ft Wiird. Atlantic Gardeo, K. Y, ft, 3-7. 
Shaw. Lillian. Aiuphloti, Bklu., 2-7. 
HhotUunhj (8), IL ft )}., Bkln.. 2-T, 
Sllveritn-OMver Troupe, Umpire-. Newark, N. 

Vtft Ford-ft_Dot, Novelty, -Bkln,, 3-7. 
WcIbou, Mux, Troupe, Allmmbru, N. Y. ft, 2-7. 
iVebb, Ila try L., Star, Munete, lud,, 3-7. 
Weller. Llsjle, Gounott, Richmond, Ind., 3*7; 
Dljoa, Kvuiisvllli>. 9-14. 
* rueii - 

ard. OneiiiuHLi, 0-1-1. 
White, Stuafct; ft- Co;, Kelth'a. Boston. 2-T. ■ 
Wheeler, Muqk, Crystal, St. Joseph, Mo.. 3-T. 
While ft Jobhsou; Acme, Norfolk. Va., 2-T. 
Wheeler; Wui.t llowanl, Chicago, 2-T. _ ■• „ 
Whltely ft Belt, Clark'o, Bingham ton, N. Y., 3-7. 
vthipplft, cWhldo, ■ CrysUL- Detroltj Mich., aW 

Lvrlc, Cieveluud. 0., o-14. 
Wills ft Hat-aiin, Empire, Patereon, N. J., 3-7. 
Wlekoff, Baby irma, 4 Co.. Orphium, Maflrtela, 
- O., 2-7: BiJu", WJjeellug, W. V«., 0-14. "L 
wjiaon. Llrale N., Majestic, Ft. Worth, TOx., 3-7; 

Mujeslk', Little Bock, Ark., 9-14. 
Wtlton Bros., Shea's, Buffalo, 2-T. - _ . 

Wilson Trio, Keith's, Bostou, 2-T; Keith's, Pro.!- 

dence, 9-14. - - 

Wllber, Oliver. Crystal. Detroit,, £-7. 
Wilson, Tony, Or-theum. Sail Fran., Cal.. 2-7. 
Wisdom, Elinoro, Keeney's, Bkln., 3*7. 
Wiener's (IH, Unlnue, Sailramcnto, Cal., 3-7, 

Ebiplre, Sauta Crut, 9-14. ,".•»* 

Willlaais 4. Tuckor, Empire, Patc«on, N. Jbi •*•*• 
Wllmot, Harrle, Bijou, La Crosae, Wis- 2-T. 
WllUama, Gus, Olympic, Cblcflgo. 2-7. „ ,. „ 
WHItes, Muttle, Mosm ft Stoll Tour, Kmj.. MW 


Wlson, At., Brarlenburgh-B. Pb«a.. S-Tv 1 „, 
WUHapm ft Melburn, Vamlly, CarbondaK, P«- 
-2*7; Family, Pottatown, 0-14- - .... „ - 
Williams it Pullman, G. 0. H., Palmyra, N. T., 
J_ 3-7; Family, Shamokln, 9*14. ' ■ >•- „„ 
Wlnaua ft Cutsler, Pastor's, fl.-t. C. 3-7. 
Wirdcr, Marshall P., Orpheum, Los Angeles'- Cal., 

Wonlctte, Estollc, ft Co.. II. ft ft. V. T. ft, jj* 
Woodford's Doffs ft Fouleu, Keith's, ProtWence. 

World's Comedy Four, Los Ancctes, Cat., Mlv, 

World ft Kingston, Orpheum, Omaha, Neb., Ml 

Orhenm. Dealer. Ool., 9-J4. t" ■ . ,„ -.. 

Wood Bros., Burllugton, Vt., 3-7; Suaeoectiily. ^• 

Wood, MlUvPoil's, New Haven. Conn., 2-T. 
Wood, 0*6, n., Empire, Paterson, N. *.. *•'* 
Wrilpett Trio, Keith's, Oievefaud, 2-7. „. 

Woodford A Marlboro, 0. H., Pt. Huron, Mich., •■ 

7 ; Bennelt's, London, Can.. 9-14. . 
Wolhowaky.Trmiiw, Orrln Bros., plcxlco. 3*7. 
Wulff's Leaping Hounde, Hippodroo-c, ^- +• *"* 

i Mock.' TCWg T' ; BT ^irif VsW . Wycberly. Murgeret. Proctor's, Albnoy. N. t., 2-7 

in, Lee 


e. 'Gotham. Bkln,, 2*7 ;' Victoria,' U, Y. 

Kansas City, Mo., 


Paul's. Th*e. Of and. Toledo, O., 2-7; Family, 

Findlay. 9*14. ■. .... 

Parrotta, ;Tlie. I.-t1c. F*. ^Ige, la., 3-T. 
Paterae, Lyric Cleveland, 2-7. . 
Palmer ft Robinson, ioie's, Kor 
i 2-T.'- ..-. . ■ - 

Pnrkvr. Nick. Atlsntlc Garden, NY- ft, ST. 
IViltuer'A Jolsou, Majestic, Cutcaao, 2-T. 
JPRrent.'Harry, Muktle Hull, Gloucgwter, Muss,, 2-7. 
Paollncttl ft Plquu. Flnrenee, Italy, 2-fl. 

Rrros Bros., Keith's, Boston, i2-T.. 
kin Zouuves, 0. 0. II. , plltsLurg, 3-7; Miry- 
.. Uihd. Balto., 9-14. J ■•■ ■ ■ ^ 
Petcblne Bros., Beuuett'c, London, Can., 2*7. 
Pelot, FrrtfrftAnaie^aMd, JoBsL uL 0-14. . 
piS« (3), ISn, Buffalo, V- T-7 2-T'j xSHSBU 

Uor-ketos. M:ch, 9-14. 

2-7 ; Orpheum, ML Vernon, N. Y„ 9-14. 
Sluiimonst. Musical, Hopkins', Louisville, Ky., 2-7, 
Slmoii-Ourdner Co., Olympic, Chicago. 3-7 : Jay- 

market, ChlciiKo, 9-14, 
filddou Bros.. Atluuttc Gurdcu, N. Y. C.. 2-7. 
Smlri ft Ressner. Pastor's. N. Y. ft, 3-7. 
Huiltlm, Aerial, Kelth'a, Phlla., 2-T. 
Smith ft Campbell, Amphlou. Bklu., 2-7. 
Smith, Peter J., G. 0. IL, Grand lUptdi, Mich.. 

Snyder ft Buckley, Haymarket, Chicago, 3-7: 

Keith's, Cleveland, 9-14. 
Somere ft Law, Keith's, Phlln., 3-7. 
doubotiores (fjl, ft mmsMft Doric, Youkera, N. 

\.. Ml Young's. Atlantic City, N. J., 8-14. 
Sliauldlna, Poll's. Bridgeport. Couu., 2-7. 
Spook Minstrels, Poll's, Sprlugfleld, Mass., 3*7, 
Hplseell Bros. *■ 

Slnuley ft Wilson, Oniheum, Denver. Col., 9*14. 
Stevens ft Kecley. Uredeuburgh'c. Phllu., 3-7, 
SteluL-rt ft Tbuipiic. BIJou, Wheeling, W: Va. 

7; Gruud, Hamilton, 0., 0-14. 
Stupleton ft Chancy, Irwm, Oo*h«D, Ind., 2-7. 
bteely. Doty ft Coe, Columbia. Cincldnati, 2-7. 
Stevens, Balancing - , Howard, Boston, 2«7, 
Btantou ft Modem. Moore l, PortUpd, Me., 3-7. 
Stockton, Jack. Manhattan. Norfolk, Vs., 2-7. 
Starko-Hermaun. Prof., Odeon, Jlontreal, Cad.. 

Stark, Toole, Crawford's. Topeka, Kan., 1-7. 

gtrakoseb, Mm*.. Majntte, Chicago. 2.7, - .- 
taley ft Blrbeci, Proctor's 58ta at,, N. Y. ft, 

Sturk'Trlo, Bijou, Battle Creek, Mich., 3-T; Bljod. 
.;Bay City, 0-14. 1 J * 

HUbi, Rose, ft Co., Umpire, Paterson, N. J„ 3-7, 

Sleln-Kretto, ClrcUB Carre, Amsterdam, Hoi., 2- 

15 ; Seals. Hague. 10-80. 
Blautondi-. Lola, C!mk% Ban Frio., Cal,. 3-T: 

Fischer's, Sau True.. 0-14. 
Stewart, winullrrd, T,-n;u», Vu , 9*V; ^Itotiai, 8 

i*ygano, lkw. uro'ieunurau hi i-u--«m - -•■ „- 
Wyoming Jack ft Co.. Uradenburgh's. Phlla.. -;•« 
YaflcK ft Laloduu, I.'tilque, Los Auaclce, La':' BJ 
2- YeamaaB. Annie ft Jenule. Kellb's. Cletelaod. - '• 
Yeortan.^Geo., psmlly.. Butte, Moot., 2-7; G«na. 
. Spokin'e. Wash., 9-U. ' 1" „. w *. 

teaSef -ft ,Y*sger, Wibtergstten, BtrlU- cer., * 

Sfl; Palkee. Lofldon. Eac., May 1*31. 
Yolo. Alto. Empire. PittsOold. Mast- 2-7. 
You-jg, tot; O. H., Stratford. Can.. 2-7. ... 

MMl.vimpn ckJ; Uim, nn.Btnr. "»*■• 3 : ,i 

, .«, 0. H ., tffficuef, N. V.. 914. ■"; i 

a.raoron, 'OjcllII,, Bill, lonten. »• »•' 

2eiio,'j«i1»n J.Zmo. PllUa Oire», Oip* »•»• *• 

Simmer! Ma, ' Amjbloo. BUS., S-7: IBPO^ 

Sklu., It-It,- > '• - - -., . 

$hmmat»f i *i f fgp. g-», Rjperior. }P*> i 


11P:NEV - YjQBK 


— i*isTM3>:aj 

WATCH i-tjgr 

on "Jurt What th. Bob? FoBnsV'.iAi, ORIGINAL Ballad." THi"^ 

TM» iWmk W.'M Anotfe W Small rtt&sge to Hu& Ybn— I 
tmt "Wttltettt tbo B.» of Slap Stt^-Aa OiUBlHAL Oddity, OEOKQE NOBTOII'S Great Malhwnatti 


■ "SB? 8 

m~M» ienOn. la It, Jati»r..NU«r, Itvf tfuV. "*iw.K»oS£ 
" Kovtltf , 

Twenty-three for yours— twenty-three. 

You'd better make a qulcK pkldoo— 

Can't you ace that twonty-three tucans 


Tata's no n?e to arcruc. 'cause you know you're wrong 
Yflke your poo.l3 and cr.Miei* up and ftiov* along, 

Flvo times 'leven— mluu*--t(iiir time* eight. 
Mafccs Twenty -three— dot tacAa3-"Dull freight 

Profeealonale nlffayi welcome* , tint ) 
of town people, Sena lot. programme. , 

Me7i-.ll lc iine'li? Slur, etc., et'o. 5 

j**> i "TSirsoiig win stake Any A'rt'a J HoiVaL£'ec.VamKt7'LonsuinK MmSSTVSfSt'SHtSfiMt W&mi'M&i'Wt'ami* c»i8» > tftT!B7* s ''~~ N ~ s ~ v '~ , p^^*2^ 

« >.„ LEVBBK. -IMUJSIO PUB. CO., SI ^WT. JS&tli St., ;yEC W, YORK. I 5l 

} ■ »3 g3 a3 »3 13 M3 «3 83 ■» ,' . gg { 

Orhor. Crent, Oilcon, iMton, 0„ It-M. 
Kimmcrtnnn*, The, (tfrpnoiim, St. Paul, 2-7. 
Slr-kn k Klnft, Doric, Yoflkcts, ft. V., 3-7; Or- 
iibeiim. Ilemilng, Pa^.tf-M. 

Sii^nri T;-:^ (Mtliar.i. »jd;i,. ■-■- 


Hrtiu.IpmeDinl List - BcooIveA Too 
K Late for Claflslflcatlnn,. 

Aniell's Comedians. Southern (E. 0. Nutt, mar.) 
■I-Souta McAlester. Intl.- 'Per., 2-7, Broken 

cii'«*o -Lister Theatre. Northern (Gleno Chase. 

rai,r.)~ U'nltpclon, N. Dak., fl-7, Wl.tmnr, 

Mlr.n.. 8-lt. Mndifoti 12-14. 
Crawford's Comedioua ' (Crawford & Roiefcleb, 

.mcrtj— Guthrie, Oils., IMS. 
QflW StMfc— Lyons Kan., 0-14. . 

"Ffttwt," Porter J. Whfte's (Olga Verne. mjr.J— 

Satlnevllie, 0., 11. Menerva 12. Beaver Follt., 

Pa.. 14." 
",n ft Woman's Power" (R. C.-- Andrews, hiw. 

mgrJ— Buffftlo, N. V.. 014. 
Kennedy Comedy (S. A. Lcnnedy, mgr.)— Co- 

riMh, K. Y., 5-7, Schurlerrllle 0-11. 
Laramnn'B Yiddish Yftuaerille (Loo . Largniftt), 

mgr )— Anguntn, Ga„ 4, MUlen 6. Dover fl, 

Sutte*ooro 7. Dublin 0, Stillmore 10, Aleldrlm 

11, SaTannnh 12, 13, ■Brunswick 14. 

"L^man Twins" (Lyman Bros., ihbts.) — Casey. 

ill., 4. Charleston G, Slielbyvllle B. Alton T, 

East' St. Louis 8. Mexico.. Mo., 10. 
Mattlce stock (W. B. Uattlcc, mgr.)— Ooblwlrfll, 

S\amM Brti— Vrolfebbro, if. H., 20, 
IcDonald Bros. — Monroe, G... 5, Social Circle 
Q, Rtttledge 7, Madison 0. 

"Mv Wife's Fnn.Hr," EaBtern (Frank Cooke. 
n W ,)_vY!lmltigton, O., 0, Dartor. (Soldlew' 
Home) 10. Xellefontalne 11. Flndtar 12, ot- 
tawa IB. PaoldlnB.14. . 

SloTlnE Pictures (ftural Alttn. nwr,)— Little 
Fftlfi, N.Y.. 4.0noldn 5, Srracuw 0, Rochester 
7, AiWan 0. Newark 10, Batarla 11, AUbnrn 

12. StOCkn&tt 13..., , . 
Plekert.'tbe Four (WiUIa Plckert. mtr,}— Daw- 

BW, Oft., 9-7, Moultrie Ml, BafobrTdce 12^14- 
Iotii«, .Edwin, Stock— Lowell, Moan., 9*15. 

■•* '■■ M^ SACHUSK TtS. - 

Doaton. — Ktiiet Batrymore, ^presenting 
"AiHe/sit-b^thfrKlfe," at.tnti. .Hom^-pro- 
i .tte\wif pm^ of ia.portoflce'at ?lj« 

the Frontier" wn* given beforo packed houses, 
iftnt week. "Lo^t io the WprW* 0-14. s 

Kritii's (D. P. Kclih, ibniinKcr). — Harry 
Hourtlnl. "tho hnndcult klnK," Jiah mystlfleil 
»lt hoholAern aurlnj: the past five weeks' In 
nla eaenpen fjom atcel cng->H, pncklng casek, 
wicker bnnkets, etc., and remnlna □* hnad- 
liner on the cm-rent bill. Tim surrounding 
show Includes: "Motorlne." with Henrv Tato 
and company ; Clayton While nnd Mnrle Stu* 
art, I'arrog Bros., Dillon Bros., Wilson Trio. 
Ferreros nnd dop. Mile. Lfltlna, Phil and 
hettlo . Peters, ••Senator" Frank Bell, Dia- 
mond and Smltti,. Nessen. Huatcr and Kea- 
Ren. Larklns end rntteraon, Conlln nnd Hoat- 
ingf, and new motion pictures. Business con- 
tinue, phenomenal. 

Howahd (Carl D, Lothrop, business man* 
acer) .— Hojcombe, Curtis nnd Webb, Lo 
veen nnd Cross, toe Throe Cnrtmclls, Nat 
Le Boy nnd Minnie Woodford, Hnyman and 
Franklin, Lillian Taylor nnd Hubert Devon u 
ore nn nnustiai numbtr of benvy-tvped acts 
tbts fraak. Other* 'oi the list are: Archer 
ond Crocker, Billy Cbne*?, Kennedy and Jntnen, 
Dorothy ilnndnll. r.n!nneIUR Htevens, the 
llownrdscope, nnd the house burlesque. In 
"April Showers/' with Geo. B. Alexander 

■ rALAfr t Charles H. Wnldron, mnnnjrer). 
— The lllack Crook Jr. Co. offers "Hotel 
Aatorbltt" and "A Midnight Supper" this 
week. The olio mentions:- Mile. De Vcre nod 
tnuipsny. La Snella Troupe. Hastings And 
Sheldon, Curtis and Adnras, Amv Butler, and 
Newton and Banks. The Transatlantic Co. 
profited last week. 

Colombia (Harry N. Farren, manager).—^ 
May Howftrd and her burlesquers are here 
for the first time this Beason. ;-MHe, F10" 
and "The Roundera" arc (he two skita. 

Vandeville Is offered br John B. Hnny, Bus- 
sell and Locke, Musical Cralgs, Leyeile nail 
Grant, and the Empire Cortilqtle Four. Sarm 

tractions. .'.. Tfle> new Btbck company at the 
SfflnC- Wtif-bfsaea-.lii'.'.'The Way -of the 
World.'' 1 Other stock,- bills are : "Tbe Etlles/' 
it; Mm Cistle Square. , and "Wealth and 
POWty/' „ at the - Bpwtaolb - Square. ' P.obert 
LoMine.-ln.- ''Man And, Superman." at., the 
Cstoglfll ; .William. Collier; in' "Oa.ihe Quiet," 

^£9^M^mb^p^m^h\Tir at the mc- 

fijffici sntri^Tfit Hearc of ^larylahd,". at the 
Trtin(ifiT,.are in .; the: final weeks of- their eh- 

RffiMttti-n "Mra. Wiggs, of the ClbWfte 
itch," remains tor another fortnight at the 
Boston, Business was evenly good at all of 
our amusement places last week. 

Holms Stuebt (Isaac B. Rich, manager). 
—Opening Monday evening, 2. and ion* 
tinning for two, Weeks, Ethel Bnrrymore will 
be seen foir the first titns in this city io 
"Alice Sit-by-the-Flrc." Jt will be preceded 
by "Pontoloon," in which Lionel Bnrrymore 
!a featurco. The, principal .players in MJiu 
Uarrymore'*, aupport- are: Bruce Mclin., 
Befitrlo Agnew, Cyril Smith, Mary Nash, 
•.ll^lan Bcca. I-jona PowerH, Davenport Sey? 
mour, FlorenY-e Busby, J...P, Kennedy and 
John Barrymorc. Sam Bernard and. "The 
Bolllcklng Girl" scored an unqualified sue 
c«sa, And enjoyed fine business during the 
past fortnight. ■ t -*. 

Majestic (A; L. "Wilbur, manager).— 'The 
SocJnl Whirl" cfltight on Immediately hete 
lust week, find will remain as tho attraction 
i.n tit. Friday evening, (i. Jos. Coyne, Adelo 
nUvhle, Robs and Fcntop, aha .Frederic 
Bond are much In evidence. It will be fol- 
lowed, to Snturdiiy:. afternoon, -7, by "The 
Earl and the Girl.'' "* 7 V 

Trehont (John B. Bchoeffel, manager).^-* 
The "all star" cast, in the revival of "The 
Heartof Maryland," remains throughout the 
current week, Its second/ with promise of 
continued good business; James K. Hackett 
nnd Mary Mannerlng, tn "The Walts of 
Jericho," 0-21, 

Colonial (Chns. Frohman.RIch Jfe Harris, 
rnannKersi. —-RotCTt Loralnc, storrlng In 
"Man and Superman," bns enjoyed a fort- 
night of splendid bUAioeK*, and Is now In bis 
third and final week. The subportlntr cotn- evenly balanced, nnd tho production 
and players fiavo merited Mid received the 
enthusiastic approval of large nudleticps. 
"Fprty-Ute MIdqIos from Broadway" will 
follow. 0. 

Paou (Chns. Frohman, Rich & Ilarrls, man- 
ngett).— William Colltor, In "On the Quiet," 
la now In his fourth nnd llanl w.>ek. Good 
jiattdniiuc continued. On coucluslon of the 
engfigement the stnr and comnnny will pro- 
ceed to Australia, On 0, at this house, Annie 
Russell virlll bo seen in- the initial presentn* 
tlori,of Paul Kestor's new play, "Friend 
Hiwhnh.". ■■ • 

Boston (Lawrence McCarty, manager). — 
"Mil. <,Wlgn t of the Cabbage ,Patch; ,T ,ls In 
her:ao(ftaoU week, df'preaperltVflhd renewed 
popularity here. Tho cngagemejit will end 
W? .■.Andrew Maok 16-28, in "The Way to 
Kcnthlre." - 

Old TvBb.ucity/'" with lifi'mnhy fealtTres, wis 
ru ■dld^na.well liked visitor last week, For 
dhrj tvoeUV VjUclithd. the Mftfik.." 
GHAK'b OrniUMIorun (George'- W. Mag 

^df.ot)fi.(9talr & Wilbur, mnnacers).— Wll- 
!KH^I ■ Walker. ; Iu rAhysslrll^t/■ ?-7. 


Mngc , 

1 hflger).- r ,'-How Hearts Are Broken" this 
v/bek,,for theflrst. time here. Duriugthelmst 
we*ki "The itoitso of ; Mystery" was welt per* 
foxtneu. i And . attracted escetleat bualness. 
ft«Jtf w*ek ( "Across tho Pacific/' . _ 

.ftlra* ( J ohn S, .Mitchell, roanfltfcrl.—The 
flr»t>0R*eriDg of- tho now Empire Block, Co. ; la 
"Tftrvvoy of, the World," Tho hew camoaby 
.'.udefc : , Mjbnlc Bell«mafl and Wifillfij 

*"»an wm oi Msw? 

.-ads : i iBobel 0'Mid!*ab, 
ilfteda Laaobo, Ftotlerick 
".•■wuor. p-naap ivunt-Vold Bumper Garaatia 
Helep Jlcttenile, Frederick Suillvoo a Btame 

p*h«tti'.'. -The, retiring- company was seen 
U^'fntiWIfo 1 ' laflt'weqk. Oo Saturday night 
si 8 tt.-8"' B 'Wero gltcn to Mnry. Hall arid 
PfflKP HiMoli tticicaainif plnycrs, abd.Jo 
LlpWiy. Jiortsoh. .tho former mocoKsr. "The 

,_- Malleoli, the former manager, 
infc' SUtfahfi . ( Bostop^ Stage;, Society. 

Deteco's Own Co.. prove* a winner lost week. 
Lvcr.iTM (G.„ H.-Bitcheller. .manager),— 
The Rent^Snntley Co- returns for the current 
week. . "Lfidr Tenje'r". is the first part, and 
,"A. Night's frolic" the closing skit. .In .-the 
olio Are: MUlS;.and BecchCr, -.Fantclje and 
RadHWfe, Busklrk. -And- Rich. 'Thelma and 
Fowleri Fred Bsrth, Lew: Welch,- CornAlls 
and Eddle,.and others'. The Hl?h Rollers did 
WflllJnst week. ■', ■--.,;..' ;..'■.■■;■ '.-* v ;.>;.Ji 

.' ACrjiJi'-i-.STCiNE'a Uunm (Aifc. -'White; 
mSha««i r).—Ia - culfio , hall/ 'week or . 2 : '-■ The 
pneiimultlphone. lste.« Invention In musical 
Instruments: "Dido/ 7 . the Illusion; Alpboase, 
revolvldg; the Bazlrfs, wonder 
Workers ; John . Tills* . marionettes ; Trl-cle, 
innke queen. -and Ben Hur,. the big snake. 
In 1 the theatre : Powell's Minstrel Maids, 10- 
trorlucing .Grace;- Howard* Muriel- -Robert*. 
Irene young.' IdarCRtnpbell. Grace Toledo; 
watt l^ckltart/ Lottie Blahchard,- ifatfoD 
CUvelnnd., Edith M&lro-e, Eva Walker,- Harrv 
Ponr-lt,'- Dick 'Huhkett. Charley Clark and 
Mnzle Gray, Charley Farrell, will and Hfi 
Reno, Lewis ohd Delmore, and Hayes and 

Walkcc's MrjsrtiM (L, B. Walker, mana- 
ger).— This cosy resort continues to prosper, 
offer Ir 7 neW features In tho curio hall, and 
n change of programme In the theatre each 
week. ' 

, NiCKpLODCO.V . (W, H.Wolfle, manager),— 
After a week of dsrknesa, this house rpeas 
under the above new management 2. la the 
cbtto ball arc: Fred Morrill, human pin 
cushion; Hall and Burton, heavyweight fe- 
male boxers.; Lillian Carter, cartoonist, and 
Cbas. Cielghton's tmlned.dogs. Stage show : 
Iiollio Cl.tiord's female minstrels: Blanche 
Lorlng, Ethel Bogcrs, Maude Garvin, May 
Walton, Carson nnd Rchan, Billy Nnvsraltb, 
and I tho Deltinos. Extensive repairs aro 
being ctade. 

Ml.4i.: Hali, Zoo (Stephen M. Stephen**, 
u-anager). — Many novelties aro promised- for 
ibis weak, Including two African linos, a 
collection . of rare birds, and large conHlgn- 
ment of monkeys. Business has been excel- 
lent. . ; ;.£. 

Pall niver. — At the Academy of Mimic 
■Calm & Grant, managers) "The Black 
Crook'* was presented to fair business March 
26V "The Eternal City," 27, bad a fair houfte, 
although deserving capacity. Jane Keannrk, 
William Bobney and Jefferson Lloyd wew 
excellent, and ' worthy of special mention, 
Bhepard's moving pictures pleased 23. 
'GrlmeB' Cellar Door' 1 played 29. Willlinis 
& Walker, In. "Abyssinia," 31, was, enjoyed 
by fair audiences. "The Tenderfoot" April 
*>, *'A Ctoty Guy" 5, Kellor 0, "Mrs. Lcfllng- 
well'a BootB" 7. 

SHr.nbY'fl (C. E. Cook, manager).— Large 
nttdlehces enjoj-ed the splendid vaudevIHe 
bill last week. Until time for the opening of 
vaudeville, In August, this theatre will be 
occupied by J. Frank Burko And his company, 
presenting a new play weekly, the Inlllat pro- 
duction, week of April 2. being "The Girl I 
Left Behind .Me," under the direction of John 
M. . Barrv. Mr. Burko won popularity here 
Inrt Summer, also Ethel Elder, leading mdy. 
Others In the company arc : Ann tilnglttton, 
Florence Hartley. Florence -Mack, Evorett 
AlaMch.-Jcre Snnford, David Landon, George 
Hoey, Harry. EL Humphrey, William Belfqi-t, 
OUitnVo Gauss, Bort Wnl.ers, Sarah Towell, 
l'ern Foster and Amio Hoycr. , , 

Savov (At. Haynes, mnunger),— This house 
did tth excellent, business last week. The 
bill wn» of n pleniing nnture. Opcninorweek 
of April 2 : Will II. Murphy, Blanche Nichols, 
And compfinv, ZaKelle-vernnn company, Me- 
Niiftioe. 'Motiopnlltan Opom Trio, nesimhand 
Miller, v^hns. W. Llttlofleld, Fitzfflbbon-Bic- 
Coy Trio, nnd klnfltogrflph. 

Bosf'>>' (Chns, Bchlesslhger, manager).— 
There Is no change in the big bimlpons nt 
this popular reaort, and the bills are meet- 
ing with approval. Current: Kings nod 
Qufreus BurlRHqtierfl.nnd olio consisting oft 
Nellie Hartford ,hnd Eillth. Roberta Lewis 
and Howard,. BrlsBon, English nnd. English, 
Lftwudn Bros., tho Bunt- And Boston. jcope. 

KiSMAmt (M. F. O'Brien, mflnflgOr):— 
Good show and good . business last week. 
Week Of 2 : Barlow and Carter. Olive RAHMfn, 
Brndlng Bobda, Jounlo OU-Qt'd, Olefotta Trio, 

rR$mS- Ethel Carpenter, of "Onr Pahtor" 
Co., Is nt;honoo for a brief sedsoh.. /».. 
Pflpllne HarTcc, of the some' compnny, U the 
guest. of U*HH J. .Tohla. lender 6f,. the 

Academy of Music orcbestrti Charlotte 

uuypr Oeorge, hilled nt lbs SnvojMait week. 
nnd very popular h^ro, snnit nt thP Central 
CobgregatlChrU Church, at the Sunday morh- 
in« acrvlco, 1. 

stnge March 20-2R. Tho opera Is quite tune- 
ful and seems destined to mako a success. 
Mr. Cowtliorue played his now role well. 
Felix Hnney mnrle nn impresatvc emperor, 
while Nolln Bergen, as toe princess, and 
Jeanettc Lowrle ns the goose girl, scored de- 
cided hits. Kellar ;iU, 'The Collego Widow" 
M, Turn Vcreln entertainment (local) April 
2, Andrew -Mack C, Annie Russell, In "Friend 
Hnnnnh," 7. 

Nfiw OiLMonn (P. F. Shea A Co., mana- 
gers). — "A Ragged Hero," March 22-24, 
thrilled Its audiences. "The Old Clothes 
Man" 20-31. 

Poti'a (J. C. Criddle, resident manager). 
—Bill week of April 2 : The Spook Minstrels, 
Frank and Jen Latonla, James H. Jee, Tred- 
eniek Teckle Farm, Harry La Rose and com- 
pany, Relchen's dogs, McQIosIn and Smith,, 
and clectrogrnph. • 

Nelson- tP. F. Shea & Co., managers).— 
Fred Irwin's Big Show, March 28-28. did 
good business, nnd gave an excellent show, 
.-^erlbner's Morning Glories April 2-4, Irwin's 
Big Show (return' date) 5-7, Bowery Bur- 
lesquers o-ii. . , 

Notes. — Louis N\ Fuller, well remembered 
on the fitace some few years ago, has been 
visiting friends In this city tho past week.- 

Louis Fnrlna Is to leave this week' 

for Atlantic City, N. J,, where he Is. to 
have charge. of (he Royal Pnlnce Hotel buffet: 

George C. Tyler nnd Eugene W. Pros- 

brey were interested spectators at "Susan 

In Search of n Husband," 22. Among 

those In the c'ty to witness the opening per- 
formance of "The Free Lance," .for the re- 
hearsal, Sunday, were : Frank McKee, A. L. 
Erlanger, George, Cohan, Wilbur M. Bates, 
Harry B. Smith, Herbert Gresham. William 
Ileffner, Sam Harris, John J. McNally, and 
Queenic Vassar, , . .A large crowd of spring- 
field people went to Holyoko to see Mme. 
Knlicb, in "Moftna Vanhn," 22. ■ • ■ 

business Inst week. Joseph riynn. Stftck (?o. 
April 2^7. 
AvDixomrM (Harry KitMa, moniirer).— • 

Bill week of 2; M- 1 Water* Tyson and com- 
pnny. Joe Morris, Mie Transatlnntlu Fo'ir, 
the Three Row-s, HpL->sel Bros, and Mack, the 
Carson Brothers, Francis Owens, Minnie 
Hoffmnn nnd company, and the vRograpb. 

QUI (C. W. SueHfe, insnarer>,--Bilf week 
of 2 : Caldwell and Went worth, Edwin 
George, Dan Collins, the Alabama Comedy 
Four, Campbell and Sykos, and the moving 

salrm TiiFArnc, Salem (0. II. Cheethia, 
manager).— Stetson's "Uncle Toni*a Cabin" 
had two crowded house* March 2fl, and Nell 
Btirgejs, la "The County Fair," 80, drew big 
business "The Black Crook* was seen by 
two big audiences 31. Sbepard's picture! 
April 8, 4, "The Tenderfoot" 0. 

Notes. — Harokl Vokcs and Margaret Dally 
Vokea will go into vaudeville, opening May 
7, In the Auditorium, this city. Both have 

appeared here in ci-medy Mlif. Rtaa- 

tonne, of this city, who is introducing a 
novelty act on the violin, with electrical pic- 
ture effects, has been playing the Sullivan A 
Cnnsldlne circuit, meeting with great succesi. 
She I" now I" California, where she continue* 

to mike i hit Extensive Improvements 

i.u. (k- mudit at the Lynn Theatre during the 
coming Hummer. 


Lawrence.— At the Opera House (Grant 
A Cuba, managers) the Fcnberg stork Co. 
held tho boards, to fair business, week of 
March 26, excepting £& when "The Collego 
Widow" came, to a big house. Shepanrs 
tnoviag pictures had fair houses April 1, in- 
chiding matinee. "As Ye Sow" 2-7. 

Colonial (Al. Haynes, manager).— Big 
biiiiuess prevailed week of March 26. Mnggit 

SuwtV 14, John tlrimth 10» Billy Kersflnda" 
Mlnslrrls 20, 

. Buoi* (W. S. Bntterlleld. mnuager.)— For 
week of March 20 gnud patroiingo has been 
given Iteuilcy. the mna with the hatrel and 
ilio wheel ; Iteshbt Clamplon. In illustrated 
songs; Mr. ami Mrs. Jack, nkctch team; De 
uii!, rqiilltbrUt ; Sylvester, lottatt and Pilhgls, 
Hlngors, and rin> i-lbtijtiiscopo. 
»■ » 

New iinv^n. — \t the Uyperlbn (Sam 
S, A Lrc Sbubort, mMingera) "the Enrl ana 
the Girl" bad a large audience Marcb 2S. 
Hollar drew a good houie ao. \V. H. crane 
had standing foom ouly m. Robert B. Man- 
tell April 0, T. 

Nnw IIavrn TttKATRO (0. B. Bunnill, 
.. ^„ r . 

_ convict '» Daugh- 
ter" drew fair Imslnesa 20-81. "The Old 

manager).— "Behind the .Mat 
dience* March 20-2^. 

_ hid goodt 
The Convict '» Diugh- 

Wnrtestcr— At the Worcester Theatre 
{3, F. Hock, resident manager) j Kellar. April" 
2, Andrew"- Mock, irt "The','' 
7; Sgm.B-»rnrtrd, Jh "The Rollicking Girl/': 
b.^ ."The ■■Black.. Crook/.'- Marcjt 20,-ha'd (Air 
returns. "The Tehderfoot" was Well received 
So. "Devil's Auction**.' come- 3L. Jt Ift 
rUmofed that ' Fj tk Wendcischcrfer,' inaha- 
ger.of this -houae, will gke.up/the lease this 1 
seis'on in Ilwrof the. iShabert, interests. 
'SOA . latter': hna Intended lhaKlhg arrarige- 
rnenu iter the Franklin, but the Worcester 
is .1 smaller house; and- more .easily .mnth- 
tnlned. V -' «. ' - • ' ... 'v . 

FiiAKKLl.v SofAf.E f.T. F. Burke, resident 
managev).-'-Week of April. 2, Malcolm ;WH- 
liams and his: stock com'piny will produce 
"Kast'Lyirie." "List week, the- cempanKpre- 
seated, "Davy Crocitetfin-a Vety eredJtaWa 
roihn«f , berote---good;houses. Next week the 
company -will; be seetiJh ^"Michael Bttojffoff-" 
This c6m>aby will probably close the latter 
part of Jisv. 

Pabk (Alf. T. Wilton, manager).— Week 
of 2 : Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hughea, lb "A Mat* 
rlraoDlal Substitute ;" Three Duraonds', In 
"The Bohemia E* in Paris;" Nat Halnns, 
byers and Hermann, Roberts, Hayes and 
Roberts, lb" "The Cowboy, the Swell and the 
Lady ;" Lillian Ashley, the Lateen Sinters, 
arid the klnctbgraph. Business excellent for 
the Lonten season. 

PolI's (Chas. W. Fonda, maniger).— 
Week of 2 ; Tom Nnwn and compahy, In "A 
Touch of Nature:" Herald Squire Qdkrtette. 
Jack Mason's Society Belles, Hftymond and 
Caverly, Potter and Hart well. Jpsselyn TfiOi 
Carroll Johnson, and the electrogriph. Busi- 
ness to capacity. . ■• t* 

Palace.— 'Week of 2 : Tho Living Art 
Studies, Ardelle and Leslie, Grncio.flnd-WJl- 
Bon, Herbert Warren, Geo. E, Whalen, and 
the burlesque. "Tile Manhattan GfrtB." 

Rom — H h^s been reported that Messrs. 
Hunter and Bradford, who have played Sum- 
mer stock- at the Worcester for several sea- 
sons, will not ret urn to Worcester tbts 
Summer, but will probably use a' house (n 

■I. ' #• " - — i ■ - 

TLowvll. — At the Lowell Opera Houso 

'Cahn & Grant,, manngers) tho J. J, Fly.nn 
Stock Co. entertained good business .mat 
week, with Wilbur .HIgby and. Ray Puicell 
in the principal roles. Adgle and her lions 
were the special Attraction. Fenberg Stock 
Co. April 2 and week. The Sbepttrd moving 
pictures ar;* drawing bier business every Sun- 
tlav, rantinee nnd night. 

academy of Music (R, F, Mutph.v, raana- 
ger). — Tho mock company offered "For Fair 
Virginia" Inst week, with Isabel Fletcher 
nhd Alexander Von Wltxol lu the lending 
i>arts, and irood business resulted. D, J. Sul- 
livan. Ilnwnrd RiisppII, Corliss Giles, Corlnno 
("nntwcll, Isln Maynnrd, and Lilt Inn Green, 
a new member, gn re oxcellcnt MUpport.. "The 
New Mngndlnn" this week, vitli Isabel Flet- 
cher In. the leading role. - 

Hatiiawav's (John I. Shannon, manager). 
— A good bill Inst week drew big liuHlnesri. 
Mr: nnd Mrs. Cat fitewnrt, McWotters-Tyion 
Co,, and Cnrroll Johnson were special sue* 
ccssea. BIH week of 2: Archie Boyd and 
company, In "After Mnny Years ;" Prof. Bris- 
tol's Pony CUcus, Tnscott, tho Great Asrd, 
Ida- Marie Rogers, Theo. Julian, and the 

CUric wiia a big drawing card. Booked, week 
of April 2: Paul Conchas, Jns, Richmond 
Glenroy, Chris. Smith, -and Johnson, Burko 

and Dempsoy, Charlotte Oliver. George, La 
Maze Brothers, Leroy and Clayton, nnd kl- 
netograph. .; .. .: -v ■;. . 
■■:':■:..:■ *;. .■ . ' > ' ■'■■ ■■ ;. ; 

:k .Vos-thAdBtus.-^At^lhe Rlehniond The* 
atre-(Wm,'P. Meade, manager), good liunlne*.* 
prevailed- last .week, Wilts Holt WakiMWld 
making a fide .Impression. Week of April 2 
the ■ Itoyal . Hufagfttlan Boys' Rand, are' the' 
neadltners. , Other nets ] Include : utwi end'-. 
Jordan, Young and Melville. ■ Maxnmit]i..t>tto. 
LIlHin Mnyoard.Johtf ,1. Sheehm. Mile. Ce- 
I^se, and tho-vltflgraph. , Amateur night still 
continues, to Ije a'.reilture. , «." . .■'"• \ 

i -Eitpiuft (John F. Sullivan, ma linger).*— The 

Ksnmste," -Afiril.; 4;.-. ,, fhe «*al Widow 
Brown'', 7, "Side Tracked" »..,-. 

Olothert Man'* April S*4, "Hnsy ban VrUsV 
Hon" tit. 

I'oti'H (S. Z. Poll, manager). — Business 
Is to capacity at all performance*. BUI for 
e.spk of 2: Frank I>. Bryan. JswoII'm manl* 
kins, HcrraAny*s dogs, Dean Edsnll and Ar- 
thur Forbes, Golden Gate Quintette, Gelger 
run, Walters, and Milt Wood. - 

Hl'cMi (S. '/, 1*011, manager).— Tho blU for 
wpek of 2 by tho stock company, Is "Hsiel 

Noteh.— S. Z, l*all stated that he had 
bought the site of a Scrsnton, I'n,, taeitrt 
for 980.000, nnd would demolish the old 
ono nnd build a now playhouse, to- cost 

IL'BO.Ooo The annual election of the 

S. II. Lodge of Elks won held March in. 
These ofTicere were elected: E). Ii., Saousl 
Goodm&n: I-. !(., Joseph MulVey : L, K., 
Samuel E. Hoyt; L. K„ Martin Heath, triili- 
nrer. Henry C. Bretxfelder; secrotsry, Wll- 
Ham Van Camp The White City. Com- 
pany, of New Haven, ban filed articles of in* 
cortwrntloh with the stole nscrctary, -with l 
capital stock Of Ulffra, The company will 
.tfifte charge of the. White city, ntSsvIn nock, 

and will run H this Sdmmor. ■ va maniger 
111 -lie secured nt once.' The curtain 

raiser, "A fHory of thcjleaft," by'Everelt 
liutteriieid, made n decided hit last- week- it 
the liijou. ■ IL wns.n6Iy< presented -by James 

Gordon. and -dJverwtt Bnnenielri.- 'HlrrV 

Cnr-htnrtn; ^-hitrf been nppdlfltcd ,' advertWM 
nl<-nt. nt -.'roll's.- He u, well knnttn in tl.» 

vaUdeylHo lino ,'Tlio'Ds -Vaux Sf steel, 

the BlOAdwny Fnur,.-nW Danny, pitiglutty, 
who thme rnuodi with KM Sharkey, 
pfi Mew Vortt City, appear u speclultleV.tlrtj'. 
Ing the performance ./of "The Old'Cldthel 
Man,", at. tho New. Haven this week,... T i 
Kathfr ■linrtbii.;,t'ec«nti.v.'*i-lth Ihe.vShtlhwt 
fcttis, wi:i appear in tbla city In the Wt 

New nedford.— At tho NcW Bedford 
Theatre (Wm. B. Cross, manager) "Charley's 
Aunt" (local), March 20, had 8.. B. Q. 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" did good business 27. 
"The nternnl City," 2fl. came to fair business. 
•The Tenderfoot 1 ' fll, Ilorcourt Co. April 2-fi. 

HvrmwAi's (T., B. f Bnylles. mAnnger). — 
Good business Inst week. Bill tor week of 
2: I'd. F. Ileynard, Great Brlndatnore, Mo- 
Jestic Tr|o, Dalby and Devere, GaVlh s&d 
Plate, itoht. Ca»or and 

MAetforo.— At Pfli-sohs* (R c. Parsons, 
manager i the return engagement- of "The 
Girl Pntsy,". March 20, showed to mod«rite 

company, Brothers 
vox ,( Ptirke A' Barry, managers),— After 

Clgonns, and vitngrAph. 

Bayo* (Htirke A Barry, __ 
n successful season devoted to stock, this 

house is how closed for. the Spring and Sum 

.Taunfon-— At the T&nnron Theatre (Caha 
A Cross, mnungorn) tho Ilarcoui-t CVmedj Cu. 
came week of March 20, to -Mir hnNlmeSs, 
"The Hternal City" filled In 20. "Mrs. Lef-. 
fingweirs Boots" April, a, Ketlnr 4, 'The 
Tenderfoot" 0, 



iltngrapl), -The Sunday concerts are enjoy- 
- \ It. O. "' 

lOBTO.V, (• 
.. .jk WAS 1- 
hnilness and n good bill. The tliual big 

intf s. It, 0. pntronage. 
■ Bobto.s, (J. H. /rePbetts. mannger),— 4Jh 
week was no exception to the rule; Mr 

Mat' of nmntcurs Thursday night, and "Tth 
Couhtrv Store" is ns populnr nA ever, 1)111 
week of 2 : Mnrlow, Pluoket nhd company, 
jf -an BvaiiRorc. Ulsjn Bclard, D'F.lma Broth- 
ers, nnd tho Boston hloacone, fenturlng "Tho 
Dream of a Rnroblt Fiend." Sunday coucorta 
are drawing H. R O, husInoHs, ;' . 

PF.orf.E'B Al. Bradshnw, manager).— Last 
week the entfrinlners included: The Lowrts, 
James Hamilton, Rose 'Morris, Susie Wlm- 
ser. May Hoffnrd. "Tho Idle of -Spikes" wos 
n-sneccM. nlno the moving pictures of "Tho 
Counterfeit era" or shiwn by the People- 

AitCAhE (Oeo. w, Carey, mannger).— h>w 
altractluns hove been naded, nnd builue?s 
continues oserllent. 

Tcunr:.— The Lowell OrcheatraJ Society 
gave a- rrdltnl April l, lo a delighted nntif- 
ence. Brail J. fir. Hcn, director, nhd Anita 
1116. sotirnno sdlelst. 

MCytlOx.— The six Musical cuttys .are 
ttie veudevilji feature With, the V<mboin 

Detroit,— At the. Detroit Opera House 
i.B, c. Whitney, manager) John Drew. In 
"Delnncey," played to good sized houses. 
March 20-28. Louis James nnd his excel* 
lent company, In classic repertory, appeared 
before largo and Hpprtclatlve audiences :V31, 
"Checkers 7 ' April 2-4. 

Lvcrott (l 1 .. D, Stair, mnniser).— I>ewls 
Morrison, in "t'atiFi." , played to packed 
houses last week. "David Horiim" 1-7. 

i..sF.\vi:tTr (Dr. Campbell, mnnager).— 
The Livingstone Stock Co. presented Tt Ont> 
stiirk" to imod houses. Tho xamn company, 
In "ThB Ladv of Lyons," M. 

Wiiitkhv (H. D. Stair, manflgor).— WH Uh 
Granger, In "l.u red from Home," drew tun 
uiunl parked house. Black 1'ntti'n Trouba- 
dours \*7. 

Xi:Mi-u: (J, H. Moore, mnnager),— Lost 
week's lull was nf a high order, nnd the 
tiHitnl attendance obtained, Attrii<!tlohs for 
week of 2 Include : Leon Morris' big animal 
act, Callahan ond Mack, ttddtc Leonard nnd 
SJinrpe Brothers. Tbereso l^orcevnl, Camlilo 
Ttio. Pt-esH Fldrldge, Tyco and Jernion, tho 
Maglnlcys, and tho klnotogrnplti ■ 

AvtKtiE (Draw A Campbell, managers), — 
The Br.tat.tor nurlesnuerfl presented a ftt|t 
class entetralnmcnt, end good houses ruled. 
Tho Kentucky Bellas 1-7. . 

Ciivst.m, (J. J, Nasb, mnnflger).— Lalt 
week's hill was good, nnd the nttendflbci was 
up to tho usual stnhtlnrd. Attrnctlons for 
week of 2 include: Nnlada and company, 
McCauiev nhd Donovan, Flmote nnd Cotrefl, 
Waldo *'" 

. -igM, „ 

proveraeht over ltd initial production the pre- 
vious week was noticed. Kellar, 27, drew 
rpoOerntely. His entertainment was good. 
W. H. Crane. itf>, produced "The American 
Lord," lo n large audience, giving a One 
production; "The Free Linco." 20*81, came 
io largo nnd enthusiastic audiences. Ntlti 
liet-gen and Joieph Cawthorne. with a larf*s 
nhd aceoptnblo company, reddered tho onem. 
"A Hanffld Hero'* April 2*4, "l*bo Two 
Johiin" fT-7. 

IlXtt rrmiD On:nA Honae (II, H. Jennings, 
itiahlger).— "Tho Karl and (ho Girl." March 
20, 27, drew heavily, tho prounntatlon being 
In every wny satisfactory. The rest of tan 
wt'OK was devoted to vaudeville of nn inter- 
esting rtiiirnner, nnd uttcndHbt-o was fair. 
"A Hugged Hero" April 2, "Tho Two Johns" 
0*7. < ' < . . ■ < 

I'om'b (L, R Kelby, mnnftg«r).---Th* pro. 
Bfamm^ for the past week utnbractA many 
nltrRctlvo features, which filled the house 
at ever/ performance. Hill week of 2: Bd- 
wnrd Clark nnd his Six Widows, Roto Went* 
worlh's ltld«*r*i, Quarteite Bosqun, Mftsuz and 
Maii't. Smith and Fuller, Iroiio Lee, and Five 
Roraanos, In Bunslan dances. 

. Brliltfeport— At Smith's IE, C. Smith. 

mnnogei) Kellnr, March 20, played to good 
IiUHlnesi, ns did "Human Ilenrts/* 27, 21. 
William H. Crane, 20, played to capacity. 
"Tht» Two Johns/' 80. 31, did good business. 
"As Totd In the Hills'' April 2*4, "A Ragged 

o Whipple, Oliver wiibor, and the LIdo- 

liaert Bark for the wefk. Coming: Nflnce 
'The l'lrea of St. John;' 1 Nnrtllrn 

in ' 


f.rnnd Jlaplds. — The New PoWftfi 
(Harry. G. Sdmoters A Co., jnsnngers) his 
beert d ' 


id. , 

M*JE«*rtc (Orlh flUIr, mjibAgfir),— BlflCk 
Pntti'* Troubadour*, March 28.88 " 
crowded hotmes, n* did "Tom, .... 
"tnrry," 20-31. Coming: "Sherlock Holmes" 

Jtlf 1*4. "Kerry Gow" fl*7, "Ninety nnd 

.ne" 8-n, : 

OkAKt) OrrhA llonsh (Churchill,* Darts, 
mamgcrsl.— vaudovllia attroetmds, " 

Hsro",5, "McFoddsn'a Fiara" 6, 7. 

PoM'M, (B, B. Mitchell, proprletnr),— 
Booked week of 2: Bpauldlng, Roltf Bros,, 
the Three Bonins Bro*, and Van Dill, Dalr'a 
Dlxln Sorrhndara, Chasslno, Otis Kdwarfla* 
"SrtioolboyH and Schoolgirls," ond nllliman 

. Notkb.— Kubcrt N. Hperiy, Hie local plat 
Wright, fll, present ."The Politician/ 1 a new 
eoiiindy dramn, the last four- days of, the 
season, at Rmltb's Theatre. Ho has written 
Hip plays for the nine nnnmil eloslngs nt 
SniHli's Thrntre, with sign*! silcceas, i:sslrr 
week he will present to tho patron* of the 
hotiSe a souvenir programme, leather bound 
nnd itnurtsotnely printed and llhiHtrated..,. . 
Urptge Downing, of this city, who bathed 
ji'bh L. Riilllvan. in "t'nek Tool" Ii&h se- 
cured I nnvel exhttiltloti of "In-Door Ilnie- 
a' 11/' whkh he Is to opon up In this city in 
f near future. Mr. Imwulhg la the pro- 
pMetsr of the Hotel flnvoy, the rondazveus 
vt people in Hits city, and Is well 

Mown to the tirofeniir-n, U*orgo C..T1I* 

yen, owner of Slrppiscltoke Inland, was In 
fmft cfty, laat week, looking ovne his pro- 
perty. He Is arrstiglbg for u number nf now 
atntisemertt building* frt ho erected on the 
islnttd for the coming season. 

4 i $ 


, jYliired to 
' Blefc arid 


(lude : 
Cobkey, 5 

Miidie, ' 


. l-Ti It 

mpi-ftu .lid Fi.anic4ti. cievt-r 

111', rimr. MiLirnf Uonliniii., 

HkU, nnd .Mcititjomory, »n(l fa«A]l. 

Wlicellniir. — \t tlir. Court ThMlre i (E. 
II. rrnnzliclui, niHIiniter) Klnrnn™ UDfll. 
Miircli 27, In "ThB Plijrer Mnlrl," hud «MW 
rttlira.. Ildorlottn Cro.omti, 01, In "tfhtt, 
Xlnr.v, Quito Couirnrr," boil M. bUMnnii. 
Comlnt.' vogtl't Min.irtl. April j, .., . 

nniMi Ortnit lldi-rn. (ciiflH. A. rrlalrr, 
monniii'M.— HHiv IUr.nnil'H iiimtMln, Marcb 

toclt Co. iit. too Orwn 
b. J. imAlliti, M 

On,rn HoIiro thlfl trocn. 
-T<i.tiph ■ J. Jmndtif-. ot tha Amorlcao . 
c leitrn.- n t tn. Oporn llou.o, died Mnrch '1Q, 

IM AmtHcno Or- 1-1 

...ITIl'" Omt» (ti}L'»f: fMrlii W. II. MB, 
mnnhgefl. — l'ny FojOT'e Co. ployoil to etcel- 
l.nt en.lncia all toe vtti. The Drlfdleln 

llomi" Abtll 

w.:il, htii! onp.ii-Hj'. Coming: "Lund from 

««. . P« 

o t .W..] 

iriiie IC(oii«, Bmtnrt couiiolfj, ab'it IMS 

jfe pnr-uronnlK. fit JMnjtlo wa« obe nntlln C*|..k^-At tho Poet tnMiIro IV. 

_ w«» pbe 
t ill. clVlonnttrtt Willi tho loin, r.jrlclt (111' 
cot*'» .bund, oml hod Ktuf trlrhd, in llw 

ilrofojulon. ■ ■/,..; . . 

mlih, , mnigety ''0»« piMtt V, 


Hum; ill w. um nnnaitnr).— uu 

r'eck .aw hie bu.lnoii.. Pcnplo woek nt 3; 
lnt-Jftrlp iioituii, flintT Ijiflll Hi Tup, 
Koo,. Hiolntrt jind Thonia., Artnilr 


Kpiao.i NicKr.i*pwilt (Ota. P. Moot., 
-titiii-r-r-j.— Bu>l»5«a wo. «ood la.t vein, 

,Hm »b t <4nttL Jnhii.l3.ohii. or thn. Or 

' -;':"''/';• V>;\- '%••'?-'•'.<• . 

r : <r_i fe 

■ =-:'■ *,.#■ i '.--• I, ■•J.-f -.,-■.. v. 

B0 "■ v-??":/?;' ... 

^^^f^'*^,i5.?r'it'Cr ..i?^captj3pr^ .'i^ 

ttftfgii'-.a'tiid f ^'ot<re>s3~ : . «■&©,. -fit-©-* i^i^r»or»^ra'w':ra , pp.oarafcn«^-**;Mt3f i !|» 


t-. l 'r". 

&4, louU— *At 'the Century, f Pat Shoft, 
-"•-iBOr) -."ThcMayor .of Toklo. cujoye(.. T a 
Xful week March 25-80, Richard Carle 
.^rama Janvier -dividing. hOnow. .'The 
tDJng ' Conductor," with Kolcey ' and 
"(ton, Is -' current. ' "Tho Gingerbread 
! AprilS-H/" . .■•',- '--'• -.'-I;-- ' 
,'Oltjjpk; (Pit Short, managflr).— Tho 
B&bern-Marlowe Co." drew crowded houses 
init week, The entrant •nttrflct.oJvBavnge'.B 
Grand' Opera Co., blds-falrto' ■be.'a■b]ir'•uc- 

S)By. Week of 0; Metropolitan Opera House 
o.. Ip.reperediy. -*■ — '■ :■.'..■• 

Oaubiok (Bnobert -Bros., . managers).— 
"Before ami After" -made-a- decided hit lost 
week; and'played (o excellent b08lno>B..'.*Fan- 
tarni/.'-wlthJeflerio^^De-ADgQllB, is the cur- 
teat attraction. The New- York. fhalU Thesy 
tttr'Co.. 0-15, Jn repertory., ■-..■■ i • ■ ■* -.,' 
-..Gius-p .Orem* uotj&B (John G. Sbeehey. 
manager ).^Elfle Fay, in "The, Belle M 
ATehuc'A.": cn^nycd a splendid week's bust- 
nets... "Mlis : Bob -Wblte,'". a dainty' comedy 
©peua, 1» .tLLs weekts bill; £*»t-s- •■'■■ Jt 
.<>lMFnfeTAi/.<pM5.< Russell, maoBger).— "Tlie 
naming Arrow" played to good hoiiera March 
25-81. The current a tract. oh -la "The. Burg- 
lar'.*, Daught.ev,;:;.- - vJ t »j; : ;.\ • i /",'. 
'. iHatxojY rWm, Oaren, njanager).— "Whep 
I^ndon Pleepa" Is ; thC current bill., ; vTqs 
Kartory -Girl'' did a. generally- falr.buBlncss. 
'.Oavett (O. T. Crawford, m^neger).— The 
Caelno Girls wbb the^dTftwlng attrflctlon lajt 
week. Thc-Gay tlu? current 

.. STANn.utn ( Relchenbarti, manflker).— 
Yaflkee Doodle- GIrie ta^tbe bjll fsf.iT. • Tie 
Bnhoialon i-BurlesquerB ~ 
card, r. *• 

■ ^-Ofr<i»i -,fn,>D-H". .Stuart, _ 
oWtaV-iWltfil Of MarrJpu- flad.Gimrity.ltfai 
n'declded ■anccpa*- March', 20. Tfca Gertnu 
Stork Co. .will he. .aeen In "Fond. Relatione," 

• Globe (H. F. Hecker, mtinager) .— The fol- 

lowlnK ,ate Included in. tba chrnjnt weett'i 
Mil : iBemhart .TrloirMlHS B|ll'n,„toe :'Ayerys, 
Bullpy BroB.i.roMO.;t4»ft. great ;K0HK-8lBterH, 
asd.tbe klnetograpb. ..;-: .' .- * ■■ ;,:.-■■. 
■t Poi.rMniA .(Siidilteton & Tate, rnanacersi). 
-rffhe bill for weekof.-l,' innludea: W* ,f * r 
'Jones and Mabel litre. In musical comedy; 
'liquid air,". .Willie Zlgtmerman. Sidney 
Grant. Harry -La Clair. Tom Ripley, Knife 
HLanoRAkl. . Kay: ■ CoKsv and -Fuy, the ■■ Great 
KranceHas,. «T>rt th* 1 k'"odn>rne.- ■. 

. . m* * m ■ > *"." iw f>p ... 
Knniai City— At the Wlllla Wood T&M- 
tre (Wood'ftBur«sB Amuse, Co.. maneiTBrB) 
MThe Gtn^erbreed Man'.' came Mnrch" 25-28, 
to capacity, and deservedlr fib. for tht'tthow 
B^Ared'ab emphatic- hlf. ' The .production wae 
• a hondsftme' one. and' the excellent "tfnat' con* 
t*lned: -Hotter Uhd.- Rons 1 Hnow.-Gus W«Id> 
bera. Edd'e Red way.- W. H. Mack. Helen B*r- 
twim", •Nelllr-JiTtich and'-ftinryra Forrest 
tjlfm*' 'Knsll'h Grand Opera.- Co., ^0<" 

■offer ej gsTo, i excellent eatlsfactlqp; The 
'Pmklf (ur'.wec"k of ■ • iulE-4 Includor: MiwJt 
ftimip^ ' R^Jfenij Teggcatld Dnnklst 
Arthdr Lane, Sanderson and Bowman. ."Eua- 
Rell-J. Gi'tfiie, und- Cosmon'6 mdVlHg' plcturea; 
-itiTntc-. (Frank , Do' Aul«y, , manager). — 
Packed ■ bou fees r hied wc^k of March 251 The 
current bill. includes: -Mrs. Juloe^Devy and 
cfimpany, f B[arry Newmen, Carroll and Clarke, 
§HM ond Hadley, Abdnjlah, "Brothprr 
FfatikOroh. ,: H ' . . '- \ : t -.,• 

-. . IVo.Tjes. — W. M. Vance,- oawlstant treasurer 
of Tdqtlfe'a Thcwre, has occeftted-'a'nosltlon 
with Campbell Jttos.' Circus, as mahAger>of 
excursion car, ond Joins them April D. .... , 
Geor^« Ira^AJanifl, proprlctor'of the Crywral, 
Islotbe city,; and will let the contract for' a 
new ' tfiefltte, (obh built'ttlls' Rdmtner. and 
compl«ted-iu-tlmft , for. openlpg-next season. ' 

.•-"•V..'-,.-,v ■■ ■;, ^> w , s » : -:. '■■•-, 

•¥ '.:. ■ z ■/ .c AiiROBimt A... ■-, ■ - r- ■< v . 

• '- lM . A»«rele»V- At the Mason. Opera- 
ME« (II; C.' -Wyait,. manager) "The" Heir' 
jp the Inorah" plnyed to «6odbu8hiei» dirr* 
nar/ttiejloair parfonnancpg March 22-2V. The 
k ,rao' I*trdl. flhrlner rMlfiBtrelB-'aO-Sl.,-:'../;.. : 
BfcLAHco ■ (John II, ,'HlacVwOofl, manager).' 
WGbtMy&f Bnck," as nreBfldted by-the 
Brocks cotflrpuny. drew>well week-ending 18. 
fThe'-Se-c&rof Poltcblnelle," presented by 
tbe.utock company, 28 and week, drew well. 
"When Knighthood Was In 'Flower" April 2 
ftjU^week; '* • ' '-■:■ * »' * 

."■/.'.Monobco'e Bubdank (Oliver. Morosco,'man-i 
*gei-)..-^"TUe Itaperlal IHghwaj;'* By the 
Biu-bnsb Stock company, played ' Jo -good 
6nBthcs« week- ending -March ?o, -"Too 'Much 
JoB^aon."" produced tor the first tlmeat.the 

three- tinlf-hojldnya In-order thatthe chllOren 

himiff TnmtjB 'rnji^j w ft iipffio c^ i w^ . * 

"tUNioi'B Oohn Elliott/ manoaer).-^Blll for 
flreek: commencing 2: The DfllTJnea, Madell 
■an -CotMey, iTal.- -;■ Kelley .-40H. company, 

?eorge, Xnyender, Bert- levy, - Herman La 
[eiir,.and motion pictures. * 
list .Week. - 


..pEwfir; (W. Ji. dinger. .managtr),--^:ol6nlal 

d Belles l 1'ahd, w.eek. ^CaUfdrnla Girls 8 and 

week The Maecbtts attracted good bouaea 

iaat week;, 

-•■Fiaftf- BArrisx. CBuaca—Mme. Johanna 

flradkL lit song recital, , Wednesday, evening, 

fpW'i. " ";• '' ' -_-".; ■" -. ■- *•. ,, ^^ 

'"fit, : Vnul£-'A\ the. Metropolitan. Opera 
Hoafte '(Ij-Ni." Scott, »nanager> Nance 0'5CeU, 
in repertory ■ha'd' hood business March 25-28. 
Bliache.. Walsh, =ln ".The-Woman In the Case," 
.jftW'bli, 20-31. She Js a great favorite here; 
Nance O'N'ell.ln "Elizabeth. Queen of En, 
tand," Apfll * E. S.- WMard * 
wbME 1n "TfieGerman Gypsy.' 
Sotfcern and JUIla MarJowe 0-1 
of Spice". 12-14; .> - ■ .- * 
- Gband (T..;L,- Htjyv mamgej).— "DavJA 
.Hnttun,'? laet .week, came to big busfneas 
sptf : pleased. For week of 1; "Queen of «tbe 
■Highbfmlers;" Week of 8, "Tom, Blck and 
Warry." ■•- ' * -. • : ■'^••■■■' ~ ~- *^T 
'.-STAn (J. C.Vau Roo.i manager) .---^The Col- 
onfal^BelleH drew big bnslness last week. 
fhf. California Girls week of 1, .and the 
Dainty Taree Co, week of 8. ■ •* ' •- 

--■Obmtel'm (Charles Frerck,. manager).— 
Business was bis last week.. 1 New for week 
0t, c 2:. Franks and Pranka; ** 

Queen of Eng- 
rtf 2-4. AI. H. 

iy." 5-8 : e: n. « 
t-ll, "The life I * 

With Easter offering*. v P/ince Albert Cbata -a WVests. of . %pdf ted Vicdn a 

Thibet, Silk titled and Faced, to o der $28. Fine Eng-lith. trouserings, jt; 
■ ' G/ej He'rin^bo^d ^orij;e4^Cbev36j«t/, C^.esier)5j:ld:' siyle^6vejc0at 
Y«lyet Cpljar, Silk Lined, 426. Special Top Cbate/made.of ^ Covetis »nd 

Venetians, $20.- Our styles and values must- be up to .y cur \ xpectatiods or 
they ; remain here. ', '-'-'■' -.'"■.'■ ;'.'.-. '"- j' '.. '■ ^ :■:■:' -■•'*-•.** ;;7 " 
Samples and our book of : 'Elegan c e at M o d era Je C'os t"_ free for the asking. 


Broadway «fc Ninth 8ti»eet, New Tort. 

prlntfea, Beggpr." bad excellent 1 busfnesB. 
Wio. Hi TSocop^on," In "Moni?j Talks,'.' ■ 9-14. 
--A«AD»M*,0P"Wcftic (John w. Lyofis, matt- 
agjr)'.-^-Tl)l« wetk, Davl'il nigglba. In "His 
Ifijf .Dollar. " Xaet w«ek,..."0ueen of the 
^blta Slaves" packed tbe houae at • s,ecy 
n^rCotmanci. "X Race .for Llfo".0.'14. ' " 

. M.wem-ic (Ira J. : La Motto, manager) . — 
TniB week.- "Tnc Saltan, of , Sulo." • Last 
week ."THe Volunteer Organist" bail capacity 
aodlencea. Kdwnrd .Harrlgan, In "Old Lav- 
eoder,': 0-14. 

position WASXKDi-rroIeiiloiisl Orchei. 
tre. Piano, 'Violin, note, WUo,' desires Sunns 
eugagtjnont uUiotel of resort. AdJreBsMusliijB 
care o( CLIPPER. '. • ... - - 

tbc.anmlermans. Lorraine Slsteii. Baker an? - SZ Qlrls h° n d ?h 
wfre.a : goo«'dMw(lsg HHs^ Waid' Veek, : -Kad" cipaclty-busr-. iKf,?iif°l.? dls '? 3 motion pictures/ .rboee Dreimland Buries, ui 
'.*..:•.' SSESifciiWW^ Aprils and ieeK. & m WJ?'?A- \$- *»'?■: CUriel W.lthiri. ""hT»"°«:. rv'.J' , 
qart,.manager) / -^TUe vtajtAN^, Opl-ba.. HIWIK (Clarence Drotvn," ii 

McCauley. Flo_ Patterson, 

"6ertle Von 

rea-Mtlrtb. M and week :' MarsbVl'l P 

"Tids. H.' Keogn afad cotousnv. ure* 

„M i Wis".: He" Won Her;".. iuUlran 

itTOMtnaS wfth V A Vewsboys' Afipeal V 

in&hd Morl-lseyi Four Piccolo Midgets. 

/gnos,Mnbr, B(iie: Chester's sfafue'dog, JL|I- 

llan . JiurapBrt.' presi;nt|ng* u Jessle-s Jack .and 

Jerry," and iuotton pictures. >■■ - - irf v>- 

VMQtjj:, (Meats, i zalleo, proprietors).-* 

irefttuTe*, 2(1 and week: Woodson and* Stood 

Tflos^ holdlng,,over' are : Vera Lora'ln. Olga 
^logonrd, Luelle Bloke, • Fr'anTtle ' EVana and 

^rtrnde-Lealte.- -• ■• — -. 

-KQPLB'e CKOHon.— St.- Paul Choral, and 
S. &S , I>'»! I 7■ OrCbestra, wltb Janet gpenJer, 
flSJf ElMSon Von Hooie and Julian WalkeivMatJcfc 

Lxcac^l. ...(Eugene 'Kernan,/ nianager).— 
f™^"^™"™"^ TJ <"« " e «» Innocent M2lds..,-Last. week the 

usual large business. 

— tiuers 9-14.'. -. - . ' '-•■.> 

•.CjUse'h (Miss H. Wlnnlfred De Witt, 

njanagert .«-T-bls' week : Auguste Van Blene, 

Tom- Hearo. 

a p Da.v.;ii 

the AmeW- 

. bekded b v 

, — .J. Jjofton, had 

standing room. onlj. .. ■ "■. 

'.'■". ■"* •'. '■'■■! . ... '..'..' * L » , 

LADY wlll;sell some ■ Handsome Street and 

. Evenlug Gowns, 15 to.alS".- Loag 'Coat.Rlllni:. 

h»Wl...IlBS5Ar. 2<^ W. Iiatb'81, lstApt.E. • 


29, drew big, «t. double prices. 


Pfaturps l'(l and week 
■■ 'an— ■ 

PL ._ 
A; ,'Flseber, . man: — At Ford's (Charles E, Ford, 
tauajter) Bobert Edeson will be seen. April 
3Jand, week, In "Strongheart." .Majtlne El- 
liott closed the most .-'Successful ' engagement 

.■ ' ■ .. William u. MacDonnld. • '■•'■ 
WnniAM H. M*.cDo\ALD. the well known 
singer, died at tbe-Melson Hotel; gprinrteli 
Miss., on the night of Tuesday, March- 27, 
from pneumonia. He -reached Springfield on 
g».<W;WiA?rch 2.4; : wl}h "The Free Lance" 
Co., In which he was cast for'the rale of 
Court Censor. ■. On Sunday,-at the .rehearsal, 
he w^a taken with a .chill, aid. against- the 

BWcrosi^Kre'i wtf'Played by-her;hefe,:MJrcbyai7brrngfni S "If. 6 ! & P^slclaa, made bis appearance 

rrKfi — 

rat. yoyeli 
Ct.Tef:'/.>ai.d- motjoL, pictures. 

^oYelfy,Mi.ltese Stock.Co., in"T^B ZiJlu W|P J - 

- at m BEitT v ror summer ^moxt, xhe Great 
Bartieau Family Band, 12 "pieces, and complet 
Vaudeville 3h6w. . Nothing but reliable managera 
need reply. ,THE.UARBEAr; FAMILY" a. c&rt 
Manager, 145 WasblDgton St., Central F*1U, It. I.. 

WASTED, -MfSICIASS— Tuba, baritone- 
Trombone, Comet, double -orchestra. Three day 
stands.. Sleep at hotyja; cat on lot. Open here 
May 10. Wt.paJ ah uUer Jnlnliig^B»iary mast be 
low, as UlB-BLire. -Lady Acrobat forTNck Hatise, 
write,,, JACKSON. BROS.' SHOWS, 6ardner,Mw. 

WANT¥lO,for,Thos-L. Kiijiii Ijo. >ew Cnned 
Show?, 2atrongCornctvAlto, Ijarttone and oilier 
JIiifllcLanr.; Pert'irmersdolDff ^or-moreact.*rai£o 
A i eV perfd^merij who dbbUIe'ln bnw^. Hlare run 
piirtlculars. all yon do," yeryTlow'Mt Jn flrst letter. 
ttmalLWlariei only cottstdeJad; We-.piv-aii, ft e . 
port here May.5.. Circus, Drivers and-Cinvaajren 
come on May'3. Addrc^a HooMc Kaj^. >(ew Yorij . 

uri, ,a 


^j^""The Valkyrie." ''Blgoletto" 
i(Wt'* .It Is -BUtncimt- -to «y that'-tbt 


., and' week: .Mualcal _ 
otJOn natures; and fhe All Btar Comedy 
' "A WarfiiBecefttJon.v 1 J _--.... ;1 - . 
IlorcfiKiRR (T, Jeff i White.- man 

^Ar-UWjliyV-XNiron" & Zimm«rnian, inaria- :$*• ■£?*$' a[} .op^flrttpdy -played. 
geti).^Kay Templetonr-& Wi roVt7-iiVe Mln- $"% st Production of ithe play. 
Ctatt-'froinBroadway." Is -the current attrac . S?I d u W88 „? K ' r J? abput.-.nfty-stx 

PORSALEl.'dalateaKuSnUuSfop, storeflntir 
Clnclnuatl, ff. ( icbiu'plete,' ready: tb.#ork r «Uh 
c»blilet;o)i; Painting, iox.2, and threeweUmide 
packing boiee, AI coudl[lon;U8ea'-8weej«Vl)tT- 
gain'at Sift. Aiso a lot of- side ShoV Palatines 
cheap. -^V -v .- jas. w. BE\ttie.- 

■ Care SFK BftOTHER^' SHQU", Sa.atoita.Ga. 

FOR SALE,»M, New £k'WcWd saJijphOBe &id 
Case.. Ohtflt worth i&o. Earl V.'iisoa. in Fortter 
St» HaniBburg, Pa. • --".:', 

m s&s 

orerw and rant were in 'beeping with- Mr. 
flBTflge's ujmal.bigh standard ■of eicellence. 
Thla- week" w!M, be dlrlded .between Richard 
Carle, In VThe -Mayor of Toklo." and Viola 
Allen, In-'The ToflBt.of the Town." ."The 
O^mnm" *nOI 8-11. dnT*M2.1a, - .-.- 
: Obani* -fHudBon 4 Judah,. to(»nag*>r>.-^ 
Iia»t wet*, tile Baya. In "Down the Pike," 
had bla buelness. Besides Johnnie and T}mma, 
thone deserving mention wero.: pan- Coleqia,n, 
Jylla Swecne; 

Co.! lion, tjijenlng £, "Blue, Grasa" proved' satis* ! D 
factory.- last week. The houBe will be dark 1? 

was unable to leave hlabed on Uondigr eiren- 

lu* JM fi 1 ^nmloretudy^pJayodV -his. roleat fc-inmer she portrav<fd dpneila to me Htmlst 

Mr;. Mac* of -Adelaide Keltn, In.: this .^Ityj - With 'Tie 

Clarismanl" Miss ' Welles played, the leading 

ffjmale ^rolet opening company, 

Vt,lttle Christopher/'- by the 01ynlL-._ 

Op.,./riiw well- week ending 25* . VSold Pa- '^i-'' 1 '- fftohert. 15,' I 

BUb^t.^ hyi the opera company, 20 and- week, ■-. **-riMr«, Temple's 'TelegnnV 

..vMBOWBApa M., A,' Browne,- manager).-^ enij-weelt. • Henry E. Dtiey 

Fek.Tirl'Ofl '28.,and weelt:. l3d,.Iteno. Mamie 

Costa. Mabel Humhert.'.ilmmy Roberts, Dolan 

"^d.Cajroll.itaotlbn pictures, -and a funny 

iTbedy, by Ed. Reno .and tba Clmiwrrapii 

Epck, Co.. . i . ; . .. •.. ■ -* ., i : .;v, t,-,^, — .-». .. 

KMriiiKtRIIly Ranke. resident maomrer). ^mesiiext. to 

h\K tjusine,SBr<(dth "The M«"n on tbe Roi; 

: >ApplToaitiX( (James L, Kernan, manager). 

•■» yeat*s ngo. 

ip Stepbtnvillp, O., and had the *ood fortune 

to owero beredtty his .tocs.1- gifts. -an. endow: 

ment -which measure. shared wiib 

lie- tneraberB of bis family,, all of. whom p-ere 

Irwin, manager). W'ciana. IJIp yoIcfi,-.evj>n aa a ijhjld. caused 

}'■' returns 2. for l \ n * rc r6»f . comment, and his excellent - rby> 

Ixey -had' V week of $ u £ ^'^^? d .accurity for # .the beHcf that 

_. -;fron»' RartB" 
r-Jjultan of Sulu," 

ie vo«il schl^rements of.qls maturer,year» 
wpuld tulfill the promise, of -the dawii.. When 

bQ_had reached tbe age which gave assurance 

icKVdia Veii"i«t &3!tt&S3&i2E wfj&l** h >>a«'.se9t 

and contlnulng'wJtb It until ,she- warf UKen 
ill. . Interment whs at Woodlawa Cemetery, 
N..Y.,- on April. 1. .-'••;.'.; £3 

" , EnwAttn ■ CHKi&airq; - lafl * /actvr'.r •: slity-iive 
years old, died auddenly- In -a saloon at-AnJ- 
steidaui -AvenuQ andiOniJ Hundred and Ninth 
Street N'ew- Yorfc -City, on -3lirc&/ 31. It. (a 
afljd that b,e -was istS?aulted. after comlre out 
of' a '-saloon- in the- nelgiiborhocd on March 
20; ana : - the ACtore'. FrOtectlve Union,;-,6f 

T^Olii'PBi'M - (Martin R<*ck. ponera! mana- 

Kr\.— Bill this week: Edwin Stevens. Mary 
no^t 'arid .rnmonnv-. .Lea AubertB, Foster 
and .; Foster; AI. Carletop, Madame Emmy's 
pfcR and Oreat I^e PpRea. • * ■ ■ , -V 

■ fB ■ 8. BrlgbFim. .managnr).— last 
week. "When T<ondrin' Bleeps" awoke the au- 
d!»*»ce t-o n Hch nltch of -lUQ&mt* This 
week. "The Factory Girl :" neit week, "The 
MlflSourl.Olrl" •■ . .' " -J "' •■ ■ 

. At'WtoBinM (Wnodward * Rnrgess Amuse. 
On., inanftffetiO.---I.eflt week.- "To^Be Burled 
AR««" pt^ivod to *«e a melodromfl of excep- 
tional interest. This . week. "Slaves of tba 
Ww :" »Tho Girl f mm ■ HwedenV' next.-/ ■ v. 

„ Crntttit (J.: J. Bnrrett nisnag^t). — T»*Bt 
week, the Ynnkee Doodle- nirla drew ,wb|1. 
Jns. .Waltbour. in- Ms oensatlnnal.raclhir act, 
wss' thehlt;'of the olio. .-Tbia week. Bnlti- 
rnnre BeautUs; next week, the High School 
Qlrls.-.: ■ ■.-. . ■■ ■ " " ■ 

.' MAJicarrc (Fred Wnldmann. maoanu*..— 
Last week, ,8sm . B<*rlb*iftr*g Osy Met«iye- 
ri»deni hnd a, very sortd shpw, The;pr>t)v bsl- 
)st ; w<ts a feature, This week. Rice- 4 BartoiVs 

, NoYKS.-^Jqila Rooney. of tbe Roon'ey RJs- 
tara, was married In this city while buying 
an': engagement at the }ov D, 

Welton. non-professlonnl Mlllan^flurk- - 

b'art.(Mrs. Geo. Goldsmith) will retlretopH- ™-»t DAlIar" did a fa: 
▼iste liff* after flulshlng her'tj in MiKcb-3.1.. "'Tracked 
tlil* city... : ., .BmreniH TliaU Lawton Is fo ; /BfA.yEY's (Charlea 
BiipfrirtWhUe Whittlesey at ; the AlcaSar 
Iheatre,' In San Franrlsco. dhrl*>e tbe Stim- 
. trier season ...... During June Wiilfe WTiit- 

tlftsey htiB a six weeks' ensrnpement fit Be- 
lasco Thf i ntre;tbla city, takinjr the plnce of 
Jhseph GRllirelrh.HB Icadlnff.raan. . ... .Mem- 

bbradf .the AI. MfilalklhTemple, A. A, O. N..S.. 
.of Los Angeles, tbave been giving a wcek-Af 
Kiood mliiBtrcl bUHlness over Soutbero Cali- 
fornia, and d'>ing .a fine business, , 

*r >' . i n ~ i f' " : - " '' -', 

( Onltlnnci. — At tbe MacdonOiurb (Cbas. P. 
Hsll. taHnaijerV "At Cripple Creek", drew fatr 
R/UdlenVeg "March 18-22 (return ehgairement). 
Geo: H Trtm'rose'fi Minstrels showed to ca- 

Saclty £5.. two perforranWeB. ■ "Little Johnny 
o&te" played to 8, R. 0. 2«. .27. "The Heir 

The. Rose, Cecilia Shay- Opera Co. £ b i?2 d L p ■*!!& l° e accessary ilnunolftl, aid whlch-he-was ft cdeinber, has asked -the. coriV 

tJI Jones," ] ■ . "■ - naviriffbeen^ furnished by his brother: He ner.and the police to. Inquire-int'o-the cattte 

FPqlfg Jpr gTe jea<s with, the leading-maV- of hisdeath. Mr.Chrtssle:was borh -In D> 

^rs^of Khglanrt. Gormafly and It^iy, worklig tf6It, -Mich.,, and was the "iinderjstudy. Jo 

hard and Making -excellent progresa: ,Mr. Joseph- Jeffersott'e -conipaiiy fn'Ma youth, 

"•cp^ida- debut-wns- nwdS In I-r&Iy, in-^lf LSCer'be-witriwith Lawrence Barrett white 

" afec^ess. ' 

,-*, the bill for 
April 2 and week. Last week's business was 
largo, "luma" carrying off the honore. ' 
.Holljpay SiriEF.r (George W.Rtfe, mans- 
"" RS ,V n cle Tom's Cabin" opens 2. "HIb 
fair business week ending 
" Around- the World" £ 
. ■.— E. Blaney, manager). 
t-'T he Millionaire Detective" beglnt) u week's 
SfB fl i?raei*t 2. The Smart Set closed March 
Bl... 'Marching Through Georgia" next 
. MoxnitfiNTAi. ; (James Ii. Kernan, mana- 
eer>i-— The Jollr Girls ExtravSganita Co. 2. 
Tftft .'Broadway Gnlety Girls closed March 31. 
The- Innocent 3Iaij8 9.' V ■ ' * 

..GiyEriJW. L..BoJlauf. manager).— Harry 
"B^nt«-:l«tTfrvaganra. Co, opens 2. follow- 
ing the Ron Ton Burlesquers. which had a 
go&d vi-eek.. "The. ROse. Hill Co. Is due &. 
;;NoTa**-T«e.-. Hagenbeek Circus and Me- 
nagerie' Is billed fo? .18, 19. - ■ 


Tro-vatbre',*' . and- 


that actor was playing at the.bead of a eto'efc 

"he H^lr '■» a<>i. , " >.v ^vi _- . . .■■_■ -.■ « "any m me ^election of trained and com- 

l»twftfi a renfurp. Tnls wegrr. nice. * UivrtoiVB * rt - t w : - fJr n n'r»K' Atirir^ •* '-"TlK-JAn-n aTltinin"* ■Jf»W ,B *~-At I^J.Vd a Ibeatre (W. J. Bur- patent s ngera, and jii securln" th" Itf^t- l»4r. 

/ife*W? T 11 "*™' KftnsaB r City.' Kiinsw LtiiEnn <B. W.' Bfabop : , mfcnager),— ^^'^L?;' " Vi ° lu o A L le0 ', i ? VThe' ,-Toett likewise e potent factor > W excelientr* 
«'W»"_-T- !«ta(K manatTar^.-^Lsst wwk.ful; JfriWrjrfderwWod-and.Amellrt GArdlnK sup- M rW " , t £fo " 

^ t '? r J t 9 *l? r eturn to bis native land lie ap- conipany In tbe Detroit Opera House. He 
K, a J ed .v? "osa'ni'B : "li Barbiere," Marcbettls was alto -a writer of .faive comedies., 
S ^^ laR - Verdl'e "For2a del Destino," '^- 
and .other works of equal inapottahce. ilpon 
his return to this country. In 1880. Mr. 
Mac Donald became a member 'of the Emma 
Abbott Corapahy, singing all the, leadlbg 
baritone. rolea In the large aud -varied r*pe£ 
tory-^of that .brganlaatTon, his versatility * 
8 I ll ?K ,n S, tlie *. e8t nt alternating appearnncea disease. 
as tbe Count, Jn Moiart'S'"-Noizodi,Flguro:" "" 
Captann-dc Merrlmac. la Audran's^Ollvette;" 
F**eiv in- Lot2lrig'tj "Czaruna Zlmmermoh," 
jnd PIppp. in.Audran'e '.'La Maacotte." Mr 
MacDonald wns'sub^oueMly dhe'bf the Boa- 
t0 ,^ 1 ^ ,B u »tH 1887, When -he, ■together 
With Tom Karl-.-and-rH. Clay Bamabse, 
worthy coadjutor*, launched the ROfltonlans. 
The BuoceBS of. this organization Is too weJJ 
known to. require, comment, but to this buc- 
cess Mr. MacDonald contributed -not- only 
hls.-vfjcal and histrionic stitllty. bat his 
Line musical acumen, which helped so i ni.ite- 
rially In. the .selection of trained and com* 

known one being "CoHaw and. Cuffs." Fjor 
the baBtfew years -be played, in vacdevll.o 
ubder. the -name of .Billy Barlow, runersl 
services were held at Actors' Fund Hail, New 
York City, on Aprils./: . r . '- ' ^v 
• CitAft. H.; WifiSs, formerly of KicgSfoo. 
Pa., died In Canton. O., March- 13, ttyw yeart 
He" was well known to the ?™te- 
al^tf- as'- a -violinist of .abHUy. -Mr.- «eiis 
was twonty-ulde vears of age, and: had peeh 
oh the 'road' for'-twelve; yeafa. At the Pg 
of Ms death be waslender.of thporchestra 
ta -one* of the Cimop theatreB, .in whlch/bis 
wife, who- survives him, was pianist. The 
remains were taken homo .to his parents./* 1 *. 
Kingston,. .'Pa.-, for .burlal-i- 

CoBONBR-SnnAD-r and ajury last week con- 
__der»ad the case of Louis De LaMf ; t -J*^B y '' 
wtlgbt, who was found dead atMotfrta 

norJed b^ the' full Btrength-of Bishop's 
Plh>e*a, . did " ft hesry biis,lnesB,..ln "Sheaan- 
dpnh.'" week -ending , March 2B. Rrguiar 
stock company, in TtlcbSrd Walton 'Tully's 
^.tcce farce. VA, Strenuous Mfe." 2tt-Aprll 1" 
Waiter. Perklne.v In "Who Goes.Therf' foi- 
loMi2. •:•"■;■ :*•- . . , ■ ■ '.. -..•;: 

'MU ■' (Ed. Iloman. manager).— -Features 
2; and- , week : ' Grace Wolf, tbe Grout Ablnl, 
TsdiBox, Jonta. and\ Walton, preseoting "Our 
Country CombIo," and the, olograph. Business 
la Jo ^gfijm&M 

... - 'tmd.*'w«^k , :'.HolJfl bvets- 
Halnet, .Tyrolean slngera, the .Three " 
tieotil,' the MlUftrda; tbe GlndstoneSt 
M*s|i and the projectoaeope. BostDest! 

~ZE u&it a Kvckn Jt - CarliQu, ma _ 
BUI 3 and woekj; ■ Markley. tbe Prices, __ 
Dale., Madame wnnda.and her trained .docs, 

You- Btovk Co: «ve' fln«' performn.-irtw* of 
''iDorft T>iorne." to*good "Michael 
Strogblt*' this week.: < 

■CtiPPr.RWflR.^ — The Conrled Grand- Opera 
Co. co-ires to Convention- Hall AnrlMt!. m»>i;J- 
n>e »nd night. I . ■ .'.On May0 the Woidvrard 
Stock Co. will open a» Betison ' «,t; the Audl- 
t*)tl«m. "Little -Lord FnuntteroV' !•> at.-, 
nbunced for the Inaugural -nttrnctlon.. ;. ,>- 
Oil Aurll 18 M-hjbiW Frank Woodwurd an- 
nounces'that his Woodward Stock Co., No. 
2. .will ooen a season in Plo»x City . . , . . . 

Tlie*KWl0fiiBl Theatre.- t)Tie-of;oliTlOe.hon«iefl. " VftviVVv '}¥Anw ^.ntwiufci" l maitJUTorV 
whs .closed Inst Tiiesdny nKrht, by ChWf t^ffff Y 2 -I^PwiS^ Br« J "*— ' 
Trlcttett of the flro d^artmont .on Vcourtt -i^^ n la^-.^ 
-ovf. .'the *ndu-cnmpllBnoe wifrn-- the- l«<sl nre 
liwa. • Arraiigohi^nts wll1nrob'"My he m»As 

to reonen i.Tbe contm**t for the hrirk 

*rdrk of the new Shubert Theatre, at Tflnth 
■RDtI'■* ^ **'H^nln , ■' l • Avenue'.' wa* l^t tothe.Flana-- 

ffl. B ^ii B M f?; ^'■■^SiS^S' *£Z% Dais.' Madame .wnnda.and h«r traln^a^o^. 
SJToftA 11 lB ^ r t T,wx $3B!r&2L2PSB. OR nM-comonnv.preaentlnfr 'The >reh 

latlon th«t th* work will be comnleted in P|"UTe fi . B nslness.. la boom'Pg. .. . „ 
•four monthB.-TheiBame firm was orlvon r the 

cn^frf^t for' the roncre**' foundation. , sonis 

time ago, Bud now baa this -won under wv£. 

Of^x** Mntrflff" on'thFht'lld^-nr will beiet In 

a'few Oay?, and thev will All have a Btlpuia- 

tlon-thnt the bulldtntr be* turned ovor" for 

occupation Swjt-.-l* tfjoft.-,' It-ts'.plannpd *o 

make the b»l|rtlng fifteen atories In the fn- 
• ♦••••.•TvfiK only t*r** atf.rl»?BWitl b^, cpmnlMed 

♦bis Pft'l.. ■..Prp«a'dPtt>atebM,frOni .Toffer- 

sfth City* Mo,, are to ' the effect, that the 

titmberta -bnve galped -control over the new 

thBBtrt at thfit nNeiv., -- ■■, •; ;• \|. .• 

».■-. ! . i ,: , ■ - , — * i s. m i - > ■ ■■■: 

J '.iir; Joartrtlt.— AtTootl«*'s"Th**atr* l»?.'.TT. 
'PMIIflv,-' mftnagar,> ^"Th« Olnofrhrefltl MAn." 

nnn tit the: bent; Trniaical comedMs seen V* 

thfi «*»«so»i/h-»d rWRCT»-T'b L '«!*^f-* March 20, 
..-.«ry i prM»r»v nlesBSd: , iV>t M, Wl'iaj Anrll K. 

Ttlehprfl .- C*r]b •*<*.■•, Charles ,B. ItnnfoTfl''7, 

ChaunrfT OMH ft. 
■TiYfWM (C. V: Plilllfiv. niiiflaaftr),. — '"Che 

Girl ' trorn flwedeh" 'h^d jalr himln^ss M^-rt-h 
•Jtt-ftt. "HMllrnin In New York*' Anrtl 1/ 2. 

"Tba Gn*ernor'«- Pflrnnn" S.'-<. "HlohSehooi 

fllrlS"' f"-t. "A Jolly Arnerlc.i-i" 8. Tni- 

perinl Burleimuers'O-ll, '"Ttio Factory Girl" 

fl^.rf»." « SWfe^ f * -.J^l*. abd'wn- flilto of this underTa^fngr Hli Littie'Tooh, 
lL a w.J«I € Wc.n7'. ihj "The BiyniB,*';. appeared ln--J*)e Kdven and Smith' ' 

a;falMb\islne8sii!0r28.- E. S. Willard played 
wlsrgoiand appreelative. audiences 29-ijl: 
BlrnWoob (W. J. Rurge6B,-manager).— The 

ffermance.- April 2-wlllbe\be three bun, 
areatb performance, and will- be souvenir 
uight.i . - ■•. ■ ■ ■ , ,- a ,. '-. -., ,. 
" Oftrm-ust (Martin Beck, general manager). 

"Rob>p Hood." 
--. T J-^t i*i*:«B(tu'.iy- »m memory. J not", only 
because of ,h!a excellent vocal ixatlon; but 
for the- further, reapon that his fine, prtaence 
f^; frank ^and^ hearty manhood ■ 'o/eated an 
er ~ .outjaw^wUp 'new 
(he .posioniiuls . 
,ut lti to 'yaude* 
.« tVen. -created ft 
roljj'n "The. Chins Doll," since which tlmu 
he , has , been off the Btage.unjn called uD<Jn 
to assuipe the role of Pertlnax.'ln "The Free 


-adptlie week- 

c-^Kano' (C 

and -Ei 



drrtrwa _ 

C\ty* had good baslness 29-31 . . 

labors covered a wide range 

sS-ai.- Itu.lne.. war. crv 8„od , AI. J1,WH- orato til l«9?i« April. a Ve°S*5, aS^V. 

0*9P'?s,' S'li, twtnern and ; Marlowa r -ie.I4^ ^?- ■ • ■' „ ■ , .. - ■ ■ 

Dunn dtttit. HotBB (T. L. Hay, nihna- ., . m , Tnil .. „, . .„,,,»„„ : ' '" 

a»n--"in»icl narem'' J ana week, J3ii*o - "" re.Qg -rS kP-P"- 

of.'lhe ■nigbblnderB'.' 8 and week. SH Siusa ■v.'^r-' "• • i -ii: i.- ••' ' 

Sto«.' "inantasma" playsd' to very. UrtS^SaT *iJWB* , T»l»s»-t«>»>. — - At ' the New National 
«e,» lMi.swk, . '. ,.'.;, : : : -T^ .. : jTBtattf, (W. p. «apley. manager), thl» wee*. 

. Oarw.TOtWirrMir'Berlr.-tencral mansier). ."Wle .Hn»e,s Brothera In Ireland." bait 
— Oood business, Bill for. 1 'and week ; 

The bodv waa slilpped- to 'SteubenvlileT 
O., where It -will. be- bnrled In the.famlly plot 

CeiTHCijr* WixtEB.-ihe actresa died on ConlsOe Lanje. UB.pIai- 
wilght, who wae found dead arMocjs w- 
tel. ? Kew Vorl city.- on March IS-. ,T6l et |' 
dence' was that De Lange bad- committed eui- 
ehjei ' 

'A*aUl»B.HAn>ES,:a sltteen'jear old Mb 
ress whose narae In private -Ufa .Wf EH"- 
b'eth 'BncUer, died week- of Marcl 19,lnSt- 
JoMph's Hospital, Memphis. Tena. .- ',." .' 

: Tbojus ¥.'. HsN'tJv, -tor ; creef 'ten years 
Mdaheer-of-Tt^'oldr-Wllson: Theatre., riQrtB 
Adanis, .ilosi., and, afterwards', ma wr- Jt 
the old Illlon Theatre".. In.' fbat .cltf..-<J|« 
tbere'Weancs'4oy;nfrernoon' Mar.'b-'..> r ™ 
heart: f»Jhirsj."aiM''tuli'ty:bine.<yg)tt. -'JJI' 

-Hauley litcanie ' mlnager of'tbe Wilson The- 
atre when h,wae ; hbrdlyW)nt.of teeas... He 
was' a genial man. very populac with njtronp 
of his house, and' bed a' wide acoasMtaaw 
With '.theatrical people. At the tlOe of ;ls 
death he was president of the local' stags 

Mechanics; iniibrr, .^o: -'sa.' ;': :-jj S::- .• • .^ 





in the 

.-lc pub- 

Ushlng houte.. whlchjbe -fpunj^j jj j{^ 


; tbe 


two children' anrTivo'hlin... . ' ' v „ rf 

'. F*F.r>ESieK'WAyNFM>cltr.R.. a. former oa""- 
master, was found dead In .his room at,.>o ; 
lT8,"Ea«t Ninety-second ■• Street New W« 

March 30. at the (Jpnern! Memorial Hospital City," on ; Jioreh, 29. .Ho,.wa»iE«veuty yaars 
New Vnrk City., where ehe was' operated on a of" age. About fonr yesra ago he became w, 
fortnight previously for oppendlcltls.r Miss .' awl- since- then had not^plave*; ."■ . '.•_> 
Welles was anpeSrlng with 'Tbe Clansman" ' atjis. Hahiuet FansfaN. .soprano '>ugg 
,Co.,--at the Harlem' Opera House, wheu'sbe *Q6 old woman delineator. 1 died In -Rocbesier. 
Was tskon-UU. SLe was horri shriuf tweuir- ' N?.Y...'. March S2..fr0m'.n«rv'ous.prostratloo_ 
slxysars ajro; In Sp.utrrBe.nd, lod., and It la She was bDCe a'member of the famous uyen* 
related that she took part In. amateur theat- Sisters Co.; also wal toted-as a concert sing- 
rlcalsat the.age of flye years. At the'age of er... • .-......■ -- . ■ -- ' . ;.. 

Ilifssn'pbe went to Boston, where she grsdn. Jdaera J. Jsaxotte; a member orto. 
jte4.tpoin ,tl» Emerson Sehooi of Oratory. American orchestra- at the LowslI 1 op*r» 
Later »ho returned west and Joined a stock' House. ' Lowell, Mas*, died ■* that it 

._;Vaiette «•«•"■ -Hobert Edsson, - In "Stfongheart." Later , ha ... 

Bercrore. the Salragnls, -Hawson andHJun,. acored a; .arcat aurcese.. to large Wuiei.-and company on the ;EacWc coast She firat an- March -26. from pneunlonla. He was «oy 

MTOMd Fl«a, nonhl. Gfrylord, «««» and f>Ve satisfactory performances. Kelley and peared.ln the East professloosllvunderthe time clsrlonetlst -with fh« lata. Pettier l»n 

Wile. Hart and Richardson, and t)S4' kino. flh|noon. la "Ttjc Ligttalng Conductor." 0- manajepisnt . of ' T. Daniel ' Frawley. In » more'e Band. 


C. .fjneers. manager) A-Rnljih. 

V. In "Tlin -fMSMn. N nl.v.A 


Stuart Stock Cu...lo "The . Octoroon.'; played 
ImhMAsrisi last, week- The. came com 
mm.** "Tho Wife," 1-T. ..Tho wcfM Wgln 

briti'siaiA IT.nckctt' & Owyer. ^ 
r-rlhlE week, "The- Little Gray Leui 
Jjefll.. Slclntyre , ohd Heath, In."'* 


CuysTAX, (fCred <To«n). 
tjtH tM( ireejt v%, uj 


tsita, m m« urn 


- I^st 

. u Uam 

'ree,' scored a big hit, to great business. 

Lillian niauvclt, in "The Rose of tbe Albbm- 

bra.'.' O-M. 

., Itar-vtjco IL.- Stoddard Taylor, .manager). 

nine; R'the same. cotapany will play "Thelma." 
AfDlTonti'jt. (I*. T.Bannon, 'manager). — 
'eek'bcptniilng 2. the educated horso '.'Jira _, 

!«»!*''>)» arrnntement' with 'the School .Wthlej. week. .Kddle Voy. In "Tho Ear) und die," at lUe Criterion Theatre, "Mlsa Welles rouniri-. neat spawn ' ucder'Uie. direct) 
lit* lie tcSMl.^ 0), c|ty gjn w Iftfivea ; ft» OlrJ-'' l»« »»«». P»"t* WJWM** * w «» eapB 8 "*.** «S letSsgyrsiwu.,. Laet ciartes. 4.SUIS...- ■* .:■ :_;.•. 

stock ■ company In Washlnirton. New' York Mattie WAtsrt , of the team of- Frj *,." 1 ? 

tD$atr»E«™ wore attracted to Miss Welles Mattle Walsh, died af the Seton Hospital, 

when Henry V. Donnelly encjivea he. for New So'rk City, on Idarch SO, 'Iran «" 

leadlhp. ineenue roles -In- the <layn-of. his sumpt(on.i -- * ' .... 

Murray Hill Theatre Stock Company. ' Eowarp Mack, an- Irish comedUn, cura 

Later she became- a member of the stock in.a-hospltal at -Philadelphia. last weer- 

comfiany at the American. Theatre. When '- , "■ — ' ' > 
Louis Mann appeared In. "Tho Second Fld- 

Ionace .PAPChcwakt Will' rerom Mf**5 

ountry. nejt seawn^ under the dlrecoonw 

■ ":.' ;i -;fu "■ ^y : r-. : '.;/ : -C '," ; -\_ ': ! \-: ■,.,' : <: :;i" ; ■ ■ -f^.; ■'■ % J-^.v ■''}' .; - v ' T~ : -~.. "';■"■" v s ." 

'.;••■■,' i .-;.--:r... •■■■r.,^- 



■ i 


To our awtwMk't NOVEL CLIPPER Advertisement, to the lllaitrated aoorworto >t*a>t t ■• moat bwftttfo.1 and noit WONDERFUL SLIDES «m produoed aw - 

•'- " ijow rcody for the grc«te*t Child 3oog BnJJftd In tlyo world, 

■ The cost to produce e»ch set of of theia remarkable Slides was 69.38, but oar PRICE TO YOU WILL BE t&OO and roar Uteat programme, 


1512 8ROADWAV, 
P. S.-Dont overlook the fact that this long can he 'med by any Straight Singing Act. 

NEW YpRK (Next door to Recton. 


ypurwrtgt"- »* J »y st -- ggsBE* & Y - 

'WASTltO.'Tnm' People.— Child Bar* Bit, a 
Tfroman fQrtop9y,R Man for St: Clair, a Corset 
Plater, otner useful Tom People, write. Snow 
oDeu AprillS. State lowest salary first letter; 
loin on wife. WHba'lr Do Hart.'De HarVa.C. T. C. 
fco:, QgwefaT Delivery. Omahyyeb, 


PLAYo, -MAS I; SCRIPT, etc. Olfine hours, 3 to 6. 
Y^> * . - '■•. W--rOSXER, 57 W.Crit 2Sth street. 

frtieoreanlMog. who can fake harmony, iddrets 
J/KHE-RftON. Kg We.meld St., Brooklyn, >'. V. 

•LATBfti' BOX ACT, Common dry g«<U 
box—bd+r-Wtd,'*, from merchant; 'man liuprlt- 
oaed.'lWnalleo and roped; eauy escape. Similar 
effect featured br Haudcotf Kintj. Plana, 60 cents. 
E. P. CO^RAN, £30 "N. 4th St.. PMla. - 


A' TaJlor Trunk,, 38 In,, almost new. Address 
TRTJlK. care C LIPPER. • - - - ■ 

F*0a - »AI>E— Sotnercault and- Illgh-DIvlng 
Dor. troupe ot Doves. Wanted-lliios, Platform 
jfSow" - PROF. H ARRY SMITH. Gratz, Pa; 

'WANTED. The -very beat- Medicine Per- 

forroftrs in all lines, Comedians, Sket-A Team,,' Slater Team, $Hent. Acts. 
Thrift doubling brass given preference. State 
ytmr instrument. Al Leader for bandana 
orchestra.- All niuBt change lor at. least one 
Iweek ■■ and be good dressers on and off. 
Xotitne tooiood. We. open under our big 
waterproof canvas' April 16. .Long, sure sea- 
&bn: -ml. *> H. De Wolff. Ore|bn Indian 
l^;^Co;,..tniotlton.-K'->rthnmptoh Co.; •Va-'- 


dWCKFi fdr;Co. Ko.M,. Leadlnjc Man -(food 
belint), Tlano Player, Gen'l -Bui Woman, 
with tpeclaltles; . Character -Woman, wjri 
child who does' specialties." Co. Nov 2; opens 
May, 1 :" Character Man. Heavy Mod, Gen I 
Bu!,' Man,* wltn specialties ; Comedian, with 
PMcialtles: Leading woman, strong enough 
to feature: Oen'l Bus.'.Woman.- with speclal- 
-tleai Character -Woman, with specialties; 
Finoo Flayer. Other useful rep. people, 
write, Addraai Co, ^'o. l.F. W- DUNNING: 
Co. NoJ2. -GEO- GEI8EU week of April S, 
Lvong. Kan; week of Aorll 10. Sa.loa. Kan- 

Slot Machine; beautlfnl cabinet; cost $U5. .Will 
earn *vo dally in saloon, cigar 6tore, etc. No upe 
for -It. wiu'copalder anj-. trade and pay cash 
dlrfefence. Besoriptlon free. 

' FRANK DCRKBE. Spribgfleld. QMo. . 

.■WANTED, -First class Cornet or Trombone 

Swho-cin. dnflbie either violin or 'cello or a fair 
lano for ilg vaudeville act. Send' full.' persoua.1 
escrlpitorl and experience.. In . flrat letter. No 
time to dicker. Addrets ERNEST A..RACKETT, 
15QBP|eUthgt6ti."AVe., Chicago, ill. ' : •.-' 

ATXlBteBTY- The^ 3 'Gienroye, Versatile 
Dancers, Comedy Sketch, .Irish. ?.. r., CisecY in 
a«e:-sicgl*8, Doablea; changefor one week; 2 

ticket*. ;C*n-3oIn at once. '■ / . ■ ■ 

■" - ■ iU^HESTNCT ST., Tfirre Hante, Ind. 

SKETCH. TEAM. Must cbshge for one week. 
Also plana pjaver. Addre^a- . ■ .' ' • ;', 
■ ■■ -■^9- t^OLLOWAY% afo>I|ng,Wia; 

One piano Player,' three All-Perfortaers, one 
Sketch Teinvoiit) plays In hand preferred. Two 
n-«ek';t>tayd9 and big towns only. DR. C. O. 


• WANTED QUICK, for- Stevens k Mossuun 
Co.,Rfep. People, Piano-player, double blta; Gen. 
Bm. -Womaa, Juvenile Man, with specialties; 
Heavy Man, lo Chorus Girls, .We par all. Lowest 
salary.- open here under canvas, for i*ai«, wxao 
tetJt, no poltri, Pur, iidd., t^u High 

I'Ote HALK«i J atC9t EdUon Moving PlCturo 
Machine, with Model B Oxvlllh' Gas OutDt, 10 fine 
Feature pltma and 24 Slides, l|ke ueir, alt packed 
in flna trunk, only $100. Chaa. Bay, Cumberland, 

'THBlGr^litest Platform orfiidc Show Attraction 
oil Earth. TUh i)ig cavagt 3 Evtd MaUlguslta Cata- 
P0i)ka, with UX 10 Pahjtlug, J40; . Devil Child, Pig 
Child atid Alligator B6v, with PuinflDE, *30 each; 
MTantf.flHuii. Orfidu^sioaptece. LlBtfree;Wm. 
Ntlg0n,3TanyordenSt,,No. Cambridge. Mass. 

WANTEIi. for Band, and'- Orchestra," Al 'trap 
praffi'mef: -Bslary ^10 Week. iAJl tKpuiaes.arter 
opening -date. Rehearsal: begins Monday, April 
33, lo.A.^.r Season, optnsJ 1 fay..T„clos.« Dec. 1, No 

ticketttentlwyuiifc.Ku.jiouUatk it.Cau uaeiood 
Baud'*jni ■•Qrcheitra -^tr'-at albt|»Hes. TbOBa 
Hoiutng.ijftiltiact hold g&w.-Noitge hflntall where 
t^report. -Address-AUKRTCAN PAVILION SHOW, 
M.orr]tpn6ftpW'Prt.;Dt^roif, .-,. ■ ■ • ■: - 

W ANTED—ror F. S, Storyls Tent Shows, good 
Sketch leaaiB, Sfugers and. Duncers, Musical Act, 
silent Actaj.-ail must-change for week. • Stage 
Maoager with specialties, announcing and w6rk- 
IDglo'actii;' All In Qrat or no answer. Slow opens 
MAryiQ: 1 . No**i>oorivloverfl. flntntham.y.H.-- • ' 


totmets and Uaslclauu to all lluea: must be 
nDCCAad reliable. Suite aalary In tlrst letter and 
make lt,ioiV, 1 aH"U is sore. AddreM ■ 
' -- /, OKO, B.LOWEfty, Shenandoah, Pa. 

, WAITED TO pt'Y, TeDt Outfit, suitable 
Tor repertoire.' Muat bo cheap for cash. leave 
{or stilt; .if complete Side Show, Tent, Poles and 
Jauuers; orftap, Dlt. JOHN BAKER, Caseyvlllt;, 
Hi., uru or Baker's Show.- 

^ANt-Eft.liyJhe Jenulng-t Family prcheatra, 

— t-1908 at Summer resort or 

Vperluiicc tu ancla^ffcsof 

atM wilt accept posit lou s, 


6DB*«tijicacr6r ttie yearlWW ut bqinuier resort ur 
Qot,li ;Havo hail, good «yiicri«ticc lu aUclttsieaof 
nrnsJcrd^toVtwo *l,tf<i« will accfiDl poaltlous, 
PlaoltL VwmdIir lSF~ 

.W8»WVIRO BOP, Entegtion Odder »pi 
itt.rtfell'bttljl. *55-. T»lr Unplug OrcJliouod«. 
!&■ H.DIQSn.'bON',«M Wren ato.. 3r. I^iiiIh, Mo . 

. ^ Vi jtii**>-'BLACK KACE COMtUUK.up In 
•PMjr-LMokicarAot, Perforoers-tbat Chang* for 
JWf^apA.doabJa br,s6. Not a medicine snow. 
&WL.' #> S*"» Ww York. COOKE COMEDY 
! *t>t y QMS >'» J., or per route. • 

Sitej, mm clyde 

"'hari^tora W»A Specialties. ' 

Indianapolis, Ind. 


JTT* TQ^V, $100. Reference. »ny 
t&SsMSm iMIilh olnlner. 'Address J.H. SWAt- 
■ ORB, Hjr. flordncr-xiieatre, Uardnor, Jlaaa.' 
■*: 'i i" ■, . , ... 


30,000 FEET 
11 tad Hand on Reels Abont 1.000ft., 

For H nle from ■*■"-■■■. c Per. Foot. 

49,0fiDft,il FILMS 0.\ REELS TO REST. 


VThe Oldest In the Builaeii," 

40 West 28th St., H.Y. City. 


Films for Sale 


A tRIPTO MABS.about 7.»ff 40.00 


•»2Sft.... 28.00 

EATtLE OF YALD RIVER, about SSOtt....... 30.00 

ED. PER.ONAL,:about mitt..... i:.>> 

.EltJier ODe shipped for examination ob receipt 
OU5.M. '- . . . ■ ■■ 

1 Edtsoo- UDlrerul.'Ptted for calcium, sheet. 
1 sets of song slides, 2 gin. reels of mm, all packed 
ready for a show, eost^$200.00.- "... 


Shipped for exaBUDatlon on receipt of llu.oo. 

MA R3TN ".- a. : o o., 

13S Eait Hth St., S«» York, N. Y. . 

Tel., S812 Oram.'- ■ : :. ' ■ ' KEYftB CLOSED. 


Coming home. Cornet, B.. and O, Character 
Woman with specialty. Good, reliable people 
doing specialties and doubling band, write. 
Show stays' out' all Summer and next season. 
Can use good Second Mao who can post. II. 
A. •DUBOIS, Bonnet's Verry, lUnho. Ain-ll 5. 


For Harrington's Pavilion Theatre, 
AU Peopie engaged for the above ehow must 
'..- report inTERRB HAUTE, by APRIL lft. 
Can place a few more All Around Rep. People 
and Musicians that double B. A O. Acknowledge 
calL . ■-■ E..A.UARRINGTOJ4, . 

No, 822 Main Street, Terre Uaute, Ind. 

WANTED, for 


dclng speclsl'.les preferred. -,- Feature Vaudeville 
Act. vTlre. Feterboro, Out., until April '.: Bellvllis, 
TO»*Aprll9. ■ B. W. J1AHK8. 


J, D, CHUNK'S Greater Uncle Tom's Cabin Co, 

Alan for Harris and St. Clair, Al Baritone to doable 
stage or orctiestra. -Other useful people write the 
latcb string is out. J. D. CHUNN, Box aw, Carroll- 
ton.Mo. ■ •■•'.- : . - - ' 

Waated, Musicians 

For B.ft O. and to double stage; also Juvenile 
Man, , Character Woman," Speclaity. People, to 
double parts. Year's work; roar cornets, three 
trombones. Jim Kelly, write. 

Emery Torbctt, Manager. Harrbburg, HI. 


Double and Single Turns, B. P. and Irish or 
Dutch; chaDge for one week. ' Wardrobe must be 
good on and off. Salary aod expenses' sure, ho 
boozers or mudbers. No ticket*. State lowest 
ealary. und allyou-do in flrntetter.' Address 
ARIZONA MED. CO., eare. alUaucan Hotel, 218^ 
Jno. Marshall, Washington, D. c: . H 

lliversicje Park, 

i Heyr. Brunswick, N.>;J, '-. 

.'.■'.qfcATT & JM.Y, .*«••«,. 

Few niore'.Conceefilou.-to ret- Al^o IctrOream und. 
Soda^viteF Privilege .otrjtralalil rental' o» per- 
ceptage baala Call or write atouce. 


With good habits to lead tniali laldieb* and gents* 
band aqd play solos or some oilier specialty. Long 
and pleasant tigaaement to rlfcht party. . State 
your very lowett. We pay all after Joining Co. 
Photos "returned. State age, weight, height, ex- 
perience, etc., to KENMARE, North Dakota, BOB 



That double band. Will pay good salaries to good 
people. One night staudB. Pay your own. Everyr 
thing in u«t letter. Addreaa 

• woous i tuompson, . 

T3 Plymouth Piute, Chicago, III. 

' WANTED. . 

Al riA'B jrfiGJ.KRS 

JO JOIK 3, ACT. . 

Aadres. CLPR8, care N. Y. CLIFFER, Nov Yorll. 

Wanted, Yonng Woman or Man to Play Organ 

wuq maolclan and moving plctbro. snow. ■ Salary 
low. I pav board. Address 

JOSEPH HERMAS'. Lincoln. Fenea. 


Apply by letieronlT- E. H.TOpNCMAN. 

" IPS Ea»t atb Bireel, New Yor>. 

WANTED, Tents, 30x60, 50 or 60 Ft. R. f. 

Also troupe of dona. -Bnyor engage for. Summer. 
PON FORD, e? Elm Slreet, Titisalc. K.J. 


LIVELY PATTER. Only 10c. while they lust, 
UmhS^m o_...i.i i, 



CLARIONET, B, txna O., 

TROMBONE, B, and O.t 


April 0, Jeffersouvllle, Vt.: 10, East Falrncld, Tt,; 
11, St. Albans, Yl.;.12, Rouses rolut.'If. V.; 1U, 
Ssranac Lake, N. T.: It, Malonc, N. t. 





Vaudeville Pcrformerti of all kinds wanted. Alr?o 
attractions for 27 count v fairs. Apply • 
- ■ ■ .THOMAS II. MORRIS, AUractlon Manager. 



Tbree nights eacli wpelt, Hotjoken. Chanite week- 
ly. Musi furnish owu Slides Neatly engage- 
menu Address quick, (or stiudny, April 7. . . 

. HINE 0SC0PE. Main Office. 
,-.. . .Box im Swing Yallay, y. T.' ' 


You need a tasty lino- of small work lo help 
firing In tile dollars. -Heralds, dodgers, etc., 
half tone' work on good book paper at the 
tame price you are' paying lor muddy work 
an cheap poster baner and news. 
P11KSS SHOW I'RINTERY. Johasooburg. Pa. 

For ©no \A/eek. 

lo-lnob -Reel's, ao'cts.;' Electric Lauips, tissi 
Rheuslat, $!.»: Oxy. -Hvd, Jet. «.»; Ditlot Mag. 
Lena, *8.«: l Motion picture Maculue,' #10. 

Hartucti J fr„ RQ9 Fllbtrt St. Pnlla. Pa. 


Just arrived froni Europe. Open. tor engagemeut 
tfyou havelhe atock. Can Introduce eotndthlng 
new with from e To 20 abltfiA'a. .vddre«a ■* : 
- - MDME. rURTilOLDT, care of CLII'PKR. 

For Sato. A 

New Slatresd, Acrobats, i'Jxi. Also »ev?7til Genu 
new Sqaare-cat Coatu"iefl; plze i«; lu VLrivet and 
oatln*. Addie« aVCROUAT, cftre of CLIPPER. 


An eiridMte.bigb claia Waltz Ballad that triage 
a 1 encore every time. Seed card and stamp rur 
piano copy. P» E. DE KEEP. 

V^ \ ■ - 335 PttiTvettant Ave, BrrtOfctyn. IV. Y. 


Written to order; acts revised. Work guaranteed. 
Author of rtiauv sucoe^H. TerDj* rtanonable. 
■: - *" FRAKK H. liERS'AKll. lflttt .Broadway. 

Wanted Immediately, a Young Lady about 5ft, 

Tall, wclghltig lKlb or less, for t u u-Iuub. Must be 
aeusttile und beulthy. Send pliotu, if uur; lit: re- 
turned. JOSEF YARRICK. Care of CLIPPER. 


And Ground Tumbler. Will jolu good qut. Would 
like to bear -from good top mounter.- Send iihoto, 
T. ML'LLKR. Box 07. AelKVllle, N.C. 


Bc*t German Comedy Sketch In Vamlexttlie. Week 

For Sale, Working World Mechanical Show 

loxdxLf:., weight about -wtHb/;. Fltii: uttrautlon for 
Leutor.PiatryrBkXew.jUEtjLDade* _Ll3t'frfc«.. . ._ 
• " fr.lIOOD,3Van7JordCLjSt.V^rt,cami)rlLlgi', Ma^. 


The Ateeri»;ati Yodlcr and violtniet. Xo set like 
ii in vnudeviLte. Always a blt'ln'tfew York iu 
Mav. ti ::■t.i>-^ * .- *;fiBE-MORRl3. 

May. <j •j'*-f'' £ ; " 


trie SlUgJug aud TalKlngCo 
oyertrjrei, etc., r,irt>lght ortoi 

It (fish and Eccan- 

Cornediap: plsy;ptano, 
■j ■■■■■■ill, civ., FMqlghtorjromcdy ih ifflk J Wuut 
ticket. Lcwlrihoig. firecnl>rler Co.. W. Ya.,' 


To loin co. for balance of tcaton. Addrexa ' 

CHA3. ALLAN, P.O.. Newark, N. J. 


Composed, Arranged. 

Call or write. A. KRET8MAR. 412 R. loth Si:, N. Y. 

LEW (VioliD). at liberty. 

Will accept poKltk>n as Violin or Viola. Addruas 
-' ' , " S Warrentoa atrrel, Bont»u,Ma!)B. 

WMTED, Amitteur Acrobat, 

Ground work, to join professional. UFftpiM; 
HONDA. ia Second Btreei. Pall River. Mam. 


$80 per lot. MAXHATTAK PHONOOR.tPU CO., 
20 Harrison St.. V.Y. 

50 Cants for a Book ot 10 Sketches; 5 Acts 

For l able. 1 Femn le ; t- ac t i for 2 males. Honey 
orderor 2 cent stamps. Address BEUSarO 
KLIVG.Flay^'tlght.tat Jay Street, Brooklyn N.V. 

k^ltlifk The addreis of every. aoiateur 
'■••In Greater New York and ad- 
Joining cities. All those- n-ho 
have written, write or cap again. FORRESTER, 
\W Broadway, y.Y.,_ ' " • ' ' - 


inLiiuv Watertorn, B. I>. Good opening 

GEM COMEliY CO., Pri/viijeucf.ll. I- (urtherlolonnatlonuddrcoa JAEOER A I'fiTl'i'. 


"WAATHD, Lending Mnn, C'omMllah n,id oth,n ror HtockComuaiiT. 
SSmo lowMt salary. ■ Address FltEU E. WRHlll r, Conk's Flncii.siD W'osl i-itb St., or 

JOHN Vt. 11.111! . PlilhitliMnhM, Pa. 



Thoroughly experienced, Id repertoire Louge^* 

'gagetneut. State ull llrxt letter. - Muatimve Ute 
wardrobe. People fu ull iiulh,- write. 
.... .Dn..n. n. rkcker, Qtmwi RajMa, Mich. 




Stale 'wldtli mid lowest price. Have sumo 
open, dales next season, oti saurlng tcrajs. 
A. J.' HA1LK11, Manascr Opt-ra House, 
■ ■ afolint Hull/. K, J, 



Just closed ecaspn at . Hotel Colooiaiv Nassau, 

Baharaa lis., wlla.KD. J. FtlOCTV, at Boston. 


•, ..'. •■■ EspcrleQced In all lines. ■ 

. ,■ M5.wt»miigion -Street. NcferE.N. J. 

;>iiH-AWTED t FOB 


Bogi .tfoitler. Train Man, 4 aodeHorae Drtv«rf, 
Uxn IpMake Cage Corers, atonce. Colored Hand, 
Bill i'ostera und Advauca People lepart at Verona 
April is. Can uru hix more Rill Puetcra and LRU- 
ographers; alio while .Moslclant. 

J. AUQL'aTUb JUNK8, Vcrpua. Pa. 

■ : r-<: WANTEQ, 

fflcOonald Bros.' Shows 

AN AERtAL TEAM, Man and Wife: also GOOD 

TALKEit. Write N per route. 

MeDOKALD BROS.;- ' '"•' 
Monroe, Oa., April 5: Social Circle,.' Oa., April 

Riltleilge. Os- April T. Ma'Jlsiin, <la„ Apririi. 


co nor. ediaiv 

QUICK. Comedy in aottt and specialties, good 
Sketch Team, man and wire, (live your towe*t 
salary. Pay your own. Joluonwlre. flAUIiYS, 
Jtatfiberiy, wire. r ' -i • 

- -.?/ V; a. A. KliNHEDV, Corinth, N. Y. 

WaDUd, Woman and Child 

For Mra. Morgan aud Mary. Car ■bow; under 
Lftovtid, Weimvaii. Poyou doflpeolalttosr Mil- 
Mlelana doubling tttago or orchestra, write, com 
pant now etiroutf. BROWN A: :ilOBKItTlS, 
• - *'1*euNlg)lU"Co,, 1718 JitckKOii Ave., 

■ " KDOXYltlv, Toun, 



To open under cuuvuh May 7, n. and 0. Leader, 
Mtir.fcland.Al skeieli Ttuni, Novelty Acta, Plane 
Player, und PerToruierb that double hruee. Week 
sfiudr. Pay jour own, Al Picture MucUlue. 
You uiw'tit.liave the goods. ../ - . 

Privileged to let, J. J. DAMIMNOTON, Hull lie, 111. 

tore and ueu. But.; ulio mmu for flftituel Heavier, 
Cnaructtr Womau, Ageht, bptlng and Bummer 
naosop. Low, SURE -wilary. Pay your own'. All 
iuek rtandii. Cau its/- nmu -,viih Picture Machine 
iTllli One Tine oftllni^iiud muxtrated tonaa. beud 
Hat.. Address KOUKRH ft WAHPR, Piielpa, K. Y. 


Address 7 

ST. ClfAItUia IIOTBL, St. L«.uls. Mo. 



BraHrallo People and Stroiif VaildevlUeTtwi. . 
' EtMnbirtn Henderson Floatlno Theslre. 


'■:■■■■ WAKTBU QUICK. 


tt'bo do doubles and Blnglea; alho Comodlan who 
can do black fuce aud hutch. Mu.-l he wi:ll up lu 
acta, Piuno I'ltycr whu cau read und lake. &iy 
If you double lima-. Aildrc-* 

A. HAILL Y. tirblboiilu, Uantltigduij Co., I'u. 


or Advance: MUaA WKK'i'-8TINLR. Hloglug Sou-' 
brettt, ifccond or geueral Xmniutut, iijunlail urilxt. 
At pianUt, sight reader abd lranHj*o»er. Cruest 
.U'eit-Btiuer, character change ktDgingauadaoC' 
ijlmi child MUM and child uarU. .loiut ^ugagtment 
oaly. Wardrobe and ubLlitv tbu bc-m. Itoivertolre 
or one night only, nag M. Stlner.Mi.Jaek'mi-.'Va. 


s. 1). comedians. Msgtclans, Sileat 'Act?. IbaoL- 
Wra'Week. Med. people prererred. (State U you 
fako piano, firahtm Coined vro., l.nkrVbnrM.N.J. 


)?tfty_B. Top, Wo SMI. M. P., Seats, Small Tenia, 
etc'. . CnOKF, COHEDV c6„ lied Baoli; N.J. . 


Encoi* from- plain box and bag inn Jltry. Wilt 
a*lODl»h. Audrey, K A V, MJUulc Hirer. Unlto. 
Co.- Md 

We Have III The Fireproof 
Motion Picture 


With MagujiU"!:' and'Iake- 
up ; Pence Attached. 


a tlicktii* 

\Mi pll* 



other nu* 
c-p.fies h» 

ty or cOb- 

work- - 

and fl! i - 

Uh. Chu be fitted with Powr'it original Fire- 
proof Magaziueiand Take*np Device. 

I. POWEE, 117 Sanaa Street, How York. 

■ Allot our apparatus It fully promoted by United 
SutiiA p&teuta Uatied or pending, and -inrncgc- 

Setitu will be vigorously prokaoutad. For ta'.e by 
I loading deaien. ■ 
Chlcigo Jobber*, KLEINE OPT. CO. 

' Sin Francisco Jobbers, MILES BROS. 

Authorized Philadelphia Agtnt, 
L. M. *W*f" 

AR. 33(1 Sprura St, 



W« are booking parka in the North, tu ilie South, 
in theCtut, In (he u'gat. Middle Went end Rquth- 
West. It wjlliiewtll v, oi th your wide to keep 
ua posted with your opeu time and route. .<<ldre*a 

, . «IM1 Vnit 11th St.. \e« York. 






138 E, Hth St., NEW YORK, H.T. 
TEL. 3813-OHiH. HI.WAT8 0FER. 



For lllijli Clu.B V'Uiihulk- I'rudiiclloll Onlj'J 
. . Prices nalii.' '. . . , 

Sparling li Burk, Pltywrlnhl,, Hammontl, Ind. 



Mjfct i,e good paonto, for wiitcii I urn' w l!Uu«!to i-uy 
bih tiMf. ■' I'Dii'KDTiftijr noiei: Mi-tu 
Ihivyonv RKfTB, lifcr. HbiropoittaiTf»toek 
Co.-, Tttliiott, si"., wet* .April l; Das Moines, 
lovra, wuttlc Aprils. | ' 'I •' 


|AA cotuiHinuti „ iiiittii it,' .ull an, coming 
Illy . medicine of ttiTtt. treato, HopHatlon 
■ Y V wherever iniroducctl, St, coiuoliauka. 

Lecture Tiirnl.ricd for lutiniLit on ' t Nt'tt 1 ,11. 

THIS COMPLETE ..Hll'I.K ,1 1'TFIT. »1. 
Tue Idnaor you *ti* the more yi,n eell. 

Addreistho |,j|j 

Character Woman, 

Pt>r Coruay, In ;'Fu>«t' Lvnre,"( wlio has played 


Atrvvji in i.j'l I'riii'v, t »iiu 

ope wiih child [or wit'ic. Co. i 

. joMlaatoijk 
ay. tltfcrjrJBSft. u Ad^ieutjr JOBCPII KINO, 

ml New Timen lilrlg.. New Yi>rk. Co. in Ohio. 

AT IJBI'U I V. j-'or Hprlug UUd Humuier, 

--}.% THOMPSON, Loraft, Ohio. 

JiMu on receipt of wire. Guuruutfe to maVa 
Ut.od lu uovthluK crtsf.for. First class wurd- 
role. Boter 1 and reliable. IltlnU!, Sfr. 'Sin. ; 
Might, H(lB, ; age, SZ; mlitry, raasoaable. 
■-10 - years' -Tcypn-ltnc,. 

Wanted, Sketch Team 


tktaa 'Cello Player to locate in siuskouee, I. T. 
a.ooolqliatillantt. Adaro » 

IIESIH-LAMQX, Muskogee, I. T. 

llll I LOOUES.RKt'Tt'HKS.COJfl!. 

DIUKALS. <UU WALMjT Si., I'ldUadclpluu, I't 

<?&£ ^msr^Yomz * oLtPPER: 


Irrlnc Plnrc Th-rntrn (Hflnrlrti Con- 
rJed, monuger). — "Die Nncht dor Licbp" 
<,Tbe Night .of Love,, a comedy,. In four acts, 
of Ne# Horl; life, by Maurice Baumfeld, tor 
the flrtt time, March L'O.. The occasion 
mnrbecl Hsrry Wnlden's benefit. The p!ot 
deals frith the. complications that Mnaca- 
vallo gets In through bis belDg director of a 
national conservatory tor women. His ina- 
bility to resist the cnarraa of one of the 
tencbtra la the Institution, Hoda Loznberton, 
who breaks. all the rules and regulations In 
'"i conservatory, gets him Into difficulties maazEao, 

B the other teachers and pupils. Through Scott, wn 

Proctor's Fifth Avenue Thefctr* (P. Proctor'- Flftr-elffhth Street The- 

T. Proctor maBflger).— "Candida:' la the nro- artrt (r\ P. Proctor, manager).— The spa- 
fluction -jylven by the bouse stock company rlous auditorium nt this house wao crotraefl 


Proctor'* Trfent> -third Street Thr- 
mtf (F. F. • Proctor, 

Monday, April 2. and the bill seemed to be 
mnyed thoroughly. The Tnnnkav In Their 
Oriental jujjglinc, atnrtcd Ibe programme. 

Tllle at this House. 
ti triumph; appearln 
weae from Mrs. Burnett's dainty. 

this week, with "The Irish Doc/or" a*, a 
amain miser. "Candida" wna nbly pre- 
Rented April 2. with .tames Young as Mnrch- 
banhs. ft prtrt which he tilled to complet* sat- 
isfaction, it one may Judge by the. manner 
in which he was received. Amelia Bingham - 

P'fl/ed the title role with decided charm, their well known act, "The Musical Block* t'itlon, but the' mala points are retained, la 
and Robert Cummlngs made a great auc- Maltha," their transformation being as clerer eluding the children's interrupted "banquet/ 
SHS a , s ¥. r - Burgess, which he acted with and as taking as before. Clifton Crawford With the tunny Blnvey character introduced, 
rnpital effect^ A. H. Van Buren was the presented bis pleasing and unique monologue and the wonderful traus format Ion of the 

inl Street, Wne- Keith', Theatre (E. P. Hater* »«■* 

maaager) ^Sl maaager).—$wo capacity hoosea sfiSK!! 

>rk debut to jaud* geek of April 2 at this^SlYr noTs? rtf.1 

Tine ax-uua nous*. April?, find ftchlerM ti. Cretwy and Blanch* vSEtmSSSu ffl 

a" ^lumph^ apjwarlngjn^hejamous garret gjjH fe^ W fcorom and beaming slip* 

TaJtaferro made, her New York debut 'to jaudfr week jt April 2 .at ropopT[ia7"nonL#!^tJS! 

"->. April % and achieved If; Cre*j«y and Blanch* dS^dbBw^ 

ng In the famous garret familiar, humorous and beaut lhiit 

...:cd the programme, wear trora MM. Bttrcetfa dainty, whole- "Bill Biffin's liabr," as* of tho ™ -* ' i£U* 

followed In rnpld succession by Frank Lynne, some play, "The Little Princes**' - This eating of their, offerings. Hnrrv nmJ? te , r ' 

in hl<< dptldedly English humorous songs gpene has been fixed up a little, In order to 
and stories. Staler and Blrbeek presented MM ^ the story clear In Its abbreviated, con- 


Blanche Knickerbocker, a young woman who 
possesses many virtues, Mascavallo la res- 
cued from his predicament. Mr. Walden, as 
the Mascarnllo, the musical genlifs, who Is 
"incorporated," contributed excellent work. 
The supporting east Included ; Ralph Knick- 
erbocker, Max Hnuseler: I'rnu Knlph Knick- 
erbocker. Mnrle Klewfhnerj Binoche, Hertwlj* 
r. Osiermnn ; Andrew Knickerbocker, Her- 
mnnn Ittulolpli : i-Yiiii Andri-w Knickerbocker. 
Cporgine .Vi-iii'iidorrT ; ColrcJt, Olio Marar; 
Frati Colrell. YAUp l.nuliner: Allenlmrsr, 
JlMM llorwltx; Fnm Allenhnrst, Anita 
\ lorip-rt ; Ilcrlden. Franz lien men ; Kea- 
wirih. Louis Kara: Frau Konworth, Marie 
ion Wesora; Wlnflirnp. lMi.rlrh Jlnhrlch; 
David. Snmnel Mt-f'luiriic, <Jtifiijiv v. Bejrt- 
Sertlt e ; iHtMOeam i'lKlnnoff, Marie Kiilcli- 
jirrtL: Fratileiu DIzgoiiH, itorin Slndflor: 
1'rnuleln DunCdii. Amanda Blum; Kr/tulelu 
Jvloplpy, Anna Sander; Kraiileln Ileynotds, 
Sophie Unmet ; ttortct l-nuiiterton, Marie 
llelsenlioror nU On«t; Fmiiieln Tlbhll*. Jo 
ticgyl ; ymnrt';«t. oitW Ottbert : Watchclock, 
Willy Frcr. "r,ln % Xaawf Ahenteitnr*' (A 
Moist Adventure) was presented for the first 
time, during a benclli ior 'li-cnsurcrR Jilsr.>hcl 
and Herrnswdt. March ^0. The fni-ce Is Id 
four acta, by Leopold Krenn nnd KnH Un- 
dau. and made a lilt. lit It n wealth" man. 
during a bondm: trip. In fiilrmptlnc; lo kins 
an nctres.", fnllK ovprbonrfl, To explain tlie 
event to his wife's satisfaction, he claims 
that lie reined a man from drowning, and 
comrvllcntlorts result In profusion The prln- 
elpm players were .In llegjl. nuafttv von 

Rev. janes MorreU, and his work was most 

remarkable. Pro3sy, at played, by Agnes 

i3 a most likeable character. Albert 

Howson scored as Rev. Alexander Mills. As 
a curtnin raiser, the farce, la two scenes, 
"The Irish Doctor," was given most 
entertainingly, lta absurdities being tell- 
ingly brought out by R. A. Roberts. H. 
Dudley Hawley. TTafter D. Greene, Geo. 
Howell, John Tnggart, David Thompson, 
MMUftP Rnndoiph, Beatrice Golden. Ocorglnna 
Wllrion mid llnbrl Crawley. »xt week will 
lie V. F. Pmetnr'n Jubilee week, and he will 
.-elplirnie at ihl* hotiM his Iweaty-flflb nnnl- 
verwiry s<* n manager, wllh a most expen- 
sive composite bill, nt tho rogulnr popular 
prlrns. The nnnnuneementR am Mondsy, 
April ft. -Jf t Were King" nnd Henri Dc 
Yrlrjt i!n n Bp4-elnl feature " 

to applause. A troupe of ten colored play- 
ers presented "In the Sunny South." con- 
sisting' of singing and dancing, reminiscent 
of the lind of cotton. Mr. and Mrs. Mark 
Murphy, in their skit, "'Xhe Coal Strike," 
evoked many rounds of applause for their 
clever singing, dancing and repartee. Henry 
De A rles cleveri: Impersonated seven dis- 
tinct characters in "A Case of Arson." As 
Hebrew Impersonators. Gildny and Fox found 
fnvor. The Three Mncnrie Sisters were de- 
cidedly versatile, their mnndnlin plnvlng be- 
ing cood, Iheir dnnclnjr clever Jtnd graceful, 
and the eloMnc of their act on the slack 
wire bringing to them rounds of hesrtv op* 
plniiKO. The motion pictures Board (he show. 
Victoria Thentre (Oscar Hammersteln, 
namWTh — Diversity Id tho programme Is 
-trnln to the fore here this week, with the 

garret, showing "The Little Princess" nwak* here, and deserve their return? Emma 1 ^! 

enln.-* frnm «lor>n tn flnrt avorv -rJtfh at hoc tin and ti&i». Arnhlin tCT,r-i— i-j_ "•• iJa *> 

-..excellent imitations, created mjite a 
satlon, scoring many encores. q s«ri S 
Violet Allen and company DrescrTrM fi? , 
new sketch, "The .New Beporter ■' indtr.?. 1 ' 
stant success ; It Is built up largely f?I °>?„ ll i' 

"pretending" day» gratified. Mabel 'folia- applause, and retired warm but Mnnr *»?' 

ferro played Sara Crewe wltb all the in- "eena, Nerarro and Marecaa mode « ^ 

genuous cbarm necessary, and abe looked the favorable impression in a good act re*a 

tart. Her childish impetuousnesa of man- Bailey and companr returned and Trni ,£ , ' 

tier "/a, well simulated. Louise OallbtrlT, usual meed of applause In "A &2S 

ae Becky, In which she made such a remark- Case." De liar and Portim. «.«... 8 _ rcri 

able hit during the original run of tbe plaT, cess in a pieasinjr . 

again scored heavily, and Edith Btccle. n.s r.r- heart." Tom Fort 

mynsjirdc; Belle liieodore. as Miss Mlnchtn: 

Krnnk Howson, as Ham Pass and Richard 

11. Nelll. as inn Ouest. aave excellent nld. « jiimsir 

There was the most cordial kind of flpplaosc created laughter on ' old bualnr-e *?*!? 

for tho act nt lis close, and several bouquets new. Kurtis nnd Bussc hare a cl^nn X 

of flowers for Mlsi Taliaferro. May Boley dog act. though a Utile bit slow In it. S r 

and the- "roily Olrls" Infused a deal of formnnco. ••UUtteh," the ulfclnr <inn i. p 

s _ act, entitled "My ft™?" 
Fortune's .slnjlag i?- 0,rMt ' 

. , Tuesday, "Mrs. .. 

Jack, with Mnhel Taliaferro and company Kilties, the popular band of forty nl< 

an nneelnl. foal urea; Wivluosday. Mile. Alarnl, --'-■-'- .— --'' . -•- - - ■ '~ '■• 
wllh l.e Oonilnn Uouge ; Tlinnwlay, "Mr, 

Smooth, lu'wontlng James J. Corbett nnd t&o 
lrarreio Slfirk Co.. with Vesta Victoria an the 
special feature: Friday. "Candida," with 
Vveiir dither!, np Rnecial feature : Haturday. 
"M/>i-il,nni of Venice," with Fred Wallon and 
comiiaay as special features. 

, Murray Hill Tliontrf (W m . T. Kcogll, 
niani\eer).-."'J'lie Volunteer Organist" 19 the 
offering here for this week, April 2. Tho 
house wns crowded uolh nfternooa and even- 
ing, aad tho s-how gave tho heat of satisfac- 
tion. I ho cast is nn excellent one, and is as 
follows : 'fora Sturgls, George Nichols ; Ilow- 
!ffi. 8 ft.Wj*™ "nymond : Notttonlel Mans- 
Held. .Ulna l'earce: Hubbard (irimn. .loha E. 
- Kbb Ullci', ■"■ 

rjr- uvari. torn i-ortune's s nglnff wi« T *V« 
in : enable. Ethel A. "irliBBt % 23 
inl Behind the Dnim." had a good act SS 
dd. a pleasing ncrsonnlity. BrookX nVSthJS 
--ed laughter oh old ? gSJ?£g 
Kurtis and Busse have a clean ,?„ 
.. let. though a little bit slow In \t. n.. 
and the- "Polly Olrls" Infused a deal of formnnco. "Bunch," the Hiking tin.. i. p 
ginger Into their act, and had no difficulty great favorite and a very InlelOeentnlnu" 
In winning plaudits, while Ve»W Victoria, 1-onnon and Edwards pleased la s dm T 
ent tour has been a auccesston of Anna Chandler has an Interesting 
or her. Introduced a repertory o* scored. Chick, trick 'cyclist 3 
proved clever, and were rendered nounced hit. The klnctogmph displaced 

whose present tour has" been a^uccosaTon 'oi Anna Chandler'nas"^ Interesting 11 voice n°s 
which features the airs of bonnlo Scotland, triumphs for her. Introduced a repertory of scored. Chick, trick 'evellat, made ti 
as one of the big numbers of this week's songs lhat nn 


bill. There are Scotch and Irish dance?, doublv entertaining by her manner of render- some excellent pictures. 

also songs introduced In ihe band nnrnb n r, ,n s thero. Miss Victoria has always been a — — — 

which tends to give pleasurable relief to - Nc w Vork favorite, ever since the days she Ilnrlem. — At the Harlem ru,, n 

the Instrumental pieces, however much we enpfured the totvn with "Daddy Wouldn't (Alex Llchtensteln, mnnngerl "fif.7 n, S 

dellcht In the old Scotch airs. The hill Ihis Buy Me a Bow Wow," and she is now College," with Joseph Whcelock tV „? t .? £ 

week also lists the first New Vork production more strongly Intrenched than ever. Ed-, star, opened April 2 to Tone oi ' «,! V" 

of an elaborate singing nnd dancing act, ■ ' ■■ ■ 

entllied "In the Swim." ond which requires 
thirteen people. Including a clever Juggler, 
la Its presentation. It met with pronounced 
success on Monday, and Its authors. Harry 
Wllilnras and Max Hoffman, will llkelv reap 
the reward dne them for their enterprise. 
Dun McAvoy and his Fifth Avenue Clrls ;tot 
a rousing hand of welcome ; the Ellhoro 
Sisters. In their sketch, were greeted as old 

■■ u'."~T?,L'' lb V" !'' cl " lrl0 » Hn»ly; llantord - 

ReyffertltJ. .Miss Aarlau,- Miss Itclcbardt, Mr. Scott, tleorge Lewis- Sara Vokem, Harry T. friends: John Hynms nnd Lelln Mclntyre. In 

Eriau and -Mr. l'rey. K«J .'.'OP ,' nrrett. tJouglass Flint: Pferro " •■hnraeter skit, met with hourly approval: 

• Tiilrtl Avenue Tlirntri- (J. Austin '; ovl>|,|ll "'",-„. r ; "J' 1 Hunt ; Jacob Itertoh. John Hill nnd Sylvlanv did their hazardous Mcvcle 

Fynes, general manager)^ -The policy of this u , r . v \vV » tllle Nelson, Willie Nelson: John- carrying act; Walter C. Kelly proved that 

mund Day, assisted by Tatrlce Winston Mon'dey - 

and Ocorgo Fischer, played "The Sheriff" prospect! 

,n a way that carried the Interesting week, May 1 

iv estcrn "Incident" to complete success. The West E.v 

r„ ou !..t° k . e . n 'l S tnc L r I'!!''' vronoerfo! work ger).— "In Old Keniuckr." <vhlch"nen>r~f.1?; 

on tbe nerlai bars, had the audience r'onsed to draw crowdad houses la Harlm oriSL 1 } 

i°J , J ,lel !. ,,lt f h "f . ""huelosm, and Howard 2. to tho naual business Marlon' SEBi 

and ; North got a spre grip on their auditor, plays Undge. and the aunportlng SS \l le ,l 

at the start, and held on to it with a n.rm capable. The. mimageicEt wifl S?e P siSf . 

hand right nrt *' " '- — ■ -^ 

trlco Winston Sionday night audiences of the season S 

"The Sheriff" prospects are bright for 5 JS ■SSI ™'\S 

he Intefesting week. May Irwin, in "Mrs. Black ljB«ck ' 

,e success. The West (George A. Blumcnthol »;«. 

i LliM'. I*;'? won der "",' rori ' *«).— "In Old I Kentuckv." "which S?ve u:t 

their finishing line In sifter souvenir to each "lady "c'verv'vSs. J 
7^ JVefe the Hnppy Days." om night, for We rest of the Season, the lmS8 

house, vliich parsed . . 
Inter-No Lional . Amusement and Hcnlty Co. 
April 1, was rhnuyed on. thnt itnte to the pre- 
sentation nt hlch cln« vnmlpvlllc, ni populrtr 
prices. Two Bnndny conceits opened the 
senson ; iliey were well attended. Monday 
evening. '2, n fair sized hpwa enjoyed tbe 
feood Bill.; Branow and Wiley were good 
filn^iurr ind dnncln^ com»-dIans, The Mu^.Icnl 
Bennetts gave n rriusicnl act, with -nwel si ng* 
setting: and many clever mecbflnlcnl oon- 
tiivnnccii In tbe nature of Illusions, which 
&nm Benoett had constructed at eonsldevnble 
expense. Out of pecmlncly notnlnsr, there 
appeared -vnrlons mnalcal Instrument'), nnd 
flhallv a battle ship with searchlight, rapid 
fire aiu. nnd other ciTects. JInttle Locltette was 
rii-pl v aslne comedienne, whose iUrenllo sons* 
were' vail received. She.renaered them In 
a;,:dftiaty , mntiner, concluding ,her net with 
ottjfipce:.. Seymour and Jim gavo nVi ncfobatlc 
cotnfecAacti w^lch included some clever n'orfc, 
ralngled with cnloyablo antics of BUnioronB -- 
nature.- Ei-Kel nn<5 Warner, presented aDntch l«nt performance. 

P., ■ ,,| , ,<ui, ,- x, ' ?llor ^'c-wmni. : (Srnce Barrett, M« monologue does not stale with repetition 
u I . ErflfifcU V" crctin 1Jftri-ott - Elizabeth the Dnrron Bros., European ncroKats: BlarJt 

Mulvey ; if I*. Volcen. Agnei" Porter ;" Jennie 
lokem, Unrottiy Ciish; Mrs. ppnrson, May 
Spenre: .^lardo and Romeo, bf ihemtclvos 
Next weel:, "Whnt Ilappeneil to* Jodob." 

liiiln.T'H Muar/nni tJoiln H. i mil 1 1 11. 
mnenfior).— Ool. MaganV aerlnl canines, 

nnd .lone? did some Intricate dancing slop-, 
and the vltngrnph displayed new life motion 
pictures. BuBlnesn continues excellent. 

CIrelft Theatre (Cbaa, A. Wllllnmfj, 
manager).— The character of the entertain- 

ment now- belnc furnished here has evidently Pictures continue. 

of the best acts; In vandevllie, Tho' Klila- MSnday nightri: holnS *"£h'er"f],h"'K??; 

:t?fi, l tt ^ fouTVncfe SS..** "« Hermn'n.^gVn'Vco'n: 

of r ih-c c bfirse ZncL^ asrartssss »?ffUntertfefe «»«. 

nt the finish of the act getting big applause? cletv ? ' coined "ft ?.i n »£j c 5H BB In, ° S"' 

C. Grant Gardner and Marie Stodiird. In 2SJ' aTw \r n «ln'T° c ^ h(>t, , ws ' Ne " 

"Vaudeville Ftlrolltles," and Lulgi Del bro Co ' Martins "fjnele Tom's Cabin" 

in his Interesting musical act on "The Ar- Qr.o tvPn. t. tr^.i. ■. ij ■ ' .- 

moalpede," scored successes. The motion tJS^SSPiJ^^6tJ^f*kT^! 

on/?v,?i£,-t i Jf_ ,,1 J? attraction tor tils wees, 

trnope of dogs performing on flying trapeze, "mek the fancy of the residents of this American Theatre (John It Warfl, \>?t Tv-SP ?.•?£ iiJr?J° 5 f'^ed house. 

Is- lie feature attraction here for %-eet of locality, as business has steadily Improved ™WA— "««er'i Last Fight" drew a HLLmK fe C S2Sil fi, Sr«fel 

A . n A".;^. SBE <l»Jome wonderful tricks, since the season opened. The Transatlantic "jwaed house April 2 and held, the later- pirtt^a&^iSSWv 'SLS^St' 

and made imlfo a hit nt tho opening per- Extravaganza Co. began a return visit on « ( , °f nn excited audience. Montgomery aaen _"Ti nii i u.ffii'.LF'i''? 1 "' "»»• 

sSowTn —' Clllorda^ eiperts In "sw». r » Monday, April I, with an. audience, of good IS| D §i.»L. B °A"i<'_Bfll,>terestlpg at^'offeiln* and fi^i b " B CA , ^.^^ t 
carlo hnlls.' _ 
niirnotte. lvoy 

.Bueltlcys, and the Edison moving pictures' ReltTand WHsph, jBiaci("and McConic, Mark 

stljl please^ 

,.; 3?!(W"r °' M n»l" (Ollmore &,Tomp- 
iilnSt rdanngers).— Mrs. Flske returned April 
1, for s fortnight's engagement, in her great 
sucmss, "i.cnh KIcscunn,"* Wg sq- 
diehre evidenced; its enjoyment of the excel- 

..medv net. with'nni 
elk and Autoinobile i 

«7-rj —.the excel- 

• Besides the star, Johh 
JIflton. Gr>nrge Arllss, William B. Mack and 
Frederic De Sellevltlo came io for the eicited 

plnualts Of the audience, and all the big *-»• "'" f-«.- ...=. ». ui? hi 

scenes were cawfully handled, as usual . The un< *" ,n4 titi '< "1'he Adoption of Archibald, 

cast: Paul SylValne. John Mason: Kleschna, at the Thfatre Royal, Worthing, England, on 

,, 1'ndeilc de Belleville; Schrnm, William b! f "V- 2 . J" ?- It "as cleyerlr acted on Its 

and monkeys .save n varlgated exhibition of Mack: General Berton, John Eraerson ; Raoul opening night here, and the harum-scarum 

arodles; a German case 

....' episode. .The Six lteed 

MM, In. "Dodging the Dodges," introduced 

I the clever members of this family In rhelr 

well bhown character impersonations and 

comedy situations. Wormwood's dog,, bears 

Bennett, nnd Dnnclng Hall. Nest week, the 
BchtzSantley Co. 

j* Savor Theatre YFrank JicKee; man»- 
gey).— Edgar Selwyn's three hct.-fatce^ "It's 
All Vour hajUt.v whlch^ had^lts -first. Ame'rl* 

Wd "" 
Its ■•.__ 

London Theatre (JnmesH. Cortin man- ia v Sf£i 1, iiSt:^*LB9 , *tC!»l Relnrioh.: 

iser),— Frnnk.B. - Cur's Thoroughbreds arc S5?jf? .ij? t g a: t gg - ** Knthie; .the . In>- 
fevlng: here .for, tie first time. tW«V?i«»oE Dr^lLttner U( ffi , . w 'i A lln .?.. G * ra Sl- a "^ n W» 
'he nf05rBtnme:lnW,irfo a « ^«h;.."# *.„.- M r -. iuttner.-. the .old, tutor.. The other chat- 
looked WJlllairr . Sorha! 

Ihe prdintnme includes n mrmber-of Iovc.1 
'J? s v,1?S JA 1 Pi thl«n : hac^ .nihjMrty. iccepijor 

perfection ' in training small heats, dogs, 
nwQkeya, an ant.eater,,and other species. A 
Uttle monkey climbs to the gallery and leaps 
t0 r the arms of the trainer on the stage; a 
bear who played the banjo, while riding a 
bicycle and hippodrome races by dogs, with 

monkeys and^bears as drivers' wore also' novel Sophie Chaponnlere, Martha Hoberts ; Char- 
features William Cahlll caught the houso 'otto, Mary Madders. 

With his suitable stories and had thera all MevT York Hippodrome (Thomnson A 
singing the chorus of his song. "Since Father Dundy, managers).— There Is no appreclsble 
Weht to Work." He was recalled frennently. waning In the popularity of "A Socittv Cir- 
cuit. Keller, put his troute of American Zou- cus." which, with the "Song of the Flowers" 
eve girls . through, .their . paces, nnd the ballet and "The Court of the Golden Fran- 
precJsloa Shu exactness with which their tains," continues a strong macuet On Mon- 

!'fr.Tt.n IrBmn t.nmn" sn.m.lul n..J n . ,to» .ln.ll ,1 -.ha _,. r.-_ .■ v »iwm 

Berton. George Arllss ; Valentine Favre, 

Claus Boael ; Horr Linden. Frank Eastwood 

Anton Waff,. Charlea Terry; Beichmann sier programmed as Master Plhcus, who SSitl"?^ 5 '' , . ; ™.iJ"»: presehted : "Mile. -La i,aaBS33^SK»iY^ia oiS"."' HS2BHS" 

Henry Judson: Baptlet,e. James Morler Playef.a alangy street waif with ail the ??!J a . gM contortions- of.her supple IBS! %S? P rShl" fflJW ( »y»f» 

Leub Kleschno, Mrs. tlsfie ; Madame Berton "atmalltess that the most exacting -could- SSL • Carroll Henry. and .Kellle . Ftoncls, "it TSnti S * *?• ' B .« b W ,»»rth .ahd Mae Whson 

Belle Bqlih; Claire Berton, Emllr Stevena " 

tnenlngs caused considerable laughter. The 
Ics of the. diminutive, corpulent ydung- 
- J as Master Plhcus. who 

meat parts. Carroll Henry as few coon ■ «5'v... ' ""t?". >"u n«w notion pictures. 

Ch.H.?-r^Mlas,.WllIc'w, S ton,"«r"Mc: ^J*f?i"'Si, ( S r ? ^-S 11 "??^ m " 3 ««- 

Avoy, Dan f. Bellly, ,Fred Tavlorflnd Chas ZEB-X*££2X**&Si wltn °ruft;. Pros- 

K16lo..contrlBut»d good work The musical Big •fe , W*''»Sg wtek.rfe sSS 

numbers Included he latest aonS "Telas &«»«<« 

n«„" »-.. „kit..„. .->"'■ SK"- ..^jexi formances. ■ the bin- St: 0n« 

'' «HS 'J? 1 ?:, ,«»<:'«"■» *m ■ W 
.. Kelly, r.nd- Violetta,- Fred.EarnS'a 

Dan : .was well ■ put on. The .attractive 
costumes .worn. by the ladles' were esi 
noteworthy. The . olio presehted : 

BMthers, ~ 
monkeys, . 

^ttamp, . lr fi mp 

m " 

hlhltlan of nthlettra nnplled with skill. nrcvWulffs leaping hounds, tho Lecuwons' Iem tnfttni « 8 *rag vexed him. This Is, ho-,vic 

I'hler'a ■knlnteehnnKcope prnscnted ■ severa) '*•& GaudBchmldis. Mile. Lcrls, the Borsloifl continue- to mnkG Ms uncle, Castoh Conifer, 

of, the InteBt roovlnc- 1 nlctunw. The botm MaaeHo-itarnlU Troupe, the Four ItlauoV K 

irlll undoublefll.T Jjecome papular with pa* t«o it'lyliw AIctcorH. the IJoHhnlr-Gieco-ry 

hails or vniiilnvlllp tiud^r. ilicnhle innnnce- t roiipr, Hilrera nniMinrci.lftie. 

nient of J. -\nx(ln Vtam whose w.irk in *««rilcM Tbi-ntrtt (llenrr \V. Snvoite. 

mclroprilltiui tliMirleals Ifl ton W p1| known »i«uuRi:rj. — "Thn t'oileao Widow," on \i>ri 

l.i. I'iifll.ii'.i ,'m.ii.i,!»l lilt. .-1-111. .-I 1 .1 I- " r/it i>i-iir„1 t.-. ■''■* ■ ■'* - r> I . *. 

body; Carroll Henry.and'-Keilie:Fran«is,.ln ¥Sfii~ 

thefr.comedy, "The Kew Janitor," with ever? S^ 5 *' 

SRK2?S? '?' »ooJ work taken care if; „,,"• -*«° 4 SnAMox's Music HaLt (Ben 

Blanche Washbflru and Josle Flynn, the team ? U C'?' manager).— The week started In well 

of lively workers, who kept things humming; hJ'SiS " T »"">t seat In the house when 

Chaa. H. Mblo and Dan T. Riley, who pre- 'ae.cvtrtnln went up. The bill : Grace C«m- 

the audience at once, and his droll manners s «"'ed one style of dancing after the other, " 0D . Otrlln and Otto, Hayes ond Healy, Bur- 

ond throaty slang ejaculations were heartily with each style clererly demonstrated; May ti"! S mi „, R ™ks, Six Valdarcs. Jules Keller, 

laughed at. His prominence comes about In R"« <a arid J red Taylor, In "Looking for Miss £, it, ', Ue "ordette and company, and Wlltred 

the following manner: Archibald, In the l:°rtune. The vocal contributions in the net clBr ke and company. 

iiatmalltess that the most exacting could 
desire, mode him a prominent feature. 
Me Is said to be a newsboy discovered by 
the author, and promoted to his present po* 
rltion because of peculiar fitness for the 
part. At any rate, he was taken up by 

323 ' s P TClIll| y well selected, and the little 

ret iirneil to 111 

le scene of inst year's long 

• require comment. Ills skilled linnil ... 
OTcrvwhere .npiulivM in lite house. s...vl.u 
■ntntM prices or io. L't> nnd :irt coihk are 
aliranllvp IVatiire*. During iho uvenliu: the 
best seals tire nil cents. 
s'Ken- Vnrk I'lientre (Klaw & Mrhtnger, 
mnnngers),— The freouont visits of "I'lio 
Prmee of Pllselt" lo Ihl, cltv from season 
to season, and the fact that Plxlcv nnd „ 

I.nders nierry musical commit' nlsvs to ex- Richard Gordon, Frederick Truesdell Louise 
eellent business Invariably, Httasts hie mess- Forde, l^rederlck Burton, Kobert Kelly, Frank 
tire, OK Its popularity with local theatregoers. Broatilec, llert Abbey. 
It .'began n l\vo weeks' engagement nt tills fleliln' Tlientre (James K. Hackett, 

heHevo that he (Beasleyf'is the father of" a 
iHiy. ThlB uncle has been paying Beasley a 
good Income for several years because, he )>c- 
lloves that Beasley has a son named Caxton, 
a-heii In reality there Is no child. The nuc(e'» 
tlirnsU.ned visit bids fair to Sow Ilenslcv's 

In his Imitations of well known comedians 
and clever character wolk, with songs, all of 

■ Irtni Dnn, ,n MM t To — 1 , "B", .... «1 

a*2*SKS (Sullivan * Kraus, managers).— 
The Golden Crook Burlesque Co. made its 
llrst ricrlem appearance 2, to e house packed 
to the doors. Business continues of the best 
—in rsct. was never so Rood as this season. 
J>ext week, the Dainty Duchess. ■ . 

T ; h^"i 1L T.' r 1^ T1 '£ (fr ' w - H* «»aa»er).— 
us necks bill .offers Fcveral novelties, and 

whom were encored. The moving plcturo mo- ?TS' r f' 1 ,llc " s »al Monday audience 2, The 

eliluo throw soirie of the latest subjects, Tho JB, 1 . 1 ,:, -^doros and Mack, Charles B. Weller, 

bnrleanuc. entitled I --I'kc I'rdon -Ifeo," with S.»«lam Payne, Brownlne . ond Bentley, 

lr n -™. l _ ."eary nnd Henry McAvoy as, cOal- Thomas Morgan and company. Denonnl and 

iiu, anil, ihe welcoming house proved the no- lrl "5.,"Pi ""' nt that moment the runaway S'vf' y we" In eoostant trouble, as- Mmm'ugs, nn< i j0( , an<1 j, yr(l JJavln jn^jfl^ 
cucy of the attraction. Monr of the orlahinl Arehlhald nplienra on the scene, and he Is »'""' h - v 'bo company, was a rousing finish- „ F -! U( S5 t , (C ? ntral Amusement Co., maon 
onuinnv.wMo In the en«t, olid they repeated ffi^iJ-'S'P" 

opted" as the. son. Compllcn- SU»-55EB- i°7 !S"?^fe ° UI nberH we» H^Si^S" hoUse SH doM for repairs *i 

Caxton CoMlter, nnd got more than the face 
value of lauffhs out of It, while Maud Ho* 
ford played; the termagant wife, Mrs. Coul 

this performance marked Mr. HRcken'n 
rutrrr. an n then I re ainunaer. A laree au- 
ilieiiufi leslliled Itft plensure durlnp thf iter- 
for.uaiw.-o. mid nnnit'iotiK iel(*nritm» ami |pt- 
tiMK or K,.«(l will wore received for Mr. 
Uih'kHI. wliu In nt nn-sout ou the n»ad. The 
QtUMPMrM I" ludefiuUe. 

Seiv Aiiimii-iIiiiii Thentrv (Kln\r .t 
Krliuiflrcr, iimnaKPtM).— lllchnnl Mnu«ili>ld at» 
iwanil hi "Dr. Jekyll nml Mr. I Into" April 

tlientro Mnndur nlnlit. April U. opening to an manager). — "Mr. Hopklnson" reops 
Audience of excellent prop«fttnnn. nnd the lions**, April L*. after a week's dnrki 
dellfrlitful . music of Giu»iav I.uder,-. ajraln " 
plensetl. and the nenw wore rteninniled ami 
redomniHled innay iimcs. Jons Unmlv eon- 
MriiiM his clever portrnynl nf Ifm.K \Vnguer. 
Tite.cnpt 1i?u» not been rhnnae<l since Km t|iilin 
recent, apiveniiuue at n West nido theatre, 
nud the entire production Is kept to the 
llenrv ,V. Savage stiindard. Sum lleinfird, 
in "The ttnllhklng lilrl.'* follows on April 111, 
MndUoji Miiinri' (siirilnt. — UnriuiTii X 
Iln Hoy's t.'IrcuK f-inrieil on (in third wwk April 
U. io em'IJem hiiKliiCHo, with all (he great 
ncti nnd wiiKalloiiM calling nut round* uf 
jipplniiKC. Tlio oiitluiiJ, fur Ihe rem i.f the 
nnmmt b wowt .awawriawiii it i* an- 

nonuce<l that Alnrle Tln.vrn<il,v. a Svriflii Rlrl, 
who whlrlB In the clrnin. ivroke all reeimls 
for thnt elpRH of entertnlnmeut April 1, liv 
whirling 2.000 linn's hi thlrtv-seveu mlnulos. 
,. I'nnctceinl. siiMi-i Tltcntrc (J. \V, 
nosnnqiicst. ninnngpr). — 'Taut Life In New 
.York" la the nitration for rho current woete, 
opcnlntr to n full house on Moiuliiv ovotiing, 
tlprtl 2. Nest week. "Smart Set.' 1 

■ Yorkvlilc Tlicntrc i Mojer R. lllmUem, 
innnagprl.— -TUe talented slot 1 ); companv heri*. 
headed by ihe popnlnt* .voiinc nelor, \Vllllnm 
.1. Kelly. hn*i been riiccci^ fully appearlnff In 

K Hackett.' tcr, vlth great cleverness. Herbert Sleath ffiKfiS 
finened rSfi 1 } C P?\ wlth .K ood effec t- but Edgar Selwyn 9*5^ 

r*»«ni»n(»d rM «ccca with Rooa eneec, nut Jttagar selwyn v«™.v*vuu iukuiuic suiris me snow la 
SBS nnd tn ' ,led t0 "™ th0 mos * of hl 8 opportmilties K°° d *W **& employs the whale companr 
STEMS m l»*"»aley. Tho othora were fairly good ta fi S 0011 . advantage, fte olio follows. In Which 

Dewey Thentre {Sullivan & Kraii*. nmn- B1 i°« Comedy Four. 

agcr3).— A. H. Woodhull's High Rollera Bur- J*C5 Sidkll, advertlalng agent and J'e- 

1SSSS5 H82 ft rc . tut S engagement here rome noeenberg. treasurer of the Metropolis 

SSSSLiSS2SSZS3^1 Dr - Osier's Theatre, will be tendered a benefit AprlHs. 

*—ronu Institute" starts the show In A nt "« of good talent Is promised 

The. others were fairly good m ■fiES*?325? l !ft P e ol!o Allows. InwWch Brooklyn. — At the Montauk (Edwin 
'lite cast: Caxton Coulter, appear : Crane and company, Collins and Trail, manager) 4he Ham TVee' 1 with Mc 

?9lt ' ^LJSn^JPSP- ! Ju « Out of College'' played to capacity 
buslaess. Nest lreek, Robert Edewn, lo 

us llcanley 
tlio support, 
Herbert Cnrr , . 

wyn: .lack Dobbins. Herbert Sleath; Archl^ 
U'dil. Master IHncu* ; H. C. Watts, Georgo 
Adnms : Hill Stubiin, tMinrlea Mason; Andrew. 
CMriW QowA; Mtfi, Coulter, Maud Hosfordr; 
Winifred CoitUer, Mny E-'aber; Flora Heaftiev, 
Louise dosser; Miss Hackney, Carolyn Lee, 
Miner'* Kltrhth Arcane Thentre (Cd- 

U*l - wveltV iitlls nfter tho nnvnlng night wlr \K Mlhcr, manner),— -Miner's Merry 

w»i "Dr. Jekyll ami Mr. rlffhr March J7. IMwwm were given o royal wtleome oa 

*'lii»ti i Cnrlej*" lift, "Mean itruinmel" no. "IMeh- *"vlr Kiurn homo April 2, nnd offered a first V ihiim» ih« mm i 

uril Ul'VSft -a-he Scarlet Letter" matinee eitfwi eitferialnmt.nt. The burlesque hns been 1™ "V S . £2t£ 

*• at nfjrtii. improved; upnn.Biuco last seen, and now Is ?ffi^5Jt l- u *[i v 

jJl.'niid/'Dou Cflrkw" at tilsfliL. 

Mndlauu Honur* Thentre (Walter K. 

LnwTcni'o, manogetl. — "The Greater Lore" 
liejian Its third week April 2. 

ens i no (Sam K &, Leo Shubert, mans- 
»»1,— -Do Wolf Hopper, In "Hnpnvlnnd," 
lieaan ItU fourth nnd la«t week April 2, cW 
lOf his i ongnMnient fl. A special mntlaoo was 
glvou 2£». "The Social Whirl" 7. 

Grand Opern lloukc (John II. Springer, 
manager}. — "The Cbmuur stnrted n 
weeh's. cugfikemeul April 2. Nest week, Mc- 
lulyie.niul Heath, In "The Ham TreiV" 

Umpire Theatre (Ch-is. Frohtnnn. ra'nn 

. ' on 

nn excftlloni entertainment Tho olio Is 
ettSMtV each number came In. for Its full 
quoin of applause, and a Inrge week will un- 
doubtedly result. 

llnly'a Thentre (Daniel Frohman, maha- 
perl.—Uwi'cncc D'Orahy . began his fifth 
week April 2, In- "The Embassy Ball." 

It ml inn Thentre (Henry 11 
manager).— Otis 
wank " 

tarors," _an excellent bnrletta,"cioRCEi*''tKe 
show. Next week, Kron Irwin's Big Show. 

JKE?"-!**?^ < Pcrc 3' 0. Willlamn. 
mannirer).— Tbe Lentoii uenson hna not 
seemed to affect the biiHlnesR materially at 
this popular house, the nodle&co of Sinn- 
Ufiy, April 2. being fully as large «« thn nu- 

t- nc »5?iin f n,iy 'Hrt oi thfl P"«nt season. 

3r- WUlUnnf well known llbentlltv In pro^ 

Id ng the very boat, or everything extant in 

"■^ ■ B Is again demonstrated 

•Htronchenrl.* 1 

Siii.-orut (I^sw Parker, manager).— Heorr 
£ - ??>' flnDefl »« 'n "l*ho Man on the Box'' 
f-T. Mr. Dixey'u aupport Is exceedingly good. 
Last week, "l'ou Never Can Tell" did bin 
business. Next week, rMrs. Tenlnlo'B Tele- 
gram." _ * 

Majkbtic (Dudley McAdow, maneger).— 
The pastoral comedy, "York Btate Folks/' 2- 
• . Last week, "Bedford's flope" played to 

tlope" played 
week, "The Utile 

St2S»Jffi.* tta,t ' Teter Dalley and his Dutchess'' 
wR'X&Vl&fe&Sk&tL prom ' « 0pn8A HouflR.tJf. T. -Middleton. 

^»^^ff^ffiW&sre ™&Zm warn mm 

r> r nam, E3e#B i s-sbs g*aw^» i *a5«s 

(Henry & HnrrhT, ffla^lc and mystlfyinfr uffij as excmnll. "V 


igor).— Otis Skinner began h'la clohth* 
|( «M Inst fortnight April 2, In 'The 


"At Tincy RI4B6" 

ti wldft rnnuo at lilsti'lniilc endeavor Oiirlhg flcvri.--Mnudo Adnms, In "Peter "Pan"." en- 
tered h'Mwejjty-eoirind week April 2. . 

their occupancy of this ulago. as dining 
(his time romantic pin vs. corned v, and even 
ShnkcHpcnrcnti produclloiiK tin ve held the 
IiosrtK and without; detriment' ov Iosm of 
preKileo with the theatre,'* cllentcl. This 
iwrt the hill Is "Lord Chumlev," followed 
April bv "Jim, the Penman.*' 

Joe Wehcr'n .Music Hull (Joseph 
M.V Weber, mnnngerl. — "Twiddle-Twaddle" 
comitienced Us fourteenth week April 3, . 

Miiriiinttnn Theatre (llnrrlaon Orey The two huodredth performance will 'occur 

s^AesAv-tt^ ^S^!ffi^HB3 BfUt€¥aSBr 

"Oeorgo ' 

Mnjonlie Tlit-iKre (,loiin (i. Fliliorti'. 
inuuiRr).— "HI. Majntjr" opcnctl Its third 
and lust wM|i April U. 
„ "M",'.'. '''''*««"■ (H. B. Slrp, mananr).— 
DarM Watnclil {tarted nU .ihlrtr-Draf wMk, 
In -Thp iiuaic Mnttor'' April s. 

Wnllnpk'ii (MM. >rboo. Moss, managor). 
— nm. PMMfHi comaipnceO hU tivrntr- 
fourtb «c(k April s, In "tho Squaw .MnnT" 

Delia I ov, who was In Mrellcat fotm, and 

— riptlve BO din 

c i&. , "Ksyfis ?? b rs j». 9» tsBk mee Mat * smm 

* ttWTngtoB l"" opened hi, t ,hb nueth-'' Sar Bclfort H^l?,,;;? lna1,, « » "^ c L e 

with Graee Van StliddifiM ad tho leodlr 

:le Tool's Cablh.' 
THECtt (Pore? Q. 

manager).— "Oallops" started Its eighth iut<i 
Inst woet April 2. The house will be datk 
,cjt week. "What tho Butler Saw" 16. 
Paatnr'H Theatre (Tonv 

•Jlher'i Bosrerr Thratre (Edwin D 

Flslu'. mniiseor).— "Cliai'loy's Aunt'' opened 10. 

Its third week A.'irll '.'. Prlnrpim Thentrr (Ilenrr Miller, matin- 

l.yi'i'iiin '('lifnirp , Dnul.'l rrnlimnn, man- 1*0.— Henry Wendrnff, ,in "Brown of liar- 

asriO. — "The I.loii nud the Motlsi'" .-uln- Tnrd." cphirueneed hi;, sixth week April I! 

inencPd It? twentieth week April 2. The Orlicrlnil Thentrn (Cliflrles Frohinnn 

«.ne htinrlred nnd ilftictu porformauee oe- ninunaerl. — Pranels Wilson,. In "Tho Moun. 

eiitffd Mnfrb.OO. tain. Climber." bijinn his ntit week Atirl S 

Timlin T««alra. (SnllUan it Woods. Ulierlv Thrntre IKlSTtSfc 

mannaersl.— "eiilnhfawn. Chnflin" w_n« pre- maoatfrsi.— Benjamin Chnpln. In "Llneola,'' 

-.. Pflstor, 
mo.— The usual eapaclt, ' 
5, with the, following nc. 
Lee, tho Hebrew parodists, ... 
inusihter with their otferlncs: Ulllf Llnlt nud staged 
hi Ho-Bo-Cnn lieslmrat, made a aensitlnnnl '" 
lilt In nn ceeeutrlc turn, and wn.i nbly finsist- 
ed J.j- Miss Charters; Fred nnr and ce 
presented tits latest iragedy miHmw, 
met with groat opprornl : Stnlrl nnd I 
ntc always, good fof n lot of laujrhii, nnd 
ate: ' 

Mlrlnr. manager).— The Jnliy "araiT"\vi3owii 
ontpoJ bfn ; Abj.|| 12; una ihe performance 

fentute. others nro: By«n' and RIcliQcia. 
Turner's nnlmatcd song i-ueet, tbe Jackson 
f r.Mllr, Thorde nnl Cnrietou. Polkc, Col- 
lins and tbe Cnrmon Sisters, 1. K. WWW 
and Clara Lnhe, -Caron add FnrnuiD, Chait 
SnundofB nod the vltngrnph. 

Hton.i- Bnn«»>i'3 (Mck Noften, mana- 
ger).— "Le Dordlno Range," th( woridathil 
toe dancer, heads tho bill 2-t. .Others are: 
'aged ~"The 1 ~l«piiliin';«V''«..S'iSli- *."f°i w f," 8 s '!,"" 10 MansUe d and cots TVIIbur, Cha*. 
■lle'sMe Pal" fed hi °v"J vfe'. 0, 5«'«l | J r Si 5 ", 1 ' I 1 " 1 bla don, Joe FlvntJ, tho Eight 
cVfiiV' k,!!i.(!S? K.HV. t J 1 . 1 Tt.n«<'« W S id CMt.- Madfj Pafc JIjbj 

If flsalst- Wr,.,1n rnVuliftinh sil HfR * '^.mntie nits, anetianns, It ee nnd Crtdr, Madae Fol, - 1 

compnnv also Mil i ' K5 Sth'«p?".te£ "*$>*• Ti > ""' ,i ™« UwrenCe TbomaJ 

io. wlilch week, Ja's. H CutSn'S tt^SS 1 ' -iji 5 ?' ^fe 8 - , an ? tb»' ; HneIog«hli.'' 

Ke»anet Olrls- .turuna Broadway Oaloly BSn (F...A. Kecttey, madagor).-'- , 

JtSffi'j "/'' : fatten J. Corbett, ulciiohon's 

Stlns, JYdtOfroelon Girff nud Minstrel JIIs,el, J..*- 

tnedy Mujtpb)i nnd Klolsc Willard. Johnnie Cit- 

, aad 

; ■•■'-.' . J ■ •• ' ; '.' '' 

- '.V.i;» . , 

— — — - — — — — 


Mffi£$fi§SL *■£■£.; aLi^^M. 


b. tmiag-r).— rte 

Ms&r*' 19 

obd loouipsny, Mur 
and Unvtucr, the LSti 

lr, MirTrtlicr. 

io.iutr*T iLfo.Ci Teller, roan- 
iptrfrnca in Nordlabd," which 
...JtVwB ^wlp-n Hut here, Is ncM 
. - Ttw ndvahce rhIo Is big. Crotrricn 
fiou^es -v'th - "The Ftlnc- 1 Of Pllsrn." 
wMc. .Nett, 'Tltp Uo«rers.IitoiIiM# la Ifo- 

Ffotiv' (Ponfiett Wilson, manager*;.— 
Charier E,- Ulsuet's^uceoss. "Young Buffalo, 
SSrloi'tbe Wild West," la heto At* week. 
Tuft JOT u* M 1 °- that realism anil heart in- 
•etm-.tBBt'^GTfct' (alu to draw bin audiences 
heft. ' M" *«>• "^"S Dotec- 
tire" ttBH&io- large basltteBs. Keit, "The 

OiuStJ.'-tJQfnSa, Clatfe, tnanoffer).— Tbo 
MaJe*tlc* . 2*7. , Toe curtain rises on flic 
filW^HQH -be Line/* ami le. rung down 
ou-Mbe burksuue. "For Glrla Only. 11 The 
UlueJtfbboD.ut.Nl hu.d a bip week. Next 
weekJtbO'New York Stars Co. 
' Oat«*M (Edgar I\: Clnu-d, maaager). — 
Tfttt.tHI ••■ of 2: Mlllia'ty Octette and 
thO MH-«ItU' the batbn, Emmett. Devoy sud 
compear, the Two Meets, Mayroe HemfdgTon 
and her- Busier Brownies, tbo 21oganl Trio, 
Laura Bennett und 'company, and Jacobs* 
dop. - Silliness last -week xvus good. 

ANl'H.o.s' (William C. Graver, manager), 
— inytliei- t>Ijf Mil U offered- this week. It 
laCJuSfit: Hi\ DivIh unci Inez Macaul^v and 
coTnpBfiy. tlie Fuiit IlutUs. Smith and Caniit- 
bsI|rM*U6rj Brothers, Biovk* uud- Ualllduy, 
Katie Rod ney , add company, Lillian oha*', 
Harry arid -Katk*.. Jackson, ■ aud Zlhimer, Jog-, 
oler. - Business' coutlnogf*. big. ■* t. ' ■ 

NbVsTtlf (Percy -G. -will lams, manager).-— 
Adelaide Horrrnnnn is this week'*? haadllner. 
Others are: Ned Nso add bis Rollicking 
Girls, -Fields- and WattL; Charles -Leonard 
Fletcher, .Ford, and Dot west, Dorothy Ken- 
ton; thb Be Amos, and Bristol's posies. Big 
bualcess W?t week. t& 

t&mkm (Frank, B. Carr, manager^. — Tb« 
Loaoon Gaiety Girl* tills week. The two 
butlertues ore ealled -Life In the Wltd 
West" abd ''Mlxlnsr -Thlogs tip." Tho olio 
brlngs-.roul Pat White, Charles B. Wat eon. 
Dave Vergil boti, the Boston Show Girls, and 
the Panv Ballet. The ■ Parisian Belles Co. 
had a good week. Next week, the Parisian 
Belles play a return engagement. .*- 

PaKtOS'b (H. S. 'Allen, manng^r). — "When 
lyondon Sleeps" Ib this week's offering.' ICtta 
lEecd Prtvtoa. '.a Hie leading role. Ik support* 
ed by it J* full strcnutH of the stock company. 
Dig -fiouses last reek with "Du Barry." Next, 

LtCt\ik (LoilU Phillips, manager) .—''Tho 
116m! to Ruin" QBM week. rM,dst week ''The 
Unwritten Law'*, drew .good bouses. 

w- -. ... ■•- ■ as j, -- ■ j - 

J|EW ; YO BJjfc^ ctrt ^ i<»»ri!f08. 

T/u^K^ICKBB&fiCJCEH. JtHtATtUJ h.-is I'Oon 

Bu1)WfiUo*tfdr"Dilb"M Tneatte as the hoilse 
laVUIeh to hold.thc GilUert ucsnortal benefit, 
April. IT, owing to the-.. great demand for 
setts. ■ Ahibag-ihoue- who will appear arc: 
Httcla- WlttoOi Lawrence. d'Qrbiiyi Ahnle 
HSiftfcbV'Maj Isabel .Ftskc; Blaacho Bates, 
Prsak Kfjwih. Margaret Ullngtoa, Ernest 
Law ford ^nd Sain Bernard. >. -• ; i 

"Stt.-tscf" whe giten at the, Berkeley Ly- 
ceum March Ul, for- the henedt of the Council 
of'Jcwlsh, Women.' . • .. ^ ■ : • . 

■-Ciii'RtEs B. Du.linguam returned .from 
Europe -March 31v having raujpleted arrange- 
ments for the appearance of : i'rlt2l HchelT 
In 'London, - In "Mile. Modiste," next Sprlne. 

■ Tiit VtcsjM Heiiburt Concert at-tbu Illp- 
pcdfcooie, April 1, won tbe largest- attended 
ot''tne -sea-ion. Jean DloUreaco; a Kpu- 
msnlon tenor, made bis local debut, and was 
accorded an ovation. - ■ ■:.• 

Tkd .WHItk Rats dp_ Abiebica. will niove 
froni their present iluartera next week to the 
Ksrtnac Hotel. Broadway, between - Forty- 
fljrst. and I'ortv-second titrects. A grand 
hou|e warmlDg will be held on the eveDiDg of 

ML-vr? ....... 

OtOBGE C. Tixep sailed for Europe March 
27-' fo.' Interview 1 Edward -Kbstdnd L-uDcemfug 
a Sjay' for Elenrtor Rohson. : ISugeae W. Pre*- ' 
b»y accomnarllea- Kltp-.for tuV purpoiie of 
rfsdltfg hlu uT&hiift'V.utlo'fi Of. '\TJife. Right of 
Way". to'GllbertiParker.'tlte'uDtlior." ■.'.•-', 
■W:-,.M." WttSiNeoN --will rdijlige ' -Field's 
Theatre for James, K. Iltickett/., --*•..■.." 

Tift KnfttG QtiAuxETTfl ■ gave a concert 

!& 'MebrJelasou'tl Uarr."iiarcb.2o'. , ' J ... .-.•."■•:'•".: 
- ... - tf . . .. 



D5j> . (» ofdei- id Mtii tnlaiakea *ftd to 
r&th. IstteM tair^tiuA (n thU list. S 


HPHfi **"* 

envelope plalwl?- nddrotMed tdiut ho 
Ml r«s>-ciitil|- tetter* «a<l n tveltten 
MM J°^ *** teltof- slgneil with the 
tn\i nauir noa address drtd the ll»« 
of l-QBlnes* toll«tveil hy the sender. 
ranit Kilo he trhetoaeil. 
, Pica** tuexttlitii ttiv dhle (yr nam- 
MS * f : ,M * PWBR.Ixt Which the 
letters sent for Srerendtertlaea. 

/Uii. Elsie 
Aicxtnaer, , 
V' AdsLilde 
Allea Ids ., 
Archerj Helen 
ArHD(tti)ii Jane 
Ackermati. , 

Atkertcu NiMtlu 

Sattou. Lcuim 
ilfti, GtLel 
tslfort,. May 
uruu Agacn 0. 
tlruce, J-iimlo 
Bu^ry Matyutct 
Beasley ■ Bui 1 1*E 
Blbei, Kuirenle 
BuiDucif inhere t 
Bijtlii', Gcrtfil. 
Bond, Oracc 
BUQeld read 
Brvuiier, . . . 

.. ->. DorotLij 
BrooW Plot B. 
BcBtmai, Uolly 
llalfirat llattltfB 
Beard, VMta 

MM. Geo. 
Btttley Msm 

Burkf, Grace l" 

Batllett Marie 
Cirew, Unybi-1 
Curinev, Bello 



Cllftoa, Beryl 
Coltou, Marie 
CI I Ami. Lhjlly 
Curtis, Katlly 
Cliaiiniuk IdaM 
CUtt'Hi,. AUa 
CSfew MslicHSii 
Cameron Kittle 
Coljin-., LVt 
Dwell Mm. J. 
Daefe, LoQlw] 
Dttnilnorc, . 

.-•' ■ .Harriet 
OoroUea Hl.tcra 
DalpTrll, AtttM 

3Jm. Geo. E. 

Dou*IJhori Abzh. 


i Mario 
Dwldpll. LltllQn 
Dofrilliic Bfcttlia. 
N» Battle 

Plytii, Mrs. Jnn Potter Mm.w.av 


£ : Gladys 

Ftnfaj, Alice 

Vay » n.nln 

MlM (tiotttet; 
(Hilton,' Nura 
QUI UabyDuttle 
[Jray.-oii, M«Ud 

retry, Liiilao 

Patdop, Mfly 
Potter, uionlfi 
Paillette, Loah<e 
Fclletnm ■ 
. f , ■ Jeautio 
Pryor, Alma 
ni .VhglHla U. 
Prlmrvse, - 

•,,' - Borotli 
Hcatfltii,* Hlxters 
plaltv. ..mim 
Rlclitirl HfH'. If 

HOblliniU BlMtSM 
Kejuolda. USHIu 
Ulckanlc ZuInD 
Rajnaaod, It. 

nUoll*i; Ado! 

IIOLItjR,!! HISI*l-d 

HMcllff. Peurl 

., . : -Marj(U(;ilte 
Bettor, NrtCfaB 

-•; ■ .'■. Geuorlcvc 
SSjmour, Cllfcn 

bcott, Mlltle . 

titewart, Quren 
Bifoy. VIqIi 
Htephtnwn, ' 
., ' Mrs. J5. n. 
Slmotlds, Clara 
W*y«r, Lirara 
Sfluer Mrs.F.M. 
fttuntor) Kutburo 
it. Clolr Lulti 

siteiiioa, ju--. 

Ill B U 

Mb JJot - 

DBruud. I'mufcle 

UtitKr, twilw 
tta-VttuI Bltxlle 
Uttdley, Mac 
Ernesto. -. •• 

ErncoUi, Aunit , 
Evens' Mrs.W.O 
ErrteiW. Frieda 
I'^QDiett. K*t|rj. 
Bilv\'iinl» Fiicnte 
E¥ilu». I^telV- 
Evneate, ' Lilly 
Earl, viraihia 
Kyerettp K«Ulc 
BK Frapcls 
Filsoo.Mrb:"- &Xf 

Fledora Bvailo 
■HMi ■■i] A. 

Adolf.. Joan 
Arlington. & 
Ailama. . Joutt" 
Alkti, . Ft anh 
lufibr, jgHfe, 

Ucotno Clara 
■ .i.r. :i Marion 

■3i :■■'. ;; Vlrgllllii 

irdoii Ki^ti'j.- 
Mt, Martn 

lUy.-, LiuiiH 
Mlidlln Loulw 

lit s\ i[:-i, Veraa 
nilduer, IU.ii' 


Murjjrlo K, 
Ha&tini/ Bou 
Howard. - 

Madtfc E, 
HmilJn, LouWo 
rtoliuw, , Cecils . 
Hfitt Mm. Ban 
Hlldner, Uuoo 

J"" flierf I'lor A 
iry, Ada 

Itudenfclt Mr«.3 

iwia, — 

Irving, Ppftrl 

tram i)al*.r 

J&ttifetU: Lillian 

.laiucta, Bello 

iltt Helen ,at. Uolr Athlrvy 

Kistey. In soiiituu, Kass 

Kroimr Maudlo 'aterllujr, Kltiv 

Krtss Mrs.M.T. atiDvvwd D:il^y 
" Saxon, Pauline 
.Htcrilutr. J«-lf 
SinlUi Mm,.I,U. 
Trawra. dadle 
TlionuiNju llcllv 
Teaiplc LllluoD 



uSnawrf A rlli . 
OaiviD. Jaa.. A. 
Ortvotf, UM. a. 
uiibert, Joe- 

(K-liwr IWiltttrv 

wfiMf! Win. 

UoldlD, H' 

ti«MAtaa. AVfllt.J 

DSMStk. ■ -i 

K Wdi D. 
Howard, iterl 
Hillan. Jitek ; 

IUmrtinr mil 
llir t- WlhhA 
llvtoian fr Ui> 
Hoynian, OaaV 
lUDdly, Win. S 

}l(t>tr, Jack 
leramri. Hfsnor 
genne^m Harry 
ovsrtl, Bup-ne 
HSfcrly. Ti-Qj 
HriMliSw. J. E. 
Hanbai J. ■ • 
tlitstnoud, J. H 
Hall A Gulbum 
llilic, C&an. II. 

Hearts Co 
Honicr 3c 


ItUaw 1 IJt<ttl* 

Seattle. — At the Grand Opera House (John 
Cort, maoager) Paul Gllmore. In VCapt. De- 
boanalre," March 18-20, played to splendid 
bualneas. "The Christian/* with Joha BSln- 
polfs and Lillian Law-recce, created a good 
lnpreaslon. 'The Beauty and the Bea8t' r -3- 
31, 'Alberto Gallatin April 1-4, Primrose Min- 
strels 5-7, "Babes la Toyland" 8-11. 

SXATTJ.c (Johu Cort, mauagcr).— Miss New 
Tork Jr.. March 18-H4, met with favor. Em- 
igre BurlesQdcrs 26-31, Cherry Blossoms April 

Third Atkstjb . (Russell & Drew, mana- 
gers).— Murnty and Mack, In "Around the 
Town," March is and week, gave a good 
showv-nnd were rewarded with big business. 
H 3Iy Wife's Family" IMt Ben Hendricks, 
m "Ole Oleaon," April 1*7 ; "A Thoroughbred 
Tramp'* 8-34. ; 

Stab- (M. O. Winstock, manager).— New 
people week of March "25 : The Gregeous, 
rernaudo-May Trio, DaredcTll CnBtellano, 
Burke Brothers; Frauk Vulols.- Dererly and 
Danvers, Pate Dunswortli, find moving ple- 

. Oui'iiKi.-M (E. J. Doaellen. xoansger).— 
Margery Addlb. Tuer and Ody, MUslcal Naloa, 
Bonnie Cruz. Hall and Lorraine, Warren H. 
Stetson, and moviug pictures. 

PANTiota (Alex. Puotages. manager).— 
"ew popple week of 25 : McKensle-Moore 
sad company. Holmes und Holmes, Ketcey 
RIsters, Morey Sailth, Lewis and Lewis, Ar- 
thur Etwell and movlDg pictures; 

CxxtOAt (Michael Shannon, manager).— 
>ew people week of 115 : Lawrence, the trum* 
Peter; Ha B nd Parks, Cheverlel, tbe Hen* 
tons, Sadie Kite und moving pictures. 
.. PaixcEsa (Michael tJharkcy, manager).— 
^ew people week of 3f: Dollifle Colo, Bogart 
jod Dyiibar; Latusoa and Hear, Leo Jeffcrsoo 
tnd moving pictures). 

BTaAffD (Moee Goldamlrti. manager).— 
>^w people week of *.>&: Anna B«scS, Eta 
Bartlett, EUle Carlisle and Mabel Wells. , 
rWm (Fred Ritchie, mooager).— Nipr 
feople wefk of V: Mildred Seward, Jennie 
Castle and Mny Morrell. 

TpiM4 pfni Goldsmith, manager).— No 
new people week of* 30. 

■ i -e - 

Taeoitiav— At "tbe tapoina Theatre fCbaS. 
«- Herald, managerJ "Tbe Cbrlatlon." with 
Llllifltt Lawrence und John Salnpollo, pleased 
treatiy March 2d. Alberta Gallatin, in "Cousin 
Kate." Hi) ; -lie Sleeping Beauty and the 

t Beast" April 2. "Babes In Totland ,r 3. March 
5. afternoon, lacoma PhlltiartooDlc Society 
yrspfanay concert. Hago Bchmidt, coadactor. 

Gh.4Mi> I .(r»eac B. VTorley. mftnage-*) — Bill 
w«k WftMntng Mltrcn 2B : William Scbnster, 
Stoddotd and Wilson, Jeistto, Broderfck, 
-Mwlsr.aiia ChunB, illustrated song by W. a 
Hartford, motion plcturesTGIorrlflfle and 
Original RSUIum Girls. 

v »TAn (H. M. Owen*. manSger).— Bill wsea 
ppgtnnlag 26, Allen Stock Co., presenting "A 
«i ranger In a Slrnnec Land,*' with Vema 
feltOB in the title roTc. 

Klntly. Eva i:. 
Lee, AdelaJc 
be Roy, Bell 


I.iilisn M. 
LflSOOj WllfmJ 
boring. Lucille 

Lu Couvier I .van 
Lee. Jennie 
LeCldlr Margie 
- . .- . Lucllo 
Levy Mrfl. Julius ' 
Laoi'iuiter,! - 

* Marlon 
Lee; Virginia 
Lc-fter, Idn 
Lanufank Irene ' 
La Vi/k'. Mile. 

W'TiM' T.'.'SIJ 


i". JcKcuIiUie ' 

:>vy. Kstoiiu 
jon^i^*; MrV.F.p 
Mar.mnnd Laura 
Mnnfbll. Blanch 
Marks Mw- J.B. 
Miller, Hw. 6. ■ 
McVeltili. Klllk 
ifonttord F.IBeC'j 
. ..:.. Bcrthu 

Mtb. H*. 11. 
-.' * . Sisters 
.:.;:'■.■ KUiei 

Miiliaon. Mutid: 
fiewtott LlII'ahB ..„, 
VoTFnau. GfrtrdWlnchf^ter Km* 
Nefton Matjivt I Windsor Dorvujy 
Owen. MK.A.M Zell, Aoa 
O'JDfty, Ida \ <■. 
(,i;\lll^lli\S LIST. . 
By^ra. tboa. 
Bi-uwu TuC'ierH 

Hsjsih QHW>sti 

WiKTi, I<>diik 
Ujrpe Juo.A^Ir. 
. nJuttey. JL- A. 
'.-.'^..000.^. BearO; Billy 
AnMlUJoo'...., UJiUUi,. \y. F. 
Audiiriion,"*l ,, aul. Bumcill, .Win.. 
Adiuii: JebU J. Itaitk'lt Hi<\ It. 
AuUcraoti,! Oarlo UklT.i: Mc^ihy 
Alurtwi Igutlclo Bfock, J:'V. 

mm JoS.- BiiivK. n. 

Alyn.'Pred --.''.' UurroWM. Win. 
Athlus.-Ooo. K. Bwty, Vwl M. 
Alton L ABertle Veek, Louts J. 
Alien. W. M. Bloctisum I lurry 
Alley. Y- C. Bolton, N. C. 

Alcorn, E. V. Berkcll. Cuun. 
A'nltrscii. Bell,- Dick 

-. . Clyde E. Bcryeron, T. C. 
Anthony Jerome Bilrtou. Al. II. 
Alddellith. Rttf. BoswoTtb' Frtsl 
AlTura, E>ldle Burnubvc HOIuy 
Abbott, Fmiik Brenva. Ifcibt. 
Altei, Felix Burke, Dick 
ADbbrook- tj. B. Bonn, Hurry 
Alexander LeoV Clm«*, Clar* 
Adama. W- 0. . ei(« R. 

Arbuckle Muolyu Clark WFrnncla 
Alt, Muly Clip-Be. H. 11.-, 

Allen, Milt Clayton. Frank 

AJk-n. lluiry . Columbia Four 
Blued & I'r v..' Crane, Joe. M. 
Bnrrett Edmund Get tit Wui. S. 
Betts, . IKrtH. K Carry, b. " 
BradfurdS; Tlio Carlos. C. 
m\lzr, will" Cabaret. - 
Barker, Itogers Cali-igbun. 
Breunan Cecil. Cbae. K. 

Bernard Hurry Cook, J. IIurTey ! 
Bstry, Geo. W. COlnmbltt Four 
Belmont, Cole, Ja-nc* 

Bajmond Cllfuss, Henry 
fibrso, M, Cratns, Kal 

Bell, Clias. T. 
Blitz Francois 
Bent Icy. B. E. 
BurliD, R, 0. 
BrjJfonl Harry 
Brvoks, Mox 
Bryoo tgwtmm 
Beunc, F. Hi 
Burke, Jobd F, 
Blncbam, Lloyd 
Braddock. O. w 
Brad ley, NUea 
Bullock, Curs 

.; Cbsi. 

Borella, A. 
Burke. Major 
Beruvr. Beu 

Bllte. F. K 
Bird, M. C. 
Bentoo J»o«ard 
Baug. Jim 
Berg, Pete* 
Buructt, Titos. 
Burton, Jsroes 
BcH'efy -News 1 

boyn' Quart 
Becson Bros. 
Buroelt, Tbot. 

Curie, M. H. 
CouI:c, Itiyujand 
Coborn, J. A. 
Clayton Frank 
Cook. Max 
Clumbura Ualab 
Cntft. P. P. 
Cbouocey FredC 
Collins, Mr. 
Currlc Tbeo, L, 
Clark. Dllly 
Craig, BlekeyW 
Coitover. Harry 
Curiuody. Jaa.F 
Clint'. Sunt J. 
Cslnc it Katie 
Cfcadvlck Trio 
Colby Family 
Coowsy, Wui. 
CUrk, Wo. 
Campbell. Qfn. 
Caranuugb, BUI 
CaiiflelU. JS*. 
CroH-, Munk'tl 
Cllntoo Ban % 
Cbumpne-B, H. 
Cuminlngs, Robt 

Drtm. Co. 
CunnlDL'buni G. 

Thornton, Ida 
Tracy, MUs . 
Taylor, Mm. R. 
,• Howdrrt, V, 

Vedder, Debbio 
Vanv, Ethel 
Woodson, ill 
>-. - DOillo 
WHte. Ahnle 
Wrigtit.- Ethel 

wyenefl;;.' - 

,:....,' Margaret 
Wiihli. Msy 
Wj4iHice Horolby 

' 'Mi's. Ilt:rwan 
Witi.leor, Ifct 

"iVilt'lLU I.l'L-Jl J 

WAS Mattic 
Wjkoir & Cq.; 

Baby- 1 raia 
U'rl/lit, : Mrs. ' 

Holly Babe 
Wiceler, . Ftowle 
WeWi Mrs. Leiv 
Welclt. Alice 
Wmiuu, . 

Mme. Hwrruau 
wiurti. Taetty;.. 
Whitman Bopitlc 

wtiHti. star 

Wliy.te Jenulell. 

Dane Broj. 
Dial, GUgene 
Dftrpreaux, Jack 
De Vlobls, 0. E 
DeaTei,..Walt K 
Derdea. JDeS»-u 
Duel,' Joha'-: 
Diinediiv UoruJd 
Downey 'St.- -■".* 
•' I.;..: Ulillard 
Doare^i -Harry 
Dee, Frank'. 
Dsalaii, — "'" 
Button, Wai. 
Druko, Howard 
Duwoon BalleyJ 
Drew, Jas. 
Dean, Albert 

Deaves WjH.E. 
Dewaru PrvKc) 
Day, W. E. 
Droke, John T. 
Do Wblffo, Jan. 
Dor.celly Jui. U 
DeLulu, Harry 
Deri hi, Joe 
Etiufc-er. n- (DO 
Right Co.) 
Evans, warreu 
Carle, John 
EllwooU, Prlaco 
EasU John P. 


Herbert. Bert 

Hurfotd CUis. B 
Hitdy. Jas.- . 
Hull FranMIu 
Borau, Kddle 
llahii. . Leon 
Hepdley. J. 
HuDcy, Hmter 
Ifitl. W.. B. 
Hukiiee, Hi 
Hak'utt, Root, 
lleuella. Great 

I«T«t, A-.T. 

U*tings, lurry 

feern. 'fotu 

tart, Billy 
lattisoo, Bros. 
lolSiid Frank 
lurU, Freil W. 
Urrls, - Cletuo 
leury FrauvliJ 
lunford A Hart 
liihiiuj,-. Mr. 
leucllu ■ 


Hli lean. Clin-. 

Hartwcll, J. W, 

Hood, Saui 

llsnfurO, Julian 

HlgKloa. 11. 

Haiiil. Wui. J. 

Hankow, U-w 

Hngbeit, Mck 


. Chrlsttaii 


Hclmer, T. 

Howe, KariHHt 

Hesfyi W. M. 

Hantly, tiorOuu 

Irwib. J. a. 

Jaiaes, H. P. 

Jennings, Tom 

Jenkins JaK. C. 

James, W. J. 

JeffrriJou Wm.D 


C. Mason 

Jacobs, J. M, 

.Tames, Arthur 

Jeea. Jokn.AV". 

Jolin^i :*fit u. 

Jutsdn, Mt- 

Judge, dus. . 

Ja«r, jfitPJ. 

JacSb, Fr^u 

Juckwn, Harry 

Keckhofer, K.A. 

Keith;, UsterW. 

ifaiSe, Mr. 

KntllT IE -L 
IWtli, C, S. 
KsrOo. Fred 

K'olba'eld. LtHlll 
Kaue, Ijarty >' 
Kent, rfl-wiu 
Kelly, Oat. J. 
Kceuey Stock 

Co., MgT. 
Klley, ' Wwar.1 
Keaflng, M. H. 
Keltoue Muitc. 
Krittt, Toili- .' 
KCifo,'Wnl»h A 

ETe:rtt. H. G. 
KarJe, Graham 
Elwood (Music) 
Eagle, Oocir 
Earle & 

Fro.lui. P. G. 
Fogel, Mux 
Fox. Georw 
FreellDg, ueorgc 
Fltzperuld, Dick 
Field. W.' C, 
Fcldman AVarlu 
Floyd. Watt, G. 
FlcVett, ■ Gtorge 
Feeloy, Dick , 
Frederick Vally 
LloM J. Bozer 
Fern, Sit! 
Forbes £ forbes 
Freilo A Dare 
Frlqoet, Jolts 
Floyd Edwurdn 
FuKon, Arth II 

mm. Henri 

t'e'jpuii, Joe 
Vrazer A. WAV. 
Fox. Edwin 
Flfieber, Goo. J 
Fuklrto, K, 
Frcnuh FrnnkV. 
Fleming. Wai.C 
Oetler, Dr.' 1M. 
Gljmi, Mck 
Gltllban, C-rl 
Goh5on, Carl 
Gormao, Jobs J 

Kelly,' tfud. 
Kt»*n, Julian 
Keirk,' ■Cnto'S-i 
Koeirfiry Otto . . 
IfiMsWri* Ptvd-' 
LancaBter Irving 
Letobre, D. J. 
Lee. Harry W. 
Lambert. Alex. 
Long. 0. W. 
Leiter, Geo. T, 
Lombard. J. G. 
Lee. Harry 
Lane, Mark 
Le Malta, j 

Logan, Jim 
Letton, Jaiaea 
Loon, Bert 
Larose, Fred 
LeaTltt, M. B. 
Leo. Frauk .-.. 
Lester. UarryB 
Leavltt. King 
Lombard, J. G. 
Lunwunr. lb 

Luwumle, OMur 
UsmM Eugeue 
Lee. U. li. 
Levy, B. H. 
Leo, Friii' k 
Lampe, Fred 
Leonard A 

La Pell. Mack 
Limine, Henri. 
Leonard. JpuaX 
Lodffc. B. V. 
LenrtSi Harry 
Lamar, Geo. 
Lorenter, Wm. 

Uw'hMSe, ■ Hob! 


Ut-t. Frctl 
Mr«. -friii 

MtJ. I. :. 

I . Mi : i. ". :-. F 

La l»h:w, (mhI 
pjtcalb.?. Barry 
Li;:j'*r. itvu, 
Mc;. L. 
McDoagAll W.ll 
Bfihi \V. A. 

ink * & 


itailin & 'tjlft 
jtorHawr, C'lia*. 
Mvilti.iml, Philip 
MotrUwv, l\ T* 
Martollc, My*t 
"IcNnlly, Uui 

orm Jctomo 

Jirtoll, o:iter 
Marlon & Dean 
Moore & Co. 
Uartlu ft 

- .. Bldjwo) 
Murphy, J. T. 
Hackle, Jo?, f. 
* turmoil Li'rtU 
"lutlljnn. TtiOS. 
.faim,. Unbhyi , 
Mavli'U, Wilford 
MorciB, J. A. ■ 
McrflCt. Joe .'. 
Mur tou« Tottfplf 
- A Morton ._- 

TcAiday; J. Ti Hchailou. Cuih 

lattbews. w.ll. Htuurli Wilt 

lOMkSBl, G n. 


■Mart, (tiv.) 

[t-jve,-, Fred ij. 
Bthuiick, F. 
oV»tor,- j.v i m u 
BtRtt. J, 3, 

SliTongo, P. 
Bsitlc CakLOOb 
MRtisr M Frank 
SlnOlC, Joe- 

aiieii'ii, wjffmk ' 

Snllltrtit, Wut.A 
f t^fnaiiii Julias 

(itllilTqii, T, ft. 
Stevatti Carmen 
a a rki, 

Fraaw W. Jr. 
SpntRj. Cans. 
dlovons Batanc. 
Siitlih, Matt H, 
Blinw, Larry 
Ntout. Tbi'wlote 
Hiil-biiry, W.N, 
Bbuteaz, Da. Id 
Hebinldt It.Krol 
HtutU, J. 0. . 
.ilrarlliiii, Fi\-1 
Mvuilltji.- Burt 

ttbull:, J. B. 
Hullltuii, jouii. 

Mouiton, t. K 
UllcliCll. , 

B. FrALb 

Mater Cartlek 

Mt-ra, U-ivl-j J 

mlm't, j. A; 

MnMoCk. Wi W 
Mipon. O. J. 

Morton, p. H. 

MmsIt. M. A. 

McFirlsnd *, 

MontroM Frank 
Martin Jar.j'Jt'K 
Martyu. PfoCAJ 
MeKIulek A . 

- Hbadney 
Alobley. J. If. 
Mori Imer lly.O. 
Mostly, M. A. 

. L. G. P. 
Matt-ay, Frank 
Martin, rrnnk 
Merit M. 
Uurpliy JSi Nolai: 
Klsiflow Pluu- 
,»; : -kett-^ Co. 
Keltllh? Frank 
Mark»R. Jiiaieii 

>So^; Htury 

' ■-■ ,-Cbnnui!lli 

MnrsliUll U«". I 

Mai'iljftiiJi Mr. . 

tlnotle HugliK 

JSSo. H- b. 

Ssrob Trtu 
Bcey; Joe 
Matihoad. T- 1 
Mohi. E. T... 


Willis P. 
Bally., Mr... 
HMpHT. Fred 

nly|r.>. Jnck 

BIlUOTl, lA\\m 

Iliumoris, I'.Udls 
lletrsrt, . 
... Ecerett 
laaord lMv.-jf.t 
itafford, fel. W 
Jiroii,(, Hprn 
Siillitun. HsuM 

acjtt, Mike 
Htaier, u.. W. 

Nhitftrloii. -Ini'k 
Buylor ll.MtAat 
Biauooud, . 

St.;IIclmt> t .Mm 
WullUaa. Murk 
Hlrun-, UfU 
SulIHau. L K. 
Twoniey, HSU 
Taylor, nalpb 
TOHiisobd G«». 
'fretor, Edwin 
"eel. Gtotgo 
'yier, -Geqrgs 
Tucker New tin B 
Xlu-uiay \)t. Lue 

TtbbttB, W. II, 
TaVor, illchiird 
Tuylor. Tell 
nSwr, Wnii 

To^slck, Ollbort 
TreTolo, -- 

wcnM&m mimmG, 

l«4b :B|a«OAC»WA.V, 0OR.40th SBf. 

T.Uphoa.,, « ISryiiul. t'alilo AtSdr.u, WIIIMortii. 

CHICSOO OFriBrV 187 mm Si. l^iri.1 vW,K1,%%",M\'; iM ,M.. 

P.mVAEin ftllAVNR. Urn.rnl Ilfiin-.clilAtlvp. 


1STG VAUD£V1X4,E THSATBEB: <r. V li iuiln, | K. P. Pruclar'. MA St., 
Ilnnila.rM.ln'a ""g^,,, j P. F. Prwlor'. 9lh At... 

g. 2. l*<iH'., N.%. Il». «n, 
./,. Pall'., lluriranl,- 
M. it. Pail'.,, 

T. O. Wllll.lnt' Colli liUl, 
P. a.tVllllaln.'Oriillcli.ii, 
P. 0. WiltUlm' Alhshlhto, 
P. O. Will Uin. 1 Nnv.Hl-. 

P. O, WlllUtn.' ttofUnii',"' 
I ■ • • . ' ■ -Brooklyit 
P.O. Wllllotm' 
■ ■'- ' ^ Manhattan B«*eh, 
I'. C. Hill l,..i.. ■ 

Dtra.n 0«a,h. 
ll»tirrMy.r» ) I>o.l«, 

I ' Yonkara. 

' Ailnttllc City,* Myarh* IJhrlr, 

% Cutntlen, \. .1.'., BntoktvitJ. 
lnt.rttatfbnttt Th.ittt., . 
■ ■ „ tiiicnfii,. 111. 

CUc.t.i ~ 

luui* Pit.Ml St. intuit, 

»i Pail,, elncltimitl, 

' Po.U, Kviill. villi-. 


. !S. Poll'. HlirlH«B»lil, 
H. ^. Ptrtl'a BrldgSnOrt. 
a. ». Pol)'., Witlirliurr, 

M, Z. Poll'., nrtnnloll, 
S. X, Poll'ai-Wllk.*tinri«. 
rili«c,r>'». tfnll »l..r. 
I kaady'v, K.wtioH; 
IIA tlmti 11) '1. N.W ilfllroiil 
llntlltilrn j',, I.wn oil. , 
Hal httivu >■',, BtoektoH, 

: ' - , ■ ftp*. 

Trout Tlicft(i'f. ( Trorttoii. 

P. K. Proctor'. 9tth HI., 
P. P, Prorlor'. llisth »t., 
V, P. Proiinr'. Nfw.ik, 
K. F, Pttrttnr'. Albany. 
F. F. Proctor'* Troy, . 
Wllm.r,yviiicaiit't, lllr», 
Wllniar AtVlnrarlt'a, 


W,'lo»., ■ 


Waller A Uuah, 

. ninBhA: 

Waiter ii itu.n, wiiai 

II. II. l.iimkln'a, Tot. 


iao, . 

Sletiileraon'.,C'uliay'l«l*iid, < II. II. I iKIn'., Ilnyton. 

^orrNoo',, noi'kiiiv.y. j Allilltnrllllil, l.yrlli, 
UBllllIlnil't, llol kttwoy . I. C. MUlilar'a lltrt A... 


Judar Park, . 

lUinnim Piifk , 1. 1. . Ml.lilr r'a tl.w FHmlly. 

Urmid Ilolildt, Mlf.t. rlleatrr, JotlnalowU, P«. 

tluiiilmky, O, Otlai-k Home, AltoOMH, P*. 

t.v, ,i|'-"- 


*. B;«it 1.1 

and Cliltagb 

■*. Bi--lt Is lmportftnt that artUts it-ml their r|imi time to both the \etv York 


Cincinnati.— Tt.e M4v Musical fe»tlrdl 
U.aratkWbJ ttelueuduiia lutetest. The bleti- 
ulal fenkt of mulody i-oiuumiik^s .May 1, with 
a memorial tu llumdnre ThnhiitH., The ulic- 

slluw mil] clvi'U!' nt Miitlc Hull about Muy t. 

Tin.- Ilfiyi'i.UjL't Hiimv liiauiturul Is for 

S. t. ... ■ Hi t. lluvlea will iiti I In; uulolnt Ut tha 
\3tl i-uUi'iM'lK uf Hit: Clik'luimtl Syinphoay 

GrxheNtra, at Alucle Hall, u, 7 Corlnno 

MO'>ir-i.Uivn'heii und the Cincinnati Wytn- 
tihony Orcliculro. dlreeted l»y Kranl: Van dcr 
HltiPKon, ni'dlsti'd Mi the r-ur-trj-tHfiil furoirell 
it'ttlnitciliii lu ,viu?ii> lliiiiiiin, at tlit* Gnmd, 
Mutvh Ut*. 'I'lnit git tod iflrl iiluittat )*, Kolnn 
lu JsUMps to t'outluii" her iiiunlcnl «tudl»'i. 
'lite thin! inn] last cmtcrrl of the Oik Uuar* 
miH' look plant Mai-fli 'JV, Hunt tlli;]>»rds. 
akslstlag. , 

MSrtfuif ' Hw»V. . 
j* , - Aerial 

Milclicll, LOO 

MoruHi. Kriuik 

N*w man, AI. G. 

Newtcan. J. D. 

Norloo St ■. 

fjt. -.. Nicholson 

Nawisry Rdw.F 

Notloti, M. M. 

Nenvtpii. Jt» ;H 

Norvt-ortl). Jack 

New [Oil, W, XV, 

NoO-lln. Have ' 

NelH.Ti'" Comltj 

KrlnoiK . Have 

Ncwnmii. JulinK 

0\f€ii Maedooal 

Uvlutt. W. IL 

O'Brien J. Arlh 

Pec). SetH 


- Duncan 

Paclieco. Delfla 

Partt!. LlQnal 

i'earl. BUtle 

fatitnetn; A'. F. 

PJke. L..-1L . - 

Petklua. llurryC Wllliami. Ear! 

Pyiinex, -TinttJ t Wct«ter AlfredA 

PoyST C..,„ T WJl80ti, Itftrry. 

PrIc,'lrmtr' , ,F- tvlison, J^ -Ilois 

PriFsL F:-C.-' f Waifb, MiC- 

pott*;r A.-. .,-'- 'WUwu, Fred ■ 
'HorttrclLWarfia, OiiinJ.B. 
VnikiT. Omf. 
Wbull, Hurry 
Wlilte, Rleh. L. 

Geo. & May 
Woicrburr, . 

0. :-'. Jr. 
Wnt-Tbury. E.J1 
Woods, Cally 
Wahb, t. H. 
WoTrt, J. D. 
WsiKer, BodiiIo 
Walters. C. L. 

fSm ■jtojtal 

feat, .— , 
rujjoT. 0. ,0.. 
Taylor, Juhn 
Van Piatt. U*o. 
Vsktls Hurry E. 
Vou tlorvdorL- 
-. I'rof, J.C, 
Vobai. Harry 1J 
Vati Auket3« Tho 
Veroon. Qsrl . ■ 
Ventura Hell. A 
VwSMb Oart 
VnndofkOp>, . 

v .-. Hqruiau 
Van (Troun. :>( 
Vernou •— (Veiit 
Valentine, Dr. 
Wood, Joseph 
Warren, Jnraea 
Woeekencr li.D. 
WHsoh, I'roHj.C 

ste|n. Wm. 

. JWarfl, A 
S fiB Oei Pcrklna, llurryC WJlltuoii 

lldii suit* of renin nueurs AjiHl IT. 1H. Of- 
ficial progr a tunics of, tlio tuiiuorls two now 

Uh.vnd OPttftA HoU-sr.. (llartv Ilalhfurth *: 
John If Ha villi, inimhucts). — Kyrb Hellev. 
April y-T t preseatluu 'llrtttlei," .LflSt h'Oeit, 
"Ihu' WUanl of On. Witt Usvo Montgomery 
obd t-'rotl Hthne, tho frullfcsufrih. nairar and 
lut'cttfrhriJly lbfl, reMsUM Urn artlsitc -.ut- 
csis of Its, fDrmct. visit, mmtom LotviWir, 
■nttfrncra li Leoteuihtiukuge. ilutdtt Lb- 
raiBS, 111 "Muti uUd Bi]|)Si-muu, 1 ; i»-14.; . ... 

kutitithok'B OrtittA houisi: iGoomc F. VUh 

& -LUcflh fc\ I'JSln rtlBiiugeyii).— TIW Fdl'ft- 

pa auh Steel Cu., will, nut. (A "Gftimt'll" 1*7. 

.villi Jt'SsulInc UUdgeri, fa liur- ilnui (ipcour- 

niito us.lstltHug lutly> ■ Tho Ilea s Hlslari* liatn 

tieert eagHsud tor ,H|uinisii uaouen. quil Fred- 

Ovl>:k Fniior will sing the tumiddi- suug. 

l*ast>wealti':A CiiViiiUr'or I'^runcu" was well 

ttngeU.. The uLctiir firtaUHCUieiiin, i/v May 

U'retbUcrg, wore hUpclU.. "Vnller t-ua'nrd*. 

al, Hutle do Fidsloc.iippimtcit lu etc*) I lent -oil- 

vntitnjjiT, Hurry KuivvJck, au King Iletilry 

Ilt'i Htiuletlu Vitdeis, ufj Onthcrlnti do Mful- 

cl» : -WeUcrlck KortflKlcv, us . Futipuu ; L»uta 

I'nrpotlt, -as Marguerite of Vntvols; JubsI- 

llun It-jiiuL-i', U3 Guhrlollo; Churlcs IJurti- 

bai», ns Ousini). umi Woltcr Gilhort, un 

Gliloul, were -well, dluttfd, UtttldeHB aVi'ia«L'il 

fhlr td good- Any null, la "La Tut-cu,'" 8. 
Wwrof mam An. C. Audersou. itiuiiu- 

Bor).-*-Jtiniee rabeH Hulllvaij, Hilly W. Wat- 

spa rfpd ArLliuf Whltolnw, Htariog lii "Me. 

Itlm adrJI.v 1-T. fho sueccs-i-o? Hilly U. 

run, lit '"i'ho Brl-hlld Dd!*," wds emiHiutlc, 

add pretty. Hdso lleaiiuioht, with u . Joumi 

more juiitig chhv'mets, usslutcd 111 nuttlag up 

a tci leg perforuiuiiee-. "ArleomT ti. «' - Ineliiibs; Hph. IhoDiiiion'M elepha ti, 

,Cplu&uiA (M. C. AntMfBtw. unnacer).— I'atardo, I tef Icy und Otoft Noriooa,- "the 

*— L ■'- frug nia a/' Three Mlltons. 

SrAIt tprew & Cniuubell. uianagurBl.—The 
Alemur Beauties. week of 2. Tha Dreamland. 
Burlcauuors druiv well last week- Tha Ovl- 
eulal ilurlHBtiuera 0-H. • .. 


i .ClfVelit«il.— At tho OtWra Muusn (tJdtty 
U, Kllti--. tuiliiultcr) John lh-w prewmtr* "l)n 
LBiietty," week or April 9. "Woodluad.'Matt 
wsclt. hud good ..houses. It was S week or 
Irluutpli fur lleli'ti H-ile, n Cleveland rM. 
wliu triis compolli'd, hy a perfect lornudo of 
iipplmiBf, tu rcsiuiud to many eueorvn. "Tho 
wESm of Os' 1 li-M. .n,i ;. 

LVu.oxiAL (Drew \ Campbell, inaiingci'i) . 
— riti; ■ ViiiiLjIjtii. OluBt-r. Htuek Co. presents 
"Trilby 1 ' lhln week. Tho Mtuu' votapntiy pre-. 
h/ntat "The Mght t hut. riilled" luu wxk, 
to capacity. The Ola«t'i* 8tuvk Go. next wotik, 

LtcliL'jii (Geo. M, Todd, uiunajruri.*— ' Tha 
Hnrirntil Stork Co. hoijIiiH lis Hnilng ueasou 
liets '2, fa "Tilt' W llderiiexK." "Sis llopklBN-' 
had ii good run taint wui-k. Tho Hartford 
Htuck Co. ii-14, pa 

cu,v),i> (Geo. M. Todd, muaugel-1.— 
"No Mother to Uuhlo Her" la the attrtetlao 
week of 'I. '/The Lighthouse by tha H*a" had 
Ruod househ, "How Iluxter Itntted la" 0-14. 

KLirll'D (II. A. DanU'lM, uittungor).— BUI 
"■ Co.. M 
. Havfy, Ca- 
../pa Bad Kay, Luw Hawkins, Anule 
uUd Jeimlu Vouihuas, und Carlo tin. 

week tjf 2 lui-ludes: HuvkCItoa 
pert Trio, Mr. and Mrs. Jim into I 
price, Lypa Bad Fay, Lew Huwkl 
'id Jeuiilu Vouihuas, und Carlo tin. 
Lvnic (!■;. H. Lang, manager).— BUT , srtek 

Arthur Dunn nud Mnfiu Giuster ul-e tiie-top- 
liriel-K Or thdbllll.und week. They put uu 
"The Siessjdgar Dov." loyand Clark, lu "A 
Modoru Joiwh;" Ifenl voU Weuil, Hoi 
Met-ritt. 'Llllliiii Mills und .lillldiL MOfl-ls. 

BttiUy> - T>*»ty , and One. tho Haukri'-lienter 
TfliT t -and lieroort's jiurforinliffr (fetal two uu- 

pci|r. I.uvlrilii Klhiili.on'i l|oiue eoinldy, Uiit 


Ijiirrreiice T. 
Parker. K. W. 
Pcclf. Percy G. 
Pvlcru PdcNettli- 
PuiMKud. Gei " 
Pry«rS. Tie 
Psseo. Hurrkll 
Pace. E. M. 
Pelikooa Ailulf 
Parker, Nick 
Packanl TbadA 
Pvliier. Eotfttw 
;._k A Luck 
Ilu II lUiad Jack 
Co. Mur.) 
RajTuynd Wui.Il 

Eleven, Heu 

Rich, Jack T. 
Reynolds Ilnrney 
Ro-ul, Lulgl 
Bleb, Jsek A 

need, Kd. 
Ryan, Dautel E, 
Bono, Geo. B. 
"loberts, Geo. 
_leb. Ur. II. F, 
Bosa, Dave 
Ttlcoardtiou, AI. 
ReilT. Jules S 
BIshy, Arthur 

lUtSt Brou. 
Ross, Tho a. 
Roi.l. Lnlgl 
BelhT. Geo, w. 



lard, 11. r. 
Wynne, M 
willing, tvaiik 
Wllron, Arth. 
Wllllnuii ft 

Wilson I'ruf.CH 
Wbltoooib II A- 
Wt-ovor'a. Aeril 
WilkM, If. U. 

Ward, Harry 

Alleo 6. 
West ft «ervia 
Woods ft. 

' . Thompson 
Warner. B. A. 
Toco*. Harry 
Touog, Jake 
YOuog. Ovorie 
Sfsrs A Zarn 
Zulella Co.lMsr 

weilc, wa«- uu evi'lit In vluidcvllto, *dhd' Ulib 
w(w WHiiijIy greeted oh "Tlio UnQrca CHrl." 
Her iqonologuo wuh b elevui- one. Juliet Mel- 
ville arid li vie Sietsuu, Billy Vim, LeilrtaJ Mr- 
Cord and lib <Miiuuimy, hi ''Tlio Night He- 
furu ;" Hi.'hdlti Clilylou. the Ouluw Trlu, und 
tho tiirupsoiib worn other» applauded. Ilu* 
duipu HorsAy uud J/otiu Uergere, late tauui- 
hers of tho Germuu Theutre Co., of Cluclu* 
aotl. ttade their Hrat loeul appcuraueo In 
vaudeville, usslsted hy Hoy fniietilld. Tbtlr 
eketoh, "Ho, She und He," wus pirtkuldrly 
brbfht Orpheum Show 8. 

.HFiuck'h OPuha Uot-HtJ (Hciiok, raBctof 
u Htulr, managers).— -The Hyino Brother* 
In "Klght iMb." 1-7. Lust wotilc, West mid 
Vokes, und tho popular eomcdlenue, Murgitiot 
Daly Vokcs. found "A Pair of Plnks ,r tho 
kuiiio splendid lauguct. One of tlio strongest 
bltH of the fares comedy «n the Valtl hy 
MIsa vokes and M r. Hlowurt. wlioso Iky 
r.otli xvrm the heat Houmr Inipersouutltni of 
tlio Hciisoii seeu here. "UhudoWa on tho 
Hearth" 8-14. 

ArinTi-iUL'u. — Ben tireet'a Pluyers liegla 
their week of Kllzuhethuu Hbukesiieure 2, la 
"Macbeth," uud picseut "Much Ado About 
Nothing," "Merehunt of Vcutco" aod "Jutlus 
Cirsor" In Hint order. 

Lycdi'sC ( Ileuck, Htulr & reuueedy, niana- 
gcrs).— "Too Proud to Ucg" LT. overilow- 
lug bouses enjoyed tbe Lenten spirit of "The 
Cbolr B|u«i'," In which Juliette Atkinson 
asottaicd the leading role, Hector Dlu, Naa 

Sreuaan. Jjtces ClsrJc. Q*->. ■ 

fnttt Tr»t- .Corfiett. JiekJ. _. 
ildwln MtrkSiCslder. Fr»nl: tftreen feJEsSMC 
BSsmer, Walt. Crow. Mutlcai Gnvti, Jno.- 

Erimmell BeiijjC Cbarleton 

mn*r. win b- 

Bond MnaH 
Bandy, 0-,W. 

Carls*. Cbas. v 

Crouclierv xv. F 
Coot Wallle 
Caldwell, f. '" 

TI..I, Tnl„, 

WiLTcp KisHitfi wlfl'bool Ti!6 Wllfr>cTT- 
■■uft of parks the corn lot? Bitazmer 'hroush ^h» 
CScacf w-iuuaj 5f =rr i y 

„jytr Whiyio*. iCramer. 6le 
Wrbef. Eiirl [Danes o, Lewis 
lurlow Joseph iPelhrht, Don 
BS)|, AtHiur 'Dtovue J,. J. Jr 
Bl Ckas. T. 'DeCl.UiTllle. Bid 
Baldwin & Dewltt. Wot. 

Brovfn. vV. E. DsIIey. IWW. t 
*3ct<rorta r. sL-vspaeaa. wm , 
fjuVe* C-hu, H Delmors, Tf/ro - 

GolDM. J. IL 
Gordon. Hurry 
Gofortk ft.Doyla 
qoiden, oea. P. 
Brieves. Wm. 
flflston, . Blllr 
rjiinserettl Cbsi 
Olennon John L 
nsrirtmL Walter 
Drc-et, Ben 
Oildeo. Uaefc 
Oranoett ■ • Mr. 
Gracti, Three 
ONORfl Orpb- 
' "Boya' Band 
Gait. J. I 

SU'Jatt iOMrrJ 

, Lincoln— At tbe Oliver (F. C. Zebruog. 
manager) "The Clansman" waa greeted by 
large nuslocbs March 27. 28, Kowe'e movlhg 
pLctures did nicely 30. 31. "The Holy City" 
April S, -University Glee and Mandolin 
Chili H, "The .Major of Tofclo" 7. Al. G. 
Vield'fl Minstrels 11, "A Jolly. Americaa 
Tratiin" 14, 

Lvitif: at. M. Miller, manager*".— Bin week 
of April 2 : Powers aod Freed. Lloyd opencer, 
Frank £,. l'^rry. Manning TrJo, Maorro, Mack 
end Ougul, Lloyd aod Trainer, -Morris Jooei, 
aod James and Celts Welco. . 

■ ■■ • ' . i 

Fremont.— At the Lurtou [Vita. Lowery, 
raaTugt-ri Jnhn GrltHtb, In "King Rlcbatfl 
III." pleased u doe houje, March 26. "Toe 
Couoty t'halrmao" drew a htsr bouse 27. Wm. 
H. West's Minstrels SI, "tbe Holy City" ths iorepaugli 
Api-U 2. Margaret Ralph, in "She Stoops to '- 
CoDfjuer,"' «..'.. , _,. 

i i * a * ' i I . 

Mas. -James H*KLU«Jt, wao.o ptofetv 
atoosl cams before hat toarrlage vaa BaB 
Bancroft, add whos* pr* tent address Is 517 
Dadphloe Street, New Orleans, La., writes: 
■**M» brother, JStnes W. Conant, who died re- 
cently, left, -beside his wife and mother, his 
<;nt? sister (Zoe Conant) and a nephew, El* 
r»riiU*e. Charlton. I nm parilcutfirly anslont. 
itT find the dddrr-HK of my moiher, who tiau 
bollevefl me denrt for Reveral yeafs." 

FiU!«Ci:k TThoK, wlfo of James Q. Bcsifioy. 
of (be Lulu Gluoer Co., una a shier of Mr*. 
v. o tuyi'i-iiB. AtnO ut vwwmlplm «a ■Uarct 

?0 ' 

were members of the supporting company 
who did dciddedly well. "A liomuuco of 
Coon Hollow" 8-1-if. 

RAHhln (C. B. Arnold, munuger). — Roae 
Bydell's Londoa Belles put on "ttaszUtag 
Nuncy" 1-7. The sojourn of the 1'arlftlaa 
Widows was most proOtuhle, Bon Welch. 
Mildred Vulraore, the Kcltons, Hunan and 
Kearnoy wore contributors to u fund of bur- 
leiwjuft of good quollty. Bon Ton Uurieiqueri 

PtopLp'H (Hubert Ueuck, msoflger).— ■ 
Wutsoo's Oriental Burlesqiiero 1*7. The Al- 
cazar Hcuutlex Ufgun their good entertain- 
ment last week by prcsontiog "The Komaueo 
of a TJrtss Knit Case," Tbe Keions, Kellcy 
and Bartlett, and Uuwtello und Hears helped 
ht'lguteu tbo olio. "A Midnight Dream," tho 
cloning burlesque, fcored a buccess. Amor* 
lean BurlesipjLTH 8*14. 

Uobhip or thu Lou ut.— Ulan* of Ibe Hum* 
mn- ucutioa huxu lutrndcd on Winter's linger- 
ing embrace, for the Couey Hland Ulvcr ruus 

of the Princes*, and Quevii begin 8 The 

Music Hall IHnk Puk closed for tbe st-SBOo 

on tin iJurjHriciuers u-i-i. . -- 

flMl'tni; trims. W- l>n/lngpr, managerl 

— Mpblc'a. KfiUtanrborJcerst 2-t, 1 Wlwi WdtOlBO' 

nuri: Houg* had.LTniditit.iiNCN Inst .week., M«d- 

fhesler's Cra.hJrJinikH 0-14. ■■ ••■ - .- -•;■■*; 

.':? r ... ".' ■* .' rr ■-.■■■ v '\ 

ColuiiibuN. - At the Great Hoiuheru (0. 
M. Uettnri', UiauuHcr) Kyrln Uelle-w, lu "lUf* 
lies," drew large bouHca Murch 27, 28. "Tho 
Count*- Cimlrinnit" eutertulued hirge croftils 
2U, 110. Thoutaj Jeffertioti, booked for 81, 
was forced to cancel, ou ucuouut of the cou- 
illllrm of bib voice. Henrietta Cronmau April 
3, "Tbe Wizard of Oz" ;.- 4, John Draw- P. 
Lulu Ulaser 13, 14. 

GiiAKO Opeua House (W. w. Prosier, mn*»- 
nser). — "Sweet Clover" drew fairly well 
March 20-28. Tho house will bo closed for 
tho rest of tho tieusou. with pomlldy a few 
Itoolilugs now uud then. Munuger Prosser 
will dovotu lilt lima In astdr-.tlug .Manager 
Harper, of Um lllvli iflrwit Theatre. 

lliuu Htiikut (Cliuri. W, llitrpcr, manager), 
— "Too Proud to lU-u" fnrwl wnil March 20- 
28. "The Heurt of Chtciiuo" hud good bust- 
neers 2IMIL "Oui'cli of Hie C'ouvlcle" April 
ir-i "How llnxlur BUOaa In" iV7. "Wight 
Hell*." !i.|f, Hl||y ]i, Van, lu "The IC-rrnud 
Hoy," I21J. 

Noilw. — Arthur Hubeiielclu drew only rt 
fair sized audience at Memorial Hull Mure:) 
JO. owing to tlio Inclcau'ut weather.,..., 
Announcement has been niado thut Kldw h 
Urlangcr un* nroouc the blddors for the leawd 

of the Empire Tiirutio liliuor West- 

cott. who waa formerly u member of the 
Empire Utock Co., Is here rlslllng with 
frltuds for a tow weoks Thomas Jef- 
ferson hud to cancel his Columbus engage- 
aent owlug to an uffoctlou of his voice, 
which bus almost entirely left him. A long 
re.;t baa been prescribed as the only eure. 

Souvenir photogrspbo of members of 
__ Stock Co. were glveo to tha 

ladies last week The rail festival At- 

Toledo—At the Valentine (Otto Kilter, 
manager) "Untiles," with Kyrlc Bellow, caine 
to a tin house March -!(J. Johu Drew pleased 
20. ThomaB Jeffcrbou April 4, "Tho County" 5. "Tho Wizard of Qt" d, 7. 

Lyceum (I'rauk Burt, manager). — "Tom, 
Hick uud Harry" loudo u good showing March 
20.28. "Hhcrloe.. Holmes" 29-31, "Tho 
Kerry How" April 1-1, 

Nil i'in l (Aha Bhuplro, mnnager). — liohlc'l 
KnlcItcHioLkciv. luat week, hud go«>il pstrou- 
age. Tho Crueker Jacks 1*7, Casino Girls 

Hti/n'H (Kronk Hurl, luauager).— "Olrl of 
the btn-eli:." Murch 3G-S8, Bad good busl- 
richu. "Ivattt Lyuue" 21.-31, "X Ilomuoci. of 
Coou Hollow" April II. 

Anrxi-L (If. II. Laiukeu. maDUgcr).-*-Good 
liualaesu. (Illl fur week of 1 : Kunffiuau 
Troupe, .Marlon und Deunu, Mr. und Mrs. 
Robert FU/slminons. Kitu puuzu Jupu, Ury- 
ant and Seville, Edftb Doyle and vltagraph, 

soclstlon has. secured Washington Park for 
A;jg. CO to Sept. 2A A Queen of the 

Mlfitsry Carnival u to be slsoted during that 
ten day affair at tbe armory, colnmeoclng 
18 One thoassnd children from the pub- 
lic ftchoMs will sing Benolt't, cantata, "In th« 
World," during tbo May festival.. ....Dr. 

K, J. Elftflnuelmer. of tbe College of Mualc. 
sf>es to Cedar Rapids, In., as soloist with tho 

Thrtoinre Thomas Orchestra .Jennie 

Jlannfiellnpr ffim to Padiieah, Ky./-1, 1ft glre 
a drsmntlf msuM of "Merely Mary Ann." 

* The Zoological Onrdcn linn already 

elowil coiitr«<-lr' for u i-rlfH or I'ljiM-erlM nnsft 
SUuinter by Hie P/ N- Imvcu Hand -The 

r.ju!iniw*i • Brians sl-Jio In tn si"*. -,t mJosiH 

Darfoitr— At tbs Natloosl Theatre (Gill 
Burroughs, mohagsr) "In Gay New York" 
appSBrsd, March 2fi-28, to splendid bilsiaslt. 
"sweet Clover" drew very well 20-31. Com- 
ing : "How Baxter Butted In" April 2-4, 
"My Wlfe'a Family" 8-7. 

vfcroni* tc. G. Jilller. maoBger>. — "TbS 
County Chfllrman" was witnessed by s largs 
mullein.* March 28, Kyrlc Hellew uppeared M 
"JtnritOr," ,11, lo good hiiHlnetw. Cnmlng: 
"Tile Wizard of Ox" April % Henrietta Cros- 
aV*t> In "Mnn*. Mary. Oitll" Con-trnry," 4. 

SoLOicnfl' IIumu. — "A Homnncu of Co"n 
Hollnw." Murch 27, araf w>-M wifr'-uir.'".. 
DwlTB. 'j"»Muu. April ;: ■ ■ '" 


•tffflB rSb&sw tqtm? ^liiPPi^B. 



. Ibo-lirtt sensation fef the composor of "Mr Dusky Rose," "By. the TVatehneton Vine, Had* too," "On re Way," "Sciswora 10 Giind," "Any Ragef » etc. i Alteady being featured by, the Go Wen Oato oointttte, Hgword and Loltoy, Tbtke Comedy * . 
Kimball Broa., Jones ond Surton, Murphy and Trance?, Bower? Bora Quartette; .Gordon and Chadon/ Juniper Mid HajC3. Alabama Comedy 4, Butler Haviiana, racud Du&ali, BonrrMyofa. Arlington 4, Toe Cie?e:and3, Bes3le Overton, Mta Bennett * 
Houtton Co., Judical 5, Julia Heltf num. v/ith toe Ltd Lifters, formerly High Rollers Co., and many others, Including enrl<i Smith and the Two Johnsons. Be wise, write AT ONCE. - i . .... 

FREE cote* and Orchestration tothl-Mongand many other brand new ones to professional singers sending 1 up-to-date programs, 2JO ATTENTION to oa da and postals- . 

6ong OrcltMt uttons. with Piano AocompanAment, to Orchestra Lenders, We. Regular Song copies to noft'PtotesMonala.'iOc. ... .*■■.•" 


167 Tromont Street, 

geo. Mult "stm" mm * 



183 Feet, 


Vft this aahject the trials and tribulations of a studio Photographer are vividly portrayed. To 
!« toe iroatiles c< the ARTIST, Ma ASSISTANT, the liRIDE and BRIDEOROOM; tie OLD JIAII) 
and POLICEMAN an* .the BPLL FIGHT1NO CAMERA will provoke SHOLTS ■ OP 


225 Feet, 

Well may It he paid tliat-rauttc.wllLcrinrm the savage bcn.ta, butlhla picture Bhoffsthe cxtraor- 
dlnarr treatment the JIAL'SWIO receive, uy the SPOOK TROMBONE, the CHICKEN SOLO, the 

WATfiR FANTASY ond-lnc remarlsaMe, antics ol the .WHIRL1NO PLANT), which- produce 

a P«F.50.'ffiIJL SCCCEgg, ■!.'» 


LENOTII, 1,000 F*,KT. PRICE, 81 30. 



A SOI EAST 08th STREET. § KJj ^ opc^Al C o., $ 

~ QABTON fflHJBB, Oen'l Mgr. <> m 8tat, street, Chicago, m. f? 

Wanted, for I Oth Annual Tour of 




Opening in Central Illinois July W, COMBDIAK. with Specialties; SODRRETTfc, with Specialties; 
woman for General liuslncrw; one (lolugHiieiMultifls preferred, Mau for Heavies. Man (or Juvenllc-Si 
Man for Chnrrtcters nod flottoral Jinalin'su; good general nil uronud Repertoire- Actor. Man for Frops. 
and Paris; tirct>rone tlioi frniri-uii IUnstraiert Song Machine. Man with Moving rktitrc Machine and 
Filma. FKATUUF VAVPK.V1LIR ACT. Must be snmethlng ont o( the ordinary. Only KXPKRIUNCEl), 
sober, reliable Repertoire People wanted. This la, a Qrst. class .engagement with one of tbe mot t re* 
liable and successful repe-rtouv companies playing the West and South. Tell all first letter; salary, 
age,- height, weight, experience, etc SendjtrngvaraB and photon If convenient. Address 

M. o. AI.1KV, Mgr. Hoyt's Comedy Companv, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1 ■ 

R. U. A- 




I. H..n«mlck&Co. 
45 W- ZBU) St. 


I won't ploy unless yon eoai: me— 

I don't like you any morn; 
I won't bring yon any candy 

Whcu 1 come back from the store. 
I wont help yon waah.tlic dlahen. 

You can bake the mud pie, too; 
I won't play unless yon coax me; 

I oop't care— I'm toad at yon. ■*■ 


LocalSluffl, my socoutt book or Monotogaes, Joke?, Comic Poetry, Gags, Encore* aud-fnnnr 
atage material, price -a ceut». .'Also my lira! book or cumedj, HUY IIW.9 cents, jllao a snre-nro 

parodlea that forlplnallv Hold for jl.w', now reduceilto 2ft cents. Heat bunch or stuff ever offered at 
these price*. , Get In bcforo.thcy are all gone, 

REN shields, 31 »'. 31st St., New York. 



Sow booking; onlv Thenuo (li IhP I'ocahontaa coal Uriel; want 

To npen aUomSfiit. I. lIunnmlrclMcqulnd. R.R. ROBERTS, Manager. 

"VKTst23.te«a at Onoe, 

Vust be Al and haec' pond wardrobe. Would bo pleased to hear tana all people who have answered 
iircvlous ad. Send pSottWl'n- **"• ?'• Clair, IlonnKi Jleyersanil Louis Anchor, wrllo. 

" • »' l.ll .l.inmlKiK, Opera. House, Port Allegany, Pa. 



mrlheremalndei-M(hi,*»en«i)ii (ewat weeks) and for next season. MttttiiuiliMIMItr. Ung 
seaaou. Addrc»s aa per tool, ia CLllTEU. ■ c. C. Pt.ABl,, .Mnniigee. 

XV«»atecli *oi- Spring and Summer/';' • 

AXfiELt'S (MEDIANS (S(nillierii), J. I AiratLl, Prop.; 

Good Renerlolro COMEMAS wllh'pneclailics. Good General ACTOR with s|ieclallle;, lo ran ^tagp; 
GOOD Lead M WOHAS. Willi watdrtlie tor swell llac of parts. Other People wrlle. Specially Pebplo 
l'orSuinuier Parks llial can ebntiae pfton. A year's liligoKcinonUoyi.u If, you make good. .Make "41. 
Jrv rlRhi, tor jou ..Eli. O. NETV. Mgr.. so. .\lc.\lnster,..uid. Ter., April 2 and week:. Broken 

Voimi nr'liVrir,Co|ii°aeloVal OiiHi (overythlngl. tltoredm Plcdmonl, W. Ta. 


The tt^greayes Side Show* 


«err^Hrrt r ctjv4'®f^^ 

JS!,»ran'..l B ed.Auu 0S .:Addre. 3; : ^^^^^^S^^^iJ^-^ 

T.O BUY & 



19x19. red. in color, very heavy and good. 
Co»t 9ttDo, Will be sold for $350. For 
particulars apply to 



A good man with Moving Picture Machine and 
plenty of Films suitable for Rink use. Power's 
maculae preferred. Engagement for ten weeks 
or mote, Reference, any hank' In cltyof'Enox- 
rille, Tcnfa. Address at once, 



WANTED, for 


Tnba to double stage, ntrong Comet, slide, that can 

E lay small parts; Piano Player that can double in 
and, experienced Cook for car, Reliable Hoas 
Canvas Man, Porter for car that cap play bra?p. 
Will pay cash, for another comb, car, M feet or 
longer, 6 steel wheel rrucka. Addrcs?. quick. 
WALTER J. McDONALD, Mgr., Abilene, Kan. 
Must Join at. once. Show opena here April it. 

Wanted Quick, 

Leading Lady, Heavy Man, character Woman 
with ypcdnltlev Cornet, B. and 0., Drummer with 
Tfaps, etc. Sober, reliable people In all lines, 
write. Those doing Specialties and Doubling 
Band preferred. A year's work; pure raonev; good 
treatment. State lowest anlary; pay your owh. 
Write or-wlre, H. A. UOnoiS, Mgr., Verna May 
Co-, April :, Troy, Mont.; April lo, Jennings, Mont. 
Per/.addrcss Mlnot. K. Dak. 




BLUE iHD reserved seats. 

Address IV. W1LSOH, Teek Theatre. Buffslo, n. Y. 


HAPHOi * SBAl!OM»r»S'AKE: RAOniM Dance. .tWrgeouscostnmes, tlghu, elides. Theso_slr«ng 
*' K AT linic M& will . strenglheu your ehow and tiring you money, for rosing : Velvet Olodtt, Silk 
"r™.Vsllde», lis; Sernenirfte'BllVDreJa.taiGanM, 110: Fire Dance Outats, M.P. Bound Effacta,;,. 
e«rfrMdwi«k Slides, «. rnoF. stilBtus, louwc.taun. St., s.V, yulck; bargain,. 


One 12XIW, 14x36, 19XSH, 22x60, and then some 
Black Tenia, two Stereopticons, one Statue Life 
luusion. Folding organs, 3,000 Folding Chairs, 
Spring Motor, one Electric. Piano, Canvas Seals, 
Cots, Pillows, Hand Organs. SEND EOR FItEE 

Sprlnglleld, Illinois. 


PYTHONS (Llghl Colored ) In All Sliro. 
At the lowest prices. Good Fecdera and Handlers. 
J. tlOPK. 33 N. Oth St.. Plilla.. Pa, 



To eomplctoSummer Co. ; 8. and D. Soubrette ; men 
luiist dottblo braHs; two good Onnvas men. 
■ ' " J- QR1ESE, Ulbblng, Minn. 

Wanted, for Stetson's Uncle Tom's 
Cabin, Eastern Co., 

Trombone tor n. ami o„ Man for Phlnras and 
Lagroe,' who doubles brass; Barltono who doubles 
violin. Addreaa as per route. 




Pianist, ■ Juveniles, Light Comc'dr. 
Sight Reader, flnntcel Henries. 

Experienced and reliable. Address 
: . ' '■•■■■■■■' ANN ARBOR, MIQH. 


Al Trap l»ruinm«r 

Atonce for balance or this season and next, stale 
all iu llrnt letter. Useful peoplo, write. Address 
. , -J. CLKWIft, 81 PLl'NKARD CO. 
ROUTE: Vlnce'unert, !nd., April 4; EVansvllle, 
5, ML Vernon. III., t>| Oarml \o, Uarrlsburg 11, 
Marlon, Murplunboio H. 


lad v Arts of Ever} Deseription 

PbrCiirlu utttl. Alnb BwHabiM Ladies. Opeoa'l 
Summer. Addteaa L. I). WALKER, 

WalktT'a Museum, 3 Bowdolu Sq.. lhatou, Maw. 

AMATfcURS. WE mrmdct 

niiina wwiiwg a))l | prepare yon, for 
too-stago by man snd'Bccnro yon an engage* 
nient, .send stomp for particular*. 
DU 81LANF SCHOOLS, Box !3T. So. Dcnd, Ind. 

ologuo, short gaga anu ,,-ia 
or. tiqulbs,- all for a.ic, to. Introduce our work. 
Stamps or coin Answer quick. J,ot limited. 
IDEAL SKETCH cU, Providence, K, I. ' 




Reliable companle?. Good lime. Sure salaries. Thirty Dramatic People, forty chorna tidies, f 0nr 
Qnart^ttea, six S. andl). Team?, four B. and O. Leaders and thirty Musicians and all klnda of bis: out- 
door Acts ond Free attractions. We are now booking Companies, Parks, Carnivals and. Fairs. ■Every- 
body write to-day- and "Tell All," Including lowest. People,.mate Kansas City your headquarters. 



A Real Novelty 



Hand Balancers and Fnulllhrlsta without eqnala. ORRIN BROS. CIRCOS, City ol -Mexico, April is lo 
May 27. Would like to hear rrom mgrs. South for June 4 and later. Regards lo friends, 

Aitdres. ALLEN AND MARHVAT, Ol IV. fillt St., V, Y. 


for the vaudeville performer wbo kcepn tils net up to date. No matter whether you are a 
top-liner or fast breaking Into tlie profession, ?end at once for the world's greatest book of 
stage fun, -MAD1SONS BUDGET NO. 10 -if» pages of sparkling comedy material. Including 
9 great monologues on topics ot the day, 8 very funny sketches for2 male?, 4 splendid sketches 
for male and femnle, Si original parodies on popular songs, 3 roaring bnrlesqties'and farces 
that, run 60 minutes eacb, besides an immenae amount of new giigs, 'jokes, comic pocmsj 
slitewaik patter, etc. Price only 91 PER COPT, but worth tw, or vour money returned. 
Oct the Budget tiabtt. Back: lssnes out of print except BUDGETS 3, 7 and 8; Will send any 2 
for $1.50, 3 for $2, or BtJPQETS 3, 7, 8 and 10 for $2J0. ■• * 

"Any one tohncanH qh a dollar's north of laughs out of Madison's Budget hat w? 
sense of humor."— Burt Marion, of Marlon and Deane. .', ; •' 



DU Chorus ©iris 


IB. '..,'■ ■ 

JOHN INMAN, Inman's Casino, Coney Island, N. Y. 




Introducing their Irish Comedy Sketch, entitled MRS. HOGAN'S HOUSEKEEPER. ' ■ 
Will finish on Amnion's Crystal circuit April S; will open on Adamf crystal Circuit,throueh Colo . 
Hay 13. Permanent addreBB N.Y.VUPPEB. 



Whom you all know, make a big bit at every show;. Address all good agents or 1622 Madidoa Ave . , XX 


A I'lHST CLASS .:.,.'. . 

One that can bo handled by a lady. 'M' A ST TEN COSSACKS. Address, stating hill particular^ 

G, W. LIIXIE, "Pawnee Bill," Canton, Qliio.^ 

The New Era Floating Palace 

Vaudeville Performers and Musicians, B. and 0. Season of 40 weefce. Performers doubling band pre* 
fcrred. Address W. P. ainNAiR, care ofllew Era, Pi. Plgnimut, U. V». 




April o, 10 and 93 opeu. -».'■•• 

At Liberty, for Summer and Next Season, 

cuyh. BARTLETT louise 

"ULArK 1)1 S JUNES." 
in AninEv MinusTiiAL's . 

Joint engagement only. 


UelghMft. Mn. '^--«r 




A Comedian Mult I. Funny «■,.! m. SI ralglit M»n that' I, Clever. ... 


tm jot^oie^ispee; 




••'*'*•'" Car* Furnish Anything In -th© T*rialr»©cS Animal Line. 







WORMWOOD'S Dogs and Monkeys, 

20 oooa ld» MONKEYS. 


Known Av 30 Years a. the Leading Animal Act of America. 


Thr'MoBt ifttltfyii-K u,ld Kntertalning Act Ever Pat Together. 


The Old Btory In Pantomime. On.- Dog AaaUled by Lady-. 



Introducing a Very Hovel Stage getting. 




An Entirely New Animal Act. 

MISS MILE'S Pantomimic Poodles. 

A tltiautliul Love Story by Heal Canine Actors, witb Full Set 
of Transformation Scenery. . 


" " t raon'K op sk.i uoii« ,wp sbah, ' 











S25.00ft.00 Invested in Trained Animal Ads. 

The Lara-eat and Moat Perfectly Bqulnned TralnlnK Unai'tei a 
in mi' World. 


Young and Prepossessing Ladles to work trained 
animals. 8end photos and full particulars. 

First Class Animal Trainers. Steady employ 
ment at good salary- 

Young Men to assist. Steady advancement to 
those showing capability. None wanted except 
those who have had experience. State full par- 
ticulars In first letter. 


i x 




To Hear From Parties Wishing to Dis- 
pose of large or Small Animal Acts. 


All Communications to PROF. V. ■*». WORMWOOD, IV1 ■»■-»•» go r, 



"Oct. the money llk« a hen picking up •«■•" "J"" 
.uterine upon the third .eeron of popular and de- 
nned .ueceae. Over two hundred lu ■ucera.tal oyer, 
nllon lo.t .«».»». Tho moat popular attraction 
ut reeorta. allow, and lair.. Tho only Blot aia- 
elilue tlmt deliver, u perfect photo "gardle.. of 
weather condition., dimple and Mir In "!»»«»»• 
A child can do It. Big profit, quick and Mtr 
. pront 

niach"lne» average prolTt. a. high a. MM per day. 
Every machine o"b.ol..tely guBrnnlecd. W rile *»M* 
ologue. deterlptlon and price ll.t ior our WO* model 

M. S. KLINE, 45 H. DitlslOB St.. Buffalo. H. Y. 


Pittsburg's Newest and Greatest Resort, .. 


WJNTED, A Few More High Class Amusement Devices. 

M «rllr 
Aiii) !■*•»« 

BREAM CITY PARK CO., Room. 203 Nixon ©ldfr, PitUburR, Pa. 
W.'tf. HAMILTON, General Manager and Constructor. 


Arc ■»!, fmlRMbg up [our week, on the Kolo 4 Caallc CTrejuM, Lf^dSSuMMS* w? nw.l 
In raoh home, f rwv arc hooked up until May 28 by the Woatera Vtujai K*Pu5Wntl»ySS« 
"even Mcks for 1. t. Jackson, of sloux Clly, la., awl found Mr. JM*™. J 'aVSiincr 
II real to work Tor. <Vo play too week* In Mr. Jackaou I fnrkB tlil» aummu. 


MuBiciu n to filreni 


'Io two or more iiCTfl. Long, nitre hohsoo. Naino lowest saiary..-..- 
"Baatwpewo r-ftcr jotntnK Mnat be nUlp to Join oil , wire, Jtpkehi only ** &$*** ™ c 
us per route. JONES A AIMM9, Kamlicr*,*. 0., April o: £**«*£* S. C..7. Alia 
well, 8. 1)., lo; UHllwOn, 8. C, »; Aikeu 12. D»icd and Hac.., wrDic or a ire. 

Ic wo know, Address 
" C.,o; Barn- 




a-a-AKAl a^JXMglg ^ 



KAPHAW T-«J.T 'rICAL gt.«l«CAT». 1W ^WW. N.JI 

t>iVX,Y etna O'BMEN 

.^ANOudrOoT' OOIVISEOV duo. 

1 I I H'T 1IKL1' StUfu 




Actors that Double in Brass 

Slnitlnir and Unnclnir fibubrciic nnrt n lluxt ti)K 
Affeni that knows Canada. Iteniiiinund Summer 


F. £. JOHNSON, AotiuK Manjiger, 
Tower City, Va.. April :.; MlmwHIc April «,. 
CariionrlKic April v. 



l'oiiTim : 

lellle B. Chandler ladies' Orchestra. 

nl'ItT A RANDALL. Exclusive It.ioklHR Airchln.' 

llninil UJiCTft Hoiisi:, Hi). lull, -Mile,". 

WOST YOV lit Vi: A 


W A l» T 


Who ilo MiiglCH, prefer piano playcrA; ullt'iii nctH 
all kindrj; luarfer mid miixIclitUH, It. and 0.; troupe 
lIuks. 1'im'iH men. picture man Willi HIiiih; prcfur 
pirformera donbllDK II. or O. and miialclans #lth 
^iuM'iaiiit"*: work fir tM. chnnse ■'■ tilKhtx. Kamo 
lowest nml toll all vou do flrsi lcitcr. Open Ijere 
fthontMnyl. Kef., PiM : Nutlomil Hank. Write 

BOYD BURROWES, Loup City, Neb. 


shows, Amnios. 

VTolurea new style strip 'UfU, l-uiwii Lltrht 
and Swlicli llox for yon." Somwhliiif ilmt can't 

tali to i)lcn»0 vou ■(.! a price tlJOt Invito your ul-. 
itDilon. 8not l.imiusnii Flood MfrtifH for n 0, <?, 
lo-lncli coodenner. Alf^o Bontr lAntcrn*., Hootin, 
HcriB, Film ttoxoa, etc. 8<md for KUpl. taloloKiie. 
To dcalora only. 
S. AT KltN, Mf ff., 109 N. 10th 8t., I'lil liulclplila. Pa. 


JolD at odco. 00 ft. nagoBgo anil rial earn for gate. 
8UN' BnoW.'.flai-aonali.Oa. 





,.■■"'■-,',.■,■■'-, '■'; ',■■ 


'it! A 


• ■■ 1 

v JH 

EL : ^H 

" ■•^^B 




■■ ■ 

': : ' 

fjttf 1 


* v BnB k 

j^ffa,"'" '•^■'<\'--JS3m 

■;'■" • 


Now nlaylijit pnm and fpeelultv olili Mt'lili \V \ MACK (JO. AddreKr* 

JOK IJIHN'KH, It* p., 'J1NV .Mllliird Av.-., ChDraRO. Ill, 

W.W'i'KI), roil IliftiJv WILD WKtfT~BmM Unvna Mull. Heat Man, Oliandellor, IIP I 
PohI'th, Property, j?IlH- HIuhv Tunif.n <lond Hliitrer, ulliu.iitiddtt. or litllcr. i'Oll HAM): Coniei, 
Clarionet, llarllono, Trap Drilimner. PUIVII.KOK^: rfMi'ly.ele., Hot NmAUMh, HypwyCaiiip, unit 
n'l ipKittinale prlviicgi>-, Hell tr iierf'i-iiitigc Pirrii <-\hh ucenijiiufiiluifoiii lu our own train of' 
Plocpem. I'onltlvely you muMtntat(ihiwo«teiai«rv dr« letlnr.and Nil TIOKBTH, In not a New Year 1 -* 
rcMnluiion with hh. show oiwnx here April 'Ji. One day HUmda. Kliow U new from cud to end; jrui-K 
out ivlihvui a ilollar In debt, and linicoM ecjln c,r the realm and experloneed, rellahle ivorkurA lo 
run It. W'ANTKU, old route hooke. U'o ure maklutra tulleeii.m. KKKIB AUtlHKMKKT CO. 0"- 
corparotudj, i.'npt, C, U'. Hl^tt, President, peminally in elinrtte, No. i».fi Wnltou M'ny, .\uRuntn. tin. 

Wanted, Good Dramatic People for Summer Stock Co., 
Olenwood Park Theatre! Frankfort, Ky. 

MouforKeadii, Jovonllcs, Oliaroclor nml HeavleK. Al«o Hlatcr Tosm. women for Juvenile*, Char 
u-:tentund Houhreitci. People with (rood atrontf apeclaliy will ho siren profcrenco. Olvr all p«r- 
tlcidnre.Ptaio lowoHiftainrr and f>end photo lufli-Htlottor. 10 week*' Hummer mock and 40 works' 
Winter ura-on fdr all who niako «ood. I'leiuro Machine ultractloui wanted. ConeoMionato let. 
Writoorvrlrei|ulrk. Rohrloty cmentlal. I>. J. MoNAMARA, Mar. Capitol Theatre, Frankfort, Ky. 
Jerome Anthony and Minute unprue, write. . ; . ,' - . 


! I'll wrltii ONE ONLY t. 

a. in-fore .\iiri 

MARVIN LEE, UA Uneoln Ave., Uhlr..o. 

... ffrllo ONE ONLY for rour sol If you'll aenil me *l 
( with italn oa. lleforo April H. Afler thai .1.1c, »6. 





' IitirMuelhg Bird Acrobats nnrl Torablon, Ho man Chnrlol and Trotting IU-.ce*, Hurdle Juinplnsr, Wonflerfnl Globe Feat* In Mid Air, Triple Har SomcraaHita, Hunting Huatirlllea and oilier cutr ».,.- r BnB 
original litinta, con«-lnding Willi a new aciuutlolinl finish. ALL PROUt'CEIl OK AN OVAL PLATFORM, Iloars of laughter and applaun* Una greeted thU mar* clou* exhibition of perfection, vli<gaiitr »!j 
rMnimaiit from Yucatan to Mexico. Tlie original contract with Orrln Hio«. for 10 troek* was extended to 30 week* by Mr. Prod A. Ifarlgfton on account of phenomenal oncer**. Sow In the Tth trlnmuh*,, 
waok at the Oran Clrco Orrlti, Mexico City, and creating an eiithn«la*ttc oration of delighted apprrrlatlou at every performance. Atttlrlttat«d fe-ftta, nnch a« ptlltlng ilp flag*, ringing a bell, tuerry** ' 

■ 'roand, old flro *c*aie, #*te., perform eil on m. Bqitarn tabic with gingerbread tilckle trimming*), were all performed by me, and were relegated to the Jnnk heap years ago. ■*- 



Andre** all eommaulcatlon i 


Or. Hit JVMB5 T. BACK tig, Ita an* 13» tfnl jjtt gt.. Aetr tf«ri« ci|». ; * 

Mm Roao. 

All Route* Mniit Reach to Hot Later 
Than Monday. 

peka, Kmi., *i. Indefinite. 


Adams, Maude (Charles I'roljtiicn. ingr.) — N. Y. 
City 2- indefinite. 

Allen. Viola (Charles W. Allen, tugr. )— Omaha. 
Nebr., . -1, KoD«fm Oliy. Mo., a-7, Mrrop'iK 
Term., ii. Btrmliighitul. Ala., 10, Atlanta., On., 

11, IS. Nashville. Twin., 1-1. 

Angltn.- Marguiel (Henry Miller, nigr. ) — Culeitfa, 

til.. 2-14. 
Aldrlch. Chas. T. (A. II. Wood", wgr.)~ Blrailnz* 

ham. Ala.. 2-7. New Orleans, La.,, W-14. 
"An Ye Sow" (llnuly ft Gristlier, nigra.) — Ijitv- 

renco. Mux*.. 2-7. 
"Arltwna" (Darin J. Rntnale. nigr.)— FlttaLurjr. 

l'a.. 2-7, Cincinnati, 0.. 8-14. 
"As Told In the Hill*" (Win. F. Mann, ingr.)— 

Bridgeport. Couu., 2-4, Colioes, N. Y., G, Iter- 

klrm'f. O.micii 7. "; 
■•At Plney Wilrc" (M. 0. Hbjglns, mgr.)— lLir- 

Nub-tra, I'a., 2-1, Bunding C-7, Brooklyn. N. 

Y., ti-U. 
■■Acros* itje Pacific" (QaVL-V. Blatter Anium.\ 

Co.. merit.) — Providence, R. 1., 2-T, Boston. 

MaM.. li- 1 1. 
"An ajyWamllrl Trump," II. Kltroy 4 Brit ton'* 

IS, K. Lester, nigr.)— Piirham. Minn.. 4, All- 

hill S. CloQtiot 0, Superior, Wis.. 7. 8, Wasli- 

hnni 0, A»Iilnnd 10, rtiUllpd 12, Tomahawk il 

Bhluelander 14. - r 

Blanche Bates (David Belasco. higr.)— N. Y. City 

2. Indcfltilte." 
Earryn«ore. Ethel (Charles Fronmaii, mgr.) — 

Boston, Mas*., 2-1-i. 
Bernhardt. Miue. Sarah (Sbnbert Bros., mgrs.) — 

Oklahoma Clly. OEhi., 1, Omlon. O., 11. . 
IJcllfrir. Kyrle (Ltebler & Ca, mgrB,)— Cluclii- 

n*tt, O., 2*7. ■-, 

ML DHHr (Unlilcl ft Arthur, nuir. 

111., 21-J. 
Bnrgphu, Neil — llocklaiul, Me.. 4. Uutli S. Atigueta 
.11) -iViiterilllc .T/-PDCUino«tu, N.H., B, BldUo- 

ToW. Me.; It). ftHAertrorth, - N. H.. 11, Concord 

12, Franklin 13, Natrium 14. 
)lfr«»forJ. ilarrj (J. J. Colciuun, nigr.) — Altootin, 

,!'■„ .6.-' 
nltwr. Hiirr Clay (W. W. n'ooltolk, ugr.)— > 

Brooklyn. N. Y., 2-M. 
Blndlcr, Fbrenrc (B. K. Forrcntpr. nigr.) — I'hlla- 

itolblila. Ph.. 2-7. 
Iluntiiijf. Itnniiu (F-Jirl Btuvces, mjfr.'i — Aurctt-r- 

dniu. N. Y., 2-7i Troy I--14. 
Bciihett-Moiiltnn (W. A. Partello. mgr.)— Port 

Ji'L-vis. N. Y., 2-7. jDhtifttown U-14. 
Behucit-Mtiulton (Ira K. N«nliall, ingr.)— lteail- 

liiK, I'rt., 2-7, Ea»toti D-14. 
Btoyrti. Kirk (J. T. Mnvnuli>r, mgr.)— Utico, N. 

■Y.. 2-7. Allelltown, fa.. 014. , 
BreckvnrlihM Siot'ts (Kduht llurrlc. ui((r.)— Okln- 

'.Iioioh City. Okln., 2-7. Amurllk), 'IV\., 0-21. 
Beiuiett'K HI if Sliuiv (Hilly Itt-iinctt. nigr.) — Bow- 

Ik-IIb. N. Dak., 4. C. Kmimnrv U. 7, Yelvu |l, 
J 10, Balfour 11, 13, Horrey 13, 14. 
nroAciiirldtfu Siock (Oco. B. Cochfan, nigT.) — 

Hliuwnce, Okln., 2 4, (.'IxindhT 0-7, (JntUrle It- 
'll, Enid 12-14. ! 
"B«l» Hur" (Klan- A Brlnnscr. nigra.)— Bln«- 

hamton, N. Y„ 2-4, Schenectaily G-7, Olena 

Falls 0-11. Lowell, Maaa. 12-14. 
"Brown of Hartnrd" (floury Miller, mgr.) — N". 

Y. City 2. Indefinite. 
"Bedforfl'a Hope," Lincoln J. Carter's— N. Y. City 

"BaXor* : and After" (Robert Hunter, mgr. ) 

"Crown of Thorn*" (Phil Hunt. MvU -Went fillintttc Stock (Francois J. Qltmore, mgrJ—To 

Obwter. Pa.. 4, Trenton, N. J.. 5-7. Phlladcl- 

pbta, Pa., 0-14. 
"Conrlct'H Daughter" (Kirk Wagbcr. mgr.)— 

Rcadlue, Pn., 2-1, Harrliburg 5-7, N. Y. City 

"Ctirac of Drink" (CbarleH E. Blnner Ainuw. Co,, 
* 2-7, K " 

mjrra.)— Jt-ruey City, N. 

Y. City 0- 

'Crniy 0«y"— Nowiwrt, B. I.. 4, Full illvcr, 

tlait.. -"». 
"Choir Singer," W. B. Nunkevlllc's— Chlcnuw, lit, 


Dreir, John (Chnrlea Frohmaii. mgr.) — Clereland. 
0-. 2-7. Columbus 0. Hprllltfrield 10. Dayton II, 
Zfltie*rltle 12. Youngatoirn id. Whecllug, W. 

t)'Omny, t^wrence (Daniel I-'rolmian, mgr.) — N. 
Y. t?ity 2, IndcfltiltP. 

Daly. Arnold (Shabert Bro*., msr*.) — Baltlmure, 
Mil., 2-4. WuehlUglun, D. C, 5-7. Philadelphia, 
I'aV, li.M. - 

Dlxty, Henry E. (W. N. Lawrence, mnr.) — Brook- 
lyn. X. V., 2-7, lloltiiiwie. MO., tf-14. 

Douno, Alien (Keiiney A W cat fall, num.)— To- 
ledo. 0.. 1-4, Uraml RunidM, Mlcu., 5-7. 

Dudley, Frank— Teturkauu, Ark., 2-7, SlircTe- 
purt. La., u-14. 

Darl»-«.iu<lwiu— (JreeiiTlllo, K. C, 2-7. 

"David Harum." Tumor (Jiittni* Utlui, mgr.) — 
Minneapolis. Mlun., 1-7. Milwaukee, \YI«„ b-14. 

"Datld Martini,'' Brown (Julliiti Cohn, mgr.) — D«- 
trolt, Mich., 2-7. ■ TT- 

"Dora Tltorne.'f A. Rowland A- Ctlfford'a (E. M'. 
OrltMth, .mgr)— ClnrkBTlIlo, , Tciiu., 4, Mur- 
EhjnMn 0. ■ J'uloekl 0, Columbia 7, Lawrence- 
bum 0. FayetteTllle 10. Tullaiioroa 11, Sbplhy- 
vllle 12. Month Plitahiire 13. Clllttailoogo 14. 

M IV>rR Thome." it, Rowland & Cllltord'a (L. E. 
Pond, infer. )— Sheldon, In.. 4, Spencer u, Chero- 
kee 0. Fort Dodge 7. Iowa. Fall* 0. Hampton 
10. Maaon City 11, Osage 12, Charles City 13, 
Deoornh 14. _, 

"Dora Thorne." E.. Rowland & Clifford's (W. T. 

"Olrta Will Ik' Olrls" (Wm. A. Brady, mgr.)— 

Cui weuKVllle. Pa., 4, Tyrone fi, Altcoim 0. 

JMinstown 7, Hirrlsburg 0. tiunhury HI. Lock 

Haven 11, Wlllhtinaport 12, Chomht-rKburg 1J. 

York 14.- 
"AIM of the Streets," Decker ft Voroneo'.i (Geo. 

F. Drltcoll. mgr. » — Port Huron, Mich., 4, 

Qraiid Rapids 6-f. 
"flovernor'* Pnntwi" (II. B. Whlttaker, mgr.) — 

St. Mo., 4, St. Louis 8-14. 
"Girl Palsy"— Buffalo, X. Y.. 2-4, Rochester 8, 

A, iVllkps-Borre. Pa.. 7, PhllAdelphla V-14. 
"UftllopM" (Wm. II. Reynolds, mgr.)— X. Y. CJly 

2-7, I'hlludelpliln. Pa.. H-2S. 
"Xllrl-fruu Sweden" (I'm! YV. Fulkner. mgr.I— 

Kansas City, Mu., 8-14. 

Harkctt, Jnmes K., imd Marr Mamierlni; — Phllu- 
delptiln, Pa., 2-7, Boston, Maw.. »-21. 

Hitchcock. Ruymoiid — Henry IV. Snruge's (James 
Shppgreen, mgr.)— Philadelphia. Ph., 2-14. 

llnnford, Cbarl« B. (F. Lnwrem-e Walker, tnsr.) 
— -Hutclilnnon, Kun.. 4, Lawrence 3, G, at. 

JoNCJlll. Mo.. 7. 

Howard Hull (IliHiry Plerson. mgr.) — Baltimore. 

Md., 2-7, Providence, R. I.. 0-14. 
Hlzglu*. Dovld (K. D. Stulr. mgr.)— Waslilngtou, 

Hi-mlrlcics. Ben (William Gray, uigr.) — Seattle, 
Wash., 1-7, Krerett i>. Mount Vernon 10. |H< 
niintter, B. C. 11. Blulne, Wash., 12. Billing- 
inns l:;, Anncurtt". 14. 

Ilisirlxfiu, r>lwunl — Camden, X. J., 2-4, WushhiG- 
tou, D. C, «-14. 

Huntings. The; Pour (Harry Dull,. mgr.) — Youuss- 
to»-n, O.. 4; Union town. Pa., 7. Canonsburg », 
iVninwburg 10, Wortiluglon 11, lYheelliujf, IF. 
Vu,. 12-14. 

Hlmmeleln'n Imiertul Stock (R. F. HlmaicIcLn, 
ingr.) — Wasblugton, Pa., 2-7. 

Hoot Stcck (M- A. limit, mgr. I— Imloy City. 
Mich.. 2-7. Port Huron 0-14. 


Dch Moines S-7. Marshall lowjl 0, Cednr Rapids 

10, Davenport II, Burlington 12, MolUie, 111., 

l;*. IbK-k Island 14: 
Rerktn>H-Bll!mnli (Ivun Kcrktiorr, t mgr.) — Keu- 

gjnrtgiiJiBjPi'i 2-7. ^ ., 

Kennedy, Jamtft 10, E. T\"ee, mgr.) — Olwis Falls, 

X. Y.. 2-7, Xcwatk, X. J., U-14. 
Kelley Stock (Jewell Kalley, mgr.)— Fort TTotth, 

Tex., 2-7. 
Klark-Urban (Hardin Klark, mgr.)— .New London, 

ilSS) njgnill (Ei B. niuiclt, mgr.)— Virginia, 

III.. It- 14. 
"King of the Opium Ring" (Cliaa. R. Rl.-itrey 

,._ i Ring" „ 
Amiwe. Co., mm.)— PhlladHpbla, l'a., 2-7, 
Jcr«y City, K. J.. 6-14. 
"KCrry Fair 1 '— Hamilton, 0.,;4. 

— Shatnokln, Po.. 4, Lewlutown r. Berwin, r 
UwlaWittf 7. Mnilcr 3. U<k Horn in nL V ' 

N W*°; W" 1 ( °- ^ Wllkfr * "T-J-U Cront. 
^SPaTr aJ l' l riayere ()Y. W*. LapoJui. ukti 

MMiliflllu. Vt., 27, Ll-bon D-14. ' msr ''- 
"Mnetr add Xloe" (ufami. T. Young, mgr Uu 
cogo, III., -1-7, Oraud Rapids, Midi^ii 

°™ 5K^5 LWSfift PI,oa ' TThaa— 
t.tty Mo.; 1-7. St. JoMph U, Onialiu gS if, 

nif-A^^'-Mv ■« P^\u, 111 ,'14. " ll ' 

U'llkra, FUke> (CiiifaV 
.mgw.)— to-' 



UufTkto, X.- 

,— . mgr.) — h« 
Blaney Atnn-*, (ij 
:-I, Montreal, Can., 

(Tonkin, mgr.)— Huntarllle. Mo., 4 r . Macon 6, 

apolia 12-14, aehaoii emje. .. • "'U 1 ""?- ™* u, i B ,<"■»*;• D11I on. mgr.)— Nashua, 

'Decried at the Allar" (Rk-hiinl It. Flxher, 
mgr.)— Palmyra, X. Y.. 4, ywltw D, ffggirran U, 
fU'iievn 7. . Amsterdam 0, Rvnnlngtati.i VI., 10, 
Tiirnem Falls, M:i-'s., 11, Kprluglleld 12-14. 

Uckaye. AVIIton (Wm. A. Brady, n»fr.)— PtotI- 
dence. R. I.. 2-4, New Britain. Conn., C. Hart- 
ford 0, 7. N. Y. City 8, iHtltfintt*. 

r*rlmer. Wright (Win. A. Brady, mgr.)— Syro- 
nwe. N, Y.. 2-7, Phlladelblila, Pa., 9-21. 

limine. Robert (C. B. Dllllnghnm, tngr.)— Boa- 
ton, Mas*.. 2-7, Cincinnati. 0., 0-14. 

Lewis, J. C. (W. A. Junker, mgr.)— Vlnccnnea, 
lud., 4. Lawtvncel'urfc r>, Monut Vernon, 111.,.!'. 
Corn:! 10, MarrhtUirg 11. Marluu 12, Curbon- 
ilak- 13. Miiruliji-horo 14. 

Leslie. fikanE Ifllm Allen, mgr.)— Will lama- 
port, Pa., 2-7. - Newarki N: Y.. 9-14. 

Lewis, Dorothy 1A. H. Block, mgr.)— Chnrlcrol, 
Pa., 2-7. Holler D-14. 

Lyceani Stork (K. Q. GroHjean. mgr.) — Uccutur, 
Tes.. 2-7. 

Long, Frank V... Stock— Aab land, Wis., 4-0, Calu- 
met, Mich.. 6-14. 

"Linn and the Mouse." Eastern (Henry B. Har- 
ris, mgr.)— X. Y. City 2, Indefinite. . 

"Lion and the Moitae," Western (Henry B. Har- 
ris, mgr.) — Ran Francisco, Col., 2-14. 

"Little Gray Lady" (Maurice Campbell, mgr.) — 
Washington. D. C, 2-7. Baltimore, Md.70-14. 

"Little Johnny Jones," Western (Sam II. Har- 
ris, mer.) — Los Angeles, Cat.. 1-7, Ogden, C, 
ft. Salt Lak<> City 10-12, Colorado springs, 

-^4&*2~2***m <»«« II. Uorrl.. l SKgj , R " <* m - Uo " 1 "' ***-**«* 

T^lr^^iJn^^S; ffiJoll: W. r f@i> nwa- ntmn mm*** 

n«iild«. Ml,*., 4, utiroii or., »! " 

O^ju .Block jMn Damon, ni«r.)— Cjnllbi,, 
Rf., 5-4. Pari. (1-T, Sl.f.tllle fit ' '^ 
OruIjctlM Jllock (Ed« iijle, mar.j-UeailTlll,, 

•■(W'N^MUiUtcr-' iaiiiim * con.«M. a«%\- 
Altoli, II J, Jociwiitllte 5, I.lnreh, o, ic.iik,. 
M 7, llwtmtbli II, Pari,, lu, CliaHwtun 1 1 
Tnilorvilli! fa. K«nkak«. 14. """■" "• 

■•OJO Clqtlira Man,'! Hal * cllltort'n {lm 

BBsja-JWr?* 1 * ll »" ; ». <*> m - -->■ KK 

'lcl[>lila. 1'. ., u-14. 
"Olil Arkinmr," Kml lloniioiid's— Marcrthr. 
Wo.. 4. 8l*l(.liia 0, Moriru*; Ulv 0. I'alwito 7 

r&P^nSi^"""" ■"■ "*« «c 

N. IX. 2-7, Salem U-14. 
Ha rrlM; Parkinson Stock (Robr. H. Harris, mgr.) 

— HuttlcKriurg. tftaftV 2-7. 
Herald Srjitnre Stock (hitter A l'nnfliawc, mgrj.) 
ninkllii. Pa., 2-7, New Bwtlilehem 0-14. 

"Bltle Grass" — Tit-nton, N. J.. T.. 

"Bnnclj of Keys" (Ons Bdthtter, mgr.)— Plttnton, 

Pa.. 4, Binglinmioii, N. Y . C. TJtlca U, Wuter- 

town 7, Kingston, Can., I). Hamilton 10, Lon- 
don 11, Chatham 12, m. Tlioinai, III. Htruirord 

"Big Hearted Jim," Kllmt ft Gaiaolo's (Frank 

Gar.nolo.tuaT.) — Toronto. Can.. 2-7, OttaWn 9- 

U. Brockvlllc 12. KlngRtoii IS, 14. 
"Behind tlie Mnnk" (W. It. Lnwrcnec. mgr.) — 
- Pateraon. X. J., 2-4, Hubokim G-7, BoMtun. 

Mhbs., n-H. 
"llpiikerV Child" (Harry Shantioti. wgr.) — York. 

Xeh„ 4, Central CKy It. North Bend T, Cotiuult 

BlufTn. la., 9. ■ . . 
"linrpiar'i* Duusbter" (Vmiici< ft Kultrraii. nigra.) Foy, Kdna, No. 

— Ht. Ijonbt. Mo., 1-7. LMiUvllle. Ky., 8-14. rrcesuorn 0-11. 

■Born In thi' llloml"— MMh-n»to«n, o., 1. Klllblick Kremout Stock (Col. W. H. PrMiio-iif. mgr.) — 

U'liiigtcm, Ky.. 2-7, Richmond »-14. 
'Flaming Arrow." Lincoln J. t?drler*i< (W. F. 

-Frnnklln, . _ 
H Henderaou Stock (W. J. ft B,. R. Henderson, 

Krtesoo, Robert (Henry B. Hafrb, mcr.J.-j-Ilultl- „"'»«-)— BurilliKton. Iu.. 2-7. Monmuiltli IM4. 

more, Md., 2-7, Brooklvii, X. Y„ n-n; Howard Stock (Lorln J. Howard, mgr.)— Wauke- 

.. '„._, _ ... ^"«_.._ . _ can. 111.. 2-7, Aurora 0-14. 

Hnnrtwortb. Harry — Sapulpu, Ind. Ter.. 2-4. 

Holllmrswortli Twins (Lew Gleutwn, mgr.)— Ho- 
Biinsvllle, Ga.. 2-4. Grlffln ri-7. 

"Heir to the .Hoorati" (The Ktrke La Sheik- Co.. 
ingnt.) — Oakland. Cal., 4, Stockton C, Sacra- 
nionto «. 7, Portland, Ore., 0-11, Seattle, 
Wosli,, 12-14. 

"Heart of Maryland" (Darld Belaaco, mgr.) — 
Boeton, Muss., 2-7. 

"HoBSe of Myj tfcgy 1 ' (MUtentrinl Broa. Amuse. 
Co., mgrs.) — N. Y. City 2-7. 

"Holy City," East, Cordon ft Bennett's (Edward 
Taylor, mgr.)— -flam toga Spring*, X. Y-, 4, 
Albany 0, Gloverarllte 7. Fort Plain 0, Boon- 
vllle 10. Lowrltle 11, Herkimer 12, Guiirer- 
neur 13. ... 

"Holy City," West. Gordon & Bennett's (Henrv 
M.,BlaekiilhT. mgr.)— Lincoln, Nrhr., C. York 
•a Grnnd. Island 7. Kearney 0. Hastings IP, 
Iloldretlge 11, Superior 12. Fulrbury iy, Bea- 
trice 14, 

"How Heaite Are Broken" (J. C Clifford, mgr.) 
—Boston, Mass., 2-7. 

"How Baxter Butted In" (Vance ft Sulllrnn, 
jngist.l— Dayton, 0.; 2-4, Columbus 6-7, Cleve- 
land n-14. 

"Hoosler Oirl" (Gu* Cohnn. mgr.) — Wayne, Ark.. 
4, Forest City 6. Birmingham. Ala., U-14. 

"Human Stave" (Dun Mucmllloli. mgi-.)— Fort 
Wayne, Ind.. 4, Auburn 6, Garrett 0, milsJule, 
Mich., 7. r - «.' 

"Homesium Heart." Klftg-Perkhia* (Fruuk O. 
IM mgr.)— Mary villc, ilo.. 4. Hupkliw 6. 
nedfmtl. Li.. C, Kent 7, Lenox W. Greeatleld 10, 
Fontfliiotle 11, VJlllBi-a 12, Aftoti It, CnmtOU 

Kmery. Bdwhi T. (C. E.. Cooke, ingr,)— Kvana- 
elite, Ind., 2, Centralis.;]. Cairo' 4, Dlniiarck ', 
Jefferson City fl. Council Bluffs, la.. 7, Omaha, 
Kebr.. ML Sioux titty, Iu., 12, Yauktou, S. 
D.ik.. Ut Manketo, Minn,, 14. --.-.' 

Krwood Big Stock (K. J. Krwuod, mgr.)— New 
Marti nsTl lie, W. Vu, 2-7. Uorgsntowu U-14. 

nam Stock (A.'O. Orcutt, mgr.)— Bay City, 
Midi., 2-7. Saginaw 0-1L 

Kinplre Stock (J. L. Tlioninsoti. bus. mgr.) — Mo- 
nougahnln, Pu.. 2-7. yrowiisvUk* li-H. 

"Kye Witness," Llncolu J. Carter'* (Edmund 
Mauley, mgr.)— Plttbhiirg, Fa.. 2-7. Youngv- 
town. 0.. 0. 10, Akron 11. tt!yrti.l2, South 
Bend, lud., 14. 

"Eternal City." Jaue Kenuark's — Moucliwter, 
N- H., 3. 

"Krmml Boy" (P. H. Sullivan Amuse. Co., mgrs.) 
— Indianapolis.. Ind., 2-7, Daytuo, 0.,' 9-11, Co- 
lumbus 12-14. • ... - 

"Eight/ Bells." Bros. By nie— Cincinnati, 0- 1-7. 
Columbus 1M1. 
V ■> • '. F 

Frankfort, Ky., 4. Portsmouth, p., C, Marietta Flake, Mrs. (Harrbton Grey Fluke, mgr.)— N. Y. 
Fairmont. W. Va.. 7,.PHtabuhf. P«.. 0-14. C|ty 21,4. 

Fnversham. Wm. (Lleuler & CO., mgrs.l — X. X". 

Clly 2-2S. ■-•'.. 

1'raiikenfleld. Luurri (Lwni A. Ollbon, mgr.) — 

Laramie,' Wyu., R, Boulder, Colo., Q, .Denver 

8-14. .. . - . 

Fenbprg Stock, Eastern (Geo. M. Feiiherg, mgr.) 

— NurrbHrgli. X. Y., 2-7. Wahleu 0-14. 
Feitherg Stock, Western (Will Deahon, mgr.) - 

Lowell, Mush., 2-7. 
Fleming, Mamie 

Llvei|K»l, O., 2 

Fluko. Mar (Jobu Cosgtvve, mgr.) — Dauhury, 

Conn., 2-T, Derby 0-14. 
Flytiu. Joseph J., Stock (Ralph A. Ward, mgr.) 

Lynn, Mnsa., 2-7. 

" -McMlimvUle. Teuu., 2-7. Mur- 

5, Mnssllluii 0, Barbertoii 7, 

CrAfip. Wm. 11. (f'linrles Krohmuii. mgr. ) — Scran- 
ton. Pa.. :i, WllkeH-Rurrc 4. Buffahi, N. Y.. f>-7. 
Caner.. -Mrs. l^He (DaTld Belaaco, mpr. i— Chi- 
cago, III:. 2-21. 
Cro*maii. Henrietta (Mmulrc Campbell, wgr.l — 

Dayiott. <>., 4. Lexington^ Ky.. C, IxHitsvlllu 

y. 7. Iiidltitiaiiolls, hid,. 0. Hut Siirlngfl. Ark., 

Collier, William (Churles Fiuhmmi, iuki.)— Bos- 
ton. Mi.**.. 2-7. ' . 
Cohan, Geo. M. (Sam II. Harris, uigr.i— N. Y. 

City 2-21. 
Cliapln. Bvujamlii (Whltuey Allen, ragr.)— N. Y. 

City 2. Indefinite. 
Cirstoii Plnrke Utiles Murry, mgr,) — Sun Frnu- 

rlsco. Cal.. 2-7. i 
Cook inirnxh (II. W. Tiijlor, mgi.)— Jiimestowu, 

N. Y.. 2-7. IloriH'llKvIlK) U-14, 
Cornell Slock (W. K. Cornell, mgr.)— Taruuium, 

Pa., 2-7, New Car-tie 0-14. 
Crndoc-Nevlllo (Chas. II. Nevtllo. nigr.) — Daren* 

port la.. 2-7, Qutncy, 111.. 0-1-1. 
Cnrrutl Connily (Ion Carroll, nisr.) — llotitsdale. 

Pa.. 2-7. 
Century Stoi'k. ILurlsmi ** Sutherlaml's — Dallas, 

Tbx-. 3-7,'Wtli-o 10.14. 
Chicago si'-.k (t.'lius. II. RonaKatn. nigr. I — Baa- 

tou, Ph.. 2-7. York D-U. 
i.uiren-StlPon iKilw. Ctirren. mgr. I— Sedalla. Mo.. 

2-1. Rvonrllle B-7, Moberly P-ll, Hannibal 12- 

Cratrroiii's (.-ouiedlaii* (Crawford ft ttoseleivb, 

iittti'x.i — Punvll, hid. Ter., 2-4, Nonuaii, Ukhi., 

■*.-7. Uklnhoma City S-10. 
"t'lillege WWow." Kustern. Henry \V. Snrago's 

iflw. IT. Punly. mgr.' 


• niHimp ."!"", I.IIII1.UII u . l.Llll' 

Jaeksnii. mgr. 1— Memphis. Teim., 2-7, Na-sli- 
tIIIc »-i4. - 

"Koriat,"- Porter J. While's (Olgu Ycme, ingr.) — 
Port AMeguny, Pu., 4, Johnsoubtiru S, Cvrry U, 
Oil City 7, Mercer 0. Allhtiiee, O.. 10, 

"Faat Life In Now York" (A. II. Wyodf, myr.) — 
N. Y. City 2-7, I'bilintelphlu. Vu., U-14, xeurwu 

"Fatal WYdding." Sulllvnn. Harris ft Woods' — 
Kenoro, Pa., 4, Druohrllle ii, Now Bothleheui 
ti. Punsnntnwney 7. Glen Campbell 0. Allen- 
town 10, Tyrone II, Belfast 12, Jersey Slwre 
Ii). Wlllhmtriport 14. 

"Fighting Fate" (Win. Ryno, iiigr.)-— Norfolk. 
V«., 2-7, Rk'timoiHl 0-14. 

"Fantnsiim" (Wm. ft Kdwnnl Honlon. ingrs.) — 

■ Chicago, III.. 1-7. Jackson. Mich.. 13. 

"Factory Girl" (Cbas. K, Blaney Auutse. Cu.. 
mgr*.)— KansflH City. Mo., 1-7. Omahu, Nebr.. 
S 11. St. Jownh. Mo.. 12-14. 

"Funny Mr. Donley" (Frwl Itliter, mgr.)— Al- 
bimy. N. Y., 3-7. PhlUdelpIihi, Pn., 0-11. 

'Tosy Trainii" (John itrley, mgr.) — Tower Cllv. 
Pa.. B, Mlnersvllle (I. Cnrbuudak- 7. 


Grace. George (Wm. A. Brady, tugO — New Or 
leans. La., 2-7, Roanoke. V«„ * 
lttehmond 11, Xewport News 1_. 

Oallftiid, Ilertlm (Diivld Behlsco, 
karat, Ph., 2-7. 

Gullutlu. AIUmIh (Sweety, Shlpmuu ft Co., lugrs. ) 
—Seattle. Wash.. 1-4. 

Gray. Jnlls— Lincoln J. Carter's (F. T. Jackson. 

mgr.)— Gotiverlieur, X. Y., L Ottawa, Can., 5- 

........ ... „-.--«■ 7, .Montreal 0-14. 

N. t, Clly 2. Iiulefl- Gtillt*ert. Yvette (Charles Fi-ohnmn. mgr, 
tre*l, Can., 2* 


"JIutnnii Hearts." IJwtern (Jesse M. Bluni-hnnl, 
mur.) — PutcrNtn, K. It, 5-7, Newark lt-14. 

"Ills Father's Sin" (Jwl Carlton, mgr.) — Carth- 
age. 111., 10, DiIIum Clly 11, La Ihirpv 12. 
M-ishiidl in. Maeiimb 14. 

"Happy Hoolkrmi'ti Trip Around the World" (Joe 
Pettenglll. ni;r.)— Newark, N. J., 2-7. N. Y. 

ciiv ni4, , 
"Hoollgnn's Troubles" (Wunl & Gremdl, mgM.) 

— Pltt-diurj;, Mo., 4. Rl.-hmoiid ti. Rrarumn 0, 

Cilllllcothe 7. ONbnnt ». Cameruit 10, J.iinos- 

port 11, Trenton 12, Mucou If, Brooklleht 14. 
"Hoollpin In. New York," Fracee ft Bruwue's— 

Chicago. 111.. S-14. 
"llillis Hnnson" (.Innies T. IWeAlplii, ingr.) — 

Sprlncvllli-. V.. P. Kalrvlew 10. Mount PleiiH- 

nnt II. Spring City 12. Sulluu Ki, Rk-ltlleld 14. 
Irwin. May lit. B. Sire, mgr.) — Altuinr, X. Y.. 

4, IrW "., X. Y. Ctly 1)11. 
"It'a A.ll Ycwr Fault"— N. Y. City 2. liideiliilie. 
"It ilspi«.'iitij in Kunllnml" (W. It., Hill, mgr.)— 

nrcigklyn, X. \'.. 2-7. Newark. X. J.. 0-I-L 
"Irish Pnwnlirokprs" (Milek ft Spears, mgrs.) — 

Atlantic City, N. J.. 4. Elhmbetb 0-7. Merldcn. 

Conn.. ].T, 
"lu. Old Kentucky" (A. W. Dhigwull. nigr.)— 

N. Y. City 2-7, New Brltulu, Couu., L'i, Wntcr- 

Qarj 14. 
"In New York Town" (Louey Uusketl, nigr.) — 

Phlhidelphlu, Pu., 2-7. 

Jerrreys. Ellis iLlebler ft Cu.. ingrs.)— Hamlltoii. 
Can., ."•, 0. Londtm 7. Toronto 0-14. 

I.rnelibiinr lO . vnTi ' "• "■ "»"°.n» i. 'JOnmtu V-14. 

S i Norrmi \£ 14 Ja " 1 " : *- } »"}\ ,J - J - Colrmiii, mm-.i-BelleTllle, 

m mar )— Villi 9»*« *• Klngatou n, Lmululi 0. 7. 

' ■*■*" r, "° JetTersun. Tlionmx (C. B. Juflfenwn. mgr.)— Toledo, 

10. New Castle II, YouBffstuwn, 0., 12-14. 
"Little Homestead" (Win. Moeauley, mgr.) — 

Lincoln. III.. 4. Fnlrbury C. Ponluic 0, Str.*utor 
T. La 'Salle «. Princeton 0, MendOtu 10, gMastssB 

11, Roekford 12, Elgin 13. Jollet 14. 
"Lured from Ildrne"' (A, II. WuodM, mtr.) — 

Wheeling. W. V .. 2-4, McKoeeport, I*a., 0-7, 

Philadelphia 9-14: • -* - . 

"Lyman Twin*" ILyraan Bros., mgra.) — Casey, 

111.. 4, Slielbyrllle f>, Alton 7. East St. Louis 8. 
"Lighthouse by the Sea" (Vance ft f.'ulllvun, 

mgTd.) — Buffalo, N. Y., 2-7. 


MausileM. Richard (Ben D. Sten-ns. itnrr.) — N. 

Y. City 2-14. : 

Mack, Andrew (Itleb & Harris, mgra.) — Hartford, 

Conn., 5. 
Mnnn. LenU. and Clara Llpnian (Sliubcrt Bros., 

mg«. )— Buffalo, X. Y., 0-7, N. Y. Cltr 0. lu- 

■letlnito. • 
Mantell, Rol*rt B. (Wm. A. Brad.-;, mgr.) — 

Hartford, Conn- 4, New Unven 0, 7, Provi- 
dence, R. I., 014. 
Mclntyre and Heath (Klaw ft Erlaagtr, mgrs.) — 

BroKlyn, N. Y., 2-7, N. Y. City 0-14. 
MorrWou, Lewis (Jules Marry, mgr.) — Sauidusky, 

0., 4, Akron 7. 
Murray -and Mack (Mack A Sneare, lagrs.) — Pttll- 

ranii, Wash., 4. Colfax G. Walla Walla 0, Pom- 

eroy 7. Pendleton, Ore., 8, Ln Grande 0, Baker 

City 10. Boise City, Ida., 11, Pocitello 12, Salt 

Lake City. V., 13, 14. 
Mortons. The Fonr (Percy G. Williams, mgr.) — 

N. Y. City 27. _•-*■» 

Mortimer. LIlHtm (Decker ft Vcronee, mgrs,)— 

Clevelund. O., a-7, Toledo 8-11. 
Melville. Rose (J. R. Stirling, mgr.) — Shnrou, 

Pu.. 4, StcobeoTllle. 0.. 3, Bearer Falls, Pe., 

0, Brie 7, Buffalo, N. Y.. 0-14. 
Mung. Wm. V.— Waterloo, Ind., 4, Elkhart C, 

Laporte 7. Jackson, Mien.. 12. 
McAuMPe. Jetr, Stock (Harrv Kat«e>', mgr.) 

Rancor, Me.. 2-7. Lynn, Maes., v-14. 
MyrklL-Harder Slock, l^Mteru (W. U. Harder, 

mgr.)— St. John, N. 11. 2-7. 
Myrhle- Harder Stock. Wextoni (Eugene J. Hull, 

luvr. )— Newark. 0.. 2-7. Lima 0*14. 
My rkk- Harder Slock. Southern (l.attinorv ft 

Leigh, ingr*.) — Leuvenworth, Kan., 2, Topek* 

Murray ft Mackey (John J. Murray, mgr.) — lack 

Haven, Pa., 2-7. 
Murks Stock (Tom Murks, mgr.) — Almonte, Out.. 

2-4. Renfrew 5-7. Pembroke 0-14. 

Myr-rs. Irene (Will H. Myers, mgr.)— Ehnlr*. X. 

Y.. 2-7. Rlnghamtan D-14. 
Mitchell's All Star Players (B. Frank Mitchell. 

mgr.)— Bulb, Me., 2-4, Rockland 0-7, Bwigur 

McDonald Stock (G* 1 ©. W. McDonald, mgr.)-— VI- 

Niilla. CjI.. 2-7. lhmranl 0-14. 
Melmi>oliimi asnek (Clifford KeeTes. mcr.i — 

'I'reiiton, Mo., 2-7, Den MolneH. la., 8-14. 
M«evu-lin*on (Hurt Imaon, mgr.)— Loup. Nebr., ». 

Mnnhattun Slock .(SaUuger ft Branson, mgr*.) — 

.«J Jew «?. 0Cllcll S' N - y -' 2 * 7 ' Bioam Vernon 0-14. 
'Mr* Tthqpj of the Cabbage Patdi" (Llebler ft 

Co.. mgra.j— Boaton. Mass., 2-14. 
"Mrs. L-.'lBngwetl'.s Boots" (Chan. Krobniaii, mgr.) 

— Attleuoro. Mass., 4. Newport. It. I., 6. New 

Bedfonl, Maw., 0, Kill IHver 7. 
"Mrs. Temple's Telrgmni" (W. N. Lawrence 

mgr.) — Baltimore, Md., 2-7. Brouklyu. N, X., 

"Mnrr'iage of KJlly" (Jules Murry, mgr.)— Purl- 
land, Mr.. C. i 
Moonslilncr'sDougiilfT" (Rny Kingston. 

"Pair of Couutry KltTs" 1C. Jay Smith, mrr.l- 
Leilngton, lit.. 4. .Pontlac C, Huopatoa 0* ail 
Clly .7, Clilcago 8-81. 

"Prtk'a^Bart Boy" (Heath ft Farrcn. mgn.1-. 
Uoraeltarlllc, N. Y., 4. Blngbamton ti. Onmta 
7: MwhiuilCTTllIo P, GmnvTlle 10, BurllLstoa. 
Tt, 11, Rutland 12. 


"Queen of the Highbinders" (A. H. Woods. mgr.) 
—St. Pnul, illnu., 1-7, Minneapolis 8-14, *ea- 
wn end*. 

"Queen of the Courlcts" (P. H. Shllltau, mgr.i 
—Columbus, 0-, 2-4, Toledo 5-7. N. Y. City »- 

"Qblttcy Aflams Sawyer" — Syracuse, N. Y., 2-1, 
Rochester C-7. 


Rumil, Annie (Wagenhalfl ft Kemper, mgrs.)— 
Boston, Mass., p-iii. 

Rogers Bros. (Klaw ft Erlanger, mgrs.)— Wash- 

higtoii. D. C, 2-7, Brooklyn. N. Y„ 0-4. 
Roya, The (K. D. Stair, mgr.)— Omaha. Nclr.. 
„ 1-4, Dm Moines. In., 0. Chicago, HI., 8-14. 
Rypn. Daniel— Richmond, Va., 2-7. 
Ruhle Theatre (C, D. Hesse, mgr.)— Weill, Nebr. 

2-4. Cariln 0-7. 
ttalph. Mariaret fR. L. Allen, mgr.)— Llucolu, 

Nebr,, 2*. ■ 
Runkel, Corlnae (M. Runkel, mgr.)— Rome, Ga.. 

Z-7. Atnens 0-14. 
Kralf.row's .Jolly Poihtliiders (J. S. Beotfrow 

ragr-i— Miirphysburo. ill.. 2-7, Cairo 0-14. 
"Red Skin" (Wm. A. Brady, ragr.)— Pnlhjdfl- 

Pbln. Pk.. 2-7. Washington, D. c, 0-11. 
"Rminlng.for Offlce" (Sum H. Harris, mgr.)- 

Nanliviiio. Tcmi., 2-7. Indlunapolls. Ind., (Ml. 

Dayton. O., 12-1-1. 
'Tloyal Slave," Northern, Gordon ft Dennett's 

(Fred Miller, nigr.)— Charier-ton. Mo., 4. Fni- 
. too, Ky.. 5. Hopklmrrlllt- 0, Madlsouvllle W. 

Korllngtou. Ky., 12, Biisjcilrlliii 13. Bowling 

Green 14. 
"Royal Slave," East. Gordon A Bennett's (Col. 

C IT. Roherts. mgT.I-rCapaiidfllirua, X. Y.. t. 

rerry fi, luitnTla (I, Niagara Fulls 7, i^rkport 

0. Medina 10. Albion II, Sodus 12, Faltou l-i- 

Oswcg-i ,14. 
"Hoynl. Slave," Boillll, Oonlon ft Bennett')* IK. 

T. Stetson, mar.)— Flora. III.. 4. Paiia ."'. Lltea- 

neld '1, Toylorvllle 7. I'ekin B, Decutiir v. 

.Uontlcello 10, Bloonilugton 11, I'ouUae 12. Oi- 
' taWn 18, Streatoe 14. 
•Knee for Life" (P. II. » 

mgrs.)— Philadelphia, Pa., 2-7, Wanhhigwu, 0. 
C. 0.14. 
•Roinaiice of Coon Holloxr" (A. C. Allen, nigr.)— 

Toledo, 0., 1-4. Fostoria 5, Tinjii 0, SamlBrtf 

7. Cincinnati B-14-. 
"RagKed Hero" (De Conhm ft Who'll^, tucrs.l— 

Hartford, Conn., 2-4. Bridgeport 3. Blliubrto. 

X. J„ n, 7, Wllkca-Bnrrc, Pa., P-.1L SenaW 

"Rl7i Vnn Winkle." Wentera. W. A. Kilej"'' 
Kgffag, Boweu, mgr.) — Gommlcs. Cal.. «'. ■" 
limn 0. 


Solheru. K. H., and Julia Msrwwe (Clurles FnA- 
Mm. mgr.)— Milwaukee, Wis.. 0-7. bl. **"'• 
Minn., 0-11, Minneapolis 12-14. ,. v 

Skinner. Otis (Charles Frohman, nigr.)— >• '■ 
Clly. 2-M. 

Shea. Tlwuias K. (Nixon ft ztminernuiu. i"^-- 
Toronhi, Ont., 2-7, Rocbrflter. N. Y.. ►»*■:_ 

Sidney. George (A. W. Herman, mgr.)— BraP 
K. J.. 4, New Haren. Sam, ii-7. Itrldgyjvrt •■ 
Holyoke. Mass.. 10. Mandiester, N. H« >'■ 
Barre. Vt.._ 12, Montpeller- 13. Pjirlhigl!"' 

(Kny hingstuu. natr.) , «nrrp. u.. is, .Montpeiier - u. iiurM.f>i-» - 

Eureka. V.. 4. Nephl S. Moroul (J. Xnntl 7 bmi ' r ' >•* (Harry Hltl, mar. > — MilUUeliiUla. Ps 

AlBsourl Girl," Kastmi. Fred Itayiumid'a (Geo «, 2-»- N. \. City U-14. ,, ... 

Del. "-4 ('aui s '"' B *~- fc »ti™.».jii: ■vilnn.. 2-H- 


Allege Widow" Western. Henry W. Savuge's Grlffltli. John (K. P. Phillips, mgr.)— Washing- 

IVm. M. Hull. nigr. •- Chicago. HI.. 2, Indcfl 

'Cliarlf.fH Aunt" (Harrison Gray Klske. mgr.) — " 

>\ Y. City 2, lltifeflnllf. 
■'Clirvkers" (Cornelius Gnrdlnrr. aigr.t — Detroit. 

Mich.. 2-4. JaekMii 0. May Oily o. Sngltiaw 7, 

9, Hamllftm, Out,, 12. I^udon 14. 
"Cimiiinuii." I'mii'in i Geo. II. Bmiuaii, ingr.)— 

N. Y. f'ltr 2-7. Wheeling. W. Va.. o. Parkera- 

mire 10. Cmnbertaiid. Md., 12, lingers town 13, 

Annapolis 14. 
"ClaiiMiHin." Western (Geo. H. Brennnn, mgr.) — 

Kalians City. Mu., h 1 1 
"County Chairman" — Toledo. O.. Tt, Day City. 

Mich., s. Jnckwin II. 
" Vomit y Chairman" -Clilengn. 111.. 2-14. 
■ CiHteC- UM FlKlit" (Frank C. Rhodes, mgr.) 

— K. Y. Cltr 2-f. * 

"Chltiatoivn Cliarley" (A. II. Woods, mgr,) — X. ■ 

V. Hi.. ?-7. PIltrtHirg. Pa., 9.J4, * ' 

Inn, la.. 7. FalrlU'M », Pekln. 111.. 11. Kewmiir 
12. Princeton 18. Mcudot* 14. 
Gllinorc, Paul 

V.. 4, i'niii l.j _ 

"Jerry from Kerry.'* Patten A Perry's— Clinton. 
Mo., 4. Si-I;illu r,, rJooiivltle tt. Mot«rlv 7. Han- 
nibal P. Macomb 10. Oatesburg. III., 11, Ualra 
12, Kcwiinrc l.'t. Lit Snlle 14. 

"Jolly American Trnm:>." Western (H. r. Frank- 
lin, nipr.t— Galeim, Kan., 4, Pnrsons §, Puuln 
«. St. Jo«c-*h. Mi».. S. Horlon, Ku»„ 0, Atchi- 
son 10, Lincoln, Nebr.. 14. 

Bcdee. nisfr.)— Wlhtilngton. Del.. *M. cuin- ?»«»«. Raloh. Stock— M in neauoH"- )llnn " -„ 

•leu 1-7, Norrbtuwu. Ph.. o. Mia tine tun 11 HonUieru. Chaancey L. (Kwlaiid A. OwMlft ■» 

■Mlctonri Girl." Western. Fred Raytuwid'* (Merle — -ProvlorHl, Pa.. 2-4, Uoatwrllle S-i. (Ties'" 

II. Norton, nurr.)— Fealwiy, Kan.. 4, Florence D °, U ' UrWltclou. X- J.. 12-14. „_ ti - 

-1. Lyndon tl, jJurlliiMton 7, Kansas Cllr Mo a, * ,r l |n « Stock (Wm. Trlplett. aurr.i--i , "« f l n -- 

11*14. *' n9 " S. D»k.. 7, Buidd (Mr (Ml- 
* , >|pre to U; Pltte«l Than Sconied" (Charle* K 
Blaney Amnse. Co., mgre.) — Ottawa, Can. 5-7 

linore, Paul (Jules Murry, mgr.)— Duluth. Knlich, Mme. Itertlm (Harrison Grey Flake, mgr.) 

MU?' 1 " j- . . — Pl-llndehihlu. Pa., 2-7. 

Qnvt si Players (lieu J. Greet, nigr.)— Cincinnati. Knott, Bhselle iSweely. Shlpmau ft Co.. mgr-*.) — 

(i . L'-T I.-..I..,,, ... . Ill,; 1 

Ullmore, Itaruey (HnTlIn ft Nlcolal. mgrs. )— At- 
lanta. Ga., 2-7. 
GraiH-wtn, Crm*. F... and Anna Cliauee (Frank 

Howe Jr.. mgr.)— Milwaukee. Wla., 1-7. 
Good. Adam (F. C. Twltvbell, mgr.) — New 

Britain. Conn.. 2-7. 
Oat Stock (C. W. Mercer, mgr.)— Springfield. O.. 

2-7, Richmond, Ind.. 0-11. 
GliYord-ltarrlng fAdolph GUTvnl, mgr.) — Oi-siuu, 

Fa.. 2-7. Klirln 0-14. " ' 

libber. Vuntthnii (SliuUrl Ilrn<*., mgrs.) — Cleve 

land, O.. 2.14. 
nilck Stock (Harry Gllek, mar.)— Paris, T>nn.. 

2-7. Knotrllli. B, lii.leDnlte, 

Kalmimsuo. Mich., .. 
Keh-ey, Herbert, and Liili- Sliamiou ftlco. K. 

Huriiion. bus. ingr.) — St. Louis, Mo.. 1-7, 

Washington, J). C, 0-11. 
Kyle, Howard (W. X. Lnwrvnce, myr. ) — N. Y. 

City 2, Imlenullc. . . 

Keiltir, the Great (Diidley McAdow. mgr.> — 

Tnunton, Mass., 4, Hroefcton "S, Full River d. 

New Bedfonl 7, Norwleli, Conn.. 0, New Britain 

lu, Pntnninll. Middlelown 12. New Haven IK, 

We*lerlv, H. L. 14. 
Knrr.'ill. nwl (.1. C. WeUh. ingr.)— Yonkers, M, 

Y. ( 3-7, Rtiimfr.rili Conn., 0*14, ■'■»'* 
Kolh and Dill (Chas. %, Yoifntf, Mgr.) — Ualea- 

bnrr. .Ill . 2, Monmouth t, t>ttnmwn. la.. 4, 

Montreal 0-14. 

'•Mcrcdfk-n'B Flats" (Thomasi It. Heury. mgr.)— 

Hoooten. N. J.. 1.4. PMiuSeld 0, firulgeuwrt. 

g<JJ. «- 7. New Haven li-ll. Patertnm, xTj.; 

N, HW -SSOT I.*? 1 - ^Jr"?"- u«f.)— Clinton. 

Iiil.. 4, hljin Hi., p, Roekford 0. Aurora 7 

l.aclne. \\ Is., o. 
"My Wlfe-d Family." Western (W. MaTJ-tram. 

t*wtt&!2£*lJ&*3$t Tacomt. Wash., s 

0. Port Towosend lu, Victurb, D. OL U. Nu- 
t*&feJ&J23£G% ft Ne " r we*imln»ter u , 

"^isrxirvi" ,rreii c - T1,omM ' wfr -'- 

"S VrT Rn0 '" <B - 3 - C"*"' mgt.)— Cincltinttl, 

"MiirrMnir TJn-nrJi neorgM" (ri mK . n. umiw. 

mcr.i -lliiltlinore. \Uh, I 14. *T* 

•Nelrtborly X«l?bhor*" (Prank W. Xnara, mgr.) 

Site* Stuck (Standard Amuse. Co-, mgrs-l— •*■ 
laud. Cat., 1-4. 

Shennnn Stock — Goeljih; Can.. 0-14. . <„ 

Shaw-Gallagher— GIukco, Kan., 4, Delpisw "■ - 
linn C, Heriugton 7. „ .,„ um 

"Shadows on the HGirfli" (Arthur L. AI*'""- 
mgr.)— CluclrtunU. O.. S-l-l. _, i 

"Sherlock llulm*.*" (llotlilirr A CamplnH- iujT* 
—Grand Rapids. Mich.. 2-4. Flint P. fcagffl" 
«. Bay City 7. 8-14. ... 

"Sweel Clover" (Victor H. Sebacfer. ****** 
Ltmu, o., I, Toledo 0-7. .. . „ liruM 

"Shawns of- * urea Clly" (C. BL JelRr-* 
mgr.)— Akrun, 0.. 0. ^ »_ 

"Slnre* of-lhc Mine" (L*. J. Stwln- rap.' 
K*n**s City. Mo.. 1-7. Sr-lalln 8,..",'.^ ,u> r 
0. Uoldeb 10, Butter 11, Bleb Hill 12. W-™* 
13. Fort Scott, Km:.. 14. ' : ..... ».. 

"Scout's Revenge'! (W. II. ll|w. »J^-'Tii",«iin? 
grlo. Tex.. 47 Mites 0. Coleman f U*S>5E 
0, Lnraposns 10, Belton 11. Cameron tt "" 
•v*tl (8. NfraMt* 14.. ., - 

"SpiderV Web"— LlmlilrfTS. Kan.. -•■ ?k, *' , " n l i,«,, 

"aherldan. Kccno, Deterilvc'V (Chip;. R- " W , M 
Amnse. Co.. ■Hra.1 — Nrnfark. N. •*-• *" 1 * 


'the! m&w... 



i :i - A Darktown Classic to litis 

Profession! Copies Free to Hecognized Performers. 


Melody which sticks like a Poor Relation. Will he a Big; Hit with any 

Others sead Up to Date Programmes. Postal and Card Bequests Not Recognized. 


Orchestration, lOe. 


W. S ETC HELL, No. 633 Washington Street, BOSTON, MASS. 

•■Sonny South" .(J. C. Rockwell, nun*.)— Elleo- 

title, N. Y., 4, Wableu -".. Cor-jwull «, Peek*- 

kill T, Ne»hur-*g f>. Mlddleiown 10, Port -icrvls 

ll, Warwick 11*, floehen It, llniliifc U. 
ThnmpMD. V. H. (PhobfK Bros., mffis. >— Wasb- 

instt*. D._C.D-.U. • 
Tiiur-uoa, Adelaide (Francis X. Hope, mgr.) — 

Cairo, 111., 4, Olney C, Champaign fl. Peoria 7. 
Taroer, Clara (Ira W. Jackson, mgr.) — Burling- 
ton, Vt., 2-7, Schenectady. N, I., Hi 
Tucker, Etbel (Mack; Bros., mgrs.)— Bock Springs, 

Wfo., ti-lf 
Tutlle, Clnlre (W. W. Lapolnt. bus. m«T.) — Swan* 

UMU VL, 2-7. Hilton 0-11. Wnterhury 12-14. 
■Tm -Proud to' Beg." Uucolri J. Carter*! (John 

Whllcleyj mgT.) — Cincinnati, O., 1-7. 
"Teats" (Itroadhiirst & Carrie, rnjrrs.i— Xetfark, 

N. i. 2f\ 
"Tracked Around Hie World" (A. II, Woods, 

mi{r.|— TUllado[plila,.l'n., 2-7, Baltimore, Md., 

•T-to Merry Tramps" (UcVcnn & Yctter, mgrs.) 

— SallnetHle, O., 4, Ashtabula 5, Youngsiotm 

fl. 7. «Netr Kensington, Pa.. 0. Tarentum 1", 

LeecBrnirf- 1 11, Vandergrlft 12. 
•T-ro" Joans"— Hartford, Conn.. (1-7. 
'Through bred Tramp," lilmer Walters' — Seattle, 

Waj.1i., 8-14. 

f; V ■ - ■ 

"l-iMler Southern Skies." Eastern (Harry IVwI 

Parker, mgr.) — Ottawa, Can.. 4, Brockvllle 9, 

■Ogdeniburg. S. Y., 8, Couverneur 7. Waienown 

10. i . 

"Under Southern Skies," Central (Harry Doel 

Parker, mgr.>—I.*nsford, Pa., 4, Allemown 3, 

Pottavllle fl, N'oirlstown 7. 
"Uncle Tom'* Cabin." Al. W. Martin's (Ed. S. 

MnrUn, mgr.)— Baltimore. Md„ 2-7, X. Y. Cliy 

"Uncle Tom's Ctibin." SieUon's, Eastern (('rant 

Luce, mgr.) — .Maiden, Mass., 4, Uocitlnnd .1, 

At debar** «, Mltford 7. Spencer 0. Warn lo, 

N'or-bnnpfon 11. ilolyoke 1-', lit, Sprlngllcld 14. 
"DnMo'Tom'a Cnbln," Northern (Geo. Peek, mgr") 

— Carbury, Man., 4. Portage In Prairie 0, Bran* 

don A .7.- - 
"Pncle Tom's Cabin," B*-echor's — Terhorne, Man., 

4, Poriairo la Prairie u. McGregor 7, Gladstone 
■ 8. ..Neepawa 10, Mlanedosa 11, Yorttoa 12, 

BIns-arth 13, Blrtle 14. 
•Tocltr Josh Perkins," n. n. Frniee't— .Ubloa, 

Bid., 4, KendallvHle 5,. Mlsbawaka 6, Michigan 

City 7, Chlcagb Heights. 111.. 8. Attica, lnd:. 0, 

Utterbeln 10, Crawfordaville 11, Le banon 12, 

Dana 13, Hi Haute 14. 
"Cncle SI Raskins" (C. fl. Primrose, rngr.)— Bock 

laland, III., 7, Molluv.S. 
■"Under the American Flag" (Alrten & Ilobln.ian, 

num.} — Alma, Ark., 4. 

. V: 

Van Dyke & Eaton (P. Mack, mer.) — llageratonti, 
Mil., 2-7, McKrveport, Pn., U*J1. 

Veruon Rtock (W. -F. Huffing-toti, mcr.)— Belle- 
ville; \. J., 1U-1S. 

•'VlrfftnlJiii" iTho Ktrkp I.a Khelle Co., mgrs.)— 
Dn B«tite. Pa., 4, Butler 5, Unlnntown u. New 
Cattle 7. Plttflbare 0-14. 

"Vohiutrer Orpmlar*. (Cray & Mnrtell, mKrp.) 
—N. V. Clrv 3-7. 


ffalah, Blanche (WngenhalaaV Kemper, mgra.) — 
Wlntilpcst. Mar., 2-4, Grand rork*. N, Dak., S, 
Kargn o, Janieawwn 7, Helena, Mont.. 0, Butte 
10, Anacoaila 12, flpokn-u 1 , Waah,, 14. 

IMM Dnvld (Dnrlrt Belaacn, mirr.)— N. Y. 
City 2, Imlrtnlre. 

Wllfnn, Prancla (Charles Frohman, mar.) — N. Y. 
Clty:.2.'lnuennlte. .... 

Whmeck* .loBcnti Jr. (Charles Fn-hman, mtrr.) — 
X. :V. City 2-7; . 

WIHafd, K. S. iChoji. K. Jloore, rnjrr.) — St^ Paul, 
.Wnu„ 2-(, Mteopapnlla 5-7. Milwaukee, Win.. 

Wltaoti, Al. U. (Wnney "• Klll». mpr. )— Mlnne- 

al*. Minn.. 2-4, at. Paul r,-', Fitrlr>an!r 0. 
Wing" 10, Silllwiiter 11, Rail Clfilro. Wis., 
IS. West .Superior III, Dntmh, Minn.. 14. ' 
WiUUrci. Lottie "'(II. H. .Wlncbell, mjrr.)— Mon-, .Can.. .2-7, Toronto 0-14. 
Woodnif?, Frnnklln — Norfolk^ Va„ 4. Petersburg; 

5, OluintuiH, O., 6-11, Toledo 12-14. 

Ward, Hap (K D. Stair, mjrr.)— Hnmllton, Can., 

Willi, Kat 11. tBroadburst & Carrie, nigra.)— 

Dea MolneK, In., 4, St. Joseph. .Mo., 0. Kantan 

City, MO.. 8-14. 
Ward and Vbfcea— Chicago, III., 8-14. 
WHl'anR nrtd Walker (M. B. Rarmond, mgr.) — 

Boston. U$tM., 2-7, Philadelphia. Ph., D-14. 
Warner Comedy (lirnj. R, Warner, mgr-)— Mau- 

kato; lltrm.; fl-7. 
Wallack'it Theatre (DnblnRky n«w., mtr*.) — 

JanPHrlllc, W1m., 2-4. u,r'...-li .1-7. 
winiQtnt; .comedy. |T. 1*. IX- tlnffcrclly, iogr.1 — 

Uoultrle, tin., 2-7. Fort tinlne* 0-15. 
Wlimlriijer Bros." Own (Frank Wlnnhigcr, mgr.) 

— Hammond, lnd., 2-T. 
Woodwani Stock (Woodward & Bnrgew, ingra.) — 

Mason City, In., 2-7, Fort Dodge 9-14. 
"'Way Down Boat" (Wm. A. Brady, mgi\)— ■ 

Jerser City. N. J., 2-7. 
"Way of the Tnuwgtvtwor" (Clias. II. Tale, nigy.) 

— Chief go. ill., 1-7. 
"When the World Hlcciw" (Mlttctitbal Bn-c.' 

Aniuae Co., mgrs.)— Dps Holms, la., J-4, 

Omahij, Neh.. E>-7. 
"When We Were Twenty-one" (Brandon Cunrt* 

uey, nurr.)— Charlehtoii. 111., 4, Taylorrllle ."., 

Paiia a, Jaekaonvllle 7. 
"Vei'ik-d. Hut No ;Wift'"— Mnnebeilcr. X. D.. 5-7. 
•Why oiriN keare BssW* (TasaM & MHvmi. 

uwn.)— Montreal, CnO., 2-t. 
"When Uawlou MloepJi" (Ot^rjie Wellon. mgr.) — 

St..I,yllJ.-, Mo., 1-7. 

1'orltt nnil Adam* (B. K. Forrester, mgr.)— Madl- 

»n, Wfcu, 4, Jollet. 111., U, Oosliei), lnd., 0, 

South Dcnd 7. Korf Wayne 8. 
'■Tort 8 tme Folk ■' 

MR N. T.. _ 
"Ynuns; BniTaln" (Chas. K. Blauey, Arauae. Or>., 

ingrn.)— llriMklrii, n< \„ 2-7, Hobokeo. K, .1., 

«-ll. Camden J2-I4," 
"\on Yonaon"— Duluth, Sflnn., 5-7. 

Ml" MIC A i„ •' 
nifu'elt, Mme. Lillian (F. C. Pitney, mgr,)— 

vtPM* P"-. 3. Uncanter 6, WftfibingtourD. C, 

lietntrd. Bam (Cbartoa Frobman, mgr.') — Port* 
MM, Me., 4, PrOTWenr*, 11, l„ U-7, Worcesrec, 
Maw., 0. H|trtngflHd 10. Watfrhniy. Cohn., II. 
Uftlilpiija -New HarHi lit. Htlrigeport 14. 

Bripdt, .Sophie, Of+rn (Ertivln 0. ChlhU. ttiErJ— 
1-a CroMe, IE 4. Albert Ufa Sllnn.. a, Owa- 
lonha ti, Farilmult 7. «t. C'lowl 8. Winnipeg, 
Man.. M2, Orand Forks:, X. Dak., lit, Fargo 

Bliek PatU ' TrniibrtiV'ur- (Voelekel 4 Xolaft, 
mgrt 1 )-.Deirolt, Mich.. 1-7, Cbnlhnm. Can., », 
St. Thomas Hi. Wood* tuck 11, Httatfonl 12, 
, Uhdob HI, Hnnilltoit 14. 
Rnbes In Toyland" (Myrou It. Mi*, mar.)— Vic 
mm H. Of 4. Yancnnwr 3, , 0, W'hntarta, 
■ilki , 7, henttle,811. PnrUnwl, Ore., 12-14. 
IJJltir Prfoee" Opera (F. .(. Wade, mgr.) — 
Waco. TM., 2-7. 

MM Prince" Opefa (Harty I*ea Velio, mgr.) 
Pnlfukl, Twin.,- 4, Frnnklln 3, flullatto U. 
RmMMI 7. 

ninefc Crook" (Mlller'ft Plohn, .mgr*.)— Bangor. 
W.*,40, (>ewlston S. Porltonrt d, T. filddefoM 
IV fnrlwnnulh. K. H„ 10, Concnrti II. Mkti- 

r.-?K? te f. lS ' ^Ww iu. Taunton, Mia*., 14; 

Cajiuij Marie (Oaniel v. AMhnr, rarr.i-^LIttlo 

■v ii'i u '' *'°' r,1,t 8n " tb ' KkhM * c>lfi 

G mSBR amim ai\*xr & itUnm, tngw.)— 

^Wl* 11 !' "■• 2 '*'*- 

caf p. ftlcnur-l (Chns. Matka. mgr.)— Kiiuu City. 

«■»■• VLM. Jo»erili £ Uncoln. S'ebr.. 7, Omaha 
_J. 0, Cettar nnplda. !«.. 12. 
Crentote and hia Bahd (Howard Pew, mgr.)— 

Lnnrloa. Ung., 2-22. 
D^lton, flank (F. Q. Klion-Nlrdllnger. mgr.)— 

LcaaflBRi, Cuu., 4, Brantrnrd '>, Haft u. Oiielita 7, 
Hamilton !>. m, TalfnilMf in, ivierlom II, 
Klagnton 12, Ottawa, 13, 14. 

Daniels. Frank n\ It. Ullllnghairt, mgr. i— New- 
ark. N. J., 2-7. 

De Angi'lU JeiTeraon (Slmhcrt Broa., mew. I— SH. 
bpgja; Mn., 1«7, Milwankee, Wla., S-1+, 

■MM Grand Opera. Henry W. Harage'a ^Hnlf U 
hdninndx. mgr.t--St. Loubi, Mo., 1-7. Terre 
Hame. ML, fl. Indtanapoll*' 10, 11, ixmUttlle, 
ky.. 12-14. 

Kdirardea, Paula (Sbuhert Broa.. mgrt.)— Cumher 
land; Md., ?. Fairmont, W. Vs., 3. Morgan- 
town fl, Bellaire, O., 7. . 

"Enri and tin- lllrl" iShithert Bw»„ mar*.) — 
WatlJturton. H. C, 2-7, Boston. Mass., 0-14. 

Far, Klfie (A. II. Wood*, mgr.)— Memphis. Tenn., 

firand Opem (Ilelnrlcb Oonried. mgr. l— Chicago, 
111.. 2-7, St. t*nl*, Mo., 0-11. Kansas Cky 

Glaaer, 'i.atn fC. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— Atlanta. 
t)a.. -1. '•, Chauannrgn, Tenn., o. Knoxrlllc 7, 
Lextncton, Ky.. !i, Lnuhrlllc 10. 11. Dayton, 
U., 12. OrtlumlHW 12. 14. 

"Qlnccrliread Man" (Conrerce A Peters, mgrs. i 
— St. Louis, Un., 8-14. 

"Rny New York" (Walter B. Moure, nwr.i— 
l»iil»tllk', Ky., 1-7, fit. I^uIh, Mo., rt-14. 

IT0i>per, He Wmt (Shubert Bros., mgrs.i — N. Y. 
City 2-0, WiUlanisnort, Ph., O. 

Herald Square Opera — (Vineord. N. BL 4. stntw- 
Tille 3. Salisbury fl. High Point 7,. sunr.jrd fl, 
Fayett^Tllle 10. tJoldshoro 11. Klnston 12, 
QrecnTtllf IS. 14. 

Hogan. Ernest (tleo. H. Harris, mgr.)— Milwau- 
kee. Wia.. R-14. 

*'flia Majesty" (Nelson Roberts, mgr.)— N. Y. 

Irroa Opera (Wm. Heywond. mgr.)— Plttsflrld, 
HI.. 4. Wlrwhewer 3, CarllnstlUe d, B*wjUd» 
Mil.' 7, Rellerllle 8. 

"I«le of Spice" (B. OL Whltner, mgr.)— Charles- 
ton. 8. 0., 4. Augusta, fin.. 3. Charlotte. X. L\. 
«. Lynchnnrg. Va., 7, Baltimore. Md., 0-14, 

"Isle of Spice" (It. C. M'hKney. mgr.)— Ownlon- 
na, Minn.. 4. Faribault 3, Rochester fl, Wi- 
nona 7. Minneapolis 8-11. St. Paul 12-14. 

Janls. EI*Io (LIcbler & Co., mgrs.)— N. Y. City 
.2, indeflnite. 

Juvenile Bostonlon Opera (Wm. B. Sherman, 
mgr.)— Calgary. V.- W. T-, Con.. 2-7. 

Klltiea Band (T. P. J. Power, mgr.)— X. Y. City 

"Mtile Duchess" (Milton & Sargent Atom. 
mgr*.)— Brooklyn. X. V.. 0-14. 

"Lsiul of Nod" (A. 0. Delamater, mgr.) — San- 
dnaky, O., e, Detroit. Mich., ti-14. 

Mar. Edna (Charles Frobman, mgr.) — I»rwUu>, 
Kng.. 2, Indefinite. 

UHMt, Mme.. English flrnnd Opera (F. De 
Angvlls. mgr.)— Frankfort, lnd.. 4, Lafaycrte 
3. Kokomo fl. Marlon 7. 

"Mtsu Boh White" (F. 0. Nlion-Nlrnl Inger. 
mgrj— St. I*dl». Mo.. 2-7. Alton. 111., 8. Reno 

0. Tnseola 10, CrawfnrdsTllIe, lnd.. U. I.e- 
banon 12. . 

"Mexk-fthn" - IShiilvrt Brow.. mciv.j—X. f. City 

2-7. AIMny, N. Y., 0. 
Netlann, Alice (Chn«. T. Bergi-r, mgr.) — Memphbt, 

Tenn., 3. 
New Xnrk Opera— St. John. X. B.. fl-21. 
"Prince of India" (Klaw & Krlanger. mgra.) — 

Pittsburg, Pi., 2-14. 
"Prince of Pll*en,"' Henry W. Savage's — N. Y. 

Ctty 2-14. 
"Peggy from Paris" (Madlnnn Corey, mgr.) — 

Baltimore, Md., 2-7, I'lillndelnhln. 1'n.. (l-lt. 
"PlIT! Pnff*: Pouf!!*" |B. G, Whitney, msr.) 

— Ognen, 1/., 4, Salt Lake Ctly 3-7, Deliver. 

Colo.. S -14 

"Paul Jones". Oner* (John H. Onrrlwn; mgr. )— 
PbllBtkdpbfa, Pa., 2-7, Waahlhgtnu, D. C.,0-11. 

"PIrtk HnssiiraV— PhHwIelpblfi, Pa.. ,8-21.' 

Rlrto-Orrhcajm (Chas. liornhnupt, mar.)— fllorers- 
vllle, -N.- Y-," "If, Amsterdam 10, Buffalo. mal„ 
and Balavlrt 11, rAslituhbhi. 0., 12, Port Uiirmi, 
Mich,, 13, Toledo, ()., 14., ■ 

"Itobln Hood". (Milfoil oc-Sarge'nt Aborn, mgrs.) 
— Altonna.' Pa., 4, l.imrosier 5. 

"Kiitinwftys" (F. . Ray (VuiMtock, mgr.) — Prorl- 
ilejiee, ii. 1.. 0-14. - 

Scbeff. Frltil (0. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— ft. Y. 
City 2. Judclinlte. -' , 

Soirta and his Bnnd (John Philip Somta. oowlnct- 
or). — Perm- Yau, N. Y., mat., and Elmirn 4, 
Waverdly, mat., and Ithaca 3, Towanda.. Pa., 
mat., and Wilkes-Barrc Q. Plttaton, mat," and 
Scronton 7, N. Y. City 8, Philadelphia, Pa., 0- 

"Show' flirt" (B. 0- Whitney, mgr. )— Rochester, 
K. Y-. 8-4. Syracuse 5-7. Scranton, Pa., 0-1 1. 
Wllken-barre 12- 14. 

"Stillnn of Siiiu" iMndlson Corey, mgr.) — Wash- 
ington,. D. C 2-7. 

"Sorlnl Whirl" (Shuliert Bros., nigrn.) — HjmIod, 
Mara, 2-«, N. Y. City 7, Jndclmlle. 

".-timple Simon Simple" (F. 0. Mxon-N'lrdllnger, 
mgr.)— Rochester, X. Y., \, fienera 3, IDuiCJl 
li. Blngtninton 7, Rending, Pa., ft, Soitlh )teth;e- 
litm 10, Allentiiwn 11, Atlanth: City 12-14. 

Tcroplelou, Pay (Klatv ft Erlongt-r, umrs.) — Halll* 
more, Md„ 2-7. Btmtun, Mara., 0-28. 

Tangtuy. Kvn — AHortna, Pn., 7. 

■Tt-iiderfortt'* (W. P. ('illicit, mgr.)— Bruckloii. 
Maw., .4, TnnntiHi 3, Sah-ni fl, l.yini 7. Law- 
rence ft. Muiiirlii-Hlvr. X, It., 10, PortKimi'ilh 

11, Uwlston. Me.. 12, Portlnwl i:i, 14. 
"Three Graces"— Ohlingo, III., 2, Indeflnite. 
"Tom, Dick mid Harry" (A. II. W«ndn, mgr.) — 

Mllsaukee, Wis., 1-7, St. Paul, Minn., 8-14. 
•■irinfiliv" (M. II. Singer. mgr.J— Chlengw, III., 

1, ludeQiiltc. 

Will* man (John It. Wills, mgr.)— TIopc, Ark., 

2-4. Hot SrrltuM 3-7. • 

"WrxMllnnd." Henry W. SnTflgc'w (IH'rey Sage, 

mgr.) — Toronto. Can., 2-7. Muu treat u-14. 
-WlEaril of trt," So. I (Wm. ilrny, tautr.)— 

Cidumtms, O., 4, Mnu 5, Toledo d, 7. CJJvtu->] -I. 
"Yaukee.i.'oiisnl" (Job a p. SJocum, nigr. )— ltleli- 

unuil, Yq., 4. 

in iti.iiMU v. ami vai nicviiLi;. 

Aniei-iennH (Kiiwln 1). Mlm-r, mgr. j— Louis rllle, 

Ky., 1-7, Clnelntiflti. O., 8 -14. 
Avenue Olrls (Oeo. Hale, mgr.) — Salt Lake City, 

l\. 1-7. Denver, Colo.. 8-14. 
Alcainr Beauties (Ctiai. -Taylor. • ingr.)--<lleve- 

land. 0., 2-7. Pittsburg, Pa.. 0-14. 
Brvrtnl'a, Harry C, Bxtrarngaoia Uolio R. Kay- 

nor, mgr.)— Baltimore, Md., 2-7, Plttrtmrg. 

nine Rltibon nirU (Jack Singer, mgt.l— Provl- 

denee, It. 1„ 2-7. Boston, MnH.. 0-14, 
Bowery Diiflcwitter* (Joe ilurtig, mgr.J — Tr»y, 

X..Y., 2-7, ftprlngfleld. Mass., 0-11, llnlynlic 

Black ITrnk Jr. (Harry HnstlngH, mgr.) — Boi- 

-(**, Mil. . 2-7. 

ilu'Ml-.ns (Rtttite.- .. 

Iml.. 2-1 LnnltvllTe. Ky.. W 
Hon Tons (Riwli fc wsMK mgrn.)— Pittahnrg;, Pa., 

2-7, ctnclnnsti, o.. s<14. 
llrlL'udlert (Onus, ("rnnlwell, mgr.) — Ornort Iti|v 

Ids. Mich.. 1-7, CMrrtid, 111., K-it. 
Itnltlinom. Besiitles (Hoi Myers, mgr.)-r-Knoaas 

City. Mo.. 1-7, St. Louis 8-14. . .: 

Btv.-viway Onlety UlrN (Jinu-s II. Curtin. mgr.) 

.-Phllmlelplda. Pa., 2-7, X. Y. City 0-21. 
Clh- 8pnrls (Phil Sberhlno, mgr.)— Pbilarlelpbla, 

Pa.. 2-7. Bending 0-14. 
Crncker Jackn illarfy Irfool, mgr.)— Toleflf. 0., 

.1-7. Cleveland OH. 
Casino (Ilrls (M M. Thelac, mgr.)— Chicago. 1H-. 

IT, Toledo. O.. 814. 
Cbfrry Blossoms (M.- Jacprai, toiT.)— Seattle, 

waah., 1*7. Portland. Ore., 8-14. 
Colofilnl Hi (Chas.^pallte, topt.)— MlaeijM- 


,.r. Minn.. .1-7. DulnthJM4, 

urorrtlA airlR (0, II. tiitwf, mgr.)"-8tL Paul, 

Mihn., 1'7, .MlfttiMpctU R-M. 
Dcrere'H, Ham. O*o 10ns Liehlng. mgr.)— Mod* 

ttenl, Can.. 2-7. Toronto 0-14. 
Palntr IMetssks (Rush A Weber, mgrs.)— Newark, 

N. J.. 2-7, N. Y. City 0-14. 
Dresmlnnd Beadtles (Frank Caldef. mar.)— Pitta* 

burg, Pd., 2-7, Washington, D. C, 9-14. 

Dainty Puree (Cnimiltell k. Ifarue-', mgi:',)--Mll- 

irsnkee. Wis,, 1-7, Si. Paul, Minn,. -4-14. 
Kmptre Bnrlesqjners IJ. Penuewy, mtrr.)— IMil- 

hud. Ore.. 1-7, Snn Franclsce), \.*nl.. i>-!4. 
Fny Foster (Joseph Ontieuttpliner, mqr. i --t'hlfsgtt, 

111., 1-7. Milwaukee. Wt>., Ml. 
flay Morning fllnrles iSasi A. Scrlhner, mgr.' — 

yprtndlehl. Mass., 21, Holyoke 37. Boston 0* 

Ony Mssqaeraders (Sam A. Scrlhner, mgr.) — St. 

Louis. Mo.. 1-7, CliWgo. III., 8-14. 
Ooldon ■ Crook 'Jacob* k Jennon. mgrs.) — X. Y. 

City 2-7. irrcoklyn. S. Y., I 21. 
Illsda Hollers (A. U. Wiudhull. mgr.)— X. Y. City 

2-7, Philadelphia, Pa.. 0-14. 
Howard, May, Kittavsgansn iCcorge F. I*earne<l. 

mer.)— Itoston, May-.. 2-7. Montreal, (.'an., tt- 
High School Olrls (Alfred Mayo, mgr.)— flt. 

Joseph, Mo. Ti-7, Kmisas City 0-14. 
Irwtn's Big Show tFr«*d lmin, mgr.) — Spring- 
Held. Ms«s.. ft-7, X. Y. City OIL 
Imnerlals (Jcshc Burns.. mgr.J — l»enver. O»lo., t- 

7. St Josepli, Mo., 0-11. 
Innneem Mams (r:. W. Clilpman, mgr.)— Wash- 
ington, D. I.'., l'-7, llalllmore, Md., 0-14. 
Ideals (Sim Williams, mgr. i —Toronto, Can.. 2-T. 

Buffalo, X. Y.. 0-14. 
Jolly (ilrls iT. K. McCewiry. mer.)— Rnlllmorr, 

Md.. 2"-7, Plilladelpbla, Pn.. fl-14. 
Jersey Lilies (Oeo. F. mfper, mgr.) — New nr- 

leans;' La.. 2-7. 
Jolly Orass Widows (flits w. Hngan. mgr.)— X. 

r.-CIly 2-7. 
Knickerbockers (I-ouls Kotde. mgr.)— Cleveland, 

o., 2-7, Vonngsiown 0-14, 
KenhKk> - Belles (Robert Gordon, mgr.) — Detroit, 

Mteh., 1-7. Grand Raidds 8-11. 
Lafayette, itw Ureat (T. O. Ijifayette, mgr.J— 

Mftrtlnsfmnr. W. Vn.. 4, Winchester. Vit.. 3, 

Frederick. .Md.. . tl. Annapolis 7, X. Y. City S, 

Providence, R. L, 0-14. 
Merry Burlesnuers (lYm. Ballanf, mgr.) — N. Y. 

Cliy 1-7, Brooklyn. X Y.. 0-14. 
Ill** NVh' York Jr. dlarrie Ploree, mgr.J— Han 

Frsmlsco. Cal.."J-7, Virginia City, New, to, 

Iteim 11, Ogden, U„ 1:1. 
MaJCKtlcs (Fred Irwin, mar.) — Brooklyn, X. Y., 

2-7, Providence. R. I.. U-14. 
Moonlight. Maids (David Krfltm. mgr.)— Alhnny, 

N. Y.. 2-7, .Troy 11-14. 
Merr> Makers (R. F. Patton, mer.)— Buffalo, N, 

Y.. 2-7. Detroit. Mich., 8-14. 
Moscatts (J. J. Monahan, mgr.) — Dntuth, Minn., 

New Ionian Gaiety Girls (Cliff W. Griuit. mgr,) 

—Brooklyn. N. Y„ 2-14. 
New York Stars (M. M. Tbelse, mn*.)— Brooklyn. 

N. Y.. 2-14. 
New Century Girls (Clias. W. Daniels, mgr.) — 

Spukanc, 10, 11, North Yakimk 12, 

Tacorati l'i, it. 
OWentala (W. II. WntHui, mgr.)— Cincinnati. O., 

1-7, Clavelsnd 0-14. . 
Orpheitm Shw. Martin Bock's— I iidUnnnolIs, lnd., 

2-7. Ulndnnnti. (I.. SI I. ., 
Pnrlslmi Widows (Rush At Weber, mgrs.) — Nash- 
ville, 'tenn.. 2-7.- New Orleans. Ijt„ fl-14. 
Parisian Mies (John Grieves, mer.) — Pnlerson. 

N.-J., 0-14.- 
Reeves', Al.— RoeLiosicr, X. Y., 2-7. Albany 0-14. 
Bene Hill English Polly iRfec A: ItnrMti, mgrs. I 

— Philadelphia, Pn., 2 7, Baltimore, Md.. 0-14. 
Rentf-Sa»tley (A he. l.envltt. mgr.)— Boston. 

Mass.. 2-7. N. Y. City U-14. 
Met A Barttn's Rig Gaiety— Kansas City, Mo., 

1-7. St. Louis M-14. 
Rose Sydell's London Belles (W. S. Campbell. 

lugr.)— Cincinnati, 0., 1-7. Nashville, Tenn., 0- 

Rellly St Wood's- (pnt ReJily, mgr.)— Salt Like 

citv, tj„ r-14.^ ■■-•■. - ' .• 

Ranawjiy Olrls (Peter R. Clark, mgr.)— Scranton, 

Ph., "2-t; .Newark. X: J., fl-14. 
Star Show Gfrle. (W.- Kennesay. mgr.) — Brooklyn, 

N.'-Y..^^, Boston. Mass., 0-14. ; ' 

Tr v na-At!ohilc linrlesnners (K. M., 

rnitL— X. Y.'.CIty 2-7, Phlladclrmla. Pn.. 11*14. 
'i'leer'I.tlles'.dssv (lr«la. rogr.l—Jersey City; N. 

J rt '?-»/ Philadelphia. Pit., 0-14. 
Tfoes Herns (CIipn. H. Waldrnn, mgr.) — Kansas 

titty. Mo., sit. 
Thnrmighhreds (L. J.. Oberwnrth, mgr.)— N. C. 

Olty 2-14. 

Vnulty Fair f Robert AUncbciter, mgr,)— Read- 
ing. Pa., 2-7, Scranton 0-14. 

World Beaters (J. Herbert Mack, mgr.)— Buffalo, 
X. Y.. 2-7, Rochester fl-14. 

Wine, Women and Song (M, M. Theise, mgr.) — 
Youngstown. 0.. 2-7i -Buffalo,. N. Y., 0-14. 

Wnahlngton Soelety Girls (Kernan & Wntson, 
mirrs.)— Phllndelplih. p n .. 2-7, N. Y. City 014. 

Ynnkee Bsssflf Girls (I»uls Hnrrl". mgr,)— St. 
Ijiiijj, Mo., 1-7. liullntispolls, lnd., 0-11. 
MI N SI hi: IS. 

Beach It Bowers (J. H. Smith, tugr.) — tronwood, 
Mleh.. 4, Bessemer fl, Crystal Falls «, Norwuy 
7, Bscannbn 8, Msrlnette, Wis.. 1". 

Do.-kstader's, U-w (Cliarlcs |>. Wilson, mgr.) — 
Ylcksburg. Miss,, 4, Onvnvtllu fl, Steuinhlf, 
Teno.. tf. 7, Hot Springs, Ark.. I). Unit; Ibtek 
10, Hhrevoporl, La., 11, Beaomont, Tex., 12, 
Houston HI, 14. 

Do Hut- Bros.' (Hilly Do Hue. nisr.)— Norway, 
Me.. «, Uvennoie Falls. 7, Farraington 0. 

Fields', Al. G. (Doc (JUlgley, mgr.f— leeurer, 
Colo., 1-7. I.iuciiln, Nilir:, 11, Slonx City. In.. 

Gorton's (0. C. Pearl, mgr.)— Xnugatuck, O/nii., 
4. .Wlitsled 3, Great Bariiugt-iu, llnss., 7, 
tlitithniu, N. Y.. 0, MechailliiNvlIln 1.0, llns*»- 
wlcli 11, t'umlTlilnu 12, 

Ilnveiiy's M3ias. It. Ilnulgie, uigr. ) — AlleitfMvn. 
Ph., 4. Kitstou 3, New Brunsitk'k, N.- J,, d. 
Ornuge 7. 

Ill Henry's— Jonlln. Mo„ I. FayetU'vllk- 1 . Ark., fl, 
Muscogee, liul. Tev.. 7, South McAlesler 0. • 

IIurkncHs k Fox's (IU»y H. Vox, mgr.)— .New Mnil- 
l'id, -Mo., 2-L Columhua, Ky., 3-7, llnnlwrll 
Oil, WIckolltTe 12 14. ■ 

Mabara's (Prank Mnhurn, tngr.l— Hlockti*. Uab.. 
' 4. Downa G, Clyde U, Clay Center 7, Clyde u, 
.Belleville JO, U'baiKin ll, Pblllpsbutg 12, Nor- 
ton III, Smith celifer 14. 

Prhnroie'i- ■ (Geo. II, Prlmruse, uigr.)— llctllo.-- 
ham, Wash,, 4, Seattle 3*T, Sookdno 0. Htkoa, 
Moat.. 10, Anacoudil 11. finite 12. 

Itlcbanls t Pringlc'a (lttjsco k Holland, mgrs,) — 
Coffeytlllc, Kan., 4, independence 3, Cbaoule 
d. Humboldt 7. Inla 0, Port HWU In, Clinton, 
Mo., II, Sedallri 12. Rnonvltle lit. Pnretle U. 

VngePs (John.W. Vogel, mitr.)— llUAMnglon, W, 
V*.. 4. Parlterfchtirg 5, Slsirrrllle £ U'beellng 
7. Washington, Pn., 0, Steuhenvllle. O.,- In. 
1'htJehsfllle II, Cadlf 12, New Comeratowu Ll, 


kill'. N. Y„ I. I'herrv Vatic? 3, Mufss) Siirlu-o« 

«, Rlehmondtllle 7, Schencviis !». iini<nnts !<•, 

Cnonf.rst.nrii tl-lt. 
He -Castro. Mam-Ice Hummll, ih\„ 2-7. Urnynutit 

P 14. 
Frnnkl.rti Comedy (Win. Prarlklyu, mgr.). -Alns- 

wnrtD. Nebr., '-•*. 
Flint, Mr. fturl Mrs. tfjf, I.. I'llnt, mgt'.i— Ke- 

wsnee. III.. 2-7. Galesbnrg 0-21. 
Helms, sir. and >Irs. (K. S. Aby, mr.r.1— W««i- 

conda. III.. 2 7. Mellenry »-14. 
Johnsitrfie it*. Win. Franklin, inijr.) — Alton. HI.. 

2-7, Jeplln. Mo.. OIL 
Jolmsion (T. 11. .Mrlntyre. mgr.)— Tipton, 1ml., 

2*7, Alo\Findrhi fill. 
Knrsss, Dr. rtiid Mrs. li I). — Alflswnrlb. Ni-br., 

Powers, F. J.-Cartorvtlle. On., M. Marietta 7, 

Canton 0. Blue ttldge 10, 11. Asbcvllle. X. C. 

Prescelle and 1-^lna May Slartoon (P. W. Mattrvin, 

mar. i — Hnnslck Fulls, N. V.. 2-7. 
Pauline --Mnntrenl, On., 2-14. 
Unpp, Mr. mid Mrs. (Augustus llspp. mgr.)--- 

Mays, lnd.. 2-7. 
SomlMTH Oi'iomons (Mnrry Hluiire, mgr.) — HitioIi- 

lyii. N. V.. 2-7. 
Seremraln i Walter •'. Mask, mgr.)— Xew Castle. 

Pn.. 2-7. Oli Cliy Oil. 
Svlngsll- -Tlfltou. lnd.. 2-7. New Ctiwlli- 0-14. 
Shefvard's Moving Pli-tutvs. linsteni (A. L. Shep- 

unl, ingr. i— Snlent, Slass., 4, Marllswu fl. Tstui- 

i.'ii fl. .Ycwrsirl, It. L. 7, Allsiny. N. V.. 0-1 4. 
Shepanl's Moving Pictures, Southern %Xi L. Shep- 

snl, mer. I— Kimx vllle, Tenii., 4, MldiDeslHiro. 

Ky., 3. Greenville.' Tenn.. fl. MM 7. 
Vnne, llsrry — Memphis. Tcun., 

CimbrMpe It. 
Weil's. Mlii. II. 

|:||**H.— ,\| (he Majestic tSluilsRrt Urns.. 
MUyttJOTsii "IWerteit nt the Atl*r" met ftVwl 
ndiUeno's Jlnrrli 2d. 27. "A Royal HlflV-" 
drew S.VII 2S. Andrew Mnel: lllleif the hotisn 
2li... "The l-'iiimy Mr. Ihsdey" iiuide I m rare uii- 
tlleiice* IaiiqIi III) Id. Kirk Mrnwn St.ick Co. 
work nr April 2, except It. when I.. nil* .Mntiu 
Afld CltrH l.Iiminn will flitnenr. 

OnPiiriMi tWIImor.iV Vim-lent, mnnnsicrs). 
- -Hiisitle*w rsLQroAd. 1111 1 week of 2 : Josenttino 
Cn'nii niif! nni)|i;niv. Cntllure mid tlllletlt', 
Irmheriy'k prvndlM, Irene I'nuilillti. )»orach MM 
Itlifself. .Ir.iiii Le i'Mlr und I'n-.i Nltdo. 

Ih-.wkv Mi*M»* Ham. ilbivld Hurry, mflitn' 
geri.— Itlji Ixiusey ulLlitst week. Illll week 
of 2: Kwtf nnil llnrf, Harry. Kennesay Mfl 
Irowathi Attn Young. Onrl Krimler, Alice M»y 
Xlenr. Merrlan H1ster4, Murfv tnfrt Owe, mj 
Lesier. mid t'Iftn'iice Isnngherty. 
— ■■ "- •-- 

Anhiirii. ~ At tW IliirtU Amlltorliint t% 
S. .Nrwlnii, niiuiiiger i Hoiisji'h liintil April II. 

Bi'im.s' tipnu tliM-Nii IK H. Newloii, 
inniingi'n.— Andrew Murk, Mnreli 27, hud h 
Ids: lniflw. "l-iescneii hi the Allnr" drew il 
goiiel himse 2S. "Peek's Tlntl llov" 31. 

\KW YOHK stati:. 

litiiHhai.itmi. -At the Stone Onern llonsn 
(.1. I*. K. Ctnrk. mHtinger) "'Phe Rtiimwiiys" 
bnd H, H. 1>. Mnn-h 91 "IM|iei-N Hroihers It) 
Irelnitd" hint > crowded house 2S. "Itnllroiiil 
Jack" itrew liilrlv w>lt 20. "New York ibv 
Night'' ill. "Hen llur" April 21. "A Buneli 
Of Kf>j*s" .1. "Peck's Il.ii! Hoy" fl, "Rlmpli* 
Slinivi Simple" 7. , 

Huflnlo. At the Lyceum (.1. I.Hiighlln, 
Tuanngcrj' Louis Miinn unit Clnra Llpinuii, In 
•Jttlle Bonbon." April 3-7: llrnhn Kflllrh Ui- 
18. The Thitlla TliPMtro Co.. rtf New Ynrk, 
sDHNj "Kreutxer Sonntu," to un approelfltlvn 
amllenue. March 111. 

Stau tl'. C. Cornell. iniiiiBperi.— "The Ulrl 
Pat ay" nnrt tt". It. Crane divide this wi*ok. 
Frank Onmeis 10-21. "It Hapiiened In Nunl- 
lfliid" did a niilistnnilnl intslucaa nnil plcnaed. 

C'ONVK.vTlo.N Hai.i,. — Burr Mcintosh April 1*. 

Shfa'b.— In i he list this week nre: Kilty 
Harry, George Monroe, W.irit mnl Ctirrnn, 
ltosnl's muslcflt horse, Del more Statero, and 
the Wilton Hroihers. ltlg sttendauec con- 
tlnuefi. 8oti^n's Hand nppenrott 1. 

Tbmpmi. — AinrniKer 'lnggert aiinoiincew hr 
headllncrs this week, Nice and Wnitern, I,u 
Adetln. Hkd Rdwards and (Heuwood. Popu- 
lar conecrti nre given Smnlaya. 

ACU'KJtv (0. ii. Klevens, ti)iuing<--v l, — "The 
Lighthouse ttff the Sen" thin week. "In n 
Womnn's Power" ncicr week. "Rip llrarted 
Jim"** was a tremendous drawing card Inst 

LAfAYf.TTt: (C. M. Bngg. mntmRer).— Ihn 
Merrv Makers mid Mile. Hnrema this week. 
thO'Idenls week of 0. Kentucky Uelles wefn 
amply rewnrded. 

HARfiiix fit J. Cnrr, mnnnger). — PhllntM- 
phln Jack O'ltrlen, In conjunction with tho 
World Heaters, this week: wine. Women nnd 
Song next week. Al. lteevps did hlh usual 
(rood buslnens. 

I.inn'k Mi'sn'M. — (,'nnnihnl ,Toe nnd wife, 
Henn, Miirkle and Mark, D'Hrlen und Phelps, 
(lenevleve Montrose and Ctmrlca Ijine. IlusL 
tiPSR-ls repnrled (n»fld here. . . 

• *TjncK (l*. X'. .Cornoli; jntnamr).— ■Klskn 
O'Harn llilf.-'Woek. "Sla Ilopklna 1 ' next week. 
Tijnmnk H.Hhea did fairly well I nst week. 

Alhniiy.— At the Ktnplm (Frank WH- 
Ifama, res|doni ratiflitRCr) "Tlje Hlrl l'ntsy," 
Mnreh 2S, did fairly well for n siorniy nigiit, 
itnd "The Hiinnwnvs," 2S, had a crowd!'! 
house. Andrew Mnck fared well BL May Ir 
win April 4. . * *_ 


cohn, njapnger). — "The Two Bisters" played 
a return engagement, March 2fl-2S, before 
lnrge audleneeg. "Eben Holden," Jl»-ai, 
closed the week with good business., Louis 
Mnnn nnd Clnra Llpmnn April 2. 8, "Funny 
Mr. Dooley" D-7, "Mexlcann" 0. . 

Pboctoji's (Ilnword Urnhnm, resident man- 
aae>r). — For 3 nnd week" Margaret Wycheily, 
litnes and Reinliiptoii. Beyen lXillftr Troupe, 
S. MIHor Kent and corupuny, Allle (HUwrt, 
IMtiti Llbby. McUnitti Hros., nnd Itlcu nnd 

(iAIF.TV (II. It. Nichols, iiiimngen, — The 
liow-.-ry Hurlesquers tnst wifk did g"'»'>'l tutsl- 
iichs. Moonlight Molds 2-7. 

Noti:. — Win. II. Hark, for n. number of 
rears Ideiitllled with the (lately, leavers lien; 
April 2D to usmime Lite mitnaaement nf Fairy- 
land Park, of Memphis. Teuu, Ills ninny 
friends htm success In IiIm iietv Held, 

Portland. ---Ai the Mnrrulnm Orfllld t Cal- 
vin llell't'. mnnageri "The Sleeping Ileniilv 
Mid ili" Bens:" did fntr hiislness Mnreh 2U. 
21, Albcrtn (Inlliiltn did coud hinditi-Kj , In 
"Conslti Kale" 1W, 21. "PUT I PfitTl! 
I'ouft!!" L'd-'J:t. Primrose's Minstrels 110. Ul. 

I'Mrtiit: illlticti AV. Heniniui, mniiftgc.).— 
'• Scott y, the Death Vnllcy Miner," drew eimi'- 
|hM business la-22. The Oliver N. ..Kfk- 
Iinrdt Co, did fair business an. 24, In h A 
Fight for Honor." "Olo Olloh" hod two 
good lifliiso* 2fi. "My wire's Family" we*k 
of April l. i 

ltAKKii (Oeo. U linker, mannaer).— -Ilellly 
gi Wond'H ilurlcHiiiie Co. did fair liunltiesH 
week of 18. The Empire Ilurleanuc Co. week 
April 1. • 

titiANi* (J. II. ISrvtcknon. manntfer).— thn 
Three ArinatrougK. the /einuhm, Marie Ltuir* 
« ns, Jn-'k CnnneMy nnd commiuy, thei Hell 
Trio, John J. Woh-h, Harold ItcfT nnd (iirtnill- 

RTAit (J. II. Mrrlfknon, manager). — Fowler 
mothers. Ulley nnd Uviqno. Henry Fink. 
Dick and K (Tie dulse, Kulrileld nnd Morton, 
Will C. llovt and Hfuruacnpe. 

Lyitiu (Keatlntr & Flood. tnanng:era).— -Tho 
Lyric Hfock Co. week of March 20, fa "Hlfl 
Wife's Crlne." 

Pantaur'h (John A. Johnson, mnnnjjcr i. 
— Howo, Hayes nnd WInrhpll, Dnyton Mis- 
ters, the Marihalls, Kd. Oeyer, Uc Wlilt? 
nnd blnffraiih. , 

Fiiitz a Nmw Tiihatrh (fien. N. Bird, man* 
flgei). — Jones and Knvllle, deo. A. and I, fo- 
rte lllrd. Mm N. .Vernon, Kvellu, Fay LciHe, ' 
Itnrhey MitHnly. Kiln. Llrtd,. Anltn -llay. Mrta 

IHIlRrd, Alma Plercfl, "Tho . Mlmoufi -Wilf." 
■"rthv until. Mndellnn Karl nnd Kd. Forreil.'H PTfjMtT Torn ng'THR WflMT.n ( rrajft 

* sfv< 


Hoeiiester,— At the Lyceum (M, R f€ 
tinnanr). week ur-Mitrvli 2'). Wrlftlii Lurl* 
hut, In "The Hlieidierd King." plnyerf tn n 

sitcet'saloU of Hue mtdiotlccM, Jlurl- .Melnionh 
Aiirll 1, Hmisii und his bund 2, "Hlntphi Hluioti 
Simple" 4, "The tllrl Piilsy" fi, ll. 
National (Mnx-lliirllg. jiiiwiilll Vmf 

O'Unril gum outfrc siillsruellnii, to line hnsl- 
mtHH, iliuch 2il-2K„ In ",\|r. Jllilrliey r r oni |fn-- 
Irtiid." 'Arkoua" lilnyed in w«ll IIHbtl houses 
Stt-ai. Hlldii. TIloliuiH April 2-4, In "The 
Hllnw Ulrl;" "fitimev Adnuis Hilwye^.fl-,7. 
Cf.-ii; Ol-i:iiA llrH'Hi: iJ, tl. Moore. lllHIin* 

Rtt).-- Hill -1! niitl week: Isiulsc Htiniilug. Jit- 
flu Fltltlfie, UnrliDy i-'uunii mid Iietuletm 
llvrnn, Jus, J, Xlollou, IClj-lit H-dnlllll ArrilH. 
WTilerhitry HroH niitl, Tcutiey, Johnaoii .lUd 
Wells, und klfleiiiffrnbli. 

• if. Sir 

-. . TEST SHOW-*. 

Bamum | Boiler's— N. T. City 2-21.. 
Canada Frank's— Hickory, lnfl. 7Vr., 4, ' FfitlcU 
, fi, Wetmnka d, Iteuryettu 7, llcggs li, Cuttwsa 

lfl, cbetsea 11, 
lily's. Ceo. H.—MmllhOclrt. Tex., 7, Keller 0, Itwi- 

noke 10. JiMlino ll. ' 

Ceyefa— flonto, Tex., 4, Sllnernl Wells ."J, Wefllh- 

erford d, Arllngtou 7. * * 

Jones * Adnmh— Bamberg, H. C, fl, .HincVaviite 

7, Allendale D, Bnrnn-ell in, williamn ll, Ai- 
ken 13, 
Lucky Bill— Biirlingame. Kan., 4. 0,. flarveyvllle 

fl. Eskrldgo 7. Ainu 0. _ ■-■.■--.- 
Tod. Win.— rfoaMllty. B. A. 4. : Hliflrf « A 

Ilenrepnth 0, Helton 7, pendleim 0, Walhatla 

in, Weatmlnster 11, fjentral 12. 
Yah Amhnrc— Atlflbla, fla., ''. . , , 

tfiRrfeLffA'sir'iL'ff. *; 

Alfln'i. nufil. Unrlne Plctuten— OUtw Falll, N. 

Y.. 4, SafAtoaa fl, . , • 

Cooke Comedy (Wallace Ci»fce, wjM.j^aoulr, 

nivrr, N, J., 0-'n Boilth Ambny fl.iS. 
CrokAr'a IMucated jlorsea (John C. Patrick, mgr,) 

— Aurora, III., 2-4. Kenosha, WW,, fi-7. 
Cook-Harris (B. Albert Ccok. mgr. )— Cobles- will b< pbr 

ConlNiniAs'dl. C, Jacob, itinuitgrr-.— Tfirs 
I'LiropOiui SchaiiHon -*'o, hud p.flod Iui4lnc«n 
lii tat wrflk. At, Heeves' lien til y Co. 2-*, 

N'oTPfT-ltfltdieaprr Is h> have nuollit<r the* 
at re, Harry' Dnvls, of I'll fj-hurg. und the 
.1. ll. Co. hilw' leased Iho Cox Ituilil- 
Itig. on • lli4- iiorihi'iist cflt-iU'i 1 or Mnlti und 

3 'liter Mtteth directly. In ihe eeritfc U tile 
ty iitu. rxecllcbi |o>-fltltdl). nilil Pifl.fiOH will 

Frltx. manaJD-er) ronflnurit tn do hlg biiMluesii. 
MoTKH.-r-Tltfl MnnpHim Ohind MMh belli 
hy ihe Northwest Theatrical AsMnt-Mtloit, 
' Hlvin llelHg. iiiannger, will prnbuhly In 
yen up early in April, mid Hie theatni 
mndflDf-d, Additional tire equipment and 
improvements, Including- i-ovlrliig, rctpilpud 
hv the City Council, ts likely to caUig thft 
ulinndanment. The Title Onorflniee Anil 
Trust Co., owners of the building;, decline to 
urtderfnko the outlay, and Mnnaiter Ht\\\g 
feeli that he will not be -JuatlQod In g'dng 
to the expense. I.'nlesa a cnrnpromlae, la 
reached, the Mnrquam ttrnnd will likely pan* 
Into history, mid bo remodeled Into un ofllcc 
building ntid Ih> used In connection with Hm 
.Muiniuiiii Iluildlng. MnnugiT llellijr tins se- 
cured an "[H Inn from lleliisci) ft .Miirer iiimui 
thelleliiseo ThenHe, former I v ihn * olumtdii. 
which, ncrordlug lo present Indications, will 
result In thnl tlienlre uossliig un«h*r coniitil 
of Mtinnger HelM:: nnd being iisrd for tho 

Klnw at l.rl linger iittrucllDUH '"The 

Chrlsttnu" Co.. under management of Oeoriro 
L. linker, wlili .lolui KiiIii]kiIIs> fin ulntru dl- 
rectdr, opened nt Mult-m. .Ore., Unrrli.lfl, (on 
erirwded Uoiihc. The lour of the eoinpiiny 
wilt eonllntte seven we-dkN, 1'iidh,- nt Port- 
land, May T. ft, . Following Is the conipnnv : 
John Knlnpnlls, Josepti Msffsrlnnd. Hurt I,. 
King- Hlorlhiff I,. Wlili wry, Hurry II.. Ityerv, 
Wllfiatn Ulllfi, Alhurl I'hurHuIti, Prahels Un- 
rout*, Ilea 17 AruiRfrnin', llnrry MfleAnllffe, 
Mi*. II. U. Iiyens. Kthof lnd In, Lllllnn fn.ii- 
niiiu, l,oii]-.i' Collet*. Ili*ritm Wllllnui-,, Alt- 
iielle Klttgsley. I.lllliuj 1 ji iyreiiee. . 

IIIIHiirilM titiee More it Poimlur 
A ni Mae in out. . 

■ Proliiihly the tfrentest. crowd llinf ever wit- 
nesfcod n bill In rd untfli, tfti* 
(Irrtrld Celilral Pfllnco, (his ellyj TMesday 
nliilM, M.'nvli 27. when Willie hoppc, (ho 
(-iiiiniploii,- jitid (leorge .Klniisnt), lli> veteran 
egpcrl, crosNud i-ucH.for thu rhamploiishlp lit 
1ft Ittrli- "Ilfl-Hliol In, hnlklltte, forlhr world'H 
fhiitliPlort-ihlp, Htossoti iieiiijr Hie rlmllenger 
for the title The revival n? hllllmdi width 

fiwript. ovt-r' New York th la Winter la parity 
mbmom m. the interest urodui-it hy tho 

iiMtih, Willie Hnpi'o, wbo Is Ml"li*'i "Tho 
liny Wond-ir," •AT'ohtcd (lie chatiirilo- ' 
Vlgnnim. tn'Pnrk France, on , 

hninnloiiMlilif from 

. oil .ran. is ut thn 

Adtnlrdlfle iirfnnui'mnnia L for 

... trtt, 

he miiteii final been ifimtc by the Ht-ilitswiik 
' lender Co. The * 
ttiev Hieppod i« ... 
wllli J-ldivurd McMubIiIIii ns tin* 

be etljendj-d mi til'* itittoili'lliK' or (lie pr< wi'iil 
htilldiuif lutfi nflrsi clfie-t t Ilea I re. Work Is 
to l-e£lu ill (Uiet-> >»■ that. Hie titiiiHe cnu be 
opctu'd nl-Jtt Full, i Viindovllle ivtit iii-olialily 
be gjveti. lit low prices. t!ui ttaine of the the- 
flirr nnd Its putley Is not jvi ipific m;{\\v*\. 
•'' i i ' 4 ' 

' Jntiiento.-fTti.— At HhiuucIh opera House 
(Mi Huirvu]ul'ajt<jr) "The Ilowery New-sulH.'* 
MabcU 2d, 1 pleiisetli ri fair fiolliie, "Qului-y 
Adams Huwyer,",?!). gnve an ekt'ellf-til per- 
fdrmtifli/-, ntid hnd'.^he'pnironiikp. -"JMtrti- 
Efli? Trirojlgli fleorgln" nnd tllirht .')i, 
Cook-Chiil-tfh Co., in-repprtofy. Am ssft , . 

SoTBH.!*lUlfl IVInlflr; I'tattatriV Hiniiq-fjer of 
Oloroii Park and 'Jlieatre, will tint :(Wupy 
that. p-rtitW i hlg iffum - lie le wth,iim 

tttPflt Cn., at niiffftln, wilt fwuJt the HoiJVtj, rt-id 
pcMBp? mfirniRe It, bin ilediilie ntrAhi^bivhta 
Hff H6t PS c-imprelsdj. ,- ,, . RtJhiiUlflB 
HHl nr rortiiumif lMP.,ri, wn <d>en In 
May, High clgas .vaudeville will npiM-ar In 
the i)ten[re and many out door attfactlooi 

Hit!keCrt|nui(iei* Cf». 'the plnyen .. 
nlmUlc' an tlley Hieppod to (lie Inhte lo 
lliK.cniitPsl. wllli Ldivnrd McUubIiIH 
refyrci 1 . Xn records .Were tmihMi In thti 
iiiiitdi, ii'uvdhl iIm-'PIAt.-iv develun the Rumu 
l-lllici* Is i-jipuble of rAiiloltlng. still then* \MU 
tlltleh I'llllirilii'v or egcelltluil dlsplnyml Mi; tsitll experts. Appended U I he senfi : 

OrabiU'eiilriH I'jilnce, Nt;w York I'liy, Sitirt'li 
JllP ' 

incll, fdie afririn.riireseotedHy Yiie'lirVms- 
wU k-Hnlkb-C'ellci " 

St, HJl/0, .. 
[Imloplimslilp eii|hlem nt I 

Foiii'iii coui|H>Ht|ol| for the Mnt'ld-4 
i eiuhlem nt Imlkllne hllllnnU, im 
lot In,, |ircsouii-d hy 

wli k-Hiilki'X'olleiKlrr t.niupanyi mid played, on 
a B hy lO.tnhli'. wllh )».'.rtn a side nbillhr- riot 
rtt-er ' 

../IplHOf the-itdiiie. 
Ilnpbe— (1, ft. I. I, 

!l. : ,f(. HI, 14 22, 1, <t, 

H; an, li p. 4, ii, in, n. a, eft, 7. n, n, 1, n. ,it, 
n, is Jst its. i, tl, :l, 1. s, -th. i, a, s|£ Sr* ft, 
22,U3,:'I, 3.' , ■ 
I m fi ft i I t t. 0, 1, il, lb, 1. o v «. ft, n. li. 

n,- 10,>4i-7. .1, 11J 0.(1. 1. l\. i/lttj x 2, 7 .14 

vs. in, 17, o, in, 10. 0,-0, 1, 0, «, in, an, '», 

ill. A n . t , ' 

ATf-rage— iTnppp. 10 40-40; Hloeaoh, SMI. 
I heifAlec-^Ed-tVard McLiuaul'ln, : . , 4 



April 7. 







Mmic hj n. 1:11111 vim. 

Word. >•>' WILL K. 1IF.F.1..W (Who Wrote Then, tor "A III • o> Blaracy). 


BAND AND ORCHESTRA LEADERS of circuses, side shows and repertoire companies, we want you to send for the mew march two-step arrangement of this song, 




Jul > llBv 10 lil van kiiovi that' I hov,. IH.d in,- new March "OK THE ItOCKV ROAD TO Dl'BLIX." for military luiuil. un.l run «ty 1» In out or the beat of It. kind I have ever had. Oar 
nntlclana all vain the verdict nnanluiou.I, tnal it 1. one of tao »<-»l on tke Iriall thua>. that lliey havr hearil. I -In, II u... It a great deal ilurlug ,o«t engagement _at the Uardea, and alio the balance 
I Hie .ia-on. Yotr. Mu.t sine. n Iv .... CARL CI. AIR. Bandina.ter Banium o» Bailey'. Bitot... M.tli.un Baaai Garden. 

.-Professional Copies and Orcheslratlons to Recognised Perlormers, or those sending Up-to-date 


Programs.-- NO CARDS. 







Especially {rood Choru-* Ui 

J.udk- . for I Ills sea-am, "-ftl weeks ami no )hy olfr ;uk! onlf 5 sleeper*." 
.. ... --('oprln'btijd it ml pii.du.cid March 2o,IU0i.,nt Lreeiun Theatre, jBoalou,.Mitferi., 
THK LIU LIKTKHS. All tUrtils will be protected lu Ibi* tulle*! extent of the law. 

Aildre-w : II. 8. AVOODHt'Lli AM. CO.. 
Boom 0.10 Kiiickiiln-rki-r Tllcatr.' Bldg., ur ua per route CLIPPER. 

sensational acts of all kinds. 

HIS OWN OUTFIT, be utrletlv gobar. ami suitrantct* to make Jump cverv day: wantonly 
no experienced man ; Hlpli Diver, Loop the Loop. Jump the Gap, Slide for Life, Canting 
Act, Horlzulital Bury, Trained L'lepliunl A-jI. Performing Wild Animal Acts, Bounding Rope 
Act, SeilKfUlumil raid Comedy Acts of all kiud*. Musicians for two bands. Long aeaaon. 
Monuv itnrc. Name verr lowest: snlniy drat* letter. Travel by rail. 

WANTED, to Buy for Spot Cash : Trained Dogs, Ponies, Gouts. Monkeys aud Horses, 
70 to 70ft. DAGGACiK OAR, npM be lu good shuue ; 30030 *.lnck Top. Two Crank Pltfnffl. 
must be 0. K. : Trained QtMHntA Monkey I/x,p the Loop. Addresp ANDREW 

DOWKUG .UcPHISE. till April 10. Standard Print liu? Co., Klce St.. St. Paul. Minn. ; then 
General Delivery. i'I.Icuko, till April 13; lbeu permanent, address. Box "12, Medina. N. Y. 



Protect Tonr Audiences and 
Players from Fire. Get Oar 
Fire Proof Doors, Wire Glass 
Windows. Write for estimate 

•A7 Ku»l 4211 Street. 


Btggeat laugh producer tl.e world lias ever seen. 
jttpfljtf psliliiW.tMi-lM 1 <U. WMjII t* L ' u * fePWlaJ- 
Inducements to limits. . L.DELMORE, 

uoth St. and Battery Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 



Also Slot Machines on percentage. Applv 


Philadelphia, Pa . 

Lagoon Island, on the Hudson 


10th SEASON, 1906. 

Desirable Privileges to Let. 

The bootc Inland will be under my pergonal luunajuniciii iliti *i*a*on, and with twciitv-tivc years' ex* 

ferlt'iuc In S-Uhilticr Iti'tujie, my {i|ltiitluii> an- fu.liootn ihf-. -place wllh plenty ufDuldour AUraolron.-. 
Kg Mlllug and I'lreutiunlo every -iui'li-lv within -'•math -for excursion*-. Clever press iiyt-ntlu look 
■ffof newspaper work. Write me for prlvUejrv.V No an>wer uttnoui Mtuiip- * ■ 

JOHN P. WRBKH. l'rop. and Mauajicr. .\ venue V ami will St.. Hn-oklvn. N. V. 




Open time. April s. jr., 2:, av 5(»i «. i'er. aiUiro-- . FUANK KORIf. PA. 

P. S.— Week Kuril wlf « i*olt wti*. imru TiifMlav i-veiilnc itli the etaife an it l lie pvrfunuatiee. at 
Vainlly Tlienlif , N. Y. Nellie, .-ufcc >vniktiiK pun\, 1^ Hie happv inaiiinia. and Joir. wundcrfiif tilek 
1'uuv. 1 lie pnpN. He ivai clnltli lied '111 foil Fioilth. LCnVANHK S. WILSON. 




4*U ****•■ op eii for privilege 01" Miniature It. It, 
ul&o I'ervlb Wbeef, at island Park, Eai>tou. 
Fa., for reason of 1000. Attendance (or 77 
day*, during 1903, was over 1200.000. All bids 
must be la no later tbau April 7. Park opens 
May 12, 190b*. Call or address, 

D. K. 8E OUINE. Managm-. Euatou. Pa. 




WM the MolrIbionTQl~Aceuey^' 775, T1i«" 
Gay Dccelrera; 75u. Hlgliway Robbery ; 
DTD, HoW Jones Lost Uls Roll ; 300, Tbe L'n- 
•■Jlteeted Wedding: 47y, RweueU by Rover; 
57-1, The Young Tramps; .160, IT.^t M.-hl 
Oiit; .'iju. On a Vacation Trip: 080, Tliu 
Blncksuittb'tj Daughter: G25. Pun On a 
lanu : 6G0, The Adveuturous Automobile 
Trip, Etc, Etc U IIETZ. Maker or Stereop- 
tlcrmt, XU2 K 2Rd Sr,. New York { 



Invitee correapondeneo WITH PARK /iitil HESOltT MANA0EB.S v*ho dcairoanm Cl»ss Dramaiic 
Attraction FOR 'IHKllt UhsilK'l'. The eieieli^t people ami Hue -l pro<Iiieth«ii> ol the tnte-iit niid bust 
royalty jrtavB. Voitetiu- tiin»|iiirtleuliti.siuhhe^ J. 1'HAMI.i IIKMLV. ihi-i..!, Conn. 


The widest and l-ent equipped eoloreii uij.'iuit/.ailuii uii the iuad, trim-ilu;: in llfVlronu -fiilhiMu i'jir>, 
wauta Colored rVrfuruier* und Miihli-luii" lu evei>- brunch of the nihiairei itcld'for their bummer tour 


New Oi-en Hoiu>c. l.oou ruiMCily. New ILK. 
liuiiittng. Plenty oi mouey-aH kcu-ou. -Wuiii jmod 
altniolloii:. None oilier need ujinly. Waul .Mln- 
eU't-1, Tom. Opera C'u. Write for lime and term*. 


HEffMtQAW A OO. Otecbuiati 

~~'.::\ li - 


of Cauuila, li> Join it tun it Mil) !. lu tile \lehlliy uf Olitcugu. Strkllv Sunn 

tlieiiiouilisuf June uuil July. I'miipeLeiil pruplr can i«et'iire an littlellnlli 

never clones, ninl Iiup in ver iuUhlmi u >alai*v day In Hie ihlrf; 

playing bow given prifereiiee. ir io« are a druiikitril doli'l ariie. Slate all llrat hlle 

a-J'Ii ■ .-- a? (■> i- ronte In t'MPm 

III be paid Tor 

gaLEeincnt.u.tlhlt i>)iow 

j ear- of \u c\iBteuee. 1'erfonnew 





CIlAa. II. WALDBOBC, Palar. The. Ire, nonon. Ma... 


i?lul>t-. Itatons, Oiins, ItnlUntt fllohca, llnotM, 
iWlrewftikorn' Apparotm, Roman axc.l Stanipfor 
Catalog and list. Edvr. Van Wyck, cmeinnati. 0. 



For medicine show. Aw* Suit ban preferred. 
Um ciigRgciuctu to rlRht MMflN Short jiiinn 
from MH Tleket- nilvftticed. - .. •* _ 
M li DUilNB CO.. H rid ye tow n, Sum Suoilu. 


Sntunier und Whiter engagement. Alto or .Cor- 
net to double Violin, Trap Drummer will) traps. 
Irumboue. Tuba, Comai. Clarionet and Alto. , , 
DAY PATSO. Houbtou. Teitts. 
Thohe who wrote before, write again. • . 

if w ■ w ibii i nn ii 



FOR • ■ 


SEASON 1906-1907. ■ 7 

Leortln^ Man, lleitvy Nan, Coined lun, ami Man for li« n, Ilu«in««t, Leadlnc 
IVumun, Charactt-r Woman, C'l.tlil thuC can Play Parts and do Hnwcinltlei, 
and a Ststvr Team, Team that can do Sp. i laltien and Play Parts. 



Violin, Harp, Flute and Clarionet who can Play Solus. 
This companv opeus Second Pav of .\iilmj-t, !.u inMi.- from Chicago, plays ilicCith** In the Antral and 
Southern States, and closes the First Pay lu Southern Michigan. Statu all In first letter. This imii be 
the second .-ieaaon, and >chool keeps ralu or nhliie. Address ■ • 

Mollue, 111., April y, lo, U; Savanna, ill.. .-J..5.U; then Home OiUce, log) spitzcr Bldg.. Toledo, Ohio. 


Juvenile Leading: Man, Man for Genteel Heavies, 

Singing- and Dancing: Comedian and Sonbrette 

That do single anddouble specialties* that can change often. Actors that double bra&sor do specialty 

Preferred. Alwara room fur good novelty specialties (hat can change oTteiiuuU plav »mail pari'-. 
ORyTlTlST to double Jtagc (parts or spucialtics)^ Steady work all Soimner. Want sober, reliable. 
txperienc«a"pbupfe onrv. Have bad the other kind. Must have goodwurdrobe und wear it, ai toii 
gel jour money everr week with this show. Name lowest salary. I pay all ufter jolulng. Will advamc 
tickets from CliU'ujro or St. Paul to Join. Don't mlerepreseiit. ONK. TWO und TIlRRlT PAV STANDS 
If yon can join on W1KK, SAY SO, CUVK LRfBBfl TIME TO IIKAC1I ME and coiL-ldor three week,' 
silence a positive negative. Wc travel in our own Pullman stateroomCara.thciluestonthe roadtouaT« 


Care of tttaudurd Printing Co., St. Paul, Minn., to April lo: General Delivery, Chicago, to April V- ; tlen 
Medina, N. Y. r _ 




TLiia -seagou wrote: "An Honest Politician.-* Jolly Girls Co.; "A Yankee Poodle Girl," Miner's Ameri- 
cans; "Through the Clouds," Dreamland Co.: "Daz/llnit Nancv,'* Rose Sydeil'a London Belles; 
"Glittering Sylvia,*' Broadway Gutety Girle; "Queen of BavHrlu," Andv Lewis and conipany- Re- 
wrote "A Bohemian Beauty" for "Boheoiiann." 

Permanent ndrlrcs 131 WEST 42d STREET, NEW YORK CITY. 



'1' Fanny Cycle Coiulques. retnvii to V u mle*. ilk*, oiniiiiis April n 




"ASVrni.NC IN" tOMEDV." IJxteiilloiKillv.Veriiitlli'. CoinUflrar Btara Mrertor. A1JM«> 
Wmdrol*. Hic-lliut Hi-riTi-iuos. I'ari' "or INTUKNATIONAI, STOCK l.'O.. AltwnU. 
I*a.. until April 7: tbtu. AC'l'OKS' SOCIKTY, Now Vurk. 




Want n youiif; lady who can aiuu, dunce ami do contoittoii work lo join our uit. 
Long fiiKMgemenC. Addrew Care of C-LII'PEK- 

The. Shell Beach Amusement Co. 

Wants for Tlifeii' Pax*ic« 

•specialty People In All Lines ut nil Han.-: 
If you can deliver the goods. Address 

show opens Eaeter Sunday. April 15. So salary lee h«th 




Aad-rar-rnrthefadvlcrwcurciiut Mil. THE DEVIL'S Attn ION and liavo uol been tor 111, 1"»' "'" 
Mciiks... lyil urc di'lni: u Kmul coliu-d- acrobutlo uct. MatiiiKrm vaDtlnjf a pood lau^litnp aol. addlff 
UlaaTB & I.TaUat,aan or S. V. CUITEli, V Mat* J. COO«A\. 

„ - ,. ' . , MJ . . . . 89 Court .St.. BmM-i Ma*.-. 

r. x— ^oor knock dldu 1 take, lie dou'l mix »» .villi boo/i'i* or wulk lu our sleep. 


IAS. O. 



*?.;?.'.!? J". eD ", lled ','■ BB y0V,D USTES." Ute Mb lenture will "OX THE FROSiHK;'! 

nusl> tbe act you i bare lieaMnbooi. A poolllre and complete HuiMliB hit. Playlug return dt»j 

m£S2&mP 9SL £££.%95a Am &• "■ a ' SEVENTEEN MINUTES ol 8U0E "4 
WHITE.COMEDV ^Trli. or v»lre \i\t'a Tbe»tre, Kanma city, Ua., week of AprllSj 

FOR SALE CHEAP— Mcving Picture Machine. 

Afldrcfl? 1- IIOWPKK, IMi W. istli St., City. 


(Utah, aau Sauhr«tt.) In .'ALL OP A twist " 
. Kf don't. Ilk. to Won- nnr oirn dnt »o aove Ho (rood*. Sen KcxtVc.k! 


:.•.»';•**>. '.i+SitM'- 

:■ .VV ;;'V/Hvv: ■■•■■ 


'•' '' ; ■ .'• 

^^Pfip pfiPPfi 



. r«. - J\"*?" : '- : 

lijffojflij. v- 'v>' : J ■;■■'•> • '"• ' ' •;'■•'•'■ 

:*y$r mmfc ^mJM^M 

Uiijb IN Bill Poiiwi. -Mg^fe^.fefeit'tn ■jSj&B&gfegsr^ 


AX,» AM) 

' .h week. 


w n r Fuller, traffic wonngiir ."Frank Burus, 
local contractor : Pi>i> - Cy Hutuon, local ton- 
irartbr; Herbert H. ilaildr, prow contractor; 
• shciroan Dauby, special pices representa- 
tive ■■ Sato Fiedler, tunn-isor mlvcrtUJn* car 
No. 1 :' W. B: iKmiilnalou. tonnager car N.». 
■ -'[filrrv Overton, aiiinager tar No. fl; 1mm 
Tr-nnffotrh. manager car No. 4 1 Bert Iloson- 
th«ker up; Bort WllMn..rouu^tlder.: 

InJ wncern u f Womu k Cm has licon 
" — i «»..«ecM[nf]f for tlio Huston Ararrk.... 
Rail CluK Tlipruaa l/stiilsn, Iiostnpi-4 

£»Kno «: i'ii„ ins k«« tn- potmlnr with toe pwt*.' Milio' rir.*liiclns Mr 
fiorc n„ll"% t .?i. n,y r°. r .. t . , l c ,%.?,°." '*.™ c .!L ca '! i!".' c . l : lEl "!'.' , P.'.Vj. J. 11 "? 1 '"" 1 . 1 '?.""." »«.* 'J 1 

f~ tlie 1'roDtlpr." Krcd C. IlDil Hotfluit Lewis. 

lu-f r ' . *i"l? n l3l Tlieatw, ami n rvtio hare brcn rrttt> the ruminn.v *ir,w In 

lSS£ !..fiWH5 ! ab ?f-, ■'". , ,,,a .TO" opcolus. cl<««l In Dcnrcr uml ami 10 Call- 

Us'licLlt at llinl Iwiue. Alirll H. I)ru. Illll Wat- fttrnis. to boy n liotso. but Kill return to tlii) 

i !' J i ''5^ i 00 " '" ".'. ,u 9 c "5' IlwplUI coimmuj- for Huuiraet kIocb, In fwtr 111* 1. 

rw- tlje last Uirco inontlill, In corrtalfsclnp:. Lillian Masou null lawn hosen Iwru >«*" 

Noitb MiliX Uat'.M: h". CouK'rt M»JliHtlc 

irock co. (wamtK^-onr.VMMK^Mm 

oft-D«r' fir.0 hlnndMl': tvtulnl A,' Kttia«rt, 
siaiii- director ; Cufl \\. Cood, MiM maaovir : 
Al-Eur Kotdliitu), icttnl aitiMter: CjiO", B. \Vof- 
rdlL orcht^tia lond#r ; llor W. Cotlanf, iftttfo 
»-ni-|KMitof : cinlr BMck mmtter or Woyoillon; 
iin.v Itcnijt'tt. =u|,crmii. , U(l'ial uf csn^ns: 
J«*■^c• XtcNcu. :>■:■> rtiirciOi-uL m" lltflit lilnnt: 
Johti Nii't- 'u, lioaa ntr,nruilcv. Ttu« follotvln^ 
|u*lf,in|u-rw :iml nnuslolaun ImrO ■ljliw i M 
'••inl (l. Hi-ml- 

m i 

r " ' :' •' = {■! 

»C • mm- 

tills iu>8^»iu: llnrry r. IK-.wo>, .. . 
ra. in. elms, ntiiii", i:,i llkkor 
UftnnHirk. Ilatrv c. . Wliltuev. . 

Hfntt, II. I„ F.;llorn, I. W. MdMi I 

. I^ltllc .A. 
WllltllSy. WIIIIi.ii, .[. 

Mutt. Hurry II. Uobotlw. Barry -ihM 
JrtiliOH km i' kiln, Kr 

Lvlo. .Mofispy nrul K 

Kirlt. Anim Illkff, ciuhi r«lto»i IUmI 

Jin, Eriir-t Ili'Iulinnil,' Jloii lV|iil 
. .MafiRpy noil Krarui'! 

tied Kocte aod Harty Hotter, bill poators 
Walter KlddT anil >V. K. Orayes, lltbogtaplv 
fW- II. A- Htraot). paste matter. Car7<o. 3 
will V tinder. thc'dlreetlon of Hurry OtrcrCon, 
ullu Jan. BoCler, Jus. Mniltb, 1,. E. Morabflll, 
Harry Cloybourrtc, Dat'e Berkely and Jno. 

L. , V ».i,«,l...-^ n( ,...<. V„ If. tV'.n HI... 

Notes rno.\t I0CU 13, Surlniff.old, Mass.- 

Ijeen eortiged for le&illuir Luidlie"* lu tlie two 
, ,----£-• t - — ;- I. JLU 3 -.». v-y..oirnelu. Mass. — pluy.. "Beyond 1'ardoli' 1 aud "Wittnan of-tuc 
Ilro. Bobt. II. Clark ..lenTes Mareu S». for World." Sat rcatou Mr. Huleldsoii will 

Clilcojjo^to p> jjltb ItlDIIlbfa' Ulrcu.i _ 

Ta, of Poll's Tlleatre, had. uud will tarry tweuty ui^iple 


ilttyH. "lleyond Pardon aud "Wuin&n of-tuc 
IVorld." N'oxt sentou Mr. Hutchison will 
hare une of the lust ci>n>patlli , i4 lie lian ever 

bcM bill potter I Jan. A. Lyons. jV li. simp- 
mo? Uanrrmcrcler. E. P. Uolloy. Jack Bcutt, 
U 1 BUrbe, W. X. Wheeled", Tod • Coojler, 
Horler Wlilte. Kdwurd Boycc, Geo. Datla, U. 
MitlurcI'DIck Uf«6»,r.VJ.' Wilson and Vic 
siont. bill oostert r Geo. 1 Erust, paste maker. 
Car No. -4 will- be under the' dlrectloo of 
Jtmea •Maworthv with J. T. 'lloroan, J.' J. 
llV.ter, M.i L. Bell, A. N.- Iluland, Win. Per- 
rault, P-' ti Church, and Geo. Lavensollcr. 
The .Vatloba! Alliance Btcwnrde mnat be 
elected by rnem&orBiOn tile adveitlblng cure, 

li« His absence Paul Durl 

.Villi:. IHU\t TIU' -IN* l*1.JlYt'.|tS| 

... II. Van Clevc, manager .—We are aettluK 
S?8J ' ..-' ■ '"'en' member of Iho lw-al. evcrylblnir lu uhiipi' for our wcouil Hrrlnx ... 
S57-X "'"''' ".toiBO.-ftlHi the John Hob- tour. Our work ror the Summer will tako Miirtlu Hot-era, atoKo mauimer: 1). t:. Kit" 

iiutoti forces, and left ror Clnclnuatl, u., 13. us Into Indlauu. Hlluoin. wlEconnlu, lorv ■">" ■ " ■ ! t»l' l ^ -M ■ ■-» 

rae.nejt meetlun-la X.- ■ Mlkrourl. Nelint-iku. Mlulie»i.til and Canad 

ih to look after the duties of the secretary. 
"•-■"vS'-K: aKP^fe-**.-* Uarttord, Conn., opem w. II. Van cicvV, miuaior. 

JlttllCH KtiltlR 

Xlna otlrTen, Jnila 

,...iM' rdterm llotl-ll 
liiiiirne. alliinie '.ioiiilnln. Puiil lleeiler. Huluer 
WllllllH. Ktlwlinl Wlull., \Vc--trlll cutty olBll- 
le>'u -rcofkiii^ wen.. -Wo open lu ..doud'tsky, 
It. May 14, nntl vtlll «j oior Uto Ohio. In- 
illniiu. Mk' uml IllihuH ici-Htuiv aaaln 
this season. Mr. Cuok lia.i opimed it fnctoty 
In Kaudusky. uml lias it lurirc.forvo nt n'drtt 
reiMtli-in-; uitr three curs ami painting ovory* 
tblnif froui alitko lu hale rloir. - 

Milta rnojt 4»s. T. Mi Auns't "Haxs 

H.tNsts " .Co.— Jai. t. MeAlpIn, proprietor 

and litana-rcr : Loul^ Itels, bUsmess Ui-llllt«cr ; 



I NitAMtA M^owk 

fit ill RESTORE 

iWiiees m HIltDi; in OSE .1|)plitia»i. 

It il'H.1 nut tltstri.y lllO CuHlnr: uttil Cflbt- 
run. nitil-jl H Hie only |it.:|i-iratloti -c'lilcli asa- 
l«fl 1'lliril.f llCillnrci . llleneltril, Or.iJ illttl NM 
tin r In lltlV'llfttlU.'ll Jhilile deilrcil, BltlO't ilftf 

nm litslto tu tlie bolt. Icnvlni: It sort, slut 

nut eloan. It la llarmlcsH, Pure, Iirfiicilra 

nm Sure, ror So lb at Lciulln-; llnlr urttu- 

Cta, Uo|i:>rti»i:nr Htotc-'. mid Iituanlsls. 

, senii t;on nu'miATKU nooKLisr c. , 

^LMPjlRBa »[ru. CO.. asl-a-i nroailwoy, s. r. 

1-ullU will dinar m cUilravter trout anylliltut 
In I'XlslcUc.-., mill ivill be cunslruckd uxclu- 
slt'oly by •i'hp,nipsoii ; & piintly." ' t.. 




mtH of f layers, 

N07i:s-ri-.ojt 11.11:1: in^ion's PAvluoN TrtE. 
.. ATUt-.— This atttaetion will open In trcrro 
tblrty daya from the commencement of sea- nauto, Ind., week of April 23. wlfb one of 
sou.' arld'tbo.ntic-ieof mcuilwr elected Bent to the large-it and best otjulppw pavilion the- 
Mtlonal Becrttar-r Wm. J.,Munayi P. O. No. litres under cah-fus, nalDtr a OOfr. rouiul tou. 
74, Ttttpan, .V. Y, The flrat ndvertialnf; enr - UK - -»"-'^s. -..-«..- "»^- 
Hatrcnoeek. left hero Mat-cb.18. for Ujq Kait. 
IWtEB Fbost.LoMi. No. Its, of Sprlngileld, 
Kasa.— Bro. Jiciht. II. Clark, secretary, of this 
local, left 'X, foriChlekao, where ho especta 
to Join tbeadeance forces of ltlngtlng tiro?.' 
clrcba,, . uurink Mr. Clark's absence. Bto. 
I>aill Da--|8, of Poll's Theatre, will look after 
tuoiHecretiry's.biislncH. -and would like the 

metntiefsjof .Uieilocat to commuulcato with lijibcen spared to make this nn elalwrut'i- 
hlai. :WlllInm Morris has: accepted term; ptrtl I Ion theatre. Wc will -plsy one iind two 
with' the- John .UoMn-aJn. .show, nnd Joined week stands and carry a bond aud orchestra 
tbelr forces, at Cincinnati. Geo. . Decker, of oIkv our own electric light plant. Several 
tie HartTord.. Conn:, Opera Houae, Is Uo r)*iule have been re-engaged who hate been 
latest recruit to this local. Onr ne-tt meet- wltli tbla show for the post three seo.on.-. 

with a 80zlOft. middle piece. Wo will alago 
each ,bltl .complete. Duncan nnd Mullen, 
scenic nttlgta, have an order for ttvo hnndted 
and alsiy-ooe pieces of special sconerT, which 
will be complated- by April 1. There Is no 
doubt that this Is rnore Hccncrr than was 
eeer carried by a pavilion theatre. We will 
piny the same route that we have for. - the. 
five aocreseful seaaona. 'n'ute nor money 

log Is Marcit 2o. . 

>'otct''WO'u Local 17, Boaton. MM* — 
Considerable enthusiasm prevailed at ■ the 
meeting sunilav, March 11. A call had tven 
Isstlcd-for a' special mcotlog, and several 

— past three seasons. 
We are ,vory eorry to state that Mrs. E. A. 
Harrington la lu St. Anthony's Hospital, but 
ber physician says that she can Join her 
family In a few- days. Mrs. Harrington will 
play all the leading roles, flab/ Millie will 

matters of interest to the organization were be featured lo Mrs Hatrlngton's new plec-. 

acted upon. The advertising s aft of the Co- .- Mr Jaclc .-. . [bQ tour „. m g under the mnti: 

loalal Thtatre will . benefit Uastcr Sunday agement of E. A. Harrington, who U aolu 

night Bto. Harry Jcwclk Is rounding out Ills owner. "a-iou, irno u> 
second season as advertising ageut ot the Co- 


We betlevo we have oue of tbo-fitrongest onu 
nlglit uttrncllons on the road, wo bur-i 
spared neither lime nor expense lu surround- 
ing Wallet- Sabford. our feature player, with 
t'uo very Itest talent obtainable : scenic of. 
fecta ttiiil pajter. We are boohed solid, play- 
lug- the beat lime only. F.vei-ytbina nulnls to 
u stlci-essful, lileasant and prontable Summer 

ct^L'pn L. oml his wife. 
Mitrlob kbowo lo the profession as' the clevi- 
luntls, have just clusitl u MuecCHsftll. sixteen 
weeks' engagement with the Charf. K. Harris 
Uari-oltrt- Comedy So. Mi i-li, n Cleveland, us 
a specialty performer, was n protulucut feat- 
ure of the e-impany's httceeas over tile Nerv 
Pnitlnud v'lr'.'uit. After a sliorr lav off they 
oneu a Slicing mid Summer cnganciucut with 
W: 0. Holmes' "My Prlcntl liognn" Co., 
opening April 18. 

Lulu after closing nu engage- 
nieilt of une hundred weeks with "The Spider 
Web" Co., has Joined I be "Wyoming" Co., 
playing ibnrni-tsrs. 

Kuank LKo, who closed with the Al. W. 
Martlu "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Co., at Newark. 
N. J., on March 2A, will rciunln permanently 
In Now York, doing stock work. -' 

Annni: J. AYi.KHWottTrr has turned orer 
his production of "lloollgoit's Tronlilca" to 
Hilly A. Ward oud I'rerT T. flre.ucll. Mr. 
Aylcsworth will busy himself with his uciv 
slock company, which opens Mar Ot at Iho 
Third Avenue Theatre. Seattle.. Wash. 

S.-otLTL D. Mrnim.L has been unjtaged us 
Stoik. nl 

dvauee ixipresenintive : Wni. Amauu. mflsttr 
of- iiroiwrtliiB ; John P. I'lorn, leader bf bninl 
and orelH-stru. . We- ore- uow-'lu our tUirty- 
second week, nod liuve been dolbjr very nlcclv 
nil seaeoh.. Vfv liute boett touring Califor- 
nia for over two months, and found iMtHnM 
ver; i-fri-d lu the Weal. All flu- tlin-u Swcillau 
ill si: :i plays tveru close : together oli-tlio 
i-oast'-t'You Vonsou," I'Olo. olaf-n" ntid "lliina 
IlMnson.* ind till .doing good buSluesS. -Wo 
are coming Ijlst 4>y tm *-«r. or Salt liake 
unit Denver, uml close out sisisoii otr or iilinut' 
•iune 4 l. near ctilcriio. TilK iilu llui,t-nii.n 
ircia here a day. "I: T(to lu(e, hdt we ivt It, 
uml It H kurelv welcome. * 

Kveryobo Is enjoy. 
6TK8 rnoM ,Ttln. Isti'tlntAL. ,Bt 

Intr good InalUi. 

>'OT|-a : -r.oM -1 III: I-'iM'.iltAI. BTOt'Ki C 

Wc nn- nrrangtngool' tuird anttoal IniAt 

Ir-ij..' Co., 
'it Bitaj-lfta 

l OiiUrlo, 


will -||ji* : BuuVnier TlnicT "■'llV'Tirt SufSS 

tllb well KUottb royalty .sueccml, jfBH Ciali el 
Attorney.". niul ore. l-ooklug only cliojdi tlluc. 
"voru-nli a/MMMC will innilngo tile MMfa 
this seuaou, da hcrctofor-.', . 

Ban M-.I-K.S. u" Murksi, .rirdr.' 
wrltoa : ,"I lun Freaking the record ' 
the houses In Kasltril and ceulral 
|il«rtug CBpiiclty every night.". ' 

flAft-T. tinho writes) T'l. closed tvltu-tue 
Muaon and lmson Co.. Fob. 25.. after a very 
prutllulilc,: euKugewont, nnd upoued In. stock 
nr Ibo cttrtls Thcaun, ul liouver, Colo., March 
2ri..for jennrul business and atnae rattuager. 
My wife. will not work |lli> eumlug (tutuiilor. 
She !» going to rpolld tlio Sutlitner 111 (Join- 
Held. NOV., whor-. alio has suteraf eljluia In 
the new, mining dlatrlct. Suu U gvlu) tuoro 
to look tUler her Interest"." 


Pittabiinri— A'f the Jflidn (Thoa. P. ... 
Jli, kajlM i '"I'be l'f luce of, India" tieglhs 
a- two. weeks cllgagcutettt April 2, The crilt 
cu-iu-lcil Is a partliulnrly sttuug uud, and 
Includes *u htiuibiilt of Pittsburg ftivlir 1 — 
iiniuiig. whoul .ale sdmh 'Xritax and wy 
ilcach.fonpcrly of tlio Divls Stock Co. ,a__. 
friends will torn out l\t force to WK-oSil 
tlilmi-bou'ie. I, nst week the grand opih-tiiM- 
suurpruved to be ablg succilss. • ;■/-',■-■',- 
SJrMUiM (Om.-S! rji|inui|s, aaflajjir)','-s- 
llirllia Tlilllaiui, iilnlci- tliil iiliVlM.ofTJ»»)d 
llcln.toi. UPPe:irJ.rii"'Nwi><it Kll)j> UollbtVa.- 
2'T. 'lutaFwitik sirs., 1'lsk,. w»a L'lrvO ifimWl 
piitrbliagc. ','|lilfori>,ndif Afti't"B.14. , . '. ; 

tJIIA-sG (Hurry iMt'la.-tuuniv-teri,— I) ll.tor 
weoh or J includes i lloic CogTikh — 
panyi'lli "."the .AiV of TruUipi " 
nilii • Volilska Huiiitl. sevetiU ... 
nrc-i, .Five Columbians, Moaner. ,_ 
Trio. Hayes uml tluily, Saiil i.ollloi, Klnra. 
lej- and U'Wlr. liloln null Is Icln, Motion Old 

tnutejolttl, Mnsknl lluclin. CiiHcf ami • nFitb- 
fi-i'il. Pour Avttlos: Pantile Futon, . and Ibc 
clin-iuutitgraub. . Last tveke'a 111 vt'dh good, 
unci iieii'lt-ctl .tin?-' .- 

ALtls III; -M. Ilulliik i Co.. maiuftri).— 
"Arltolit)" 2-t. Tul'sdtty night will te itlll. 
liiry ulglit. last. week, Bv» Tabnuay, In- "Ttio 
Hiiiiius) uli-l," playi'.il to . caiiacll* business. 
"Me. illWhlid V" U-14: . ... 

MiJijf ill, M. riuii'lt & Co., tnanakVra).-- 
•"ITio. Kye .Wltncts" a-T, Lait week eNo 
Muihcr to OUlde Her" I'lnyed lo good bilsl- 
ot»». ''ciiinJtotvn ciiariitc'li-M. 

Hohh TAPLirv. uti ai'trott, wits u-.urrlcil .n- 
cciitly at Scbelicoiadr.iX. ¥.■ lo I'rancli II. 
Ilc.JnhaftalaWJ-cr.'oI 't'tov, N. Ti 

libit from Bro. Frank Donohue. and jast |ekd wltri Harrv 
week totight near bomerville, (] uc tlon or 
MI1BB. . Prank sayB .he will raise 'brry rind - 

!VF 5 '.i c . < <i! c "' 8 b % oue night pro- tluithrough tlestpiui :lic snow," We co 'toouil 
SJ-ftl iB S' S l l i-A.-SfcWigSg |eV> u 'F<' Victor and cripple Creek, re- 

uuuuu, a inii-er,.oi i ruy, r*.. li ^ ^ •■■' 

TSiiiaiAOts.wlll mtdm to A, 11, Tvoixlv 
'CblnutoWTl Cbirllt'" Co. April I). TU.M 
were von suceeestul at pastoPB, rW York, 
Jlaicli. 2U-81'. ...•....,, 

J. C. FdkL'-iolT, who baa been very III 
with nneotnonio. tor iho pdat IS nSL-li 
the Provldobco lloaultal, Wnablngtun, ia,notv 
out of danger,- and uas beou tukoti lo b!3 

hcnli'-, ■— '. . ■■,-.-.,. -, - ' I 

Nii-tcs fltOM BoWXAkp & 'CilrrolttV* "Tllii 
OLui.tMimei) MAil" Co.-^ata Mm was 
Btidatnlir culled .to her'.uSuia ■ )«.'CulCii(i!. 
op .ttccoiint of: lntr molinr. belug strlvBa- 
, J'iJ = V:5, ,V* WWbyt.folroorly .wlW;4luli\ 
S IdJUHP,':, Co.: VecureiL hud ■ Ib 1 
iivltlg ii most rctrdUkm otlhi) UMU-r 
fomalo,r,)|-i. tho-ntlftniBho-iln all tlii! llfWr. 
cities .lias Weil Wrgc.trtlJ the luOW 

UAVbi t iiiiiu. )>!. titi. iiiuuiiger).— Tlii lion 
Ion liuile'hiiueri tirade their sccuutl unptar- 
altcii of the Heaauh 2. tor the nuek. Tboy 
kite ri gooilshuw, dud, us an nddeil.attrite. 
inu the Flic Vctnont, nuninil lylbphone 
*«pprl«, niiBtotjil. Last webk ttoso sjiuTI'ii 
London lltlltt did well, Harry iiiyniifs flur- 

° AtAl^St- '• 


;. AcJiplJilv rjl-.kll'iiio/fll. «'. Wlllta™ Jr.: 

ilrvilililaitd lltirlosiiucrB, ooo 

' ntuobci-, niul In- 

and two urreiy 

, ultru iirirac- 

L:ut Ihc 

plhj'dtl lu Hie lisutll iiuimclty 

iiHs.vltutiovllla JujlJIlimri 

rltsilbta, Dp.jrled 2. As ul 

m, lb? six .IliiiTilie.yiils. 
...Iioeebf Jlitlds glliyOil lo Hie ..„ 
bodae ull.wliik. Tbo Alcaon- Ucuutlou-Oila. 

ElMrlbr, (IS. J. MeCiilloiiirli. manager).— 
KhlltrYtt l*fir)ii«ll 2.T, Hi,"i?arnieli." T6o aup'- 
Wt llg euraCfins Is >|l'6»g. , DiiiIuk tin) lit- 
Itr (lact «np>. W»ek "CnTnllli'' ! will " 

trout.-. , Din Inir 

"• - «IM Ira >ub- 

inny- hi strong. , ijurtui 
.Hn, u'iek'"t,'n>lllt" iSil 
»(, week, the lour IMnt 



<0e iff. 
'»y tlio 



-,. Humaiex that eFer played tijc Soutii. 

Jqus AM-ia'.-j had.uuO.a mon succesffiil 
season aa musical director Tor. Allvji ulwik-, 
tbe rounc IPlsli tfioor, who Is Ktarrlii^ In 
Josi'pU, Murphy's pluy. /'Kerry (jov," umler 
the ; jnflnay;uiout ^of Kconv & WesttaM. Mr. 
jVndrus Ms wrltton tsevoral dt'llghttul Irlrfh 
Ijalhuts 1 anil, follt. songs, aod bus' proven liiui- 
stlf to iMi'a .youog oonj[)09er of.inuch abhlty. 
Allen Doone scoroa-licavlly uluhtlv irurter- 
Ing "The- Prison' Ssjog;" 'also a .deHghtfiil 

at-.the meeting Saiucs McCormlck? busl- *"8g TgJ&BB ^S^p of Fo 
BS agent ol Lccal 33, Broolcl.yn.; Bro. £ft &$*• M AC ^ ltXAh ^™ , 

Lyoua, I^ocal >'y. HO, Jersey City/ and Hilly 
n. Corfcett;, Alliance member; ,-^atronal Kcc- 
rtlary William J. jMurroy and Dologate We 
McCarOiy vlsitcHl -the blU-roob last week. 
Tbe former bus. -Informed Thb Clipvep. that 
tbe Pawuee Bill aud Washburn & Dolniu 
Sliowa Jium- algncd tbe National AlPance 
da-us .tfgreenMnt. • 
-IVoeAi. -NO. 2, Nr.w 1'oHK, held a regular 
mietlBt? Boodav,. March 11, tvlth T|ioaia» A- 
Sceohan preultfrng, and toad a large attend- 


iCMitXAS,- manager of Eueanc Spof- nett. Mario T^ozay. 
Human Slave*' Co., writes: **W(i Hansen,. Carrie W«11f 

5lai*lowo hita been eon-tlly .anxious to.iiortrijj 
tiro. Irish priuoeas. Maurl'.'e MactL-rllock lids 
Iv.'ii rifi'ikw; ot hh tho - dramatist who will 
adapt [hcpliiy. U- will follow cloyolr the 
siorv n.s told In lllehard Wagner'a uUblc 
dratna.. • . • 

Ni.\. r YC\c Mv:i„\iir.r fUOUN .vl,l bftTC 
the louco<.t engngement of Iior rtreer In Now 
York. Under ihe direction of Henry Miller. 
MIsb Anglm wilt be ^pu In n aeries uf nuw 
nlnys and twyivals that wlli k<*p her nt the 
I'tlmt&i Theniro from 8?pteniber until 

K. s \i:rns I.ju'itns"t't: U fontum) with 
.Tohneou. Combs & Dttttou's vCanillle" Co- 
The following meuil>en of the compuuv 
wore given u bruniuet at Orci-u Bay, wit, : 
Adele Alcott, Jt SardlH Lawrence-, Bobt. CeD- 
EIhIo KfiiifLT, Margaret 
Unrrlfj Dellhant Harry 

v...v"L"ay i/v*;mv IKI(Ji. UIJV IU 

no end of favorablo ruMtoeuh 

tho npfclMrr featilrorf. Tbu Tfttit aWrp Ho 
^ijan tlnflelbg nuoiber TirBhtlF tclnrr.ror.ilJvni' 
veueatcd recalls Jonii'. Kyi-Jc MacCiirdy l ! -" 
nn purchilBed u hflUdt;om«-' Butniiltir IfoWfc 
nf BVeutwood. L. J,, nnd uiirMM«iu Hpanil 
hli Vdcfitloii tliore. Kid abul-toy, Owing foflh 
na'Idehi, wits out. of tlii* LMyLnrtU bib plucu 
win Oiled by Kid KlelU, of ^ewarit. who 
ul«litly appeared In tb-; ari-na sctne. lo M> 
junction with iMony Holtglterty. Tin? tour 
of the mIiow from now uU'WlIt be Wbutnaftl, 
"i-ep«atlny" In umuy oltkB wbere the tdiow 


appeared MtHfr In the nmnoo. HbwlnttU 1 A 

Clifford . vlfclted ■ lln* cumpany In- New T( ' 

and supplied un cutlrely upw Mrulrkftl c(|tilp- 


JlUt l'Io*Ctl 


\aj wrir«: "I.'hiive 

,- vary plea eiiiut ami »uo.f*»ful 
»ea»oii ot thhty.four wflelti with the Heunftt- 

on« ul" rfinriicst AStfji SI tIJo SEl 
trf!>c glvf-QiBoOd riQpi^ort by.tfio t>at?i 
ttieihuvUr^. „ ( , g ..,_ ■■;, . . . ,. . 

.■: tll^IriiiShffr.^-Ai: ^tlii- Xr«Vui i \jtM'-*L!i 
tuJiiflilerl-iliU'r/Mi'luto^iM/iri-h, it, ti m\h 

Mtirtl* ; i oft^wvil ln,."Nam^ »^-ttv"':^R 
HeHi! .CcdlliUSliBy/.Ii). 'Paul Jyucu,v ,lu,- dreW 
tt")aHi<J .uilJIetltt;. ..with ililu- uowpatly MR 
tlilrpflliut mnl.Alglo l>owi-t>Ke, bolt* df tllli 
rlty. r/Iii> wt)te mren n cordial wvlcgmo, did 
icwtved uiuny. iiortii ktfU MIhh illant, WHo 
Im ■profijalonally Uwwn um Clutw AHbfortl, 
rv'jeiitly wua. given tlio role of Yvonuo, (n 
Tv liluLi «lio Is wlijiiltiif niuch t.iH'i'eriH- Alt lp> 
tiruniptu rrtt-ptluii rolluwcd tho i^rfuruuioi;''- 
Itoui'r Uiothurri done the we^b to big buej- 
u<i»%.iih (Slicpard'H moving pk-turei) April 7. 
Oj'UiA Uutdc (.d. Helci. muunavr).— The 
Blurniy-MBCkvy Co. did hlg buriiueea Tut 
wtfvk. At u. number of tho pcrformiiDees thfl 
ti. Jt.- o, sign: wmi.out. Florae* fltnrnrj, 

Horn Xoatea,- of Local Jl. cW-lnnatl, and 
liro. J. J, Lyons, of Local SO, Jersey City- 
Bro. John K: Connell has been reported sick 
and uiiablr^o-worb. A committee hua been 
appointed to look after. tbe Interests of tho 
visiting delegutea, who will atteod the next 
convention of tbe National Alliance, to be 
held In >*ew York, week of Dee. 3. Hurry 
Colcy, Local No. 2. will go out with tbe 
li^fjrtibeck Circus this season ; Harry Cook, 
Local No. 0, Denver, Col,, p.aa blgncd with 
the Frank A. Bobbins Circus. Bro. F. C. 
^ timer. Unsocial secretary Local -No. 3:1, 
HrookljD, spent .1 few days' with the New 
}ork members Inst week. Bro. Turner bus 
.last returned - from the roud. The Barnnm 
* Bailey 81iow .will have Its hill room tola 
year at lSWWest Tulriy-seoond Strctlt. 

1S0TT3 FIIOK LOCAI, No. 3. I'ltttJlllirg, Pfl. 

;-0n March .18'thts local held Its last meet* 

\°X at. Morehcpd Hall, .which nos bt*en tbo ciu«B plays, which uaVo not as yet been pfa- 

MH bendqnarters for the past four years, eented lu repertory, have twott -secured, and Joyons Widow"), the reigning Ounaan conile 

uanng thitt cime It has entertained a good the management will endeavor to make .the opera auccew. acquired by Mr. Savage during 

,7* n, itIu|r hrotbers.;as well na a number Morgan -Pep pic Co. one of the strongest popu- his recent trip abroad. Is now being com- 

;,; w ei i kl|, ** w n labor leaders. Tho boya have j a r priced attractions on the road. plcted. This opera will be pruduced ti'rfT 

Qecmed to^sccure new quarters, where an Nortrf rnoM thk Tn:rpEKT Drastatic Co. next Bcason. 

U\iinv Dull wob u recent Cuim callei. 
He In In town booking IiIr nhow. tbe Four 
Iluutlugs, In "The Fool llo'iro," for next an- 

arc now In our thirty-fifth successful week. Cuiubti, and Managers Johnson, Combs and 

and open on Stair A HovMn time again at Duttou. 

Toledo, O., April 15. for Spring bessou. Out TnB nkxt PhAaArrc rttoDCCTtox whlc'i 
roster Is: Dorothy Grey, Harriett "Dun^morc, Hciiry W. »a%*ege will muko Is 'The 8tolrti 
Grace Kecfer, Nettle -Long, Duncan Penward- Bf.crv," Jesw; Lynch Wlllhims* dramutlwtlo'i 
er, Harry Bernard. Archie Lochrldge, Nelson of hi-, earlier short tale of the sanie name. 
I,rav]t[. Harry Wilson. Kd. Tlenley and Don The cast Is being rapidly lisnenibled, and 
Macmtllan. Messrs. Pcuwardcr and Bernard among those already enanged for leading 
were recently Initiated into the Perry, Okla , parts nre : , Jamewnt Lee FlDnev, Italph Dol- 
Aerle. F. 0. JL .Many return dates have bee a more, Wright Kramer. Stephen Wright, Jo- 
booked for this •.-ompany next season. Tho fteph N. Hparks and Funny Marluoff. BiaHLhc 
production will b'- on un elaborate Evafe." Uuby, n wull-knowu soprauo. and recent 
'I'm: MonoAN Brok., comcdlaus, who aro prima donna of tbe Royal Frsuch Opera at 
now playing a successful engagement through the Hague, has been enguged hv Mr. Havsgu 
Michigan, will next sea»on oe known as the for lilslKuellsh Grand Opera Companv. Her 
Morgnn-Penpf,c Co. The tour will be* nhdrr eugiigement with Mr. Savage marks her 
the direction of T. Dwlglit l'epplc. who ta lirht appeiirnuce In nn oporstlc pHrformnuco 
now the representative of "The Little Homi- lu this country. Sbo will appear In "Faust" 
stead." The' stage will he under the dlrec* and "Rlgolotto.". nnd win mago her debut la 
Hon of J. Dong Morgan. A number of high Indianapolis with this organization. Tha 
'—i, which hare not as yet been pro- translation of "Dl«j Lustlge Wltwe" ("Tho 
- and ■•-■-■■■ 

n r]. ~ - *- 1 "••»■ »-vv> ■, m.i . 1.-1 ... ..aav.'. —— ,iuiu< r Jiu.'a ini, ii/Jirsni uiwiji.iih. »,«. 

<'.ikc enn be eHtahllabcd, and some ono hi —closed March 24, but will reorganize after 
juteEuance nt all tiroes. Tho, past year has Leat. Fred May goes to New York. Mr, 

„ May goes „ 
and Mrs. Tempest and eon. Leon Tempest, 

heen u very sneeeasful one for The locujuoys, 

a« most or then, have had continual employ- 
went. K. J. McFarlond, of JVo. 3. left Sun- 
uay, is. to Join the Hagenbeck Jidvnuce 
uV *. IT - c - LllHcfield. of No. 3, has signed 
•SPJpj Forrpaugh-BellB Bros. Wm. Wilts 
■W G. H. Pittehard, of No. 3, will go with 
A ?>' Qe w,w West - Ceo. Aiken a goes with » 

If I i ln *" ll K J^rof*,' Show. During week of picffslng all along the line, and return dates close May 1. In Esterrllle, la.' 
of n J we bad wltl1 tio Bro. Xawrencc. fayo been . asked for by home managers MAKAUEns GftCDD ako Bbbl write :_*'TVo 

go to Pittsburg, Pa. ; Harry.aScaulon to hban- son, and reports business good for the nttra.> 
.■ndoah, Pa.': Bert Somers to Mlilllnhurg. Pa. : tlon In Vithbnrj; week of Mnrch W-M. 
Margaret Urudlcy und Al. Jordun to I'Uiin- Buint; Wiiiitli: writes: "1 am still with 
deJphla, Pa.; Jdlla York to Marietta, O. the 'A Hoaii>spuu Heart' Co.. pwy|ng Bll! 
Mr. Tcrapeat preseoted Jennie Tempest, our Dyke, ihe character hpavy. Business baa not 
star, with n beautiful solitaire dlsmr<nd ring, been of the bust this Spring, hut we are do- 
karat and n half. The show baa been lng as mudi as tbe others. Tbo company will 

ofNo. 4, aod Loula Katie, of No. 19. Wm. 
pecker, sgent i or visk O'Hara, was mude an 
nonorary moniber nt No. 3 at bur lost meet- 
s2e ''"r.'peclfar has always peeji « good 
mend-tp the boya of No. 3, and the bill 
posters In .general. Geo. Ruby, of No. 24, 

wherever w« hare played. Tbe gentleman in 
white made a pleasant call every Sunday. 
It is with sincere regret tbat we must E.epu< 
rate, for a morn congenial lot of people It 
would be bard to fladT 
Notts most the Mtbtlo Vinton Co. — 

have opened an unera houso at Odnsita, Waib., 
a .town on the Great Northern Railroad of 
about 3.000 people. It Is tho best town be. 
tween Spokane and Seattle. Our stage Is 18* 
1C feet, and the' house can scat about 350 

_ For has been engaged by Henry VC 
Savage for the new play, ^'The Stoleo Story." 

•f. £ e , Pe ^tn hfs wife, spending; o few days At this writing we ere making prepara- 
Naming relatives and friends. < Tbn Hsgea- ttons to open our ninth Spring. Bummer 

wtk ear No. 1 will he here 24. Tbero are 00 d Winter seoeon. Our last season was William 1'. Bnirt write* that tbe Inter 

Eperaj members of No. 3 on this car. among Jm far tbe rerv best In tb« history of the national! stock .Co. closea Ita regular ten- 

L Ueia t «!lag C. T. Crlppen and T. J. jlcCreury. show, from a tloanclol view. The great, de- mo ot Altoona. Pa. He baa been with Man- 

j"-cretury Geo. W. Lowcry wishes to bear m and for good dramatic people In the earlv *ia» Lnmburg twenty-three weeks, playing 

irom nn road members, ns the quarterly part of the soason made It a most difficult *ue leading mmc-dy. Allco W, Loonstiury 

payments are readv. Send all comrnunlca- omttcr to get Just what wo wanted, and at has Jus; llnlsbed the season, pliiylog leading 

tlines we uere obliged to put up with a great beuvtes with tbe International Stock. She 

many seemingly Insurmountable obstacles, will rest la the city until tho Summer sea> 

But Ve managed to ovcn*oaio at least a por- sou opens. 

Hon of them, and camu out on top. Tn opeu* GtUSN Mitomi;>t,r, one of the best known 

Ing tbe prweot companv we arc doing so hotel men in the Wet t catering to , the the- 

wfili a bclhf tbnt our past eforte have bten ntrlml profession, at th" Zlmm>?rn)sn Hotel, 

»f"r*',"*""* ""•vsiupiwrB.-ii. ciurejcr uuu nppr'datcil bv nmuagerh- of operu houses and Im-x ol the Hulel Belser, Indlnnapolls, 
y- -)i. Bulaiid, banner men: M. L. Bell and Cl ,d tbe show-going public alike, and look 
d J'' Homau, lithograph bmrds: hill poslcrj f or cn-ellcnt business. Certainly prospeL-tG 
«rS u ?« ott i Jas. Lyoos. Mike Burke. Harky never looked brighter for us, and our tlmo 
" "|te. J. E. Simpsou, Geo. Livtnssicr, -Fred | h booked almost solid from April 16 to 

vun* * ^ A Cooper, Hurry McClurc. G. V. Nov. 10, with some 8 our very best terrl- .- 

-Maiiory, Geo. Davis, John Hester nnd F. K.. i ry yet t« be heard from. We will open March 24. We have the Gorninn park dr- 

"usoq; Geo. nnist, paste maker. Aim! tu\ and rehearse vm week earlier. cnlt booked for the Summer, and aw bojkrd 

Howard McSullv, a bill poster, who had Rachel Mat Ct-abk U In her sixth week wlfh Nixon k Zliniawmin tor next seawin.** 

iteu connected with the Davldrion ITiealre. as lending woman for Gordon tV Ik-nnett s "A HowAnn, Wttu.iiAS and wife, jf.nepbin* 

^ J ort Re< »tf- Kan., for the past twenty^ Royal Slare"C<-. , t * . >•", RtJBhfleH. closed [with tho "To Die at Divrn" 

wep years, died on Mnrch 7. from pneu- : Faxht FitAKKBt>has been engaged lo play Co. at JopHn, Mo., nft.-r a season of thirty 

wqnia. jfr. MeSuIly vfoa tblrty-Hcveu yV3i«t .the prima douua port -with Geo. Erah*. In week*, and have itcerpted an offer fronv c. 

- ->x- '"The Unua«^vp," for the remainder of the Mm Rffra-T fi>r the Stinimer nloek nt Trlnl- 

Hone to Box 3G0, sherfldenville, Pa. 
v-rQB&JBf CAn No. 2- (excursion car), of 
the Carl Hujenheclj Shows: W. S. Dunning- 
!v S aD aser; Geo. rdgar, stenographer: 
'V"-J*hea, boas 'hill poster: l>lck Xarevcr, 
a . iS lstaQt i boss hill j-Kwfer: Vie SlOut and F. 
J, McFarland. lithographers ; If. Merder nnd 

Is now. <vuuected with the Hotel St, Denis, 
tbe some city. 

F. W. Foncf. a s n Miloakp Willia >i» 
m r(te j "We dosed our rcgulur seaeon with 
rht» Be.mctt-Moulton Co. nt flndlsy. O., 

r*n 'l n ^,. baa tuo TepntatlotP of being no - 
r*nett bill poster. 

dad, f'nl. 

Moulton Co., H. P. Reed, 

houbrette parts find tiding my (iicdalty, I 
shall takn a short vacation, thtn open Miiy 
7, wILfa-ibe Fred Dllyur Stock Co., at Iicr- 
klmor, N. Y.*', 

ALMMox Itnw.thn Ht-'utiKl, daughter »t the 
lam Daniel K. Ifughob'. ot PhiluddplilM, It 
with tho Ch.irley .Orapewln Co., pluvjng a 
small part in "Lp to You, John Henry.'* 

HAimx Salmon am> Ipa Ciiemtek ure bre- 
Routing a novelty coaler act pes cxtcuipor- 
duoous Inughlng sougo, wllh which they nave 
been Terr successful during recent cuguui'- 
utents. Thdr character chungva aro uF*o 

'"■III ''"'" . " .! -/' 1 '' '■■'' 

DeeUfon Hrtinrdiiis MotIpjc Plntare* 

The litigation which Thoe. A. ICdlson hss 
iH-en waging ,-iKalnst the Amerkim .Muto- 
Mflpo and Btograpu Company for years baa 
again resulted In u big vletory for tho Bio- 
rsaph Compauy. In u decision which wab 
huLided down last week. Justice Kay, of tho 
TTiilted Sintes Circuit Court, Southern DIs- 
trli*t of New York. Mr. Ldlson's claims for 
euiitrol of tho moving picture business on 
n rclHsuo of bis old p.ilcuts are denied. Tbo 
Court says ! "After a careful consideration 
of tin- prior art and Fdlson'a work und pat- 
ent, it must bo conceded that complainant's 
luvf-ntlon. If tlwre he one. Is very narrow." 

This Is milmtantlslly tbe sumo view held 
br a concurrent dedslon of three judges of 
the Culled States Circuit Court Of Appeals. 
Justice Wallace presiding, lo the orijliml 
case, which was Or«t won by Mr. Kdleoa. und 
appealed by tbe Olograph Cinapanv. Judge 
Wallace's dp;lslon, wullo broadly lu favor of 
the) Blpgranh Company, Intimated tbat Mr. 
Edlsou might be entitled to a pateot on en* 
rain details of construction, and on tbo 
strength of this Mr. Kdtson bad bis intents 
relbsued. narrowing bis claims to the method 
of handling the dim In tbo camera. He thou 
brought suit a second time for an Injunction 
nnd an acconntlng, but tbe decision against 
hlra In this ease Is eron -brooder und moro 
comprehensive tbsn tbo tlrsh Justice Roy tin- 
elding that In no respect can tbe defendant's 
blogiuph c-dOMsfd be regarded as sn Infrlug'.-- 
meat. The decision serve* also to enormous- 
ly strengthen the Mutojcopu patents, which 
hiive never been contested except in Genusoy. 
where they were carried to the court. of 
highest record, and thglr validity assured, 

Tltompiinit Jtt Dandy's New Venture. 

Those enterprising managers have acquired 
a twenty-yosr tease of the Jennings estate 
at Fort trcorge. and will conduct a mam- 
tooth nhinsetuent park there, to, bo known tn 
Vunltv Fair. Fredi-iic Thompson stated lust 
week; "We hava had our eye* on this proper- 
ty for some time/' he sold, "as to bure al- 
ways believed that the upper end of Manhat- 
tan Island Is splendidly adapted to a high 
rfana nmusement rewort, embracing, ae It 
does, an Imtnenso population, whlob hlihorto 
haf< never bod a place each as we lutond to 
establish, where the Summer nnd Winter 
evenings ran be ploflRAtitly spent. Wo biiro 
leased tbl- properly as a.vpcculallon. intend- 
ing to make, fiom yvar to year, ibo Improve- 
in 'nt:- Mr Dundy aud I (.-an afford. 

"The siu'ivon-lir. inlS'^ w. prop<j';% to 

who la well known here, wits given n i 
wtlL-omc: "At Piny Ridge" 2"4, r Tfie. 
vlct'n .Daughter" fi-f, 

NotBb.--"A Foxy Tramp" drew a ' fair 
bouse at Mlddlctown, Pa.., March HI. .»>,,. 
w. Morrow Talt .entertulned at dinner, 2tf, 
In honor ot Frivol), who Is with tbo Hurray* 

Muckoy Co Wllliatn Harglorodc, of "The 

Itogors Brottiers In Ireland" v.o., wbooe home 
Is here, was entertained. at dinner 31, 

. « '» 

The ihattert c ironli. 
The Sbuhort Brothers, In their circuit, coo- 

Irol the bookings. of tuo entire seuion In tho 
majority of. tbo houses, hut lu others they 
ltuve secured a part of the time. The list of 
tbfntvcs under this Independent circuit fol- 
lows : ; 

New York-— Tbe Belaieo, tlio Lyric, tbo 
Caeluo. the Manhattan, tho 3tujesllc odd the 
Princess thcutrert. 

Iloaton— -Tbo Majestic Theoire. 

Chlcago—Tho Studcbukcr and tbe tiarrlefc 
theatres. * 

Tbo Lyric, In Philadelphia ; the flbubart, 
lu Brooklyn; tho BcInsco. In WiiBhiuiitou : 
the Belasco, lu rittsburg: the Empire, li. 
Newark: the Siajcstlc, In L'Hm : tho Granil 
Opera House, in Syrucusc, had tho Bukor, lu 

The Shuhcrt Tiiealre, In Prorldeure; the 
Shnhert. In Worcester: tbo Hyperion, lu 
New Huveu, and tho Lyceum, iu lUltliuure. 

Shubert Theatr>\ lu Blimiugbuii). Ala, ; 
SbulHTt, lu Atlunta, Ga. ; Lymini. lu uuffalo; 
Coloulul, In Cleveland ; Rnud's opera UouHf, 
lu Troy; (,arrl-;k, In Kt. Louis; Kinn tf. Bliu- 
hert Tucotre, in Norfolk, Va. ; tlriiud Op-'ni 
llouric. In Cohmibus, O. 

Kbubcrt 'ilieutre. lu Clnelahall ; Marv An* 
derson Tbcntre. In Louisville ; new theatre, 
la Richmond, V». : new theatre, In Lexlugtou, 
Ky. : new theatre, In Mobile, and new the- 
utre. in AtHatt. -.TT.7 

Shubert Theatre, In Milwaukee; Lyric, la 
New Orleans; New Mfirlowe. Id Cbatta- 
nooga;' new tbewtre, la Detroit; Oread 
Opera UoubO, In Davenport, lowu ; Sbubort 
Tbestrt, In Toronto; New Southern. In Poo- 
rer, and tb» Sara S, Shubert, In Knnsss city. 

Majestic, In Los Angeles; Belurco, lo Port- 
land ; tbe Shubert, In Scuttle, and the Ma- 
jestic, in San Fraucltco. For ethers nego- 
tiations arc In progrete. 

Among tbo slur* of the Sbubort and inde- 
pendent forces that will book on tbo circuit 
ur« ; U. IL Sothera and Julia Marlowe, Mne. 
Bernhardt. Mrs. Leslie Curler. Sirs. Patrick 
Campbell, Mr*. Fluke, Mor^uret Auglln, Msrr 
Kbaw, Guy Standing, Ada Robnn, Virginia 
Darned, Carlotta Nlllsou, Drlua Bo Wolfucd 
Cbar|i.-s Cunwl'l«ht. ■ 

Dlauehe l)utf», Mme. Katlcb, Cyril Maude 
nnd Winifred I'lfuory, B**rtbtt Gnlluud, David 
Wanleld, Arnold Duly. Henry' Miller, Genie 
Mann und Clam Llpmuu, nnd l'uula Ed* 

Do Wolf Hopper. 1'ddle Foy. Jeffereott 
De Angells. Cyril Scott, Julia Sanderson, 
Honry K. Dlxev. William If, Tbomyson, Peter 
Y. Irflley and tfarry Woodruff, 

The couipanlftu of David Belasco. Harrltou 
Grey Fluke, Henry Miller, and Walter N. 
J-awroncd wlU he pfiiyedln t;he 8b.UA«rt.l^)^ 
rttres. Many other Independent: managurfl 
havu a\m brrotii;''d to book In those boiisoti 
u»rxl f»!tson. 




Tk. «uuu Boa E Hit •» TIIE BKJJ.E OF A TggCT A," 

' ' and "THE lata OF »OHO 



Hon. In AnjTK.r. War Don't V 

llBK Tul. HII 1 It i> !•> WILLIAM 

Von Should Sinn It. Ton 
Can Secnro Orehe.tra- 
:oa Try tO'Bvtne Flr.t to 

tj> IE OOOD— BE G00D--BE GOOD— BE 0O0D— BE 0009— BE OOOD. 

t» Here I. th. Sew One by KENDI8 and PAI.KV. ^Jjjt*-"* *gi'*S*J 

Oen Ton "SYMPATHV," Ton Wanted ••STJtPATHV," _and ITfam 

A Made a Bis Hit wltn "STMPATHT," Saw That Toa'Te Had Tnelr 

V "STJtPATHV," Their Offer Ton 





M Oood AdTlce l« Alware Welcome, and It Ton Take Our 
\L AaVlcVTon'U Get "dOOD ADYldE" and Sing It. It'« a 
~*£ Great Bong. 

% Don't Take Any Wooden Mouy—Don't Take Any Wooden Mono 


When ^Rocking Birds*" Singing I Wildwood 

Thle Sons I" Now Conceded by All to be (lie Only Genuine Hull ad Hit on tue Market;. If 70a nave not Received the Slides you Ordered, It to Because WE 
could Not «• t The in Kaet Knough. AU ftltdes for tin. Song ore Hnlpped In tbe Order the Requeeta are RecelTed. So Don't Walt, but Order Hew. 

15.00 PER SET ■ $5.00 PER SET ■ $5.00 PER SET- $5.00 PER SET - $5.00 PER SET ■ $(.00 PER SET 


Including the Greatest of All Comio Songs, 


Every One Koowi That VINCK.YT BRYAN Hut Written More Nurcetiful Comic Son ire Tban Any Other Writer. Thle One lo the Funniest One Tot, 
Better Tban All tbe I nek Donee Pat Together. MR. BRYAN lo Now located with Us, and Invitee AU Friends to Cu.ll. 


HOSE QUMBLE, Qen-Mgr. Prof. Dept. 45 W. 28th St., New York. Chicago, Oread Op. Bid., E0BEB H0WABD, Igr 



Tall Leading Man, ncovy Man, Leading Woman, Singing and Dancing Comedian, ecu. Bus. Man. 
Descriptive Ballad Singer, iliostratea Bom Singer, diameter Woman with specialty, Vaudeville 
Venture Aut. Cau use Singing and Panclng Sister Team two weeks or more. Musical Iloibroriki, 
eji attiiond Drown una other useful people, wrlto. Algrs, in N. V., Pa. ana Ohio send In opeu time, 
rtiniiar season. Season oiiepi* Mitv .. Address 
rmiuon « vvm?y £fo D •pii.ogK, Mgr. Dllgor Stock Co., Pen. Del., Manchester, N. D. 



Capable Character Comedian for Tramp, with singing nnd dancing specialty; must be an actor. 
Oood looking Heavy Woman and Heavy Man. Trick llleyele Ithlcr and Stage Carpenter. Coed BIdk- 
Ing and Dancing Comedian, and other useful people, send photon, (mo, X. Wilton, Harry Leo, 
Qussnls Trenary and Joe tee, write. Address O. l. IHIOWK, Manager, 

v " vuar ' nua " vv M "'* AnrU 0( cauandalgiia, X. Y.; April 7, Auburn, N. T. 

Wanted, for Summer Stock aud the King of At) Canvas Repertoire Shows, 


The vcir best Hopertolro People In all line*. Capable F.lcctri clan w|th Moving rieturo Machine and 
"'" is, Property linn lor Part*, Feature- Vaudeville ' * 

j'..-.. ;„.,: ,.,,,.. HIV l.»v ..n.rltiM 1lI.ii- ulr 

ft Acts. Prtiukarda? No! Managers In itid. having 

Films, L___- . 

fair dates opou, write. Will buy outright play with strong woman load. Address 

M. L. KUttNut Shreve, Ohio. 

Breckinridge Stock Co. 

one thai eiin stun MflDUataq songs preferred. Other Al Hppertolre 1'Donte. Mu.t be OOOD DRESSERS 
and KXPtSlUONCRU. Tomve tlino smw AllF, SIZE, KXrEUIENCE, SALARY. Toy »»n, and aeod 
1'llOTO lu slrat lelten ir you can't make tfood a clt.r ?oow dou't write. Fare advauccd to re- 
nMMlne DCOPle. Mmn EDWIN HARKIE, ManafCJr. 

osiaiuimn dlty, OWIa.. April M; Aroarlllo, Teia<, April 9 -71 . Woodward, OMa., April 'J3-M. 

Sam'l McCntcheon's Uncle Tom's Cabin 


Mo.t ilo Good. Strong Ringing and Danolng Kpevlal,,'. A l.ii WANT CI. Alt JONRT 
ror Band and Orohc.tra, COLOHKl) MIKIl I A.vs "ho can Sing and Dane. <>l'i:\ 
A I'll LI. UO. ' ll.DI'L JKLl 1 1 IIKOV, Eul LI r.rpaol, Ol,lo. 


To evorr memtur of tbe Ttioatrlcal Proreutnn. S.nd NO Stamp.. Jnstdrop tn a postal oard 
wttHjour address or route on, and wowLU null you Pr.pald Oar Th.atrlcal Oat. Bosk al 
one. Drop us a postal oard at ohm. 



J. L. 





Hepertolro People in All l\w» tor Summer and next reason. Thnoo doing upcolaltlen glvon the pref 
erenoe. Jl9URA I'lsyerwhtiWOlUd bo willing 10 double stairo, If necessary ; u ijood Specialty QM 
to ni»y parts. Sunttuer Satnr>-; iiay your own board. Address 
.« pesn parte* ou*u*u« t oomm. i *v ^ . TBMpBS . |; vlV ,, ut Ge nora4 Dullvory. Pittoburfc*, Fa.. 

Managers In Va,', West Vlrglhla, renn -ylyaoiaand New York, send in open time. 



KeHh'a Theatre , Boston, Maua 

Keltli'a BIJou Theatre Boston, MaBs. 

Keith's Theatre. Providence, B. E 

Keith's Theatre Fswtucket, R. I 

Keith's Theatre New York City. 

KelltTs New Theatre Philadelphia, Pa. 

Keltlt'a Prospect Theatre Cleveland. O. 

Keith's Hoyal Princess Theatre. London, ling, 
Harry Davis* Grand Opera House, 
' • ■ , PlttBburc, Pa. 

BIJou Theatre Altoonn, Pa. 

Lowell Onero House Lowell, Mass. 

Colonial Theatre Lawrence, Mass. 

Valentine Theatre 

Chase'a Theatre Washington., D. C. 

Kernan'fl Maryland Theatre,. .Baltimore, Md 

Shea'B Garden Theatre Buffalo, N. Y. 

Shea's Theatre Toronto, Can. 

Moore's Theatre Bochester, N. Y. 

Temple Theatre Detroit, Mich. 

Moore b Theatre » . . .Portland. Me. 

Park Theatre. Worcester, Mass. 

QHuh Opera House Syracuse. N. Y 

Savoy Theatre 

►y :. .. 

limp.r.' Theatre 

lCmplro '"Ptientre 

Empire Theatre 

.Toledo, O. 

... .Pall River, Mass, 
....Jersey City, N. J. 

Hoboken, N. J, 

Patersou, N. J. 


B. F. 


K. HODODON, Booking Mana K *r, 

Rooms 833 to Sftfi fit. James Building. NEW YORK CITY. 




«J. Am ttArzmj\JBiY m 



Are sllll the Headliners, and Making Good at the Box Office. 

AriRl. mint. Good Writer lo FU Itli'ntrl, or Drama Around Ilor and th. m„„. 


Brool tlyu; weok of April a, Ooyety Tlieatt c, ll rootlyn. I'cr. oddrcBs, ao B. tltii' STREET ' s. y' 




(TneOulj '•)«»" .a tiatU.JU't Plajed laitor'.). p.r.add., li K. 117, N. T. C1TT. 

w /% r%i 

For balance of tltta Bcauoti and Summer, OLEVHIl MTJ810AL team (2 men 
capable or plavlnu liluuo. UKFINKI) siNOWflandUA.\CINor""' 
oan do bllDdloid drive, intelligent and wIHIiik YOI'NO MAX for 

auUSt who tan and' will git tbe openlmrs. Snn ail ontleuer wltu"pmJto. SSi %Sta' r ?J'^JSi? 
able, It's sure. Address ■■■" ' m * T J reaaon. 

OAX. DAVIS, Greonville, S. O., Grand Opera Home. 

N. B.-alrara pltaaed to bear from peopl. wlUl Kofel or H/Hulou Acta. -^~»w. 



far3g£alff^ "MgMJ SE 

oAJU.AnDaoosEi,BoSTo«, T-oTrJIm 

Prop., 81 East Newton St , Franklin Set., smTfi35 
St. American plan, conveniently located ' Bn.1 
celled toblo. Ever, modern convenience, e c'cK 
Oinnen. 7 to tt pet 9*. Tel. am Tremoni. oitS 
tnncb coanected. VJ,C, 

inrapsOR Hotel,MinncapoUs.-xew m»nai7 
ml■n^ new equipment tbronghout. Ameilcin o ; 
Enropean. Kale?to professionals, llperdayaoajp 


If. Clark St,, ear. Ontario, CUtuo 
taiea,W,18apd,Hpcrdaj. ȣtoM perwett. 


Wabash A Madison, OBlCAQO 
O. O. •Vaughan, Prop. strlctlV 
... American Han. g.]l M,SK 
,7-12 double. Vandevlile patronage in vited. 
The Oat-rick HotoT 

107-109 M Tl,lrlee,.lh St, Philadelphia. 

t:.PIan. ltntma fil per day up. apeclal rate,!o 
the profession, within walking -autanm or an 
princi pal tbeatrtg; A.J. FRK1 HOKER, Manager. 
UOTKL BT. DK» 1 S, 139-138 West Market si. 
Indianapolis, IH<L convenient to all tbeatrai! 
teat Little Hotel ly IndlanapolU. Acton' lutet. 


for any instrument or number or instrument. 
aongt,wordB and music, .ketcaes, etc. Send aumt," 
OHA9, L. LBW1B, <ai Rlotmond St., ctncinnau.6 


qolam taught. Trial lesson and full paricnlsrs lfa 

FROF. LISOBBHAH, Kt N. am St., Ftilla . fa. 

no vino picti; its supply and rental 
mnu, Maculnea, Stereoptlcons. Oameras, Lenses 
Sooi SUd<a,neir and second hand, bought, .old 
tiohanged. Burgalinj. Studio ror tun and tilde 
making, coloring. Special Flag and Fire Film,, 
expert repairing, free advice, long jean* expe- 
rience, prompt dealings. Eberhard Schneider. 
Berman-Am. Olhe. A Film Do., ig K .iah st.,NTT,0 

25,000 FT. OF NEW 

OUT Oil DEAD JUNLL Motion Picture 3up- 
plles and Construction. LIST POK STAMP 

18fl Third Ave., near E. 14th St, N. T^ 

•Copyrighted), s different boob,, 10c. All kinds act. 
MORPHET'SSOHOOL.HT N. 12th St.. fflfeft. 


Front and back .lending, each trick Illustrated 
•4SC* M^rphet'e School, SS7 H. 12th St., Fhllo., I'e 

AGELVTS.— Leg'tlmate aub^tHnte U<t StotMa- 
chines.'. Patented. Sella at sight for Si, Tertltorj 
open. Partlcu'ora. Olalia Co., Anderwn, Ind. 

FOR SALE— b'dlfon Moving Picture Machine, 
complete, with S.booft. vums. send Tor lists. . 
E1H9QS P1CTUKR CO., Hartford, Conn. 

FOR HALli , No. 2 TOM SHOW, wont cotnpleto 
Tom SUoir, In America, Carved Bund Cliarlot, 
Carved Ticket , Wagon, Carved Tableau Wagon, 
No. l; Old Woman in Shoe Wagon, 8 Oahte Hoofed 
Mlnature Cages, covered with carving and my - 
ro.e; oarred Tableau, No. 2. All ahove wagoiis 
invc Sonburflt wheels. Bin Wagon, Globe (cost 
>:--'m, Log Cabin -' Wagon, Covered Chair Wagon, 
Covered Cook Wagon, flno Oltlce Sleeping Wagon. 
one Trap, One Pohv Cnrt, One yurrey.Fole Wiwou, 
P nk, iHUrat, Jack and SUke Wagoay. Uw 
■wxi'aW, : Sewie..Ltitnt'., PoleH, Stage Scenery, Horde 
Tent, Cook Tent; Dishes, Stoves, Tau'es, etc; 10 
Set Harness, Uniforms', Plumes, Wardrobe, etc 
Everything In flrtt class condition : nctfty pofnted. 
All teady for the road. Por Safe, 25 fjUetiaud 
Ponies $loo e icb. .Wanted, for No. 1 Show, Colored 
Band, Tops>, llanlst. Tuba Plaver'and Concert 
People doubling iiraaw. C. 0. PhifUpB, Cortland, 0. 

and Clarionet for one year, to uuleh Beason, for 
concert and dancing and for Summer engage- 
ment at r>ea<*nore hotel. $9 per week, board and 
lodging. Must be sight readers and .strict in 
everr respect;. Don't misrepresent. Don't disap- 
point. No time for correspondence. Wlreluune- 
dlatelylfBall»factory, PROP. LKVI>'. 
411 W. Hargett St.. Halftlgh, N. 0. 

WANTED- Udy or Pirtilghr-Man tojolu.Ai 
Cotaedian In munloa 1 actatonce. '' •><"<• 
DEL MONT, fil Ve«ta Ave., Brooklyn; N.Y-' 


Metropolitan Band and Orchestra for jjRnUH 
season, parks and hotels, etc. Thorough, experi- 
enced and well trained, first class ineu. PKUX 
TOSH INriKY, Director. 47 Court St.. B'»ton. Maw. 


Py tearing a beautiful paper tidy while singing, 
dancing or talking. Sample tidy and Instruction*, 
2fic Complete 16 ml nn to act, (1 new designs, full 
In struct ■<.»''. particular', etc., Ji.uo. Hie novelty. 
n. L. BIRCH. 1701 R wotdstock* St:, phlla., H. 

-WANTED, ■ v^pi 

All round Medicine People. Those that fflko or 
play organ preferred, write all In 'flrat.letter. K 
you CQn't make good, don't write. PROF- NERO. 
<Jcorgetown,Cir R.n.jl. Cflreofq.F.-Albln. L _ 



Comedian, Cbaroolere, Spoclalilee. 

For Summer and nest season. Ada. Sac city, Iowq. 
NOTE.— Owing to death In my family I W9 
able' to. accept or even answer tnanagcrafor t' 1 " 
many offers received from my card In QUPrSH of 
four weeks ago. Oannowjoluatonce. ■•- 

/ta-t L-itaearty, 


ciomkdy AND juveniles. oooU^rcMer on and 
off. Ke.-tpobslblo manngera oulv. ... 
ItUUM KO. 2, 110 SQ11T1I tlMRK ST :! 0hlC0|0 1 in ; 



Baritone preferred, other miiBlclauw, wrlto. Mur- 
plilahoro, III., week April 2; Cairo,. III'. »«" 
April n. IIENTFROWW JOLLY PATUF'- V ' 1 ' f ' ,! - 


.JUf'uH u" SALLE ST.^. 


Must read, fake end plav pnrln for 'guarlcitt- 
6tato experience, aalary, etc.. find eelMrphoto W 
- ■ TENOR, fclg-iUco. 




OEK-ilOU. aooa Dresser. • • -•'• 



Write all brienv. otlura write. No tickets. W 
«n> Mlatmu. OLirroN COKOERT cqs» 

LcrstW, Lloktmoa Co,aur». 







,\ cot of -Jtt rer Lent, on price of Heralils will bo made on Contracts for Season 1000-7. TWO nnrt THHKK COI.OII Work on yoar Heralrls at the price you formerly paid (or One Color. W* operate oar 

Plant Day anil Night the Year Around. You can l>vpond on Prompt Shipment!. 






6th Ave. and 81st Street, New York. 



Cloaks, Suits, Waists, Millinery, Gloves and Muslin Underwear, 
I Shoe Dept. 

Originators of oar Famous Short 
Vamp Shoes for Stage and Street 
wear. Estimates* freely given on 
Quantity orders. Complete Stocks. Up to Date Styles. 
Lowest Cash Prices for Desirable Footwear. 


Made from the very beat tin, are black enameled. Espe- 
cially made for professional use, having 
gartmenu for urease Paints, Powders, *% _-a 
omband Brush, Wigs, Etc., Etc. Has Jj £§C 

!te. Hh 
double action lock, with two keys, at.... 

Our COLD CREAM, expressly prepared for the The- 
atrical) Profession, guaranteed lobe absolutely pure and 
never become rancid In any climate. Put up In pound 
Screw Top Tin Cans at 49c. | half pound at 85c. , 


All mall orders must be accompanied by money order. 
None sent C. 0. D. Oar New Theatrical Catalogue 
■entfree npon requeit. 


Under the personal direction of the celebrated CLAUDE At. 
ALVIBNE, Largest and moat reliable school In the world. 
»3d St. and Rth Are. Entrance 1100 Eighth Ave. 


■S^Vvrf'V^-Wj-Vrf-^V'-^N'^wO wwwuwvvvO %0t0t0^0ttt0^0^0^^ff^^t 

Failure Impossible If we accept yon as a student. Graduating Hummer Term 
begins May, 1906. Thorough and practical training for the professional stage. 
We graduate our students as professional actors In Dramatic Art, Comedy. 
Vaudeville or Dancing of every description, Including Buck, Toe and all 
styles, professional Htudents' Performances every two weeks. 

A FEW OF OUR PUPILS— Miss Laura BnrLMlSB Ethel Levy, the talented 
wife of the celebrated actor-uuthor, Geo. M. Cohan; Adelaide Thurston, Hay 
Buckley, Barney Gllmore, Paula Edwardes, Grace Cameron, William Blalsdell, 
Corrlnne, Gertrude Hoffman, wife of Max Hoffman, the popular songwriter; 
Violet Dale, Helen Whitman, Llbby Blondell, Jordan and Crouch, George Mar- 
tin, George Probert, Clara Throop, Helen Hale, Bessie Barrlscale, Pauline 
Chase, Georgia Caine, Bessie De Vole, Emma Hopkins, Blanch Hanlon, daugh- 
ter of George Hanlon ; Delia Stacey, Le Domino Rouge, La Neva. Agnes Manr, 
La Adella, Marlon Winchester, Gertrude Barnes, Frances Fenncll, Esmeralda 
Sisters, La Belle Dazfe, Mazle King, Pierce and Mazes, Murray and Mack, Tro- 
loar and Tempest, Belle Veola, Hooker and Davis, The De Muths, Ascot and 
Eddie, Johnson and Dean, McNnlty Sisters, Bloom and Cooper, Bryan and 
Nadlne, Albert Warner, Bonehllt Sisters, La Veils, Taylor Holmes, Gllmore 
Slaters, and 1,000 others. 


IcAUister's Best Dissolving View Stereopticon 
With Moving Picture Attachment 

£or showing both Moving pictures as well as Lantern Slldeo, and prodnclng beautif oi maoclTUi 
sffooLs. Necessary where the beat results are desired, 


nd F-IL-fVlS 


Illustrating BTerj .abject at Art,TraT.I 
•nd Literatim and all timely toolci 
Latest war acenes. Etc Papular an. 
IMlglous ILLU8TUATED 101(01, 
Etc. Id fact, any .object adapted tel 
tbe firing of Public Eiitertalnroeota. 


—Free— which tells the cost of an outfit, 
explains and Instrncis you how to con- 
duct paying entertainment** 

McAllister, Mfg. optician, 



A* Popular Prlo»« 


Catalogaa Frs.i ■ M ^ a?awi' ~? 


WJ RtBt* St., Bib Fl.,CIIICAOO. 

I I Mllll III! 


riltl FOB CATALOGUE. LOOTS TWAI, "D»pt IV IN WibuJ M. OiloafO. 



Poles and stakes, SEATS, Flaea, Etc 




W A si W. Washington St., 0H10A00, ILL, 

Circus Tents 

20 Tears' Experience. 

08 and B8 Woodward A.a,, Detroit, Mien. 


For Circuses, Wild West Shorn, Black Tento, 
Candy Tops Flies, Kldd A Dsker Lights, etc. 
Send for 10 oage price list of second hand 
7th and Wyandotte, Kansas City, Mo. 


Large Slock sort, and Under 4gggggr 
New and Second Hand. Write ^^^ 
Buocessors to the T. w. Noble Co., Tent Dept,, 
Detroit Bag and Mfg. Co., Detroit, Mlcb. 



75*per.I0O-.*6, o ^rcrI000:. 
samples io'-no c;o;o; : cash;>vit« order 

|CAL1 . 

.Tien trie al 


173 SIXTH AVE., 


[lest of Food, Perfect- 
ly Cooked, Dullclously 
Served. Prices rea 
sonahlc. Special Dlu 
ititf lloom mr.ljtdleH 

Fine Magical Apparatus, 

Oraod End ot Century, fully 
Illustrated. BOOK CATA- 
LOGUE, 35o., tree by mall. 
Catalog u o of Parlor tricks Ire. 

UAUTINKA A 00.. Atfrs.. 

iM»uibATe.,N. r. 





l»f www# IM H t » rwwwwl 


of tho 

Cares all 

Discharges In 

48 Hours 




$50,000,000 St. Louis World's Fair 

We llought the Ore-it St. Louts tixpoaltlnn, and Offer 
You Supplies of Every Kind nt Kxtrctuely Low I'rloea. 


w,l,(H)0,(KK) Tlokets, printed for ass at the 
tispoaltlnti tbnt hare never boon useiii pal op 
8.000 to a roll; consecutively numbered. Denom- 
inations: 2o, lftu. Sir, &0o sod Complimentary, 
Different colors. Price per thousand, to small 
tjoontltlen ISfl. In lots of M. 000 WB 


These lamps came from the Kzpoiltlon, and were ub.h1, but are tested sod 
are serviceable. They are olgbl candle power. 100 to 110 voltage; pot op 
360 In a barrel, price esch * Ao 

Id small quantities, oaoh.... Be 

100.000 same as abovo, hntnd new, In fall ease lota, aaoh lOo 

ftd.OOO Incandeieeel Lamps, osed, natural colors, roby, ifrsen, amber 

and opal. Are tnited and are lervloeablo. Prlee eaob too 

90,000 same as above, brand Deer, price eaob 90o 


made of aeasoacd hardwood, with tbe best malleablo Iron flulnitn; simple In 
conatraetloQ. Htmnir, durable and ooaifortabls. Will out wnrpi are far 

superior to any othor make; brand new. Price. In dozen lots $0.90 



We own tbe great Eleotrlcal Tower used at tho Bxpoaltlon ai the DsFnrest 
Wlrelena Telegraphr Htstlon. It Is 300 fact In hxlght, SO ivi a<jusr« at tbi 
base, and oaa bo carefully taken down. A aplondid amuaemont fnature. 
CC AD/^U ■ IAUT Weowothe 10.000 oaodl* power soarobllgbt 
OtaAnvn klVin I osed at Uaposltlon. It Is tbo largest mads. 

IfOOO UNI FOR M8 Kabkl,9l.60 iiiu.1 Hv'tgv, fjt.oo 
Write for our Spoolal 600*pige Oatalogne No. 8170. It contains a complete list nf all kinds 

of Eloctrlcal Suppllee, general amuBement material aoeb as yoa are ounatantly punihaMlng. 
We have for aala Fire Hole, all kinds of Plro-flghtlng Apparstas, Elmitrloal Hup.jllei, 

Plaga. Doming, Purnltnro, Household Oonils, Uommlanary Hupplloa. I'lamhlng Material, 

Machinery, and In faot ovorjtblng "under the son " We are constantly buylntimnterlal 

nt Sheriffs' aod Itecelvers* Halee. 


Winslow's Skates 


An Vml ■hIssCt*- 
ly by t.« B»t Mats. 
We har. t>. iMrtMt 
and Bwt ■mnn 
Wort, la OM WmlM 






r The tin treating popularity of Rvlle* 
Skating lias opened a largor field than ewer 
iiefbro for this popular auinaemtint. 







1303 131) BNOAOMMV AND IIS W 3S» ST.,, 

UV.B.MOOHE.M'G'R. ior> fraNKUN ST.I 



rhvfiopl.s itc tic 


fttrt tlMMPtM 

IprS'C t5TAGt- f-lONtV \tf 
|ooor\ OF CuTc? 





April 7 








GRAND OPERA HOUSE, Indianapolis. 
HOPKINS' THEATRE, Louisville. 

BIJOU THEATRE, Dubuque, la. 


Ft, Wayne, Ind. 


Milwaukee, Wis. 


Grand Rapids, Mich. 


IVoriii III 


Richmond, Ind. 


Decatur, 111. 


South Chicago, 111. 


Keokuk, la. 
WEAST'S THEATRE, Peoria, 111. 


Springfield, 111. 


Rock Island, 111. 

LYRIC THEATRE, Lincoln, Neb. 


Marquette, Mich. 

Green Bay, Wis. 
MARVIN THEATRE, Flndlay, 0. 

Holland, Mich. 

PARK THEATRE, Louisville,. Ky. 

Yincennes, Ind. EAST END PARK, 
LA CROSSE, La Crosse, Wis. Memphis, Tenn 

ORPHEUM THEATRE, San Francisco. 
ORPHEUM THEATRE, Minneapolis. 



Highlands, St Louis, Mo. 


Kansas City, Mo. 


Des Moines, la. 


Chieaeo, III. 

MAJESTIC THEATRE, Little Rock, Ark. 
MAJESTIC THEATRE, Birmingham, Ala. 
MAJESTIC THEATRE, Hot Springs, Ark. 
MAJESTIC THEATRE, San Antonio, Tex. 
BIJOU THEATRE, Evansville, Ind. 


Dayton, 0. 

Chicago, 111. 

Burlington, In. 

Cedar Rapids, la, 
GRAND THEATRE, Marion, Ind. 


Terre Haute, Ind. 

Freeport, III. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
IDEA THEATRE, Oshkosh, Wis. 
BIJOU THEATRE, Racine, Wis. 
BIJOU THEATRE, Kenosha, Wis. 
IDEA THEATRE, Manitowoc, Wis. 


Sheboygan, Wis. 

Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Hannibal, Mo. 

Columbus. Ind. 

Lafayette, Ind. 


Huntington, Ind. 


Appleton, Wis. 




Chinago, 111 


Fort Wayne, Ind. BEN'S THEATRE, Escanaba,Mich. 

VAUDEVILLE, Joplin, Mo. 

With Thirty-seven Smaller Theatres In the Principal Towns of Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas. 

In Addition to the Exclusive Booking of All Artists for the Theatres Herein Named, 





Artists Adust Send In Theiir Open Time, Salary and Permanent AdLctres* 


J. J. MURDOCK or C. 







Films and Projecting Kinetoscooes 

EillbHioi yodel Kinetosoope, $ 1 1 5.00. Universal Model Klutostopi, (75.00, 




So. 63*1. Code, VATJDOIg. Length, noon. Clw A, (79.00. 



Ho. 6230. Code, VALCOUR. Lnsth, 47ilft. Claea A, .70, SO. 


All Sales Rooords Broken 




"Astounding enough to make too wonder now It til done." — BROOKLYN EAGLB. 
"One of the hlta of the aeaeon."— MORNING TELEGRAPH. 
"A Kltu from start to OnUh."— MORNING TELEGRAPH. 






The Train WrecRers. 

Ho. 6222. Code, V ATERtOSER. Length, 815ft. CI... A, .122.25. 


Send for Lateet Catalog, and Illustrated Circular., 



Caleaso Office, 804 Wabash Avenue. 

How York Office, SI Union Square. Cable Addreaa, Kurlllan, New York. 


fiCIITlia afflCVM. THE KINBTOQRAPH CO., • ■ 41 E. 21st Bt, New York 

BfilllllflV aUMXD . peter BAC1GALDPI, 786-788 Mission 8t, San Franclaco, Cal. 

Jos. J. Flynn's Park Circuit 










and Best 

Park Circuit 

in the 







From 12 to 14 Weeks this 

Summer at the 

Best Parks. 



IOO Boylston Street, 


Western Vaudeville Circuit 



Colorado, Utah, Nevada, 
California and the Northwest. 











COSEOPOLirAN NO.TKLTT CO., HI B. 6th St., FkUad.lpllla, Im 




The Best Moving Plctur* Machine Ma.lo 

Core red bjr Six Patents. 


Quality and resalt surprise the modern money 
maker In this business. The Machine that will 
NOT FLICKER after nainff (or years. 


1*3 East 83d St., New York City." 





Order Nov. 

mm Elmtor 

144-6 OnUrloSt. 


S2.00 per Joz. 

Prompt Snlpment 

*, Haehlie Co., 


Apparatus. Belt Quality. 
YOST A COMPANY, »1 Filbert St., 

(Established i»;o.) Philadelphia. 

49* Large Oatalofue for Stamp. 







Packed so It cannot become onialable. and 
our 6 and lOo. package candles will greatly 
Increase 1U value. Inform ni where 
yon hold a concession and We will 

aead samples and prices. 





And All Other. 

Sri4 lir UTUDC IlltlM 11,1 tulrt 

Special Atleillon Clvti the Prsttnlti 

Western Uniform Co. 

' 21* a. cum at. 


"Tell It To Me" 


For aale on all train, and pairs itandi, or by 
mall, »Sc, Addreaa KZRA KENDALL. 
m .oath Tib. A..., M«. Vernon, II. if. 


DESCRIPTION. From Government Auction. 
No matter wbat yon want In that line I can 
■apply it. New or second band. Send for 
catalogue. B. B. ABHAUAM8, 

m South St., Fblladelpbla, Pa. 





Learned by any man or boy at home; small coat 
Send to-day 2c. atamp for particulars and proof. 
O. A-flmltH, BoiO.ariOKDOXTlLle ATe.. Peoria, ill. 



tree. Only N. E. Agent for Habatma. loo. 

W. P. LCROT, lea Oonrt St., Boston, Haas. 







13 OBIffTS 



541 FEET. 


A happy family of working people la seen at breakfast hetftorr separating 
for the duj'< toll. Nest we aee the father, a tinner by trade, at work on 
the roof of a high Itulldlng, where the enow causes him to loee hi. footing 
and he falls Info the street many atorlea below. Kind friend* ruih to hli 
aid bat he la paat human help and la carried to hie home, dead. The wife 
and daughter are entirely prostrated by the calamity, hut the daughter 
goes bravely to work for the support of her dependent mother, The next 
acene ihowi oar heroine at work In a dreaa-niaklng establishment. Her 
employer comes In. and being attracted by her youth and beauty, offer* to 
eupuly her with money. She refuses hie propoiltloii and advancea and la 
discharged. Mother and daughter are at toe point of atarvatlon when the 

Slrl decides to beg In theatreeia. The police do not allow her to do thl* and 
■e retarna to find her mother dead of want. In deapalr the unfortunate 
girl usphlxlates heraelf by miani of burning charcoal, and when the 
neighbor* come In, they find her released by merciful death from her Buf- 

The highly dramatic aeeaaa are enacted In the moat artistic manner, 
and we guarantee an enortnoua success. 




The Entire Sot of 29 Plotures, 

T - PRICE $294.64 

The Life of Moses • ■ 524 Feet. Price 862.8 
Joseph Sold By His Brethren - 623 Feet. Price 874.. 

Prodigal Son 

475 Feet. Price 857.00 


Pathe Cinematograph Co., 


Dazian's Theatrical Emporium 

NOW AT 142-144 W/44th ST. (Near Broadway), NEW YORK. 


.IT Vain Oft ®5 V^aTB PAINT and POWDER. 

McVIClCEll'H THEATHE, Chicago, 111. Telophono— Central, 004. Bind for Calulogue. 




We write Music to your wnrds. Introduce and 
I'opularl/e. tienft In. MHS. 
POI'Ul.AIl SIHBIC I'Lll. CO,, 21ffi ICuterprlae Illdg.. CHICAGO. 


For Slock Companies, for Repertoire Companies, (or Amateurs, 

LAItOEHT ASHOKTMENT IK THE WOULD. Hooka for home amuse. 
iiH-iit. Negro I'layn, l*epor, Scenery, sirs. Jarloy's Wax Works, data. 
lajH Fred Krcol Ereol 

HAMl'EI. FHBNCII, IT W. a 'id at., New York. 

' 'al rtfllrift ' r ° ft,,|ll,f for 1|>WCBL ratc,t Ht 


XV ioi East 14th hi., Now York, Oerman Savings Hank 

GtTslOPE i ,u,la '?.¥' Teloplione,2e» i tiraraercy.^ 

. Ualilo ad- 
drcas, Slancslif. All printed matter and inf. free. 



And Hi. and Most Popular Style. In Ladlte Hair Draaslng. 

A. M. BITCH & CO., 

. . ■■ Ppilaa.lphU. 

119 N. Ninth Street, 


Anything and everything In this line for stage purposes, for special scenarios and occasions, nroproof 
or otticrwl.c. Write for my large Calak.g c, which will bo of great value to you. 

CARL KETSCIIERT, 1411 Ave,, Chicago. 



For Open Time on and after June 1, 1906, addreaa 
BERNARD L. WAXLACE, Leasee and Manager Webb Theatre, Peru, Ind, 



April 7. 




from experience bow frequently the pianos furnished by halls and theatres are unreliable and unsatiafactorr- You rarely. If mr, get 
m kind of piano two stands In succession. While at one place the Instrument too get may be all ■ J«ht tte next two or three may 
wrong*— out of pitch, out of tune, "rattly," etc., etc. The only way to avoid all this, and to always feel free from worry on tliis 


the aame 

be all wrong— out of pitch 
score, Is to carry your own 

Columbus "Baby" Upright Piano 

This Is really a wonderful little instrument. Although only 3ft. Sin. high, and 3ft. Gin. wide. It has a remarkable piano volume and a clear, sweot tone. It la tuned to 
concert pitch, making it especially suited for accompaniment to the human voice. The weight la only 250 pounds, and two men can handle one easily, especially 
when carried In our quick-pick I ng traveling case. (See Illustration.) 9S~ 


GENTLEMEN.— I haie four of your Batij Uprights with my Blow (The l DEAR SIRS.— The Baby Piano received two week, ago surely Is a wonder 
Great . AU» Show*), and they are, without doubt, the best piano, I have ever tag-, «*I conslne^the %jg£>jg£ ^'SLS Af^jm HtS 
seen for a portable show. Two men can bundle one, and they keep In tune re- D mty The Bnby Upright Bpoaks for Itself. Respectfully 

morkahly well. Yours truly, W. H. RICE. I MISS UZETTE HOSKINS, Noyelty Trick Pianist 


We want every show thnt has any possible use for a piano to carry one of those novel Instruments, which are an attraction In themselves. For this reason 
we make a SPECIAL OFFEH for a short time, including a stool and one of these quick packing traveling cases. Write to-day- for Booklet No. 30. 



C. A. TAYLOIl TltUHK WORKS, 39 K. Randolph St., CHICAGO; 131 W. 38lh St., NEW YORK. 
Writs for New duologue. 

Leatheroid Trunks. 



R»a B'WAY, It. Y„ near Spring St. 

Send tor New 
Theatrical (.'dialogue. 





27 I 20 I 17 J6.7B CASH 

80x21x18..: 0.00 VABU 

83x22x10 S.26 WITH 

80x23x20 O.dO ORDBR 

40x24x21 7.SO OR»»»- 

For Particulars and illustrations, Request Catalogue. 


82 i 20 x 22 |0.00 

34 x 21 x 23 11.00 

80 x 22 x 24 10.00 

88 x 28 x 25 10.50 

40 x 28 x 26 11.00 


20ln., J7.I50 : 281n., $8.10: 30ln.. JD.30; SOIn., SlO.tiO ; 40ln., J12.IiO. ClrcuB Trunks,24xl8xl8, 

S7.50. Pill Trunks, 30x23x10, Inside. $12.00. Lltho Trunks, 42Hi28V4H2, Inside, $15.00. 
hipped on receipt of $3.00, bal„ C. 0. D., except over 300 miles, then remit wholo amount. 
SIMONS & CO., CENTRAL TRUNK FACTORY, Est. 1804, S.W.cor. 7th and Arch Sts.,rhlla. 


All oar TRUNKS carry a better guarantee than any otber theatrical mnde. Send for 

Catalogue C and price list 

212 K. Otb ST., NEW YORK. 




Largest stock In America. Wigs inrulc to order. Full line of paints, 
powders and cold cream. Send for catalogue "C," to cither place. 

124 WEST 34th St., N. V.; Chicago Opera House lllock, Chicago. 

Tilt Only Theatrical Supply Hoiih In Phil*. OUR SPECIAL FOR WEEK ENDING APRIL 14. 


WAA8 A SON, 226 North Eighth 8t., PHILA. 


in "A MATRIMONIAL TANULE." 16lll veck>t;theTHOWARU THEATRE, Chicago, 111., producing bur- 
k'Hcjue an (Iconic dies. Invito oilers from flrsl-clasa tjurlc»nuc companies next Benson, .Will produce 
good first part or burlesque. ! 

And mate yon a fortune. If yoa hayea 
SONG or BOOK that Is worth anything, 
you should copyright It. Don't take 
chances wlien yoacau secure onrjerj 
ke-* at small co*t. Sendfor oar SPtCIAl 
OFTER TO INVENTORS before appirhw for 
a patent, it will pay you. HANDBOOK en 
talents sent t REE. We advise If patenta- 
ble or not. FREE. We incorporate 
Consult ns. 



Columbia Copyright A PrtMt O). lac, 


*Talk *til 



They allay all inflammation & irrita- 
tion, Colds, Bronchial Coughs, Catarrh, 
producing perfect yoke. 

SAMPLE FREE— Fall Box 30c. By Mill. 
EVAKS and SONS, .11., 92 Win St., DEW YORK. 


Reached beat by the 

New Jersey 


nmg avaar aoca g» 01 tub aoca 

F^l Time Boek Ballast 

Sopearb Dtatim Service _ 

FoofWBttj.iSi. Ptxvt Liberty St., N.K. 




-rwnkii/r anfloatslde? That the BAL Professional Trunk Is the 

I RINKS IHrlitcst and strongest trunkon carthr Bond for Csta- 

■ ■ mniw ||, g „ „ c _„ „, w mtl &t N y 


New and second band, suit- 
able for Street shows. Merry 
Oo 'Ronnd. HhontlngOallerlea 
and Stating Rinks. 


O. HIH A, 

» Pint St, Hew Tort, 

Designed espe cially for the Show Business. It is absolutely the BEST 
and HOST KfWBBWUXi machine on the market. 

Bend for price and further information. 

NEW YORK STAGE LIBHTIH6 CO.. 145 E. 23d St., 1 1 

Paoifio Coast Amusement Co., 

Owning and operating 80 Pint Class Yaude?llle Theatre. East, Northwest and West 

wwy A ia>TATA'm3 > -"ark •*• •"• tunes, FIRST CLASS ACTS OF ALL KINDS 
W cmJE** JL jVJ^t that can deliver the good*. _„.- 

21* Denny Bldg., Seattle, Wash.; CHRIS. 0. BROWN, el S. Clark St, Chicago; ARCHIE LETT, 
111 Eddy St., San Francisco, Cal. 


read all the papers, whereas we must, tor It's our 
business. OTJE TERMS, «J.t» per 100 Items, cash 

with order. _ 

Worth and Elm St*., H. T. 


Send us a good poem, a good melody or a complete work. We ttavo do favorite writers. All In" ' 
equal chance. All letters answered promptly. _ _ 



Appljr for lowest rates and fall particular*, to RAYMOND oi WHITCOMB CO-, 
as Union Square Weit, New York . Send a cent .tamp for Travelers Condensed —a*. 

Pianos $300, Banjo* $200, with motors, In IM 

class condition, used but a short time. "<*">:* 

"Music ltoxes. ubIdb 16^ inch records, u n ; 

i.i.i.wiiiiw aww niuw wiuiuwu ordH with same, for $30. All tneee InstfuMi' ui- 

with nickel slot Mtaciimnits. A good attraction and money mnkcrlnuny public place, tteput mm - 
Id flr&t class condition before BUlpplng. CONTINENTAL. NOVELTY CO., Omaha, >«■''■ 


A Book on How to Write PopularMuslc, Market n'.'l 
Popularize It. List of 800 Moslc Dealers. Price, "'■ 
ONION MCSIO CO., O* Sycamore St., clnclnoall. » 

fflM£. 0RII3E a gpsTUMEs. ^^^du-cjss^s^&f 

anaWaal WHNNbg ESTIMATES GIVEN. 1510 Droodwnr, N.w lork 

The kind thiit get the money. Call or write. P. S. ZIMMERMAN, S E. 14th St., !■*• 




Great Ballad Successes 





LVVEi ITIEi 111! 






Home, Sweet Home 












FREE Professional Copies and Orchestrations to Recognized Performers cr those sending Up-to-date Programs-WTO CAJECDS. 

M. WITMARK 8c SONS, Publishers, 







21 Boatn Eighth Street 


Our 1906 "MARVEL" EXPOSITION MODEL is acknowledged to 
be the most perfect MOVING PICTURE MACHINE. Our improve- 
ments are of such great importance that nobody will buy any other 
make of Moving Picture Machines after having seen our 















LENGTH, 500 FEET. PRICE, $55. 

direct or alternating current, ALSO CALCIUM JJGHTJAMP, 

FIREPROOF FILM BOXES for jffjfi Bottom Rewlnder $20 EXTRA 




The Jfoat Film, Fall of Life, Full of Dramatic Power, a Wlnn< 
nu ,I1 *' A Picture which Strongly Appeal* to Every Audience, 

^TM. 900ft. 

Winner and a. Great 


All Our Films Class A. Price, II Cents Per Foot. Our Beautifully Illustrated Catalogues Free of Charge. 


FILMS Per Foot! 


That 1 ! the 

secret of our 





Absolutely different from any Sim ever made. Comical sketches drawn bran Invisible pencil- 
Drawings actually executed but Die artist Is nowhere In sight. FUNNY. MYSTERIOUS, 
CLEVER. After each drawing completes Itself It moves, laughs, winks, weepB, dances, 
Jugfflos and perforins many surprising feats. Then an eraser wipes oat the drawings showing 
that after all tliey arc only the products of an artist's brush. 

LENOTM, 23Q «I!T . 



OMVEB TWIST, or Tbe Life of a Pickpocket, 800 Feet. 
THE E80AFE FR01 8MB SING, 776 Feet. 
BAFFLES, Tbe Am a tear Cracksman, 1050 Feet. - 
SHEBLOOK HOLIES, or Held for Hansom, 725 Fett. 
I0I8IE0B BEAUOAIBE, or A flentleman of France, 616 Feet. 


THE LOST 00LLAB BHTTOI, er A Strennoai Search, 430 Feet. 
PLEASE HELP THE BLIID, or A Baoe of Graft, 475 Feet. 
THE FLAT DWELLEB8, or Tbe House of Too lueb Trouble, 450 Feet. 
POST HO BILLS, or Tbe Up-to-Date Advertising Agent, 485 Feet. 
DAI WASTED, or Charlie's Adventures Is a Summer Hetel, 300 Feet. 
THE BBEEB 000D8 IEI, A Screaming Comedy Obaae, 730 Feet 
BVIBLAB BILL, And How He Lost a Tooth by Mistake. 210 Feet. 
THE HEW8B0Y, A Story ot Hew York, 786 Feet. 
■OVISB DAT, or He Oblldren Allowed, 790 Feet. 
BLACK AHD WHITE, or tbe Mystery ot a Breoblyn Biby Carriage, 470 Feet. 
THE BEBVAHT BIBL PB0BLEI, Very Funny, 800 Feet. 
LICGI8E Bo. 13, or Tbe Hoodoo Automobile, 760 Feet. 
FLAB8 ABB FACES OF ALL BACES, A Patriotic Hit, 366 Feet. 
A STBEIVOnS WEODIIS, or Matrimony a la Hode, 410 Feet. 
STOP THIEF, An Exciting Ian Hut, 277 Feet. 
IDVEBILE CHICKEI THIEVES, "Beat Coons Too," 220 Feet, 
TB0BBLE8 OF A BOB0, or Ho Best (or Weary Willie, 245 Feet. 
WRI TE for New Descriptive Circ ular. 






>a Stmt. St., Chlcajro., 111. lai, C»l. 

«8 Rupert St., London, Eng, 




59 Dearborn St., 0HI0A0O. 








SS N. Olatrk It., CHICAGO, ILL. 





■•: AND -:- 





And Other Accessories. 


The Power Cameragraph 
Edison Kinetoscope 


All Films at 12 Cents Per Foot Except Edison Class A, 
Which Are 15 Cents. 


Klelne Lenses for Picture Machines Cover the Whole 
Range of Practical Projection. 

52 STATE ST. 1 Opposite Masonic Tcmpu 

Hew terk teiresf, hMirtOMW. — ~<^*4BUiHU. rBEt 



Copyright, 1000, by the Frank Queen Publishing Company (Limited). 

Founded by 

NEW YORK.C^.PillL 14, 1906. 


Price., 10 Cenu. 



April 14 

Riy$ CKppcr'5 

Motes, Personalities art Commeots, 


STUB FOLK and Sometimes OTHEfiS 

8T i obbphinb a*a 

O. B. Nalr, of Thomson * Nalr"a "My 
Daughter's Husband" Co., rouebca for the 
veracity of too following Incident : 

During tno tour of the present •eaaon 
the company played an engagement at a 
town where the "wet" or "dry" condition 
of the place wai a strong point at lame In 
the election that waa ebont to take place. 
Nalr relates a conversation which he over* 
heard In the general store of the town, when 
the owner of the theatre waa also proprietor 
of the store. Thle personage, who depended 
greatly on the faTor of bla townsmen for 
patronage— as his was not the only store In 
the place— consequently expressed a con- 
servative opinion concerning politics when- 
ever questioned on the subject 

While Nalr waa chatting over the counter 
with him concerning things theatrical, a 
member of the town board entered and began 
talking on things political. 

"What are yonr slews regardln' the elec- 
tion situation In taownT" drawled the board 
member, seeking to draw out the manager- 
storekeeper. "What's your opinion concern- 
ing Jones, the *wef candidate?" 

"Well," drawled the storekeeper slowly, 
and; with a noncommittal expression on his 
plain countenance, "well, Jones Is a fine 
man— aa good a friend as I hare In taown, 
and a man that I admire and respect." 

"Noaw, what do you think of Brown, the 
'dry* candidate T* continued the questioner. 

"Oh, Brown 1s certainly a most enter* 
prlaln' cltlsen," declared the merchant bland- 
ly ; "he's a man I'd trust with my business. 
Brown's all right" 

"Yes, 1 know all that" quickly excUlmed 
the caller, "but who do you think has the 
beat show V 

"As to that," exclaimed the manager-mer- 
chant, "I'm quite conrloced that the Singling 
Brothers have the best show 1" 

Channlng Pollock, the all wise and power* 
Ml pusher of the publicity pen for the many 
attractions of the enterprising Shubert com* 
blnatton, draws favorable comparisons con- 
cerning the Bernhardt tour, under the pres- 
ent management, and tbat of other tours of 
previous years. 

American audiences throughout the coon- 
try fceve not alwsya been as eager as they 
are this season to part with money neces- 
sary , for the high priced seats to see the 
wonderful French actress. The very small 
audiences in some of the towns visited by 
her on former tours were provocative on 
many an occasion of forceful remarks, In 
French, tbat few of the audience understood. 
Pollock relates an instance of this that 
took place five years ago, when the gifted 
Sarah was playing an engagement In Omaha. 
Noting the smsll number of people assembled 
to hear her "Camilla," she Interpolated a 
line In the "dying speech" that was not In 
the book. 

"Ah 1" she exclaimed In the thrilling Bern- 
hardt voice, "I see a face I I aee a face I" 
adding, "oat not many facet I" 

The oft sought favor of a free seat at the 
theatre Is Illustrated continually and fre- 
quently with ridiculous claims, 

Carl Brehm waa managing "The Pay 
Train" Co., playing the West, and at one 
place was going the rounds before opening 
the house. He came upon a townsman who 
was occupying a seat beck In the shadows 
ot the place. 

"What are you doing here?" aaked Brehm 

"I came to see the play," was the reply. 

"What are your claims to a seat without 
paying your way at the door!" aaked Brehm. 

"Oh, I'm connected with the Opry House," 
waa the oft hand anawer of the claimant 

"In what way, may I aakv" said the man- 
ager sarcastically, having hla doubta as to 
any real right of the man to be there. 

"Oh," said the man, "that'a all right— I'm 
the chair repairer of the theatre. You see," 
he added conclusively, "If ftny of the seats 
break down to-night, I'm right here on hand 
to Ox 'em." 

On those grounds Brehm let the man re- 


May Montford, tbe comedienne, who plays 
the part of Maggie McGurk, the comedy 
"sales lady," in Joe Weber's "Twiddle Twad- 
dle," kept a friend of hers very much on-the- 
anxlous-seat at a performance during the 
early part of the season. 

This clever comedienne, who could do much 
more In ber own particular line If ahe had 
It to do, numbers among her friends a little 
lady whose thoughts are chiefly centred on 
pretty things to wear. Bearing that Mies 
Montford had returned from a European 
trip shortly before the beginning of the sea- 
son, and had for a time been sojourning in 
Parle, the dressy little woman, full of desire 
to behold the lovely gowns she felt sure the 
actress bad brought over, rushed to call 
upon her. 

On requesting to view the wonderful con- 
fections, Miss Montford laughingly put her 
off, saying that abe should behold them If 
she went to tbe theatre that night. Miss 
Montford's first scene discloses her aa Mag- 
gie McOurk, behind tbe counter of a pleasure 
resort, where soda water, shells and post 
cards formed tbe attraction. Maggie's cos- 
tume proved to be anything but Parisian, 
and was, In fact, that wblch a tough, gum- 
chewing, Coney Island character might wear. 

Though a trifle disappointed, her friend 
In the audience, not realising that the joke 
was on' her, concluded that tho-actreas would 
In some other scene appear In beauteous ap- 

parel, watched anxiously all through the per- 
formance, only to be disappointed la the end, 
at the same time reallalng that she bad been 
a victim of a little pleasantry on the part of 
Miss Montford. 

* " 

Lew Dockstader relate* an incident that a 
passenger agent acquaintance of his told him 
concerning an amusing business arrangement 
that a colored man wlahed to make with the 
railroad be represented. 

The uncle of the colored individual had 
died, and bis numerous relatives along the 
line between Chicago and Toledo were 
anxious to view the remains of their fa- 

not possess, on the subject The countryman 
spoke of a company visiting the place during 
the previous week. 

Lercb, thinking to draw him out further, 
said In an off hand way:- " 

"And how many burletta* did they haver 

"Well," said the young man, looking wise, 
"they had sixteen or seventeen, and all of 
'em good lookers, too." 

"Indeed 1" said Beck, following up the re- 
ply with another question, "what sort of an 
olio did they haver' 

"Olio I well, she was tbe lalla-pasoosa of 
the whole bunch I" was the ecstatic reply. 
"Jea the very han'someat girl I ever saw 1" 


On April 14 lflM, M£jMjm Jff, 

President Lincoln was aesssslnated by John 

WUkes Booth, In Ford's Theatre, Waabing- 

_ D. C. Tbe accompanying programme giv*« 

cast of "Onr American Cousin," ss play 

night before s crowded boose. Wl 

.*z.i. al. u _w A nipt In rn 

ton, ~. 
tbe cast 
tbat ' 

vorite dear-departed. As the sum total for 
railroad fare for all of them would amount 
to considerable, the nephew, with economical 
forethought, sought the passenger sgent with 
tbe following proposition, which, of course, 
was rejected, greatly to the disappointment 
of the applicant 

His plan was to get a round trip ticket 
for the corpse and lend It out slong the line, 
previously writing to all the relatives to be 
on hand at the depots of the various stop* 
ping places to "see uncle." 

Barry Gray, whose clever songs, sketches 
and monologues are always In demand among 
people of tbe vaudeville stage, tell* . of a 
painful Interruption to a quiet scene, taking 
place a few seasons ago, while be was star* 
ring jointly with the Kennedy Sisters, In 
"Casey's Troubles." 

The "Opry Hall," over the principal store 

The above Is a picture of Helen Hall, who 
will piny one of the principal parts In 
Charles Gramlich's new musical comedy, 
"Moonland," next season, 

of tbe small place, was crowded with about 
two hundred people, three-fourths of the 
whole population. There waa one quiet scene 
of the play which was an Important con* 
trust, calculated to emphasise tbe comedy. 
At this point a door at the end of the hall 
opened, and a bewhlskered face appeared, 
while from It letued a high, squeaky voice, 
calling out: 
"Brown I Brown, yer store's open!" 


John B. Lerch, of Lerch and Beck's Com- 
edy Four, tells how he added to his theatrical 
knowledge through the kind explanations of 
a would-be- wise young countryman, who sat 
next to him at dinner in a country hotel 
dining room one day. 

Lerch and Beck were discussing their pro- 
fession, ualng considerable theatrical ver- 
nacular during the conversation. From tlmo 
to time the young man chipped In a few 
remarks, ostentatiously^ trying to display 
what knowledge he possessed, or rather did 

Oklahoma City. — At the Overholser {Ed. 
Ovorholser, manager) Blayton Jubilee Co., 
March .11, closed the Lyceum course for the 
season, and had good business. The Breckin- 
ridge Stock Co. opened for week of April L 
with "A l'rince of His Race," to good busi- 

4 ■ I 


Unrtiutrton At the Strong Theatre 

(Cahn & Grant, managers) Clara Turner Co., 
week of April 2. pleased, to fair business. 
"Peek's Bad Boy'' 11, Geo. Sidney 14, "The 
Duke of Kllllcrankle" 16, 


to.[ mine oeiore a ^V". .." rr'i- .v-T 
few election, tboee who took part In M 
memorable performance are dean. Jonnts. 
Bncklnjlum, toe doorkeeper of Ford. Tne- 
alre on that nlgbt, I. .till living. Ho la In 
hi. .eventynlnth year and well deaerre. Ino 
title of "yettran'' doorkeeper. He Is Dale 
and hearty, and foil of data regarding tbe 
"old timers." 

cupper cAtvroom. 


On our cartoon pan tila week an . 
onr artJat. EfMSBta Tof the £«$?", era frotn^'MexicaM," and . SKP" 
of Keith's entertainer, on tat week" T'Sf 
gramme. Including Emma Franc!. .V,, v 
Iranian wtlrhriSU £1 ton?? *" 

ginj. Brooks Brother.. Creny ano h» ' 
jgffS Violet *V«Sfe«f3S$ 


Tbe above picture represents the Dollar Troupe aa It Is at present, with the additional 
members that have recently been Imported from Europe. Their work now has reached the 
acme of perfection, and their new act for season of 1906-1907 (which baa been construct- 
ed regardless of time and expense), will be a feature in pantomime, comedy and acrobatic 
work. At present the troupe is playing the leading vaudeville theatres In tbe East 


Frederick Freeman Proctor was born In 
Deiter, Me., a little over fifty years ago. 
His professional career as a manager began 
thirty years ago, in Albany, where he ac- 
quired possession of a small theatre. He had 
his ups and downs, as most young managers 
have, but finally success perched upon bla 
standard, and be bought the Leland Opera 
Bouse, In Albany, which he now owns and 
runs under tbe name of Proctor's Albanv 
Theatre. He waa the originator of the 
popular priced house, and at the time con- 
trolled twenty-one theatres. 

Deeming it best, however, to centralize 
his Interests, be gradually disposed of these, 
came to New York twenty-five years ago, and 
built the Twenty-third Street Theatre on bis 
own personal plana It was here tbat Mr. 
Proctor gave to Charles Frobman tbe first 
home for that manoger'B etock company. Tbe 
Twenty-third Street Theatre' first opened 
with Nell Burgess, In his famous play, "The 
County Fair." Many of the early Frobman 
successes were produced at that bouse. 
Messrs. Klaw A Erlanger made their first 
New York production nere. It was "Tho 
Great Metropolis," by Ben Teal and George 

Four or five years later, realising that 
there was more art than profit In the policy 
be was following, Mr. Proctor turned his 
theatre Into a vaudeville house, and gave 
the first continuous performance in 1S1)J, 
Later experience taught him that instead of 
filling In the time from five o'clock in the 
afternoon to eight o'clock In the evening 
with light wasted acts, It was better to have 
two shows- a ■ day and give ten all-star feat- 
ures, rather ' than twenty features In all. 
with eight Inferior attractions. Thia policy 
has become wonderfully popular. 

Proctor's Fifty-eighth Street Theatre was 
built to Mr. Proctor's order In 1690, after 
his own plans, and he has since purchased 
tbe bouse. Later be changed tbe' policy of 
this honse by replacing stock'' melodrama 
with all-star vaudeville. Four years ago Mr. 
Proctor took a long term of lease from tbe 
GUaoy estate on the Fifth Avenue Theatre, 
reopening 1: as a vaudeville bouse, and then 
changing, to the demands of tbe public, to 
the first all-star company la New York. 
Itemizing that the time was ripe for a re- 
vival of the Lyceum and Empire, Augustln 
Daly and Lester Wallack Idea of all-star 
stock companies, be decided to present In 
this histrionic playhouse an organisation ot 
famous players. 

The Harlem Theatre, in East One Hun- 
dred and Twenty-fifth Street, la the newest 
of Mr. Proctor's New York City houses. He 
first leased this house, and then bought It 
from McCreery, opening It as a vaudeville 
theatre, and later putting In the moBt popu- 
lar company of stock players in upper Man- 

Several years ago Mr. Proctor had bull! 
to his order, in Newark, one of the hand- 
somest theatres In existence. . He has a 
tweniy-one years* lease on It, and he has 
Just completed his list of seven' theatres by 
taking over the magnificent Grlswold Opera 
House, In Troy. Mr. Proctor has a Bplendid 
town house In West Thirty-fourth Street, 
and a country residence at Larchmont Manor. 
Ho has one son, F. V. Proctor Jr., who takea 
an active Interest In his father's affairs. 

♦■ » 



nan rruar, *aor» a 




Arrangement, are being perfected a. . 
Grand Vandeyllle Benefit, In aid .r .hi 
^^ Actor.' Fond of America, at the ., 
-JTS Mnslc. on Sunday, April 29. Bentofim.ii 
'**" effort, to .Id ttUchaiWle iqSSgflE 
met jrlth a heartj responre from Dramitie 

Friday Ereaktf, April 14th, IMS 







__y_l.,..l. 1 . 1 I I I ' I "1 ~ '| I "I ' I I ' ~* 


noraez TRESCHABD ... 
AM XOfMtt, CM « Sim* . - . 

.kiss una roar 


< HvryEivi 



— m | . TT T i nl ii H il ll iiBi . 

Tgg ggjWUjjgj 

bat* ■**•, 1 art IT, >» .. f » TOP* i KTJ K 1 * *!**»<.*, 


ws tw ttT» mmmi 

the phices or ADKzsjsiiorri 

iDnHSnite ssid Vsnrimisl V.'.V."7 '. " **"» 

VamOrOtnH-i— ...,.....- 5 

p-ITWBoiii... .*. -.. . .. MfceillQ 


Copyright, 1890, by J, E. Buckingham Jr. 

Artists and Managers, and while It mTSS 
that many specialty artists bare asslatsd 
the vaudeville people, as a body, have nof 
given that hearty and unanimous Bunnort 
which so worthy an object should receii- 
This is probably because many labor under 
tbe Impression that the charities and benefit! 
of the Actors' Fund do not reach out to E 
Vaudeville Artist, but this Is a grave error 
tbe organisation, so far as Its limited meant 
permit, extends a helping hand to all worthT 
cases of distress amongst performers in ill 
branches of the profession. 

This benefit Is being arranged by Daniel 
Froaman and Tony Pastor, sod In such able 
bands it Is safe to predict for It a grand 
success. But they need your support! Now 
is tbe rime for the Vaadertlle Artists to come 
forward as a unit and tender their aerricei 
and patronage, and thus enable the managers 
to present the greatest bill of attractions 
ever offered on any stage. In doing thi- 
ther will not only hare the satisfaction of 
contributing to a noble charity, bnt they 
will have tne happy consciousness of a dutj 
well performed. The well known generosltr 
of the Vaudeville Artist Is a sufficient as- 
surance that It Is only necessary to Issue the 
"CALL," and he will respond. 
«j. » 

LonlsTilie — At Macauley's (John T. Ma- 
canley, manager) the house was occupied 
with local attractions April 2-6. Henrietta 
Cresman came 6. 7, presenting "Mary, Mary, 

Suite Contrary, to good business. Alice 
ellson 9, Lain Glaser 10, 11, Savage's Eng- 
lish Grand Opera Co. 12-14. * 
Masonic theatbbj (Chas, A. Shaw, tnani- 
ger). — The Holden Stock Co. inaugurated & 

firellmlnary season 2, presenting "The Char- 
ty Ball," to good attendance. Eva Taylor 
and Lawrence Orattan, in the leading roles, 
gave a good interpretation of tbelr respective 
characters. Jane Hampton, the Ingenue, and 
Richardson Cotton, In the heavy part, did 
some artistic acting. For week of B, "Tbe 
Holy City." 

Atxnui (Chas. A. Shaw, manager).— 
"Gay New York," week of 1, attracted big 
business at every performance. For week of 
8, "The Burglar s Daughter." 

Buckinglux (Whallen Bros, managers). 
— Miner's American", week of 1, proved a 
pleasing and entertaining attraction to the 

£atrons of this bouse. For week of 6, the 
terry Burlesquers. 

Hopkins' Theatbb (Wm. Relcbman, man- 
ager). — Mellvllle and Stetson headed the bill 
last week, and scored heavily. The rest ot 
the programme was excellent Bill for week 
of 8 : Franceses Bedding and company, 
Steely, Doty and Coe, Hacker-Lester Trio, 
Frances Folsom, Bounding Gordons, Merritt 
and Rozella, John and Bertha Gleasoo, Fred 
Houlihan, and the klnodrome. 

Note. — Edward Miner, owner of the bur- 
lesque show. Miner's Americans, playing at 
the Buckingham Theatre, week of l, visited 
the city 2, and after the performance 
tendered the company a banquet at the Old 
Inn, where they all aid Justice to an elabor- 
ate menu. B. Kendrick, manager, offered 
mutual felicitations on behalf of the coo 
pany, and Mr. Miner responded heartily. 
■ ■ *> 

Owemboro. — At the Grand (Pedley A 
Burch, managers) Adelaide Thurston, In 
"The Triumph of Betty," March 31, de- 
lighted a big house. ''Before and After" 
April 8. 

None. — Manager J, G. Burch, of the Grand, 
has returned after an Inspection of his the- 
atrical Interests In Bvansvllle, Ind. ; Belle- 
ville, III. ; East St Louis and Memphis. 

Pndneah. — At the Kentucky (Thcs. W. 
Roberts, manager) "Before and After," April 
2, played to a packed house. Adelaide Thurs- 
ton, 3, had good business. Jas. O'Nell D, 
Henrietta Crosman 10. 

!■* pasea ot THE) CLIFF En will he 
In-ur-led sat these prlcesi 

S 1 usr I e C ol uci a J| 7.00 

_ Doable Column , ■ 15.00 

The resting place of the remains of Harry Lockhart, who died Jan. SI, 1005, In the c it; 
of Meiico^Tbe cross at tbe_attreme. rjrht- «t tbe fifeon marie-tio jillH W nwflUT 


&? \h 3i ^ I 

G*ssvAJ>*yi*-"£MBJ/fin'sv»*>r*>»*»X «*•* '^thol^AiUnCmp^y^ 'Everybody -path* wl 

? fl grouping ttom KeitQe galaxy of eriterli\ner>s>* 

NrJ&riy Gil foil- 'A &y old «port ' 



Apbil 14 

Flmt Vem. 

Little tow-head tumbled In bed. 
Two dirty bands went wltb blm. 

2. — Dirty with play, dirty all day. 
Mother too cross to forgive him 

8. — Angry Is she, sobbing Is he — 
See how bis great big tears fall ; 

4. — 'Till be drops off to sleep, and bis little mind 
Far away from the cause of It all. 

Flrat Chorai. 
Ten dirty little angers, 
On two dirty little bends; 

10. — What would she do without them? 
A mother understands. 

1S._ Ten dirty little fingers, 

That have broken all commands. 


And your heart can't escape the Touch of Sentiment conveyed In the 
Cute and Delicious Song, 

"Two Dirty Little Hands" 


With an EDWARD8 melody that has every other EDWARDS melody beat 
that has thus far flowed from that Successful EDWARD8 Pen. 

We reproduce eaoh Individual slide to prove our claim that they are the Greatest ever turned out 
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Who made them. Owing to the great JammM tor thet* Slides we request all UluatrfitedTSong Acta 

to send la their order* 

PRICE $5.00 (One Half of the Producing Cost). 

IT.— Blew bis little heart and soul, 
And dirty little hands. 

18.— Chorus Slide. 




Just to Remind Ton We Publl.h the Haw Famous EDWARDS Walls Song, 


Lyric by WILL D. COBB. 
Anrl the Reigning EDWARDS Starch Song, 


Lyric by WILL D. COBB. 
And the Dellclously Dainty EDWARDS Melody, 


Lyric by LKO WOOD, 
And the Great, High Class EDWARDS Melody, 


Lyric by LKO WOOD. 
And the Prettiest Little EDWARDS Whistling Melody Since "Annie Kooney," 


Lyric by WILL D. COBB. 
And that Irresletable EDWARDS Indian Melody, 

"POCAHONTAS" (Tammany's Sister and Better than Her Brother) 

Lyric by V1NCES T BRY AH. Wltb Many Extra Verses. 
And the Great Rustic Balled Melody, 


Lyric by LEO WOOD. 
Brothers LEO, BBS and GIB EDWARDS, LEO WOOD and FCLIX 1R.VDT always at your service. Don't 
overlook us while la town. When writing send Late Programmes, SO CARDS, to the 




112 BROADWAY (Next Door to Rector's), NEW YORK. 


Second Chorna 

Tea dirty little lingers, 
On two dirty little hands ; 

in — Then a mother, Dear bllDd 
wakes to And 

Entwined 'round her neck, 

through her tears, 
snug and tight. 

12.— Your poor little soul Is Btlll white." 

11. — Crlet "Welcome, come In ; though your andi 
are begrlmmed, 

lTr^— Knocking be Btands, with his two dirty hand*, 
When an angel, without hesltatlcg, 

6.— Ten dirty little flngari 
Tba! baft broke, ail co 

T. — What would she do without tnem? 

A mother underttandt. 

8.— Bleai hfi little heart and soul, 
And dirty little !)<|nday_ .. 

Second Verse. 

Dreaming that night, robed all In *. 
AtbeaTeVi gate the feet blm waiting. 




What Is it that you aspire to in life ? 

Healtb la the first consideration. Rubber heels 
procure more health to the square Inch than any- 
thing In evidence. That's a fact I — my teacher 
t- >Id me so, and he told me to teach it to my friends. 

1 dislike to admit that rubber heels are a benefit, 
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honest with yourself, — rubber ou your beels is the 
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I Preserve your Complexion 

1 Madams Royalh's Cold 
1 CaBAMjpreparedcipecIilijrnr 
1 the theatrical srofcwloa. Is a 
1 most nimble acqoliitlon for , 

a require it t je m ike-ap. 
1 A imtU qninrJir robbed into 
[ tkciklD before applying grew j 

fulattof coined ci, wiit ihto- J 
ately prtrcst say pwiible | 
1 l-Jury to the tkln from tfceir 1 
* dm. Will not ca te growth of | 
1 Stir. Giaruteed to keep 
r lodetaltely. »*-Uc.w!-b a 

1 delicate, MDthrrc •_ -ho bare suffered from the ' 
I irritation cawed by tone paints and powders, will I 
I feadlly appreciate Ue raerlta of thla p reparation. ' 
1 For the rinoaal of make-up .t is 

Full half-pound package, prepaid. 60c. A 
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• Pftrdridge & lilac k well, 

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phmuJia, w)c»,, coataaiM. aeaaarr. 1 
& *** Wfrtui In our aav eatsloc, orae 
IMpsfsa, mtstratsti not en r^.t-t, po.ip*id. 


THREE cocktails— one good and two bad 
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gain Hit free on request. 

Under tbe Cents. 

Notm nov mi Pawitm Bitx Snow— 
»» ■f ltllli ssfsaji Pawnee Bill Snow this 
Benson will be in the hands of those who 
have been tried, and not found wanting. It 
la ruiiy organized, and the popularity of the 
wow is attested by the fact that applica- 
tions are still pouring In. John E. Boyle 
will have the first car. with Dick Derringer 
U bosi bill poster, and twenty men. Joseph 
H^2""j will u«« the aecoDd car. with 
UUhurt Winn boss bill poster, and twenty 
men. William A. Wallace will have ono or> 
P° 8ttIoa brigade, and Harry Snyder the 
other. Robert Clements is prospector and 
contracting agent, and L. F. NlckademuB 
special agent. K. O. Caesman Is doing 
"m £. ? wotI ' and EoM SUpletofi 
will direct tbe route riders and check- 
ers up. Every sheet of paper, from 
the mammoth 48-sheets to the tt-sneets 
throughout will be of a new design. Six 
new lithographed heralds will be used, and 
there ore eight styles of specially designed 
banners. Tbe opposition brigades are already 
in the field, the early routing of the Bhow is 
completed, and contracts made. Of such mag- 
nitude Is This show now, and possessed of 
such drawing power, that no opposition 1b 
btrong enough to make It change Its itinerary 
when once decided on. The show has spread 
out beyond all former proportions; In fact, 
to euch an extent as to be In the class with 
the very largest shows. While attaining 
magnitude, merit bos kept a pace with Its 
growth. Major Litlle has many new. strange 
and Interesting features this year, which will 
prove a refreshing departure to what people 
have f been accustomed to seeing with tented 
exhibitions. While not partaking In the 
least of the circus, many startling riding 
actB. menage acta and eqaine educational 
features will be introduced. The ethnological 
department has been considerably strength- 
ened and. In fact it can be truthfully said 
lhat It la one of the largest congresses of na- 
tions ever assembled. Major Lillle has given 
tbe organization of the show this season his 
undivided attention, and the result Is most 
T m^S 8 "* ,rhe Bhovr ^11 °P« 'n Canton. 
April 28. going directly East, taking In' all 
of the larger cities throughout the New Eng- 
land States. 

Ed. Moktaooi writes from the City of 
Mexico, as follows: "Orrln Bros.' Circus 
closes the present season on March 25, re- 
ma ns closed three weeks (one of which Is 
Holy Week), reopening on April 10 with a 
brand new company. Bent from New York by 
Fred A. Hodgson, the manager. My original 
contract of ten weeks was extended to twenty 
weeks by Mr. Hodgson, on account of the 
continued great success and the appreciation 
of the Mexican public, who never Beem to tire 
witnessing the performance of my birds. 1 
am more than gratified with my success, and 
have enjoyed every moment of my visit, both 
In lucatan and Mexico. The Orrln Bros.' 
Show Is run on the same style as the first 
class circuses are in Europe, with a line up 
oi performers at the ring door, in uniform. 
The Gran Clrco Orria here in Mexico City 
Is really an opera house, and consists of a 
circus ring In the centre, and a fully equipped 
stage at one side. The performance alternates 
with the acts in the ring and tbe acts on the 
stage. When we opened here last January, a 

fxand line up of ninety-two people marched 
nto the ring, all costumed for their different 
acre, and after bowing their acknowledgments 
to the audience, retired to great applause. At 
that time the Clrco Orrln could put on four 
different shows — with en entire change of 
acts — consequently, every act, however Im- 
portant, has a rest of two or more days. 
The Mexican public Is very enthusiastic for 
everything novel and good, Irrespective of 
nationality, and always greet their favorites 
with a reception. The theatre season here 
has been disastrous. Since the Orrln season 
opened, nothing short of a Sarah Bernhardt 
would have a chance while the circus Is open. 
This Is s grand country, and Is destined In 
the near future to be second only to tbe 
United States. Here In Mexico City, a new 
post office la nearly finished, which In slse 
and equipment Is equal to any I have Been, 
and a grand opera house Is being built which 
will cost over four million dollars. Tbe city 
has every modern improvement, except ho- 
tels, the present ones being unable to half 
accommodate the rush of tourist travel. The 
weather Is delightful and balmy now. We 
bad exceptionally cold weather the first 
week In February, which didn't last One 
of the permanent features for years 
past st Clrco Orrln has been the famous 
clown, Rlcardo Bell, the Idol of the Mexican 
public. Renowned performers from sit parts 
of the world come and go. but Dick Bell (as 
he Is affectionately called) remains the pop- 
alar favorite, ana Is always received with 
storms of npplauae, His rapid fire stuccato 
talk and wit, always springing something 
new ; bis wonderful facial expression ana 
by-plsy, without words, and pantomimic 
action stamps an Individuality all his own, 
not only as a clown but as a comedian, whom 
I can only compare with the late Geo. L. 
Fox. Bell Is a member of all the principal 
clubs In Mexico City, and with bis charming 
family resides In his own palatial home, own- 
ing his stable of horses, carrlsges and auto- 
mobiles. I have enjoyed the hospitality of 
bis family many times. I leave here, to- 
gether with my property man. birds and 
paraphernalia, sailing from Vera Crux March 
29, for New York." 

The 1906 advertising contingent of 
Sou Brothers' World's Progressive Railroad 
Shows (fifteenth year, and third year on 
rail) consists of the following: Pete Sun, 
general agent ; C. S. Clarke, local contractor. 
Advsnco car No. 1 : R. C. Woods, car mana- 

Sr: Jack Bledaers, special agent; Bert 
oore, boss bill poster: Fred Bowers, boss 
country Mil poster; F. D. Oppenhelmer, 
lithographer; Michael Noonan, banner man, 
and the following bill posters: Fred Riley, 
Earl Scott, C. B. Llnvllle, Simpson Snipe, 
II. M. Munson, Mr. Patterson. Won. Maxton, 
J. J Hank, Thos Wilson, John Betz, Add 
Tolson, and Jas. Hill. The advertising car 
(a slxtv feet In length, and la entirely new 
throughout, with all modem conveniences and 
appliances, and Is conceded by all railroad 
men that hive inspected it to be one of the 
best constructed and most ornate advance 
cars ever Been en tour. 

Thb opposition BBANcn of the Pawnee 
Bill Show Is In Pittsburg. The banners they 
are using this season are attracting consid- 
erable attention and much favorable com- 
ment. Tawnee BUI has received word from 
the Commissioner of Indian Affairs that 
permission has been granted Roan Chief, of 
the Pawnees, to travel with his exhibition 
during the coming season. Roan Chief Is ad- 
mitted to be one of the finest specimens of 
the true Indian alive. It will be the final 
leave of absence granted thla famous chief. 

and It has been granted In this Instance for 

seven months. The Glllman Brothers, knows 
throughout Colorado as the "giant cowboys," 
will be with the Pawnee Bill Shows this 
tear They are both over six feet tall, and 
It Is claimed their riding and roping la un- 

Geoiqi H. Wtuann, German knockaboct 
comedian and clown, will travel with Goll- 
mar Bros.' Shows, making his second season 
with that show. 

M. It. Williams, general agent ; G. Wil- 
liams, advertising agent ; Hugh Coyle, press 
agent, and WalHe Wilson, treasurer, have 
signed with Msckay's European Circus. Tbe 
annex and privileges have been leased to 
Richard Loufs, of ueneva. O. ■ 

Tablton and Tarlton, who recently fin- 
ished a successful engagement over the 
Novelty circuit, In w.orado, wilt play the 
Bijou Theatre. Galesburg, III., and Kokorao. 
Ind., and then Join the Great Wallace Shows 
at Peru, Ind., April 28, for the season. 

Ww. H., formerly advertising agent 
of Crawford's Theatre. Leavenworth. Kan., 
and later changed to tbe People's Theatre, 
at Kansas City. Kan., In the same capacity, 
expects to leave soon for Baraboo, Wis., to 
Join Gollmsr Bros.' Circus, to manage their 
advance car, No. 1. 



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And AU OUjer. 
Stll t« CAT1UK. ■■:.. Uil »u!r( 

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Western Uniform Go. 

214 8. CURK »T. CHICAGO 


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Hamuicrstelu*! Victoria, last week. 


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Peanut and Popcorn Seller. 

Catalog sbow'um 18.60 to 

W{o.o(j. On aaas aaaam 


108 E. P.lflSt.. Clnclnmt! 



April 14. 

Thousands of Letters have boon Pouring into the Office of CHAS. K. HARRIS 

Prom the Singing Profession throughout the United States, requesting him to write another "AFTER THE BALL." Of course, it is easy enough to ask for it, but another thing to 
write one. MR. HARRIS has departed from his rule, which has been strictly adhered to, and that is never to follow on the lines of any song he has written that has been a "hit;" bat, in 
this instance, as will be observed, although it is another "Ball" Song it is an entirely different story, and is Bet to a Beautiful, Haunting and Dreamy Walts Melody that will compare equally 
with any song he has ever written, including his Famous "APTEH THE BALL," and he respectfully submits this, his Latest Song, 


To his legion of Singing Friends, both Words and Musio complete, in this issue for their approval, and asks thenTto kindly read the story^ovjr carefully, play over the music and they wil 
then have to acknowledge that it is surely another of the old time HAWRTB Waltz Ballad Successes. 

Regarding the slides for 
this song, for the past six 
months photographers have 
been working upon', a set 
for this song under the per- 
sonal supervision of Mr. 
Harris, and the finest col- 
ored slides ever known to 
slide manufacturers or in 
the history of slide-making 
have been turned out. Each 
and every slide a work of 
art, the subjects from life, 
and not a "gallery slide" in 
the entire set, and Mr. Harris 
takes pleasure in saying that 
they surpass his famous "I'm 
Wearing My Heart Away 
For You," "I'm Trying So 
Hard to Forget You," and 
"Always in the Way" slides, 
if such a thing is possible. 
Although this set of slides 
cost $1,500 to pose, the same 
price will prevail. Five Dol- 
lars ($5.00) per set to profes- 
sionals only. The regular 
price, $21.00. Remember 
this song will make you fa- 
mous in one night, so do not 
wait until you hear some 
one else sing it first, but be 
the first yourself, and, with 
or without slides, you will 
find you are going^to sing 
a genuine song hit, with a 
real true heart story and a 
oatohy waltz air. Onoe heard 
will never be forgotten, and 
will soon be sung, hummed 
and whistled on the streets 
of New York and through- 
out the citios of the world 
within the next six months. 

This page answers for a 
professional oopy, and this 
ad. will only appear once. If 
you desire to learn the song 
and are playing the City of 
Now York, call up to the 
Harris Offices, where the best 
pianists in New York City 
will teach you this song, and 
our staff of arrangers will 
make you an orchestration 
to fit your voioe, in any key, 
while you wait. Do not write 
to the Branch Agencies for 
professional copies. If you 
play Chicago, call up to the 
Chicago office, and the same 
attention will be given you 
as at the New York office. 

Address all communica- 
tions to the executive offlco : 


Words £ Music by CHA3. K. HARRIS. 

nev ■ er bear me laugh, 
sweetheart was di - vine,.. 

You ask me why my tears they fall, up - on her pho - to '. graph, . 
And as I kissed her dear sweet lips, she prom - ised to be mine, . . 



j j i r Th^ir J tf— tif^^r^^ Mr tie 


was the belle of ev - 'ry ball, All beau - ty and all grace, . 
then she danced with broth - er Med, Her eyes with love a - light, ■ . 

Would you be-lievc she could de-ceive, With 
I heard her say, "1 love you best," Which 

such an an ■ gel face? 
broke my heart that night, 


of the ball She was sweet - - er than all With a 

face so fair and nut - brown hair, The queen of them all, 

Hearts they did ache,. 

Copyright, mcmvi, by Chas. K. Harris. British Rights Secured. 

■»N««,ll«i•I|f.-,l*'«** w,Bl ■• ,, '' 

CHICAGO OFFICE: Grand Opera House Bldg. 


3i >»V»»* 31st Street, NEW YORK, 

IM. Y. 

* ': 

A03L 14. 

^JOsHEslli' * Man is Down?*™ 
lull uuw -nimmir- cornier 'son*,- •*I > rwr 01 
_ SHV: 'W.'Ue-t with n political ditir. "Q. t 

Tmz 3«#W ifOBlt dt^MSfe. 


■ J*e«CAl^$ttT3 OF I WMWM ■ 

SKfcffltonl-vith^'J wett ^ Willr-rd Louis 

SI" and rrWBstf Sink* the Sun -so neatly. "' 
4W rarchv -vny "nmllp on Me" is bairn* 
Minn Itf llpha Dahl, i.Undy.i Initio nnri'/Wm. 
Hawkins, " never 'Mlla In brjrig the -deslri-d 
-.Mile- to the fllce* of their audiences. "Btnr 
of 1 Mi Life" gives evidence of even surpass- 
ing itself In popularity, If that were pos- 
sible. Gertrude Vernor says It makes tho 

blttwA hit !ffl««&™^*»^ S»I ft3 »«>«.«niiiB to uaiiiomin, -w«pa jot. 
true with Aucc Lvenrtson, and L.eslett nnd wb ra hnsnlwmivtwriiri V.oonn clini 

m& a^^ 1 i l »i!!s?! , K" SSt.Ml'fhSlS'Tt will ™T?h?5! 


UL»4mR97 ,Ro «W arrflnsea with 
Pfiiffl I3J*f» iPtthors-of. "Sympathy.- 
» publish their reegs «t?luwoW.-, Their 

Jieil 1 * ~S 1Cn ~ U1 ** '"■ iPSltlnsat* MU»r:ft£ to, is a Tnotte 1 -ccon 1 - 3T9B?, ectltirj 
'iooiI .*dyt.-,\" v.r. Rrmlci; haa returned -o 
IVirniL. ■ 

Ciia*. K. Karcid* nptcs.— With Iho m'anv 
change* taking place la the music 'piihllsblng 
business, J'rntoMveeL to week; the f Lmsc of 
* tins. h. Harris stand* In a line hy irtsr*ir. 
First among Lis publications |« nne big hit 
ffopijMalne to California, "Would Sou Care." 
"""i triples, and 
he millionth 

rid Gerard, "as added to her repertory ,tho 
following high elnpM songs : '^Resignation,'' 
"U Vhit Only Knew" and "I f.ove> You For- 
ever and Aye." Don rteano Is Introducing 
"Ifljun finl ' and ".Nnla," two. of iho <k» 
Hftedly popular snnga of the Reason. "Co- 
lon** ii' nnd "Will Ym\V Anna Taylor h 
singing with fftolt to herself nod with 
plenauro ro her audiences. Many of tbe 

ttjinfta,.the ones Lhnt are la big demand .are : 
,M«tbor, Mother, Mother, Pfit Wmmk on 
KSlL "-Insr One Word of CohsolnthTn, 1 ' 
■.*' "Won't Yon 

udlnc ulr. mmt n'ter a"n absence of ftcveu weeks In Ii hospkitli 

bar •lASib en- wh .t w his hca,ln •»■ stored. n , 

unr i-amn, en- IffhiH »\it Rnorn nv»- tt -tih ranMMN 

tta idSJTe and mittlld I 

■ m « ll lit .■>! ! ■ .. | I il*i M I li ■> » *>■*] fcM*. Il n .t. 

'S4Hvn : ''A:W"}%iu» > tecsrt- tW(t'*theJ'' art 
d^inK nicely, raw new act IS a success ado, 
a nufelty In a alnglo net. 

V'Aitvtn *ap l'uw.Aja* -^rito that th*y art 
rorkinfe oa ti:o U;lth circalt, belnj: In their 
r.lxth wprt; on that rlrculT, and are mpelln? 
with MUVMA. 

JlARMrA - flERAJUl ban ncorrd lh« MMNsf of 
his career Hie prenent sea.-»oii, na cneh ot 
htn muslcm conu'dlcH Itns proven (nieecsorul. 
Mr. (lerard has stitged most df his «rorl(s. 
and Iiqr proved h'ntself nn ahlc producer, 
as well as author. After sttece»sfnlt.v launch- 
inn alt his -productions, Mr. Uertml took 
charpe of Tom Mlner'K Uoheralnn Ihtrlesquers, 
ncllncat mnnngcr. Mr. Miner and Mr, Uer- 
nrd personally stMfCd ibe show, and overy- 
BfcSN the llhhenibins have heen pralMPd for 
the eompcti!iit mtapfng, Mr. Oemrd htw hoen 
comutlsiiloned to wtlic severnl muslnil come- 
dies for ne.Tt .senHon, and la oiicn. fur a few 

L'ni-ri.'i Gail, of Shields and Gnll, one of 

tho vtnidevllle fmurtM of ilie Jtosabelft4*e3lla 

opened nt WIlllnDisporc. Fa,, April '2, 

* i ■ * '!»'! ICll H" 

nir^t popular tinners have n trlo^of aonu 
nfrtonjr I heir selrrtloos which are favorite* 
with th#Hi ns>well as wit H the people LBev 

sflecesses I include "Why Don't :Ynn Qtdi. 
Oiilt Qifit,*' "Take Me lo Your Umrt Ajn.^ 
and "I Could Leafn lo fonf n Soldier." Tho 
Irish comedian*, SliPehnn nnrt Irish, nre sfnj;. 
injt "On tho Rocky Road to- Dublin" and 
•Nothtnjr Lffct that In Our Family." One of 

thft WhflH (hat ht-n come rapldlv Into prt.mi- Flnfflnpf the ehorus. Cooper and Hnwley re- 

nehre"jB-'"T*ke'Mft to Tour* tftart Again."' pott jprogreM with "Drenmlnifi Cove.of *nn," 

Alice' Jennlnps hns fonnd it on* of her pro- and "The I"-*- - - • 


Alice - _ 

nounced Bueeesses of the season 

■ . sre the two best" ones thejr have auna la 
tlon Of;tKejnOst brilliant MBf} from 1 M., yearsi; "Mother's Got the .Habit Now/' a 

new sonjj.'hy Arthur Gillespie, Is helbc feat 

Wltninrlt & Ronn ate suog by Mabel Beck! 
Jtsrah ilnrron, Madge. Gray,. Henry. Xtnel 
Fxllth ftlalr, .Serenade Quartette, Wm. II. 
Noin, SMney Algler, Bobby Alnrhum nnd-L. 

c: Hoffer.- ■• *- '•; ;• , ! • j 

■From Ko. Uoojrrs. — Viola Van Orlder li 
mflklne a Wg hit with "It's 1'p to^-'Xou to 
MoVe." .lennette Dupre, the comedienne, has 
added to her repertory "Daisy Dooley. ' 
I'mmn Cam a, the well known female baritone, 
was the first to Introduce ot the Nnv York 
Theatre "Daisy Dooley," and Its success was 
not heyond her expectations for ercryone In 
the lioiiRB was humming aod whistling the 
cfttcby melody. Flortle Hill, soubrotte, is 
RlbgliiB with' groat sncceHs, ''lloneyi^'on't 
l5in Love Me Like Yon Used To'. 1 " nls.i 
"Where the Stiwtineo River Winds It'a'Sllv'rr naf.„.... 
Way," nnd Informs 'lis- ahe'lH>mnkiii^ gooti u T)n' Vallo TheatrV 
with both of them. • Salmon ,'nnil Cltentep 
write: "Ik Is very ensy to make a hit with 
yMr comptalt Ions, ns.your words nnd melody 
stilt the rjublio 'Jnsio.. ■ilflhey,' Won't Ypii 
l^>ye Me JSlke, Ton Used To?' is one of the 
features of our net, arullt Is a cra^tet Jack," 
Pfpsett and »c"ott, the "Hello, George," hovs, 
Mhgcra. and, dancers, are mnklng .a hlg Ulc 
with By Hbgers* character cflon : sdhg,?'I('s 
lTj>. to you to Move." 'Deeley and Austin, 
the sinter tenm, write from the SHerldah'-i 
City Sports Go. :. t »We ore grateful, to. you 
fop giving us a song for onr net Ilka 'It's 
Dpi to You to Move/ Tlr certainly Is' one of 
thfi best, we hnvo ever used, and .we wlll^con- 
tlhtte to nxa same for quite a while." Allen 
Warren says: "Any time yon linvo boom ns 
good i\(* 'Daisy Dooley,' send, them on, for; I 
hue .to- respond- lo .Tour And flve'ohc'orns 
tUghJly. ,'r-Jt ■ tsrih^beati.evcK" . Tpiin ;n.- 
ilirly.wrltes : "Friend :llogers~You'certnlnlv 
have- a'- facility of ■"writing* good • I rleh songs. 
*P Never Had n Frtenrt Mkc r Mlke' la 6tie 
of the best Irish, ihaqactor Hongs Lhave ever 
used." Lo Roy and Maxwell, relined vocal- 
lutB, enenk' of "Honey, Won't Ynif LOTO Mo 
Like Yon Used To" as being one of the 
cntcbleai (mil prettiest aongn of Its hldtl tbav 
have ever Ttung. Cecil Downey, tho, pellto 
soithrette, Is scoring u big hit with "Irs Up 
to Yoiito Move"* and '-Honey, Won't Yog 
Love Mo Like Yon VwA To;" nnd' Is taking 
IMrPft to folir encores in night with samel 
HiUlft Goodwin, the gcnulno Southern coon 
stiouter, with n pecullnr style of her own. Is 
fttonirtui: MiJ. Rognrs' great, coon flbti^vimj 
Up' Id You to Move," with grent success, i 

From thp. Hoi:hh op Stbkn.— Herbert 
Holcombe, of HolcontliS, ''Eiirtlir nnU -Wehh, 
sendB the following letter to his publisher,^ 
Jos. W. fitern & Co. :'-"! anng '.March o*i l 
nil last week at tho Umpire Theatre, nnd It 
win* eertrilnly a nig hit. Received more np- 
piaiH** than nny number In our act. Ant 
:i!nL'irt^ It this week nt the Howard, Hnston,- 
ii nn will continue to feature It all season. 1 
glvfr it no announcement every show/' Cutrt, 
Iviimmer In rather proud of n crltlrlsm which 
appeared In the columns of a Southern nnwH- 
pnper recently: "Tbnro is a sOng In '8or- 
cAant Hrue," named ■'Dearie,' thai:, like the 
KQOt at. Lexington, Is, ulrendy heard 'round 
the world. ' Inls tbo contnnsltloii of Clare 
Knmmer, nnd It Is dellglitfmly suug by Anun- 
belle Whltford uud a mixed chorus, townnl 
the close of the last net." IMule Hume/ who, 
with six girls, 'constitutes r.n act In vaude 

Tfcn Viht Xvlophokr Vrhxoss sail ApVII 

.-to- iiillHl -ilii'lr euKHgt'iiU'iu,* la--ht.^liHHl 

nnd on the oootlmnt. Tbey lnve played tho 
1'roet.or, otpheutQ and Western circuits, nnd 
enjoyed their trly very much, especially ber.ti- 
tttu California. They olio write nr how 
rr'.ich they namir? American owwatct O^on 
tim? hr.s bOOh OffUtn them £or the commg 
^CREon, bnr tlteir rn£ncenttAta on the other 
side hold them They v.-ill return in .1 HO 7 08. 
U.utv a.wk iiw.iy-iv.r.'. who M a ilfi> mein- 
I iev of Minneapolis Aerie, No. nt, I'niiniml 
Order of Itagles, whs given n roynl rveepllon 
by, two luiiiiii.'d mni tidy of his brother 
I'.aglen nt tltn OrplnMiin 'I'lientre, Mlnnenpolls, 
After the ifiTiiriiiuiici' a party was clveu at 
ib" National lloiol, where nn eujovanlo ttnio 
was had. Minneapolis Aerie, No. !I4, la 
growing rnpldly, ttud now claims u metuber* 
.ship of twelve huudrcd, nml will Htarc in 
erect n new bntmo next. Hummer. Kui.t.Aa'.t tloHcd Ills xenson fn "Tho 
I'lienuil City" on Saturday night, 'March :tl, 
and returned Immedlntely to New York, to 
negotiate for his Hnnimer vaudeville souson, 
lu-n One net iilnyiot, written by Mr. Kellnnf 
and Wllllaui f;. Honney, who nre mttliorti of 
"At Lesson In Kconomy." "TbP Jester's Love," 
nhd-vMra, Van Ijowe's Strategv." 

■ t'oNHTiu and Out, v latroilucwl "The Choir 
JloyV Dream" nt Urn Rlalto Tttentre, Ulmlru, 
N, V.. week of April. 7. > - 

Giikat Dk Vii.bis Is In his eighth week 
with Harlow * Wilson's Minstrels* meeting 
with success through the Hoiiib with hl« orlg- 
ln..l' unsupported ladder and comedy acrobatic 
Wire art. 

Minnui DtiPiiRH. hack and wing dancer, 
for the pant three seasons with tho Depew 
Htlrdeile- Htnck Co.. writes than rlie has 
signed with tho same company- iH'xt--sea*on t 
in- play Umv *auUivtlP l«ub» ann an the vaude- 
ville fiutiire. Blto will spend the Hummer nt 
Unr Ilnrbor, Me. 

'Thb Dayton Risrrnn, who receufly closed 
eight weuks in uud aronud Han Frnnelieo 
for. Weston & lluruea, ajit now working tbo 
Northwest, and wilt noon m on. their way 

Burdock BisTrns, n-ho cloitsl a sefl3on of 
thirty weeks wlih "A Hot Old Time" Co., at 
Cincinnati, 0-, March 24, arn now on tbo 
Wentera vnudevHK 1 circuit. 
Tut; rriTEii Twlnit iin'orm us that (hey 
.-..-_,..— ., hare been wiili the Depew-nurdette Btoefc 
which will' he :"dovoW'«clffiitrciy"to : ttn>"rii^ SSSf fiSEi-S?" 8 n ttxoU ' noVPlt y '« nclD * eg. six weoks, nnd their character change 
llshlng and handling of nil his operatic pro- „ °? xia K aLr - Rpeflaltios have been tbe hit of the perform- 

duetlons that ore-now being published, and a - «bwn Mionon, trnnBatiantlc novelty per* ances. They hnve signed again for samo coin- 
number of new ones to be published la tbe former, Is meeting with' great success In -the P»ny next season, nnd ore to be featured In 
near future. Among the hlg Hiicecases now S^Bf^X _ At _ th ? Orpheum, St-'PauI^ Minn., a, -eornedy, entltUd *Tb6 KaUcnJnmmer 
pnbllBbed^ln the operatic 1 hie are: ^Mflj:!- 

,-!!■ !■■■■*-») I !■ ■»■*.. 

"Mother's Got the TInblt. Now." "Won't You 
Me MyfHrlleV*'-"Tbe Tale of a Stroll," "My. 
LovhV Henry," "Sister," IneJut 

adtl a new, one by Pat lfooriey. entitled WttloLgjrrt Co.. d^lng parts nud their ,cora- 
Cinoelnj: la tha Tark.'i ! Georgle Frnnceoll,- o*tt acrobatic ocr.„ 
with "luriig & Renmon's "in New York- ^ v 


- -r ■•• ■ — . 1" meeting wllh tremendofls sue-- 

Wi.WJtS"? 1 ' ..wh!.' 1 n??'" 1 * ™ y n?ir. r ' ^ w ,. f,,n ? l . n R thr ^ I *t hit •fMoiher, Tin * Hobo 

on Me/' lo which he ban had.- to- respond 
numerous encores nt every perform am*. .Toe 

numerous encores nt every perrorninni.f,, .roe 5i?Wg' Wi«C~ rmfnfnAmiZiJiK.t tL*Z^3£ 

Howard, nt the Casino .Then! re. .In Phl^tdel- fSE&ffiKl33B SltJ'-WC' 

Idrln.-la dupllentlng his Ncw'Ybrk Sw«W ioS to follow. ^' n ° 8t0 "' and °" ,et 
Girlie?" and" never frill A n have the ntidlenee 

nnd "The .1'nle of. n Stroll." , They 'soy they 

ured hy Elisabeth Murray, Johnny Carroll. 
Dillon BrnB. and Billy Clifford. "Mother's 
Got the nablt" la entirely different from any- 
thing flui nns ever been piibllshedi The 
quarters ItaVlng grown too small -for the bust. 
wv-;. Mr/'Harrls has taken another; floor, 

__ . 0..\iu ash Wi:st hnve been producing 
their new net; "A Drop Into Noclety," and 
rettort success. Miss Weal's singing; never 
falls to take encores. They return Hinl 
shortly, to go over the D'Bsin Pennsylvania 
rastor"a, NeW 

LIibui:ut , and WAgnr.f have been plnylng 
for the Western Vntulerllle Association elncn 
Inst September, and are hooked until Joly; 
nfter which they play pnrks, and will also 
he seen In tbe Kn stern houses. ■ 

The 'BJtofULtli opened on tho djM Stin 
circuit nt Hamilton, O., April 2. After Ori* 
Ifthing "their engagement on this circuit They 
will join a well known show for the Honour 
nenson. Next Winter they will play Ih-Kog* 
land nnd Germany. They have: lost' only 
three weeks In the past twelve months. 

The Missks IIamiond and Rortonia re- 

on Hatttrdny evening,- March U4, she Inform^ Twlas," the book of which was written by 

us, Khe was the recipient of a great ovation, Mr. Depew, and tho music Is by P. liana 

the occasion being the presence of a large Klatht musical director of the couipnnv. 
bwiy. of. officers nnd va^n of the regular army .Joil.J. MACKIK and L. mm c, two 

stationed nt Fort Snelllng, at whoso special of the original Shnnty Town Trio, will short- 

requost {appearing 4n the costume oC a cava, ly present their now Irlttb comedy act, called 

UN) she •sang, as nn extra number; ■ a nn- "Two'h a Company, Three's u-Citotvd/,'. by- Jtw 

tlonal air medley, consisting of "Die Wacht J. Mftckle, time for which In lilting rapidly. 
Am Rltcln" ,{in Uerman), La Mnrselilnlse" Collins aku La inir.u: report meeting 

tln.Vreneh), "America." "The Ktar Hpnugled with success wltn their new dnnelng act, now 

Banner 1 ," "Mart:hlop- Through Ucorglu," nnd playlug the Westcra Vaudeville Association 

af|er-i:epentefl recalls, responded. wMIr "Tbo circuit: 

Blue .and the Grey," as on encore. Hor re- .Snini.ns a\'P OAtr,, ring expFrtn and perch 

ceptlorr. was- cnthuelaatlc. The regular erjultllrrlsis, are In their eighteenth week »■> n 

ar.if 'asi'Sff. &erb&z^ BSaHmA.^* Uo,f - a - wtU 

Tin: cmvi'kh ijkmkijv Four, with Williams 
ft Burns' Imperlnl Burlesqners, report -meet- 
ing with grent success an the coast Their 
tict.has bean a blc lilt all along tho line, and 

eatin," "Sergeant Kitty," "illgaicdv-Plgglc- 
dy," ''TwIddFo Twaddle," "Ills iflghneBB, tbo 
Bey,'* "The Land- of -Nod,"- "The Iile *of 
Bong Bong" nnd "Tho Umpire," which lias 
"" ied Its two hundredth performance at the 
Hallo 'Theatre, Chicago, with some of tbo 
Mont ■hits ever heard In tlint.tclty.^joo 1-V 
Howard;- author of-VTae UmP'te," 9ML has 
n, v ne\vntviB}cflLdramn tlow ready, which will 
he. .produced 'lit Wnllnck's, Theatre April oO, 
entitled "The District 'Lender,-" -In -Which -lie 
will, Introduce about>i*lght songs which will 
be, heard from. The Harris. offlces'nre rtlwnys 

and all times, and through tho .-competent 
ntnrr At the otflce, singers never fail io get 
a. song that fits their capabilities... ii i\ 

Mm'. NonmcA has returned from her short 
Southern tour, nnd- she begins her regular 
Spciug concert, season, under the manage- 
ment of it. v.. Johnson, nt Atlantle City, 
April ,11. On this tour she will visit Grand 
Banlds. Chicago^ St.. Paul. Minneapolis, Dit- 
jutb, Omnhrr; TopeKn, Oklahoma Clly, Mits- 
Itogee; Jopllii: KnriHrtn City; Mt. Louts;- Blooat- 
Imrton, reorln, •Dnvenport, M uncle, Cfmtnh, 
Clewlnnd. •McadvIIln:'. Toronto nnd Montrenl. 
Afterwltrds 'she will make "a accond Irlp 
Sotitb during, the week of Mn.v r., nlnclng nt 
watHhury. S, C. j CHstlotte. Greanvlllo. Co- 
lumbia, S. C. ; OolmntniK, Miss., nnd Chatta- 
nooga, Tenm' ... 

, Jack Dt.ipi.anf. writes: "One of our men* 
I>nwKon M'ood. who is one of our prominent 
piano" players nt tbo office; competed re- 
cently for the tag time nlnjihc ehnrnpfonshlp dnl'ntf 
of New Tersey, nt Odd r*' Rail. Hn- '^'"t 
bokoti, N. J., 'meeting nil those Who had nby u* 
eliiiin to aald title, jttui vntnn out vlctorinbs, 
receiving; n hnndsontfl gold metlal, sultahly 
InserUiPd 1 - ■ ■'■'*■. ■ ' 

H» and CovKriT, who'se aneclalty la 
featured with "Confessions of a Wife" Co.,' 
nre reeelvlrth "much praise, both from tho 
press and public, upon I ho novel mnnner Iri 
wlileli tbey render the song. "Cbn't Yon See 
I'm Lonelv? 1 ' They recetyo Beveml'orirorps 
nightly, I nurl tbelr method of Introducing 
this song h a novelty In Itwcl f. 

i^Wtlfl Yhh," iHlbllshed-'hy the Novelty 
Music Co., Rao Jose, Cnl„ Is being fentured 
by Ji-nneite- BrcoltH, ^Adn «Th»mpttoui rMrs. 
liiirrv Mnrlc (of L'arlc and i:nrle), nnd Fred 


and Robinson hnVo ndded "In Tlmbucioo" 
lu their act oud H In going floe. Paul 
Schwnger Is featuring T "8tarllgbt" nnd ■ 
"Keep On tho Moony Bldo" with "At tho 
World's Mercy" Co. Thu Lynclt Bisters con- 
tinue to sing "Oh, Oil,. Ha! lie," "Juki a Llttlo 
Itoeklug Chnlr anil You" nnd "Keep On. tho 

nttractlon with the minstrels shows held at 
Snffern, N. Y., nnd Ramsey, N. ,1,. doing 
his rapid crayon tier, ami he also Introduced 
his new cblnese Itnpersnitatloti, sod bur- 
lesque juggling nnd magic net. 
viola yaiviha'h home wna tolnlly de- 
the press hns 'been unaulmoita In mentioning slroved Hy fire recently. 'This Is the second 
them as one of the best comedy quartettea time lu three years I bat MM ban Inst her 

seen In the West iu.yegra. 

! • Bttur Jarvim, tramp: cornet soloist nnd er- 

eenrrlo dancer, hawsigned. wllh: tho Krltch- 

Held. AILrnetlon-.for thin aeasttn. -. .', 

' THOMAS ft BrtUCK'd Hl(» liAI>V MlNflTJtELfl 

were n feature nt the Clark Street Muncum, 
t.'hicago, week of. Man-It Iffl. The Braces, 

hOioo nnd ita contents hv-flre. 

— We opened nut* eighteenth auceessfitl wc>k 
nlMtockford, 111., to u big house. Tile cam- 
nitny remains' tin: ftnmo as lwfore. The Orent 
llownrd, character clinitgo net. 'dosed. Hntur* 
day ujghi. Ills lotperNonfltlonH of feitlnle 

CUM. and. Hertlna, Thomas nnd t.iniy. and stage celebrities, lu beautiful costumes, wyro 

wt'Il Tfcelved. He Is to bo featured with a 
Chicago stork company for live weeks. Our 
1,-iM "nil." In Tim i'nm:i! brought m ■ a 
bunch of answers, 

Tun MtWftVM, RtsAilonXnfl writer "We 
leave for Cnltfornln, nfler being In Hie Uoot 
three years, with only six weeks lay off. Wo 
barn played fn burlewpie, two repertory tarn* 
panics. Plltnnier's circuit of porks, the Bijou 
circuit, uud other vfludcvlllo dates. We* will 
i'ii mil l^ast In tbo winter, as there Is plenty 
of work for 'nnV net The net has been : a 
fanluro In Almost every bonne we Unyo 
" Thewomnn of this tisinb .runnlltt 
nas btii " 
forn In. 

Pai'Mnh La, Conua, of tne team of Wng. 
ROT and La Contl.t, met wltb it serious n»*d» 
ileot March":,, at Dnvenport In., dislocating 
IitViiultn Wlillo doing tholv dnnelng net 'l*hn 
leum baa hern compelled to cancel several 
wojtluV work. - 

l-iiAKK Clatton, mnslenl comedian, "Tba 
.\iaii wllh Hi'- Gout," hits lost only two weoks 
(making jumps) In tbo mist thirty- lour 
v,i'.- :\ while on tho Coiisidliie, Levy nud 
Lubelskl circuits, playing umny return rintni. 
• 'llAfKinr AKtf llAzicAnn. after a successful 
tour In Knrope, returned to America April 
, r >. Tin".- are booked to opun on thu Muznrt 
circuit, with good tlino lo follow. 

Ueha KAiipmah was rerantly a Clicitu 
caller, havlug just nrrU'cd from o long stay 
In London. 

Billy Tlrmrm, of the team of Piemen and 
Miller, was taken down with typhoid puun- 

monln, March 11), while 

yiiig Crlpplo 

Crusoe's Isle" "nnd^I'm'u'n in 'tbn Air " Aboiit nnd It went big nt tho- Third Avenno Thontro 
Mary." Wiley and Brandon hnvo struck it recently. The Howard Bros. wcro_lhe_blt 

rich with Cole and Johnson's, song, "I'll 
Keep a Warm Spot In My Heart for You." 
There In no douht but that ibis song is the 
best Cole and Johnson number since "Bnrii- 
boo Tree" and "Nobody's Looking But the 
Owl and the Moon." "Pit Keep n Spot- In My 
Heart for Vou" Is also tbo feature song in 
the Wl'llnms & Walker allow, and will ho 
pung by Colo and Johnson therasfllvos.-at the 
Palace, London, where they aro now appear- 
ing- for a re-engagement of two months. 
"After They (lather the titty," a new rustic 
ballad, by tho compofler of "When tbo liar- 
vcftt Moon is flhinlng on the River" and "In 
th* Golden Autumn Time, My Rweet Bin Inn," 
has taken Boston und the New England ter- 
ritory by storm It Is being sung there by 
no leas- than- flftv different ballad . nlbgors 
nna song Illustrators. Among those playing 
rlie varlo'if* Boston, thentrna latily, using tbia 
ii Amber arc: Mabel Walker, Jennie Do Hnne. 
Baby KdrJy/ C. Wesley Kroner. Parker and 
Conroy. Leoha Hanson anil Kitty Hoffman. 
Grace iVfti Studdlford, who Is In vnudovlllo, 
fl wiorlng a big hit wllh n high class Mark 
Bicrn number, entitled "What Might .Have 

C'.bTJtEB OlVtl, OUT f" 

TO DO WrtBX • Y'O' 

■nils Is the title of 

of the show at the Polly Theatre, Brooklyn. 
where they sang "Starlight" and "Keep On 
the" Funny Hide." Chns. H, liny, tho Leo 
Bros and' tho Redding Hlstern are singing 
"Just a Little Boclilng Chnlr and, Ynu," "In 
Tlmbuctoo" and "College Life," and recnlvo 
numerous encores with. each song. Mlns Van 
Vordon has been romollraenfed for the deter 
wnv she sings "Pnddlo Your Own Cnnoc" 
nnd "Keen Ou tho Sunny Side.'* She Is at 
present pfnylhg the finstern- circuits. 

Notes i*ii»m tii« Nnw Votus Muaio Ptm- 
iJHtUMO HotJHR.— Lottlo '.Gll«On, "Tbn Lit- 
tle Mat-net," whv for many months has been 
verv fit made her ron open ran e.o Sunday 
nljtlil. March 25, at Ted Marks' concert. She 
received nn ovation from hor many frleuds, 
and flowers 1 wrrn abundant. She sang three 
Bongs, the first, "Since Nellie Wont Away," 
to which she used n colored niinrlctte off tho 
stage, nnd which made- n tremondotw hit. 
Her-seeond aot g, "Ptilher, Mother nnd tho 
Anhte." a song of long standing with Miss 
ollrnn, nnd her third song. "Dear, Old DlihV- 
Herbert H. .Tnylor's lulest success, with 
which she had n colored r-irtrletltt working 
In tbo nttdlenco. Mozart o, double initru- 
rocnlal virtuoso,, who plays diietn on clarin- 
ets, occerlnns «u<l anxaphonea, lias just- re- 

Miller Music I'libllnhlnK Co. Thou«h only 
cm month In Mhlftirc, tiny novo (Old nn 
ctlltlon ot n,ooo (-■oolcn, nnd Iho kodb la now 
frntnrert 1n ii Inrfee numlier of. the lending 
vnuitovlllo . thonttCK tbrouihout the country 
with unprecedented sunceHH. Itie concern 
littcndn, niibll.hlnR only -tho- lilnil : of muHlc 
tlitit nnRflMBCH . rent merit, .nnd propose to 
Imck up tllelr. trnde with HBarepHlTC "plnff. 
"tlhff." which will mnko tholr miwlc noil 


.Jmollr II. lipMtrl;. nt tho hencl of (ho 
fltm of .JeroiMfl II. Hemlrk & Co., rondo n 

ililne trip from. Detroit ln«t week, nnd HH.>nt 
'ftnr«t«y, I'rldny nnd Haturdky Ih . New 
Vork. llo Inanectcd the nen AnnnV, recently 

Joe Mnr- 
l,n„ decided 
to"Vli.o "ntuong liU fentlir'o Imllnds tlw bl(t hiic- 
ce»«, "Klnee Nellie Wont Away." AmnnB 
the promluont rinuem nt present lining thin 
number Urn : lllclihrd I, Jone. Aim. Mnrk Jlur- 
nnv nnd' Lottie Ollnon. fonlon nnd llnnt- 
no«. Hinging nnd comedy duo, were nt Cm 
l»nrk TheiUre, Woreenler. IflKt week, nnd 
wired Ilia New York Mlinlc l'libllAuu !lou«o 
of Ihe nucMim tbey mndo with their big .,..«, 
-Hlnee Nellfe Went Awoy." Mis.: lla'I'Vf" 
.i.itfillv niiikon nny good neng go, but tuo 
SB l he" ninde with -Hnce Nellie -Went 
AWiy" wil». n» they termed It. "tf ll-lflir." 

TBI: Jnm.Anltr nf llenjnmln II. Bnff!i 
noveltv song. ••Hollln»(ln Umnoe'n •Inln, 
which In Mnfle (MI.IIIV none lilt t,t "Molll.t 
Uonruhlne," in wild to hn mnpnnnlhln for n 
fnd New "IloMmnn f'rtlnoe" drnighn — 
li.«>lry nrn now yraminntr 

completed In thlt rear nf thn Present hulldlng, 

ft 4B Went Twenty.elBlith Mrcet, which wn» 

hullf lit n urge eitbehie. Me nl»o renewed 

tbe enniMeU with wllll*m» drill Van Alntytie, ==; 

whereby Ihey nre to rrmnln nnother yenr 

nnd wrlln oxi'lunlyelr for this Htm. " 

piirchnsed the cnt re cntologiio of the > .h^..... .-■."■ ^..aanhiiB 

Btiwg y »: cft. ; i udu^ ? g wts4^^ „. 


Billy Cnmby lenvo f6r Ulrinlngliam with 
Prof. Wolfat-nla'M band nnd orchextra, ;.« a 
fentttro In the annex, with the Orent Cole 
Bros.', Show*! ■• -, • , - ■ i e 

CitA», li. and BnrtTiiA Tatlob are ploying 

- ■■iiinllv theatres tbrougb Ohio, and aro 
. nicely with tbelr double Dutch comedy 
nir and. wooden shoe dnnclog rut. 

. . Vl:zi;:\ imii signed for tbe snneon as 
mnslenl director, and to do bis specialty bo 
robntlc trick nlano playing at tbo Cabaret 
l'n (jymnase, M°Pt;-ej)!.,'Cnn- 
' BiiBTfii BuitTON, the four-year-old son of 

kh.Mt and -Boy Burton, la 111 with nnen- wotked: tiio woman or ti|is nsimj .'Ufiniin 
tnonla at the Memorial HospItAl, In Ciiuhii- Cond, has busInesN that calls her lb Ciill- 
dalgua, N. Y. Ho Ih with "i'uck'a Bad Jloy'.' " 

COl ■ . '• , r * 

.Knmn KnArpr, nomeillnn wllh VHenrt of 
ClilcMgo" Co., closed IiIh senmn Murcn .'ill »t 
Columbus, O. Afi»r u wcek'd ivst at Chicago 
be returned to vnudevlllt. ■ 

Tun Cn.ttns 1'.miii,v closed with. "Hooli- 
gan's Troubles'' Co., ut Denver, and were liu- 
incitlnti'iy engngoil lo piny tlio Tuny LtilMflskl 
circuit They urn having a novel comedy 
Mkntch written for them, and will Introduce 
ii lot of novel specialties. Tbey already bare 
some KuhU'i'ii dinu booked In tbo larger 
bouses. i ,.. , _ 

, Nui.i.ii; Budwortb ANn Wat J. Wellr. 
who hare been playing through Dakota and 
Minnesota with tbelr own rurally Vaudeville 
Co., meeting with excellent success, 'closed 
March- 24, nro, boohed throuaU 
the middle West circuit of Family 
htnrUng April 8. Tbelr new sketch, 
mal Ad," ' limt proved- a grand suc- 
cess — a luughlng bit from start to dnlsh. 
' Tun i,.Ti-i:i, ban dissolved, nnd In 
future tbo net will be known uh I.lnsloy nud 
Crltbn, irampollno hat* Kketcb. At'lei- closlui* 
with tbo .Inlly Clrta Uitrlcnmie Co. they will 
piny twenty weeks in the Western parus. 
, HAYWAtm, CoxitOY ano Havwaup, after 
cloning with rho Mtns New York Jr. Co., 
March .", have Ismkcd nlno more weeks with 
Western Vnudevlllo mnnagern, making In all 
six months' booking wltb thent. 

Wilpa' Hamilton and jiutii Wxub nre 
meeting, with nxcOllnnt suceeas la their intent 
melodramatic playlet, "Polly," Miss Wiley's 
portrayal of tbe ciihrncter being well liked 
by ureas nnd public. They aro booked up 
until Janunry, 11107. 

KofW 1'itoii Btir, Pa. — Tito iCnp 
hnn Bijou Theatre Is In Its third week, play- 
ing to big bii'.liiepH, .Smith and La Owe 
needed this week's bill, which Includes: 
Weber* nice nnd Walters, Bell Brandon, and 
moving pictures. 

KWMn CAlttlOI.L AND AnSF.H Clabkr, who 

reenntly cobcllideil twelvo weeks with tbe 
Western Manager*' AKfouIntlon, arn now oti 
the .1.- 1% Jackson circuit, plnylng through 
tbn middle West They will return Heat in 
June, where they nre booked to open on the 
Frank Mel villo nark circuit. 

Frank Attn Krr\ Clkumont, who played 
Palm Theatre, Hip*" 
April 7. arn at tbo 
■u.H week. 

i.ins- KnirOT. loformn us fhht be Is doing 
excellently with Mb act on thn Sullivan & 
Chiisldlne clrcnlt. 

Cunts CTttiiSToritr.n, who Is meeting with 
nucccRH lb- the best Wenlertt vaudeville houses, 
la-n violinist couiposor nud comedian, 

fH:o, W. 1,1'mmk writes : "After sixteen 
enusecittlve weeks on the Ammous, Stm ami 
Murray clreiiits, I open at thu Stnr, Hamil- 
ton; Out, Muv 7, with Bennett's, Loudon ; 
Temple, BitfTnlo, nnd Lyric, Cleveland, to 
follow. Have signed with Chns. W. Mr 
Mnbon fot- eight. . weega, on hla park circuit," 

Norns riiost tiih KMFint: Tir>:.*TBi;, Aeli- 
tnbuld Hnrjior, O. — This house opens April 
jn, under the sole mnniigemnnl. of Mrs; N. B. 
I'Vilcv. with John JMy as srnge lonnager. 
JrUMi Aileont nn old time perlormer, Is jfiry 
111 at tho.Uenerul Ilosnitnl-of this dty, and 
no* eltjectert brllve. 'ITie Bnrtendorn' Oil 
u attending' to hlln. 

Creek, Col. Ho Is still under the doctor's 
care, hut hopes to -resume work nt tbo Nov- 
eltv Thenlre, Denver. Col., April ll. 

JATtina Nr.wro.v ibuiw, who nwonllv en- 
lered vntidevllle, oppenrlng In Myles MeCnr- 
thv's skeleb, "Jim's Brother Bill," reports 
that be has met wllh minded ruccoss. Bulb 
the press and public hnvo been liberal iu 
praise- of this Interesting llttlo play, and 
offers nf'tlmn nre coming In from nil direc- 
tions. Mr. I ire u- Is plnylng n nix weeks' en- 
gagement on thu Interstate circuit nt present 

Mauih Lkonabo ami Lkv rjin.i.u'H write: 
"We nro booked solid until June, whun wo 
take the mnnngement of Thnyer'n Cnucert 
Pork for the Slimmer, MIbs Leonard, as run* 
' slenl dlreetor, nud isn Pbllllpa wltb moving 
nlrtnreH and lllustrnted aongs, We hnvo not 
" lost one week but ot tltrim months." 

LoiA Hainm has been engnged by thn 
Wouderlnnd C<i., at llovern Bench, Mmmm., for 
the sensnn. She will prnduco it new net In 
whir i j she will lie assisted hy six girls nnd 
nix hoys. 

Will ani> May Brno wrlto Hint they nre 
pmsentuiK tbelr now comedy .phi y lei, "Tbn 
Yap from Olneyvllle," nod are meeting with 
grent Aiifeess. M'bev urn at present on (ho 
lulernntlonnl circuit through IndlnnH. 

<!apJ> Sionrv Hinmak gavii ii public exhl- 
,.. bltlon with his life saving dogs lu the river 

?iS,ie WSWoTwV'Xt » r ' n |;r i l'„'' t ,-„'!'-c,;V ,r1 ' "■ """'" "" l "" !t "'" 

10 fimplrc, Colorado H P Hn«s, "*WM»'^!5**tlMl . "Hmve tWM 
partnership with Prink J. Catsou, and am 
now working it lone, I will work thu Bos- 
ton Theatre, Full itlver. Mass,, April 11. I 
hnve plenty of good work to follow," 

Hilly 'I awn writes: "I am now wllh the 
John't.; Hittlltnn KIiow, tourlnc IlllnolH, nnd 
doing very nicely." 

Pal'L Pi tti'ONii writes : "I wns taken filek 
with rlu'iimatlstn while playing-nt Kelth'n. 
last June, and find lo (-losa In lb': middle of 
the week. I hnve now regained my health 
nnd he V'*- Joined John< U. Hmllh. .Tim tenia 
will he known an Htone nnd Smith, and w» 
will do ii comedy Juggling and hng punching 
net" , 

Ati. fl. Bnr.fonn writes: "We have been 
working continuously* since I recovered fmm 
ntv aivlrlpdt wlileli happened in West Vir- 
ginia Inst HiltrJtner. My Wife nml 1 hnvo 
signed wltb Frank A.- Bobbins' clreus, to 
open April 2n. We liavO'n novelty In pre* 
pnrntl'in for'the vrtudevllle bouses, which 
wo will produce next sonar.n. out football 
dog, <?ueehle, Is doing finely, nnd will proro 
a wonder." 

W.QiteTJrj nBrA_Q r ECZEMA- 

ftlnrV Splat«' All Ortr Fnce— A flVctct'. 
Farts IfoHv* CIcat M B*etf— Crired hy 
■■ ■ - th«» CntictiTA Bemedlen. 
-'About fottr years ago I wai aRltctfca 
v .itli black opVatchee ail over my face and 
;i few covering my body, which produeerl ;i 
tievcrc itching irritation, nnd which caniril 
mo a. great deal nl unitoynnce and siilfeV- 
inc, to such an extent that 1 wnn forced lo 
call tn two of tho (cnditie; physicians of my 
town,. Altera thorough exumittution of tho 
drended complaint tlicy nnnonni.-od It to In-* 
skin ervema In its worst, form. 'I'hoy tronterl 
iftofor the s:tmn for lite length of one yrnr, 
hot tho treatment did' ina no ^ood. finally 
my husband purchused u sot ot tlmCuiicma 
Komedies, nnd after itsint; tho contents of 
tho ilrst bottle of Cutit-ura Kesolvont in 
connection -with ihe Culicnra Soap and 
Ointment, tho brealdn^ out entirely 
."■topl'dl. I continued the use of ihe Ctili- 
cum Remedies for Ht.v months, nud after 
that overy splotch was entirely t>nneand 
tlio nilcctwl partM were left as clear ns ever. 
The Cuticuru Remedies not only cured inc 
of that dreadful disease, eoooSa, but other 
cnmplicutcd troubles us well. I.i/^ic 11 
Sledge, 540 Jones Av«\ t Selinu, Ala. Oct 
agi np5. r ' '• 

Tun M.vuvrtLisunov Tiiiu am at Mndl- 
son Squaw liardejj. with, the Itnrntuii ft Balli'V 
ClrriiH. Thi-lr lunl'.''*<|.ti. "t'lili Ail" nud "Hml 
Plghti'.ln wbleh tiny iiLilIi*o "Mile." (heir, 
wiemllng douut-v, arn tVauu-ea of (be raqtwly., nntl Cn-lr xcucHfuio blj*,li kiching 
n«L Is one uf the gwuml featureti. 

WimsKit A'.'u "*Vbv Two Jolly 
Dutchmen," MtMHO iiltll inakltig a big hit In 
their tmw Dutch coiuctly hci, Tbey nta 
wurlilnK clitbH. 1 

La claiii axi> Wi:ht plnyed llurilg & Bo 
man's Mnslnble llieatre, Syrneiise, N, V., 
Sunday night April 1. and re-tort nuewxs In 
their enmeily piny lot, "A L lln»p Into SoeltMy." 
'I'liey nrn booked solid until July. 

II. H. Wooiiuci.L'H "I,ld tutors" plnyed 
to- extraordlunry buslm-su In Hontou Inst 
'.vcek. Mr. Woudbull 1ms engaged Mndden 
and Joss anil BUmclie How: 

Wm. J. DCRllV ami IIIH wire. (Ollle I-rnn- 
cli'i were lioth innuo DHWDBti of Keivurl: 
l,.'.ln<\ No. '.'8, T. M. A., on Miiuilny. April l, 
uiiil a good time fuiloA-ed. 
. .Mr., ami Mns, Hau Kino, colored perform- 
ers, lu their new net "At. tlio itace," uro 
now being featured with the Dorothy Lewis 
Hcpcrtorv Co., and n'i"ni lunklnn a big luc- 
•resn In tbelr speelnlty.- 

UntSin B. Mahi-kiih hns cnncib'd nil vnndn- 
vlle dates fjor leu weeks, to. her Herman 
military comedy, "Itonmncc of thn Bed 
Crosi," " owlrtif In I ho nines** of her mother. 

IfOWARA W. nORAMItf Of the Klve DlllTUlils 
Writes: "We retiirtiud KnW nfter n lour of 
tffcilty-lilne weeks of vinidevllle listen, ex- 
tetitllng from ennse lo eosrU. mid we think it 
rcnuirkiilile that 'iiii'-itgcnrs iirrnnK^I su 11, -h. 
we did not 1000, a week on thecailra trip, 
We Jumped illicitly homo from ton Angeles, 
t'nl, unit will lay eff nl our Hummer home. 
Hurntid Coiinge, Cluisblre. Coiui., until Mny 
7. when we open wllh Hie Hlniiioiiil Jack 
show, for (he Hummer, t'nrefnllv kept data 
shows Hint we hnve paid tho nlilroiids 
Jt'-'T.-i-'i), trnreleil djfta miles, mid Is<mi> In 
lv/ciity-Movoii Stales and Terrliorles. It hnn 
been 11 iDtml pletiKiiiit mid probinblc loin, and 
v.r lonk forward wllh plensun* n> our f'p 
over the same circuits lu ibn neiir future." 

Kttw.uti) In: 11110.11-11, who hns been sera In 
the vmidcviltit holies nf Aliitirlilii Tur t|- 
i»i"' lliroii i. .'ii'. "ii'., ri'i-eiiily Mniirii fur !.);<■ 
land, wherit he will innko n ttiur of rim 
IllllKlc lltllls, preseillltlg it lit'W skotch, ':!• 
Ulled "The Athletic Intitiucior." wrlltei '«• 
[irnasly far blui by .Inuios b', Daley, ,vb«» --vill 
nil' '-I : . i 1 1 Biirnpeun tour. 

Padlinm Hall In lo miter vaudeville, un- 
der tin- ■direeilnit of Jiu-k Levy. Mhm Hall 
sinned n cctitrnct to appmir at I'roulor'ii Al- 
bany, house April :ip. Pollowlbg timt she 
will bo nt tin- Tw'tniy-tlilrd. Street nnd Plfly 
eighth .srn-tu huiirtun*. lit .this city, nnd at 
rtMrtiint Newark Thenlro. Hho will oppunr 
ulono, nml tdii',' iji'Vi'i'nl uOligs, 

PlUXtlH IJlUIAItli Hilllnd tor Ciini|ie AnrU 
T) Hii' WllL develop Mnvvrul novelly not 1 .0 
prnduco during bin iickI. yIkII to Atiierlcii. 

ClNuiMNA'ri nowspiipers mivo W, It, W»l« 
aoii ittecnidH of liiivhut tbo best show 'bat appeared: nt the I'cople's Tlientie, .flhrt 
city, ibis KeitNon. Iloiisn recordn Un- I-jgo 

iccelpts, ilinhu: Ibe iveek Mr, Wnisiui't BUM* 
iNiiM- plnyed there, weru broken by hlu bur- 
li'Hiii" nmipiiiiy. 

RfyntM i-ituAi tiih l>'i'j-7,qiaiAL0-Oita Oi.umh 
Oi'iatA Co.— Wo slMiwud Ynxoo City, MIsh.. 
March 111, to a largo and npprcrliiUvo uiidl- 
OOOe. Wv (iiictiiinii-rcd plmiHiint oppnsiiloa 
In Hint town. The (ietilry Bros. Ilog and 
Pony kiumv wus billed Ibara, but tlirouvh mi 
ueeldent thn eoinpittiy fulled lo 111 rive lu 
lime lo nhow tho town- Tbo exceutjve staff 
of our eomputiy rnlled upon tbo slnfi'of tho 
Oeutry Broti.. nml o.itonded ibem thn wet 
come of tho boat Prof, ixmfs Aiidru entci* 
tiihii'il the tletitry Bros, bnnd, wbllo Messrs, 
(Jrr & PltKgiil'itld, proprlfllors 10I lint Drimnltt, 
pluyi'd Hi-- iNiiiH nf lioklH lu tho exemillro 
Nliiir of tbo (Ji'iui-y siiniv. Tbn following 
vuuiluvllln pnrroi'iuerH bnvit J'»1iip(1 v our coin- 
isitiy for Ibu cumliif; bi'iisou : Billy mpl Cuoriro 
durrctt, itnislenl imiiii; Orucu Daniels, serin 
eoinlu : llarrv Bogi^rs, buck nud wing aniiccr. 

Tin; MAitguANiiN, slnck and MkIU wire . per* 
fniuiui's, weru enunited uh n Hpeclnl vnnclri- 
vllle feature fur the Plvnn Stock t.'o., week 
of April SI, nt tbn Lynn Then ire, Lynn, Must, 
They wiile: "We nre uddlng iniiiiy big fuai- 
nri's lo our act, and will have thu HtfOiigOH.*, 
hlnelc and tight win* act In vntidnvllle. Wn 
nre doing bicycle and uuleycln riding on tbo, 
slack wire, also dimhlu rimless unlcrclo, of 
which we nro the orlkinntorH. Wn will 00OA 
open on ibu park circuit" 

Biiovin and Wit.MOT write: "After play- 
ing tor fourteen siu-cessrul mnnlbs on fhn 
lofitit we will now plnv f in-!-, 0, finnvii''! 
lime lu the middle West, nml are b/mffJHl 
solid fur forty -two weeks, nfler which »0 
play JOihi 011 tin: John CouKldlne circuit 
iMr set !■• 11 big hit," 

JO'in: Allcm, "The Cowbov Olii," plnynt 
Hie lion Ton Thenrrn. Phllndelniiln, week of 
April % £1, and Hcon-d it lilt, Khc was ohui 
etignyed foe nveral olitb enlerliiliiiiieuty, 
QJTOW LLLL.J l—L 1 H I I 1 I J . 1 

KOTRO rit'lll tHM llAtllllH-PAUKINSO'V Co. 

— We me now lu imr tlili-ty-elg'ilb week, and 
Ibe season us a whole, bus been an oxccllrut 
one. Many records were broken, nud tbo 
company, In nil the now time plnyed Ibis sen- 
sun, made rufltty friends, Vm nre en)'-ylug 
our pti'si'li: route, ivhbii bun been 
ntl tbe C'llf ut Mi'Klcu. I-'liibluu Is mill 
ol' thu must lii)|sjrtiiiit lenttu-i'it of the dnv. 
Wn remiilu out nil Hummer, plnylng the 
Hoiifbecii pftrfnE Air of tic eouipmiy wow 
slgiwfl for next sr-nson. when we will open 
nt texlnulon, Hy., lu Aunusi. Ilninllton t. 
Brooks i-ecetitlv joined ih" ciinpany, also 
ibu Diamond Trio. 11s cuincdlnii and imhi- 
lirette, anil they will do (heir viiudi>ville feat 
I'.re, Polbnvlng Is eomplele rnster: Kobert 
H. Harris, t'linf, TonfC fiblrd io;iison), Jutues 
jollier tllflh sensout Ilninllton L. lliuoks 
flbird sennou>, llnirv b'oltus fthlrd Hciismi), 
Hnrry Lo coMOle, llnrrev .Mommy, (.'has. 
Beckenridgo, Wlllliltll Desmond, Clliudo 
Pranklln, Then. Cnrrli', Alfroil Cowns, Mnelo 
hn Tour fllffh *t"iinotiV tnnlse Ktlwliinon) 
fflflb season t MiiHi- Desmond. Mniifle to 
Compte, and Unby Desrnond. This compntiy 
Is tho strongeit Mr, Uitrrls ban ever carried, 



April 14. 


mom ouu-ovr* coKrhspoxueht. 


i • ■ ■ <). t r if i SS i ■;■ jrj, 

THE FRANK QUEEN P,UKUSH(NQ CO. lUmlli'd. Mimic r Horn.. 

i'HW'uibmiib. ■ Cranhonrne Street, 

ALBERT J. HOME, ^'"m".^'*. c. 

ElUTOltlAL A,>-.| UrKINKHa Ma.XAUKB. '* MARCll'ai. 

The London season, a period lusting from 

SATURDAY, AI'RIL 11, l&Ofl. 

Tile lawyer for tic plaintiff said that (lie 
accident for which damages were claimed 
occurred on tlm ilrst- nlfl't ot Uib lutniomlmf. 
There wus a scefic caned "fCtislern Baths." 
which included a large wheel, the. Jd this 
particular wenc was aw* it Ins Ha turn up 
if the Jlles — 1 1tlrty or forty tcct above Die 
I'rWu'Hinj, Suddenly a portion «f (lie scen- 
ery fell on ill.* ptdlntlff. striking him on the 
Iiend and rendering hJni unconscious. It 
hown Mini the p'nlntlU' had not received 

! Si* ST-ta^te**!. BPyCffl: 


AilvcrlJiieiiii'iil«--*:!.S<> nm Inch, single col- 

BMW till lalo In July and during whlrli ihe JS "EH B '"" (*» #'*{£< "»■', ."■.JSH 

f«»l,lo„ablc „rtd «i to t.lwn. alway. 5.S.K? T " * < * V< "' - * ' 

brlnaa with It aeveral new plaja, The num. "585, Vatatau. win 

her of new productions 'coiilemiilotad " Ik . . 3I.W™.' '3"*H»* »."' 

UI.V.MI;l<- TWUTUIC (Ab0 JUMI», «,„,,.„ 

(or Kohl fc ('»»tli'i.— I'n.iiriimmc r" r "4 

irralor tbls year tlmn imual. 
[a a Irat of pi(iv8 ' 

—.,.1 In reticaraul : ■■Miuirloell.. 

uuiu. H C} Tlic ,w,c o£ M«»'»lf." Vaudeville : 

AdverH*,,".",. .set with border. 10 per ^^?«&" $&&$&?&&!$ 

i-i-ut. extra. Wyudham.'!-, "Cnatles In Spain." Sew Itov- 

SI.IISUIlII'TIOSt. *»'T I "'%' "ond H ->laoo. v Hnvoy : ."MIiiik 

Acrea,' Waldorf | "The luminal lag lira. Van 

ltaa been quite unr- 
. .nsful In I lie Dmrv Lane pantomime aa tlie 
I ho InllowlnB ,| H „,.| ne aoidier „| OT i„| at ibe Tlvoll laat 
Mnudiiv. He la dolmr UN Dairy I.nne »pe- 
I'llilly In iiilillllun to nmilhcr eceenlrlr dance. 
"Tin' Utile Htraiianr." one of Hie moat 
talked of pay* It) l.uni]<m lo-day. bna readied 
Ha pftlelli tairforaiance at the Criterion. It 

— Brotb. 
and the Virginia 

One year. In nilvanee, *l; nix mouth*, 5 2 ; derveldt, 

a. XI. Barrio, at tn 
,, aehcdulpd to Hta 

"'ma rolling to-nlgl 

At the annual dliiqer of the Gallery li'lrat- 

», *- . deryelat," Unrrtck. and two new pluya, by .1. 
extra. M. Barrio, at tlie Comedy. "Maurlcette* la 
Single coplea will bo aeut, i«.»l|.ald, on re- {J^'j!^ ," ^- h - *'-' " f •"'" 

three inontha. fl. I'orelgu [HMilage 

celpt of 10 ceiita. 

Uar loriii* arc Cnah. 
THE CI.H'l'KH la laaned crcry VVednesdny 
morning. The ln«t four i nthortlalng) pagea 
UO TO I'UKSM on Hatmday at II *. it., and 
the oth«r pagca on MONDAY und TUE8DAX. 
Tbo ForiaM t liming l'roiiiiitls. Tnea- 
<ln> . *t ltl o'rlook A. M. 
Vleaac remit by nxpre«n. mouey order, cheek, 
P. O. order or teglalered letter. All caah en- 
cloe'ed with letter la nt tho rlilc of sender. 
Addreaa All t'liiuiiiuiiloatliiu* to 

•17 West 'JSIh HtrMt, New Vorfc 
katUUrei Cable ittWrcaa, "ArTiliilUTV." 


of Tins Ct-WtV I« IociiUmI at Uoom.. 504, 
Astalmd Block, t'hleugo. Willlnm "K. Bryan, 

i-ulKiit nt nit- Lyrir. 

nlgLtpn,' t'luh, licJil uarly In the week, Ar- 
thur lioiirrJiler pleaded for a clean and whole- 
aonio druruii. Tin- followiuj; are mm* of tho 
principal polnta In I.Ik reatmutw to the toant 
of "I'lie Drama ;" "I inalntaln that the 'nun* 
lie do not want to ho to the iheutro to m a 
rchnsh of the ttwecidngs of the dlrorce court 
offered them oh a picture of the Knffllith home 
life In the nineteenth century. No plav ltaa 
ever wade for the good of Ha author, Ha 
producer, the nctoi-8 engaged In It, or of any 
one clue, which had a breach of the Heveut'i 
commandment for Its pivot, or the dlapluy of 
the Beamy aide of private lire for Ita Mm 
A>*Lrr The miin with the muck rake Is 


even future, and alao possessing a wonder* 

fuj aptitude for untwerfng questions on r-- 1 

mm, xuhjetMH. The .entire methnnltm Is imv iw^wa ami Mumomrt, FetH WJJ JnzT? 

twro for luajweil.iii, and' uBdoiihtedty one"of clTlte«!», 3d:C«ok nn.l Steven/ J ' Musl " 

llir lUCWt 

ihe j 

■III [HI. 

lighting at 1'nit Arthur under Toga, httve 

)>een. In town thtx week and ImTc beim 

t;eruiliied royally hy some 1 of the tlieatrlcal 

lunnii^iii'-. Alondnv mid Tueadny nftcrnoon>i 

they 1 jvlaiied Uie ( ollrteub). and In tlie fiTeii- 

Iqrh of the ftaino dnyit tney Kaw the Allium- 

hrn allow. A'l Ihe ('nllHeum. In addition to 

the regulur prour>imuit<. some pictures of 'he 

Uurtjtu .JnpiinrHe \Vur, plrfurorj of the two new 

Japnnew warship* upon which tlie saltorg 

art: to return hoiue. unci one of the Dread- 
nought, (1)0 new English linttlc anlp. were 

shown. After the performance ten , 

aerved In rooms hedecked with chrysanthe- 
mum^ and Jannueac Hags, the waltreseea Le- 

Ing dreBsed like gclahn alrln. At the Alham- 

«., bra '*The Fall of J'ort Arthur" waa abown 

fteglnald Ken- by the Urlwnorft hlograph, nud the rlsltora nianagerl.— De Haven and farter Mailu> I 

ten a four act enjoyed- nume ImuuntBely. The Lyceum was ami Carttcrry, Jumea Walthers, Krescn run 

«t (i^nv h«f visited WedneHday. nelly »ud (hizeile. I*bllbro«ikn und ltev'nniH« 

Two jdeialne nciH at the Iiollwrn Empire 4'nmltnc Kelly -Mct'ord. Green Rro-* ..,, 

this week are Stlne nud Evans, in tieir Hill and Sylvany. * and 

clever duologue, entitled "Wonted— A Dl- i.'oi.iskcm (Stewart Bpauldlug manager ■ 

Totcc." and the Columbia Trio, who are rap- --<»n Tliuraday. April 5, night this hi* r..' 

Idly coming to the trout. fi „rt was opened by the Riuglinc Uros ■ fir" 

\V. If. Meott, better known as "Ncolry" to win, which theu began its annual Chi™-.. 

the iMtyi, died at St. Thomas Hospital last engagement, with the place literally nackM 
matinee a new play, entitled "Madame Bo- Tucadny. The funeral took plnec at the in Hie door*. From the entrance ut tut 

- T«»r.ting Cemetery yesterday, bis many horde of gorgeously costumed men and womVa 

friends defraying the cxpensea. Mr. Scott who took part In tho opening spectacle "rfi 

wns formerly it partner of jack Uorke, In a Field of the Cloth of duld." to the fla'ii «... 

boxing act UIh Inst engagement was at tho ' 

Lyceum n few weeks ago, as a member of 

Frank Bernard's Company. 

ought tot nil that house for some weeks. 


not wonted within tho walls of the play- 
hoiiHe. lie certHlrily will never hold sway la 
my thentre; ami It rent* with you, free and 
Independent gallery lirBtulghlcrs, to make 
Ma stay. i-iBewhore both brief and IngloriouH. 
An sure ns 'the drama's laws the drama's 
palrotiri give,' If you will, you con send him 
back to [he obscurity from which he ought 
never to have been allowed to emerge. There 
Is nothing novo! lu his methods, for wher- 

aiiso of the suCcpsk in London and on 
tour of the one act play, dealing wtrh an 
enlKode In the life of Slary, Queen of Hcots, 
played by Mm Hrown Totter. R ' 
nedy-Cox. the author, has write* 
piny, wllh uarr tut the mitral Ujnire, but 
shtr.vlng uu culfrely new pbaKe of her char- 
achr. The. piece ha* been accepted hy Mrs. 
Fuller, who hopes jo complete arrangements 
for It* production lu the West Kud next Fall. 
Jeaslc MMIward Is reported to he doing 
nicely at the ticaia. with "The School for 
IIuHhandr;." She mil shortly produce at a 
"led ''Madame Bo- 
hemia." which la a- .dramatic version of Fran- 
cis Nellnou'a novel of the aamn name. 

Oswald Stoll has engaged Charles Warner, 
whose recent performance In "Leah KlcRch- 
iiii," at the New was the hit of the produc- 
tion, to open at the Coliseum Monday next. 
The value of the dramatic llcenxe for which 
Mr. Stoll some Lime ago gave up tbe music 
nud dauL-lng license hccomei, tdroug in a cnae 
like this engagement, as Mr. Warner will ao- 
penr in the most famous of all his parts, 
that of Conpeau, in "Drink," and a boiled 
down version of that play, reduced to two 
scenes, that Hhowlug the public bouse, and 
that depleting the home will be used, in 
support of Mr. • Warner will bo IJarry A. 
rlben, Alfred Phillips. (Jeorge Elliott. F. 

Marlon and 

llMMAHKKT TllKATRt. (W. \\. Kr-ema« 
manager for Kohl &, Castle).— Mill for SS* 
wu 1 , %" Dfl: 8lmo H. Uft'dnor nud tm££ 
}\\\ly 1 luimeraiAti, the 1'erUcofflH, Billy vj u " 

tere ( J, ,C. l'opo and companr, and* charier 
Bain.>. BnalQess very good. *-"««ry 

iNTliaXATIOXAl, TmuThu IW. 


la lorn 

I i > 

out cuicAuo i,Ern;u. 


eeived nt our 

manager nndeorre T ,n,lent. where advertise- ever^ are"W£ "f^kTT; jr^tTS ffiS^u'd f 'l^ , l!lun.e!eu'''Sr.eme. It la 

gMW a.*J&f.Jtt'. t Jgf'>-.^g»«Jte>« ]u« twenty-seven yenm slnec ■■llrlnk" waa 
,.r"i\, frli iiT.?L'.„ #.£f ro i1 r _- ,, .°" ro orlgnslly produced at tho Frlncesa. Since 
eiSleim. 1 1 at m ,f rnt,'.?'i. JJS"Sj^Si «»™ "« "«" t " UM! ' 1 «*• world .with the play, 
wl owl IftaS . ii.i *LSS, f!I?J*-£KLf2f. ??S Alfred Lester, whose act, "The Scene 
SBdS&^S&^jraf SiS^Si Shifter-. Lament." made , tniel. a very favor.- 

ble impression at the Palnce eome mouths 
ago, nnd who has been playing a return en- 

incuts and subtler lotions are re 
regular rales. 


Located at 48 Crunbournc Hi., London, W. C, 
John II. Carney, manuger and correspondent, 
where advertisements aud subscriptions are 
received at our regular rates. 


ham} and ltKTAii,, nt nvir agents, Breutano's 
news depot, 37 Avenue do TOpcra, Paris, 

101 (Terminus Hotel), Berlin, N. W., Qcr- 
mnuy ; Diamond News Co.. 97 Prndo, Ha- 
vuua : Manila Book and Stationery Co., 1U8 
Eseolta. Mnnlln, V. 1.: Albert & Son, lo7- 
i:m King St., Sydney, AiiHtralla. 

Tlin NFAV VOHK l.'Ml'I'KH pti tilt mhr* 
only sue edition, aud Hint Ih dkted 
from Nevv York. - 


>o Replica By Mali ur Tolovrapli. 

. _jld," to' the Qniil ml 
'Dip of Death," the large crowd of spec! 
were thrilled and entertained br 
Aside from tlie "Dip of Death" the 
feature* of the Bkow iuclude many seasa- 
ilounl irapexe acts, three herds of pcrform- 
Itig elepliaiits. clever ncrobata, tumblers and 
dancers, nud a host of reallv funnv eiowns 
'(here were tin dull moments. The three rinse' 
the two stages, the big circular sawdust 
track nud the trapeze and flying rings aluft 
were In uiinost constant use. Following the 
Hpectflcic tho numbers were given In the fal- 
lowing order: IHsulay No. a Ik un aonhi 
of elephants, exhibited by James Johnson. 
P. Bonders and (Jeo. Kenley. Dlspli,; .\ 
.i— Sakuio, Jupaneso sliding roue arr- 
A. Hkadmclla. flying Spitnlnb riug act ■ 
the Three Alvos, on the aerial bars: tbe 

wholesome, which, after all, Is the greatest 
thing la urt. In this present year of grace 
tho ml of acting Is, In my humble opinion, 

on tlie upgrade, hut the craft of tho play- 
wright hauga iu the balance. Are our writ- 
ers, for the stage to-day prepared to take 
tho hard but only way that leads them to- 
wards the unlUtlng of the true standard K 
_, tho Drltinh drnimi, or uro they aallsfled to lie 

France: M. Lillenlhul. Frederick Btrasso ftftff 2£3B2S&J!'3S&U£3 > "£3!? 

for tlie promulgation of the greatest possible 
fees wllh (he leant possible lubor?*' 

Aiuim:shF,n on witmiHABouTs not oivb.v. 

A 1,1. IN QUK8T UP SUCH NllOfl.D WlllTH TO 

CL1PPEU Ton Opkick. All MHRflH will 



gatfement at that bouse, goes to AinerlcA 
next week to play -for the Proctor and 11am- 
mnralein managements. Mr. Lester's act, 
though replete with English slang, will. I 
think, make good la New York. Ills Idea 
of how "Hamlet" should be played Is ex- 
tremely funny. 

I look for nn American celebration at the 
Empire Palnce*. Birmingham, next week, aa 
the following "Yank" acts are billed for that 
house: Harding and Ah Sid, Ainaun nud Hart- 
ley. McPheu and Hill. Mile. Olive, and Sceley 
and West. 

Those leaving for South Africa to-dny to 
Idl engagements under llyman's management: 
are: The Plct|uays, Fred Laud, De Witt, 
Burns and Torrance, Stuart, and Cora Co- 
rln«. Due la London from that country arc: 
The Duron. Brothers. Odeyae Spmrk, Llllle 
Soutter, mid De Verc and Kenwlck. 

It Is staled that Nottingham is to have 
a new music hall. A syndicate, said to be 
the owners of sevcrnl other provincial halls, 
Is to build It, at nn expense of over UQJMNk 

Harry Tuft, the whistler, sails for America 
April '.'0. He tel'a roe that he wilt return 
to England next June to take up bis already 
booked time, which runs well Into 11)07. 

Lennox Barry, formerly manager of the 
Batters^u Palace, nnd now manager of the 
ilounslow Hippodrome, has been appointed 

Western Bureau 
of tbe New York Clipper. 
Kuuui 50-1 Ashland Mock, Chlonixo. 
The only play new here' next- week will be 
"Susan In Search of n Husband," which will 
he presented at Powers*, by Eleanor Kobwin. 
Mrs. Leslie Ourter will coulluue at the Grnud 
f ijK-ra House two weeks more. The tjarrlck 
nnd tbe lllluuls will have no change of bill. 
.Margaret " ' 

Bell, In "The Education of Mr. Plpp, 
over, as does also "Tho Three Graces/* at the 
Chicago Opera House: "The College Widow," 
nt the Studcbakcr : "Count v Chairman." ot 

^^d^e^oS^fhe^wfe Bi^^SEfKS 

1st ; the OnrI Troupe, on tho rolling 
globes; E. lshckawo. equlUbtlstc art: Mar- 
guerite and Hanley, In muscular act : the Be 
Kochs, baud balance'^- ; Floyd Bernard, con- 

•honges of programme, likewise tho burlesque 
and combination theatres. 

Illinois Tiikatkb (Will J. Davis, mnun- 


T. W., Eau Claire. — Wc have no knowl- 
edge or (he present whereabouts of tbo party. 
Address a Ictttor In nur care and we will ad* 
vcrtlsc It In I'm; Clipprb letter lint. 

L. W„ Ileleua. 

Mm. C, Brooklyn, 

K B»i Hyracuso, 

o. P., Hasten. 

It. it., Bud Bank. 

(>. W. T„ Freeport, nud 

C. !■:., Coney lalatid. — See answer to T. \V., 

il. F. It.. Huntington. — P. T. Buruum died 
April T, 1HPI, at Bridgeport, Conn. 

\V. A. E., e» route. — Address tbe Librarian 
of Po asOTM , Washlniflon, D. C. 

\V, J. W. — Consult u lawyer. 

■t. A. II., New York.— J. W. Kelly died Juno 
SO. 181)11. He appeared at Keith's Union 
Nyiin re many tlmoa. 

F. U.. "FrlHro:— Address tbo Enterprise 
Music Supply Co.. -id West Twenty-eighth 
Street, New York Clly. 

W. S., Now York. — Wutcb our route Hut 
each week. 

It. K. S.. New York.— Dlagi'Hius of theatres 
of (his eily can be ohtnlued at any of tlie 
Tvkou thentre ilcl'el stauds, In the loading 
hotels, lu New York. 

4. K. I)., lloseiHiuk.—W. Cclest'i Oym- 
i>-is'im» ri?J4 West Tiveuty- eighth Street, New 
lYofk CHy. 

5. A., L.OWPII. — You probably mean l'ntlma, 
who will be connected with tbo Wallace Clr- 
miK Hits Keasou. 

Miih. .1. W. '('.. Columbus. — Watch our 
toutc lint each wi'ek. 

YoiTMi SvoitT. — W« never answer quorlea 
cotievrulug Hie prlvnte affairs of any one. 

ft ,T.. Chester.— Vou cuu obtain what you 
desire from our route lints, which, arc pub- 
lished each week. 

0. A.. Chleimo. — Address the (»us Edwnrds 
Music PiibllHhmg Co., 1512 Broadway, New 
York City. 

C. L. Mi. llnniiHwil.-- -Oue act skutcbes are 
played lu nil the English music halls, 

"Mil." K.. Brooklyn. — See our route list 
each week, 

A. E. |i„ Baltimore.- -Apply to the head- 
•liiarlers of Hie National Alliance of Bill 
Posters und BIMeiv of America In yonr city. 

w. a c 'I'lptoH.—Addicsa Capi. c. w. 
lilggs, Auguatu. (In. 

C AllUS. 

A. S. S.. Cleveland. — Progressive whist Is 
Huniei hues pluyed lu that way, aud aometliues 
(he winners move from the hcvtd, or king 
Ki hie, lis well. 

C. E. 8.. New York.-- In playing (lie varia- 
tion of Poi'ly-Flvc, railed (lie JftiA* Qa»w. 
when a player wins all live tricks, ho wins 
the game. This is styled a .link. 

1, R. W.. Chicago. — If nil pass up to tho 
denier and he knocks, he Is obliged to turn 
curds. In the "widow." face up, and each of 
Hie players hi his turn, cj-eepf thr dealer, 
bus the privilege of one draw. 

I,, ti. C Schenectady. — 1. lie fought 
Tommy ltyan Nov. IS. ISM, at BufTulo, X. v., 
three rounds aud no decision. Tbev ugaln 
r»ught May IS. ISIMI. at Buffalo, and he was 
Wimcked out by llyun. Wo cuu not give the 


C, N. C.. AineabiiiT.-- The btU xo with the 
decision ot the referee, nud an* therefore off. 
If the teams wished lo play lifter tho referee 
gave his decision, Iheu they pluyed a new 

C. M. II., Patersoli. — Martha Wugenfuhrer 
wont through the rapids lu a luii'ivl. ami fur 
fiomc time aftcrwardK upiK>uicil lu vuudevllle 
i heat res and luutrcuois. Wo have uut heard 
from hot" for several mouths past 

subject of Thackeray's ":riic Newcomes." 
The piece Is in four ucts. the drat und third 
placed lu Colonel Newcotno'K house, the wc- 
othl at Lady Fareham's ball, aud the last, 
which la In two kcouck, lu lodglnga where 
Colonel Newcoiue la Installed, nud Creyfrl- 
ars. ilr. Tree has accepted the play and will 
jdny Hie part or Colonel Newcomo. It was 
copyrighted uudor the title of "Colonel New- 
come, at 'Jerry**, April 1!5. 1U01. 

1 um told that Haddon I'liambors has re- 
ceived a commission from George Edwardfs 
to write a new play, which will be produced 
In London next September. Several musical 
numbers will be lutroduced Into the piece, 
and Marie Dressier will cross the Atlantic 
to play oue of the leading roles In what Is 
to be a departure In comedy, with music. 

April D will he a busy day at the Comedy, 
as thut day will see three new pinya ; and 
on' the same bill, too. Two of the plays ore 
by J. M. Barrio, and one by Austin Strong. 
Tlie Strong piny Is entitled "The Drums of 
Oudc," aud the scene U In the Interior of a 
palace In Northern Indlu occupied by BrJUIih. 
troops in the Spring of 1837. The.ehlef Incl- 
dcut Is me unexpected relief heralded by the 
sound of the drums, when the beselged sol- 
diers are at their last hop*, aud are about to 
blow up the palace. One of Mr. Barrio's plays 
la a f-et-'tie la three scenes, and Is entitled 
•Josephine." It 1b said to haVe no connec- 
tion with the Napoleonic drama. The other 
Uarrle play Is a toy tragedy, la one act, en- 
titled "Mr. Punch." 

Mrs. Patrick Campbell, after Jung alienee, ■ 
Ik tigulii about to revisit the glimpses of tho iW,im w111 •** slightly reduced. This show 
footlights. Starting on a forthcoming pro- nB| * lic '' r ' 'he off one for attendance since 
vinclal tour at Birmingham. April 9. she will tlic Coliseum was opened over n year ago, 
produce tliprn a translatoln of a Porta sue- Rn » ll '» expected that the reduction iu the 
cess. "La Rafale,'' anglicized us "Tho Whirl- tlir,ff will bo nn Inducement to playgoers to 
wind." After visiting Manchester, Glasgow pationf'/c the early evening performance, 
and Brighton, Mrs. Campbell Intends to pro- Marshall Aloore, the Htage manager of the 
duce the piny In London. 

As a curtain raiser to ^Muuilcette," which 
Mxou Jt Zimmerman do at the Lyric to-ulght, 
wl(b II. B. Irving in the principal rule, u 
new playlet, "Whut Shall I Suy to UerV by 
K. IL 8r"- 

hct: tho Bedlni Family, equestrian net; Fa 
mous Clark Bros,, riding act. Bisplav Kb, 
fj — Ageo'a Shetland ponies, Carlo's (Iors, thu 
De Kochs, acrobatic act ; Ollle Yuimg and 
Brother, hoop rollers ; Bhoda Boya!** liory*-. 
Display No. l — Eldred and Do Venc. In filiate 
ecoic; Boyal nnd Bedlni, high tchool act: 
Nellie Satter(le4d and horse. Blxplay No. 8— 
Tbe Four Webbs, acrobats: the Da Comas, 
acrobats ; Ernesto Sisters, emilllL-rh-tJc act : 
the De lloches, acrobats. The Four Va- 

" i'nui-ni.'* , i , "i."p"i'-ri,t. <\\ t o*,, m «- mamotas, acrobat* Dlaiday No. *j— Thr 

^SSSS^^tStS^^i^S^JSSSL Davenports, equestrians: clowns: Gilbert Kl- 
tobson closes her engage- <Ka o^tHim: Be«llul Sisters, euucstrl- 

ger). — This Is the last week of Olga Nether- 
sole and her company of English players, 
who have scored a big hit here. Miss Nether- 
sole during her lust week will be seen In 
"Carmen." "The Second Mrs. lunqucray," 
"Cnrallle" and 'The Labyrinth." Commenc- 
ing Monday, April ML and for three weeks, 
E. II. Sotbern and Julia Marlowe, lu Shakes- 
pearean repertory 

.. ongagfi 
raent at this bouse In another week, present- 
lug E. V. Presby's dramatlzntlou of Jerome 
K. Jerome's novel, "Susan in Search of a 
Husband." On Good Friday, 13, there will 
bo no performance nt Ihla house. Monday, 
10. Bobcrt Loraluc in "Man and Superman," 
for a stay of four weeks. 

AuiiiTORicu (Mlhvard Adams, manager). 
— The seat sale of Sarah Bernhardt's engage- 
ment opens Monday, 9. Mine. Bernhardt will 
lie seen here for one week, 1n repertory. 
Conrled's Metropolitan Opera Co. had a re- 

— ..likening ._ 
Toys," will meet with marked appreciation 
In Africa, ns It tins In all the big cities iu 

I hear the Broadheads have secured a site 
In Liverpool upon which they Intend to build 
n hippodrome. John Humphreys, for years 
connected with tho show world on this side, 
died recently. Oil nnd after Monday the 
prices for ihe sis o'clock show at the Coll- 

big St. Mnrlln's Lane house, leaves In June, 
on the completion of a two years' cngage- 
meut. He will, in all probability, be suc- 
ceeded by Will Bishop. Clnquevalll, lately 
returned from -the States, heads the bill nt 
... ... gothcrn, will have Uy ilrst perform- the Circus of Varieties, Bury, this week, tiad 

nnce In thin country. H Is further described h f 1k - hi * would be expected, meeting with 

ns a duologue, with adbf. Sam Sothern 
plays the only human eharucier. 

■The Heir at Law, 1 * which Cyril Maude In- 
tended us u tiller lu nt the Waldorf before 
the production of "Shore- Acres," Isn't draw- 
ing the expected crowds, aud will be with- 
drawn April o\ The following ulgbt "The 
Second In Command" will be revived, with 
Mr. Maude in the role of Major Bingham. 

Murtlu riarvoy Intends to bring out, at 
Newcastle, April Sh, tbe new Irish Debt com- 
edy he has secured, entitled "Tho ltupparee 
Trtrujnr.** Kate Uorke Is engaged to play Iho ugeinout 
heroine of (he piece, a gay and faacluutiug Umpires. 

Percy Burton, who has beeu connected with 
Forbes Hobiirlaon, lias beeu engaged bv Nixon 
& /dmmerumu ftir the front of Iho house at 
the Lyric, during the run of "Maurlcctte." 

Lewis Waller, who Is IWcMafl tho Imperial 
Willi A. Conaii Doyle's popular play, "Briga- 
dier Gerard,'* has decided to close his bouse 

his usual success. "Menetckel.*' the rays- 
teilous writing ball, which mated much talk 
during Its recent engagement nt the Hippo- 
drome. Ik at Iho Empire, Nottingham, cur- 
rent week This week's bill at the Man- 
chester Hippodrome Ib a vrrv strong one, 
as both lliu-kftmchinldt aud Madrall tire feat- 
ures of It, both giving their wrestling exhi- 

April 30, Dare Devil Kcbrcyer will com- 
mence a mouth's engagement at Olvinplu, 
Newvastle-on-Tyne. which Is under the maii- 
" lawea Thornton, of the Mobs 
ho building not Mug; big enough 

(he ■inrlnc act. Schreycr will build one 
hulf or his chute Jnsldu aud the other half 
out Hide. * 
one Imu- 
Ing oil tbo tops of the nel 

.._ week. 
Ihe engagemeut of "The Education or Mr. 
Plpp will dose Sunday ulght. 15. On Mon- 
day evening, Hi, the well known English 
actor, M. S. Wlllard, commences his engage- 
ment of two weeks. He will present a rep- 
ertory of his most nic lawful plnys, 

Gbanji Ow:ba Housh (Harry Asfcin, mau- 
nger). — For the third week of her engage- 
ment Mrs, Leslie Carter will revive "Zazu." 
BuKlness Is still big, and will doubtless con- 
tinue so to the eud of her wtny. 

Studkuakek Tiikatuv; (It. E. Hoi-meyer, 
manager).— "The College Widow" Is still 
playing to S. It, O., and the eud of tbe run 
is not In Bight. It begins tbe fourth week 
of its engagement Monday, P. 

Gakkick Tiir.ATUK (Sam V. Gersoa, mana- 
ger). — Margaret Augllu, In "Ziru," remains 
another week. Tbe great Hiiccess which 
MIks Augllu has scored hHH been most satis- 
factory to her friend* here. For oue week, 
coiuinent.lng .Monday. 10. "Fnntuua."' 

McYu:khu's Tiikathk (Geoi-go C. Warren, 
tuaiinver).— "The County C'hairm'au" la 
drawlna splendid audleuces to this house, 
wheiv It will remain another week. Sunday, 
10. fpr one ulghl only, "Ah Irfind of Nod." 
Monday, lo. ami for three weeks. Mudgo 

rlif^i "' , " Mr "' WI|WI ' t,r t,w "SS 

Cuicaan Orau Huusk i l.vman B. Glover 
nuiiuiKer for Kohl & Cnatle).— "Tlie Three 
(.rucuB coutluue to plense. John Shnlii. 
I-runk I-»rrliigton. Trlxle Frigunxl, Mabel 
BniTlKon, Amy Itichard. La Petite Adelaide. 
Sidney De Grey and Bert Weston are still 

I ; a BAULK Tiikatkb <M. 11. Singer, niana- 
ger),~ the Umpire" will be enlivened next 
week tiy tlic luti'oditctfon of several now fcat- 


eones. Display No. id — Herr Fuss. riMr 
'cycle somcramdl. Db*p!ov No. 11 — 'Hie l'otir 
( olltus, dancers: the Four ClalronK. terp 
slchorcan act. Display No. 12 — John Slat i-r, 
comedy bareback act : Albert Cnindall. 
comic e<]Uestrlau : Fred Hchadle, i-taiiHiv 
liorsemanshlp. Display No. 13 — Young tin*., 
" club jugglers and boomerang llirotvers: 
Eabituka. Juggler: the Juggling Normans, 
the Onrl Troupe, Juggling : the Five Moivulb. 
club juggling; Sakato and Yamuinotu, -hipim- 
one jugglers ; the De Marcos, ring act. IMs- 
play No. 14— -Tbe De Veues, equeatrlan act ; 
the Hobsons, equestrians; the Davonjioris. 
eniicstrlans. Display No. L" — The Clowiw* 
Carnival. Display No. 1Q — The Clarkoii!iim«. 
aerlallsts; Frank Smith, balnncing art; Ike 
Da Comas, aerial act Display Nu. IT 
— Annie Radford, lu the Dip of Death. .The 
usual hippodrome features rounded out the 

Iluw.iito Tiikatio*! (Dan Uussell, innwi- 
ger). — Bill for week of 9 will Include: 
Uussell. Onell and Gross, Boyd nad L»b\ 
Phllmore and Adams, Besale Bab. and C«f- 
cry und Gruut. Business most sallHfactory. Tiieatiik (John A. Feuncwv. :;i; :| - 
ager). — The Brigadier Burlesquers will l"i 
the offering week of S. Anaing the feature?, 
of this company are Edmuud Ilnys and Mar- 

fa ret Hayes, who present "A Win Cur. 
Jist week's attraction, Fay Kouter'a liar- 
lesnUe Co. Week of 10, Kentucky Belies. 

Trocaoebo TllBATnn (I. M. *iveln«arlfn. 
mauager).— The Guy Masqueradcrs open lurre 
Siiudnv afternoon, 8. Last work the tw- 
sino Girls did well, lllce & Barton 15 and 

Kobon'h Tipr-ATiiK (Sid Enson, uiuiui'.'cr'. 
—The Gay New York Girls Co.. preseniinj: 
"Old Glorv Seminary Girls" and "The Ken- 
tucky Rosebuds" as musical burlesques, will 
be tbe offering of the Eusoii Stock Co. Tliere 
will be specialties bv Bryan end Nudluc. 
Veto uad Wllsou, Axtell and lllnle, ihe 
Amatos. Adams and Edwards, and the Li'- 
Ing ltcture Girls. 

uaaauat Dijib UWUBU (William J. Swee- 
ney, manager). — The following are iu t»e 
enrio hall for week of 0: Prof. Barnes and 
bis trulued goose; Ilnrrv Ynlderu. magician: 
Voluey. the mail of mystery : May Temple, 
fancy worker, aud the Norseland giant. 

Clahk Sthbkt Mcsec.u (Louis ft. P*iR* 
manager). — Lifting great weights, mdp- 
Emma Merrick, will lead the curio hall tn* 

—Jghborlng bouses. 
I'he lank into which lie vvlll dive will be 
Inaeia-j right In tbe midst ot tlm spectators 
hie ihe hall. Mr. Thornton expects the 

during Holy Week, aud play three days of engagement, to lie the most proiitable one 

the week, I'orUmoutb, Blrmlugban and Mnu 

Thus for Juines Welch's season nt Terry's 
luumt beeu a lluauclul succckx. "The Heroic 
Sltibbs," produced Jan. 'J-l, lairelv lasted a 
mouth, and "A .ludge'K Memory," "which had 
IN llrsl pcrroriiiauce March lit. will to takcu 
off lo-iiight. ''Tho New Clown," an old suc- 
cess of Mr. Welch, will take Uu place till 
Air. Welch decided ou u new plav. 

The English adaptation or "Shore Acres." 
which, as already stated, will follow "Tho 
Socoud lu Cumuiuud." at tho Waldorf, will 
he done by F. G. Aflndo, ft- litterateur, who 
ha* wen hltlierto known by his books on 
travel nud sport. 

In a Vad litis In Spain." the uew Rovully show •""king after the ndverll; 
to Is? done Easier week, Uu de Sonsa will '"tti-tna me I hut they exjiei 
play the role of the duughter of uu American , ''wlcrlek Melville s "La 
inlllHiunlre. and llnrry Fragson will be seen " 
Co lute- de Iteausi'loure. The piece cau't 

have a long run nt the Royalty, arj f M. Coqur- Anistet'dam. will be nlnyed tbe first part of Bt, 
Uu und Mine, ltejaue arc duo to open there V 1 ,?.' 1 * which, Mr. Melville writes. Is the — ••it 

WnplBg his ride ut.11 height of urea, among these a InirlesnnV on abusiha' i tru <-' tl » ,, « week 'of 9. OUier features i will be-* 

■ircd feet, .the chute, structure rent- game. The" play ImwIiiIM £•*■«■ RmiU.. Mattie .lack. F Uwlc Gwj 

S. M n * leigh, Mme. Taylor and Jacob Finder, n tw 

GitKAT Nni.THK.tN TllBATBE (Fred C ? IU '' ll ^- : -- , ^ W •*** ** "* -«= 

HberM, manager).— John und Emma Uav. at 

!!; H? tl .'I 1 u , ,1,r 8 t ; company, wilt furnish 

he tttlractlon here for two weeks commene- 

hig with the Sunday matinee. H. They will 

"Down the Pike." Last week, 

proved a strong offering. "I. 

thai Iuik ever taken place In Newcastle. The 
fa,cl of half or ibe rhute being exposed will 
be a great advertisement. 

1 urn tiwU'liled to Charles Bern; tlie adver- 
tising expert of Boston, Mush.. V. S. A., for 
witiic very Interesting dala regarding the 
new Wonderland Park now lu process of 
construction at Revere Beach. Mass., U. S A 
Judging from my Information. 1 should sav 
the pe.rk will Ih 1 I sort of Improvement oh 
DraunhiMd and Luna Park at Coney Island, 
nnd ought to be n mint for the people back 
of It. Its localiou couldn't be better, as It 
Is only a few ml miles' ride from Boston ou 
one side, und Lynn and surrounding cities 
and towns on the other. Mr. Pcrrv, who Is 
looking after the advertising of the park, 

BXpact to open Mav :.0. 

"La Motoglrl" llnlshcs 
at the Orpheuru theatre. Frankfurt, to-day. 
utter ■ aiiccessfnl month. Circus Carre. 

hunt Phil Brown. Besslo Wright und Callu- 

InnVs Minstrel Show. . .„ 

ApriaiHATii. — Yvonne Keauey has brrn '" 

town two weeks. Siie resuiuca her starriiu, 

tour April 13 Alice Alva has just ''''• 

tahed a tour of the Nash circuit "■ 

executive stnff of William Morris' chhiis" *'': 
lice includes : Jessie L. Lasky. RgMH 
Hlmyne. Arthur Fablsh and Charles Wilson- 
This Branch opened Mondav. April 2, Artimr 
b'ablsh has beea with the Western Wtiiie- 
celv.Hl bv lurm. Miidi.V«." ou , ''"iv' B *.i" u 'i f2"\./F: vlllc ManngerB* Assoclallon sluce Its "WJ 
Helddberir" l,udI '- , ■- Ci, • w«« *' 1«. "Old porutlon. several yenrs ago Horry *A 

be ween 


°'i}' to iS?™ for ■ r «tiirii'eligagcmcut 
' , ' 1 * , f... i: ?"* t ' K .(KllwUiutli Scliober, mnua- 

%$'* l J l ''.'-' mi r *•■■ '"""ffe'-Iug of tho Play- 
m„ !v& :°' for "S* ° r "■ ''""t week, 
(j o \adlK" was well played aud well Tiikathh (James 11. Browne. 
manage^.— ".Man's Enemy" la the off rr lug 

suiului. x. Last week, "Tlic Wav of the 
rramgrrssor" played (o good business For 
lo nod week, "An Hx« WUnan " 

Jhe t.holr Singer" Is the atti-action here 
for week; of S. "flic Ninety nnd Nine" ' 
to gaad houses last week, ~ 
Baxter Buried In." 

played Show 

general representative of Bowlawd « J. J* 
ford's enterprises, says that Rowland # <-' '* 
ford iiavc complctetl arrangements Tor "' c 
building of a new theatre at Mleldgau ( tiJ- 
Ind. Tho slto has Iwen selected, the prop- 
erty purchased, and -the plans drawn nn; '• 
proved. Work on the revr playhouse win w 

pushed with great sneeess Gtm™ .t'"' 

jfcrnid, pri^H representative of Ihe rwm 
show- b&R lieen hi this city "ie nast 

ltejaue uro duo to open there 

l'hlwurd Mortou Is preparing u uew plav 
for .Mr. Edwnrdes. tbo eeutrul ilgure of which 
Is to lie Mr. PuiH'h, to hi played by Edmund 
Payne, tho prluclpal comodliiu of the Gulctv. 
Jlr. auriu Is best known us the author of 
"Sun Toy, ' . 

„ !J t 1 ? ,? llll tf. S5 IWEJ" 1 *! " f tllp Aiiuiuiu 
hit Dallas Weliurd. who. 1 uudersliind. has 
leeii making ii grout hucccbh In New York 
hi "Mr. Ilopkltoton," has signed a contract 
for ftvo yenrs with James A. Uackett 
nt Aa , onfWBlttg cobo was brought up In a 
Birmingham court this week. John' Guy 

Week of 15, "ifow ahjaTlgr IrllMllllYwM ftlil^l'l ■■T'''~1 J * 

aeiitaltve of the Great Wallace Shirtw,*;" 

Uro lloyal, 

miuiiigvs from Uobi"n Arihurr the 'prudm . , 

of the puiiLuiuiiuc "Altiddlu," at thut houite 

doll's Rfeoitd re-eugagement at Ihn 
I have Just received the follow 
iioumictuciit from Mr. Gnrrlck, press 
sentntlve of Hie Hippodrome, rego 
novelty due ut tho Hippodrome ' 
"The Impossible proved jiosslble Is perhaps 
somewhat of a paradox, but it Is the only 
way lu which lo udettiialely describe the 
latest sensational novelty, uuuiely. a marvel- 
ous uicchaulcnl talking head. 'Dronza' Is 
the Wm given to thYs masterpiece of lu- 
Renuity. A beautifully modeled wax bead, 
slightly turgor than that of a human being. 
Is placed upon a machine somewhat re- 
sembling in appearance a miniature organ 

nil .T.V, Irtt. hIi1,.h. *,^. r . . ^ ^ _ _ i 

ii tn. weex «t 8. West, and Vokes nee lim 
^f™i„.r.!' l M« r »«^*^Vu«™la".ff , 'l^ 
nei't "'riio choir Mluanr" 
* '"ITio Kerry 

.UK latl.v. 
dm, w,-ii. 


tint lo and ive,>k, 

well known Xw York aarot. ftoJSflt 
moat emphatically and poaltlTely *'nl™ "' 
tlic Ijilcriintlmuil'l'lieali'tol Oimimuv.. ■■■■ 
I am In rcrelnt ot a nolo from II"- I"- ;.";, 
« liodgors Couiody Co.. wlilcll alai™ 'I'V 
Ihdjr open tliclr seaaon al lkll.!*»T. "*■ 


■ . 

...Howie, and labile were 


™.,™. ".'.. Sr.V* u . c . }" WJ"*" ijuy kltnl, sptaka In o.loiia, ,'loar end p,r- 

fcillljr dlstluel rolit, dlspteylug • nmtit- 
ulle auuwk-dKC ut lulDu* nua.ti prcst-m uud 

i,«S'-"t^\v»v T ';S , , J ," l "i,»- ll0 «»". "I"" 

of Varknp " 

Choir Nli, S i 

M.;.ii:snr hwa (c. r;. Dra 

• l» m ThVradaj."'riifT liavo been very fljf* 

S "llrl." For 16 ,uft~4 , °*fi, r |! 52 9*&5&> Woat.Md have Mgl *** 

iger." i. ■»■ «d, mo week since laat November IW ;.,?.,. 

. . nr 'l'ltKtTBU IC B t,...,„, - nnd Dorothy Doyno were callers 1'""";,' 

the hendllnrr wppt »■" « «•• m ^ m - m 
the bill will b»: 





GREATLY IMPROVED AND SIMPLIFIED. It Has Stood the Test for Years and has come to stay. Silence and Steadiness are Its Strongest Features 



THE CAY DECEIVERS, length 776ft. 883.00 I THE HOLDUP OF THE LEADVILLE 8TACE, length 700ft. • 984.00 

THE SERENADE, length BOOft. 60.00 I TRACKED BY BLOODHOUNDS, length 4BOft. - - - 84.0O 

"Ch«MiO ■'llWfcSJ Aro All Perfect In Detail and Steady. Send *or Oomplet* Oatalonue. 


. M. M. BUOKWALTER, Western Agont, Donv«»r v Ool. 


Ronton, — With one exception x change ot 
hill Is announced at every bouse In town tha 
current week. Annie Russell gives "I'rlend 
Hannah" It* first local rendering tit the Pork ; 
Ann, K. Haekott and Mnry Mnnnerlng will 
present, "The. Wallri of Jericho." nt the Tre- 
moot* "Forry-tlve Minnies from Broadway" 
h-thp Colonial hill; "The Knrl and the Girl" 
will fif *»**n nt the Majestic, and "Mrs i,ef- 
llngweir* Boots" at the llollls Htreet. Other 
newcomers ore : "Behind the Mask," at the 
Globe; "Across the Pacific," at the Grand 
Onera House ; "The Dancing Girl," at the 
1 inplre; "The Three Musketeers," at the 
tidKtJp Sniiare, and "Lost to the World," at 
ihe Qavdoti Square. "Mrs. Wlzgs. of the 
Cabbage Patch,** Is In Us third ana final week 
nt the Boston. Business maintained a good 
average last week. 

1'ark tChas. l-'rohman, Rich. & Harris, 
managers). — "b'rlend Hannah," a new play, 
by Paul Kester, will have It* first loon I ren- 
dering At this house on Monday evening, '.), 
with Annie Rnssell fla the Htar. The s<_-enes 
of the plAy are laid in Knglond nt the Lime 
ihat Oeorge III came to the throw. The 
supporting company Includes : Oswald Vnrke, 
Ida Vernon, George Woodward, Ida Water- 
man, Albert -Browne. Kronces Stevens and 
Thomas C. Cooke. The engagement Is for 
iwo weeks. AVllllnm Collier, la "On the 
Qitlel," closed four weeks of 'good hualnc.-ta 

on Satnrday night, 2. _ ; _•_ 

Tbbuont (John II. nduum, mnnoc.i?r). — 
The Current week begins n fortnight's en- 
gagement at this house for .lac K. llackeit 
and Mnrv Mnnnerlng. In "The Walls of 
Jericho," d-play new to Boston. During the 
past forlnlcht "The Heart of Maryland' at- 
tracted goodslxed houses. . - . 

-colonial (Chaw. Krohmnn. Itlrh & Harris, 
managers*. — Opening Monday evening, !i, 
with a benefit performance, tendered l» T. I*. 
Lothian, assistant manager;- Geo. Mathews, 
treasurer, and A. I". l^orhJan, ticket HMt, 
the attraction here for three weeks will he 
Fay Temple ton, lu "ForfY-tlvp Minnies from 
Broadway.*' Itnliert lyiralne. In "Man and 
Superman," enjoyed- three weeks o£ good 
hSaiftaA ending Inst- Saturday night. ■ 

Munstir. (A. U Wilbur, manager). — "The 
Karl find the Girl" opened a three weeks* cn- 
eA cement at thin house on ■.Saturday after- 
noon T F.ddlo Fov heads thp excellent eom- 
nany. On Friday night. (I, "The Social 
Whirl" rinsed n prosperous stay of two 
.nmjM Rthert (Isaac B. HlrTi. manager). 

The attraction here for week nf » Is "Mrs. 

lieffingwell's Boots.' 1 Owing to the Illness of 
I'thPl Bnrrvmoro, only two performances nf 
••Alice Slt-hy-rhe-Flre' r were given Inst week, 
and the company disbanded for the season. 
Miss Barryraore waa successfully opcrntPd on 
for appendicitis, and Is rapidly recovering. 
Mclntvre and llenlli will come 1«, In "The 
Ham Tree." -. 

/Boston (Lawrence McCarty, manager).— 
After two weeks of excellent business, "Mrs, 
Wlggs of the Cnhbage Patch" Is now In her 
closing davs at this bouse. Andrew Mack, 
In "The Way to Kenmare,*' begins hla annual 
engaaement'next Monday evening. 

BUM (Stair A Wilbur, managers). — "Be- 
hind the Mask" opens Monday afternoon for 
one week here, giving way J6 to to. 
During tbo past week Williams nnd Walker 
were seen In "Abysalnla," and good business 

Guano Oprra IIodrti ( fla w y W. Mnew, 
moonger).— l-'ollowlnc 11 gooil week for "llow 
Hearts Are' Broken.' r Ihe offering here 0-14 
Is Chaw. K. Blaney's popular^lny. "Acrow* 
the rnctrtc." Florence Binilley, In " r l h« 
Street Hlnger." will come Ifl. 

RMriM (John T. Mlichell. manflger).-- 
The new F.mplre Slock Co. received a cordial 
creeling on Its first appearance here Inst 
week. "The Woy of the World" waa finely 
lireFented to crowded houses. The bill [or 
this week la "The Dancing Poll, with 
Minnie .Sellgmnn and Wllllain Bramwell lu 
the leading roles. "Under Two Flags will 

be put on next week. * i 

Castlk Bquaih (Borton. Stage Society, 
managers). — "The Three lIuBketeere H 
given by the house Btock this week, follow- 
in" twelve excellent iind well attended pjc- 
sentftlon? of "The Kxlles." In rehearsal for 
week of Id,. "Bomeo and Juliet." 

UoWDOiw SqtABK (G. E. Jx>Uirop, mnna- 
r«-i -u-TTi" T^thren Rtoek Co - headed by 
CbnrlM Miller ana Charlotte Hunt, will be 
aeen in "Lost to the World" this week, as a 
Hiircessor to "Wealth and Poverty." which 
attracted big business for week ending i. 
Next week, "The Bnv from the West.' 

KiiTR'sj (B. F. Keith, manager).— This is 
the seventh nnd final week of Llio record 
brP3klD5 engagement of Harry Houdlnl, "the 
lifindcun: king.'' as hend liner at thin house. 
The current surrounding show Includes : 
Harry OHfoll. MeMahon's Hlnatrel Maids. 
Uerzoy-Cnmaras Slater^ Melon! Trio. Byron 
and Laogdon. Asra, McMahon nnd Cbapello, 
Ferguson and Watson, Ben Bejver, the Tena- 
kas. Artwl and (lunn. Lily Hevllle, and new 
motion pictures. ■ Business conUnuw* big here. 
Howaro (Carl J). I.othrop. INMM mau- 
itger).— B1U for week of : Four Bard Iiros.. 
lairyea ami Mortimer. Cliarles "Santly 
Chapman nnd "[inrry" O'Connor. Fred luiy 
and company. Howard and JUowarn, Kitty 
Bingham, Ihe Norrlses, the Burkes. Aland I>e 
Ivira. Meyer anil Mason. Mac nnd Mac. the 
llowordscope, nod the Howard UnrlcstineiN, 
with Uen. H. Alexnnder, In "The tteb Weax- 
ers." Fine bills attract big houses to thla 
popular resort. 

PAMcn'CCInu. n. Waldron. manager) — 
Thn.Bliie Blhbon CJlrls bold the singe -this 
week. In the olio nre : WorltTa Trio, the HI- 
donlaa, Adams and Drew, the AiirIIds, Hie 
Harmonious Four, and the Ten Bed Jiiiannrs, 
The Blnck Ornnk Co. did well last week. 

Cnn'tijiiA illarrv N, Fnrren. manHHP r l--r 
The Htar Show Girls nre ,liero thla week. 
There are two burlesques, and vaudeville in 
(•resented by the Toreador Trio, Carney and 
wngnw. Delta and Venton, fAmbert and 
Ten Brooke, Nolan and -While, Mf and Ves- 
tal, and moving, plcttireg. During the nnst 
week business wns good, with the May How- 
ard Rxtravagaazn Co. . . 

•Ltcri'U ig, 11.. Bntcheller, manager).-— 
Rcrlbtt fir's Gay Morning Glories Co,, In the 
two act musical comedy, "The Devil's Dfitigh- 
inr."fl.l4., 'Phcre Is a good olio, and ns an 
nddert feature, Coates and Gnindy'B Water- 
melon Trust. The BenlR-Snnlley Co. enjoyed 
line patronage Inst wee*.. L 

Al'RTIW & Ktonm's Mitsri-m (A. H. Wlme. 
m.tuflger). — The. pneumtiltlphnne, n wtmder- 
fiti musical Invention, holds over hh the curio 
hall- feature for week of !». Others: Dbla, 
the Illusion: Alnbonse, on Ihn revolving 
glohe; the Rnuirto, WmbN workers; 'mule, 
'he sonkc nuecn, and Ihe big »iinke. (in the 
singe nte: Powelrs Minstrel Maids, fesfur- 
log: Irene Young. Ida Campbell. Lnlile I lan- 
ehard. Frilth Melrose, Grace Howard. Pearl 
Hudson, Minnie Burke. Lulu Keeley. MllUn 
Belmont, Gertrude Thayer. Cthel A\fllince, 
■Ijmes Maxwell. Hnrrj- Powell. Dick Phthkett, 
Charley Clark, nnd Dan Colllna, Morton Sls- 

ters, Harry and Sadie Daly, Trans-Atlantic 
Trio, and Alabama Comedy Four. 

Walkkr's MuflRtiM iL. B. Walker, mana- 
ger),— Curio hall, week ot !>; "Chick" Law- 
aon will meet all comers at 115 pound* on 
the wrestling mat : Hennctr, king of aerlnl- 
lats; Ho'lm Hid, cord manlpnlittor. and bal- 
ancing Stevens. Stnge show: Nina Hart- 
ford's Burlesque Co, Olio: Harry Morrill, 
Lewis and Howard, llenn tfJMjr, Grace Walsh, 
Joe Zarrelll, and the blrwoi*\ Business is 

Nickelodeon (W. H. Wolffe. manager).— 
Week of 0, carlo ball: Ulllun Carter, car- 
toonist : Chas. Ctirngaliuo's trained dogs, Ma- 
zetll, expansionist, and Llonetie, the king of 
paper learers. In the theatre: Clifford's 
Femalo Minstrels: olio— Bollle Clifford, Glbbs 
Sisters, Amelia Garvin, Annie Walsh, nnd tho 
Cnrteiia. Patronage h siltl on the liicreaae. 

Mrsic Hau. 7/0O (Stephen M. Stephens, 
manager). — Big crowds nre dally in attend- 
ance at this attractive resort, where there la 
a Hue collection of rare birds and animals. 
An excellenr orchestra furnishes music, 
nnd there Is also "Punch and Judy," etc., for 
the children. 

Notes. — Sunday concert hills 8 : linninn 
T/n<7fr<— Jnck Mason's Society Belles, Three 
Mllchells, Two Ci-nce-.. Carson Bros.. Mc- 
Gloln and Smith. Mr. and Mi's. Reed, Mas- 
well nnd Ford, Dnvey and Phllllpe, Mi-Lain 
Sisters, and the KIHe Comedy Four. h*oic* 
fain ftqmre — Ilolenmhe, Curtis and Webb, 
La Vetjn and Cross, Three Cartmells, Ilny- 
man and Franklin. Ij» Boy nnd WmUbfd. 
Lillian Taylor. Hubert Deventi, Arclier and 
Crocker, Billy .Chase, Kennedy and Jnme«, 
Dorothy Knndall. tircat Stevens and Ll'/zle 
Olt. (Ilaiir and MajinHr— Tom Nnwn and 
company, James II. iilcnroy. Cftrmnlln and 
Kildie. Fltzgihbons, McOqr and FltzglbUons, 
Hoth'rts. Carter and Waters, Hetlf Bros., tltlo 
Brow.. Poller and Hart well, and Hnzlett.... 
t^nrrle TuMn. a well known vaudeville per- 
fprmer. of this rliy, died st, IjOwcII, Mass., 
April 1*. from heart failure. 
. , ■ — s 

Lowell. — At the Lowell opera llmisa 
(latin k Grant, managers) the hVnherg Slock 
Co. had very good business last week. Jack 
Chftgnon, formerly n menrher ot Ihe Hunting- 
loa-De ileyn Stock Ci>. hen*, was leading, 
and reeeivetl a royal welcome amr several 
Unral favors from bis many friends, during 
Ihe week. The i}[* Musical Oiittys were the 
vaudeville feature. Tho ICdwVii. ioung Stock 
Co. week of April 0. 

Academy op Mnsio fB. F. Murphy, nwin- 
ager). — The stock company offered "The. New 
Magdalen." last week, to nod business. Tho 
house wilt ls» dark week K ». and will oiteu 
with the company tinder the direction of 
Isabel Fletcher, the leading lady, who bus 
been so successful nnd won so many friends 
here during the past two seasons. The new 
company will Include: Klcftnrd Thornton nod 
lsaiwi FU-ii-m-r. lead::: Fmntle Whlrboiise, 
Bijou Washburn^ .lames Montgomery. P- J« 
Siilllvnu. Jack Ctmgnnn, Bulla Budcliffe nnd 
R S. Anderson. Special lithographic paper 
of -111*1 Fletcher has been Issued, nnd the 
stage is to be refitted with scenery aDd fur- 

..liATHAWAT's (Jolin L Sliannon. resident 
manager). — Last week's excellent bll waa sue 
cessfully beaded by Archie Boyd and com- 
pany. In his now plnylet, "After Many 
Yen'rs." The Great Asra was also deserving 
of mention. For ft nnd week: Kdward F. 
Hevnarrt. ihe Carter- Waters Co., In " the 
Wlae .Mr. Conn ;" Mr, and Mrs. Perkins 
Fisher; in "The Jlalfway House;" Trfln*- 
Atlantle Four, Majestic Trio, Mai He Locket t. 
I.aveen and Cross, and the vllagraph. The 
Sunday concens are drawing S. It. O. bnsl- 

Bostox.— Business Is always good here, 
with a pleasing list of entertainers. "Hie 
Country Store and Boston Most-one. nre 
great magnets, nnd amateur night packs the 
home. Bill for week of 0: Wim Henry 
Daly. Wilson and Mnrao, Delano, "the man 
with the fnnuy walk;" Ardolle and Leslie, 
ihe Alvfn Brothers, and the Boston bioscope, 
fealnrlng "Oliver Twist." The Sunday con- 
certs nre packing the bouse, and ChiiB. La 
Foye, the new soloist, Is meeting with big 

FKorWa (Al. Brndslinw, manager).— A 
good bill last week drew fair business. Ihe 
Peoplescoisi Is showing some of the latest 
motion pictures, and Fred Chognon, come- 
dian, also made good. For week of »: 
Thompson nnd Kenedn, Amelia Oiirvln, Fred 
Chognon (second week). Muhel Madlgnn. Il- 
lustrated sonps nnd moving pictures. After- 
piece, "Why Freddy Left , Curls." 

WovnEBUXp.— A. H. Watson la holding 
forth hero (formerlv rnlnee ITientre), and 
entertaining good business. 

Aucadij (Geo. \X. Carey, manager).— Busi- 
ness has been very good the past week, wlih 
all the latest In alot machine novelties for 

Mention-.— rom Kllleen, of Kllleen nnd 
Murphy, opened with his new net here Inst 

week, and made good Ida Mprle lagers, 

ut the Hathaway last work, visited Home 
iin d many friend? here.,.. --Archie Boyd 
ond company open nt Poll's Theatre, Hart- 
ford. Conn., 0, with (lie Poll circuit to fol- 
low Ground was, broken 7 for Ihe new 

Keith Theatre here, which will be one of 
the best In New, England. 

Snrlnirneld,- At (he Court Squnre Tbe- 
alre ID, ft Gllmore, ronnager) turn ven-in 
(locall cave nn exhibition to a host of 
frfendi April 2. Andrew Mack. In "The 
W»v to Kenmare," enjoyed good business u. 
Annie Rtmwll roittle her llrst American ati- 
pearanee, after nearly a .years »bwncc . ' l 
USSSL nt the Bron.tway Tl.enlre. Norwich 
CI 4. In a new four not drama, "Wend 
Hannah." from the pen at 1 "mil . KjP^ .|ho 
Htorv In that, of Hie romnnce of George III, 
tiS the Prince of Wales, wllli lrnnnft h 
Ij&rhtJnot ■ Quakeress, who possesses all 
the exuheraat spirit of, a young lady of 
elehleen. Their ilrst meeting la #ben Ihe 
vounc prince was thrown from his horse 
while on a fox hunt, and brought to her 
mother's home. Both young P^nleare smli- 
ten with each other at once, nnd when Han- 
nah Unds thnt he Is from London she, de- 
cides to accept the Invltntlon of hor uncle 
to come to London nnd take up her residence 
with Mm. Here Oeorge, Tudor, as the pr nee 
l» known to Hannah, Is a ^""f'* 1 '"; 
Her uncle, upon lenralbg that nannali 
rtnesn't return the love of Bw.""'*'"' I"" 
Axford. which was Ms object. In having her 
Ton e lo live will. lilm. orders Her to re urn 
„ "her mother. Rather than have H.I*. 
George Is secretly married to her. Fho 
let lb or ihe king, fleorge IL. ftdlnwhg 
Ky upon ihe iirluce's iinpHaU. makes 
necessary for him M leave hla yoiing 
wife rather uncerrtDouieitsly- /Jhojirlme i min- 
ster. Iwnt upon wimwiliig the i wo. ; vl si s the 
home during ihe absence of the husband, nnd 
SSmh to Hannah who ner loved one really 
is but It Is left to Augusta, mother of the 
new king, to gain the rnnsent of Hannah » 
Hie senarnilnn. and th^n only nfter denlcf- 
Jng the trouble It would male throughout 

Ivuirlaud should George HI announce bis 
alliance to a subject. Tills sacrifice pbo 
makes for her mawry, and uftcr desirurliig 
her marriage certificate, she relurns to Jier 
old home broken benrted. Fifty years later, 
while Ihe king Is pnvsiug Ui rough Hie town, 
he vUils her old home, broken down in health 
and nearly blind. As the old sweetheart 
lends him around, he Ihluks he In gupa-d 
by her spirit. The cast: Tbo Prince 
of Wales, Oswald Yorke : Uilwnrd, Dukw 
of York, Thomas Collin Cook: Duke ot 
Chondos, Albert Brown ; Lord Rule, i'rlnio 
Minister of Kngland, George Sunnier*; 
Thomas Light foot, George Woodw&nl; Isaac 
Axford, Kdward Longman. Robert Clegg, It. 
!'■. Jamison ; Augusta, 1'rlncess Dowager of 
Wales, Ida Wnlermaii ; Margaret Llghtfoot, 
llanuab's molher, Ida Vernon: Betly Trott, 
Frnnces Stevens; Hannah Llghtfoot, Annie 
Russell, The play creuteil a ravorahle Im- 
pression here, Miss Russell and hla Water- 
man being exceptionally good in their re- 
spective rotes,, Sam Iternnrd, In "The Rol- 
licking Girl." 10; Symphony Club rnnrcrl It, 
Stetson's "tipele Tarn's Cabin" afternoon nnd 
evening 14, Mildred Holland, la "Thn Lily 
and the Prince" (Under the auspices of 
Meihn Temple, Mystic Shrine), is. and "The 
Triumph of nn F.mpress" lft. with matinee ; 
William J. Kohlerdl tociil) will present "Ham- 
let" 2b, "The Isle of Splee" 21, with matinee. 

New Gilaioke (P. F. Shea * Co., mana- 
gers). — "From Hags to Riches" 5-7, "In- 
serted at. Ihe Alttir" 13-14. 

Pom's iJ. C. CrliMle, resident manager). — 
Frank anil Jen Latonn, and Rclehen's dogs, 
were two acts which were well received In 
last week's bill. Curd for week of fl : Jewell's 
Manikins. Carrol Johnson, Ilnymond and 
Caverlv. Potter nnd Ifartwell, Miixit/. aad 
Mazeiie, l-'lske ami afcDonongh, . Josephllio 
Davis, and electrogrnph. 

Nelson (P, F. Shea Jfc Co.. mnnagers). — 
Scrlbner's Morning GIoi-Im, *j-4, came io good 
returns. The Watermelon Trust whs> a great 
favorite. Irwin's Big Show played n return 
dale ."-7, and did well. Tin- olio wns astrong 
feature. In which toe net nf W. S. Ilarvey 
and company, anil the lie Fare Slsiera, ware 
foremost. The Moonlight Maids H-ll, Ful- 
ton's Jolly Grass Widows 1'2-li, 

1,'niieb Tin: Lntt: I.miiits.— -Om of the so- 
ciety events of Ihe season will be Hie Upclug- 
jii-Ui Hospllnl benefit, ah Poll's Theatre, April 
Id, to clear the debt from Gift bouse, pres- 
ent Indications nre Hint over CSftAMl will ' 
be cleareti. The tickets nre selling at from 
is:; to sii.'i each, and the boxes bring $1,000 
a piece, Tim theatre will be decora hal, the 
orchestra will render special music, while 
a corps of society girls, in Hie gm-h of nurses' 
will sell tloivers and cAndles In the foyer nnd 
auilllorliiai. The prograrnme consists of the 
Hungarian Roys' Blind, Rose Went worth 
Trio, F.leunnr Hlslers, Herald Square Quar- 
tette. Three Lelghtons, Mecrx Brothers, 
Archie Boyd and company, ami electmgraph. 

Kdith Bhtlby, of the National Stock 

Co., Is visiting at ner home here for a abort 

time Charles H Kvaua, ih« well known 

comedlnn, has lately purchased a piece of 
projsrty on Grove Street. Chlcopee Foils, 
which, after extended repaint, will be oc- 
cupied by 'Mr. and Mrs. ft vans ns their fu- 
ture home.... The annual convention of the 
American Guild of Mandolin. Banjo and 
Guitarists, wns held In this city. 4, Those 
who took part In ihn Concert nt Hie high 
school hall thnt evening were: The Boston 
Ideal Club, consisting of George L, Lans- 
ing. Albert D. Graver. Albert: A. Rabb 
and Walter F. Vreelandj IV Main Wood, 
Frederick J. Bacon, Frederick F. V'iin 
Kpp, Frank S. Marrow and Master lleruinn 

Brady News was received In this city 

of i bo death of George G. Martin. Uio tea- 
glelna (professionally known as Mary.e.1), ut 
the Massachusetts Ifauieopathle Hospital, 
Boston, 4, from the effects of an operation. 
Mr. Martin formerly worked in Ibis city ns 
n printer before ho appeared upon the afigiv 
.... . .Otis sklmicr canceled his date for 17. 

Kdward liOiigmnn, Amherst '01, and a 

recent graduate of ono of the dramatic 
scliools, who Is supporting Annie Russell, in 
"Friend Hannah," was accorded a warm re- 
ecnlon by old college chums, nt CourL Square, 

Worcester. — At tbc Worcester Theatre 
< J. F. Ruck, resident mnnuger) Sum Ber- 
nard. In "The Rolllckiag tjlrl." April I). 
Kcllnr gave nn excellent perforniliiu-e, to 
good returns, J, Andrew Mack was well re- 
ceived 7. 

Franklin Sqi-are (J. F. Burke, resident 
manager). — Week of Malcolm Williams 
nnd his stock company. Including Florence 
Reed, will produce "Michael StrogoiT." Week 
of 16, by special request, the couipanv will 
produce "The Liars," their opening play one 
year ago. Last week the company played 
"Rust Lynne." Miss need's work i'n pnrtle- 
ulnr, and thnt of the company lu geitoral, 
won the approval of ^\pry audience during 
tho week. The minor (hat the company 
would probably close Ihe hitter part of May 
has been dented. 

Park (AIL T. WIHon. manager) .—Week 
of P: Fred Lenox and company. In George 
Ado's "On Ills Uppers;" West nnd Van Blck- 
len. La Maze Bros., Phil and Nettle Peters, 
Dillon Bros., Hoqges and Lniiuchracre, 
"Chick." and the klnotogmpli. The Three 
Dumotids were particularly well rerelvoil last 

pni.pfl (Chas. W. Fonda, resident mnnn- 
ger). — Week of fi : Hungarian Boys* Bund, 
Mason and Keliey, Hayes and Johnson, Fran- 
cis Owen and company, In "'Jim Benediction ;" 
Gardner and Sloddnnf, Three Dnltnu*, Relit 
Bros., and Hie electrogrnph, 

Palaph.— Week of !>: The Three Musical 
Mnanrchs, Princess Madeline, Lavell s Sisters, 
Harry Burns, the living act studies, nnd tho 
musical burlesque, "Glad Tidings," The usual 
wrestling iittrni'tlons will lake place Wednes- 
day and Friday evenings. 

Bill week oC 0; Paul Conchas, Jaa. A, Kler- 
num and company, LBIIau Ashley, Mtiyma 
Ueiuliigiun mid picks, Jolly Johnny JuTins, 
Sabine, G'Nell nnd Vera, Antrim and Peters, 
nnd klncli>grauh. 

Bost"N iCnorf. Sirlikflslnger, manager). — 
Week uf » : u.n-th imd Harltcek, May Parent, 
Potter and Palaier, Curling nnd Murine, 
Kdllli Ki.berlx, and Boslonscope nnd Fanny 
Fveretl's Burlesijuors. Ilnslness la very 

NicKruinEON (M. r, 0'Bri*»n, manager). — 
Business i-outlnn**N giKid. Week of »: Frank 
Cbafello, Arthur St. Peter, Marlon Mjirlell, 
Burke and Vcrline, and ontiHcope. 

Kran. — Nat Lenlngwcll iuki W. 11. Bar* 
wall, of-fhe Lemngwell ft Barwall Hloek C«>., 
which i»pens nt llathrtway's Thealre, l/owell, 

10, were In town Inst, week J. Frank 

Iturke, F.rerett Aidlck, Ktliet Klder and Ann 
Singleton, of the J. Frank Burke Stock Co., 
were recipients of many floral offerings IMC 

week The employes of tho K. S. Brom 

Co. wer«« present a « guests of that Unn. 5, at 
Siifcdy'&i Tliculre, to witness Hie iwrturmnuco 

of "The Girl 1 Left Behind Ale.' f John 

M. Welch, general ugeul i>f Gihi. M. Cnhan'M 
enterprises, wns In town bUI week, cnlllug 
on his many friends. 

p ., ■ « . — — , 

Lynn,— AL the Lynn Theatre (Frank (1. 
Harrison, manncer) the Joseph Flynn Htm-k 
Co, [ibived to fair biisliifss week of April i', 
IClurkt'rhim «:o. 0-U. Sousa'a Band comei 
'22, for a matinee concert only. 

AuummiUM (Barry Kutxes, manager). — > 
Notwltllitandlng the Leiiien Rusm, Hill 
lioust* continues lis big business. Bill week 
of !* : Itlce and Prevost, the Three Cart- 
mells, Leo liiuiiio. Lawrence ami Hnrrlng- 
tun, Prcf, Bristol's ]>oules, Then. Julian, 
Holmmk'. Curtis and Wchb, mid tho vita- 
graph pictures. 

Gem (Charlea W. Sheafe, manager).— 
Every night InisIneKii Is great, and afternoon 
perfnrmnnces nre well attended. Rill weak 
of 1l: Jean Reaugere. Walter King and ,^dn- 
line Jlnslo'ip, the Imperial MtislciH Duo, 
Charles L'jwls nnd Annie Delmuro, and 
Sbenfe's moving pictures. 

Sai.i:J£ TiJEA-nti:, Salem (Geo. H. Chert* 
ham. uinnngor).--0. \: Flgtunii and Ruth 

White unpen red in "The Tvuderfonl (J, 10 

" hnuue, nnd Jules Murry's Cometiy 

presented "Tin* Marriage ut Kitty" 7, 

a good 

to big liusiiiesH, 'nn- Maud lllllmnn Cu. !), 
for the week, this ts-lng her remrn engage- 

N*m:». — Manager Sheafe Is making prepar- 
ations for the ii|H>u1ng of his Summer thea- 
tre nt the Relay House, Nabanl, which will 
probably be early in June. The house will 

receive n number *»f liuprovemeals 

Manager Kdmimd V. i'belnn, of the Phelan 
Ht'M'k Co., hns closetl his season on the road, 
and will open his Hummer season nt Capo 
Cottage, Portland. Me,, Juno 17, where lie 

has been for u number of Summers 

Tho Hnrvey and Gitge Co., n I.ynu organi- 
zation, having rluKcd, will hisui start on a 
tuuv (hrmiaji (he provinces for n Hummer 

sensuii 'lb e Jcrc McAulKTo Stock Co. 

will nlso make it provincial ti>ttr lids Bum- 


North Admits. — At the Umpire (John F. 
Sullivan, manager) Andrew Mack, In "Tho 
Way to Kenmare,* April 4, gave excellent 
satisfaction to a large uudleuco "The Real 
Widow Brown." 0, plenacd a fair house, 
"Side Trucked" had good business matinee 
and iiiulit 7. "Pet-k'a Bad Boy" 14. 

Rh-jimonii (Win. I'. Meiide, mnnnger),— ■ 
Bxcelleal biiHlaess Insl week, Hie Boynt ilnn- 
gp rlu a Boys' Band being a strong fenliire. 
Bill week of »: Frank Hall, ihe Wouderful 
La rex, Chas. De Catno and his dog, /.inelln 
and Trluiniev. Neiilo Veata, Ksmcrnltla, 
Ki-heger and Trimmer, nnd Ihn vltngrapli. 

Nori:. — The Royal Hungarian Boys' Band 
will give a sacred canccri Sumlav ai'termmn, 
April 8, at i lie Rlchnioud Theatre. 
■ — ■ ■ I ■ ■' 

New nertford.— At the New Bedford 
Theatre (Wnt. B. CroKB. mnnnger) Harconrt 
Cohiedy Co. came April 2-fi, io good bust* 
mm. "Mm. l.eillngWHll'K Boots" 0, Kellor 7. 

Hathaway'k (T. B. Baylies, manager)-— 
Week of " was ihe biggest week's buslnesi 
In Hie blstoiv or Ihe house. Brlndramore'a 
Imndculf act served to puck Hieui in. Bill 
for week of H: Mr. and Mrs. Perkins Fisher, 
Bav Cuv, Adamlal und Taylor. McVVatters 
and Tyson, All and Peyser, uajnr Uoylu, 
Harwell und Leinnwell. nnd vltngrapli. 

Note. — Savoy Theatre is dark, 
• ' ■--- 

Hnlynke. — At Hie Ots>rn House (Lnwlcr 
Bros., managers) "The Rent Widow Brown," 
April 7, came fa fnlr busltiPHs. "Busy l/.ay" 
Ht. Hletson'w "Uncle Tom's Cabin*' 12. I'.K 
Henry MIRer. in "The Uive that Blinds," Ml 
"The Islu of Spice" 20. 

t;vii'iKi: (T. F. Murray, mnnnger). — Tho 
Morning Glories pluved to hlg busluess H-7. 
"From HHgs to ItlehcH" 0-1 1. Muoti light 
Mollis 12-M, "Dcsorled nt the Altar." DI-DI, 
Al. RrcreH* Show 1D-2L 

Little nook.— At the Capital (Cbns. T. 
.Taylor, inunauer) Marie Cahlll, April It, lu 
"Molly Aloeiisidne." and David Btsphaui. -I, 
fared well. James O'NelL lu "Monte Crihto,'* 
Hi DockRtiider'M Minstrels in, llvnrletiii 
Crtimuin 1 1, To lion St«K-k Co. If-W 

Tiir Majhstic opened April X hi blghnsl- 
neas, the prices for the opening perforinanio 
being V-'.r»M on the ilrst uW. The houf»e Is 
one of the moxt complete nnd up-to-tlato lu 
the country. The op-mlng was In every re- 
hpect it great, miceess, nnd the alii-actlons 
oirei'tM were nil "top Hoteliers." and wern 
received with grent applause. The exterior 
of the house la constructed of pressed gray 
brlt-k, with etu white alone iromiblnga, In 
n Romanesque arehi(>:ctural design. A iiaud- 
Miiiun m-'i and nbisa iniLrqueexleadsDVei' tliu 
ablcwalk from the sput-iotm double doors lead- 
ing Immwllfllely Into the lobby, which oeen|i!es 
ncarlv the total sixty feet width of tha build- 
ing. The Hoot- It Hied. A monogram, encloslug 
the letter "Sf," illln the niiddlo centre uf the 
llooi*. The mnnager'B otllce nnd, the box id- 
Are are hlhmtud to the left. A ladlom' re- 
tiring Miua tills the right itnnd side of rim 
lobuy. The entrance Into the foyer of the 
auditorium extends entirely across the luhh\. 
A staircase, lends from tbo right side nf the 
foyer io the balcony. Tho gallery, approach 
Is innde from the extreme left aldo uf lite 
building on the sidewalk, the stairway being 
iinnieillntely (MM* of the bog olllciv Thn 
niutitorbtm Is iieurlv nqtmm Tbo parquel. 
beginning at thn foyer rail In the front of 
the Iheatre, make* nun unbroken slope to the 
stage, 'Die general color wcbeini' of the audito- 
rium Is a rich oMilood on Hut Hal: surface of 
lite walls. The private boxes, balcony front, 
proscenium arch add Its projecting sounding 
hoard an 1 all dime lu Ivory and gold laid <m 
hlghlv wrought relief work. This relief la 
enrrlcd out on balcony front and Ikix fronts 
la glided gnrlnnds and festoons of flora. Tbo 
boxes nre covered by canopies of solid relief 
walk In the Rnmnnesquft stvla. Tliu great 
frame, or proscenium arch fringing the stngu 
opi'tilug, is a solid mass of bnn-rciTef In gold. 
The auditorium will seat I, and persons, ivjn 
seats to thn lower (lour und the ivmnlniler 
in the Imiconr. Thn balcony, unstatrs. Is nn 
Innovation lu modern theatre litilldlng. In- 
stead of Hie gallery or third balcony, the gal* 
cutiv ilself has la-en divided Into two pans, 
the first nf whli'h is the balcony proper. Tho 
M'coarl dlvlslnn rises at u slee|i<T angle in 
the cornice line. These division* aro dim- 
ple! el v sc|ui in I cd I iv n pa rl 1 1 Ion, Tho 
Isilcotir In gained from Hie main foyer, 
downstairs, while the gallery section is 
ri'urhcd from Hie side luiiranee from thn 
front uf the limine, as already described. 
The trilul height of the auililurtiim is nlKiut 
•1'2 feel. The arrangement of Ihe stage Is 
such us to permit the production of any 
vaudeville net. The tidal height from .III*) 
singe to Ihe gridiron Irf 51. feet, permit Hug 
all Ihe scenery lu be carried unrolled Into 
(lie illcs. The stage opening Is Jlu foot. In 
width. The dressing ruottm bonentti the 
stage rest mi a grnulinld flooring, and each 
apartment hat running water ami poreetnlii 
wash bowl* with uioial tlxinres, The acen- 
ery Ini'tudea a complete set uf every pleco 
generally needetl in vaudeville. 
■ '■■ - — ■• — 

lint NprliiKN.— At the Auditorium (Rrlg- 
linm ii Hend. managers) "A Struggle for 
fluid" pleased April '2. James O'Nell, pre- 
suming "Mottle Crista," 4, had n large and 
appreciative audience, and u royal welcome. 
Docks tu drr'a Minstrels II, Henrietta Cms. 
man L't. 

. MAJfWtlc (Clins. Clear, manngnr). — Tho 
usual Monday evening audience filled this 
hiuiKi' '2, imd during the week nn interesting 
bill wns presented, including: 'lite Great 
Chester, equilibrist; Burton and Rankin, lu 
I heir musical military sknleh, "The Texau 
Volunteer;" Miller, the handcuff exiiert, and 
his mysteflous box ; the Miller-Browning Co., 
presenting their comedy drama, "Caught; 
Vhu J -its Noses. In light and slack wire act: 
Wlllard Newel) and company. In tliejr latest 
sketch, "Lnsl Nlghl." iiuil now moving pic- 
tures In Hie MnJoHtogt'uph. 

Nirii:.- -The interstalo Amusement ('o,, 
ennl rolling and opernilng Ilia Nfajeslle The* 
aires In the Kiuilbwest, aliununces Its iillltla- 
tb|it with Hin Weal urn Vaudeville Malingers' 
Association, of Chicago, hooking fur the or- 
pbetim, the Knlil & Castle, mill Hie llopkllir* 
clrcullH ot vaiidevlllo itoiises, and hereafinr 
nil featuieH appent-lng at Hiclr HiealriH will 
be ••iignged In Chlcitgo, through this ftMo- 
claled uniiiageojent. 



a iii'vn-iie,', — At the Opera Hnunn (Grant 
- & Cnlm, innnngern) "As ^o Sow" plnyed nn 
engagement, to good business, week of April 
a. Hhepnrri'x innvlng pictures had fair 
honses 7, Including oialltiee. Booked: "Tho 
Tenilerfuui" I), the Bowery Buriesqiinrs HI. 

Com in i at, i Al. Haynes, manager). — Good 
biiHlrti'Ns prevailed week of •£, with the 1)111 
very good. Week of fi: Murphy nnd Nichols, 
FliKglhbon-McCo** Trio, Chas. W. Llttlcflcbl, 
Besmih and Miller, Metrupolltnn Opera Trio, 
Mile. Lnllnft, Dorncb and Russell, und tlio 

■ s 

Taimton.— At (be Taiiaton Theatre (Calm 
A: t'rnss, managers) "Mrs. Lelllngweil's Boots" 
citine April \\, Kellnr 4, "The Tenderfoot" fi, 
and Hhepurd'n ronvlng pictures il. RuslnesM 
only fair. "The Black Croak" t-omnn 14. 

Fall River. — At the Academy of Munlc 
(Cnbn.ft Grant, managers) "The Tenderfool" 
was enjoyed April 3. by fnlr aitdloncea. Kel- 
lnr appeared 0. "Airs. LefUngweH's Roots." 
7, played to fair returns, although deserving 
capacity. The Timlin Theatre Yiddish Co. 
10, "Tbo Mocking Bird" (local) lfl, Gerrrudu 
Dion Maglll 17. 1H. "The Smart Set" HI, 
"The Two Johns" ao-21. 

BiiUKbV* <c. K. Cook, manager). — J. 
Frank Burk Stock Co. opened tbo Hummer 
season nt thin hotme, 2-7. wlih "The Girl I 
Led Behind Me," Io excellent business. Cthel 
Fbler und J. crunk Burke, in the lending 
roles, were mast promlneni. while the work 
of David Lnmhin. Ivveietr Aldrh-li and Jrtjili 
A. Daley was worthy of men Hon. The time 
between the iicIh was made to pass agreeably 
with llliistrntnd sonw by Jifr Snnford, and 
moving pictures. 'Ihe comnnny la excellent 
for siotk work, ami credit. Is due Mr. Harry, 
the mnnuger. A Rood business season Is sure 
(n reward him. ''Beware of Men" ti-14. 

mm (Al. Haynes, manager).'— A gnnfl 
bill Inst week drew well, W, u. Murjihy, 
Blanche Nichols anil company, and Metro- 
politan Opera Trio were special siicceaies. 


xvilmiugion, — At Bin Grand Opera House 
(J. K. Bavlh, manager) Ihe Vanity Fnlr 
Vuitdevllle c». came April 2, 'A. Lillian Blnu- 
velr, In "The Roue ot Albmabra," appeared 
4. Booked: "The Old Homestead" 11, "in 
New Vork Town" 14. 

Dock aiA nun's (JAnntCK (W, L. Dockstadar. 
mnnnger). — The season's long ran of good 
bii'iiai-HH continues. l<*or week of h : "in tho 
H wllli." Mrue. Herrmann, Beile ffulnnway'H 
monkeys and baboons, Mr. and Mrs. Howard 
Truesdate atid company, ihe Columbia ICour, 
Dmoks Bros., (he Dancing Demuths, and ihu 

t/v'riii (Daniel Humphries, manager).— 
"In Missouri" dill fair business 2-4. 1-dwird 
llarrlgaii,,fu "Old Lavender," fulled Io draw 
Hie liiisiiu'SM be deserved. Hastrr week the 
limine will be dark. "Hflppy Hooligan" In- 
Jf-, "Noi-Hiern Lights" lu-ai, 


- Wii.i.tam J, Wii,hon has accepted llm po- 
siHnii of general atage director of Hie Hippo- 
drome, Cleveland. 

Clnrintinii. — Tim Carl Hagcnheclt Great- 
er Shows luuagnraied Rh tetiied seasou at 
tnon under must favorable weather erudi- 
tions, nnd despite Hie handicap of rain 
and mud, a tremendoiiH success wiin scored. 
Afler two dnys nt Cumaiinsville, the show 
moved out io NonriHid. April 7, and then 
hlurteil far a lour of the State. Many circus 
people from out of town ininu 1 tn seu now thn 
expertnicitt of so early an upeiiltig was re- 
ceived, :nni tltey found the Hiutisi-aieiit suck- 
era simply ctrcua mad. MveryHilug was 
gurgeousiy tnlgbt. The gllller of Hie lit* 
irwinciory pm-cuiit, in wliieh nil the per* 
formers passed lu review lu processional 
entrv, proved fascinating. There were two 
rings, two singes mid n steel arena, which 
was into a third ting after 
ih«! trained animal acts were exhibited, b'lvn 
acts wen* lu utmost coulIiiuouh operation 
under Hie vast new run vim. The grenront 
feature In the iireim wits called "Thn Galli* 
erlng of ihe GntluiilH," lu which Hgers. IIoiih, 
ininms. leopards, pulur luiirn and Germau 
hoar bounds worn massed by Herman Boger. 
Ciirtrles Judge lutruducwl a Bengal tiger and 
elttpbunt acl, as well ns nn African lion and 
tiger. In nn. eatiostrlnn ad. Hurry Schubert 
directed the perfoiinntice of a flock of Swiss 
mountain goals, unit John Imdak gave n mat' 
vcl'iiia exhibition id training with a group of 
Polar bears. The eipiestrlan features worn 
strong, and the American debut of (be (Co- 
rolys, J-'raiix and Hugo, and associate riders, 
direct from Hungary, wns nn event of ft. They 
made a tleeldedlv favorable impression In a 
wet ring, hard oh man and beast. LoLln 
Jewell and her Arabian iirlstocntl, Chester* 
field; Minnie Taylor und William Klstut, 
Muhel Hackney and John Puller, Reno Me* 
Cree and Lulu Oaveopurt, George Holland 
am) -lt/ise Diiekrlll, and Julia LownmU 1 . Lhn 
"Citbnu tjiieen of Gift Sptmgles," were oiliori 
to display (heir clever horsemanship, Wil- 
liam lluneliy's stunts on bis (one eared steAil, 
"Hurricane," and Alt. Johnsons main rldu 
were rlne novelties, oilier features loudly 
iniplatlibd were Hie ring acts nf the trained 
elfplmiiiH. dlreclrt by Reuben Castling and 
MtnnH Mepek; l-'rederlck Dinbn's zebm», and 
.Mini Kerslnke's prize winning ponies. Kor- 
-slnke'ii Big Circus rind Caplulit, Clarke's 
trained seals nnd sen-ltons were pleasing slila 
Issili'M. Rose fUlyihe. j^eeji III ll solo flniice. 
letl On- Knglhli pony killer, which held 
bntli Ntnges on (wo iit-caaluns, A roster of tba 



Apbil 14 


ti . i ». ! L!i ■!. »i r. l, ' i " »J?_'i ' -i' .t * ' ' '..'_... £ .,-._ .1 l— ... fV»r*M ....4 Tl.i^ !., .. ,,,.„nW* .mufh^ ImJ ■ ■ nrlirinul unrl "rnfj.hv" n„ ,h« title Ttcnn be USed in Various WITS— sUOfl straight p<a^l 

Tbe greatest march-song 


hit of the year. Bang by moro professionals than any other 10 man AW the l>e«l ORCH. and ' Tliis is a novelty song and just as original and "catchy" n the title. It ran ta wed In varloue ways-sung straight as a solo, 
P TUB SBASON. THB ONB Bid HIT OF ALL Tnti PAKK BANDS SLIDES, $8.00 DbPUSIT. or avris-comic duet, or put ou as a big song and-dance act. 

THE ONB BIQ HIT OF ALUTHK PAKK BANDS SLIDES, $8.00 DbPUSIT. or serio-comic, duet, or put ou as a mg song -nuu-uiuco «ci. 


By (fir tli» bnnt utaMlt siMJ coon soiier of the Hanson. You ne^d not tnko oor word for noj- or th«se tacts. 
Just nskitome of tbo mtiuy "MBAOLINEKS" that aro siugiw: these sours SLIDES, $5.00 DEPOSIT. 


By FRED FISCHER. ThU aong Is in a class by Itsolf. It Is the best song Fischer has ntor written. It is a song that will A great descriptive song by W. R. Williams, uutlmr of "She's Good Enough for Mr.'" Contains anonginsl theme and a 

la" t-tho melody is uolesMcnlgom. Ask thu» who aro using It. "clean" story. Very easy to sing nnd wo hare SLIDES, $5.00 deposit. 


The most boantilul, hlarbohtra bnltail of the year. This scuu is musically good nnd will live forever. Published in two keys One of tho favorite coon songs. Great song for a sister team, or soubrolte. The music Is catchy, and the orchestration 

— lorCornet or Violin Bolo-wituBANDor OKCrltSTRA accompaniment. gets tho nndienco laughing. 


One of those catchy "Anheuser" style tvaltr. songs. Introducing "llo-loa. Halo" In the chorus. This song is bound to bo The nrst legitimate "DAD" song overwritten. A good story ballad with marchtornuo chorus. It gives tho "OLD MAN" 

oneof tdo big SUMMER "HITS." Try it-that's all to convince you. duo credit, and is so cleverly done thai p>u can workan widience tochcors. 

AnAUI7(9 , >"BIB*riAIIO insendimo for prof, copies please enclose re- THE BEST "BUCK" AND it I 

RATIONS ^g^gg^fgm, JSSUSt^mum ' 

225 Washington st. - Chicago ill. DBI'T MISS IT. By CHASi B. BROWN 




specialties Includes: Horaco Webb, revolving 
ladder ; the.MiirinelllB, ilyhigrJiics ; KlIettTrlo, 
lilgti horizontal bars; Stelnert Brothers, Ger- 
m any's aerial acrobats, Hayden and Lu Londc, 
revolving ladder; Potter aud Harris, double 
rings: the Great Koroby, equlllbrlsta ; Harry 
lie Marto, aerial rings; Four Aragons, kings 
and queens of the high wire ; Threslta Trio, 
dancers on cable Id raid-Mr : Belle Stone, Im- 
prisoned lu revolving, globe on spiral In- 
cline {a mystifying utt); J. T, Carrier, up- 
side-down jupgler; Clark and McCuHougi., 
and La Mottie Trio. Tbo Flying Jordan* 
In their tbrlHlug mld-alr performance. In 
addition to these there were a full score or 
more harlequins, who were clever acrobats 
as well as clowns. C. Z. Bronaon'a Concert 
Band 1ft a splendidly trained musical organiza- 
tion, wltti these soloists: Win. Ulrica, clario- 
net; Fred Koeuler, trumpet; Arthur Cullen, 
trombone, and Charleu Baogleur, euphonium. 
The official staff c-f the director* of the Curl 
Hagenbeck Greater Shows Is as follow*: 
Fruuk li. Tate, president; John H. Havllu, 
secretary and treasurer ; C. I* Williams, 
llrst vice president ; Lorenn Hagenbeclc, sec- 
ond vice president; ('. I.. Williams, ilrmnclal 
uiaEuger; W. H. Gardner, general manager, 
advance; C. N. Thompson, manager; Ed. C. 
Cullen, BHslslnut manager ; John Sbefthy, 
treasurer with show; Jas La Hue. auditor; 
W. E. Fuller, truffle manager ; Frank Burns, 
general contractor; Hy Bemoan, asslstaat gen- 
eral contractor ; Herbert Muddy, pretia con- 
tractor ; E. 8. Dun by, special press repre- 
sentative; Jus. dh Woic, general presB rep- 
resentative; Walter Forliusb, special agent; 
M. II. Hanley, special agent; Bert Roaen- 
fjuest, special agent; 8. N. Fiedler, manager 
advertising car No. 1 ; W, S. Dunnitighaui, 
manager advertising car No. 2: Hurry Over- 
ton, manager advertising car. No. 8 ; James 
Dun worth, manager advertising car No* 4; 
it. SI. Allen, representative official review ; 
Kdnr. Sblpp, cquestrlun director; Thomas 
Kanklne, assistant equestrian director ; C. Z. 
Bronson, musical director; C. L. Bowman, 
manager annex ; Geo. 3. Williams, purchas- 
ing agent : it. Tbonipeou, superintendent 
Nlocpers ; Tbos MuAvoy, superintendent can- 
vas; Frank O'Brien, assistant superintendent 
cauvas; W. W. l^cott.uurierlhteudeut stock; 
tilroon. assistant sunerlDteudeni Block; J. 
Horlgan, aaelstunt superintendent ring stock ; 
Harry Schubert, superintendent elephants ; 
Phil Cdsiaufc'. superintendent animals; Ernest 
Houghton, superintendent train; W. W. GIL- 
lett, superintendent hotel department; J. L. 
Buck, superintendent projierties; .C. A. Bell, 
Buperlntcudent privileges ; John Burke, su- 
perintendent L-PHurvtKl seats; Ia>w FoBter, 
intiBivT inecliautc; U, 10, Uuvln, superintend- 
ent front door; I,. W. Murshull. superlntcad- 
t'Ut lights; L'lmrles While, electrician; G. S, 
Willlnmti, supi-rinteudent dining car; Louis 
Mueller, stenographur ; Mrn. C. Z. Brousou, 
wardrobe mistress ; Mrs, Thompson, ballet 
wardrobe mistress, and Mllle uose Edith, 

General Ilepresentutlve James De Wolf was 
busy and very happy over tbe way In which 
the big, new show started. John H. Hav- 
Jln was on band, giving bis personal super- 
vision to matters of Import, and was well 
pleased with the rosy outlook as forecast In 
the opening, HuRcnbeck's Greater Vaudeville 
Wide Show la directed by B- L Bownmu, 
manager and orator, assisted by Fred GrltUn. 
Art G ruber mid Henry Enigurd are ticket sel- 
lors, and Prof. Btumon's lady orchestra fur- 
nishes the music. These are tbe acts : Mrs. B. 
L. Bowman, East Indian snake act ; Jessie 
fitumon's company of vaudeville artists, Al- 
fredo and Cerltu. living marionettes ; Bergen 
Brothers, musical act ; Hornmann, magiclau ; 
Sol Stone. lightning calculator ; N'lna Dd- 
malto, snake charmer ; Julie Gardner, acro- 
batic dancer ; Eva Metcalfe, songs and 
dunces ; Mystic Stenhan, coon shouter ; Prof. 
Hnrtman, ''Teddy rite tSccond," baritone and 
Klther; Muxcy, the needle king; Mollte 
Herod, cockutoo uct ; Mile. Amy, sword 
swallowcr; Mudame Agnes, mind render, and 
Purncvl Htepbun. special lecturer, wbo occu- 
pies a platform lu the centre of the canvas. 
A balf dozen other nets will Join the show 
at Pittsburg. 

1 Grand O.'bba House (Harry Ralufortb 
and John H. Havlln, managers). — Robert Lo» 
ralne, April IM4, hi "Man and Sunermaa." 
' Last week Kyrlo Bellew was aeen in "Raf- 
tica," .and business lucrettacd as tbe week 
uged, Clara Blundlck made her llrst local 
uppearnnce and won welt received. E. M. 
Holland was creeled uu an old friend. Lulu 
Glaser, In "Bliss Dolly Dollars," 10-21. 

Walnut Sthkht Theatre <M. C. Ander- 
son, manager). — "Arizona" 6*14. The Hut- 
tip & Seaman musical comedy, "Me, Him ind 
I," with Francis Sultlvan, Billy W. WatBon 
nnd Arthur Whltelaw In the leading rolea, 
did nicely last week. Marlon Stanley, tho 
old favorite of the Chester Park Opera Coni- 

frauy, who Jumped from "Tho Wizard of »)»'* 
nto her old n>bv found that It mill fitted 
her like n suede glove. Nettle Nelson did 
well lu her role. York*? and Adawa, In 
"Bankers and Brokera," 16-21. 

UoniKSfiN'B Oi'eha Housb (George F. Klsh 
& I.uella F. Fish, ruunngers). — A magnificent 
welcome home awaits Mary Hall 8. when she 
appears In "La Tosca." Jeseallne ttodgera 
Hula good-hyo to friends last week, in on In- 
terpretation of "Cnrtnen" that was, moat 
pleasing. The Korcpaugh Stock Co. gave an 
excellent performance of the gypay play so 
familiar to theatregoers. Business was fair. 
"Fanchon" 10. ■ 

CoMiMMA <M. C. Anderson, manager!.— 
Tho OrpUeum Show 8-14. Last js*«k's vaude- 
ville bill bad Arthur Dunn (who began bis 
career here as one of Col. Miles' Juveniles) 
end Marie Ulnxler, as hendlluers. They put 
tin "The Messenger Boy;" Lillian, MIIIh and 
Libia Morris hare a clovor minstrel turn; 

Foy and Hurdtug's offering, "A Modem 
Jonah," was good; Herbert's dogs put up a 
great animal act Other- acts went Well. 
Itutdness was quite good. 

Ukuck'h opeka llotiBK (Heuck, Feanhsy 
& Stair, managers) . — Arthur C. Alstun's 
"Shadows on the Hearth" 8-14. The Brothers 
Byrne, In "The New Eight Bella," drew well 
lust week. The pantomime Is as takingly 
funny as ever. "At the Old Cross Iloads" 15. 

Lyubum (Heuck, Stair Ik Fenneesy, mana- 
gers). — "A Romance of Coon Hollow" 8*14, 
Too Proud to ' oeg*' did nicely lust week, 
with Mildred and Arthur Boylan showing to 
splendid advantage. "The Governor's Par- 
don"15. " 

AuniTotuttu. — Audiences that represented 
the culture of the Queen City made the en- 
gagement of Ben Greet's English Players 
most notable last week. Shakespeare of the 
Elizabethan era was presented. "Macbeth," 
"Much Ado About Nothing," "The Merchant 
of Venice" nud "Julius Cffisar" appealing to 
lovers of the Bard of Avon. Beautifully 
costumed and well played, the English actors 

firovkled In the plays a wook of rare lntel- 
ectual enjoyment, under the auspices of the 
University Settlement. 

People's < Hubert Ueuck, manager) .— 
Miner's American Burlesquers 8-14. The eu- 

fjiigeoient of W. B. Watson's Oriental Bur- 
estiuera. In "MIsb Clover" and "The Bashful 
VenuB," were successful last week. Bohe- 
mian Burleaquera 1G. 

Standard (C. B. Arnold, manager). — The 
Bon Ton Burlesquers, 8-14, are to follow 
Rose Sydell's London Belles. Miss Sydell 
Is a Covington girl, and Is always royally re- 
ceived by old home friends here. Sbe was « 
pleasing In the two act burlesque, "Dazzling 
Nancy.". Black Crook Jr. 15. 

Gossip op riiB LoaBr.-r-'Ben Davles was 
tbe soloist at the last concerts of tbe Cin- 
cinnati Symphony Orchestra, at Music Hall, 
ti, 7.-. ..iHarry Hardy, .manager of West 
and Vokcs,'was 111 and could not leave with 

his company James D, De Wolfe, the 

press representative of . the Hagenbecli 
Greater snows, Is an old Columbus newspaper 

man Moutlvllle Flowers' la to give a 

series of fifteen lectures on. "Hamlet" at the 
Flowers Dramatic Academy.. ..The Fair fes- 
tival souvenir bookB arc out.... Tbe Empire 
Concert Co. met itt the People's Theatre and 
voted to Increase the capital stock from 
750.000 to ¥1,000,000. Several new rheatns 
lit tbe East will be added to the circuit. .... 
Alice Majorowskl, presented by Romeo Goruo, 

was heard In concert 2 Eiunm Norton, 

assisted by Nina Esther Block and John A. 
Hoffman, anneared o. In a concert at Con- 
servatory Hall. .... .Mary Hall sang "Homo, 

Sweet Home" early In the week, and has 
been resting nt her abode on Walnut Hills 

with her happy huslmud — Dr. Pearce 

Buckskin Ben Is here getting ready for the 
opening of hlsWUd West Show at the ur- 

niory Roy Knabenshue, tbe dying ma- 

chine man, bas been secured for Coney Is 
land C. G. Strobel come here to ; con- 
fer with Lee Brooks and I. T. Anderson,. and 

the deal was quickly closed .Judge Lit- 

tleford . grunted Wanda Ludlow a divorce 
from Harry S. Coleman, the actor. They 
were married In LewlBton, Me., last Novem- 
ber, and the young wife — she's only 17 — testi- 
fied that she thought the ceremony a mere 
dress rehearsal of a ploy. 

Cleveland, — At the Opera House (Hurry 
1). . Kline, manager) "The Wltard of Oz 
week of April' 0. John Drew bad a good 
week- "The County Chairman" 10-21. 

Colonial (Drew & Campbell, managers). 
— Glaser Stock Co. will produce "Prince 
Karl" week of 0. Their "Trilby" proved 
quite a magnet last week. The stock com- 
pany week of 16, 

Lyckxm (Geo. M. Todd, manager).— Tbe 
David Hartford Stock Co, offers "By Right 
of Sword" week of 0. "The Wilderness," 
the Hrst offering of this very capable com- 
pany, drew good houses week of 2. "Jim 
tbe Penman" 16-21. 

Clrvkland (Geo. M. Todd, manager) .— 
"How Baxter -Butted In" week of V, ''No 
Mother to Guide Her" bad good receipts week 
of 2. "The Way of the Transgressor" 16-21. 

Keith'h 01. A. Daniels, manager). — BUI 
week of 9 Includes: Leon Morris' Circus. 
Mosher, Houghtun and Mosber, Snyder and 
Buckley, Callahan and Mack, Eva Weatcott 
and company. Carter mid Bluford, Hathaway 
and Siege), aud Tom Browne, 

Lruic (E. R. Lang, manager). — BUI week 
of \) Includes: Cabarett's dogs, La Adella, 
John and Alice McDowell, Waldo Whipple, 
Lydele and Butterworth, and others. 

Stab (Drew & Campbell, managers). — 
Oriental Burlesquers 0-1-J. Alcazar Beauties 
hud good houses 2-7. Cunning, tbe "Hancuff 
King?' proved quite a drawing card. Miner's 
Americans 1U-21. 

Lmpihk (Chas. W. DeoEinger, manager). — 
Bob Manchenter's Cracker Jacks 0-14. Roble's 
Knlckerlwckers drew good bouses 2-7. Casino 
Girls 16-21. 

Colnnubna. — At the Great Southern The- 
atre (O. M. HetTner, manager) Henrietta 
Crosmau appeared here to a large audience 
April 2. "The Wizard of Oi" pleased good 
houses 3, 4. John Drew V, Lulu Glaser 13, 
14. Alice Nellson 17, "Coming Thro' tbe 
Rye" 18, 10, Richard 'Mansfleltf 21. . 

Hiqu 8t. /(Cbas. W. Harper, manager).— 
"Queen of tho Convicts" had fairly good pat- 
ronage 2-4. "How Baxter Butted In" at- 
tracted fairly good houses o-7. "Eight 
Bells" 9-11, Billy B. Van, to "The Errand 
Boy," J2-14; "Running' for Ofllco" 16-18,' "A 
Crown pf Thorns" 10-21. 

NoTRtt. — The Forepaugh-SellH Bros.' Cirrus 
will open 1U season hero 21.,... .W. W. 

Piosser bas returned from New York, where 

he went for a short business trip 

J; M. Allison, a representative of the Sbu- 
bertH, was here during the past week In- 
specting the Grand Opera House, which his 
firm took possession of, by purchasing tbe 

lease from Dickson & Talbot The 

Womans' Musical Club, the largest orgauizu- 
tlon of Its kind In the country, re-elected 

Ella May Smith president The advance 

sale, of tickets for tbe appearance of Madame 
Sarah Bernhardt ut Memorial Hall, 14, bear 
Indications that the seating capacity of the 
large auditorium' will be taxed. 

Youngntown. — At the Park Theatre 
fl>e Norton, manager. "Sis Hopkins" drew 
well April". Four Huntings, routine? and 
night 4. phased. "The Eye Witness" », 10, 
"In Loiilslnnn" 11. 12, John Drew 13. 

Ofriia Houhu (T. K. Albaugh, mauager). 
—"The. Friuee Chap" drew two good audi- 
ences 4, 0. Wood nnd Wnrd, In '"Two Merry 
TrsmpH," 0, 7. Week of 9 la dark. 

Gaykty IJoh. W. Wess. manager). — Week 
of. 2: Wine, Women nod Sung, under the 
management of M. M. Tbelse, did well, and 
gave general path fact Ion. 

Notes.— GeuerHl Manager John L. Kerr, 
of the Rels circuit, was recently In the city 
on biislnpRg coDCcrulng the Park Theatre. ... 
The property of tbe Gayety Theatre bac been 
purchased by local parties, who will divert 
it Into business property, week of end- 
ing the bnrlesque attractions. Jos. W. Wess 
was the promoter of the New Gayety enter- 
prise lu this city, and during its run con- 
ducted It to tin; satisfaction of a!., nnd 
Srovlded the best of burlesque attractions. 
[r. WeWi wfil have tbe management of Avon 
Park season of J 906 and will open It tbe 
latter part of May, with many Improvements. 

SprliittiiMd, — At the Grand Opera House 
(L. J. Dalle, manager) the Guy Stock Co. 
played a week's engagement, April 2-7, to 
excellent satisfaction. 

Lrremr (Otis Sun, manager). — High clttss 
vaudeville -week of 2, Including: The Three 
HillyerH. John and Alice McDowell, Knhier 
and Kohler, Lombard Bros., the Alyns, Doro- 
thy Out ten and Frank Vincent. 

OnrmuM I'Gus Sun, manager). — BUI for 
week of 0: Clark's Dog una Pony Circus, 
Clark and Franklin. Relley mid Morgan, Miss 
Adelyu, new songa und pictures. 

Akron.— At tbe Colonial (Uly S. Hill. 
manager) "Sis . Hopkins" bad a large and 
well pleased house April 2. "Shadows of a 
Great City." two performances, 6 : Lewis 
Morrison's "Faust" did well 7. "The Eye 
Witness" 11 , "Little Johnny Jones" 14, 
"When Johnny Comes Marching Home" 17, 
Olga Netbersole, In "Sapho," 18 ; "The Edu- 
cation of Mr. Plop" 21. 

UNtQiTO (Achllle Pblllon, manager). — Tho 
Metropolitan Burlesquers did well 5-7. House 
dark week of 0. J 

Music Hall (T. K. Albaugb, manager). — 
Mme. Bernhardt, In "Camllle," comes 12. 
— ■ ■ ■ - 

Marlon. — C. E. Perry, the present inana- 

f:er of the Grand, bas secured a live years' 
esse of the bouse. Mr. Perry was tbe suc- 
cessful bidder lu a very spirited contest for 
rthl&JCQSe. He _wlll_ .ulan upenrthu Majestic 
Hotel on the European plun. making- u spe- 
cial feature of catering to theatrical people. 
Ghand (C. E. Perry, manager). — ''Uncle 
Josh Spruceby" did well March 31. "A Hu- 
man Slave," April 4. G. scored well. "When 
Johnny Comes Marching Home" 12, "A Slave 
of the Mills" 13, return date of "Miss Bob 
White" 14. 





IN this aabject the trials and tribulations of a Studio Photographer are vividly portrayed. To 
see the troubles of the ARTIST, his ASSISTANT, the BRIDE and BRIDEGROOM, the OLD SHID 



Well inay it bs said that innslc will charm the savage beasts, but I his picture shows tbe extraor- 
dinary treatment the MAESTRO receives by the SPOOK TROMBOXE. tho CHICKEN" SOLO, the 
WATER FANTASY and the remarkable antics of the WHIRLING rlANO, which produce 

Old and New Style Conjurors 2 ^ 8 f 8 t 

One of the Beit IWyatfcal Film, Ever Produced. 




• 204 EAST 38th STREET. X 1 

wia uui ««n Binu.i. g KT.TOra; OPTICAl CO., -^ 

OA8T0B MEUES, thirt Mfjr. o a» state street, cuieago, hi. 


Foruompauyto be organized April -JS, and opeulng one week later, tolPLAYBCHAiy OP NORTH 
CITIES, or an organized company, or playera wlio are just closlog season will be accepted, 
former preferred. Summer reason will onou in Wilmingtou, N. 0., where rehearsals will taite 

Elace, aud then tbo tour will be made of the iheatre« of the Schioss-Cowan Urotliera' circuit, em- 
racing Ncwbern, Raleigh, Greensboro, Wlnitton-Salem, AuberlUe nud ChurloUe. N. C. 


il km am mm n plenty of man pile. 

All must be told, will, very lowest Summer salary, lu first tetter, and fare* will be advanced wheu 
For uuen time at theatres, address s. A SCHI.09S, Academy or Music. Wilmington, N. C. 

Payers and Specialty People, address COWAN BROTHERS, Academy of Music, Wilmington, K.C. 

~W .A. JW ^aP E^ D 



Memphis, — At tne New Lyceum Theatre 
(Frank Gray, lessee) a local entertainment 
OLCUuled tho boitrds March 20-31. -Mario 
Cah.ll, Id "Molly Moomfhlqe," packed the 
bouse April 2. Darkoesa preralled 3, 4. 
Alice Nellsen Opera Co., in ''Don Pasquale." 
came to a crowded house 5. Viola Allen 9, 
Henrietta Cromnan 12, "Buater Brown" 13, 
14. " 

Hopkins' (A. B. Morrison, manager). — 
Tbe attractions week of 2 proved most auc- 
ceasful.-end, tbeliouee wua crowded every per- 
formance. The programme Included: T^es 
Hrutinhitj, Trfah Russell, MHrvelouu Frank und 
Bob, Fraoeesen Iteddln^ and company, Al. 
Lawrence. Keonedy aud Roouey, Oulaw Trio, 
and the klnodrome. 

Bijou .(Ben J. .M. Stutoback. manager). — 
"The Flaming Arrow," week of 2. drew well, 
and all aeeraed pleased with the perform- 
ance. "Tbe Belle of Avenue A" 9-14. 

Note. — Gentry Dog and Pony Show ex- 
hibited here 3. 4, to overtlowlng attendance 
. i « ■ ■ 

KnoxvJIIe.— -At Stuub's Theatre (Frltn 
Staub, manager) Alice Nellaen, In "Don Pus- 
(juule, ' came April 2, to good business, and 
to one of the most highly pleased audiences 
of the season. "The Old Homestead," two 
performances'. 2, had capacity business. 
ohepard's moving pictures pleased 4. Local 
Elks' vaudeville u, Lulu Glarer, In "Miss 
Dollv Dollurb," 7. Tbe faoute in dark until 
10. wben the O lick Stock Co. opens for an 
Indefinite run. 

. ■■ i < • » 

FnEn W. Krnkedt writes: "I have been 
with the 'Hetibon In New York' Co., which 
has Jost closed a satisfactory season. I' 
open at Falrmouut Park, Kansas City, Mo., 
May 7, where i have been tngoped by Mmm- 
crr Jack Abbott, to produce tniiPlral come— 
dies for the Summer season, and to manngc j 
the Btage," ....... ; J 

can play in 

In all lines. Musicians for band aud orchestra that can double stage, Musical Act that 
band, double parts. Open on or about May l. Tickets advanced to any one 1 kuow. Addi 

DICK P. SUTTON. Butte, Mont. 

Attractions Wanted H'or 

Seating capacity 8 

Only Summer Theatre in the City 

woo. Largest stage Id tho Stale. Opcu June 4. No shows in 

tlie cltj- since Jaa. 

i?V;!;» ^',7. m • », r 8t ?' "" 1 ? e lD ""> t " M - °I"-' U J ""« *■ So »l>ona lu tlie city since J< 
16, except laudeillle. Big business tor good compntiles. Also good Vaudeville Acta wanted. 
^^^_^ — ^^_^_____^__ REKVE8 « DOUCE, KKUKl'K, IOWA. 


Barlow & Wilsons Minstrels, 


Who oan hudle a threa car tent show. Must know tbe Soutb and West' and be a close coutracbir, 
n_ „i.Ii » i fej"*! lo such a man can give cniplovmctt tbe teararound. 
VatB place So. % Jinn alao. GotHt Mnatriaa. and "Performers al«> write. 

Address BABLOW A WILSON, per roale In Cl.IPi'r.''- 

Animal Costumes and Heads 

Vor hxtravaiua. Also Adult Cborns Cuslomes. No tights, ublldren's Coslumes Brownies. »!*» 
™T!S , , , . c ' ,! -«,? rc S M,r ".""" '° r " Cola " »» lr "«" Three Ueirs" Scc,,?rv° ete « v e lowest qnlcV. 

&. SSiJSSSSS"*"**"* •*» n^^^^J^P ! ""\l orsa,c ' ,?'5i. " 

IIAKRY FOOTE, llljou Theatre, Mouigumcrj. Ami. __ 

flood uud one spot light. 



That double band. Will pay good sauries to good 
people. One night stands. Pay your own. E?ery- 
thlng lu llrst letter. Addrees ' 


ra rinuouth Place, Chicago, 111. 


Po^tr.e, T .nS £un# ftS VU£®fa 
Mgrs., write. High Class, Sensational D°™f 
Trapeze Artists and Novelty Contortlonuis. 

BFlasliy rigging, good wardro be andappcarants. 
with 17 yeara r experience. Address .„„„ 
<jg». Dlit, , | .rKtHMIClI... 




Ml _ 

Illness of Etticl Barry nxjrc. . 

yoerli 1 ? Answered 

inir London Letter 

Our Chicago I-etter 

sjn ite Road «..., 

Vaudeville Route List 

I-aleaf by. Tctafnati.... 

New Tork City 

Deaths In the F rofe-j-dcn 

Ml'ccllnteoc*. - , ■;; 

With tbe Bill Posters 

Clipper Po*t Othce ; 

Tbe F. F. Proctor Jnblltc ■• 




Keotucky ■- --- 




Rhode Island 

Mas*acbusettn. ... .. 

Delaware .... 



Tennesvee ... 

New York State... 



218B, 220 






■ ■ 22*, 224 


.. 228,228 
. . M 9RM 

if. 11™ •"", 8lrKrt " A BO"""""™ of Coon 

Hnllm dimr nrctty well at llio Lywum. 

■i'™Li cr ." Ai ?«km>«. ■! Ppoplo'u, hid 
!l,Wi.S r ?i7?* «»* ,'•!>« 11»D Ton BnrlMqiirrs 
"111 qilrailldif at tlu Standard. 

onSS't" iSTi 4B5 '?— " Tll> Clawoan- vufiflar T f, 

5. J» «. " Woc ' 1 : 19* nld't. and repeated u* Aimiat r-anillr 

Acker t (.Willi... Toledo, O., 0-14. 

Ao'er. Flo, llljou. Imt.n.jue, lu.. »-14; bouiluloii, 

IMH Can., 10-21. 
Adc vn, Mi,*. OrpblDni, Sprlutflel.t. o., IM4. 
Ailelin, La, Lyrle, Oli'vrtatnl. 9-14. 
Adauix <fc Mavt, talallv, Ktlll., U-14. 
Adanilnr* Tajfor. flalUwlI'sr Kew FMtor.l, 

MUH.. 1111. 

repeated 11k Aaouat Famllr. 0n.lieuni, Kan Fran.. Cal.. n-21. 

227 a"/?!" SSSK ""'ore a Inrgr nndlmoo Ajarini. Umt^'KmTi. • '(..," 'llwt™. n-14. 

227 A t 1 "? •■mnii ?•« M. WIIIh, In "The lMkc of AU'wi. Mr. * Mr,.. UrMieum. llc.dlu,. Pi., 0-14 

...... Illlllll , niuinit.l ... .. _ 1 1. ». "■' ...V ■ - .. r~ - ...... 

229 i™!"}"', oponed to n good Huwtny mutlnw. 
22a and Imd a MR house at night A sood 

vaudeville 1,111 drew llio customary businenii 

214 "J S'&SBfS At «N OH", "llie MU- 

214 2 ourl i* trl . Im,i ff°o<J crowd*, and "Tlie Girl 

214 from Sweden" pleased at tbo Auditorium 

219 r«J Irocadcro Burlesqucni, at tbo Static, 
aiO.223 and U10 rtlgU Scbool Olrla. at tbe Ccntnrj- 

Old well ■"*»■' ■»■ " ' q» — •- *■- '■* 

Itentietl's, I/ttMhiu, C«n.. ltl-21. 
AI]Iw«h Ml, 41. (I. II. t IifJUnnpollK, ft-]*. 
Alfirabl. Hmll. MojHtlv, Cblengo. 8-14; O. O. H., 

IinJlauupoIlK, 10-:i. 
Aline, Mile., HIJw, Al|wnn, Midi.. 0-14: Crvitil, 

Detroit, lO-si. • 

AItk, Alice, Cbiuuffo, iilJ;ItniTiIo. 1«-21. 
Alleu, Sttt, * Vo.. VMttfi, Altai.)-, K Y:, H- 

'•••'••s}S .jJSf!™" ^ teller Stock Co. gave good Allen. Lewi & Bertie. uu*m, Tltm MlcifT. it- 

Si? performcnt-oB of "C'armeo." at tLc People's, pfi WJoo, Unatnc. 16-21. 

5SJ Kansas City, Kan. Albnrtira A Millar. Cailuo, 1'arln, Fr,. ti;W. 

*' S^l LociaviLLE. April 10-..AUue NdIImu *%& 25 8 "i Uljon. Ajiyletou, Wle., u-U; 



New Haaiirtblre. 


New Jersey 


Wasblnatoo.:.. ■ 





Sh i CawWoa.., 


West VlrwlnU... 





I — 

• S5 T&JU*J& Ihwwb "The Burglar^ 

• 9 pauahter," at tbe Avenue: ttie Merry Bur- 

• fS& le8Sy ers ' at the BucklDgbaiD, nnd vaudeville, 
' 5m £ 4 1 l 0pklnl ' * , 0ttr *' lc ted crowded lioniwa nt the 
■ sK Sunday openioKa. 

:.s ^^ 

.. 224 
.. 223 

.. 223 
.. 22C 
.. 22S 

.. 225 
. . 22fi 
.. 225 


Uenvrr — At the Broadway \K i\ Sle- 
Court. manager) "A Metwagc from Mara." 
April J-,, and after several weeks of dark- 
ness, the house did big buslueaH. Week of 
0, "Pin*: Paff!! PoufT. !": "Little Johnny 
Jones ' 10-21. 

Oupheum (Martin Beck, general ma&a- 

?er) — Another good bill was received with 
avor, by large houses, last week. Bill for 
week of : Allen and Lacrolx Co.. John W 

Allwi * Datum, KeJtl.'ri, Phlfa., 0-14. 

Albene A \m Brant, Fanilly, Sloox Cltr. la.. w-U ; 

Crawtonl, Toneka, Knn„ 10-21, 
Aroericau Ncwaboya* Quartette, Htar, tlripple 

Creek, Col., 0-14; Kmplre. Col. Si'ifs.. 10-21. 
American Trlu, Trent, Trenton, N. J&v>M?>*' 
Ainaiiii A Ilurtlej". HbctUeltl. i»-M : Hull. 10- 

21; Leeds, 23-28; Newcastle, aif-Mny 3, 
Auttini A PeterM. Huvu.v, Fall River, Maw,, «-14 ; 

Colonial, Tjjwrenuo, 10-21. - - - 

Ajdelle, Ruth, B*.*ton, Lowell, Mt.«s., »-H. 
Arnold, Jay L„ Youuk'h Pier. N. J., S-14; Gar- 

rlck. Wlfutliixloii, D. C„ 10-21. 
"Atocco," U. & li...Bklti.. 8-14. 
Arnenon. AlCreil. 1'roctor'a, Altwiuy. N. T.. B-U, 
Armstruus ft liolly. Orpbeum. Man Krau..' Oal., »- 

Arao; A Hunii, Keith's, Bwlon. 9-14; KeltliV, N, 

Y. O- 10-21. 
Arinotid, Orate, CryBlsI, Detroit, 0-14. 


' oSH World and Mludell Kingston, Mme.' Chester*!! Arualdo, 8euor, Crystal. Ht.- Juaepli. Mu.. »-14. 
. -J9 stntuo dosr. Htanley aud Wilson, Kutherlne 4Sfc k . .?. ( . ur ""i'.* »taS v .U*«««t«*Hj UO., »-ao. 
DahL Musical Klclut, Burt and Bertha Wrnnt, 

niBht'a Op^alnsa la All the 

Bltf Show Town*. 


and klnodrome. 

TAnort SMm (K F. McCourt, manager). 
— Al. Q. Field's Minstrels played to good 
busluesa week of 2. 

Empibe (J. K. Clifford, manager!. — The 
Imperial Burlesque™ proved a popular at- 
traction at this bouse the past week. 

Curtis (A. R, Pclton, manager).— "The 
Mnz of Detectives" drew well the past week. 
Week of 0, "Her Double Life." 

. N'oveltt ( Henry Label**!, manager) .— 
Oood business ruled week of 2, with the foi- 

Ashley. Lillian, Castv. Fall River, Maas., #■!* : 
Canto, Liiwrencc, 10-21. 

Axra, keltb's. Ronton, 0-14. 

Atkinson, Oco. K., Keith's. ProTldencu, 9-14. 

Aiiatln, Claude, Bijou. Kalamaaoo, Mlcb., V-14; 
Hljuu, Jnekoon, 10-21. 

AuberlH. Les. Onttieuu). NVw Otli'min. La., 9-14. 

Any. Edua, It. A 8.. K. Y. C, 8-14. 

A-jhtiuh. TohmIiis, 1'coplc'n, parsons, Kau.. 9-14 ; 
Crawford. ToiwkH, 10-21. 

AtoIos, Musical (4). Keith's, N. Y. C, 8*11. 

Afcr)- & Hart, Victoria, N, Y. C, 0-14. 

A»on Omeiiy Four, Orphean). Oioaiit, 8-14. 

Attell k Tlelnle, ICiihon's, Chicago, 9-14 ; Ben- 
nett's, London. Can., 10-21. 


A Good Line of Attractions la Keen* 
Ipy, Baslaeaa Up to the Mark. 

tipectal Dlapatche* to Vna New Yoke Cm iter. 
. s ax i Fbaxcisco, April 10.— At the Co- 
lumbia, this la the second and last week of .= 

■Tbc Lloa and the Mouse," to he followed by Ranee Smith, Hoey and Holland, Seymour Barry. Kntie, 4 Co.. Cook'*, Kochcstcr. S. Y.. 9 

14; K-IIU'n. Cle?eUi»l. 10-*'l. 
Banks, Charlie, Haymarket. Chicago, 0-14. 
Baker, Harry, UarrU-k. Burlington, la., 9-14; 

lowing bill: Bowery Quartette. Hall and Bonis, Four. Howanl.'Boatan.' 8-14. 

Hall, mmm Drake, Dc Alrvlllo Bisters, Baker *_Lyim. Kiiii»lre Tour, Kng., W-May 19. 

"Babes In Toyland." On Sunday afternoon^ 
S. Gcrttrdj-, 'celllBt, gave his first concert at 
this bouse. 

'MAjrsnc. — Yesterday marked the com- 
uicnwmcnt of a special eugngenwDrt, for two 
weeks, 'of Walter Perkins, eupported by the 
stock compaoy of house. *~ 
TIieTe>" A revival 
will soon follow. 

CALivxmMA. — The Empire Burlesqaers arc Broadway week of April 23 

and Dupre, and pictures. 

Crystal (G. i. Adams, manager).— Mo- 
zellc, Fuller. Rose and Co., Dan and Bessie 
Kelly, the Klngsburys, John Zouboulakts and 
pictures drew well week of 2. 

Notes. — Backwnlter's 700 foot 111m, "riee- 

Batry, Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy. Alien 
Bhea'f. Toronto, Can., tO-21, 

's. DuOTalo. :»■!»: 

;r ntaasBftj Bupponea oy me , -'"»*.o- — ou^wuners iuo ioul uioi, nee- n a .. IieB t. rprinu Orr-heum Hpattlc Waab »-14 
of g "L3S ftft SSLrtSP 1 ''wasshowuattheOvphcumtast P^Jgr&mX^S^^^^^- 

Ival of "Tie Light Kternal" »«* and pleased.. ...Nellie Stewurt, lu Barnes, The (2). bIjou, Nurfotk. V«.;'8.14. 

Sweet Nell of Old Drory. is billed for- the- -Bans*. -Wins,, nayinarkct. Clilcugu. Brl4 

bete Ibis week. 

Oranii- Opeha Houne. — "Caught In the 
Web" opened Sunday, 8, for one week. Tbo 
(-Hurled Metropolitan Urand Opera Co. opens 
10, for two weeks. 

N f ;M C'ExmAi.. — "Searchlights of a Great 
Oily", 'this week. Vaudeville Is now present- 
ed at this house between the acts of the play. 

Ai.t AZAit. — "The Wife" Is the current play, 

.The man- 

"For His Brother's Crime" 

ageaient or El Itch's Gardens states that tbo 
list of players for 1908 will equal other sea- 
sons, and that the presentations will be ade- 
quate. Many Improvements are being made. 

Pauline Hall and company disbanded 

In this city April 1, after a successful season 

with the opera "Dorcas." The Sells- 

Floto Shows left Winter quarters for tbe 
South a. Tbe train consisted of twenty cars. 
. «'» 


•4 currcpt. 

Tivult Opera Honsis. — This Is the second ■ 

week of "Mis* Timidity." On Sunday after- Decatar. — At tbe Powers- Grand (J. F. 
uquu, 8. and Monday evening, 8, Jan Kubcllk Given, mannger) the Seward Show, April " 

gave two extra concerts. 

ORPHEt'M. — Bill for the week opening Sun- 
day, 8: The Agoust Family, Coloman's ilogs, 
cats and >doves : Jimmy \Va)l, Artie Hall, 
the Marvelous Howards, Bruno and Russell, 
Ferry Corwey, Mitchell and Cain, and the 

CiiL'TEt*.— Bill for the week, opening 0: 
Karl and Wilson, Mr, and Mrs. Young, Sea- 
niao, Adams and Kodeerd, Nellie Montgomery, 
Browne's Gaiety Girls, Charles Garcia, and 


CbUmjfu. . 
Barr A ISrnnt?. Olympic, Cldcago, 9-14. 
Bate*, Louie w.. VTunhtiiKlcn. Hpokanc, Wash.. 0- 

14; star. Keattle, 10-21. 
Basder-Ln Voile Trio. Olympic. Chicago, 0-14. 
Barlow &.Nlcbol8Dii. KeKhV, X. Y. C 9-14. 
hab\t, Bf**lc. Howanl. Chlcagu. 9-14. 
Baron'i. Burlcstiue Menagerie, Q. (J. fl.. IlilHhii- 

apoltu, 9-14. 
Buruea & Bdwhrs, O. II,. Sliennaii, 1. T„ 8-14. . 
■sasjsj Quartette. I'oH'b. Brldgcvort, Conn"., 8-14. 
Baxter, Bid-. Proctor's 8M St.. X. V. <£, 9il4. 
Borry & IlBtvers, O.-O/H.. Rlttsbuni. 9-14. 
Barnes, Stuart, Proctor's; Newark^ >*. J.. 9-14. 
Barncllrj, The, Catilno, Cincinnati, 0-14; Orptieani. 

Portainouth, O.. 16-31. 
Belmont, Lillian, A. A K,. Boston, 9-14. 
Bemfce A PlcltM. Bljon, Kalamnxoo, Mlcb.. n-14. 
Beach A Beach. Bijou. U' Crosse. Wis., n-11; 

Polqne, Enu Claire, 10-21', 
Beaugcr, Jeau, Uem, Lynn, Mass., 8-14. 
Bell A Rlchanls. Orpheum, Mt. Veruou, X. Y. 

0-14;Fatnny, PotlsTllIe, P»V. 7 W§Q~. 


Ho|y Week Hhowa a lulling Off iu 
■; Attendnncr All Alottaf the Line. 

Philadelphia, April 10. — Disagreeable 

SeatUer kept down the attendance at nearly 
I of the 'booses The new openings re- 
ceived . cordially were: "The Girl Patsy," at 
Uiu Broad: "Arms and tbe Man" at the Ly- 
ric, and Wright Lorlmer, In "The Shepherd ?£H 0US / Anr n 

King," -nt tfie Walnut Tbe continued L™ .{gtfdgl 

ottruotloiis were: Koymond Hitchcock, in A..." 
"Tbe. Galloper," at the Garrick ; "The Pluk 
llussars.V at the Chestnut, and "The l'reo 
LuUcc,"--at tbe Chestnut Street Opera House. 
...... "A Yaukee Ctr>:us On Mais" opened 

Us . tjiK'ond week to fair business nt the 

Grand Opera House Keith's, Dumonts EE&L&ESkXf^E 

MlriBtrclsand tbe otber combination stock quartet, in mustraicti feongs. 
«nd burlesque houses bad good patronage. f--™#-» ,, tll „ em** n 

Boston, April 10— Three .Important ™*\' 

and week, drew good houses. John L. Sul- 
livan comes 0-14, with a vaudeville company. 
"Tbe Clansman' 10, "The Flowing Arrow" 
19. Itlcbnrd Carle, In "The Major of Toklo," 
20 : "Tbe Octoroon" 21. 

Btiou (A. Slgfrled. manager).— Bill for Bell Boys' Trio. KrlthViProelflciieevt-H 
week of 2: Fe?ry. In Fnlrylant: Lalelle K 
Bros., Harry Van Foseeu, Coltou and Dor- 
row, Lena Hunt. In Illustrated songs, and 
tbe klnodrome. Jluslness Is excellent. 

Note. — Manager Slgfrled. of tbe Bijou. 
Las been In Chicago, conferring with' his 
partner; Jake Rosenthal, of Dubuque, la.. 
concerning plans for puttlug out a hippo- 
drome under canvas the coming Summer. 
This tent show will follow the New York 
and Chicago Idea on a smaller scale, and 
will take In the State fn lr« and other week 
stands In the middle Western States. 

Uuiney. — At tbe Empire (W. L. Busby. 

manager) "Miss Bob White" pleased two zood 

houses March 31. "Uncle Si Hasklns" tilled 

"The Gingerbread Man" 

Thome" 8. Crsdoc-Ne villa Co. 0-14, 

Richards A Prluglc's Minstrels 18. 

Bum* (Patrick & McConnell, managers). 
—The Mysterious Mr. Foutlnelle was the bin 
drawing card tbo past week. Bill week of 
9: Paralfat moving pictures, La Tell Bros.. 
Clark S. Gandy, the Deagons and a selected 

Be-Attos. The. O. 0. II.. 'PltrJAhtnj. fr-14; Norelty, 

Bkln., 10-21. 
Rrifort. May. Oi-plinim. Bktu.. 9-14. 
Bellman & Moore. Molmwk, Scbeuecladj-. X. Y., 

n-14; Poll's, Hiirlnalleld, Mass., 10-21. , „ 
lledouln Arabs (8), Hhca's, ButTalo. 9-14: Sbea'a. 

Toronto, Can., 10-21. 
Bcllclnln? Bros.. Bijou, Evausvllle, InU., 9-14; 

Temple, Ft. Wayne, 10-21. 
Bevcr. Ben, Keltb's, Itoaton', 0-14. 
Bell, Senator Frank, Keith'*. Providence, 9-14. 
Birch. Juliu. Ilaymorkct, Cbicatfo, .9-14; Cpluai- 

bla, St. LuuIb. 10-21. 
Rltinev A Cliapmuu, Cryxtul, Kokonio, did,, 9-14. 
Blnnu, Bonmi, B-r-r-r, II. & 8., X. Y. 0.. 911. 
Hint-tin in. Kitty. Howard, Bom ton, 9-14. 
Blitiuiiiilii & llelir, t.iruiid. Vancouver. Can., 9' 14. 
BlanchnrdK, Lottie, A. & S., Boston, 9-14. 
Black Jt Junes. Orphenm, Utlcu, N. Y., 9-14. 
Bobe. Cellim,*n C«th St.. X. Y. C, 9-14. 
Boyd. Arehle, A Co., Poll's. Hartford, Conn., 0-14 
Box. Ted K„ Acme, Haeraweuto, Cal., '0-14; 

Chutes, Son Froit., 10-28. 
Dontuir-Urejjory Troupe, Hippodrome. N. Y. (!,, »- 

Boyd i- Yale, Ilowunl. Clilcago, 9-14. 
BuotUaiik . Quartette, Original, Thalia. X. Y. 0.. 

Buotb, ICsale, Rfalto. Khnlra. X. Y., 9-14. 
Holey, Mny. 'PnwtorV. Newark. N. J.. 9-14. 
Borsinhr, Tlie, Htppo«lrome, X. Y. C., 9-14. 

_- Templetoii, __ 
froar Brondway." at tbe Colonial 
"Mrs. Lefflngwell's Boots" opened a week's 
cngsajfaient at tbe Hollls Street, and "Tbe 
Karl and the Girl" began last Saturday at 

the Majestic The week stand shows 

irtre: "Behluil the Mask.'* at the Globe, und 
"Across', the Pacific," at the Grand Opera 
House. .....At the Boston. "Mrs. Wtggs, of 

llie Cabbage Patch." started its third and 

Omaha At Boyd's Theatre (W. J. Bin- 
ges:,, manager) Richard Carle, fa "The Mayor 
of Toklo," appeared April 8, 9. Cbauncey 
Olcott comes 10, 11. Viola Allen, in "The 
Toast of the Town." played to large audi- 
ences 3, 4. . 

BiiuwotiD Of. J. Burgess, maoayer).— Tbe 

Woodward Stock Co. presented "Sowing tbe 

- i. Thetr- 

last ' ' lVeek'. . .. . .New billa prevailed at the wFad" last week, to large uudleaccs. 

other bouses Th* ■ 

du'IIuetst was 'uoticeahlc. 

CiuCAdo, April 10.— The Metropolitau Karo (C. t?. Breed, niauager).— "Tbe Fnc- 

HSl at the Auditorium, closed Sutur- tory Girl' opened a four nights engagement 

OayalKUt, after breaking all records for 8. Nat M._wnis, lu "The puke.of l>uluth./ 

Brlttons. The. Hainm. Hambtirg. Ger.. D-SO; Wlu- 

teraarten, Berlin, Mm i-;il. 
Brown, llarrlM it Brown, Kellli'«. Cleveland, U-, 

9-14 ; Urplieuni, Ueiidiug, Pa., 10-21. 
Brobst Trio, Ideo, Fond du Lac, Wis., it-It. 
Breliany. Lonlae, Majestic, ChleuKo. 9-14. 
Bryan. Frank D., 1'oll'a, Bridgeport. Conn., 8-14. 
Brlatul's I'onk-M. Audilorluni, Lynn, Maws., nil. 
Browne, Tom. Keltli'w, Clevelund, O., 9-14, 
Bradfurd's. The, New Pawtuckvt, Pawtuckct. It. 


Blooralnglon. 111., 10-21. 
Cartmellr, <;n. Autlltorlnm, Lynn. Mhos., n-14. 
Cameron * Flanagan. UIJimi. Kvaostllle. Ind., tt- 

14; Temple, Ft. Wayne, lu-ji. 
Cstueron, (itiire, XI. k B., litln . H-U; Keith'*, 

PMtii.. 111-21. 

^nttebl * " 

IWH S I'nllnnl. KeHUV. BoatOfl. 0-14. 
Cabaret'a Dopi. Lyrle. Cleveland. O., 0-14, 
Camplrll, Frrinkle. llnymnrket. Chicago. 1MI, 
Caroline. Kelly & McA>nU Bjlcfnaflulinl. 1-1.1- 

CftfO, 9-14. 
Ckhrlce, Lynn * h'ny, Orplieuui. Kaunas CHy, 

Mo., 10-21. 
Otter A lllarotd. Keltli'c, Clurahind, 41., 9-14. 
CauUte. Mile.. Wnllace's, Pen). 1ihI„ 9-14. 
Osrtar A Waters Co., Ha Ilia way's, IawcU. Maw., 

<:ni-Jownle Slaters, ICinplre. Uolvkeu. X. J„ 9-14. 
Cu»t)o ft HiIUuh, Olympla, Clilcturo, 9-11; iVIiun- 

tila, St. 1 Ait Ik 10-21. 
Carew ft Uu,res, O. 0. If.. Ptllaburg, n-14; 

OaokX RochMter. X. Y.. 10-21. 
Carilale'r, Hog*. Novelty, Bklu.. 9-14. 
Cain Family. WeaMl's, Peoria. HI., Oil; Ul>>u. 

He* Holurs, 10-21. 
Curon ft Herbert, Alhambru, X. Y. C. 9-W. 
Carter. Mr. ft Mrn. Carl, Bijou, Alpena, Mlcb., 

9-14; Bljon, Jackson, 10-21. 
Carrolltou ft Hottgc*.. Wagoner, Mollne. 111., 9- 

14; lutemutfonul, Clilcago, 10-21. 
Carletou, Al„ Ornlvenm. Sew orleous. La., u-1 1. 
t.'urroll 4 Bukcr. Keith's. X. Y. C. 9-14. 
Celcsse, Mile.. 0- O. II., Plttalaira, 8*14. 
Christopher. Chris., Cutirac, MlnneapollK, Minn,, 

Cherry A Hates. Hathaway's, Lowell, Mans., 9- 

14; Ilowunl, Huston, 10-21. 
Cbuputau, "Handy, " Howard, BoMion, 9-14. 
Chaclmiu ft Murray, Lyric, Mt, Joseph, Mo., oil. 
chtiMino, rnniinr a. Tanr. X. V., v-14. 
Clark, Ueo.. Bljon, Oulutb. Mluu., HI I. 
Clark's Doga ft Ponies, Orphluui. Sprluulleld, <!., 

'9-14; Oraml. HnmlitLHi, 10-21. 
.ClilTord. Have. People's, Ix'aTtHiwurtii, Kan., S- 

14; Lyrie, St. Josenh, Mo,, 10-21. 
Clark, Hurry Corson, o. o. II.. Indian a polls, 

9-14; Majestic. Clilcago. 10-21. 
Clark ft Franklin, th-pbliiui, Mprlnglield. 0,. 9-H. 
ClIITorO It Burke, OtThcnm, Kauana City. Mu., 

Clarke. Clias.. A. ft H.. Boston, 9-14. 
Clark A Duncan. Lyrle. Term Haute, hid., U-1 1; 

Olympic, Chicago. 10-21. 
Clarke ft Temple, People's, Cedar llupida, la,. 

u-l-l: Uurrlck, UurllnKtou. 1U-21, 
Clark X Franklin, Orphltun, SprliuttcM, 0„ 9-11; 

Phillip's. Rlcbmoml, Ind,, 10-21. 
Clarke, Wilfred, ft Co.. Moore's. Portland, Me,, 

Clark. Edward, and Six Winning Widows, Alham- 

bra. X. Y. C, 9-14. 
Connelly A Klebie. Oinnpie, Cliteago, 9- 14. 
inle ft UloiiOell, VarledHtlcs, lluvuua. Cuba, 9-14. 
(Vflllns ft PieldH, Hmi Ton, I'lillu.. 8-14. 
ColenumV thaw, Orjihvum, Sun Frnn., Cal., 9-14. 
CfllitmblanH {*), Temple, Delroll, 9-11; KeltbV. 

Clereland, 10-21. 
Collins, Dun. A. ft S„ Hoxtuti, 9-14. 
Collins ft La Belle, Ben's, KttcBUaha, Mlcb., 9-14; 

Bljon. Calumet, 10-21. 
Colby Family. Orplieum, Ia>* AhgclcH, Cul„ 0-21. 
Connelly, Knnna, llljou. Wheeling, W. Vs., 9-14. 
Connelly, Hugii, Lyceum. Xlngura Fulls, X. Y., ti- 
ll; Syni.'Use. 10-21. 
Collins llpjs.. Olympii-, Cbleago. 914. 
Cole ft Clemens, BIJou, Hes Mollies, la.. 11-14 : 

lJurrkk, Burlington, 10-2). 
Cohan, JiruMJtilnc.-ftst*.. Oulmilcil, X. Y. C. 11-14, 
Cooke ft Miss Itotherl. Kiu»ir.< Tour. - Kng„ 9- 

Conlon ft llaslhiHM, Kellh'H, Prorldeiiee, 10-21. 
Com's Oogd. Kmplre, I'aterwn, X. J„ 9-14. 
Couture A Gilletle, Proctor's. Newark, X. .1.. 9 

Cook ft StcveuM, MaJcallu. Chicago, 9-14. 
Colonial Septette. Ye, Columbia. Cincinnati, 9-14; 

IIopkliM', LunUrllle, 10-21. 
Conchas. Paul, Savoy, Full River. Mass., 9-14. 
Cooke ft Sylrln. Pastor's. X. Y. C. IMI. 
COTWey, Ferry, Urpbeum. tlun Fran., Cul.. 9-14. 
Cooiivr ft Kuhtnsuii, Mhen's, BmTalo, 9-14. 
Cressy A Duyne, Keith'*.. Pbllo., 9-14. 
Crawford, Clifton, Proctor's 23d Ht„ X. Y. C. 9 

Crelgbtoii'H Roosters, Brudenhurgirs, Phlla., nu. 
Crawford & ttanlnei. Futnlly, Paturson. X. J., 9- 

Cruno, Mr. A Mrs, tJunliier, Kmplre. Putersciti. X. 

J„ 9-14, 
Culleu. Jus, II., Muse k Slvll Timr, Klig,, 9-Jlay 

Daly ft O'Brieii. i;rund. Juliet, 111.. 9-14. 
Darts, Tcweplilm-, PollV, rijiiiuulletd, Mass., 0-14. 

I>uris ft ttaeandar. maya, tW. X. Y„ 10.21. 
-DstIs * Walker, Troy, X. Y...9-I4; I'osghkMmsie. 

Day, Edinnmi, ft Co..'s. Albany. X. Y„ 9- 

Harrow. Mr. ft Mir. Stuurt, Ornhuuiu. Uiuuha, 

Xeb„ 9-14- Onihoum, KaiiHus City, Mo.. 1021. 
Uafls, Will, Passaic Passaic, X. J.. 9-14. 
Day telle. Mudge, Novelty, Omaha, Neb, 8-14. 
Daly -ft Devere. Hutbaway'H, Ih>wc1I, Muss., 9-14. 
Diiyton Sinters. Cryxtal. T'ucooui, Wash., 9-14. 
llimoiuj*, Ia-s, Castle, Bloom lutttuii. 111., it- 14. 
Dale.- Violet, proctor's. Albany, X. Y.. 9 14; 

llljou, Fall River, Maas., 10-21. 
Dawson ft WliltUeld. Star, Seattle. Wnili.. nil. 
Dalley, Peter F., Victoria, X. Y. 0.. 9-14. 
Duly, Hurry A Sadie, A. ft 8., Boston. Pit 
Dell ft Fonda, Ocimett, ltlelnnond, Ind.. 9-14, 
De Witt, Burns ft Torrance, Kmplre, Johinines- 

hurg, 8. A., 2y-.Iuue 'A\ Tlvolt, Capo Town, 1- 

Jnly 14. 
Dean, Orace, Atlantic (iuruVn, X. Y, C, 9-14. 
Dcrenu. Hubert. Pastor'a. X. Y. C. 9-14, 
Do Vim, Lillian. Rlalto, Kliuiru, X. Y., 9-14, 
Derelidu ft Green. Hues ft Stoll Tour. Fug.. W- 

May ai. 
Be Mlllo Opera Co.. Kceiiey's. Bkln.. 9-14. 
lx> Bluker's Dogs. MarrlBburg. Pa., 8-14. 
He liOih, Mile., Hon-urd. Boston, P-lt. 
IK-uiie, Sydney, A Co., U. O. II., Iiidlanupolis. 10- 

21.. ' 
De Monde ft Dinsniorc, Lyric, Lluouln, Xeh.. II- 1 4 i 

Lyric. Jonlln, Mo., 10-21 . 
De Lacys. The, Grand, Pern. Ind., 8*11; Oirnm*tt, 

Rk-bmunO, 10-21. 
Berrln, Jas. T., Oenuetl, Blehiuond. Ind., 9-14. 
iH'lmar ft Dexter, Orpheum. Davenport, la., 9-21. 
Dolroore Slstera, Shea's. Toronto, Can., 0-14; 

Maryland, ttulto., M.I., 10-21. 
Derby, AL, Bon Ton. Syracuse. X. Y,, 8-14, 
is- Havuii. Carter. Intematknisl, Chicago, 9- 14. 
Do Bon, Wm.. Orpheum. St. I'uul. Minn., 9-14. 
De Mar ft Fortune, Keith's. Providence, D-l » ; 

Keith's. Boston, 10-21. 
Do Lano. Win., Boston. IjowcII, Mass., 9- 1-1 
-PawtucluO, JUl-,Uu '" 

Dm writ. Mary, A Co.. Oruhcuut. New Orleans. 9-14 
Dunbar's Caprine ParaikiT. Plillltp'n. Rlcbmond, 

lud.. 9-11; Orphltun, SurlngUeld. O.. 10-21. 
Hurnn-ltedcay Troupe, Orrlu Bros., Mexico, lil-21. 
Karl ft WHson. Chutes. San Fran., Cat., 9-14. 
Karly ft Uttf, itrphcniii. Suit Lake City. C„ 9- 

14; Crystal. Denver. Col.. 10-21. 
Kokel A Warner, Parlav. York, Pa.. 9-14: X. Y. 

Cm 10 21. 

KrkbolV ft Gordon, Pell's. SprlngllcM. Mass.. 9-14. 
Hmwdft Gui. ft Co.. CtilMitat. X. Y. ('.. 9-14. 
Llmore ft i.'oitrell, Jackson, Mleli.. 9-11 ; 

Bljon. Filnl. 10-21. 
riltoii Pnlo Troupe, tloll.ain, Bkln.. 9-14- 
Ntnoap HtaterN, Privtor'a RM St.. X. Y. C. 914; 

Pott'a. SprhiKileU. Mass,, 10-21. 
Kl.lriiitre. Press. SIiph's, ButTalo, n-11; Shea's, To 

rwiUi. Can., 10-21. 
Kltoti. Sam, Allninibrii, Loudon. Kiitf., 9-21; Mini 

A Mioll T„nr. 22-Mny .... 
Kltrnnaa, Lex. Keeiiey's, Bklu.. nil. 
Kllte Milflleal Knur, C-.lonhil. X. V. 0.. 9 14. 
Kllswnrths, Fetir. llljou, Lansing, Mich., 0-14. 
KIlsv.-i.rtli ft Hurt, 1HJ.»I. Wlnnlja-g. Can.. 9-14: 

O. If., Cruokaton, N. D„ 10-21. 
Kills. Melville. Pnn'lorV 2.10 St., N. V. C, 8-1 1. 
Kills- Novum Trio. Amphlolt, Bkln., K-14. 
Kiiimy. Mme., ft Pet-, Orpheum, Xcw Orleans, 

Kinuiptl. tlraeh*, ft Co., 'Hiird Ave.. X. Y. C, ■■ 

14: II. ft li, Ilkln., 1021. 
KmimaulN. Kniersott ft KrmuoiiOs, Miljeattc. Clil- 

aaaaas, t«-14. 
Kmery, WItdfreil. Aliomia. Pn.. 914: Xcw Kcu- 

Klngtnn. 10-21. 
Kmplro City guttrlvltr. Arcade, Tolctlo, (>., 9-11. 
Kmplre t.'oinedy Four. Kmplre. Ulrtnlugbam, Kng.. 

"Knillsk Uivnehudi," Grnurl. Tncmua. Wash.. 9-14. 
Knlgntni-etlc, BrttsHells, Belg.. 9-110. 
Hrnte Houeger. Grand. Porn, hid., 9-14: Bijt ti, 

IHh Moines. In., 10-21. 
Kumondu, Mr. ft Mrs. Kd.. 0. O. II., I'lttsbnru. 

9-14 : Slwa'a, ButTalo. 10-21. ^ 

Ki-ni'Titldn. lllelinionil, No. Adams, Mass,, W-ll. 
KHterbrooks, Tlie, Bangor. Me.. »-lt; Atuusin. 

liske. Will, Kvausvlllp. Ind., 9-14. 
Kviiiih ft Kvmiri, Washington, Sl>okaue, Wssh., P- 

14: Star, Seattle. 10-21. . - 

Fnlk, Kleanor, G. O. II., Indiana polls. 9-14. 
Fiitiette Grrbrairn. Trent. Trenliai, X. J.. 9-14: 

fuluntol, X, Y. C, 10-21. 
Fay. toley ft Fay, 0. 0. If-, Indians polls. 0-14 ; 

CoIninMa. Cincinnati. 10-21. 
t-'ririium. Bud, Trio. Temple, BtnTulo, 9-14. 
Kcrren-ri, Moore's, PonlaiHl, Me., 9-14. 
Fellit ft Barry Co., Keith's, X. .. C, 9 14. 
Feetcy. John J., proctor's, Albany, «. \.. 9-14, 
Feraiison ft Paamnore, Oriihcmn, Otnuha, Ntl.. 9- 

14: Orpltemn. Kannns city, Mu., 10-21. 
Ferry. Lyrle, Term Haute, ind.. 9-14: Grand. 

Ferris-Wiley Trio, llljou. Wheeling, W. Vu,. 9-14. 

Fisher. Mr. ft Mrs. Perkins. Halhaway'a, IaiwoII, 

SlutM., 914: HathttWuy's. Xe wlicdrord. 10-21. 

Flake ft MnDouougli, PoU'x. Sprlugtleld, Mass., P- 

ITnliiy ft Burke, PioeH-r's. Newark. X. J., 9-14. 
ringi-raW ft Grottier. W Are., X. Y. U. 9-14. 
Fink. Henry. Star, Seattle, Wash., 9-14. 
ITslier ft Jolnimin, Ctitumet, S>». Clilraip>. 9-14. 
Fields ft Wolley. Kainln-. Pnleraou. N. J.. VA4- 
Flotttw ft liuitit, Oai-Uiinlale. Pa., 9-14. 
ITvnn, Karl, llljou, Slmvriee, Gklu., IMI. 
Plenum ft Miller, N»vclty. Itoliver. Col.. 911; 

Lyric Si. J<*o|m, Mo.. 10-21. 
"Four Scscins." Proctor's. Allnniy. N. V.. n-14. 
Fes. Mellii. ttii.liemn. Ilkln., 9-14. 
Fowler. Aiuineilrt, Gaiety. Allwuy. K. Y.. 9-11. 
F»y ft Clark. Orphenm. New Orleans. 0-14. 
Foiitiuclle, Myaleiioiis. Family, Haaleton, Pu , 9 

1"ii\. Mndgi'. Proctor's, Newark. N. .1., 9-11. 
I'ortres ft Fori*-*. Pllen. X. V., 9-11. 
Fester. Hn , ft Ihar. G. t). II.. Syracuse, X. T., 

F<>rres1s. Mnnl.-ul. Savoy. Columbus, lud,. 9-14. 
[■'outer ft Foster. Drplieum. Oiiiulin, Xeh., 8-14. 
Fulsuin, Frsncls, llopkllia', Lmtlsrlllv, Ky„ 9-14. 
Fox ft Ward, lltlt SI. 0. II.. Phlla.. IMI. 
I'Yobel ft Itouk'e, Illpiaxlnune. London, .Kng., O-i'iO. 
Frcem, Bros., Jack-nu. Sllclt.. 9-14: Battle Creek. 

L'r.iinv ft 1'itrsoiis, Mnitdre. Ifobokeu, N. J., I'll : 

llljou. Jersey Oily. 10-21. 
Fi-iwto ft Harrey, Family, Sluitx Oily. in.. 9-11; 

New, Council DltilTs, In., 10-21. 
Frmik, Slnrvelons ft IVih. ur.'rlieuni. New ttrleans, 

La.. 9-14. 
Fmsi'r Trhi, Paaluv'.i, N. Y. *,'.. 9-14. 
Froalul, V. G.. Ptcfjle's. Ifaiinltail. Mu-. 9-11: 

Mujestlc, (-IdcsM). 10-21. 
Fredericks, The. Bljotl. Superior. Win., 9-14: 

Piilutir, MlnneoiHiIlM, Minn., 10-21. 
Frnttkrorl A Brewer. Aenie, Norfolk. Va.. 9-14. 
Freyilo Bros., Colonial. N. V. C. 9-14. ' 
French, Henri, II. ft S„ X. Y. I'., 9-14. 
Gardner. Ge*trglu, ft Ci., "Olympic, Chicago, 9 14. 
Giirdner ft Stndilurd. Poll's, Wonesler. Mass., 

Gardner A llevere, Majestic, Mot Springs, Ark.. 

IM4; Mi.JeHlle, Il'tllns, Tex-. 1021. 
Giinhiet' ft Vincent. Ovplmiini, Ilkln., 9-!l ; Alham- 
bru. N. Y. C„ 10-21. 
Ganllner. Simon A 13m., G. G. II., IlidlanapuIlM, 

10 21. 
Gm-soii. Marlon. Keith's, \. V. C, 9-11; Keith's 

Ibistoii. 10-21. 
Garcia, Chmieri, Chutes, Sun Fran., Cul., U-ll. 
Gallii-rher ft Barrett, Umpire, lloboken. X. J.. 01- 

Galk'tll's Monkejs Ohnpssht, Chicago. 9-1 1. 

»;urry ft Frawr, Cryatnl. Logs iiapuK, Ind,, 8-14; 
Crystal, Frankfurt, 10*21. 

Gajior ft GmiT. Kniplre, PMisiiel'i. Muss., nil. 

Galbreili A Fnrr.ll, Ft. W.irth, T«s., 11*14: Lit- 
tle Roc-h, Ark.. 10-21. 

iIutIii ft plait, Doric, Yuntu-rs, N. Y., 9-11. 

tlarcluer, .leaale I J., urpheuii' lhdsi>, Ida., 1021. 

George A Oeofgle, Pitslur'H. N. Y. C, 9-11, ' 

Gnniiro A llallcv, ICdlli's. I'blla., 11-14, 

eelger ft wailvm, Poll's, Hartford, Conn. 9-1 1 i 
Poll's, llllilgepnrl, 10-21. 

Gliroll, Harry. Keltb's. Boston, 11-14. 

Ollliii, Turn, Tlilnl At*.. S. V, H„ 8-14. 

Glldcu Slstern (ID, la-mlvllle, Col., U-ll; Dourer, 

Olran!, Marie. I')ili|Ue, Los Allgeles. Cal,. u-11; 
Bnkersilelil, 10-21. 

GDlelle Sisters. Slur. Seal lie. Wasli.. 9-11. 

Glldtiy ft Fo\, Ptis-'tor's, Albany, N. V.. 9-11. 

lillioy, llayties ft Mutitgoiiiery, star. Seslile, 
Wash., (1-1 t. 

"Girl IK'liiml the Drmu," Novidly. Ilkln,. IM4. 

(Jllllban ** Perry, Slajoslle. Houston. Tes., U-14; 
Majestic. Han Alilonlo, 10-21. 

Uletiroy. Jutnt-s Klclimond. Keeiiey's, Bklu., 9-14. 

i.leurioti, John A Ilcrtlm, ft Pmt Houllbsn, Hop- 
kins'. Louisville, Ky.. 11-14. 

Gi-ltlob. Mr. ft Mrs.. H'wuy. San Fran., Cul,. 9- 

(lorniaii A West, GOH'iim. Ilkln., V-14. 
Oufortb ft Doyle. Park, X. Y. C. 8-11. 

Umir.'cy ft HeiukruHi, Poll's. Mi-ldgeport. toim.. 

Gi-nlriiiV. Ilouiutlntf, Hopkins'. Louisville, Ky.. 9- 

01 ih piovuiicu ac inu wind insi weea, to large uuuierrcca, i-nerr- — ,' — 7"-*"--'- _-•; -*c- — tt-. — • --„ ,, -.■— - ^tflwtgelud, LJ- Uil-21. 

Ite usual Holy Week bill, week of 8, will be R Dr. Bill ;" "MotbB" SEK , ?aMst^BtS^ffl , 5i ,^ k" 1 v "r « ***** A Shurli.Tllanile Garden. N. Y. C. 9-14 
C. 10-21. BW * HsSUfS. najetara MM-,KT.O- i S< ■OiSBS «>, Poll's. Worcester. Muss.. IM4; 

busJoeata 1n Chicago Illngtfug Brothers' 

Circus Is holding Its annual celebratlou at 
the Colisooiu, outdolog all previous visits for 

biiblncsB and attractloas Eleanor RobsoD, 

B "ousan In Search of a Husband." nt 
Powers*, and tbe Kays. In "Down the Pike;" 
«t the. Great Northern, were the only changes 

down town "The College Widow," nt 

ine Studebaker: "The County Chairman," ut 
Mcvicker'a: "Zlra," at the Garrick: "The 
three Graces," at tbe Chicago Opera House; 
Mrs., Leslie Carter, at the Grand Opera 
IJuutfo; Olgu Netliersdlc. at tbe Illinois; 
Olgby Bell, at the Colonial, and 'Tnelma," 
at the Bush Temple, are tbe current bills. 
.WAflHrNGTox. April 10. — Herbert Kclcey 
J KITjc Shannon, lit "Tbe Lightning Con- 
tatdr. opened at the National to a good 


comes 15-18. The Bays" delighted large audi- 
ences 1*4. "When tbe World Sleepa' drew 
fair bouses C-T. 

Om*HBL'M * Martin Beck, general manager*. 
— Herrmann beaded a very good bill past week, 
which drew good houses. Week of April 8 i 
The Piccolo Midgets, Six Salvaggls. Avon 
Comedy Four. Foster and Foster, Rawson 
and June, Ferguson and Passmore, Rose and 
Kills, klnodrome. 

Novelty ( P. H. Mnllland, manager) .— 
Week of April S: Winnings and Grans, 
Powers and Freed. Max Dlllac. Madge Duy- 
tellc. William Dayton, moving oleturcs nnd 
Illustrated songs. Business good. 
s > 


."The Llltlc Gray Lady" 


Maneheater. — (C. W. Hurrlogtoo, mans- 

— bV f* ... . y-.,, - .. "Tlnf.lA 'Paih'u I l .j 1,1 .. " at.. v..Tn 

over [his week at the Columbia. In place of ger>. — Stetson's "Uncle Tom's Cabin. March 

£illfau Dlauvclt, !a "Tbe Hose of the Al- 31. two performances, came to ti. II. O. "Tbo 

nab-bra/: canceled; the ut tendance was bio. Tenderfoot" April 10, "Busy Izzy's Vaca- 

■■•^-Tbe.B-eiasco Is closed this week. W. Hon" 11, "The Black Crook" 12, "Sire. Lcf- 

«. Thompson opens In his new play. "Money Ongwell's Bools" IB. 

Talks," next week "The Race for Life*' P\inK Theatre (John Stiles, manager).— 

crowded the Academy Edward Harr.1- " 

H*n, (o/'Old La vender," packed the Maiestlc, 


Brooks. Herbert. Gotham. Bkln., 8-14. 

Brown, Jack. A Lillian Wright. Faulty, Polts- 

town. Pa., 8-14. 
Butch Family, Crystal, Trinlilud, .Col., V-14 ; 

Family. Slou.v City, la.. 10-21. - 
BurtlntM. TV. Idea, Manitowoc, Wis.. 8-14. - 
JJudwortb A Wells, Lyric, Ft. Dodge, la., 9-14; 

Family, Hlous City, 10-21. -_1" . 
Burton A Brooks, II A B.. Bkh..,, 9-14; Kmplre. 

[•alersoii; V, J.. 10-2|.- 
Burtou ft llankln, .Mt.Jofc.tle. Dallas', Tex., 8-14; 

Majestic, iloiwton. 10-21. 
Burt. Laura. G. 0. JL. Pittsburg. 9-14: Temple, 

Detroit, 10-21. - ■ 

Bush. Frank. Novelty, Bkln., 8-14. 
Murdoch Sisters, Grand, HuniUtou. 0.. 8-14. 
Burke, Minnie. A. ft 8.. Boston, 8-14. 
Burkes. The, llo-*srd. Boston, 9-14. 
Burton ft Prlmrow, Pastor's, X. Y. C, 0-14. 
Burke ft r,a Hue, Ainphlon. Bkln., 8-14. 
Burke A Detnpsey. II. A B., Bkln., 9-14. 
Buekner. Great. Apollo. Vienna. Aus.. 9-lfo. 
But'kley's img". Crystul. Detroit, Mlcb.. nil. 
Buckley. Laura. 0. O. II., Grand Rapids, Mlcb., 

'9 14. 
Buckeye Trk>; Gurrlck. Wilmington, Del.. 10-21. 
Byron ft l-un-plon. Keith's. Boston, 8-14; Keith's, 
. N. Y. C. 10-21. 

Bycra A Hermann, Moore's. Portland, Me. 
Caffery A Orant, Howard. Chicago. 9-14, 
Cain Sisters, Bon Ton. Phlla., 9-14. 


s < 

a, IJ 

larlford. Conn., 



Irwin's Big City Show, 2-4, pleased largo Carter'a The. Bliou. Dulutb. Mlmi., 6-14. 

„ audiences, and was followed by Bennett- 

.......The Dreamland rfurlesquera had two Moulton Co. (W. C. McKay, manger), in 

Sood bonsea at the Lyceum Bay L. "Wedded But No Wife, C-7. Bowery Bur- 

- oyce snd the Barrows-Lancaster Co. helped leeqwra Ml. 
T ° pack Chase's twke. 

Carthi A Olto. Atnphtoii. Bkln.. 8-14. 

Carson A Wlllard, Orpbeam, Kanaas City, Mo.. 

8:14; Orpheum, Denver. Col., 10-21, 
Carson nros., Orpheum. Ullca, N. Y., 8-14. 
Carter, Robert, A Co., Hatbaway's, Lowell, Mass., 

...piBCiMBATT, April 10. — Robert Loralnc, In 0. L. Elslkr baa been engaged as genera] (hwa-l ft De Verne, people's. Tlauolbal. Mo, 9 14 

•Man and Sur-erroau." had a good first night ajtcnt for the festival lunr of runes' UtJod.' Bijiin G/i.wborg. 111., 10-21, 
*^*uAloa at tbo Grand Uuljr Week wilt wbtcb Is now en route to the Boamweat Dim. Kumw,* Ueltb's- Palla., Ml. 

De SerrlH. Henrlelta, 

Ala., 9-14. 

Devoy, Kiuiih-II, A Co.. Novelty, Ilkln,, 9-14. 
Dc Moths, The, Gavrkk, Wllinlngluli. Del., 9-14. 
Del'tlru Lulgl. Pns-tor's. Newark. N. J., 9-14. 
Do Cauio, Chas., Itlcliliajud, Xo. Adams. Mass., U- 

14. ft Auger, Heinietl'H. London, Can.. 8-14, 
Dlerlclu Bros, CI). Urpheum, Kansas City, M»,, 

814; OiiilK'uin, New Orleans, La.. 10-21. 
"D)a> Hereuaders." Trent, Trenton, X. J.. 9-14. 
DIHae. Max, Xovelly. Oinalia. Nob., 8-14, 
"Dfda," Bljon. La Crosse. Wis., 9-14, 
Diamond ft Smith, Noveltv, Bkln.. U-14 ; t'rpheuui. 

Ml. Vernon, X. V., 10-21. 
Diamond Comedy Four, Fumlly, Dareupurt, la., 

9- 14, 
Dnwney ft Wlllard. People's, CwJar Kaphla, la., 

0-14; Garrick, Burlington. 10-21. 
DoMs Trio. Keith's, Plillii., 9-14, 
Durxch ft Runsell, Colonial, Lnwrvinu, Mu.--.. It- 

Dialer. Joe ft Nellie, Ainphlon. Bkln.. 9-14. 
Dor-reva). lltun-se, <1. O. II.. Syracuse, X. v., »- 

14: Kellh's. l'rorldeins>. 10*21. 
Douglus ft Dnuglss. Grand, Jollel, HI., 911: 

CasMc. Bloomlngtoit. 10-21. 
I-voley, J. Francis, G. O. II., Indianaiwlls. 9-14. 
Donovan. Arnold, ft Co., Young's Pier, Alliinlh- 

Cllr N. J.. 9-14; Garrick, Wllmlngten. Del., 

Dollar Trvnis?, Kmplre. Pater-son, X. J,, 9-14; 

Kmplre. Hobaken, 10-21. 
Dresser. Louise. Gotham. Bkln., 9-1 1. 
Drew, Jas. Newton, A Co., Majestic, Ft. Worth, 

Tea., 9-14; Majestic. Little Rock. Ark., 10-21. 
Dryer ft Dean. Bradenburgti'a, Phlla,, 9-14. 
Duryea A Mortimer, lluward, Boston. U-14. 
DotK'aJt. A. 0-. Victoria, tt. Y. (!., 9-14. 
Dtimi. Arlbur. A Co., Mutes He. Chicago, p-j i ; 

Ifsymarket, Chicago. 1021, 

9 1-1. 

X, Y. C, 9-lt. 
X. V. C 914. 
., li- 1 1 , Trent, 



Gohlili. Ilvmce. Orphei Jlktn. 

ttnlfb'ii Gate (juliitetle. CoIoiiIhI 
Gordon. Yld(M-ij ft I'llltll. Pustor' 
Golden ft Hnglies. Hlismokbi, 1 

Trento:i. N. J... 10-21. 

Grreiiu A Werner, OniJiflinri. Bklu., 8-11- 
Gtoh, Frank, Lyrle, SI. Joseph, Mo.. 9-11. 
Gntv. Kxl'-llri, Palace, Schenectady. 9-21. 
Gravlllln, Hose. Gytnnese. Montreal. Can., u II 
GrlfT Itrus.. Kelllt's. prorMeucn, 9-14. 
Green liro-s.. lutemullotial, Chicago. 914; L 

-lusirlul, Mollne, 10-21. 
Gray. RriU KeHh's. Phlla-. 0-14. 
Gray, Cora, Trent, Trenloit. N. J.. 9-11. 
Gray. Mnioflc, Cspllal, Glens Falta. X. Y . 
Haines. Nat. Keith's, N. Y. O, 9-14; G. G. II., 

Indianapolis, 10-21. , . 

Harrison, Minnie Alhaiiihi-n. N. \. C. 9 11; Co- 

Imilul, X. V. C, 10-21. 
HnniKiiiy l*«ur. G. o. II., Pltlsburg. 8*1-1. 
Ilnminouil ft Forrester, Powers'. Decatur, 111.. 9- 

II ; Castle, nioomliigtm). 10-21. 
Haley ft Jinny BIJou, Haiulll'm, O.. 9-11. 
Iliithawuy ft Slegel. Kclllt's. Clefelatid. O., 9-1 1. 
Hall. I.nllii. Fantlly, Palersou, X. J., U-ll. 
Hayes ft Curry. G. O. H,. Plltsburg. 9-lt. 
Ilitrrlgaii, Amphlou. Bkln.. 9-14. 
llnirklim, 1,-vr. Keith's. X. V. C . pit. 
Ilsyden A Hayes, Star. Aurora, 11!., 9-M. 
llugaerty, "ituppy Jwt." Noveliy, Doner, Col. 


Itureourl. Daisy. Kellb's. X. V, ('.. 9-11. 

Hall'M Hugs. li. O. II.. McKis-si-orl. Pa., 914 

HacktT-Leatcr Trio, Hojtklns*. Uulsvlile, Ky,, 9* 

Harris A Harhack, Boston. Fall River, Mass.. I'- 
ll : Unli, Wooiisocket, R. !.. 10-21, 

Harris, Cliaa. ft Kdha. Huyniarkut. Chicago, 9-14; 
IBJou. Dulmmie, la., 10-21. 

Ilayman ft Franklin, Novelty. Bkln.. 9-14. 

Hanson ft James, G. 0. H . Plltsburg, U-14. 

Hamilton A Wiley, Crystal, Detroit, Mlcb., 9-14; 
Olympic, So. Bend. Ind., 10-21, 

Hall. Artie. Orplieum. Sau Fran., Cal., 0-21. 

Ilareourl. Dulsv, Kellb's. X. Y. C U-14; lu* 
temstloonl, Cbleago. 10-21. 

UstcoHrL t'lauk.. Kusou's, Cfllcsjo, 9*11. . .«. 





The greatest Ilsouh hit of (kg year. Sunahr moro professlonaU than any other .10 songi. Alio the tat. ORCM. add This is a norelty sons and Just as orisinal and "catcny" as »* , '™-4' c "° °' ^ ,'° ™ r c 't OU ' w,s ' 3_m °* rtr "» h ' as » »1", 
BAND MAKCH UP THR SEASON. Trie ONE BIO MITOF ALL TltU PAliK HANDS SLIDES, $5.00 DEPOSIT. or seriocomic, duet.or put on osa!ll|rsone-an1<l>ucoact. 


By far the tat comiestnrjfcnon«>i>it of the, Sanson. Von need not take our word for ■any oftbasp facts. 

.'..■'',.. .',''■ Just ask some uf tho m»uy"MeAOLINEKS" that are singing these songs SLIDES, »S.OO DEPOSIT. 


By FRED FISCHER. Tola song Is lu a class by ILsolf. Tt is lha bost song Flschor has over twitton. It is a sone that will A great descriptive song by W. R. Willlnois, author of "Sbo's Good Enough Jk*. '""'"J!' un «0*«" theme and a 
lest-the melody is o classical gem. Ask those who nro using it. "clean" story. Vary easy to sing and wo have SLIDES, 55.00 deposit. 


Tho most beautiful, blgli-elass ballad of the yoar. This sciiu Is musically good end will live feovur. Published in two keys One of tho favorite coon songs, (ireat song for a sistor team, or sonbrotte. The music is cutchj, and the orchestration 
-for Cornet or Violin Uolo-witb BAND pr ORCHESTRA accompnnlnienl. 8 ats the "ndience laughing. 


Ono of those catchy "Anheuser" style wsltr. songs. Introdnalng"Haleo.Ha-lo" In the chorus.. This song Is bouud to bo The Brst legitimate "DAD" song ever written. A good story balled with march-tomim chorus ft give* tho "OLD MAN" 
one of tlio big SUMMBR •'nlTS." Try it-thafs all to conyinco you. due credit, aud is so cleverly done that Jou can workan^udicnco to cheers. _ 

ORCHESTRATIONS "^•^*wK^" A « , - , fS!» • THE BEST " BUCK " * HD 

f HCE IH AMY KEY 326 W A V ?H , iNG L foN R s9 S ? l II : 5Go in. DM'T MISS ft. By CHAS. B. BROWN 


BpcclattteB includes: Horace Webb, revolving 
ladder; the Mnrlnflllis, flying rings; lillcttTrlo, 
high horizontal bant; Stelnurt Brothers, Ger* 
B.anv't, aerial acrobats, Hoyden and Lu Londe, 
revolving ladder; Potter and Harris, double 
rlngn : the Great Koroby, equilibrists; Harry 

iiu B B> tut viitui nuiuuj, t-L|un nil into , Jim 

lie Murto, aerial rlnus ; Four Aragontt, klui 
and queens of tbe high wire : Tbresfta TrI 
dancers on cable In mld-ulr ; Belle Stone, Im- 

prisoned lu revolving . globe on spiral In* 
cline (a mystifying net) ; J. T. Currier, up- 
side-down Juggler; Clark and McCul lough, 
and La Mothe Trio. Tbe Flying Jordan* 
In tbclr thrilling inld-alr performance. In 
addition to these there wero a full score or 
more harlequins, wbo were clever acrobats 
an well as clowns. C. Z. Bronson's Concert 
Hand In a splendidly trained musical organiza- 
tion, with these sololnto: Wtu, TJlrlch,. clario- 
net ; Fred Kochler, trumpet ; Arthur Cullen. 
trombone, and Charles Sanglear, euphonium. 
Tbe official stuff of the directors of' the Curl 
Hiigenueck Greater Shows Is as follows: 
Frank R. Tate, president; John H. Havllu, 
secretary aud treasurer ; C. L. Williams, 
Uret vice president ; Lorens Hagenheclt, sec- 
ond vice president; C. h. Williams, financial 
manager ; W. H. Gardner, general manager, 
advance; £ N. Thompson, manager; Ed. C. 
Cullen, anslslaut manager ; John Sheeny, 
treasurer with show; Jas La Rue, auditor; 
W. E. Fuller, traffic manager; Frank Burns, 
general contractor; Sy Semens, assistant gen- 
eral contractor; Herbert Muddy, press con- 
tractor ; E. 8. Dauby, special press repre- 
sentative; Jas. i>e Woif, general press reb- 
resentatlve; Walter Forbtish, special agent; 
M. H. Hanley, special agent ; Bert Rosen* 
quest special ugent; S. N. Fiedler, manager 
advertising car No. 1 ; W. 8. Dunn Ingham, 
manager advert Islug car No. 2 ; Hurry Over- 
ton, manager advertising car, No. I; James 
Duo worth, manager advertising car No. 4 ; 
R. M. Allen, representative official , review ; 
KM. Shlpp, equestrian . director ; Thomas 
Kanklne, assistant equestrian director ;.C. A 
Bronaon, musical director: C. L. Bowman, 
manager annex ; Geo. S. Williams, purchas- 
ing agent ; U. Thompson, superintendent 
•sleepers; Taos McAvoy, .superintendent can- 
vas; Frank O'Brleu, assistant superintendent' 
canvas; W. W. Scott,' superintendent stock; 
Simon, aBalBtunt superintendent stock ; J. 
Horlgsn. assistant superintendent ring stock ; 
Harrv Schubert, superintendent elephants ; 
l'lill Custaug, superintendent animals ; IOrnest 
Houghton, superintendent train; W. W. Gil- 
lette superintendent hotel department; J. l. 
Buck, superintendent properties; C. A. Bell, 
Huperlutcnduat privileges; John Burke, su- 
perlutendeot reuurved seatH ; Lew Foster, 
innsti'i- uiechauic; M. K. Gavin, superintend- 
out front door; h. W. Marshall, superintend- 
vut MKl-ts; Charles White, electrician ; G. 8. 
Williams, supi'rh.ti.'tideut dining car ; Louis 
Mueller, stenographer; Mrs. C. Z. Brousou, 
wardrobe mistress; Mrs. Thompson, ballet 
wardrobe mistress, and Mllle ttoso Edith, 

General Representative James De Wolf wua 
busy and vary happy over the way In which 
the big, now show started, John H. Hav- 
lln was on hand, giving. his personal super* 
vision to matters of Import, and wub well 
pleased with the rosy outlook as forecast In 
the opeulng. llugenbeck's Greater Vaudeville 
Bide Show is directed by B. L. Bowman, 
manager and orator, assisted by Fred GiiBln, 
Art Gruber and Henry Emgard are ticket sel- 
lers; and Prof. Stumon's ludy orchestra fur- 
ulslies the uuslc. Theiiu are tbe actu: Mrs. B. 
L. Bowman., East Indian snake uct ; Jestile 
Stumon's company of vaudeville artiatB. Al- 
fredo and Ceritu. living marionettes; Bergcu 
Brothers, musical act ; Horntnaun, maglclou ; 
Sol Stone, lightning calculator ; Nina Del- 
nmlto, snake charmer; Julio Gardner, acro- 
batic dancer; Eva Melcalfe, uougs und 
dances; Mystic Stephan, coon shoutcr; Prof. 
Hart man* "Teddy tlio Second," baritone aud 
Klther; Muxcy, the needle king; Moll In 
Herod, cockutoo net ; Mile. Amy, sword 
swallower ; Madame Apnea, mind reader, and 
Pnrneyl Htephan. special lecturer, who occu- 
pies a platform lu the centra of too cunvas, 
A half dozen other uct* will Join tbe show 
ut PlttHburg. 

1 Grand Oi>kiu Tlousu (Hurry Ralufortb 
and John H. Havlln, managers) .—Robert Lo- 
mine, April 1M 4, lu'"Man and Suneraina." 
' LaBt week Kyrlo Bellow was seen in "Raf- 
iles," .and business increased as. the week 
uged. Clara Blandlck made her tlrst local 
appearance and wbr well received. IE. M. 
Holland wus creeled us an old friend. Lulu 
Glascr, la "Miss Doily Hollars." 10-21. 

Walnut Struct Tubatrb (M. C. Ander- 
son, manager). — "Arizona" 8-14. The Hur- 
tle & Seamon musical comedy, "Me, Him and 
1, ' with Francis Sullivan, Billy W. Watson 
und Arthur Wbltolaw In the leading roles, 
did nicely last week. Marlon Stanley, tho 
old favorite of tbe Cheater Park Opera Com- 

ffaoy, who lumped from "Tho Wizard of Or 
ato ber old role-, found that It still fitted 
bcr like u suode glove. Nettle Nelson did 
well lu her role. Yorke and Adams, In 
"Bankers and Brokers," 15-21. 

KuniKSON'ts Opera Houan (George F. Fish 
& Luella F.Flab, managers). — A magnificent 
welcome homo awaits Mmy Hall 8. when t>he 
uppeurs lu "La Tosca." Jessallne llodgers 
buld good-byo to friends last week, In an In- 
terpretation of "Carmen" that was. most 
pleasing. Tbe Forepaugh Stock Co. gave an 
tixcellent performance of tbe gypsy play so 
fnmiltnr to theatregoers. Business was fair. 
"Fanchon" 15. ' 

CoLUMniA (M. C. Anderson, manager).— 
Tho Orphcum Show H-14. LaBt week's vaude* 
vlllo bill had Arthur Dunn (who began bis 
enreer here na one of Cot. Miles' Juveniles) 
und Marie (Jiaxlcr, as lieadllarrs. They put 
on "The Messenger Boy;" Lillian Mills and 
tlida Morris bare a clever mlustrcl turn; 

Foy and Hut-ding's offering, "A Moderu 
Jonah," was good ; Herbert's dogs put up a 
great animal act Other- acts went well. 
Butdness was quite good. 

Hel-ck's Opera House (Heuck, FcnuesHy 
& Stair, managers). — Arthur C. Alston's 
"Shadows on the Hearth" 8-14. The Brothers 
Byrne, In "Tbe New Eight Bells," drew well 
last week. Tbe pantomime Is as takingly 
funny as ever. "At the Old Cross Roads" 13. 

Lycbuh (Heuck, Stair & Feanessy, mana- 
gers). — "A Romance of Coon Hollow" 8-14. 
"Too Proud to i>eg'' did nicely last week, 
with Mildred anil Arthur Boylun showing to 
splendid advantage. "The Governor's Par- 
don" '10. 

AurnTOHitiu.— Audiences that represented 
tie culture of the Queen City made tbe en- 
gagement of Ben Greet's English Players* 
most notable Inst week. . Shakespeare, of the 
Elizabethan era was presented. "Macbeth," 
"Much Ado About Nothing," "The Merchant 
of Venice" nud "Julius Cesar" appealing to 
lovers of the Hard of Avon. Beautifully 
costumed und well played, tbe English actors 

firovjded In tbe plays a wook of rare Intel- 
ectual enjoyment, under the auspices of the 
University Settlement 

Pboplb's ( Hubert Usuck, manager) .— , 
Miner's Amerlcuu Burleaquers 8-14. The en- 

fiagement of W. B. Watson's Oriental Bur- 
caquers, In "Miss Clover", and "The Bashful 
Venus," were successful lust week. Bone-, 
tulan Burleequers 10. 

Standahd (C. B, Arnold, manager). — The 
Bon Ton Burletiquers, 8-14, are to follow 
Rose SydeH't*} London Belles. Miss Sydell 
U a Covington girl, and Is always royally re- 
ceived by old Some friends here. She was - 
*>leas|ni* In the two act burlesque, "Dazzling 
Nancy. . Black Crook Jr. 15. • . 

Gossip or rnw Louby. — Ben Davles waB 
tbe Soloist at the Inst concerts of tbe Cin- 
cinnati Symphony Orchestra, at Music Hall, 
tt, 7..-.. .iHnrry Hardy, .manager or West- 
and Voices, 'was HI and could not leave with 
his company.. ....James D. Do Wolfe, the 

press representative of . the Hagenbecl* 
Greater shows, is an old Columbus newspaper 

man Moutlvllle Flowers Is to give i 

series of fifteen lectures on "Hamlet" ut the 
Flowers Dramatic Acudemy . . . . Tlie Fall fes- 
tival souvenir hooks arc out.... The Empire 
Concert Co. met nt tho People's Theatre aito} 
voted to Increase the capital stock from 
? 50.000 to $1,000,000. Several new theatrm 
In the East will be added to tbe circuit..... 
Alice Majorowskl, presented by Romeo Gorno, 

was heard la concert 2 Emma Norton, 

RHslsted by Nina Esther Block and' John A. 
Hoffman, unntmred'S, In a concert at Con- 
servatory Hall, . . . . .Mary Hall sang "Home, 
Sweet Homo" early In the week, and has 
been restlug at her abode on WtUnut Hills 

with her happy husband— Dr. retiree 

BuckBklu Ben Is here getting ready for the 
opening of his Wild West Show -at the ar- 
mory Roy Kuabenshue, the flying inu* 

cblhe man, bns been secured for Coney Is 
land C. G. Strobel come here to. con- 
fer with Lee Brooks and 1. T. Anderson, .and 

the deal was quickly closed .Judge Lit- 

tleford grunted Wanda Ludlow a dlvovco 
from Horry S. Coleman, the actor. Tpey 
were married In Lewlston, Me., last Novem- 
ber, and the young wlft! — she's* only 17 — testi- 
fied that she thought the ceremony a mere 
dress rehearsal of a play. 

Prosiier has returned from New York, where 

lie went for a short business trip 

J. M. Allison, u representative of the Shu- 
berts, was here during the past week In- 
specting tbe Grand Opera House, wlilcli his 
iirui took possession of, by purchasing the 

lease from Dickson & Talbot The 

Wihiiok* Musical Club, tbe largest orguuizs- 
tton of Its kind In the country, re-elected 

Ella Muy Smith president The advance 

KaleiOf tickets for the appearance of Madame 
Sarah Bernhardt ut Memorial Hail, 14, bear 
Indications that the seating capacity of tbe 
large auditorium' will be- taxed. 

\oonir«iowii. — At the Park Theatre 
fLw' Norton, manager) *'Sls Hopkins" drew 
well- April :«. Four Huntings, mutlne? aud 
night 4. p'-rnsed. "The Eye Witness" «, 10, 
"In Louisiana" 11. 12, John Drew 13, 

Opkha HouiiE (T. K. Albaugb, manager). 
— "The. Prlnro Chap" drew two good audi- 
ences 4, 5. Wood nnd Ward, In "Two Merry 
Tramps." 0, 7. Week of 9 Is dark. 

Gavktit (Jos. W. Wvss. manager). — Week 
of 2 ; Wine, Women nnd Bong, under the 
management of M. M. Tbelse, did well, and 
gave general satisfaction. 

Notes.— Geueral Manager John L. Kerr, 
of the Rels circuit, was recently In the city 
on business concerning tbe Park Theatre. . . . 
■The proprty of the Gayety Theatre har been 
purchased by local parties, who will divert 
u Into business property, week of U cod- 
ing tbe burlesque attractions. Jos. W. Wens 
was the promoter of the New Gayety enter- 
prise In this city, and during its run con- 
ducted it to the satisfaction of at . und 
Provided the hest of burlesque attractions. 
ir. Wess will have the management of Avon 
Park soason of J8f'€ and will open it tbe 
latter part of May, with limny improvements. 

Spvlnf-neld, — At the Grand Opera House 
(L. J. Dalle; manager) tbe Guy Stock Co. 
played a week's engagement, April 2-7, to 
excellent satisfaction. 

Lyceum (Gus Sun, manager). — Hign class 
vaudeville, week of 2, Including: The Three 
HIIIyerH, John and Alice McDowell, Enbler 
and Kohler, Lombard Bros., the Alyns, Doro- 
thy Gotten and Frank Vincent 

Oririm:.M (Gus Sun, munager). — BUI for 
week of I): Clark's Dog und Pony Circus, 
Clark und Franklin, Relley mid Morgttu, Miss 
Adelyu, new songs and pictures. 

Cleveland. — At the Opera House (Harry 
D. Kline, raanHger) "The Wizard of Oz 
week of April v. John Drew had a good 
week. "Tbe County Chairman" 10-21. 

Coi.oniat. (Drew tt Campbell, managers). 
■ — Ginger Stock Co. will produce "Prince 
KnrI" week of 0. Their "Trilby" proved 
quite a magnet last week. The stock com- 
pany week of 10. 

Lyceum (Geo. M. Todd, manager). — Tho 
David Hartford Stock Co. offers* "By Right 
of Sword" week of 0. "The Wilderness," 
the first offorlng of this very capable com* 
pnny. drew good bouses week of 2. "Jim 
the Penman" 10-21.,amd (Geo. M. Todd, manager).— 
"Hew Baxter -Butted In" week of l>. l 'No 
Mother to Guide Her" had good receipts week 
of 2. "The Way of the Transgressor" 16-21. 

ICiith'h (H. A. Daniels, manager). — Dill 
week of 9 Includes: Leon Morris' Circus, 
Mustier, Houghton aud Mosber, Snyder and 
Buckley, Callahan and Mack. Eva Westcott 
and company. Carter uud Bluford, Hathaway 
and sie.gvi. uud Tom Browne. 

Lyuic (I". R. Lang, manager). — BUI week 
of U Includes : Cabarett's dogs. La Adella, 
John and Alice McDowell. Waldo Whipple, 
Lydclo and Butterworth, and others. 

Star (Drew & Campbell, managers). — 
Oriental Rurlesquers 0-t4. Alcazar Beauties 
hud good houses 2-7. Cunning, the "Huueuff . 
King?' proved quits a drawing card. Miner's 
Americans 10-21. 

Empikb (Chas. W. Denzluger, manager). — 
Bob Mnnchester's Cracker Jacks 11-14. Ruble's 
Knickerbockers drew good houses 2-7. Casino 
ttlrls 16*21. 

Akron.— At the Colonial (Uly 3. Hill. 
manager 1 "Sis Hopkins" had a large and 
well pleased house April 2. "Shadows of a 
Crest City," two pcrforinuuces, tt; Lewis 
Morrison's "Faust" did well 7. "Tbe Eye 
Witness" 11 , "Little Johnny Jones" 14, 
"When Johnny Comes Marching Home" 17, 
Olgu Nethersole, in "Sapho," 18; "The Edu- 
cation of Mr. Plpp" 21. 

1'siQvr, (Achllle Pblllon, manager). — The 
Metropolitan Buriesquera did well 6-7. House 
dark week of 0: 

Music Hall <T. K. Albaugb, manager). — 
Mme. Bernhardt, In "Camllle." comes 12. 

■ i >i — ii-.. — m 

Marlon.— c. H, Perry, the present mana- 
ger of tbe Grand, bus secured a live years' 
lease of the houBe. Mr. Perry was the suc- 
cessful bidder In a very spirited contest for 
.loin, lease. Hfi _wllL.ulso open_the Majestic 
Hotel on the European plan, making- :i 'spe- 
cial feature of catering to theatrical people. 

Guam) (C. E. Perry, manager). — ''Uncle 
Josh Spruceby" did well March 31. "A Hu- 
man Slave," April 4. 5, scored well. "When 
Johnny Comes Marching Home" 12, "A Slavo 
of the Mills" 13, return date of "Miss Bob 
White" 14. 

— — ; — +»» 


Coin nib •*,■.— At the Great Southern The- 
atre (O. M. Heffner, manager) Henrietta 
Crosmun appeared here to a large audience 
April 2. "The Wizard of Ob" pleased good 
houses 3, 4. John Drew it. Lulu Glaser 13, 
14, Alice Nellson 17. "Coming Tiro' tbe 
Bye" 18. It), Richard Mansfield 21. . 

HtQU St. (Cbns. W. Harper, manager).— 
"Queen of the Convicts'' had fairly good pat- 
ronage 2-4. "How Dexter butted In" at- 
tracted fairly good, houses 5-T. "Klgjit 
Bells" 0-11, Billy B. Van, lu "The Errand 
Boy," J2-14 : "Running for Offlce" lft-18, *'A 
Crown of Thorns" lH-il. ' "i 

Woricfi.— -Tlio Eorepaugh-Sells nros.* Clrcna 
will open Ita season here 21...... W. W. 

Memphis. — At the New Lyceum Theatre 
(Frank Gray, lewsee) u local entertainment 
occupied tbe boards March 20-31. Marie 
Cahlll, In "Molly Moonshine." packed the 
house April 2. Darkness , prevailed 3, 4. 
Alice Nellacn Opera Co.. in ,f Dou Pasquate." 
came to a crowded house 6. Viola Allen 9, 
Henrietta Crosinab 12, "Buster Brown" 13, 

HopKtNa' (A. B. Morrison, manager). — 
The attractions week of 2 proved most suc- 
cessful.flnd the bouse was crowded every per- 
formance. The programme Included: Les 
Brunnhis, Leah Russell, Marvelous Frank and 
Bob, Francesco Redding and company, Al. 
Lawrence, Kennedy and Rooney, Unlaw Trio, 
and the klnodromc. 

Bijou .(Benj. M. Stslnback, manager). — 
"The Flaming Arrow," week ot 2, drew well, 
and all xeemed pleased with the perform- 
ance. "The Belle of Avenue A" 9-14. 

Note. — Gentry Dog and Pony Show ex- 
hibited here 3, 4, to overflowing attendance. 

Kno-LvllI-?,— At Staub'a Theatre (Frit* 
Btaub, manager) Alice Nellsen, la "Don Pas- 
quals," came April 2, to good business, and 
to one of the most highly pleased audiences 
of the season. "The Old Homestead," two 
performances,- 2, had capacity business. 
Bhcpard'a moving pictures pleased 4. Local 
Elks' vaudeville 5, Lulu GUser, In "Miss 
Dollv Dollars," 7. Tbe house is dark until 
10. when the Gllck Stock Co. opens for on 
Indefinite run. 

4 i > 




IK thtB subject the trials and tribulations of a Studio Pliotoc niplier are vividly portraved. To 
see ttie troubles ot the ARTIST, his ASSISTANT, the BRIDE and BRIDEGROOM, the OLD MAID 



Welliuay it ba?a!d that music will charm the savage beasts, but this picture showa the extraor- 
dinary treatment the MAESTRO receives by the SPOOK TROMBONE, the CHICKEN SOLO, tbe 
WATER FANTASY and the remarkable antics of the WHIRLING PIANO, which produce 

Old and New Style Conjurors 2 is 8 f 8 t 

One of the Best Mystical Film*. Ever Produced. 


LENGTH, 1.000 FEET. PRICE, $13 J. 


. 804 EAST M STREET. § ja^mE OVTXCAJ. CO., * 
OASTON MELIE3, Gen'l Hgr. <> na state street, Chicago, in. 


For company to be organized April -.a, and opening one week later, toJPLAYBCHAIN OF NORTH 

CITIES, or an organized company, 

ii.ijkj.ri tutu vvnmi imui nt.RS. AND OTHER 

or players who are Juat closing season will be accepted, 

former preferred. Summer season will open lu Wilmington, N. C, where rehearsals will take 

C lace, and then the tour will be made of the theatres or tbe Scblosft-l'owan Brothers' Circuit, eu- 
racing Newborn, Raleigh. Greensboro, Winston-Sale in, Auhevllle and Churlottc, N. 0. 



All must be told, with very lowest Summer salary, In tint letter, and fare-j will be advanced whed 
For open time at theatres, addrens S. A SCUUWS, Academy of Mnalc, Wfltniugton, N. C. 

Players and Specialty People, address COWAN BROTHERS, Academy of Music, Wllmlugton, N. ft 



H* O R 

In all lines. Musicians for band aud orchestra that can double stage, Musical Act that can play in 
baud, double parts. Open on or about May 1. Tickets advanced to any one I know. Address 

DICK P. SUTTON. Butte. Mont. _ 

Attractions Wanted &ot 

Only Summer Theatre in the City. 

SenllDg capacity 8,000. Largest stage Id the State. Open Juue 4. No shows lu the city since J.u. 
1&, except vaudeville. Big busluess for good companies. Al=u good Vundevillc Acts wauled. 


Barlow & 'Wilsons Minstrels, 


W to oan b»ndle a three car tent show. Must kuow the South aud West and he a close coulmel<"< 

understand R. IL work. 'I o such a man can give employment the year around. 

Can place No. ■ Mm also. Good lUnalMana and 'Pertorm.r. al» write. 

Address BAHLOW 1 WILSON, per ronte HiCUPP" 

Animal Costumes and Heads 

For Extravauza. Also Adult Chornn Ctistniaea. Notluliis. children's Costumes, Brownies. H»'rtr>. 
Ouume?, etc. Ore itPiratlins for "Goldeu Ilair mid Three Bears," Scenery, ctt. OI»e lowest nnltf. 
cash price. Who has exirjvuguuwi wit), pnper, lyrics, hook aud orchestraifous for sale i tt'ant otO 
Ilood aud oue spot light HARRY POOTB, Bijou Theatre, Moutgoiucri. AU. 

FnEf> w. ■ Kenkedt writes: "I have been 
with tho 'Reuben In New York' Co.. which 
has Just closed a satisfactory seaBon. I i 
open at Falrmouut Park, Kanuaai City, Mo., 
May 7,- where' I have been engaged by Maun- 
per Jack Abbott, to- produce musical enmn- . 
dies for the Summer season, and to manage I 
the stage." ... .... j 



That double hand, mil pay good salaries to good 
people.- one night stands. Pay your owo. Every- 
thing In Drst letter. Address 


»a Plymouth Placo, Chicago, lu. 


-£Sl*£B Snnrf PalS W&BL 
Mgre., write. High Class, sensational Bonnie 
Trapeze Artlaw and Novelty Contortion"";- 
Flashy rigging, good wardrobe and appearand, 
with 17 years' experience. Address,. 

fe.nRr. , ■ """"« MIC "- - 

AHtn< 14. 


Mlra dipper's Anecdote*, etc , 

Tbc Dollar Troope*— Sketch 

Helen Hall— Sketch - , 

p. F. Proctor — Sketch ,\ . . ^ ■ . . . , 

A Memorial Programme •'...;, 

Vaudeville Benefit to Acton' font!.. 

THE ISEETW" -YOlRK clipper. 


««a U tlnia.M 1! u ,»„,, < 

«■*»«• ■• It la poaalble to make at Hat H4. 

of ra>aaeTllle huokiDs*. To tfcnro In- Oarberry * Ktunlon. tlr,u,l. 

.IB '215*3. Si HBl Hall ma* Yer "detail 
... 214 Si t ''„ ,,ic torcpnusb Stock Co. She received 

>*.«... f> h. 

... V.. » H. 

Iten.rr. Ool., 11-111. 

. 2lS !r„" JM str «* "A Uomance of Coon 

. :: 22u IMIoW drew pretty well nt the I.jTetim. 

...320 .Miners Americans at People"*, liad 

... 220 i," * C ™J-1. and the lion Ton Bnrleaqucrs 

nru\ (lift Htifpni illt- nt »!.■» O i ., _.i i 

World of Players . . 

Illness of Etliel Batryniure. . 

grjf>rin) AnavereJ 

Our London Letter 

Our Chicago , Letter , 

oi the Road *.... 

Vaudeville Itoute List....... 

BiagTC>v>ri .»:::. .::::BB &58l2£?Gh5 Dtsit - awl ffisa u* 

Mkcdlaneoo* .386.337 OT" /««««. before a large audience 

with the Bin Pn-tew 

OUpper Po?t Otttce 

The V. F. Proctor Jubilee , 



Vermont.. .. 



..bode laland. .. . 





New York State. 



. 221* 

Acker i Collin*. Toledo, ().. oi, 

Adler. VU\ IttJoQa Dubil'iue, la.. 9-14; Uuuuuioo, 

Winnipeg, fan., lit-21. 
Adclvii. Mia*. Orphlwu. Bprlutfcld. O.. 0-14. 
A.lrllu. La. Lyric, Clwtalul, 1M4. 
Adaum. ft Mark. Family, Bkln., 9-14. 
AOniufiil £ Taylor. Hath away 's,- New Bedford, 

Baas.. 0-1-1. 
Agouat Family. Orplteani. Son Fran.. Cil., «-2l. 
Alabama Cunwdy Four. A. ft H., Boston. 9-11. 
«SJ Grand, Not M. WIIIm, In 'The Duke of *™ft*! 3Jr - * Mw.. orpheum. Bcadlne. Pn„ 0-14 ; 

'!!.;! 220 dl( * "PlrndldlT at tin stitndard. 
. 22K, 224 Kaniiib CirT> April lo;— "Tbe Clansman' 

""j"[l'." opened lo n good' Hunday aiutlmv 

^3 and had a big house at nlgbt......A .rood ffl5B ®i.°u°i "•■ todtanapolip. 0*11. 

" vaudeville l.IlF drew tbc cuStomnry buaC A ^LiKl' tSt* 1 * Clllc,, * ' ^' 4: °' a " 

IteonottV ixiouou. Can.. 111-21. 
.UMnntiN <*)._.«.. O. II., Imllannpolln, 0-14. 

.... 214 at y Jg^lOJ B At the OI1IU "The MIs- 

214 5<>url CJlri had good crowds, and "The Girl 

■• 214 »™» Sweden" pleased at tho Auditorium 

21B Ao? J'mcadero Uurlesqucru, at tbe Majfallc. 

»• 219,3X3 and tho High School Oirl«. at the Century. 

81 did well The Filler Stoek Co. gave go«l 

Hi? performancea of "Carmen," at the Veoplc's. 

22} Kansau City, Kan. v 

Indlniuipollit, lU-21. 
Allfte. Mlfe., Hlioo. Alpena. Mich.. 9-14: Cryitil, 

I*etrolt. mat. 
AlTa, Alive, Chlcaso. W-14 : BnfTalo. W-21. 
Allen, Mta. * Co., l*routorV. Albany, X. YJ, »- 

Allen. Lcou & Dertle. UUun. Juck»»i. st\c\f.. a- 

14: IUJi.ii. Uiialos. 16-21. 
AllurtUH A Millar, Caaluo, I'urln, Fr.. u-:;o. 
Allinon. Jue H.. UIJou. Apoletou, Win., tl-U ; 

fiijou. uroeii hay. 111-21. 
Albeui* 4 Ia Brant, S«w Fauilly, Hloni City, la., 

IlllnoU ' 

Nebraska..... , 

New Hanipfliln 


New Jeraey 

Iowa - 




CouuecUcst , 



'," 221 IionsviLLE, April 10. . . Alice N*«« iC u 

«ai opened In "Don Pagquale," at Macau ley's, 

222 J? a large audience The Holdcn Stock 8 -n 

M Co.. ,°t the SJaBonie. presented "The Holy .viieu, Mack. Atlantic Ourden. K. T. 0,; u 14. 

X33 y^v t*>, .good houues "The Burglar's AUeu ft Daltwi, Keith'a, Phiia., n-14. 

■»•* daughter, at tbc Avenue; the Merry Bur- Albeue * i* Bront, Fauilly, sious Citr. la.. 9-14; 

■■ leBuuers, at tho Buckingham, and vaudeville, Crawford, Topeka, Kirn., Hl-21. 

S« at llopklnu', attracted crowded houses nt the American NewaboyiT Quartette. Htar, Cripple 

~|| Sunday openings. Cwek, Col., 9-14: Empire, (ML Bpga., 16-21. 

' *^ Z - - American Trio, Trent. Trorttou, N. Jr"«-14."- 

Alaann & Hartley. BhctUeld,,. H-14: null, 10 

21 ; LoedH, 23-2H : NcTCcantlV, 30-Mny 0, 
Antrim A Pcterx. Bavoy. Fall Hlver. ■Mo**., »-U ; 
Colonial. Lawrence, 1<1-21. - * ■ 



Cotincll Bluff'*, Ik.. 

Bentlle., • 14; 

Tnconta. 1H-21. - 
ftn Ui Cbu*i., Orrln BrnH., Mexico, (1'21. 
Carlotta. Kelth'N, I-lilU., K-14. 
t'rtliahan 4c Mack, KeltbV. Claxrlaivt. O., 914. 
CullaLaiiM. Tli?. VuiHletif, OUlcugo. H14; Cattle, 

nioonilticton. lit.. 10-21. 
"'ariinrllK (;n, AuUltitrlnm, Taj-nn, Mumh,. u-14. 
Canieren * Flanagan, lnjoii. KruDaTlllc, 1ml., U- 

14-: TetD|>li>, I't. Warne. iit-ai. 
CJIurron, V.iitif, II. A M, llkln., lt-14: Keltti'N, 

PhlV. HI2I, 

ipdclA t " 

(mi & . . . 

Cabnrat'J linim. L.*tU-. Cleveland. »>.. 9-14. 
Camf)]<ell. h'rmiku-. iln.v market, llbiraitiv. nil 
Oamllne. Kelly Jc McCnril. llitt'tnuTloiinl. CUt- 

cago. 914. 
Cabrlce, Lynn t Fay, Orpuvniii. Kanxai* Oily, 

Mo.. 10-2t. 
■ Tarter J, liinfuni. khii.v. oittYeliiml, o.. 9-14. 
Oamllle. MIV. Wnlluve'x, IVm. tin)., 911. 
Crirtttr A WatcM Co.. llathairay'd. [mwvU. Mm-... 

<:(\rda)wiile BUiera. Kinplix-, HolK>k.-u, N. J., w-14. 
Cii-tlc ft <V>11Ium. OlymplH. Clilcuvt>, 9-11: (Vlnui- 

bla, Bt. FiOiilH. lo 21. 
Carevr ft Unyeit, 0. O. II.. IMltuwirc 9-14; 

Oook'H, Itwhvater. N. Y.. 16-21. 
Carlfale'H l^t*. NoveUy. Bkln.. 911 

Uupom. Mnrj, A c*j.. Oritlieum. New Orleaoa, 0*1-4 
Ihinbar't* Cnprlnc I'nrmlo<t. I'lillllp'H. Ulcbiuoml. 

tin!., till; Orphlutn, 8prliifrtteltl, O.. 16-21, 
Utifflu-lteuYaj- Troujie. Otrlti Bmx.. Mexico. 15-21. 
K«r» ft WHmib, Cbutcs, Bun L'run., Cut.. M4 
WU * Lull*. Orplwiini, Bait I.akt* CUy. P„ D- 

14: Until, iK-mvr. Ool.. 16-21. 
l-iekel A lVnruer, I'nrliH-. York. Pa., n-14; X. Y. 

CX, 16-31. 
Kckhoff ft Otinlou, Puira, Hprlnrilebl. Mh*h„ h-14. 
KaviNf, Him. ft Co.. Cuiouinl. n. V. t 1 .. 9-14. 
i;iin-.iv ^ Cttlwll Itljon, JnckMoit. Mk'li.. I'll 

Bljon. Film. 16-21. 
KttM IVIo 'rtgnw', Uotlmm. Ilkli... 0-14. 
KHnor** MMOPI, I'rwtnr'n 2H*I ML. N. V. 0.. 6-14: 

1'nll'M. Bjtrlturtlolil. Mh-*,. IH-31. 
KMrldge. Pitbn. mmm% BitlTalo. H-ll; Mliea'x, To- 

rulHo. Call., tU-2t. 
KH..H. Bam, Albunibrii, l.imilnn. Kii«., H-21 ; M<»* 

ft Blull Ti.or. 22-Muy «... 
1.1|C'»uni«. r,es. Krcney'N. Hklu.. it-ll. 
KMut Muslml four. 4'..luiilnl, X. Y. 0.. 9 14. 
KIlMffortliH, I'liiu. Illlcti. LmiMlnK. Mlvb., U-11. 
KllMwi>rtb A Hurt. IlljtHt. Wliinliieg. Can.. 9-14 ; 

*i. II.. Crtx.kt.lmi, N, H., 10-21. 
KlllM. Mrlvllle. I'rocU'r'-. 2.t.l Ml.. N. \*. C, p. II. 
RIllH-Xowljiii Trl-. Ampliloti, llkln., U-14. 
Ktnniy. Mine. A I'etx, Orplicum, New Orlvuns. 

Ktnuiftl. Urtifli-, ft Co., llilul Aie.. N. Y. 0., » 

14: II. ft II.. llkln.. ln-21. 
KminondM. Knifrxoii ft KiuiiioiiUm, Mujeatlc, Clit- 

'■iiKii, H-14. 
Kniffy. Wiiili' Alt. .nun, Pa., n-14: New Kcu- 

KlliKtOll. 1U-21. 
Kmptro Uly gutirlette. Arcailv. TohHlv. tt., 0-1 1. 

lt< silllml l™3l " ' *"'' H3Hwt53»a» 1'imr. Kmulr... Ulrniluiiiutii. Kn«.. 

55S"*iTO^P»J|SSFHS v - .'.'■■ "'";.. ^ iSilUa lUMiriioii*," iiroiid. tawaia, Woib.. »-n. 


Wert Vlratola. 



MlMwrl. ...... 



londay >lBrht> OnenlnB. I. AU the 

BlaT show Tona., 

. 223 
. . . 224 
... 225 

...223 Denver — At the Broadway (E. F. Mc- . 

■•■S# Court manager) "A Message from Mars," -^lle, JtutU. B.«tc«i.. Lowell. M«-.» 

• ■ • ™S April 2-7, and after sereral weeks -* ■■—'- Aroow ' 
■ ■ n%~ ncB9. the house did big business. 
;:!22r. i "W- r*B'-\ rouf?!:": "Little 
... 226 JoneB" 10-21. 

. . . 22r< OiipiiLi-M (Martin Beck, general 
... 225 cer) — Another rood bill was received 
... 229 favor, by large nouses, last week. BUI for 

... 220 week of 0: Allen and Lacrolx <o., John W. Armond, Grace. Crj-stsl. Detroit, 0-W 

••' SK World °nd Mlndell Kingston. Mme. Cheater's Anialdo. Seiior, Crjjtil. Bt.- Joseph. Mo.. H-U. 

■ statue dog, Stanley and Wilson, Kofhorloo -J"'!™ » .ft " 1 "!': ZfKS tfgS T 'i Si" OS; 

IJalil. Musical Klelst. Burt and Berthn Oram, A "riSx , i , ,«i;,i"'iS'»r" 11 " "' »■»■•»■" ! 

TAnon OJAM) (K. I. McCourt. manager). Atkinson. Oeo. E.. Keith's. Providence. 9H. 

— AI. B, Melds Minstrels played to good Austin. Clautle, BIJou, Kalatoisoo, Mich., »14; 

business week of 2. HIJoo. Jncksou. ld-21. 

EMl'lBU 1.3. K. Clifford, manager). — The Auberts. Lcs. Ornhruin. NVw 'hlenns. I.a., 9-M. 

Imperial Burlesqucrs proved a popular at- Aug, Edna. II. & S„ N. V. 0., 9*14. 

traction at tills house tbe past week. Austlus, Tosrtng. l-euplc's, l-arsona, Kou.. 9-11; 

C'tmiis (A. B. Pelton, manugerl.— "The (Ji-a^-fonl. ToKk... 10.21. 

King of Detectives" dreiv well the past week. ■'I^vY.Ti vi .1L. Ke l"'v !' iVif" * ' U 

<£S%2SJHS3££lfi flSXto A S-. i LZ!!i c 'cE i r , &, 0hlc '» ' 9 - ,,; ■-• 

. bak . Pbakcibco, April 10. — At the Co- Jowlug Mil : Bowery Quartette. Hall and Bards, Four. Howard. Hwtai, (Ml. 

luuibia. this 1» the second and last week of " a "> Eunice Drake, Dc Alrvllto Slaters. Buker ft Lynn. Kmplre Tonr, Knb r ., it-May it*. 

"The Lion and the Mouse," to be followed hy nance Smith. Itoey and Holland. Seymour Barry, Katie, t Co.. Cook'*, Uochcntcr, N. X.. »• 

"BabcH In Toyland." On Sunday afternoon, an d Duprc, and pictures. 14: K-Hb'a. cif.ciand, 16-'i. 

B, Oorardj-, cellist, gave his flritt concert at Cbtbtai. («. X Adama. maaager).— Mo- Banks, Cbarlle, Uayniarkct. GUeago. O-M. 

UilBhouirf. zellc, Fuller. Hose and Co., Dan and Bwsle Bator. Harry, Uarrlek. Burltnptou. la., 9-14: 

Uumic- Yesterday marked the com- Kelly, the KlngwhuryB, John Zouboulakla and ■SWW&SSw Slica'a Buffalo u-n- 

uiencr'mi.nt of a special engagement, for two pictures drew well week of 2. &" Tolonio ci °liS 

Tvocta, "of Walter Perklna, fc -opported by the . Notes.— Buckwa Iter's 700 foot Ulm, "See- Bar™ ft JS^&Em. ftrmttto Wmk., «-n. 

stock company of house, in "Who Goes log Denver, was shown ai .the Urpbeum last narm-ys (3), Olympic. BprlngUehi. 111.. 0-14. 

Thcrer A revival of "The Light Internal" J«eb **$ pleased. .. Nellie Stewart In Ban**, The (2). nljou. Norfolk-, Vn-rO-M. 

will soon follow. "Sweet Nell of Old Drury/ Is billed for-the- -BaiikH.-4.1mtj., riayinarkct. Ciilcoi,o.-9-14. 

C^tlMBNlA. — The Empire Burlesquers arc Broadway week of April 23 Tho man- Barr ft Evnus. Olympic. Chicago, 9-14. 

here this week. agement of Klltch's (>ardens states that tho Bates, Lonle W M Wuxhlugton, Bpokane, V'aab., ff- 

Oiuku- Opera House.— "Caught in the list of players for 1906 will equal other sea- 14; Blur. Beatttc. 16-21. ,. 

Web" opened Sunday, 8, for one week. Tho *ms, and that the presentations wilt bo ade- Bnailer-La Jelle'frio. O ymplc. Chicago, 9-14. 

Cnurled Metropolitan Grand Opera Co. opcnB qnate. Many Improvements are being made. 2"5? W AJ,' C ''iKni ci.Ii'i.m I'li" 

tt for two weeks. ^ "j ......Pauline Hall and company disbanded Bb^SmSS^SuP%.or.B„- ftato- 

N«T! Cbxtral.— "Searchlights of a Great la this city April 1, after a successful, season ™™ u " *™™>* ae 

City*', this week. Vaudeville Is now present- w "■*■ - ' 

ttartcr. Mr. ft Mm. Carl, BIJou, Alpena. Mien 

9-M: BIJou. Jnckaon, 16-21. 
Carrotltoii ft KwIlts. Wattoner, Molloe, 111., 

14; International. Chicago. 16-21. 
Curleiou, AI., Orplrcnm. Ni-\v Orleans. La., 9- 
i.'urroll ft Baker. Keltli's, X. Y. 0.. 9-14. 
t^lcsH'. Mile.. <1. O. II-. Plttxhiirtf, 9-14. 
CurMopher, ClirU . Cnbiue. MluueauillH, Mli 

Cherry ft llui.-, Hulbuway'M, Lowell, Mnsa., 

14; Ilowant, Boatou, 19-21. 
Gbupuiau, "Knudy," Howard, BokIvii, 9-14. 

KiiRltali 1 

Knljinvii-flli'. llnmaellr*. Bel*.. WHO, 

Kinlc Ilouiver. tlrand, 1'eni, Iml.. n-l-l; LIIJ. n. 
IKm Moines, la.. 111-21. 

Kamonde. Mr, ft Mm. Kd.. O. O. H N I'lttnlnru. 
11-14: Blten'M, BUIThIo. lu-21. 

KxnHTiildn. Itlclilltond, No. AdnmH. Mum*.. Mil. 

KNtci'brookn. 'I'ln 1 . lliiugnr. Me., u-14: AiMUi>tu. 

ICake. Will, KvauHVlllr, Ind.. 9-11. 

Kraim ft KvniiK, Wn-lilii^iuii, Bi-okum 1 , Waalt.. I'- 
ll: .Slur, ReiilllC. Hl-21. 

Fnlk, Hlemior, (1. O. II.. IndlnnnpolR 9-14. 


A Goad Line of Attractions. Js Iweep- 
Inv Bnalnemn Up to the Hark. 

tiprcial Dispatch?* to Tnu Xisw Vous Clippbq. 

ed at Ihls hooso between the acta of the play. 

Ai.ci7.Ar.. — "The Wife" is the current play. 

'-ALirasJniu. — "For His Brother's Crime" * ■ » 

is currcpt ILLINOIS. 

Tivult Oi'tiiA HoTfSB. — This Is the second ' 

week of "Miss Timidity." On Sunday after- Decatur.— At the Powers - Grand CI. V 
uouu. H. and Monday evening, 9, Jan Kubcllk Given, manager) the Seward Show, April 2 
gave two extra concerts. 

Oiu'Hi.t'si. — Bill for the week opening Sun- 
dry, B: The Agoust Family. Coleman's dogs, 
cats and * doves : Jimmy Wall. Artie Hall, 
Vhe Marvelous Howards, Bruno and Uus^ell. 
Ferry Convey, Mitchell and Cain, and the 
bloarapt . ■ 

CtiL'TBB- — BUI for the week, opening 0: 
Karl and Wilson, Mr, and Mrs. Young, Sea- 
man, Adams and Itodgcrs, Nellie Montgomery. 
Browne's Gaiety Girls, Charles Garcia, and 
t.hcf ulmatlscopc. 


with tlie opera "Dorcas." ..The Sells- B uViiea"& Bdwli«, O. IL. fihmuin. 1. T., 0-14.. 

Floto Shows left Winter quarters for the Baan Quarlette. Poll's. Brld«evort, Conn.. 0-14. 
South i. The train consisted of twenty cars. - 

id«ew. . 
Baxter, ^dl, Proctor'a 23*1 Hi.. N. Y. C. !>-M. 
Harry ft Ilalrerr), G.O.n.. Pittsburg, 9-14. 
Barnes, Stuart, Proctor's; Newark.. >*. J.. 6-14. 
BarticllK. The. Caalno. Cincinnati, 0-14 ; Orplieniu, 

Pwtmnonth. O., 10-21. 
Belmont. Lillian. A. ft B.. Boston. '0-14. 
Kcmfce ft PfckM. Bljon, Kalamasoo, Midi,, u-14. 
Beach ft Beacb. Bfjott, La>Cwwsc. Wis.. °-ll; 

Cnlqae, Eati CUIrc, 10-21. • 
Beaugcr, Jeau, Uetu, Lynn, Muss., 9-14. 
Bell ft, ML Vemon. N, 

9-14: Family, PottsTllle. r>fj-'ip{B' 

9-14; Mujeslic, Chicago. Hl-21. 
Clnrk ft Franklin, Orpbhtm, Bprhigdeld, 0„ 9-14. 
CIltTunl ft Btirkc, Orphenm. Kausaa City, Mo.. 

16 21. 
Clurke, Chas., A. ft «., lloslvn. 9-14. 
Clark ft Duncan. Lyrhr. Terrv llaule, hid., U-14; 

Olympic, Chicago. 16-21. 
Cltirke ft Temple. People's, Cedar Uuplds, In., 

9-11: tiiirrhk. Burlington. 10-21. 
Clark ft Franklin, Orpliluin, Bprluxaotd. 0.. U-14; 

Pbllllp'x. Hlcbmoiiil. Iml.. 1(1-21. 
Clarke, Wilfred, ft Co.. MoonX Portland. Mt>., 

Chirk. Kdwiirri. tnid Mix Wlitiilni; Wldonx, Album 

bru, X. Y. 0.. 9-14. 
Cotiivolly ft KHue. Olyuiidc, Chhratfo, U-14. 
('uli; ft Blondelt, VitrledadeH. Havana, Cuba, 0-14. 
(lollhiw ft l-'lcl'ls. Hun Ton. Phllu., 9-14. 
Coleman's \hx*. Orphouio, Ban Fvnii.. Oil., U-14. 
lIotimtWunM (*). Teuiple, Detroit, 9-14; Keith'*, 

Cleveland. 16-21. 
Collins. Pan, A. ft H., Builoli, 11-14, 
OolllnM ft La Id-llu, Heu'q. KHeunubii. MlcU., ii-H; 

IIIJOM. CulUUrl'U 1U-21. 

Colby I'timllv, Orpht'iun, ly>n Aligelort, Cut., 0-21. 

Conifvllr, Kiiiiflii. BIJou, Wbeolliia, \Y. Vs.. l)-14. 

Connelly, Iluyli. Lycvuiu. Nliigam Kali*. N. V., I'- 
ll; ByrtK.'UHu, lii-21. 

Collin* Urn-.. Olymph-. Cbh-aso. II It. 

Cole ft Clement*:, Itljon, He* 5lolmt<, la.. 9 11: 
•Jarrlck, llurlliigtun, tu-2l. 

Colinii, up. It-t*.. (, S. V. C. I'll. 

Cooke ft Mis* Itutkvrt, Ktrndrc Tout. Kim.. " 
May 111. 

Cuiilou ft HuHilitbfH. Keith')*. PrvThhiKe. 10-21. 

Coin'* Di>its. Umpire. Piitcruou, N. J., 0-14. 

Couluru ft Gillette, Proctor"**, .Newark. N. J., 9- 

Cook ft StwcuH, Majestic. ChlcuKo. 9-14. 

Culfji.ini Be)>fctte, Ye. Coliiiiiblu, Clnclmiall, I'll; 
llopklit*', LoulBTllle. Hl-21. 

Convhus. Puul, Buvoy. Full Ulver, Ma*,*.. (1-14. 

Coukc ft Bylvlii. PaxturV, S. Y. C. 1M I. 

Corwey. FeiTy, Ul|lfcjl|W Bun Fraw., Cal.. 0-14. 

Cooper ft BubhiMou, Bbru'*, llulTalo. U-ll. 

Cres*y ft Wuj-ne, Kcltli'x. Phllu., n-14. 

Crawford. OlKtou, Pror tor's 2*1 St.. N. Y, <:.. H- 

PI I ; 


Ho|y Week Hhews m railing Off iu 
lAttepdmace All Along: the Line. 

I 'm i l adi;i pii i a , April 10. — Disagreeable 
WGftUwr kept down the attendance at nearly 
all of the Uousey Tbe new openings re 

and week, drew good houses. John L. Sul 

llvan comes 9-14, with a vaudeville company, 

"The Chinaman" 16, "The Flaming Arrow' 

19. Richard Carle, In "The Mayor of Toklo." _ 

20: "The Octoroon" 21. 9-14 : Family, PottaTllle. Wi-lO-M.' 

Bijou (A. Slgfrled. manager).— Bill for iw.BiffLMtjL 1&^ & m * t m m b_ 

week of 2: Ferry, in Fairyland: Latellc Be-A»«. The. O. o. n.. -PitUbnfg. 9^14; Noreliy, 

Bros., Harry Van Fosseu, Coltou and Dor- -gP^ -y™;. . _.. u . , 

row, Lena hurtt. In illustrated songs, and {£ "*• « v. JJj ^ u Xb«wk ScbcLll'tadv v Y., 

the klnodrome. Ilusli^ Is excellent. ^fS^.S^m^S^ySSTim: 

NOTR.— Manncer Slgfrled. of the BIJou, IIe rt«iiii Arabs (8), Hhca's, Buffalo. 014: Shea's. 

Las been in Chicago, conferring with his Toronto, Can., 1(1-21. 

partner; Jake ltosenthal, of Dubuque, la.. Bciicioire Bro*.. BIJou, KvaUKville. lud., 9-14 ; 

I'oncerning plnns tor putting out a hippo- Temple, Ft. Wayne, 1C-21. 

drome under canvas the coming Summer. Beyer. Ben, Keith's, Boston, 9-14. 

This tent show will follow the New York Bell. Senator Frank, Keith's. l*rpvldei.ce, IM4. 

and Clltcujio Idea on a smaller scale, und ™#*> ■!» ,ll >- Haymurket, Cblcaifo, „W-14: Colum- 

wftl take ih the Stste <;iirR and other week Ota- hi • '-'oi*- ■ * ;f r 1 ' tu , Kntonw i,>j 9-H 

cfomle In tl.n MUttto Woet Mtt UtatOH. P uti *.V * CIlUpillllll. Ct.VHtU , KOfcOniO. I IU.. »-J4. 



stands in the middle Wcstcm States, 


Bliiiiu. Bomm, Br - 
Btnijliaui, Kitty. " 

Uniucy. — At the Empire (W. L. Busby. Rlmophlii & llehr, Crund. Vancouver. Can., fl-14. 

' Blanehard*. Tattle, A. ft M.. Boston, 9-14, 
Black- ft Jones. Orpheutn, Utlcu, N. Y., 9-14. 
April 1. "The Gingerbread Man" Bode. Cellini, Proctor's Mth Ht„ N.Y. C, n-14, 

E££F&Jr2A rS%/Si S^'llS ma^ger.^Ml-ss Bob WhTe" 'pleased two =i 

J„ l E?4 -J, ifflfl a ?' 1 tLo . 5 '5S.K. at U i tb . k.A houses March 31. "Uncle B Hasklns" filled 

V&Q&FilS&:.*™£38X2 the bouse. April .1, 'The Gingerbread Man" 

utt ructions were: Hnyniond I! 

"The. Galloper," at the Garrlck . 

lluasarli," at the Cliestnut, and _ 

I*4Uice,"'*t the Chestnut Street Opera nouse. j r ™r n ^Wrd the naat week 

..;... "A Ynukee Clr.:us On Mars" opened 2™^J" iiw mortaB r ulctures L^ Tell' "Bros" ^^ * Tul *-*' Howard, Cbleago. 0-14. 

ULn 8 ,?^,^ t0 iait r b ^*^d n $t hM^^^^^S^B^tiSSii *JJ(*»K Original. Thalia. N, 

ahd tmrleeouo houses lia<I good patronage. r-lll(lll At th . (lran/l ,,,. B i* ow .i aou 

&3*£Z&&&JS2&32JSA ?WI= house 8 April. 3. "In a Woman's Power^ 7. 

v. C. . 

Annie Russell, In "Friend Hannah," at the 
Park; Jas. K. Hackctt and Mary Munncrlug, 
Iu "The Walls of Jericho," at the Tremon:. 
uuil Far Templeton, In "Forty-live Minutes 

f roai ' Brondway." at the Colonial 

"Mrs. Lefflngwell's Bcota" opeued a week's 

... April . 
The season is approaching Its close here. 



Uouth, Ksale, Hialto. Klinlra, N. Y.. 9-14. 
Holey, Mny. Pt»K't«r'*. Newark. N. J.. 9-14. 
BorKlnls. Tlic. Hippodrome, N. Y. C, 0-14. 
Biano ft Itus*ell. Orplieiini, Hun Frun., Cal., 9-14: 

Orplicom. Li,h Ai),:etew, 111-21. 
Brady ft Hamilton, Fay, Virginia, Mlnu., 9-21. 
Brown ft WlhiKri, Yale, Kunsaa City. Mo., 9-14; 

Kinpliv, Hex MoIiicm, iu., 16-21. 
•«room»tlck Wllclic**,'' Keith's, K, Y. C. 9-14. 
Urltton*. The. Ilniima. Hamburg, Uer.. i*-30; Win- 

tenwrlMi. Berlin, May 1-31. 

engagilnent at the Hollls Street, and "The gees, manager) 
IwirJ and the Girl" began last Saturday at „f Toklo," ap] 

Crelgh tun's ttwa ftr*. BruilenliUigli"*, 
Oruwford ft llnrdner. Family, Paters 

Crane, Mr. ft Mr*. HuMlner. Hinplre. I'uterann, N. 

J., 0-14. 
Cullcn, Ju*. 1I-. Mok* ft SI, ,11 Tour. Kng.. U-Miiy 


Duly ft O'llrleii, Oruitd. Juliet, 111.. U-14. 
Uttvl*. Jotrpldni'. PoII'n. Hiniiiullehl, Mu*s.. U-14. 
Dui-I* ft Mscuuley, Proctor'**. Troy. X. V.. 16-21. 
-Davis ft Walker, Troy. N. Y.,lt-14; I'migliktii-iudt-, 

Day, ISdmmnl, A 0>.. Pi-.ifti*r'*, Albany. N. V.. H- 

Harrnw. Mr. ft MtB. Btunil, orphvum. Umulia, 

Xeb.. 11-14' Orpheum, Kun*u* City, Mo.. Hl-21. 
Davis. Will, l'aHMiile. Pamale, N. J.. 0-14. 
Daytclle, Mndgc, Novelty, Omaliu, Nob., 8-14. 
Daly -ft ltrvrre. Huthaway**, Lowell. Mass., 11-14. 
Dayton Blaler*. Crystal, i'ucomu, Wu*h.. tl-14. 
DunoTHM, Ia-. CiiMtlc lllooinlnutoti, III.. I'll. 
Dale,. VloUd, Prw;lor"*. Albany. N. Y.. 0-14; 

BIJou, Full Itlvei', Ma**.. Hl-21. 
DHWHon ft WhltUch!. Bt.ur, rieulllc. Wanb.. Hit. 
Dalley. Peter P., Victoria. N. Y. O., 9-14. 
Daly, llJin.v ft Badle, A. ft B., llostnu. (1-14. 
Doll ft l-'onds, (lemiett. llli-lnuond, lad., 0-14. 
Dc Witt, Burns ft Toiruiiw. Rmnlre, Jobnmien- 

burg, B. A.. 23- June »; Tlvoll. Caist Town, I- 

July 14. 
Dean, Oruce, Atlantic tlurdon. X. Y. I.'., 9-14. 
Devcau, Hut>ert. Pastor'*. N. Y. C, 11-14. 
Do Van, -Lillian. Illalto, Khulia. N. Y., 9-14. 
HerciMlu ft Ui-aen, Mohh ft Btoll Tom-, Kng.. M- 

Muy at. 
He lllllo Diwra C«».. Kwtiey's, Bkln.. 0-14. 
He liluker'M Dog*. HurrlHburir, Pa., 0-14. 
Dc Loi'n. Mile., HoWuiil. Bunton. 0-11. 
Deans, Sydney,- ft <>o„ 0. O. II. . Imllsiiapolf*. 1*1- 

l)e MontJd ft niusniore. Lyric, Lluooln, A'eli., 9-14 * 

Lyric. Joiilln. Mo., ld-21. 
Dc Lacys, The. Grand, Pern. did.. H-l I ; Oennelt. 

Itlcbmond, 19-21. 
Dervln, Jan. T., Cenuett, Blcliiuoud, lud., U-14. 
iK'lmar ft BfXtor, Orplieuin, Diiri'iiport. la., (t-21. 

FergiiHun A I'anaiirore, OniKrum. Owoha, Neb., ti- 
ll ; Orphetiui. Kansas inly, Mo„ 16-UI. 
Ferry, LnH Terro Huiite, Bid., 0-14; Oran*l. 

I'errlV'wiU-y" Trio. HIJuu. Whei'llnu, W. Vu., U-1-I- 

Klsln-r, Mr. ft Mw. Prrklu*. Haulaway'*, l-oweil. 

MMH.. U-14: HutliMhuy'*. No wBolrvnl. 10-21. 

KUke ft MeDummgb, Poll's. Mprlugtleld. Mass., 9- 

I'lnUy ft lliuki 1 . nmrtavV Sewsrk. N. J., 0-14. 
Flfagit'iild ft Uviilner. .1*1 Ave.. N. Y. <J„ 0-14. 
I'ink. Henry. Htnr. Snittlv. Waul*.. 9-14. 
I'IhMit ft Juliltwn, Ciiliiiuet, Ho. Cllh-NV'. "It. 
Fields * Wolley, Kniidre. Pnler*oti, S. J.. 0-14- 
Kloliin- ft liiitui, OrUnidule, Pa., 9-14. 
rivnn. Kurl. IHJott, Hlin«i'nP4>, Okla,, U-11. 
Piemen ft Miller, Novelty. iMiver. (»t.. 9-11; 

Lyric. St, Jiwepb, Mo.. 10-21. 
"l*Vnir MiiiKtuia," Pnailor*n. Albuiij. N. Y-. 0-M. 
Kk\. Iipllu. (B'plK'iiui. llkln., 0-14. 
Fowler, Almneiiii. Uiiirty. AllHiuy, N. Y.. Ml- 
Ktogr ft Clark. Orplieum. New orlcmi*. u-14. 
FiMitlnelle. Mysli'iiniM. Fniully, Haaleton. Pn.. » 

Fox, Mudtr.'. Phietur's. Newark. N. •!.. 0-1 1. 
I'orbe* ft PerU*. Utlni, N. V., 0-11. 
1'oMter. Htl , ft Uur, tl. II. II.. Mjwmite, N. T-. 

F*irre*t*. M'lil.-nl. Miivoy. Columbus. Ind.. Oil. 
h'oster ft Iwier, tlrplieum, Oiuulin. Neh., Mil. 
Ftitnuui, 1'i-iiiiil-t. |lu|ikhis', 1, on 1st I lie, Kf„ 9-14. 
Fox ft Wni-iI, lllli Ht. O. II . nhtlu., 9-14. 
l-'robel ft Uoiifct'. P|pMl|Wam London, t-Itis., 9-.IO. 
F i u s a i Bru*.. JaeaW! Mich., n-14: Baltic Creek. 

I -'nmv ft Piu-noll*. Kmplrv. Hobokcit. N, J.. 9-11; 

Injun. Jersey City. 10-21. 
Fv.wlu ft llnrr.',v. I'liiully, Blum City, In. 9 14; 

New, Onii* fli IthitT*. lit., 16-21. 
l-'mtik, JlniTcloii* ft 'Hub, orplieum. New <irleum>. 

Lb., 9-14. 
Fninei- Trio, Pastor's, N, V. C. 0-14. 
Fiosiiil, V. (I.. IVoyk'**, fluimlhul. Mo., 

MuleiHtk-, Chleuiio. 10-2). 
Fl-valeilck*. The. BIJou. Muperlor. Wis., 

ITnlmic, MluiieniNills, Ml I HI.. Hl-21. 
Franknrl ft llrewrr. Acme, Norfolk. Vu.. 9-14. 
Freyiw Hr«**.. Colonial. N. V. ('., U-14. 
Fiviieh, Henri, II. ft H„ X. Y. C. li-14. 
ilnnliH'i-, Ui'oirflu, ft 1'u., u1vhij.i1--. Chlesgu, 9-14. 
ilurdnpr ft Hiixidurd. Poll'*. Wom>iLer, Ala-*.. 

Ill I. 
ilKi-diiei- ft Iti-veit*, MuJcwiU-. Hot HprliiHS, Ark., 

11-11; Mi.i<«liV. D'llla*. Tea.. 16-21. 
tliirdnci- ft Vlni'i-nl, Orpbeiini. Bkln.. 9-1-1 ; Allmui- 

hrii. X. Y. C, Hl-21. 
Cui'lliipr, Minion ft Co., U. (I. II.. liidlauapollK. 

HI 21. 
i Ju i*..ii. HeiiIuii. KHlh's, X. Y. I'.. It-ll; Kullli'i* 

llorihiii. 19-21. 
linl-cln. Cluii-k-.i, (2iuti'*, Hun Frsil., Cul., 9-1-1. 
Cull a all"!' ft Hnrratt, P.mjdre, llvbukeii. N. J.. H>- 

ilullelfl'* Muiikoj* Olymph'. iMuMh 0-11. 
CnlTy ft Fi-uMer. Crystiil, T-ogausport, hid., 0-1 1; 

i'i*y*iul. Frankfort, Hl-21. 
lias lor ft lli'tiff, Kinplii!. I'lllHtleld, Mu«*., till, 
flnlhreih A Fum-ll. Ft. Worth, 'lex., 9-14 ; Lit- 
tle It'icli. Ark.. 1(1-21. 
Cuvlii ft Plutl, 1 i.irlf. YolilUir*. N. Y.. 9-14. 
Cui'diii'r, Je*Ml« «;., Oi'iihuutiJ Bol*»', Idu., Hl-21. 
(Icorge * tieursle. Ptialor'a. X. Y. C., 0-14. ' 

i (en u ri* ft Ititllcy. Keith'*. Phllu., 0-1-1. 
Uelger k Wiilter*, Poll'*. !l.nir«*iJ, Conu. 9-11} 

Poll'a, llrldK.-i.orl. 16-21. 
(tllfidl, Harry, Ki-Hh'H, BimIoii. 9-11. 
IlllleiP. Tom. 'HUM Ays.. X. V. (I., 14. 
'Ilhleii HiM.-iH III). LiiidvilK Col.. 9-14 ; Dourer. 

Ulranl, Murlu, I'nhiue, l.o* Angi'les, Cat,, 0-11; 

Biikei'Hllelil. 10-21. 
Hlllcttf Mlsttaa, Htnr. Menttle, Wash., V-ll. 
• Hlduy ft K*»t. Pt-wlor'K, Albany, X. Y.. 0-1 1. 
•lilruy. Itayiii'* ft Miiiilvomciy. Htnr. Hesltlc, 

Wash.. U-14. 
"<Jlil lleliliid Use linmi," Novelty, llkln.. ti-M. 
Utlllhati .» Perry, «Mjn*Ue. Ilmist'in. T«., 0-14; 

Miijeatle, Hsii Aiilotilo, 10-21. 
liU'iii'jy, Jum** Ilk'UiiDiid, Kwney's, llkln., li-14, 
<i!Ctt**uii, John ft Ilcrtliii, ft I'lrd lloullliaii. llo|i- 

klns'. Loiilsvllle. Ky.. fl-ll, 
iloltlob. Mr, ft Sirs., B'way. Ban l-'tsn., Cul.. {)■ 

Ivarraod the Girl" began last Saturday at „f TokIo.""appe 

>hc Majestic The week stand shows oicott comes 10. 

5^re: "Behind the Mask," at the Globe, and Toast of the Tc 

"Acrosa the Padflc." at the Grand Opera e jiccs a, 4. 
House. ..... At the Boston. "-Mrs. Wiggs, of bobwuhii CW. -. 

the Cabbage Palch," btarted its third and Woodward Stock Co. ureseuted ''Sowing tho Br***, The, New Pawtuckct, Puwtuckot. R. 

last week New bills prevailed at tho Wind" Inst week, to large audiences, ^e^^t^ra... r.rr.i^.'^Tt-rWltaSBr'a.ia - 

mS&^S'a^iJF ** Uoly Week i"'i!L eek of 8 ' 1^J9£S^URmK£ l f:cu 

CbkLuJO, April 10.— The Metropolitan KBi;« (C S. Breed, manager).— ^*P*W»+ WbaM Herbert. <k»thaiu.„Rki.n., p-14. 

Family, Bloux City, 10-21. 

» "Susan In Search of n Husband." at —Herrmann headed a very good bill irast week. 

Powers*, and the Rays, in "Down the like;" which drew good house* Week of April 8 . 

gM&Ni&S'JmJ^ty^iW The Piccolo Midgets. Six Salvaggt s. Avou 

Own' town "The College Widow," at Comedy Four. Poster and *«£% lUwaou 

the Studebaker: "Tbe Counts* Chairman," at and June, Ferguson and Passmore, lloso ana Uurtt Laura. G. 0. IL. Plttahurg. oil: Templs, 

MtrVlckcr's: "Zlra," at the Garrlck ; "The Ellis, klnodrome. Detroit. 1021. - - • 

Tlircc Graces" at the Chlcnao Oners House; Novklty (R H. Muillund. mauagcr).— Buah. Frsuk. Novelty. Bkln., 0-14. 

Mra LwlHT'Carter ^ ff B )I a Week of April 8: Winnings and Evans. Burdock Hlatcra. grcM Hamilton. 0.. 8-14 

HinMoT liljn NethrnSe at thelllffi; Powers and Wed, Max Diiluc. Madge Day- Borke. Minnie A. ft B Boston 914. 

vB&riu5^Wc53^a^*uiSEZ* telle. William Dayton, moving nictures nnd urkes. Tlw, Iltwanl. Boaton, 0-14. 

at *?.* "-5?iL S.. .. ^ OIon '8i. ami uiumu. ...'al—.p,! unnr-j BuHlness cood Burton ft Primro-*e. Pantor s, N. Y. C, 0-14 

at the Bush Temple, are the current bills. Illustrated H ongs. Mumness gooq . J|urt(f A , ft Ru|i Al0 „i lk , n- hklliit .,i # 

WASinivfr.TON. April 10.— Herbert Kelcey ***w n»*iiwiimr Burke ft Deinpscy. IL ft B., Bkln., 9 14. 

^DV Hfa Shunnon, In "The Lightning Con- JIB W MM ai liwts. Buekner. Oreat. AimjIIo. Meinia, Aua.. 9-m, 

Keith 1 .. - 
He Lane. Win., Boslon. Ijowell, Mu-k.. u-14: 

-H,lW-tlli.'ti*d. ft- '-, »» ■"' . 

Hevriie ft Bliurlz. Atluiilh- Garden, X. V. C. I'-14. 

DcHoii* en. I'ull'a, Woreesler. Mas**,, ti-14; 
Poll's, Hartford, Comi., 10-2L. ... vt 

Ue HerrlH, Henrietta. Mujvtlc, Blnnlm-bain. 
AU., V-H. 

DcToy, Knnm-tt. ft Co.. Xovclty, Bkln., II- 14. 

p» Hans. The. Gai-rlek. Wlhnlnaton. Uli., 0-14, 

Del'Oro Lulgl. 1'roctor'*, Newark. X. J., p.J4. 

Be Cauio. Clio*., Itlctiuioiid, No, Admin. Mass., tl- 

Dlson ft Auger. Bennett's, London, Can.. 9-14. 

*g2T^.$g&. 1,..,,.. re... «jw, ■■Si^SSS^iS'T^;. Tt.. .-.* 

.MuJeHtlo. Houatou, Hl-21. _ mil— m„, V.>*.rfiv lurtHitn. Knl... k n 

Wl? opened at tbe National to a good 

n«*rHBe., ••The Little Gray Lndy" holds Mane neater. — (E. Y>. Hurrlogtou. uiaos- 

over this week at the Columbia, lu place of ger>. — Stetson's "Uncle Tom's Cabin." March 

Lillian -.'Ot1.11 veil, in "The Rose of tho AI- 31, two performances, came to S. IL O. "Tho 

hBtbhrgi*.' canceled; the attendance was big. Tenderfoot" April 10. "Busy twy" 

.-^'•'nie.Belasco is closed this week. W. Hon" 11, "The Black Crook 13, ' 

nULDIHT, "Jll-ni, .IlrV'.U. ». I'll. IB, .iUB.. Wv'l . 

BiM-kley'a Dntw. Cryatul. Detroit, Mich.. 0-11, 
Bucktpy. Laura, (i. O. IL, Uruud Baplds, Mich., 

Bu.-keye Trio; linrrlck. Wllinington, Del.. 19-21. 

Dlllse, Mux. Novell)'. OiohIiii. Nob., 0-14. 

"Dliln," BIJoit. La CrociMS Wis.. H-14. 

Dliiinoi'd ft riniltli, Noreltv. Bkln.. P-14: (irplieuui, 
ML Vernon. N. Y., 16-31. 

Hlainond Com<.'dy Four, Fuinlly. UflU-ujwrt, la., 

Downey ft M' I Hard, Peoidc'a. Uupld*, U., 
0-14: Garrlck, Burlington. Hl-21. 

Itorln Trio. KcIIIi'h, PhlTii., 0-11. 

I>or«cb ft Uiiwll, Colonial, Luwrctia*. .Mum., ti- 

DfAtT. Joe ft Nellie.. Auiphbin, Bkln.. M\A. 

Dorjrotal. Tlien-se. li. .O. H., Syracuse. N. V-. »- 
14: Kellh'a. PnivWeue.-. 16-21, 

zy'B Vaca- " r v r r i?t".' Ktl " 1 "* «*"*• v-l*. Keith ♦, WSt. Illumlngloir. 10-21. 

"Mrs. Lcf- ail i ifJmim! U iii r i»/>pI1.i>.i m» o w l*o»loy. J. Franebt, II. O. IL. Iml la no poll*, fi-14. 
S&\lRSPt6JES^^fi25^a*? , * , U ' Donoraij. Arnohl. ft Co.. Young 1 * Ph-r. Atlantic 

H. Thompson openB in his new play. "Money flngwell s Boole 10. 

Talks," next week "The Race for Life 1 ' Park Tiibatbb (John &tiles, roaoaL-, 

crowded the Academy Kdward Harrl- Irwin's Big City Show. 2-4, pleased largo Carter's The. Bilon. Duluth. Minn.. 9-14. 

3Bp.. W "Old Lavender." packed the Malesilc. audiences, and was followed by Bennett- Carlin ft ottn. .Wbton. Bkiu.. 0-14. 

...... »JTbe Dreamland rfurlesquers hsd two Moulton Co. (W. C. McKay, manager), in Carson ft Wlllard, Orpheuru >. Kansas City, Uo. 

„ Dreamland Hurlesnoers bad two _ 

ood homes at tbe Lyceum Hity L. "Wedded But No Wife," C- 

■■oyce.and the Barrowa-tuncuster Co helped leaquera 9-11. 
*o pack Chaae'a twice. ^'" 


Bowery Bur- 1^14: Orpbemii, DenTer. Col., 16-21. 

* Carson Brm.. Orpheum. Utlca, N. Y.. 0-14. 

Carter, Hubert, ft Co., Hathaway'*. Lowell, Mas a, 

, CiKcuiiMTi, April 10. — Robert Lurslnc, in O. h. LLBLiia has been engaged as general £aau«1 ft Do Verne. Pmmfc Hanullml. M*> 
"Man and Supcrroau.'* had a good 6rst night agent for the festival tonr of limes' Bond, Bijua Giilesbtirg. III., 10-31. 
PnaJgpMTgi the Qnol u«ly Week will which Is aoir en route to tho cVjathwest. Uras, Bums, Keith's, Phlis., 9-11. 

Dollar Trotine. Kmplre, Paleraon, N. J„ 9-14 ; 

Empire. Ilobokcn, 10-21. 
Dreaier. L^uIhc. Gotham, llkln., 6-14. 
Drew, .lux. Newton, ft Co., Majestic. Ft. Worth, 

Tax., 0-14: Majeallc, Little Rock. Ark., 10-21. 
Dryer ft Dean. Braden burgh's, Phils., 0-14. 
Uuryco ft Mortimer, Howard, Bo*(ou. n-1 i. 
DwIKau. A. O.. Victoria. N. Y. C.. 9-14. 
Outnj. Arlhur. ft Co.. Mah-etJc, Chicago, p J | ,- 

lla-taarkft. tTblcag'f, 1621. 

lit.riiiuii ft West, iK.iiiiiui. Ilkho, U-14. 

(lufora A Uoj-lf, I'livk, X. Y. C. 9-1 4. 

Kodricj A Heiideraoii. Poll'*, lii-hlgepuri. Conn.. 

il*»eil.rn*, BoiiiKllng. l(o|.klii»*. Louisville. Ky., D- 

Goblin. Ilorn-e. t>r;.h.iiiM. Bkln., 014. • 

(hihlen <iak' gulutsllK, t.'olonlsl, X. \. C-, J. 
ll..r.U»n, Yldutti ft Flyini. Paslor'a. N. 1. OnJMf 
Uoldeu ft IkitflKH, Hhuiiiokhi. Pu.. U-l-l; Irc-iit, 

Trenton. X. J... 10-21. 
lireeue ft Werner, Unihouni. Bkln.. 0-11. 
Omit. IVKiik," Lyric, SI. Jtwifih. M«.. »■• I- 
Ulay. KArUn. Pntace, HchenwtBdy. Ml, 
Omvlllla, How, riyniusse, Montwal, Csii.. Oil. 
Griff Broa.. KHllili. Fr..vldcti.:.F, HI I. 
Green Ilriu.. Inteniullouat. Chbtuvo, 0< 1-1 : lu- 

fltmtrlul. Mollmr, 16-21. 
Gray. Kd.. KcHh's. Phllu., o-ic, 
(Jray, fVjrn, Trent, Trenloti. N. J., li-14. 
ilrny. Miignio, Cai»ll«l. litem Tails. N. b„ 9-21. 
H«Sm XsL KeltirH, N. Y. C, tl-14; 0. U, H-, 

liidlaiiui-o'l*. 19-21. 
Hnrrl*,*n, Minnie Alhambru. X. V. C. 0-14; LV*- 

lonlol. N. V. C, I0-2I. 
Huniiuny Four. (1. O. 11., Pittsburg, U-11. 
Hnnunmid ft Poireitcr, Powi-r*'. Decatur, 111., 0- 

lltOuxlIe, BhiomJiiglnu, 10-21. 
Hnh's A llin'iv UIJou, HKiiilltfit, O.. IML 
l|illhs»'uy ft Mlegd, Kclll.'*, Cleveland, O., U-11. 
Hull. I.ydl'i. Family. Paleraon. X. J., 0-14. 
tfm.-H ft Carey, O. 0. IL. PUlxburg, 0-14. 
MittTlKnii. AnuiHIon, llkln., 0-14. 
HiiwU'im. U-vr. Keith's. N. V, C.. OIL 
iho-h-n A lliij-es. Hiur. Aurovs. 111., 0-11. 
Iluaaerij', "liaiipy Joe," Novell y. pMiar, Col., 

Huri'nurt. lialr>y. Keith's. N. Y. C. 0-14. 
Hall's Dons. G. O. II.. McKrw-port. Ph.. 0-14. 
Hucker-lri'sler Trio, Hopkins'. lxml*vlt», Ky.. f- 

Harrl.* A llnrlim-k, IKmtoii- Fall River, Uusa., 0- 

14: Hub, Woon*ockcl. R. I.. 16.21. 
Harris, Win*, ft lUns, Hiiymsrkut. Chicago, 9-14; 

Bijiiu, Dnbmtut.*. lu., 16-21. 
Dayman ft Franklin, Noritlty. Bkln.. 0-1-1. 
IJaii.L.n ft Jaoiea, U. 0. II., PlUaburg. 0-14. 
Hamllinii ft Wiley, Cryatal, Detroit, Mich., U-ii ; 

Olympic. Ho. Bftid, Did., 16-31. 
Hull. Artie. Orpheum. Bsu Fran., Cal., 9-21. 
ifinOWt Diilai'- Keith's. N. Y. O.. 0-14; lu< 

terns lions I. Ch leu «o. Hl-21. 
Usrcoipri, Frank, Cusou's, Chlcnfiu, 0>1L ,..«, 




Hallback A PifQuettP, Keeney'a, Bkln., 0-14. 
HeMttonn, AJeiaide, Garric-k, Wilmington, Del., 
' 9-14 i Ptociert, Albany, N. V., 10-5L 

felma. Great, o. ft., Dundee, III.. 914. 
est?, E3'ff?j;e. Bljui. Marquette, Mich , 9-H; 

Ides. Oshko'b, Wis.. 10-21. 
Hector; Chi a., Bljoa, KM Claire, Win.. U-14 ; 

Unique, Minneapolis. Minn., 1(1-31. 
Herald flaunt Qnartette, Pi-Itv. Hartford, Com.., 

» 14. 
Herrmann. Oreiit, Orphentn, Knn«ns Ollr, Al«,, (»• 

14; Orpbmun, h'pw Orleans, Mb, Mat. 
Henderson & 11/m, MQjestle, ft. worth, Tor., (I- 

14; Majestic, Dallas, 10-21. 
Herbert's Doks. Majestic. Chlenrw, 0-14; Haj-- 

mnrltet, Oblcaffl, 1-21. 
Hcfron, Tom, Cmtil, Milwaukee, Win., 0-14 ; 

People's, Cedar Rapid*, la.. 10-21. 
llfrMg-Cnmaraa Slaters,- Keith's, Boston, 9-14; 

Chase's, WaPblnitton, I). C, 10*21. 
Herbert A .Vance, Columbia, 81. I.niils, fl-14. 
Hill * Mvl-Qur. Interoaflonnl. Chicago, 9-14 ; 

Temple, Detroit, -10-21. 
Mlntnan Oapt. Hltlnejr, Kmplre, Rockford, III., fl- 

14; Bljon, Kewauee, 111-21. 
Hlllmnn, Geo.. BIJou, Kenonhu, Win., 0-14. 
Mlllebrnnd 4 Vivian, Karl, Pnehlo, Col.. 0-14; 

Palm. Cripple Creek. 10-21. 
Hlllyer* (it;, Phillips. Richmond, 1ml., 9-14; 

CrjMnl, .Marlon, ltl-itl. 
nilihert ft Wofren, People'". Hannibal, Mo., fl- 
14; niton, Decatur. 111., 10-21. 
IIIII, Marry K„ Orpbeum. Minneapolis, Minn., 10- 

Hlnes «V Remington, ilohawk, Schenectady, N. 

V., 014. 
Hlntt, Mr. ft .Urn. Dnn. Orlieum, Bkln.. 0-14. 
lloicomh, Cnrils A Webb, Auditorium, Lynn, 

Mass.. 0-14 . 
Hoch-Klton ft Co., Maryland. Bilto,, 9-14; 

Keith's. Phlla., 10-21. 

Houdlnl, Ilnrrv, Keith's. Boston, 0-14. 

Iloey ft I*©, £ ft 8.. X. Y. C, 0-14. 

Mope ft Thten, Decalur, 111., 0-10. 

Hoi* HlfltorH, Umpire. St. Paul, Minn,, 9-14. 

llolman Troupe... Apollo, Neurenbcrg, <Jer„ 0-14; 

Orpbrura Frankfort, 10-90. 
Howards, Marvelous, Oipbeum, San Fran., C*l.. 

Hownrd Bros., Ampbton, Bkln., 9-14. 
Hown-rt A Howard, Hownrd. Boston, 0-14, 
lloffrnnn, Bon Ton. Phlla., 9-14, 
Howard ft North, Proctor's, Albany, N, Y.. 9-14. 
llogan ft Lambert Acme, Norfolk, Va., 9-14. 
Hodges & baunchmrre. Park. Worcester, Mia*., 

0-14; Keith's. Providence, 10-21. 
Holmen Bros., Clreo Parrel, Havana, On tin, 0-14. 
rtnyt ft Walter, Pastor's, N. Y. O., 0-14. 
iiolmiti ft WMdon, Phlltlp'e, Richmond, Ind,, 9- 

14 ; flint, Miracle, .10-21; 
Howe, Bert, Bon Ton. Phlla., 9-14. 
Hornky-Bergere Co., Majestic, Chlcaao, 10-21. 
Howard's Don ft Pontes, Colonial, N. Y. O., fl-14. 
Howard ft Bland, Proctor'.i C8lh St., N, Y. C, 

"Huntress," I'ntnne, Winnipeg, Man., 11-14. 
HufiH'i., Klorerfco, Kinr. Hamilton. Can., 9-14. 
Hm-iin. Hint cai. O. 11., Palerson, N. J., 9-14. 
lineal Bros., Bijou, Lanslnfr. Mich., 0-14. 
Hudson. Pear). A. A H., Ronton, 9-14. 
Hutchison ft Bolnbrtdac, Keith's, Providence, 9- 

Iliigtie*, Mr. ft Mm, Nick, Rradeuburirb'a, Pblla., 

!1-H; A. A S., Ronton, 10-21. 
Hylan'iH en, Electric-, Waterloo, la., 0-14. 
Hyde ft Heath, BIJou, J.anxing. Midi., fl-14; 

Uljou. .Tfltiknon, Mlcb.. 10-21. 
imperlnl Mu«l<rtl Dim, (1cm, l.jnn, Mntia., 0-14. 
Imperial Japanese Troupe, Cnnlnc, Parla, l'r., 9- 

InneM ft Kran, H. ft s.. N. Y. G., 0-14. 
.Inrolia ft Hnrdet, Orpheum, Sprlngnelil, ft., 10-21. 
.Invknon J'nmllv. Alliambrn, N. Y. C, 9-14; 

Gaiety, Baltimore, Mil., 10-21. 
Jack, Mr. ft Mrx., Bmnelt'H, Umdnn, Con., 9-14. 
JackHon ft Wcnlworlli, i.'rjstnl, Kokomn, Ind., 0- 

14; Crvntiii. Ijovanaport, 10-21. 
.InrknoG, Harry A Kate, Pastor'*, N. Y. C, 0-14. 
.lowi'll'H MHtilkliiH, Poll'R, Nprlngdeld, Maai., 0- 

Jenninga ft Jewell, IHlon, Superior, Wla„ 0-14. 
.lennlDRM ft Ilenttrew, Family, Amatei-datn, X. Y., 

0>1O; Park. Brie, 10-21. 
■leanre ft Rllawonb, llllou. Canton, 0., 0-14; 

lllkiu. Whirling. W. Vn.. 10-21. 
Johnson, Cnrroll, I'olL'n. SprlngAetil, Mnati.. 9-14; 

Poll'*, Hartford, Conn., 10-21. 
.ifilinwn, Iioiiey, Koaton, Pa., 0-14: O. n.. Onenn- 

tit. N. \'.. 10-21. 
JoUnoon ft WellH, Temple, Detroit, 9-14. 
.lohnatou. Maalcnl, Burrnaford Tour, Kng., O-May 

.loiiimon, Rnbel, Q, O. II.. Indlnnnpollli, 10-21. 
JoaHlya 'id... PoII'h, Brlilgeport, (lonn., 0-14. 
■Ionian ft Muni", Brailciibiirgb'H, Phlla., fl-14. 
.lounatont-, ltul|ih. Illpnixlroitie, N. Y. C, 9-14. 
.Inllan, ThiHi., Auditorium,, Mihh., 9-11. 
Knufmnn Troupe, Vlcioi-lu, N. V. c„ 9*14. 
Karno'H Pnulnniliiu' (.'«., Vtrlorln, N. Y. C, 9-14. 
Uarlelh. Allwrt, Apollo, Munnlielm. (ler., HI no. 
Keller, Mr. ft Mr.-. Aificil, Majeatb', IIoiikioii, 

Tex.. 9-14; Mujet*ilc, Muu Autoulo. iit-21. 
Kerrera, Bllon, I.* Crowe, Win., OH. 
Keno, Waleli ft Melroxe, Orplieuni, Kambi City, 

Mo., 914: Orpheum, Omnhn, Kelt., 10.21. 
!. nil. hi, Dorotby, Hnvoy. Fall Klver. Mum., 16-21. 
Kelly, Sam nuil Idn, CryMal, Marlon, Ind., 9-14; 

Cryalal, Aiidotnon, 10-i'l. 
Kelly ft Kolwey, Palace, Worceater, Mann.. 10-21. 
Ivt'ntoiiK (.1). Hheeily'a. Full River, Mihh., 0-14. 
Kelly ft Vlolette. Victoria, X. Y. C, 011. 
Kelly. WnitiT c. pmeior'e, Newark. N. J., 10-21. 

K'clly ft It. u. 1. Kmplri-, I. l.m. Kug., 9-2N, 

Kelly ft Kel-v, O. II., Mtlfurrt. Mqhh,, 0-M. 
Kelly. Hnrolil, ft Co., BIJnu, Duliitli, Minn.. 914. 
Kelly Slah'M. Aemo, Nurrolk, Vn., ft-M. 
Keith. 1'rin'L 0.i ^tnari. Neb., 1111; lnman, 10- 

Kerfool, Unrvy J., Atlnuile (lonlen, If. Y. C, 9- 

Keoiigli. Kdwin, ft Co,, Orpheum, Utlen, N. Y., fl- 
14 ; Proclor'N 2.10 HI.. N. Y. «.. 10-21. 
keltnci-H, 'i'lie. Si, JoHepti, Mo., H-14 . 
King, Mr. ft Mr*. Hum, .MoneHnen, Pu.. 0-14; 

Beaver FnllH, 10-21. 
Kins; ft UhmIoop, Oeni. I.ynn. UUp.. 9-14. 
. KlnH-New. The, lint ler, Pu., 9-14; Beaver Fall*, 

Klltlea Hand, Sheii'H, Hufluln, 9-14. 
Klnle ft McLntigliliii. Kelih'M. Providence, It. 1., 

0-14; Keltli'H, Bofton, 10-21. 
Klein, Olt Broi*. ft Slehotwni, WiiMen, N. Y., 9- 

14; 11. ft B., likln.. 10-21. 
Klein .s Klein, Keith'*, N. Y. C, 9-14; Kelth'a, 

Phlla., Hi-L'l. 
Klelat, Miwlcnl, OntaHM, . Denver, 0»l., 914; 

Orphonm. San Fran., Cnl., 10-21. 
Koktn, Mlanonetle, filymnlc, Chicago, 9-14, 
Kolllna. King. Mnleatlc. Anlonlo. Tex.. 0-14 ; Ma- 

JcMle, Ft. Worth, 10-21, 
Knlil, Oim ft Marlon, l.yrlc, Pueolello, Ida., 9-14; 

Orplieuni, Bolae, 10-21, 
Konure ft rhn)»lln, WMle, Bloninlngtou, la., 9-14, 
hrem-o, Ceiinelly ft (iniellc, luteinntlonnl, Chi- 

oago, H-14. 
Kiielile'M Mllputlunj., Mnd. Sq. flunlen, N. Y. O., 

KurtU ft Biwae, KpIIIi'h, Phlln,, 9-11; flotham, 

Bkln., in-21. 
I.a Clair ft Weal, Paator'H, R, Y. C, 014; Auill- 

lorltim, PottMown, Pa., 10-21, 
.a Tflfha. I'lill., punlAgea, Portland, Ore., fl-14. 
Lambert ft Pierce, Kmpli-c. Pntornoti, N. J., 0-14. 
I.a Drew. I'Hiil. Cryalal. Trinidad. Cnl., 0-14, 
Laurel ft HouUiern. Cryatal, fit. Jnaeith, Mo., 9-14. 
I.nncnater, Tom, BlJon, nay Cily. Mich., 0-14; 

BIJou, Alnena, 10-21, 
Lntellea, Tlio, Ban Ton,, Phlla., 9-14, 
Lnvalla. The. Tower, Blackpool, Knit.. 0-14. 
La lies, Wonderful, Richmond, No. Adnnia, IHHh 

I, ay ton, \Vm„ Novelty, Omaha, Neh„ 8-14. 
La Rue, Penrl. miaWofj, Montreal, Can., 0-14. 
Lawrence- ft HnrrhiRlon, Auditorium, I.ynn, Masa., 

La Vine Olmnmn Trio, Mohawk, Schenectady, X. 

I.11 jHMrii Ollle, Ooenr D'Alene, Hpokune, WhhIi., 

LawBOti. "Olilneac.' 'Wcbh, Peru. 1ml.. 9-14. 
Lu Dell*. Fantnntle, Lyric. Ft. Dodge, Ik., 9-14; 

Family, Blnux Clly, 10-21. 
Lamtmnt 4 Panlotte. Itlaltn. F.lmlrn, N, Y.. 9-14; 

A, ft H„ Boh ton, 111-21. 
Lnngdon. The, Lyric, Joplln, Mo. 11-14. 
t.aiirclle. Bono, Oyniunxe. Sloutreal, Can.. 9-14. 
I.a Vine ft Waltone, Oriiheunt, Denver. Col., 914; 

Oiphruri), Omnha. Nek, 10-21. 
Larvette, lule*. Pantor'H, N. Y. C, 9-14. 
La Oelto. MnJCRlle, Sun Antonio, Tex., 9-14. 
l.aaar ft Lniar. (l. O. II,. tlrand Rapido, Mich., 

It- 14, 
Lafaretto, Qrent. Kelth'.o, Pnirldence, 914. 
La Toll Brw., BI.I0U, Oulucy, 111., 914; Pwple'a, 

Hannibal. Mo„ 10-21. 
UmvK ft Chnpln. Atlantic Onrden, N. Y. l 1 .. nil. 
Lavender, Geo., HI Jon. Dnlnth. Minn., 0-14. 
Lelglitntis (S), PoII'h. New Haven, Coim., 0-14. 
i.f Clnlr, llnrr>-, Ilaymnrket, Chicago. 0-14 ; Jef- 

iVrcni, Saginaw; Mich., 10-21. 
l-enlH ft: Delmore, Oeni. Lynn, Mnaa., 0-14. 
IjM", rMtthuEh ft newle. MwHW, Mollne, III., 

9-14: IHJou. Ft. Drnlgi'. In.. 1021. 
I.e.e, Irene, Poll'e, New flaven, Conn., 9-14, 

Le Dent, Great, Caetle. Bloomlogtou, Hi., 9-H ; 

MUnttC, Chicago; 10-21. .' ,. 
Lei Clair, Joba, EmrtJie, Pattrton, N. J., 9-14; 

■Empire, Ilobokcn. lc-zl . 
Le&eti, .■»., Bijou- Calumet, Mich., 9-14. 
Ueuazffl Ljrlc, Clerflasd, O., 9-14, Park 

O. H...ferw, Pa..,. 10-21. 
I.erl-j, Mile., fllnMdroue, N. V. C, 9-14- 
UMar ft 0«v>k. Bljnu, Lb Cwwc. Wla., 914. 
Lclkiy ft.Wnndf.ini. PrneUvr'fl, Tmy. N. Y., 9- 

14; Snvny, Fnll River, Maw., 10 21. 
I^slle, (leo. W„ Orpheum. Chllllrolhe, O., 14; 

Star, Monde, Ind., 10-21, 
Lee, Henry T , Bradenburgh'a, Plilla., 0-14. 
Lewi* ft Lake, St. Jonepti. Mo., 9-14. 
Lewi* ft Dorr, Crynttl, Wabafb, lad., 9-14, 
Leone ft Dale, Sliea'a, BntTalo, 9-14; Sbea'a, To- 
ronto, Can., 10-21. 
l/eciiMoaH (■%)/ Hippodrome. N. Y. C, 9-14, 
Lealle ft Dnlley, Kelth'a, Phlla.. 9-14. 
I.e Clair ft Hart, BIJou, Phlln.. 9-14. 
levy ft Vernnu, Blion, Dnlnth. Mian., 0-14. 
Leonard. Ouh, Pnll'a, Waterbury, Conn., 0-14. 
lee. Henry, K. ft It., Bkln., 014. 
Leonard, (in*, Pall'c, Waterbury, *Jnnn., 0-14; 

Mohawk. Schenectady, X. Y., 10-21. 
i.ii.nev- ft Trayer. (I. O. II., IndloDapolta, 9-14. 
LlttlcOelil. C, W„ London, Can., 10-21. 
Link, Hilly. Bennelt'o, fyindon. Can., 9-14. 
Long ft Cotton, Olympic, Chicago, 9*14. 
Lorenio, II. T., Brndenburgli'a, Pblla., 9-14. 
I^ckett, Mflttle, Hnlhawoy'a, Lowell, Mam., 9-14. 
Lukena (4), Proctor'a, Newark. N. J., 9-14; 

I'roetftr'N, Albany, N, Y., 10-21. 
Lucy ft Lucler, Hopkins'. Mempbla, Term., 0-14 ; 

Columbia. Sr. I-oui*. 10-21.* 
Luce A Luce, Stat 1 ; Keottle, Wash., S-14. 
Lydell ft' Btitterworth, Lyric. Cleveland. 0., 914. 
Lyater ft VmU, BIJnu, La Crosoe, WU., 9-14; 

Bijou, Ran Claire. 10-21. 
Lynotte fllstera, l^ndon, N. Y. C, 0-14. 
Lynne, Frank, rroctor-a 12flth St., N. Y. C, fl- 
14 ; Proctor'l, Newark. N. J., 10-21. 
Mn Jen tie Trio, Hathaway'ii, Lowell, Masi,. 9-14 ; 

Audllorlitm, Lynn, 10-21. 
Maceo ft Fos, Ulalto. Rlmlra, N, Y„ 0-14; 

American, Utlco, 10-21. 
Mnrtlnc BroUieni. Albntnbra, Parla, Fr., OHO. 
Magee, Clem C, BIJou, Jacksonville, III.. 0*14: 

-Sranrl. Milwaukee, Win., 10-21. 
Martyne ft Hanly, Lyric, Hi. Joseph, Mo., 0-14; 

Lyric, Pflrnonn, Kail.. 10-21, 
Mario ft Aldo, Hnnan, Hamhnrg, (ler., 0-30, 
Mny ft Mllca, Bijou, Jackaonvllle, III., 0-14; 

Kllte, Muaratlne, la., 10-21. 
Mnrvelle, Ln Drew Trio, Mad. 8q. Oarden, N. Y. 

C, R-14. 
Macy ft Hall, Proctor'a, Newark, N. J„ H-14. 
Mock ft Dugal, Family, K. St, Lottla, B44. 
Mack, John ft CHirle, Cryatal, Anderson, Ind., 

0-14; Gryatnl, Kokomo, 10-21, 
MUM * Maaette, Poll'a. Springfield. Meaa., 0-14. 
Slandell ft Corberry, International, Chicago, 0-14. 
MntliewH A Aaliley, Proctor's r.Stb St. M. Y. C 

Mognanl Family, Orrin Bros., Mexico, Mex., 10- 

Mallory Bros. Brooka ft Halllday, O. 0. IT., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y.. 0-14; O. 0. 11., iDdlonapolla, 10- 

Mntthcwa ft Harris, Novelty, Bkln., 9-14. 
Mnntell'a Marionettes, BIJou, Flint, Mich., 9-14; 

BIJOU, PL Huron, 10-21. 
Mndcaprt (fl), Temple, Detroit, 0-14; Oook'a, 

Rochester, N. Y.. 10-21. 
Martin Brox,, Moore's, Portland, Me., 0-14. 
Mattel, Mile., Kellh'a, Providence, 0-14; Kelth'a, 

Phlla., 10-21. 
Mnreena, Nevaro ft Mareenn, Kelth'a, Providence, 

Mnnello-Mnrnlta Troupe, Hippwlrome, N. Y. C, 

Mnnafleld ft Wllhnr. VJctorln, N. Y. C, 0-14. 
Mnnlo Trio, lllkui, Decatur, HI., 9-14 ; Lyric, 

Terre Haute, Ind., 10-21. 
Maxwell, James, A. ft S., Boston, 9-14. 
Mack ft linker, Kmplre, St. Paul. Minn., 0-14. 
Alnnninc Ti Jo, ppople'a, Paraona, Knn., 9-14 ; 

People's. I^nvcnworlh, 1021. 
Maxwell's, Fircman'a Quintette, Novelty, Bkln., 

Mac ft Mac Howard, Ronton, 9-14. 

Martin, Dave ft Pewie, Family, Ln Fnyolte, Ind., 

0-14; Savoy, Columbus, 10-21. 
Martin Sinter*, Globe, St. Louis, 9-14; National, 

Knnsaa Clly, Mo., 10-21. 
MnnsOeiii a Harvey, Uryatal. Frankfort, Ind., 9- 

Mneurt ft TiMriicy, Orpheum. Bkln.. 0-14. 
Marriott Twlua, Iloyal, Troy, N. Y., 0-14; Nelaon, 
Sprlitgfleld, Mas*., 10-19; Umpire, Ilolyoke, 10- 

Mnrtln ft Bldgeardy, Star, Hamilton, Can., 0-14. 
lUiMUyg. The, llennett'x, fxindon, tlnn.i 0-14. 
MnrtliiH, Aerial, Temple, Ft. Wuvne, Ind., 9-14. 
Masscy ft Kramer, Family. Scran ton, Pn., 9-14; 

Pastor's. X. Y. C., 10-21. 
MacnrCs llogH ft Monkeys, (lolham, Bkln., 0-14; 

Kinpht'. I'Hiei-a<m, N. J„ 10*21. 
Miirilneltl ft SylTestei'. ilrmid, Mnrlon. Ind.. fl- 
14 : (leniintt, Rlcbmojid. 10-21. 
.Mathleiirt. Jut/gllng. Kuinlrc, llobokcti, N. J., 9-14; 

Pastor's. X. V. Q,, 10-21. • 
Midellin, .las., IHJou. Dultltb, Minn., 9-14. 
McSnrley ft Kleunore, .Mlsaoulu, Mont,, 9-14. 
Mc Wut lorn ft Tyson Hatbaway's, Xew Bedford, 

.Monh., 9-14. 
McCarvers, The, BIJou, Dubuque. la., 0-14. 
McNnmce, 0. 0. II., Hyraciwc, V. Y„ 10*21. 
McKay ft Frederick*, (J, o. It,, Ornnd Rapids, 

Mich., OIL 
.MeKlnnrii ft itor-d, BIJou, Mollne, III., 9-14; 

WeuHt'r., peorln, 10-21. 

McMahun's Mliu-lrel Mslds, Kellli's, llnaton, 9-14. 
McOre ft Collins, llljnn, KviuibvIIW, Ind., 0-14; 

Lyric, Terre Haute, 10-21. 
Mt-KlHak'k ft Sliniltiey, Ron Ton, Pblla., fl-14. 
McDowell, John ft Alice, Lyric, Cleveland, 0-14. 
Mccuno A (.runt, BIJou, Lunfilug, Mich., '9-14; 

BIJou, Bay City, 10-21. 
McCree, .liuile, A Co.. Uothniu, Bkln., 0-14. 
Me.vei'H ft Miisoii, llowaid, Itoston, 0-14. . , 
.Merrill, Raymond, Amerlcnii, Lllca, N. Y,, 9-21. 
Mei-rltt ft Roxpiiii, Hophlna', Ixmlsvllte, Ky,, 0-14. 
.Meli-oy Trio, t!aatle, Bhmmiugtou, III., 9-14. 
Metropolitan CoiniHly Four, Dayton, 0., 10*21. 
Meera IJIL Poll's, Xew Haven, Cnnu., 0-14; 

l-nll's, Hartford. 1(1-21. 
MUtuinu Trio, Poll's. Hartford, Conn., 914; 

Poll's, Wnterlwry, 10*21. 
Meteni-s, Flying, HinpiHlninte, N. Y. C, 9-14. 
Mllanl l'rto. Keith's, llnsioti, 9-14. 
Mitchell ft 1. ,'ni 11, Orphciuu, Man Finn.. Cnl., 9-11; 

Orpbeum, Lim Augeles, 10.21. 
Miller, Mnjoatle, Hut Sprlnra, Ark., 9-14; Ma- 
jestic, Houston. Tex.. 10*21. ., 
Miller, Kllaa1a>tb, Star, Hamilton. Can., 9-14. 
Miller, Cande Bell, (larrlck, Burlington, la., 

9-14;, Dubuque, 10*21. 
Mitchell ft Browning. Crystal, Klkhurt, Ind., fl-14 - 

Crystal, Ooahon, 10-21. 
Mlllards BroH., ft Tiny, Keeney'a, Bkln., 9-14; 

Kmplec. Plttafleld. Mass., 10-21. 
Military Or ret 10. Poll's. Waterbury, Conn,, 0-14 ; 

Nice; W*i»#, AmpBUmj-Bkla.. MaV • WM •-.' 
Nicbi--,n.« (3), West 9l;ie. Jacwrille. TTU., 9-14 | 

p. a, Peru, iad., 10.21 
>rtoa ft VGtwam, Orphfi 
AtaphlM, BVln., xG-mt. 


sin, duMBa, Reailsf. Pa.. fl-U; 

Mlller-IU'ownlnR Co., Dallas, Tex., 0-14; Houston, 

Mills ft Morris, Kelth'a, Cleveland, 10*21. 

Mlgnon. Helen. Orpheum, hi. [•mil, Minn., 9*14. 

Miskel, Cor:i, llllou, Kalamavno, Mich., 9-14. 

Mir.i'i.'i, Leon. Pomes, Keith's, Cleveland. 0., 9-14. 

MoiitaKue's Cnekutoi) Ciiens. Orrlti Bros., Mexico, 

Mologlrl. I.n, Circus Carre, Amsterdam. Hoi., 0- 
.10; H-niHii. Hamburg, (ler., May i-:il. 

Moore A While. Acme. Norfolk. Va„ 0-14. 

Masher, Houghton ft Masher, Keith's, Cleveland, 
0.. 914. 

Morris ft Morris, Orcon Tree, Olympla, Wash,, 

Monroe, Mr. A Urn. Mark, Keeney'a, Bkln., 0-14. 

Morris ft Kramer, Lyric, Kaaton, Pa., 9-14; 
Family, K. Y. C, 10-21. 

Montgomery, Nellie, Chutes, Snn Fran., Cat., fl- 

Morton Slaters. A. ft S., Boston, 0*14. 

Monroe, lleo. W., Shea's, Toronto, Can., 0-14. 

Monroe. .Mnek ft I.nwrenee, Pnator'i. N. Y. C, fl- 

Morgan ft Cheater, Central, Seattle, Wash., 9-14; 
Uraitd, ICverell, 10-21. 

Murphy, Mr. ft Mrs. Mark, Proctor's 2lld St., 
X. Y. (.1., 9-14. 

Murphy, ,1. Tlit-mUm-, flnlety, Albany, N. Y„ fl- 
14. i 

Murphy ft Andrews, Cook's. Rochester, N. Y-, 0* 
14; Shea's, ItiitTnlo. 10-21, 

Murray ft Lane, Alliamhra, N. Y. 0„ 0*14. 

Nhttii Tom. ft On., 1-ntl'a, New Havan, Conn.. 0* 

Nevarroe (3), (irpheum, Bkln.. 0-14. 

Neff ft Miller. Young's Pter. Atlantic City, N. J., 
It- 14: Novelty. Bkln,, 10*21. 

Newman, Joa., Orpheum, Bkln.. 9-14; Alhamhra. 
N. Y. C, 10-21. 

Nelson- Far mini Troupe. Onlely. Albany, N. Y.. 

Newell ft Xlhlo, Hnthaway's, New BeiWnnl. Mass., 

Nenln, Lyric, Sr. -loreidi, Mo., fl-14. 

Nlblo. Fri'd, ColonlnL N. f. C„ 0-14. 

Notrffc*. The. lifrsard". Bc;tcn. 9-14; Bcitcn, 
Lowell, Marj, 10-21- 

NortH, Bobby; Chaie'j, Wai-tlnfiton, D- C 8-14; 
MoorC*. Portland. Me., 10-21 

Norman, Temple. Buffo lo, 0*14. 

Normon. Mary. Kn.plre. Paie-ri-nn, H. J. 0-14; 
I'.mi.lrc. Ilottokeii, 1021. 

Nnhlr-a, Milton ft Dolly, Hheii'a, Toronto, Onn., 

Nor wan h. Jack, Ootham, Bkln., 0-14, 

Onlaw Trio. Columhla. St. f.ouls, 0*21. 

O'Xell, Thos. H., Jamestown. N. Y., 9-14; Ni- 
agara Fulls. 10-21. 

O'Neiirs Majestic Minstrels, Family, Lancaster, 
Pa., 10-21. 

O'Toole. Jack, (i. O. H., Grind Rapids, Mich., 

Otaro .lapane«e Family, BIJou, Dnhnqne, la., fl- 
14 ; Dominion, Winnipeg, Can.. 10-21. 

Owen. Finneli. ft Co., Poll's, Worcester, Masa., fl- 

Pattersons, Bounding, CnrHo. Zurich, Swltt., 9-10; 
Empire, Johannesburg. S. A„ May 10-June 00. 

Parvln. i^e, Victoria, X. Y. C.,,0-14; Orpheum, 
Bkln., 10-21. 

I'ntchen ft Clifton, Howan), Boston, 10-21. 

Paula, The, Family, Flndlar, 0., 9-14. 

I'aiillnettl ft Plquo, Edrn, Hologna. Italy, 10-2S. 

Peny, Frank L., Orand, Council Bluffs, la., 9-14. 

I'ekln Zouaves, Maryland, Bnlto., Md., 914 ; 
Kellli's. Phlla., 10-21. 

Petit Family, Majestic, Chicago, 0-14. 

Peak's Automatons. Bradenhurgh'a, Phlla., 0-14. 

Pekit, Fred A Annie, Orand. Jollet, III., 9-14. 

Pelera, Phil ft Nettie, Portland, Me., 9-14 ; Balti- 
more, Md., 10-21. 

Phelpa lU). Crystal, Muskegon, Mich., 0-21, 

Phllhrook ft Reynolds, International, Chicago, 9- 

Phllmore ft Adams, Howanl, Chicago, 9-14. 
Piccolo Midgets, Orpbeum, Omaha, Neb., 0-14; 

Orpheum, Kaiieaa City, Mo„ 10-21. 
Pierce A Malsee, Kmplre, Johanneabara, 3. A., 9- 

Pleroe ft Onp. PoR'a, Bridgeport, Conn.,' 9-14. 

Plrlwnifle, The. Haymnrker. Chicago; 0-14. 

Ph-iilu'ii, Dick, A. A S., Boalon, 9-H, 

P.ncit ft I.nck, Delmar Garden, Okla. City, Okli., 

Porter ft Palmer, Boaton. Fnl River, Mash., 0-14. 

Porterd ft Palmer, Boston, Fall Rlrer. Mass., fl- 

Polk, Collins and Carmen Slaters, Alhambra, N. 
Y. C, 9-14. 

Powell, Harry. A. A S„ Boston, 0-14. 

Post A Biiasell, Trent. Trenton, N. J„ 9-14. 

Pope, J. C, A Co., Haymarket, Chicago, 9-14, 

Powera ft Theobald, Star. M uncle, Ind.. 0*14; 
Crystal, Marlon, 10-21. 

Powers A Kreed, Novelty, Omahn, Neb., 8-14. 

PK'lle'g Dogs, H. A 8,, N; Y. 0., 9-14. 

Protwt, Orpheum, Minneapolis, Minn., 0-14. 

Pollen. Baby Lnelln, McKeesport, Pa., 0*14; Al- 
toona in-21. ■ 

QiilRB. Maekey A Nlck-raon, Corinthian, Roches- 
ter. K. Y., 0-14: Gaiety. Albany, 10-21. 

Knymond A Caveriy, Poll's, Siirlngfleld, Mass., 

Ramsey Sisters. Majestic, San Antonio, Teg., fl- 
14: Majestic, Ft. Worth. 10-21. 

Bay, Fred, ft Co,, Howard, Boston. 0-14 : Moore's, 
I'ortlaart. Me. 10-21. 

RUM Slsiers, Mnjestle, Chicago, 9-14 ; 0, O. 
n. Indianapolis, 1U-2I. 

llawsou A June, Orpheum, Omnha, Nell., 9-14: 
Ksnaas Ctly, Mo.. 10-21. 

Rnatua ft Hanka, Pal.. (llajiRaw, Scot, 0-14; 
Hipp., Birmingham. Kng., 10-21; Pal., South- 
ampton. w4kj Pal., iim Mi. :io-May 4. 

Rnynj's, AL, Bulldoim, Troy, N. Y., 914; Pnugh- 
ke->pslr<, 10-21. 

llaekett ft nnaanl. Family. Kancusler. Pa., 0*14. 

annmntt, Chnrlolte, Family. Shniuoklii, Pa., 

Hnnf, Clnuile, Idea. Fond du Lie, Wis., 0-14; 

BIJou, (Irrt-n Ray, 10-21. 
Undo A nertman, Tcrro Haute, tnd.. 0-14; Mil* 

wmikec, WIh., 1021. 
Iladford ft Valentine, BnrraHSford Tour, Kng., 

OMny .1. 
l.nwles A Von Ktinfman, Hopkins', Mcmphla 

Tenn., 0-14. 
"Red Haven Cadets," Troctor's GBth St., N. Y. C, 

Bedding, Frunccsca, A Co., Hopkins', Louisville. 

Reno, 'Dotty ft Denny, O, II., Yonkera, N. Y.. fl- 
14; Ncwburgh, 10-21. 

llelley ft Morgan, Orphlum, Sprlagfleld, 0., 0-14. 

Bedford ft Winchester, Cook'a, Rochester. N. Y . 
0-J4: Temple, Dclroli, 10-31. 

lleiin, Will ft May. riljrsi, Vliicennes, Ind., 0-14 ; 
Washington, 10-21, 

Healer ft Oondler, Third Are,, N. Y, C, 9*14. 

ileeres, Al,. Gaiety, Allmiiy, X. Y., 0-14. 

Itelri Stsiers. Kceiicy's, Bhln,, 9*U. 

llevLunl. H. F„ liiilhawfly's, l^well, Mass., »- 
14; Proctor's, Troy, N. Y., 10-21. 

Itehon. Adrlettii. Boston, J-'all River, Mass., 0- 

Rellly, Johnny, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 0-14. 

Rhone, Ctoswell A., Passaic, Pnaaale, X. J.. 0-14. 

Rice ft Walters. Star. Hamilton, Can, 0-14. ' 

Riee Une... Molinult, Selieiiroludv, X. Y., 9-l - 4. 

Rice ft Prevoat, Atidllnrluin, Lynn. Mass., 0-14. 

Rice ft Cndy. G. O. f(., plttshurg, III I. 

RlanoN (41, llliipodrorne. N. Y. C., 0*21. 

Rhlinrds, Oival, BIJou,' Kitliutuuuio, Mich., 0-14; 
iiiion. ti: 111. ■ Creek, 10-21. 

Kli'iuiriiiton, Lavender, ft Co., Ornnd, San Diego, 
Cnl., 014. 

Roof, Jack ft Clara, Grain?, Huntlnt'lon, liul., fl- 
14; Snvnv, OotiiinbiiB, 10*21. 

RomftV Mldgeis, Orplieuni, HeudlnB, Pa., 14; 
Kmplre, I'iKeiHiin. N. J., lfl-21. 

KomhI's Muxleul il'n:-c, Shea's, 'I'moni o, Can., 0- 

Itose! Jack, 0. O. H.. Grand Rapids, Mich., 0-14. 
Horts Sisierr, Orphlum, MnnsOeiii, 0., 9-H; Or- 
phlum, Chlttlcoihe, 10-21. 
Robert", llnycs ft Roberta. H. ft B., Bkln., 9-14. 
ltOEcrx, W. Ik, Crystal, .St. Joseph, Mo., 9-14. 
Ross ft l.>h-Ik Stoll Tour, Kng., 9-May B, 
Haaalex ft Malono, (Crystal, St. Joseph, Mo., 9-14. 

itiiiiiiiH.ii ft Grant, All -hi tic flardeu, N. V, C, fl- 
14. Bros., Stag, Hagerstown, Md., 9-21. 

Hose ft Ellis, Orpheum, Kansas City, Mo., 9-14; 
Orplieuni. Omalin. Nidi., 10-21, 

Rogers, Will 1L, Wlntergurten, llerllu, Ger., fl-.'iO. 

Honda, Ihtrn. ualely, Albany, N. Y., 9-14. 

HUM; ft Bent, Shea's, Toronto, Con., 0-M; 
Proctor's, Albany, N. I„ 10-21, 

Rosea (:t), Empire, Paterson, N. ,T,, fl-14; Em- 
pire, Hobciken, 10-21, 

Riunnnoa {}), Poll's, Brlilgeport, Conn., 9-14. 

Rtibfloii. Mrs. Stuart, ft Co., Trent, Trenton, N. 

lingers A i.n Vine, Star. Atlanta, C.a., 0-21. 
Row. Dan, BIJou, Alix-nn, Mich., 0-14; BIt-ju. 

Buy City, 10-21. 
Honinno, .Mini',, G. O. 11,, Indlamtpolli?, 0*14. 
Huberts, Four. Kmplre, Des koines, lu., 0-14: 

BIJou, Ln Croase, Wis., 10-21. 
Mussel!*, Musical, Crawford, Topeka, Kan., i 14, 
ltnasell, O'Neill A Gross, Howanl, Chicago, p-14. 
Biisaell. Phil ft Cnrrl?, Slnr, Hamilton, Can., 0- 

By nit A RIchQeld, Albnmbra, N. Y. C. 9-14; 

Proctor's, Newark. N. J., 10-21. 
Salerno, Temple, 'Detroit, fl-14; Cook'a, Rochester, 

N. Y., lfl-21. 
Salmon A Chester, Pastor'*, N. Y. C, 0-14, 
Sabine, O'Nell A Vera, Savoy, Fall River, Mans,, 

0-14; Lawrence, 10-21. 
Snwmli:*, Hie. Kelth'a, Phlln,, 9-14. 
Samuels, M„ Howard, Chicago, U-14. 
Hnmlei*.-, Dean ft Sunders, Htnr, Hamilton, Can,, 

Snndor, Paul, Orpheum. liOa AngelcH, Cnl., 0-14; 

Orplieiiiii. Omaha, Neb.. 10*21. 
Snnford ft Darlington. Mansfield, O., 0-14. 
^alvagitlH (8), Orpheum, Omaha, Neb., 8-14, 
Sailor A Bnrbsietlo, Kcttli'a, N. Y. C. 0-14. 

Coliseum, London. Kng., May 1-:11. 
Babel, Josephine, Empire Tour. Kng.. 0*14; 
Hnuuilers, Chalk, Allinbra. N. Y. C, 0*14. 
BcasMorj Doga, Crj-atal, Milwaukee, Wis., 0-14. 
e'eott. Wilson A Co., Keith's. N, Y. C„ 9*14, 
Scott, lues, Empress, Ballard, Wash., fl-14, 
Seymour ft Duprcc. Masonic, Ft. Wayne, Ind.. 

fl-U, Crystal, Milwaukee. Wis., 10-21. 
Sceley, Geo.. Rlolto, Hlmlra. N. ?„ 9-14. 
Seitart 4 Llndley, Helonn, Mont., 914. 
Seymour A Hill, Keith's, Phlla,, U-14. 
f-eamoii, Adams ft Rogers, Chutes. Sun Fran., 

Cal., fl-14, 
Seville, Lily, Keith's, Boalon, 0-14. 
Seldoms, The, Orpheum, Omnhn, Nch„ 10-21. 
Srmon. Qua* F., Colonial, N. Y. C. 9-14; Or- 
pbeum, Bkln;. 10-21. 
Sherman A Do Forest. II. A R„ Bkln., fl-14; 

Grpheum. MlnueniMitla, 10-21. 
Shannons tl), Family. Slinmoklb, Pa.. 9-14. 
Shock Itro*., O. 41. II., Grand Rnnlds, Mlcli.. 

Short A Shorty. Buffalo. N. Y.. fl-14. 
Sllverton Oliver Troupo, Troeadero, Phlln., 1051. 

Six Slptcmeres ft FrosJtman, Young's Pier,. At- 
lantic City, N. J., »*I4. ..' S 

Jlmoc-Gnrdi-pf Co., fiaymarkot, Chlcajo, B>H; 
' 0. O-'H., In'iiaaopolil. 10*21. 

sicpcffiki. «W. oitapic.'Chicajo, e-i4. 

mm ■* SSmti Pcli'3; Waterbar7, Coan., 0-14. 
aaitii, Peter 3.. Main- lit, Pforia, 111.. 0-21. 
3mlth t- idnwoi Amphlon : Bkln., 9*14. 
tardtr * Bn^kley, KettU's. Clerrfan.1, 0*14; H. 

i- n„ n. v. c, 10-21. 

'Society Bellf-a," Poll's, New Haven. Cwiti., fl-l-l. 
Sohmers. Joaeph, Family. I'nlerson, N. 4., 9-14. 
Spook m lastrels, Poll'fl, New lliiven, Conn., ft-14. 
B»tMft A Thomas, Ornnd, Hamilton. 0., 0-14; 

Orphemn, Portsmouth, 10-21. * ■ 

Htspleton ft Chaney, Crystal, Elwood, Ind., 9-14; 

O. H., Walmab, 10-21. 

Stanley A Aileen, Lyric, St. Joseph, Mo., 0-14; 

National, Kansas City, 10-21. 
Stanley ft I-eouard. 11. ft S., N. Y. C, 9-14. 
.Steely, Doty ft'Coe, Hopkins' Louisville, Ky., 0- 

Stork Trio, BIJou. Bay City. Mich., '0-14 ; BIJou, 
Alpena, lfl-21. „ „ ... 

Stantoour. Iota. Fischer's, San Fran.. CaL, 0-14. 

Htahl, Rone, ft Co., Empire, Hoboken, N. J„ 014. 

Sieln-JSretto, ClrciiB Carre, Amsterdam. HoL, fl- 
14; Seals. Hague, lfl-SO; Caalno, Rotterdam. 
May 1-15; Pulala D'Rate, Bmsaela, Belg., 10* 
yi. ' 

Stanford, Grace, Empire, St. Paul, Minn., 9*14. 

atnnley ft Wilson, Orpheum, Denver, Ool., 0*21, 

St. f^eon A MoCmdek, Crystal, Denver, Ool., fl-14. 

St. John A Le Fevre. Keith's, N. Y. C, 0-14. 

St. Claire, Amy, Gaiety, Albany, X. Y„ 0-14. 

SuIIv A Phelps. Lyric, Joplln, Mo., 0-14; Or- 
pheum, Webb City, 10*21. 

Siirnml ft Rsull, O. H., Decatnr. 111., 914. 

Sullivan, Denny, BIJou, Oklahoma, Okla., 0-14. 

Sullivan A Pasnucllna, Orpbeum, New Orleans, 
La., 10-21. 

"Sunny South," Novelty, Bkln;, 0-14. 

Sylvester, Jones ft Cringle, Knlomasoo, Mich., fl- 

Tain, Billy. O. IL. Decatur, . III., 14. 

Tanner ft Gilbert, Proctor's B8th St., X. Y. O., 
9-14. ' 

Tanakas, The, Kelth'a. Boston, fl-14. 

Tarllon A TarKon. Illjnu, Galesbnrg, 111., 0-14; 
Kokomo, Ind., 10-21. 

Tnsmrmlan Troupe, Havana, Cnba, 0-21, 

Tnnna, Bennett's, London, Can., 0-14; Empire, 
1'insfleld, Mass., 10-21. 

Tennis Trio Family, Helena, Mont., 0-14 ; Family, 
Unite, 10-21. 

Teed A Lotell, BIJou, Calumet, Mich., D-I4; BI- 
Jou, Marqnettc, 10-21. 

Thompson ft Serlda, People's, Lowell, Mass., fl- 
14. , 

Thomas, Georgia, Star, Atlanta, Oa., 0-21. 

Thayer. Gertrude, A. A H., Boston, fl-14. 

lliels, Luln. BIJou, Wheeling. W. Vn., 0-14; 
BIJou, I'ottsto-A-n, Pn.. 10*21. 

Thorne A Carleton, Alhnmbra. N. Y. C, 0*14, 

Thompson Misters, Haymarket, Chicago, 0-14. 

Toya, Musical, Family, Lancaster, Pa., 0*14 ; 
Family, Mabanoy City, 10*21. 

Topsy Turvy Trio, Kmplm, Fresno, CaL, 0-14. 

Trillers, The, Keith's, Phlla., 0-14; G. 0, II. , 
Cttr-ilmrg. 10*21. 

Trovollo, Kelth'a, Pblla., 0-14, 

Trans-Atlnntic quartette, Hatbaway's, LanO, 
Mnaa., fl-14. 

Trolley Car Trio, Pastor's, N. Y. 0., 0-14. 

Tredenlck ft Tekln, Poll'a, New Haven, Ctono., ft. 
- 14. 

Trnney, Kitty, O. 0. IL, Plttaburg, 0-14. 

Tntvers, Roland, A Co., Ben's, ICscanaba, Mich.. 
fl-14; Idea OshkOHh. Win., 10-21. 

Tniuhn.lfnirs Four, 0. IL, Wilkesbarre, Pa., 0-14. 

Tlilso, Industrial, Motllie, III., 9-14; BIJou, Ft. 
Dodge, In., 1(1-21. 

Turners Snug Sheet, Albnmhru, N. Y, 0., 0-14. 

Tyce ft Jermon, Bennett's, Loudon, Onn., 9-14: 
Howard, Boston, ni-i'l 

Vance. Clarlee, Pwctor's Dtdl St., N. Y. C., 0-14. 

Van, Trilby, Oleim Falls, N. Y., 0-21. 

VuldnrcH, Tlie, Keith's N. Y. C, 9-14, 

Vim Dyne A Demo, Moore's, Porllntid, Me., !>'14. 

Van psfre ft Ool rely, Delnmr (Jnnlen, Okla. City, 
Okla., 9-14. 

Van l..iin. May, BIJou. Norfolk, Vn., 0-14. 
Van, Billy. Haynmrkct, Chicago, 9-1-1; 
Toledo, 10-21. 



Vnn Slurtlford, Grace, Colonial, N, Y. C, 014. 
Jan Blene, Augiiste, O, O. H.. Pittsburg, 0-14. 
Vafisar Girls, Proctor's 2:id St., N. Y. C, 0-14. 
Vnlynre. Orlfl, Qj/mWBi Montreal, Can., 9*14. 
\nlnts, Harry E., Grntni. Vancouver, Can.. 9-14: 

Ornnd, Victoria, 10*21. .*■■■. 

Vernon. 0.0. H., Pltlabiirg, 0-14; Proctor's, 

Newark, N, J., 10-21. 
Vermetle ft Dloime. Collaeo Argentlno, liutuoa 

Ajrren, Bo. Am., O-Moy 01. 
Virginia Trio, Otymple, Ohlcngo, 0-14. 
Alctorla, Vesta. Proctor'a fiSth St., N. Y. C, 0- 

Vliiira, Edward, Bradeuhut-gh's, Phlla., il-14. 
.Jour. Mile., Family, Patcrswi, N. j„ 9-14. 
\1111 Wens], Mlrsl. Columhln, St. Louis. 0-14- 

market. Chicago, 1(1-21. 
JJ.Ti' .* c " lran > Shea's, Toronto, Cnn., 9-14. 
Uaterhnrv Bros, ft Tenny. Ilennott's, Loniloii. 

Cnn., 9-14; Temple, Dclrolt, 10-21. 
JJ.a ah, Richard, Lyric, St. Joseph, Mo.', fl-14. 
rtoltnerH, Jns., Inicrnatlonal, Chicago, 0-14 
Wallace, Frankle, Ilrnrtonbnrgli's, Phlln.. 914 
wmhoh n li'armyanl. Prnelor s nd it,, X Y O 

9-14': Pmlor's, Newurk, N, J., ifl.yi. ' 

Wither Bros., Grand, Hamilton, 0„ fl-14: Or- 

pltlnin. Sprhieilelil, 1(121. * 

Walsh. Frank, llljon. Bnltle Creek. Mich., fl-ll. 
JlflMcnhertf Rros., Treni. Treattai, N, ,|„ 11 I 1 
JVa lers ft Ptwiity, Orphenm, I'llci. N. Y„ 9-14. 
W.illsi.e, Flu., Kuilto. Kinih-H. x. y., a-il 
Will ton, Fred, Proctor's 2,'ld St.. N. V. (1 0-14 
Warren ft Brockway, MftJettk, Little Rock, Ark., 

U-14. «, Orscc. Rlnlto. Klmlra, N. Y.. 0-14, 
Wall, Jimmy. Oiphpmn, Sun Finn., Cai,, 9-14. 

1 T ' ,rn ?>' uw '' .Proctor's 23d St., N. Y. C, 
Wealpns (Jl), Huymarket, Chicago, 9-14. 

fflff Jennie, Crystnl, Frankfort, Ind., 

West ft Benton, Grand, Milwaukee, Wis., 014; 

Unique, Ufa-semis*, Minn,. 10-21. 
Welch. James ft Cells, Lyric, Wichita, Kun.. 0-14. 
Weaiemt, Eva, ft Co., Keith's,. Cleveland, 0., 0- 

Weicii, IriMs, Olympic, Chicago, 9-14. 
wei-i,.ii, Mux. Tram Keith's, N. V, C.. fl-14 
WMton, Fannie, Orplieuni. fit. P011I, Mlnu., 9-14. 
M ellcr, Llutte, Bijou, Kvnnsvllle, ind., 9- 14 ; 

Lyric, Terra Haute, 10-21. 
Welch, Joe, Mnjeatie, Chicago, 0-14; O, O. IL, 

Indiana polls, 10-21. 
Wenlen ft Gludlsh. Rmplre, Hoboken, N. J.. 0.14, 
West ft Van Siclen, Park, Worcester, Mass.. 0-14. 
\.helen ft Senrlcs, StniHlsrd, Cincinnati, 0-14. 

wE wiF 1 * lto " n ' 1,,cn ' °" hLo " 1 ' 

White,' Stuart.' ft Co., IL ft S., N. Y C 0*14 
Whipple, Waldo, Lvrle, Cleveland, 0-14. 

W »2 , . r, ^fiK t ' MH"L»" Rprlnga, Ark., 
0-14; Majestic, Dnflns, Tex., 10-21 

W |M4*' V * ' °' "" N ° rth *^™ 1 * ' MBMl ' 

Wliealon, Geo. K., Family, Palerwm. N. J., 0-14, 
■Vllls ft Hassan, Empire. Hoboken, N. J„ 11-14. 
Wlekoff, Baby- Irmn, A Co., Bllon, Wheeling, W. 

\n.. 0-14; Orphlum, Ch|l1leolhe. 0., IHBv 
\Vllton Bros., Shen's, Toronlo, Can., ft-14. 
M llaon, Geo., Moore'a, Portland. Me., 0-14. 
SlC? * ,^-tioti. 0. IL, Wllkes-Barre, Pa.. 0*14. 
Alison Trio, Keith's, Providence. 0-14; (1. 0. 

II,. Syracuse, N, Y., 10-21. 
WMnlujM ft Evans, Novelty. Omaha, Neh„ 8-14. 
Wise. J. 0., Crystnl, St. Joseph, Mo.. OH. 
Wleliera CD, Kmnire. Santa Orus, Ool.. 0-14: 

Novelty, oaklhud. 10-21. ' 

WDllaaw A Tucker, Empire, tlobnkm; N. J., 014. 
J\ hnot. Harrle. Illjmi. l,n Crosse. Wis., 0-14. 
Wl lams ft Mellmrn. Parlor. Vork, Pa. 0*14. 
W ! Ilnins ft Alcene, Ron Ton. Phlln., 0-14. 
i\ I lltnina A Pultnmn, Family, Shamoklii, Pn., 0- 

WlllnnlB, Musical, GotUnm, Bkln.. 9-14. 
Wilson. ug?^Ma*A Little Rock. Ark.. 
_K«I Majestic. Birmingham. Ala., Itl-2i. 
wnjos, Mattle, Moss ft Stoll Tour, Eng., b-Mly 

ff »nW MJjahajl P. Columbia, Cincinnati, 10-21. 
Wamm. Katelle, A Co., Empire, Paterson, N. J 

0-14. ' 

World' 1 Comedy Four, Lob Angeles, CaL, 0-14. 
WW A Kingston. Ontlieum. Denver, Ool., fl-14. 

w, »"3: S3IS , A n!K' ,c C1 "' "• '■■ W" »* 

W K5'u•l ! To'.'s| SC ' relWC ""'' , N : T " *'" : < """ 
Wcln.rt'. Sf.'u, Hlppodrom,. N. s. 0., OH. 
Wood lleo. H.. Emplr,, Hobok«n. N. J. 0-M. 
Wolwrt Trio, rroctor'a 08lh Ht.. N. Y. C, 0-14. 
noo.lfor.1 4 Har bom. Bcnnetl'., London. C,n., 0- 

14: Marlon. lnrt„ 1,1.31. • 

w| Iff'* l>np1nR Honntls, Hlnpodromp. N. Y. C. 

WlllpFnrlj Trio, nijoa. Whi»lln« W. Vn., 014. 
Wjomliw J«tk. llrml.nliunH's. pn|[«., iU 
W.vp|,prl.v, Mnrgnret, I'roclor'H XIA St., N. Y. 0., 

WlnUff, . Frrjl. & Co., Slar, IlamlllMi, Can., 0-14. 
\olo; Alia, Olim-rnlllp, >(. y., 014. 

Youns. Jr. AKrz.; CiictM, San Fran Cai o -< 
Ybms. TotvGuolpn.Csii,, 9*14: WcodstKk 'ic'it 
Jpiuiff? fc Brooks, fcmnire, Hoboken, R j &*•■ 
Zanclgs. The. \ictotl.i. a, Y C fl-14 " *"'* 
Zayej. Vernon ^roune, G. 0. H., Rmniu >,- T 

,7.nnora's; ■Cycling, .fitamford, 0OM,. m- v™.., 

Brldgeporl, 10-21. ' sm -"' *, 

Zeph. ft Hilton. Oalnly, Allwuv. N, v « ,, 

a x?'A , ! »y„„?;24: ,m ' """" cirn "' 8 -"»*««, 

Zanptti BlBtrrs (7). Kf*np.'.. Bkln n.u 
7.1WW. Great, Odeon. Darton, o.. ni,. A,. 

Battle Creek. Mich., ia-21. " "'K 

Zlinmer.. John., Jra!*rla|. Bkln., B-l, 
Zlrnmermnn. Al. & Tear], Oem, Hnnerl.,.. w „ 

Zlmmerjiin,' Willi; Balninrket, Chlraro. n H 
i! ':?*- * JBBk •OjP' l «w,. A n.adlo,, r, «'„. 
Trent. Trenton, N. ,T„ lft.21. ' ' '•> 

Tonbonl.kl.. Oryatal,, Col., 0-ltl. 


IipiileiniM.tnl l.l.t _ R,.,.,,| V ,.| _ 

Late tor t'in..lii.., lU ,,„ T "» 

Onire, Arthur tj..' stock (CUa». A, lira m ~ , 

-L»wl»»n. »'•• IB-18. I'ortland loii.lE 

tlerard SI10V (.lame, Jt 1'ltt nenil.l, mcp , 
Mnncbealer, Mlcli.. 11. 12. Doner iff 1! ,i7 
wa 10. II, Lealk. 18, 10. • Lw ' 

Honwr, Pf^Wolj iSlmhen Bros., mar«.)_,i,i„ 

MJawsi iia «w*s» 

Norrls A Rowe's Circuit— Oakland, Cnl., April 13, 

Rln/f'llng Bros. — Chicago, HI., B-2S. 

"H-dder Web" (John O. line, mar 1— rom... 

Kail., 10. Sterling 11, Wilson jffi 'iKKft 

J4. JiaiiiiutUii 14. Axtell ltl. B.Blrlee.. h 

Whvtf Drnmatie (Ct.ns P, Whyie. mm. Jzft 

manclie, Ind. Ter.. 12-14, -w-i— »» 

->i> ~ 


horn Anfrelea.— Atthe Mnson Opem BMhh 
(II. L'. Wynlt, mnnafier) -|,uile Jotuinv 
Jonea" opened n werk'»i engngement April 8 
Henry B. lUrrlH will preBCDt 'The Llun atni 
the Mouse ln the near future. 

Dklanco (John .II, Blackwood, manager) 
— "Tne Mecrct of rolIchlDelle." n» presented 
hy the Block . company Inat week dtw well 
A revival of "Whea Knighthood Was in 
Flower," 2 nod week, is playing to capacity 
itt every' performance. L'liderllued: "The 
Little .VI In later." 

Aloitpsco's HcBfiANK (Oliver Morosco 
manager;.— April 2 and week, Ihe Block com- 
pony la presenting "O.d Jed Prnuiy." to good 
business. "In. the Talacn of the King" flu ml 

Ouand OrEHA Ifavn (Clarence Drown 
mi ager).— The Llllputlan Opera Co. closM 
Its engagement l. -Now York Day by Dai" 
2-7. Underlined: "Scotty, King of the Desert 

Orpheum (Martin Beck, genernl mana- 
ger).— l-'eaturea 2 and wenk : Abdul Kader 
und IiIh three wlvon, Snndor'f* HurlPsnue. t'lr- 
ctlli, Alf. ilninl nuil lOthel Hong, In "A 1 1, 
He of Kverythlng :" WorlA'H t.'omedy Knur, 
rhos. J. Kqpcn und company, In "The Way 
He Won Her:" Hnlllvnn nud Pnsinielenu, 
\\nlnou nnd Morrlnsey t Mnmbttll I'. Wilder 
;hm! motion picture*, 

Uniqdr diem/ ft Znlleo, mnnagervi — 
I-'eaturci, 2 nun week : Ynrrlek und Lnloude. 
ImiwrHonntorii : U«, Stewnrt, «-i.nn-iii-i:i : 
.lames nnd Prior, nkelch ; llliuttmteil koiics, 
motion pIchir-'H, and (In* Unlituc phiyer.-, In 
"Who'll Wear ihe HIioch." (Sain Lovcrlch, circuit nkuwi, 
— FeillurcH 2 and week: Onnn, cuuHlhilsi: 
Marqultt nod Lynn, vlnllnlHiK, alugera and 
dancer*; Fted Ijincnster, Uirltoue; Dlda, 
the Vaughn'a, In "Cusey on n Htrlke." "Willie 
(Jroen'M Courtnhlp," und motion pictures. 

i-i;,rin;it'M <E. A. Flacher, munageij.— 
MIrb Leonn, in her novel alack .wlra ad: 
motion pIcturcK, und the All Htnr Musical 
Comedy Co. present "Taking Chances." 
Oood huHini'HH nt every performance. 

Hotchkiss (T. .lea* White, manager).— 
"Said I'nHlm," by the Olympla Opera (in.. 
draw Well week ending 1. -A Milk Vim* 
Flug." hy Ihe name cnmpnny, J-7, Is phiylog 
10 good ii'i-. in. ■.'■.. 

CiXKonmrir t,J. A. llrowne, manager). - 
PntOffM l!-7 : Kd. Reno, nonga ; Clios, l». 
Oram, sinner, yodler and . guitarist ; Mabel 
Humbert, niuntrnted Kong ; BesBle Mlscn. 
violinist; the 1,11 Hue Rroa., gymnasts; mnv- 
Ing plctur*ti, und Clneogrnpb Stink Co., In 

KMi'iRR .(Hilly Riink.-t. realilent mnnnger). 
— Feniurea 2 nud week: iti/.'i nnd Pinlmn, 
bnlnncerH and contorrionlRin: l.niirii HiuiIes, 
jileltire hiilludlat; I'V1I\- McVfekiir, nioiiolt,- 
■■-'••<' ; Lawrence nud I'eiidlefni'd, singing and 
d.-inelng; Lnvouder-ltlehardsoit Co., .ouirmi- 
crs or fun; Kmplre Htoek Co., In "Wlnmw 
'JVIephone," nnd clneninto^nipli. 

Notim. — LolLle Kenrlitll. or the HutctiklKS 
TlH'inre Co., on her birthday wn* prewulcd 
ivini ti wntch itv membera of the conipnuy, 
uml she wna hIko the recipient of numerous 

houuueu The Norrla & Rovvc Aiilmul 

HIiowh lost two days on account of a land- 
slide blockndintt rhelr railroad trip 

The "I.lttle Johnny JoneR" Co. lost III open- 
ing night ln Loa AngclCR, '2, 011 nccouot of 

the name landslide, A company at 

the Orand Opera limine for the seasoa will 
he kuown ua the Ulrlch Stock Co., and 
will Include : Hnrrla King, fortune Snell. 
lillllnn Haywnrd, Frank H. I'Yayoc, Arthur 
Hill, Kd. 1., i.lriiuriin. Lulu Wari'lngtou, Her- 
Iwrt Farejon, Albert McQunrry, und ml 
Onrdner. (lllltert Gardner will he stage di- 
rector II. li Hrelntng, u tenor from 

the Uiim, la vlflltlng here Juliet Croflby 

will take the pliice of F.ugcnle Tliula Lnwton 
an lending lady during the Summer se.nnon. 
..... .J. M. Cltixton. for a long time nuTnV 

f?r of the Unique .Theatre, has leaaed the 
tar Tlieatre, and will conduct It ah h pop- 
ular priced house At the Chutes Thea- 
tre the Alridge-HntcH Stock Co. nroduced 
"The Man in fllnck" 2 nnd week. Other u • 
tractions: ChliuTnrelira Itullnn Bund, \\. A. 
Speedy, high diver: Iggorotc Village, Slim 
BoluBkl nnd his animals, and Dr. Carvers 

high diving; horses Thero is n plan <"- 

foot, to preannt an outdoor aerlen of per- 
rormniicca of "Knmnnn" nt the home itlm;" 
of the heroine of Helen llnni; JmIMM 
novel of that name, nenr Hnn Jnilnlu. ' ■•■ 

Kuhellk. after two pneked hntiws, re- 

tiifna for n farewell reeltnl fi CftnHintire 

Crawley, who Willi the Hen Oreet Cu. mtfg 
the leading part of "Everyman," Is •'■ ■£• 
Angeles, and Mlntea her Intention of plnying 
Home character parla dtirlug the Summer. 
... . » 

Oaklitnd. — At the ManlmuMiffh (Chan. P. 
Kail, manager) "Scotty, King of Hie IW»f 
Mine," plnyed to capacity huslnesH two jjer- 
formnncea, April 1. Ilellly & Woods HB 
Show did a Ixiomlng bualncas 2. "Tbe HW 
to the Hoorah" hod capacity nudlencea .1, •>; 
Nellie Stewart, In "Sweet Nell of old Dfurj.. 
return engagement, fl, 7 : Tlvoli Opera C».« 
Hhn Frnnclaco, In "The Isle of 8pf&"!. 
Oreaton Clarke, In "MonBleur Ben ma re, 0. 
Kubellk, viollnlat. in concert, lli ; "The Lion 
and the Mouac" Id. 17. . ,■.... 

LiOMTt (It. W. Bishop, manager). —n-* 11 
op'a Stock Co. drew large nudlettces in , * 
StrennoiiR Life." week ending 1. " fl|I *J 
Perkins, supported by Blshop'a OMOtiK" 
players, in "Who Ooob There?" 2-8. »•* 
llunnwny Wife" follows, 0, ' ..... 

BULL (Rd. Homnn, manager).— AHraetioM 
1* and Week: Delaphone. mimic: mlm^nh 
over, viollnlat: Dora Taylor, dancer; HWg? 
Springolrt nnd company, P-" 0f,t,n ,V n ?-«^ii,n 
HandJome Stranger;^' Leon Rrroll. fi" l JJJ l 
singing and talking c-omedlon: the ««»*"'. 
irli-k bicyclists, and the blogrupli. Bn«n«» 
Is to S. h.O, Mr , ^ 

N0Tn1.Tr (Tony Luheskl, 9tmKhm 
Feniurea nnd week : Franz Rnlner's troupe 

APRIL 14. 

-■ ■ .it * 1 — u— 



Ui ond daucers ;, tlie,Xl4Ti-. 
i Dc Moss, roott shout er ; 

Tramp IftJbVrtB' IX) J Circus, 'the GarlotubiY, 
Rliartowgrnpblsl6. , und tliO prolecto scape. 
Business in Jwomlng. 

. , kiteka * Carlson, managers).—- 
II #«bd w#«k:,Jafl. Holland, Hatho, cohie 
r - Gotlobs, In pity let '" 

dlah: I 
nutchturiti ; 

.Jesfllo Dale, 

... 'A "Shrewd 
n pictured mdo- 

B; Tho Golden -West QuajteUo, Ora, ott 
»uma. presenting 'The :Ptofc Hotel,'' 
tlic latest Dtpl motion pictures. '-Bust' 

XoTfiP. — Norrls A Howe's Circus will give 
four performances, April HI. 14 Clin- 
ton Dodge, attorney tor the Novelty Theatre 
circuit, returned from hla Kaaterit trip March 

■:ii ....When Mount Fork. Capt Hlebc, 

manager, opened for the ncason March, ill. 
'j hln park Is Used only for picnics given by 
social und fraternal orders. No perform- 
ances ate given.. ., . ..Mora Park Is being 
it modeled, und many ikmv attractions added. 
There will be an open nlr skating rink, which 
wilt be the only one on the coast; soma fine 
Illusions, n gigantic circle swing, ana many 
other amusement devices. In the tbeatfe 
iberc wilt be a splendid comic opera com* 

iiany, with complete orchestra and chorus. 
incfi standard works as "Hells ofiCorac- 
vlllc." "Itie Mikado,". "Olivette," "PIna- 
foro" and "lolauthc" will bo presented, 
und all will be given In first cUbs a trie. 
II, W Ulahop, of the Liberty Theatre, will 
hereafter direct the policy of Idora Park, 
and will be assisted by Will Orcenbaum, tho 
well known operatic and musical munBgcr. 
No date Is given as yet for the opening per- 
forma Dec. 

M I ■ I ■> - 

sank Dlesro.— At the lets (Dodge & Wyatt. 
managers) Kubellk bad the house for April 
2. Tvltlj a good advance sale. F.lleford Stock 
did good business. "Bcotty, King of tho 
Desert Mloe," I* : "A Message from Mars" lis. 

Pickwick (Palmer A Fulkerson, mana- 
liars).— Week of 2 the following appeared: 
Ffthr Milih 

■rah Tuhd'betWBt lOTr ^OT W Wr WW ' 


_JMj| Ton (T. w. Dtnkliin. man agar). —Tho 

Utopians 014, Parisian Belles 10-21. 

— r — • — ■ 

Hoboktu.— At (U<> Lyric (It. P. Soulier, 
manager) "MeFadden's Flats" gate plenty of 
amusement, to a lauglilnx throng. April 1-4, 
"Boblud th« Mask" closed the week In good 
•Mb*. "Young Buffalo"- 8-11 • "Custer's Last 
Flffit" 1318, "A Bagged' Hero" .10-21. 

iHnrinr; (A. M. Bruggcmann, proprietor). 
—Coin's dog puntoihlmo and the Klght Vas- 
sar (Urfe were two of Inst week's feature*. 
Braill and Brazil were en addition 2-8. Bill 
for o-iri: Robo Stabl and company, Williams 
and Tucker, Oco. It, Wood, Young and 
Brooks, Wills and llasaaui, Werden andOhid- 
dlsh. Juggling Matthews, Cardownle Bisters 
and kinefograph. Business 1b fine, 
g ■ ■■■■■ i 

( ainiirn. — At the Camden Theatre (M. 
W. Taylor, manager) for the week of April 2, 
Kdward- Harrlgati revived "Old Lavender,' 1 
to medium business. "The Missouri Girl" 
played to capacity. The City Sports lt-11, 
••Young Buffalo" 12-M, "Northern Lights* 1 
16-18. "McFadden'B Flalo" 10-21, "A Banged 
Hero" 23-25. 

... Rlpuc.v, . 
Olrnrd. Woodson and Woodson, the Pickwick 


"The Hum an 

Stock Co., und moving pictures, 



BuslneDii is 

\cuiirk. — Two of the local houses ure 
closed this week, as usual at this seaaon of 

Newark Theatre (Lee Ottoleugul, maon- 
gerl.— This bouse Is dark this week. Week 
of April 10, Low Fields will appear In "It 
Happened m Nordlnhd." Manager Otto- 
leogtii's sunual bcueilt will occur on tho 
opening night, 10. Frank Daniels, In "Ser- 
geant Brno," drew fairly good houses 2-7. 

i: >r iiiti: in M. Hyams, munagcr). — Tina 
tlH-'utro Is also closed this week, and as an 
Raster .attraction. "Mrs. Temple's Telegram" 
is announced 10-21, The vaudeville blllweek 
of 2, drew moderate business, 

PltiKToii'H l F. l\ Proctor, manager). — 
Kjtcelleut acts are again uoted In the bill 
an-aiigiMl for this week. May Bow and her 
"Holy-Poly Girls," the Four Uikeus. and 
Hluart Barnes ore featured In the current 
bill, wliluli Is completed by Watson Hutclilugs, 
KdwfinU i and company, Cllftoo Crawford, 
Leoua Thurbor and her picks, and Lulgl Del* 
niii, Business was good week of 2. Yrctte 
Uullbei-t Is ntitiouncod for week of SO. 

t'oi.uMniA fM. J, Jacobs, manager). — "Hn- 
niiiii Hearts" gives the patrons real pic- 
turesque outettalnmont this week, quite 
above tho average. "Happy Hooligan's Trip 
Arouud Jim World" drew fair audiences week 
of .2. ''McFaddeh's Flats" week of 10. 

UUKicr'H < (J. IT. Buckcn, manager).— 
.lumen Kennedy makes his first appearance 
hero in "Sheridan. Keeiie, Detective," this 
week, aud li aionulng some curiosity. "Tokdh" 
piovod the mcit (iredltoble piece which has 
nppcircd hero In some lime, nud drow fair 
houses week or 2. "Old Isaacs, from the 
Howory." la .booked 10-21. 

Walpmank'n <w. h, Clark, roanagor).— 
Clark's Itunaway Girls, with Ceo. I toward, 
Hmg Sisters, Frank Dnmael, Mert Wlgan, 
Abo Reynolds and Til lie Htork will make nil 
linnds bn«iy this week. The Dalnly DuehesH 
Co. drew good houses for this season 2-7. 

NoTfcs— Treasurer Fred Klttlor, of Bla- 
nev's will receive n benollt Mny 4, when 
""the Bad Mun -frnm Mexico 1 ' will bo given, 
. i.... Frank Kralth, who has been conneclcd 
with the Columbia this season, jolus tho 
Wul'jicii rttmws for tin- i:otnliig circus season 
at Peru. April .10. Mr. Smith Is a member 
of I*ocal A. T. of NiMsui'tt. 

I'nt.>r-N. ; ri. ,il the Uuiplrc CA, M. I'.ruc 

gouuu, malinger) bi;Hlu<*uH jost week was 
good. Mill for week of April 0: llnrry liar* 
man. Fields nttd W'ooluy, Oarducr, Crane und 
uiuipany. Dptlur Troupe, lSstcllo Wonlctto 
end eotnpimy, John Lu Clair, Three Koses, 
< ViIii'b dog pantomime, mid tho khietograph. 

Lycuum (G. M. ' AfcMattus, uibUtfgvr). — 
'Behind the Maifk" hud good houses 2-4, 
"Human. Hearts" played to large houses 5-7, 
"The Two Johns" 0-1 1, "McFadihui's Flats" 
* Bj-rou (J. II, Rowley, , manngor).— The 
Ulopiau Ilurlcsuuci'S pluycd lo good average 
mtapnuj week nf 2. Parlslau Belles week 
of 11, London (lilletv (Jlrls 10-21. 

Familv (John J. Hubcrtus, manager). — 
BiiMlue«H it-nt week wuh good. Rill for 1> and 
week: Georgo li. Whcalou, Lldlo Hall, Jo- 
mm Sohmeiu. MUfl. Vpar, (?ruwford and 
Gurdner, and the clncmaiogrspli. 

Noth. — IV. J. Sully, of the "Human 
Heiiiis** Cy.. renewed old ucuiialnluitrea dur- 
ing hl:< slay In tills city, b-7. Tho local 
lodf{c of Klkn. or which .Mr. Hully in a mom* 
hoi; gave blm u good send off opening night, 
0- . •- 

Trenton.— At tho Tuylor Opera IIouho 
( Montgomery Moses, muuugor) "Tho Claua- 
jnan," Mnt*cli 'II. idayed io lmmi»ase bnsl- 
Maai-itho house being entirely- sold out two 
dura before the pi-rlonnniice. Win. II. 
i -•tine, April 2, had a moderate sized house. 
Lillian Hinnvelt, 3, did fairly wull. "Tbo 
Old HompRtead" 11. "Babes In Toyland" M. 
"Tho Phlnsmnn" 10-18, Kyrlo Bellow 10, 
"The Kodaklit" 20, p.nii 21. 

Htatb BmRHT, (Frank Hholtora, manager). 
—"Human Hearts," 2. 0, had satisfactory 
t'liHluess, "Busy Issy's Vat-atluu." 4, did 
well. "A Crown of Thorim." 0-7, pleased 
rum Hlzcd liotmes. "New York by Night" 0- 
11. "In New York Town" 12, Phil Sheridan'* 
Clly HportK 10, 14, 

TituKT fKdward Beaton, raunagor). — Hill 
for und week: Fadette Orchestra, DUlo 
HoiTundnrM. American Trio, YVartenberg 
Brothers, Post and ttussell. Corn flray. Mrs. 
Htiturt llobson and company, and tho blo- 

i — — ■ .,«■■ ■ .i — 

i;iirnl.^tn,— At the Lyceum Theatre (HI- 
roy 4 Drake, managers) "New York by 
Night" April 24. pleased. "Tbo Irish Pawn- 
brokers." .1-7. opened lo large houses and 
Pleased., Black Crook Jr. fl-11, moving pic- 
tures' 13. Ill, "Old Isaacs from the Bowery" 
K "The Man of Her Choice" 1«-18, "Tho 
Mght Before Christmas" 10-21. 
_ Jacoiib'.— "A Hogged Hero" d, "Babes in 
Toyland" lit. . M 

Tirit.— "What Happened to Jones," booked 
atJncobs', 4, did. not play. 

» ^.'. » ■ ■ 

Jvrnty tJHy^~"The Curse of Drink." 
with tho clover work of I*. Aug. AnderBon, 
proved a splendid drawing card at tlm Acad- 
emy week of April 2. ,T 'Way Down East!' 
was tho magnet that brought a fine attend- 
ance to the BIJou. Tho Tiger Lilies, with 
Josle Webb, Carrie- Kuler andltlcby W. Craig, 
giva the Bon Ton patrons lots of fun to ap- 
preciative gathering*. . 

Acadhmy (l>'raiik K. Henderson, ninnnnor). 
—"A Crowh of Thorns" 0-14, "Fighting 
Kntn" lft.21. 

Bwoo (John w. Holuics, nrnprloior).- 

Lola Mont el. 

(UiGtr (Fred Bltcble. manager). — New 
people week of 2 : Inea Rogers. Besals 
Barker, Eva Hansen and Maria Dean. 

tiuua (Mfiiw! QolditDlth, maoager). — 
jew people ;««lt.o( 2: Edna Qllmore. 
Blanche Crawford arid Carrie uwlnn. - - 


Odor Iiuiilds.— At Greene's Opera House 
(Will H. Collier, business maoager) "Hooli- 
gan's TroublcH," April 1, amused a good house. 
"The Clansman," 2, did well.- Nat M. Wills, 
In "The Duke of Dulutb," pleased a big house, 
a. The Woi. it. West Minstrels. 4, gave 
two good performances. "The Little Gray 
Lady" 7, Kolb and Dill, lu "I. O. U.," 10; 
Klcbard Carte 12, Howe's moving pictures 
14, 15. Chase-Lister Co. 10-211. 

Pkoplk'h (Vie Hugo, manager).— Big busi- 
ness Is the rule. BIB week of » :' Mlet's 
trained animals, Downey and Wlllard, Estelln 
Manb, Clark and Temple, Bay W. Fay, and 
the blograph. 

Notes.— Blind Boone, colored pianist, gavo 
a recital, <Marc)i 30, at Hscond Christian 

Church Manager John B. Henderson 

has given up his fine home here, and, with 
his family, will remove to his big ranch, near 
Conad, Neb., where a Que residence Ih about 

completed ....Geo. I. Medhurst Is now 

chief usher at Greene's, succeeding Louis 

Burns, now In Chicago The first annual 

meeting of the Cedar Bnplds Chautauqua 
AhBoelutlon will be held Auir. 5-10, in Bills 

Park Within a few weeks two more 

new, large, modern and absolutely fireproof 
hotels— the Allison and the Montrose— will 
open to the public. They arc within four 
blocks of all the theatres and railway sta- 

■ T'jicomia.— At the Tucoina Theatre (Chas. 
H. Herald, manager), April- 1, mntlnee and 
night. Primrose's MtnaUc)n did well. "The 
Sleeping Beauty and (be Brnsl" 2, Barney 
Bernard, In Ibe principal comedy role; Isa- 
belle Underwood, ns Prime Charming, and 
Hnso Aartclln, In Ihc role of Princess Beauty. 
all scored Mr-.. "Babca lu Toyland," with 
Ignatlo MartlarUl, Katberlnc tlelt, Allmrtloe 
Ifemipn, Gene Luncska, tins 1'lxley. Walter 
Hchrodp. Maud Campbell. Kdward P. Hulll- 
van, John F. Ward, James Wilson, ttobert 
Burns and Katltcrlne Murrur, scored well 3. 
"Mr Wife's Family" 7, 8. 

Obasu (1). B. Worley, manager). — Dill 
week beginning 2 : Mr. and Mrs. Bobyns, 
Frank Vslol-i. Barth and Bench, Florcnco nna 
Charles Gregsou, Mildred Manning, Illus- 
trated songs, by W. 14 Hartford, and motion 
pictures. Headltner. Dare Devi] Caatellaiio. 
Capacity during the past week. 

ota a (II. St. Owens, manager). — Week be- 
ginning 2, "A BuBslsa Honeymoon, 1 ' pre- 
sented by the Allen Htock <:<>. Ethel Boberts. 
lending lady, nod Forrest Beabury, vomedlan. 
scored. New addition to the company, -All yn 
Lewis, played spccmltlcH botwivn acts. 
«i ■ 


bracked! 0. Centjiry Htock .Co. 10-14, I-oir 
'D^cksloaVr-^F. ' 

Majestic (G. H. I.ueddc, manager). — "The 
Beggar Prtnco" Opera Co. drew good bual- 
nes* March I'.vni. 

noth.— Barah Bernhardt played "Camtlle" 
hero, under csntas, at Padgftt'a Park, March 
27, to about *2,om 

Austin. —At Hancock's Opera House 
(Geo. Walker, manager) Sarah Bernhardt 
drew tho largest house on record. March. 28. 
■'lb" Maker of Bum," staged and written 
by Frlta and Frank Lanbam, sons of tho 
titiv«ruur of Texas, with music by Prof. Ed- 
mund Ludwlg, drew well 30. No dates 


I 0> ■ N E< TICt T. 

i»on < it >. — At the Opera House C. C. 
Bowley, maungcr) "Tho Blvals," March HO, 
played to good business. "The County Chair- 
man." Ali had a packed house, proving one 
of the best plays of the season. ChascTilsicr 
Co. week of 0, "Dora Thorne" 20. "Alloc In 
Wonderland" zl, Paul (B)more 24. 

Keokuk.— At the Lu Halle (Reeves & 
Dodge, managers) the patronage continues 
good, and last week's programme, with these 
people, gave good satisfaction: The Weavers, 
Adams and Edwards, Mac Abbott, Alton 
HohcrlEon (retained), and the blograph. Bill 
week of li : Daly and O'Brien. Clark H. Handy, 
ami the Passion Play moving pictures. 

NOTKff. — Nellie Itcvcll, who has been till- 
ing vaudeville engagements during tbo Win- 
ter,* will shortly Join the Cook 4c Barrett 

Circus, acting as press ogent Grace 

Muriin. |>rlDclpal four horse chariot driver 
with w. p. Ball's Circus lost season, has 
been spending her vacation at her home here. 
. . . .Manager J. B. Price, of the Fnrk Upern 
House, llanuibol, Mo., was In town 4. Mr. 
Fflee will shortly open the New War Thea- 
tre, playing vnudevllle at popular prices dur- 
ing tho Hummer seasoa Manager Fred 

H. Batterman, of the Warsaw, 111., Opera 
Houae, waa here ". * 

. i • ■■■—■ — —— 

l)Hv«ii|»ort. — At the Burtls Opera Ilouso 
Ciadoe-Nevllle Co., April 2-8, fared well. 
Koib und Dill 11, lili'hsrd Carte, In "Tho 
Mayor of Toklo." 14; "The Clansman" It, 
"Dora Thorne" 22. Howe's plclitrvo 20. 

KJiRH (Dlri'cllnn Libia, Berkell).— For I) 
wMfk: Hurry Htcele, Lenoru West, u Western 
Flower, irnti Kline, tho Three Luuoyucs, 
mid tho Kliii'Kcupiv 

Family (Dlrectlou II. F. Jurcliow).— Busi- 
ness has been exceedingly good. The fol- 
lowing anpwilwJ week of 2: Muud Boekwell, 
l'ruiik Itllltoil nud Do l>OUg Hlfili-CH. Dun Lo 

Mont's dugs, monkeys und enls. Master Guy- 
niiin, Delmur mid Durrell, motion pictures. 
For miii week titltb und si it ft will uppeur, 
with others. 

1, ■ • .!■..■■■ 'I 

i ori i»«Mi«e. At iii>- Midland (C. V. 

Pcdersou, muiuiger) "The Clunsmuu" was 
here March Hi. Y. M. C. A. lecluio course, 

28, did welt. 

Lyme (Louis A, llauvey, manager).— 
BuslneuH continues excellent. BUI for week 
of April 8; La Dells, Lo Bsrr, Budworth 
and Wells, Itunvey und Doaue, Illustrated 
songs and Lyrlcscope. 

AuDiToitiuu (Curl Qnlst. manager). — Tho 
I'lfiv -.Ixlh Bcgluient Band did big litisluoss 1, 

Noth. — The attempt to have un ordlnuuco 
1-itHsed that would close up the Lyric Tueatio 
un Hunduy has failed. 
— , -■ i 

ItitrHnnrlon.— At the Gruud (Chamber- 
lln. Harrington & Co., inunuvurs) "Mua's 
ICucmy," Mureh 81, canceled. Henderson 
Block Coinpuny week of April 2 pleased. John 
Griffith iu, Kolb und Dill lit, "Dora Thorne" 
17. "Hooligan's Troubles" 21. 
■ Gaiirick. — Fine business. BUI week of 
: Lloyd uud Trainer. Harry Baker. Carrie 
Milter. Barry und Wolford, Vesta Moulroso 
and biognipb. 


Mlltmuket*. — At tho Davidson (Sherman 
Brown, inanoger) K. II. flothern and Julia 
Marlowe, In brilliant repertory, drew ca- 
pacity attendance April 5-7. Tbo engage- 
ment was nn artistic as well as a financial 
success. K. s Wlllard cornea for. weak of 
t). The ndvaaee sale has been unusually 
large. Henry W. Savage will present grand 
opera Ut-21. 

HiiuminT. — Manager ftdwlu Tlianbauser 
offers .Teffcrsoti lie Angells week of u, In 
"Fantnim." "llefero and After" 1R-21. , 

Ai.HAnituA (James A. Hlgler. manager).— 
('has. Orapowln and Anna Chance, In ''It's 
Dp to Vou, Jnhu Henry," more than made 
good lust week, lilvcelleht attendance ruled. 
Krncst. Hognu 8-14, In "Bufus Bastus:" 
West and Vokes, In "A Pair of Pinks," 16-21. 

B c— Manager John B. Pierce was 
favored with a good share of attention last 
week, offering Blckel. Watson and Wrothe. 
In "Tom, Dick and Harry." "David Hurum' 
S-U. "No Mother to Guide Her" 10-21. 

Farkt. — In addition to the regular Ger- 
man productions. Leon Wacusner offers 
Theodore Tlmuias' Orchestra 10. 

Htau (Frank It. Trot t man. manager). — 
Tim Fay Fuller Co. Is due hi', folloAred by 
tho Brlgndlors 1I<-2L The Dainty Parce Bur- 
lesquers drew big houses last week. Mllo 
Vaggc, In n punching bag act, scored a hit. 

< nvHiAi, (F. B. Winter, manager). — Ca- 

Sacity attendance continues. PiKiple week of 
: ouhlpu's tkigs and ponies, Tom Hefroii, 
Wells nud 7 Hells. Four Tcnesseaus, /unfretta 
nnd Mausllelds Jack King, and Crystnlgrapti. 
GRAND, — Manager W. W. Gregg reports ex- 
cellent attendance, desiflte Ibe Lenten season. 
Tho following bill week of 1) : West ami Ben- 
ton, Meatiy and Aadcrsou, Kretore, Jniopo 
and company. Helm Children, Irono Harris, 
and moving pictures. 

in if line \t thn I.n Crosse Theatre 
(W. F. Gugn, manager) Harold Nelson uud 
company. IW ngJMC and ronunltc plays. 
opened n week'K engagement, to well plcosnd 
audience, April 2. 'The islo of Bplce" 10, 
Paul Hlliuore, In "Capt Debonnalre," 21. 

BIjuI' (Al, Bcbtibcrg. manager). — The fol- 
lowing bill drew packed houses week of 2: 
Chun. Morrell, llsrrie Wllmot, (Xvrno and 
Tlnlln, Chas. ltccbiw, Four Bragdons, and 
moving pictures. Bill week of u; Beuch nnd 
Boacb, "l ildn." Lester aud Cook, Kcrrera and 
Utrrfo Wllmot. 

Baa Ctftlre.— At Hie Grand (C. 1>. Moon, 
manngeu) lIlekioBn-Messcy Htock opened 
April 1. for Hie week, lo N. It. u , nod 
pleased turge houses nlabtly, Al. II. Wilson 
12, Paul Gllntut-o 17, Al. 0. Fields' Minstrels 

I'siijri: (Win. ArillUUd, mniiii«cr ). ■ -Btlt 

for week of 2; Win. Cohn. Will King. Kurle 
Hlsleis, Herbert B. Cbealvy and company, 
Win, Aroioud and Zma and company. 

<»» * 


Svulilc. -At Hie Grand Upern Ilouso 
(John c:ort, manager) "The Mlwurfng Honiity 
nod the Beast," March «f» and week hud 
good IiukIik-n*. Alberta Gullutlti, lu "Coutdn 
Tirtte." April 1-1 : Primrose's Minstrels 0-7, 
■ Toylnml" ML "Tho Heir to tho 
Hoorah ' 12-14, Blunebo Walsb 10-18, hubs- 

BbaVti.i: [inhn Oori. munuger).— Kmplro 
rtiiritsuuers pleased gcod business March 
20-ni. April I und week, the Cherry Blos- 
soms BnrUsyiie Co. Marry Maiden* 8-l*» 
Now Century Burlesfiuers 10-21. 

Tuiiui Avkxiih (llussoll A Drew, mana- 
m:wL— March W und week, "My Wife; 
Family' 1 met with favor, aud had cxeetlcut 
business. April 1 nod week, Ben Hendricks. 
in "Gle Olson." "A Thoroughbred Trainp 
8-1-1. "The Devil's Lane" 10-21. 

BTAn (MeJvlii G. Wlnstock. iiianngor).— 
New people week of 2 : T. Nelson Downs. 
Glorlne und lier Radium Girts, Crouch and 
Richards. Hie ltlsloya, Ida Hall. Morton and 
FaliHeld, Pete Dunswortb and moving plc- 

New iieople week of 2: Tlie Bull IVIo, John 
J, Welch. Wallace and Beach, Grace Daru- 
ley. Fowler llros.. Warren H. BloUon, and 
moving plclures. _ . 

VAVTitiK* (Alex. I'antngeB, monnger).-— 
New people week of ff! Hayes and Wlnelietl. 
RoscoT tho hypnotist; ixiylon Hlsters, ilia 
Marsballs. La Tonka. Barony and company. 
Arthur Klwcll. and moving pictures. 

Cbntrai. (Michael Hhannou, raannger) ,-— 
Now people week of 2 : Lu Grocla, Btoddard 
and Wilson. Charles Brown. Badle Ulte, and 

HffiSc&S Battod (Mlebael Btarkev, 

monnger).— New people week "f 2; ttcverly 
nnd I kin vera, Mnrgery Addis, Monlell and 

("llffDrd. Lit< Jeffethon, and moving pictures. 

tfTOAffii (MaicGoldtmltb. muna«er|.—New 

ii<iii«(iii> ai the Auditorium, Harab 

Bernhardt, In "Cumllle," "La Borclero" nud 
"La Tosttt." March SO, 81. bud tbreo lm- 
menno houses. Kllnry's Bund 0. 7. 

HouRioN (Maurice I 1 . Mlebnols, inauager). 
—The house was dark March 2(1-20. Gay- 
uor-Pollock Btock <'o., April 0, at popular 

f trices, had two good houses. Tlu-y return 
i. 10. Mnilo Cuhlll it, lu "Molly Moon- 

Majkhtic (Frank C. Slurgls, mnuagcr). — 
Business continues to capacity, with two 
perfariuunt:c». An nttructlvn prugrumme 2-7 
wus oulllucd wllli the following people; 
Three Connolly Sinters, In Kong and dunce j 
Burrow, Travis Co., In "The Mouse Circus:" 
Arthur Doming, mount oglst : Conley and Mor- 
rlsey, operstle duelllKts; In Getle, gynmant; 
Coin and Cole, ncrobuts; lininhe.v HTstors, In 
musical act. ntul the Majestogrnph. 

Nirri;a. — lieulry Bmihcrs' Dog und l'ony 

Show <s billing heuvlly for HI, 14 Hells 

ie Floto's simws are also heavily imoerlug 

and banner lug for 20, Manager Weiss, 

of the Han Aiiloiilo Theatre, Is negotiating 
for tho lease of Highland I'nrk Theatre, to 
complete bis list of theatres for tbo Hummer 
season 'Jim Mulesllr Thculro manage- 
ment Is ufter Ihc Auditorium, and If It Is se- 
cured, It will 1*3 hiii verted Into a roof gorden 
null 1 ' used for the purpose of continuing 
vaudeville through Uio Huiomer. 

BrldHeiiurl.— At Htalth's Theatre (Kd- 
ward 11. HmlHi, mannger) "As Told In tbo 
Hills" drew big- business April 2-4. "A Bag- 
ged Hero" did good business ft. "MeFaa- 
den's Flats" iiloved to big returns 0, 7. 
"Bust tan Vacation" P, "Texas" 10, It, 
Mildred Holland. Bl "The Power Behind tho 
Thorne" and "The Lily and the Prince," 12, 
II; Hum Bernard, lu "Tho Rollicking Girl" 

Pnt.t'H (R. B. MltcbeH, manager) .— Good 
business week of 2. Booked week of I) : 
Johnuv Itellly, the Five Romans. Fierce nnd 
Gpp, Frank P. Bryan nod his "Pence Con- 

6 rasa »f American Girls," the (Juat nor 
aaque. the jonsMyn Trio. 
NoTiia-— Wllllnm C. Brhroder, who played 
tho title rule In "lliimpty Dumpty,' 1 Just 
closed In Vew York, together with thn LV 
ballos Twins, Hie clever ncrobnts with tho 
combination, has arranged un act entitled 
"Gil oipieo from Ilumpfy Duuipty." which 
they will do lu vnudevllle. They have been 
engaged for week of April 1ft at Proctor'a 

Twenty-third atreot Theatre The local 

norle of Pngles las purrhnsed Madison Hall, 
at an outlay of $10,t)0O. It will bo con- 
verted Into club rooms and n dance ball. The 
nerle now has over l,2dh membors. 

• • ■■■■■ — » 

H«rtfor«L— At Pnraona' (It. C Piiraona, 
manager) tho three days' engagemout of 
Bobert Mnutell the past week proved a very 
guod one, lluniiclally and artistically, Ills 
HCholarly renditions were greatly cujoyed 
by the large audiences. Andrew Mack, In 
"The Way (o Kenmnrc" 0. had business of 
fair proportions. Wilton Lackaye's engage- 
ment, 0, T, presenting "The Pit," was emi- 
nently surcesiful. the audiences upon each 
occasion evincing more than ordinary Inter- 
est In (be rendition. The enllro week of 9 
will he glvcu over to -the engagement of "Aa 
Ye Sow"' 

IImithiiu' Gi'RiiA Hotisu (II. II. Jennings, 
manager).— "A Ragged Nero" and "The Two 
Johns divided Hie past week. From A box 
office standpoint them wero no signs of dla- 
RHtlsfaetlon Indicated. The Jolly Grass 
widow i pti, vaudeville the rest of tbo 
week: speclnl cngnguwent of Houdlnl 10-21. 
Feu's (LouU K. Ktlby. manager). — Tho 
entcrtalntuent during the past week was so 
uniformly good that It Is dlttlcult to discrim- 
inate In favor of euy special feature. Kd> 
ward Clark and his Mix Winning Widows, 
the Five Boiuniios, and the Rose Wcntwurth, 
Trio, nu euueatrlnn novelty, weru the most 
attractive. Bill week of II : Archie Hoyd uud 
company. In u rural one net play : Frank and 
Jen Latoun, Beleheh's dogs. Herald Huimrn 
ijii:irieiie, rjplssell Brothers uud Mack, (lelgcr 
aud Wniu-is. and M cGlol n uud Hmltb. 

\i-w lln* rn. — At the Hyperion (Hhubcrt; 
Bros., uiauugers) BolsTt Muutell had good 
bUKlness April II. Hum Bernard 111, 

Xnw iuvi.v m. n. Bunnell, maniigor), — 
"The Old <:iolhe rt .Mini" had good returns 2 4, 
"Busy liay's Vac Alton " pleused B-7. "Mc* 
Faddcn's Bow of Flats" Ji-lt. "Texas" 12-14. 

1'ui.i'h (H. /.. Foil, proprietor).— BIB week 
of u : Tom Nawn nnd coiupanv, M. C. Young- 
sons, Musnu's Five Hoclety Belles. Mllliuuu 
Trio. II. W. Ten Donloly and Tckla Farm, 
Three Lelghtvns, nnd Irene Loe. 

Buon 7N. 7,. Poll, malinger). —Bill week 
of P Is "Quo Vsdls." 

'1 lie V, F. l'roctor Jahlleo. * .--- 
Mnnv novelties hR\e been introduced Into 
theatricals by various managers from time to 
time, but that un-sented by Mr. F. F. Proc- 
tor Hits week at his Fifth Avenue theatre. 
In coin meioorat Ion of his tweoty-uTth year 
as n metropolitan manager, eclipses, all <lts 
predecMuors. Nor nlcne will the stock cotn- 

Sany nt that house appear In a change of 
111 every night, hut with each of these bills 
will also appear n feature act from lila 
various vaudeville theatres in this city nnd 
out of towu. Theso feature acts aro among 
tho tup-not i* he ra lu Hie vaudeville world, 
and tho fact *.int cnt-h one will appear ut 
only two performances, marks an epoch in 
the profession. Them will be busy times, In- 
deed, all the week at that theatre, nnd Ihu 
Proctor Jubilee will always bo remembered 
as n unique departure Irom tho coaveutiouul. 

1 — ♦+♦ ■ 


Wlrhlln. Hie Crawford (K. L. Mart- 
ling, manager) was dark week of April 2. 
"Molly Moonshine" 1-1. AiniiTutntiM (G, Tutor's Koua, pro- 
prietors). — snrati IWrnhardt presented "Ca- 
uilllo" to a packed houso W. 

Btroti ((. K. Olson, rauungcr),— BIB for 
week of Include*: BIfllr A McNulty. AIusl- 
ral Do Fays, Lillian Forrest, tithcl Moybellu 
and the Bllougraph. 

Lvmr (Mtirshall ft Faunce, managera). — 
Tho people for week of 11 aro : Two Mar- 
shall, Frank Mnngo, diaries and Jeaustie 
Faunce, l'enrl Bailey, songs and pictures. 

i ■ " ii S ' " ■■'■■— t 
Fort NOulL— At tho D.-ivldsoii (It, C. 
Krnlrh, manager) Patton and Perry. Aitr 1 
2. pleased. Klks Lodg.!. No. 0711, of Hits 
cut. gave n minstrel show March 2il-:il. 
under the peraonal dlwctjon of W. II. Drake 
{Billy Duck), which proceed to be tho UrM. 
home tiileiit nhow over given In the city, 
It packed the bouse all three nights, plenslng 
everyone, und mado a neat sum for i\\& 
lodge. Richard ft Cringle's Minstrels 10. 
IiAwrciicc. — At llowersock's Opera House 
(Irving Hill, mntingor) "Vlw ( linger brvail 
Man*' drew well ;p). nnd nave excellent suit- 
Isfavtlon. House dark April P-14. 



Mouth Bend.— At the Oliver Opera Ilouso 
(II. G. Hoiumer*. manager) Ward und Vokaw, 
with Miirgnret Daly Voltes, In "A Pa r nt 
Pinks," pleased April H. Yorkc and Adauis. 
hi "Bunkers and Brokurs," amused a good 
houae 7. 

AoiirroiitUAi (II. G. Komraors, iiuiungeri. 
—BUI week of 2: Arthur Itlgby, Raader- 
Lavelle Trio, Rndo und Bertram, AVefy und 
Pearl, Hill nnd Ward, Burrlngton, and pic- 
tures. Big business. 

Olympic* (Marry Hennloti, nianasrer). — 
Bill week of 2: Tom Hefroii, Phllbrooks uud 
Reynolds, Green Bros., Fnntilu Hatllvld und 
cornpanv, Washer Bros., draco Arnioud, and 
pictures. Big business here. 

N0TK.--TI10 Casino, Mprliigbrook Purk (K, 
J. Welsh., manager) opens week of May 20, 
wllh high class vsutlnvlllc. Mr, Welsh In 
formerlv of Grand Rapids, Mich. HuuKtlllug 
big Is promised. 


Ft. worth.— At Gveenwull's 0|htu Houso 
(Phil ft, Greenwull, ninnugor) the Jow.eH 
Kelly HI<M*k Co,. In repertory, enjoyed gotsl 
business week of April 2. Coming : Mario 
Cah III Ml, '•lluslvt- Brown" 11, li!, Dockslad- 
ur's Minstrels IB, 

MA.fKS-rit! (I'lins. It. Fischer, manoRer).— 
Llllluu Chlfk, In her hiuardoiis |im>|i, wus tho 
feu 1 11 re week of 2. The bill also Included : 
Pete Baker, Mclntyrc and Backus, Warren 
nnd Uruckwnv, Atueta, Warner and lana> 
wood, sod the Mnjestograph. Bill for week 
ot II : Jan. Newton Drew and company, Barry 
anil Johnson, Mr. uud Mrs. Kims. Gidbraeth 
and FaiTctl, Corn Younablood CowHi und 
King Kollltis. Business continues goCJ. 

Html (IC. \. Dinwiddle, inanoger). — "A 
Fatal Chance" was the curtain Falser 2-7. In 
the olio: Nellie Wllllums, 1'eto Hoymour, 
Goldle May, Jurk 4lemlngton, Cora Wludell 
nnd Rose II. Mitchell. Business good. 

Holland's t Geo. B. Hollntid, manager). — 
People week of 2 : Hoey aud Holland, ISvclyn 
Illanchard, TessP- Koimons, I'M. Miller. Del 
Ray Misters. Barlow, ''tara lluntoon, Titos. 
Fay Jr.. Hunter, Nellie itlve, Jukt 
Hwarli und Llovd I^ataoiul. BuslneM good. 

HtanI'AUH (Frank Eta Deque, manager).— 
"Mr. snd Mrs. |>ooloy" was Hie opffliltig act 
WMk of 2. The people: Musical Msutthja, 
t'hll and Thelrna Klngsley. IMUr Ilh-klltig, 
f.Itlle Dot, Fav Dehnnr. vera Miller, the Do 
Lovs, Htbet liiiHsi'lt. Klllott Hlsters, Dials 
llaker, Pmrl fillinore. Lnlu I^awton and Lulu 
I)e Mur. nuslness g>Jod, 

Notk. — The Hells-Plloio Hhow comes tf. 
,. 9 1 — — i 

Wne«i.— At the AiMlHorlum (Jake Gar- 
ilnkte. mnnnger) Jamos O'Neill, lu "Moots 
f.'rlsto," Mnri.h 27, luid n g«KKl house. "Buster 
pruwnr April .'I, drew a full bouse. "Bide 


JiiikHini. - At the Alheiiiouui (II. J. 
I'orler. reshlent tnanugeri Cyril Hcott, In, 
"The Prince Chap." plnisi-d a largo houso 
Mnrcb Ktt, ua did Bhtek Pstll's Trottbsdoiirs 
ll, "Hustur Brown," April 4, estua to fair 
business. "Chuckers" n, "Tho County Chair' 
man" II, "Tho Clay Baker" 12, "Fantsaran" 
14, "Arlaona" ID. Adclalilo Tliurslon 20. 

Bi-toti (W. H. llutterfleld, tnuuuger).— Bill 
for week of 2 Included : Bensley, wheel nnd 
barrel man ; Muguno Fields Lynch, Mnrgnrot 
Meverinu' Tom Lancaster, the Four Ells- 
worths, lu sketch, and the clluuloacopc. 
1 »■■■ 

Knlaninani».--Al Hie BIJou 1W. H. Hut- 
terileld. inuuugor) big bnslnuss hiis been tho 
rule, with generally I'SpaeRy houses. Do Con, 
chair Italuncer: Trunk ami Murry, singers nnd 
dsneers : Frepse Bitdlicrs, tainboiirlno Jug* 

flees ; Davo Roby, blsck fuce singing and 
ulklug roineillHii ; Muster Giirney Clsler, 
Illustrated songs, and trow cltaetoscopo pin- 
ttires, greatly jilessed week of April 2. Bill 
week of I) ; Bfvfmbt, Join* und Prtngls, Id* 
Bussrl), itie Oii-iii. Blchurds, und Cluudo Aus- 
tin, couilc JtiH||Ier. 

Acadkmv uf Mdsic tit. A. Bush, manager), 
— "When 'Knighthood Was In Flower" pleased 
7. llanloiih' "Fantusiim" 12, "Buuter Brown" 
14. ■ 

llnltlc tre^k. - Al the Posl Tlieittn- (K, 
B. Hmllh, uiuiiitger) Black PutLI Vlt 11 budonrs 
hail full- laislitess March ill). Lyman Howe's 
moving jilclures uIouhcU big hunsi-s HI, Aiirll 
1. "Tub Prliico (Imp" guvuesculloiit HiitlHFac- 
Hon 2. Harah Beriihardl, In "Cumllle," B; 
"The County Clialrtnnu" 12. Ilatdoua* "Fan- 
iHsnia" 12, T 'A Girl of the Hli-ectB" II. John 
Grimth. tn "Richard 111." ID: Billy Kor- 
suiids' Minstrels 2ti, "Arhtuiui" 21. 

Unci; (W. H. Rutlerileld, iiinnnger).-- 
Good houses were pleased, week of 2, by Uio 
following bill: Heytnoiir Children, uerolstU; 
Clifford WflkBis, llliistrntHl songs ; Htork 
Trio, In "The Teacher Pro Tern :" Hyde und 
Heath. Minus-. Cumpbcll nnd tlrady, club 
JugKilng, aud ellnct oseopo pictures . 

(Jnin.i ituiiid. — At tho New powers 
(Harry G. Hoinmers A Co., munuger*) Nance 
D'Nell, Aui'll -I, drew well. Coming: "Tho 
County Cualroiun" 14. NotwA HI. 

'Majkhth: (Grlu Ktnlr, mniuiuar). — Com- 
ing: "Fniitusma" 8-11. "The Ninety uud 
Nine" 12-14, "Busier Brown" W-'JL 

«)KANii Ol'istiA Hui.hi, (Cburchlll A Jinvls, 
nrjiiausrs). — Luiirn Buckley, Lazor and Lu- 
znr, McKay uud Fredericks, Juck U'Tuole, 
Jack Rose, oild Blteek Bros. 

Hmitii'h (Mrs. W. B. Hmlth, mannger). — 
This hoiiw cMiitlimeH to have n largo putruu- 
age. Coming: Kentucky Bvlb-s week of 8, 

Hay City. — At the Waslllnglon CW" 
Daunt, manager) "A Girl of the Nlrrets" did 
fair business April 1-8. "For ihr Hake" 15, 
1(1, Boselle Kn.itt, til "Wlien Knighthood Was 
In Flower," 17. , 

JHjor (J. D. Pllmore, mannger).— 'I*he fol- 
lowing bill was jireseirted week of 2! Mulray 
nnd Ward, Mr, snd Mrs. Carl Carl or. Charles 
Roueli. Dnlev and Murpby, und biogrnph. 
Good business ruled. 

04 ) 



Wiie-i-ihiB. At tho Court Theulru (K. 
B. Frsiixheloi, innuagrrt Voget's Minstrels. 
April 7, bad good returns. "Tim cltimumu" 
P. David HigaliiN 11, Kyrlo Bollew 12, ttvu 
Tinigimy lit, John Drew 14. 

l Miami Gl'KUA HoUHH (CIlUS. A. l'"i Inlei'. 

inuhuger). — "Lured from Home," 2-4, had 

food returns. Dark 0-7. Coming: Tho Four 
turnings Hit. Dark 12-14. 

Buon (II. W. Rogors, inanoger).— I'cojplo 
fur woek of 0: Lulu Titles, Unity Irinu Wl« 
kolT und eoinpnuy, Wylta-rurla Trio, Ifoium 
Connolly and moving pictures, 

lln 1 si is 's X ICKKI.UUIOK (Geo. f, Mooic, 
ranitnger). — business good for week of 2. 
Noma.— Carl Hnsenbuck's Trained Anlnisl 

Hhow will Imi wlUi us 11 The Itanium 

& Bailey cirrus Is billing Bio city fur May 21. 


Wll.l.lAM WAi.t.Ari; WAUU, heller known 

as "Wniiy" Wurd." died from old ago on 
March III, ut the homi* of bis daughter, Mrs. 
J, W. Oahoril, Newark, N. 4., ngnl olgluy-two 

years. He hud been active until about tun 
months ago, giving persons I ullenllou to tbu 
eouditet of his hotol, the Cotouirrclal House, 
at Hock Hired nud Monroe Avenue, lu Asbury 
Park, N. J. "Wuljy" Ward was nt one Horn 
one of tlm best known circus nud tbeatrlrnl 
men In I ho country. In thn late sixties hu 
conducted the Odeoii Theutte, Nowark, N. .L, 
retiring from n successful careur In tb**- old- 
fashioned lent hIiuw husliiess to locale there. 
I.nii'i' lm transfer red tbu Udoon to tho lute 
Frank MueCoruiack und James M. Hpcnr. uud 
went to Portland, Me., where ho established, 
u variety theatre nud undo money. After* 
wurd he successfully conducted show houses 
or the sumo character In Fall River nod la 
Pnlerson. About eighteen ysurs ago ta tfsvo 
111 Hi'.' show business nud settled In lUn An- 
bury Park Hole), which hu uiuuugad siirueas- 
fuliv and which bus recently linen conduct oil 
hy imio of his sons. He Is survived by four 
children : Joseph D, Wnrd, of Cblcnuo ; (ioorgo 
W. Ward, of Newark and Asbury Park; Mrs, 
.1. W. Oslsirn uud Mrs. Albert T, Cuentber. 
of Newark. Ho Was a larmher of the iwufgi* 
of Klks. nnd of Hie Masonic nod odd Kellow 
fritieniltH'H. lutarmont was lu Kvefgu-m 
Cometory. . „ 

Mokth W. LkM'ih, an aclor, died March] 
in, ui Hi. PMwurds llijspiul, Now Ail'uuy, 

lud., from eoiiHtiuiptlitn, uged uliotit forty- 
live years. Be hud been for tbu punt few 

veura with various cianiiiiules, lududluy 

1 imrlentow.— At tbc Academy of Music 
(Chas B MiiHliews, manager) "The Isle of 
tMer drew well April 4. iModJeska. In 
"Mary Htusrt.*' hnd -good Ikmiho H- "Tho 
Mild und the Muntmir 10. The Pnyton hls- 
ters, 1 L open a Hprm^ season of reisjrlory, 
to Inst f'Hir weeks. 

HiiHhKuin'H Chicago Htock CO. uud Cutter A 

Wllllums' Co, Ills lust engagement wa* 
With Hie l.'oriiell Hlock Co., on stsgu nmuus'-r 
and i'imfiici»*r num. Ills father was Kit 
LiuvIh, un old ttflor. wno wns lossvu of tho 
Now Allmuy, lud., opera House, about forty 
years ugo. Mr. Ittiwls Is survived, by ouu 

FitANK Htai.iiv, a inaslclati, ugiul thlrly- 
"nliii- years, ilb-ti lit I (of ttprlngs, Ark,, March 
2fi, from malaria fever, eoulrseled lu Puiiu- 
mu, some innnlbs ago. Ho Is survived hy lila 
parents. Ills brolbers. Illcliarrl Hinley. of 
Klalev iiml Blrbeck: Cass and Andrew Htulsy. 
of Ktatev's New Transformation Co., nnd Ills 
sister, Violet Hinioy, with "lloollgnu's Trip 
Around Hie World' T Co. The remains were 
biirted from the homo of his parouia, In Ho- 
eliesler, N. Y. 

.ri:vMi: Vi.n BiiAMiKiis, an nclross, of 
Gloucester, Muss,, died In tho Knslom Muluo 
General lluspllul, Bangor, Me., March 110. 
Her lust engagement was wlUt Rajtnund « 
Poore'n "Kanl (jynuii*' Co. 

Jamks H'rrrr, a widl known anrlal bur 
perforiu'T, died on April I, at the Mereer 
Hunltnrlniii, Meresr, I'a., uged Hilrly-slit 
years, tlu entered (he show business In 
18P2 with n watfon show. In 1NPII bo trav- 
eled with Roburt Hunting's circus, being 
connected wtLh tbo Potile Fnmlly in an 
I'eritii bur and living aet. During the follow- 
ing your be was with hWls Bros.' Circus, 
anil season of I «*or. urn! lino be was with 
Lemon llro*.' und Wnltur L. Main. During 
lite past, seven season* he Imd ls?en with tbo 
Wallace Hhnws. Hu Is survived by hln par- 
ents, three brut Intra und two slstirrs. luteN 
ment wits lu Oak Park Cemelery, Now Com* 

tic, I'll, 

Dm.rniNH l^ovn, well kuovrn on the stage 
as Dorothy Love, killed horsalf nsrly In 
the mornlug of April II, by Jumping from the 
third story of llm Hterllng Hotel. Hcnfttli 
Avenue and Fiftieth Street. Blio was Ml 
extra girl tn ''TV Vanderbllt Cup*' Co. 11 Is) she committed fliilcldo. ' . ' . 



APBlr, 14. 



■ < 


ive: have tmem: 

some new songs by the new firm. 


. .* i\' One of tuoso fanny Coon Songs that ore always honnd to make gnoj. 


Thla It without m. doubt ono of the pretties! Waltz Ballads of (he day.- -WHtlcit Ii> A. s, lioda. 





line ui 


By J. n, FXTZPATRICK and A. S. DORA. . ' A clever little Irish iva ttz Ming Written In » clovor way* 

Here 1* a song with a stirring melody that keeps heart and feet heating, 
the beat melodies ever written. 

I« li en* 

Professionals copies sent apon receipt of late program and tiomp. to pay postage. 

THE HARMONY MUSIC CO., 38 West 29th St., New York City, N. Y. 


Eo. W. Vabnrv (William McLea), well James A. Bailey, who has been vpry HI 

hnown Id theatrical rlrcjlcR, died in Montreal, tit his home with erysipelas. Is on the road 

Cnn., ' April 5, from pneumonia. He made to recovery, and IiIb physicians niioounre 

bid first sticcHBs am Porthds, In "The Three tlmt If be does not suffer a relapse, be will 

Guardsmen," and later started out In the soon be ible to be out. 

U?orldof Players, 

THE Utica Amusement Co. lias filed 

company thrtt produced "Dr. Jckyll nnd Mr. 
Hvdi*." This company started out from Buf- 
falo, the homo of Mr. Varney. In. Montreal 
he played the leading part la "The Marble 
Heart," "which • was given us n benefit to 
Fannr Beeves, and later wrote and produced 
"Qorala'u Belief," * 
Queen's .Theatre, 
was. for. a- time „. 

the* 3; B. Sparrow Co. His wife and one son 
purvtve b'.m. 

" Bno 

noSTour/colffllte Co n n l °Mr Ur BroolS £3*9?5 oTtbeTnMltutlon liberal eicerpts 
Srat entered the show Kirtn??" 'in 18 18 Xn trom th i =>*"» exlravagania In which these 

Jarry'out a "heme of the showman In the *J. SJ-JB* * l \ p , T ed !1 * £* m "^ "fiST Nhnbert chain of houses, 

■ of a Drubl band; Mr. Brooks manu- S£°,f pr tn r^ Kuia *>'™™™ will close her season In 

fj»_ . __.. *_-.„x,i -hevenne.*' ,rtil«h hns rhlladelphlA, at Ihn i.arrlck Theatre, April 

2«\ aod pall for England. She will be seen 
la n new. play here next season. 

$60 for the Finest Easter Outfit 

SxJk Lined Overcoat and Imported Cheviots or Venejians, ■ Prince 
Albert Coat and Vest of Imported Vicuna, Si|k Lined,, with choice of fancy 
siik vest, and imported trousers. We have the largest tailoring establish- 

Florence Moore, formerly of the Three 
Moores, has severed all connection with the 
above trio, and will In the future work alone, 
an Florence 1". Moore. She opened at Ai- 
laotA, Or., March 20, for n stock engage- 

Andrew Mack was taken suddenly 111 In 
Worcester, Mam,, April 8, and was obliged 
to cat out the matinee scheduled for that 

<%J8S,%^*«JS^t{$gS&i ">e"t ^ the world. Our system gives customers perfect results at about 

VST'Bi.'i&'SSSE & %^&£«^I ; n ; d Zl :,. "I "'• t&£ VSJSr- t01 ' ma at = KlUck "' M »X we ""<» *™P^ »» •« booklet <* Elegance at Moderate 

•Vlw blm. ., „„„V Snrpfl aS^ i ^ ?i,J r.SilL„,T; Ho*«n Wm, Informs ns that through Cost > We know thev will interest von 

SU-as M. IlnooKH. a former rtiownwn and S«5fi,m P ffr thi i™«i. .t w,.L-™ m ff-T.' Thos. H. Wlnnetfs piny ag-™<7 h» turn soTi ^ osl ' ™e mow tney win interest you. 

ronaut. <tM April. 7, at the .Burltagrm CTtaMff S*JSSSlJi£'^SStM& <? RwS-RjSw the four art mllltar, ^. - H -^.<A.^"W B 

drama, "The Bed Cross Nurse." 

IT ts stated that the Btjou Theatre, Rlcb- 
mond, Vn., has been purchased, to ndd to the 

«k land. TheT.Wft.groip.qneli ™tumo,l, SeowSy JlrS he lued thinL P S?t The 

Broadway and Ninth Street, New York 

gi*a^ S^^r^^ira ggB ron,sa« 

troupe. And, niaklns a Rraall fortune, gradti 
ellv drifted Into the t»liow huttlneas for hlrn 
■ue A fow years later be had a elrcu« of 
his own. A frnture. of the show was a 
balloon-- ascension, for which Fantln, an 
Keronttut,' of Philadelphia, «■»' encftged. 
When the show was nt Memphis Mr. Faulln 
wna token 111. Mr. Brooks donned the garbof 
the Aeronaut and made his first balloon ah- 
eenplon. Me continued maklnjc ascensions. 

»t.«^M^A^'5a:" i '--" w ? h;«K E ui: , Xo 1 ^^rr,?„u 1 z?w 

dered -The l'oor Little MArlonette." Mlaa 
Welmer danced. Patients of the iiwtltntlnn 
crowded the ball te the donrn, and applauded 
lustily every number. Their Interest In the 
performance was manifest, and sometimes 
almost pathetic. The stage folk were taken 
through the wards by Dr. Hummer, of the 
hospital stair, and t.ftorwnids were enter- 
tained at dinner, 
Brnrie Makib OohDON writes : "I have 

n bareback rider of his clrcua. 

Frcd Hf.s/u, an aerial performer, whose 
name in prlvaie life was Vred McClelland. 
died At his. home, 810 Chestnut Street, 
Qiilncy, HI., on April 0, from consumption. 
He was born In Cedar Baplds, lfl., Mftreh ^. r >, 
J 871, and had traveled lor years with elr- 
fuses. HIb last work was done with his own 
company/ t